The GOP Has A Meltdown After President Obama Gets A Nuclear Deal With Iran

Iran-nuclear-dealI woke up this morning to see that the United States had finally reached a nuclear deal with Iran, and I instantly knew that Republicans were going to have a meltdown (no pun intended) over the agreement. Sure enough, I looked over the wretched hive of scum and villainy known as the comments section on my local news channel’s Facebook page, and witnessed people who probably couldn’t even find Iran on a map losing their minds. It was the usual manifestation of Obama Derangement Syndrome, turned up to 11, complete with misspelled and all caps rants about how President Obama was a secret Muslim communist Kenyan agent intent on destroying capitalism and America as we know it.

Granted, these are people who would respond to a news story where President Obama saved a basket of adorable kittens by asking why he hated puppies, and someone would eventually say it’s further proof he is actually a Muslim. That’s the level of stupid we’re talking about here – but let’s not forget that these people vote, and they support candidates who feed them jingoistic phrases which usually involve bombing someone or kicking their ass as a solution to everything. It’s bumper sticker politics, designed to appeal to the lowest level of political understanding.

Jeb Bush posted this statement on his official campaign page:

The clerical leaders in Tehran routinely preach  “death to America” and “death to Israel” – and through their acts of terror, they mean it.  We must take these threats seriously and should not base any agreements on the hope their behavior will moderate over time.

The people of Iran, the region, Israel, America, and the world deserve better than a deal that consolidates the grip on power of the violent revolutionary clerics who rule Tehran with an iron fist.

This isn’t diplomacy – it is appeasement. (Source)

Lindsey Graham, who never seems to miss a chance to send our troops off to another war, also weighed in:

“If the initial reports regarding the details of this deal hold true, there’s no way as president of the United States I would honor this deal,” Graham said. “It’s incredibly dangerous for our national security, and it’s akin to declaring war on Sunni Arabs and Israel by the P5+1 because it ensures their primary antagonist Iran will become a nuclear power and allows them to rearm conventionally.” (Source)

When you negotiate with other people, whether it involves buying a new car or hammering out a complex nuclear deal, you aren’t going to get everything you want. I’m sure that the hardliners in Iran, like the hardliners here in the United States, were not too happy with the outcome of the deal either. Republican politicians and the defense industry contractors who line their pockets with campaign donations have done everything they can to undermine the negotiations, including Sen. Tom Cotton’s infamous 47 senators letter that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal later signed in a desperate plea for attention.

It isn’t just the defense industry that was excited about the possibility of an armed conflict with Iran; religious extremists here in the United States were absolutely giddy at the thought of another regional conflict because they saw it as part of the necessary progression of events that lead to the return of Jesus. American lawmakers like Louie Gohmert represent a very warped, bizarre faction of Christians who believe a war with Iran wasn’t necessary just for national security, but it was divinely dictated, or a holy war.

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee is one of those evangelical Christians, and he also added his opinion:

“Shame on the Obama administration for agreeing to a deal that empowers an evil Iranian regime to carry out its threat to ‘wipe Israel off the map’ and bring ‘death to America.’ John Kerry should have long ago gotten up on his crutches, walked out of the sham talks, and went straight to Jerusalem to stand next to Benjamin Netanyahu and declared that America will stand with Israel and the other sane governments of the Middle East instead of with the terrorist government of Iran,” Huckabee said in a statement. (Source)

The Iran nuclear deal was the best deal that we could get, especially since we are dealing with a country that isn’t exactly friendly to the United States government. But to the conservatives complaining about the outcome of the talks, nothing short of an American invasion of Iran resulting in further destabilization of the region which is already struggling to control ISIS would have been acceptable.

It’s further proof that Idiocracy, designed to be a fictional comedy, is rapidly becoming a real-life documentary on American politics.


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  • OMGface

    While not unexpected, this, and Bebe and Likud….pains me greatly. Only a real statesman like Obama, would be capable of knowing that diplomacy….far more daunting to earn than the nuke em, punish them despotism of cowards….must come FIRST.. They also seem not to get why, after WW1 when Germany’s defeat left them staving….they were a giant Petri dish for someone like HiItler to rise to power. FDR, another enlightened statesman, got that and hence, the Marshall Plan after WW2.

    Had the coalition not exhausted itself to evolve/hammer out this deal, the Iranians would have gone on growing an arsenal of nuclear weapons. You can only write such as the Stuxnet worm once or twice.

    Also, when you do the complex work toward raprochement with yr enemies, that very often allows them to be better citizens of the world.

    • repanimus

      Agreed. It also allows a line of communication to be established where it may, or may not, enable future discussions of controlling nuclear proliferation in Iran. The religious evangelicals in this country support Israel because it signals the end of times according to the unintelligible book of Revelation in the Bible. And the God forsaken other conservatives would rather send troops into Iran to further subsidize the military industrial complex in this country and further enrich all of the military sub-contractors.
      The biggest and most dangerous fallacy of the conservatives point of view is that they think that the United States has, (and of course John McCain would be the author), an overall Middle Eastern solution for the various sectarian, economic and political issues in that area. How brazen and arrogant of these people. It will not be their blood, or their children’s blood that will flow from war in that region.

      • OMGface

        Seeing this, just made my tummy hurt a bit less, but I am still nauseated; I take this stuff very seriously. I just Tweeted Obama, not verbatim, but close: Don’t let the agenda ridden walking pathology book Fausts get to you! Pity them.
        Sometimes, I just can’t stand it, that humans with brains are permitting some of this merda. I am NOT KIDDING.

        I rememember clearly when he articulated this part of his singular statesman visionary agenda in ”08….it brought tears, it was something I never thought I would see in my life. I also remember the responses from the cretins….including Hillary who said it was NAIVE. For all this time, laong with eveerything else he has to deal with every day….he’s exhausted hinmself to get this pivitla thing done….something most on the current right Can NOT EVEN UNDERSTAND IN ANY detailed, OBJECTIVE WAY. You have no idea how painful I find this on behalf of all of us and our future.

    • strayaway

      Truman signed the Marshall Plan into law three years after FDR died.

      “The initiative is named after Secretary of State George Marshall. The plan had bipartisan support in Washington, where the Republicans controlled Congress and the Democrats controlled the White House with Harry S. Truman as president. The Plan was largely the creation of State Department officials, especially William L. Clayton and George F. Kennan, with help from Brookings Institution, as requested by Senator Arthur H. Vandenberg (R), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Marshall spoke of an urgent need to help the European recovery in his address at Harvard University in June 1947.” -wikipedia

      • OMGface

        It was CONCEIVED by FDR. ..and consistent with all he evolved.

      • strayaway

        Ah, “conceived”! Before you wrote that “FDR, another enlightened statesman, got that and hence, the Marshall Plan” that came about three years after his death. Marshall’s name was given to the Marshall Plan after June of 1947 to deal with problems existing after the war. Marshall was Truman’s secretary of State. I couldn’t find any evidence that the Marshall Plan was CONCEIVED by FDR but it is conceivable. Truman is the president who should get credit for passing the Marshall Plan though.

      • OMGface

        Convoluted, truth abrogating drivel.

  • Thunder Panus

    Obama wanted any deal….shitty or not.He took the shitty one.

    • Jay Greenburg

      How do you know? Have you read it?

  • strayaway

    This is one of those rare occasions where I think Obama was correct. Embargoes, in themselves, are an act of hostility against a foreign country. The British embargoed the US a time or two and that was considered an act of war back then. The US embargoed Confederate states for the same reason. So whatever Obama got out of the deal was a plus. I suspect it it is a weak agreement that Chamberlain would have been ashamed of but since the US doesn’t have a right to conduct acts of war against Iran, even slowing down Iran’s rush to have a bomb is probably a plus. Iran will soon be flooding the world with more oil which will be good for the world economy, not the Saudi economy, in the short run. If we had just paid the asking price for middle eastern oil, perhaps we would have developed fracking and other oil replacement technologies sooner and without all the wars.