The Greatest Trick the GOP Ever Pulled…

paulryan2There’s a line from “The Usual Suspects” which states, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” Perhaps, but the greatest trick ever pulled in recent, actual history was the GOP convincing working class Americans that they have their best interests in mind.

You know what? If you make millions of dollars a year and place your ever-expanding bank account above all else, I totally get why you’d vote for them. Hell, if I was a greedy SOB afraid that paying my fair share and taking care of my employees might mean I can’t buy another corporate jet or a place in The Hamptons, I’d probably be slipping checks to Karl Rove’s Super PACs as well.

Unless you’re a member of the Walton family or another one of the obscenely wealthy who make more money in a couple of days than someone like you or I will in an entire lifetime, the GOP does not have your interests at heart. They do want you to have their interests at heart, however — that’s why they constantly pull out the flags and talk about God, guns, marriage and abortion.

Let’s be clear — if you can’t afford to buy $350 bottles of wine for your congressman or just outright bribe them, they just want your vote, and nothing else. For the sake of being fair, there’s a good number of liberals who do this as well. The most recent prominent case of that was Congressman Jefferson from the notoriously corrupt state I currently call home, Louisiana.

Taking bribes and being corrupt is as old as politics itself, and that isn’t going to change. Anyone who is pragmatically-minded likely accepts that as an unfortunate part of the system and inherent to human nature, so long as it doesn’t get out of control. Huey Long, who is considered to be one of the most corrupt politicians by many people, remains very popular in Louisiana because of what he did for the poor of the state.

The suckers who continue to be one-issue voters keep believing that only by voting for the GOP will their jobs come back from Bangladesh, abortions will end, and those pesky flaming gays be forced back into the closet or onto Marcus Bachmann’s therapy couch. Meanwhile, the only thing that’s actually happening is the continued enrichment of those who are already ridiculously wealthy, at the expense of the very people who vote for these policies. These are voters with a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome that continually vote against their own self interests in exchange for false promises of a return to an idealized time of morality and prosperity.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that Republicans are all inherently evil and Democrats are the shining epitome of all that is good and right in politics. I’m registered NPA (No Party Affiliation) and plan on remaining that way for the rest of my life, but I also know which party is taking my money and putting it into the the pockets of those who already have far more than they’ll ever need. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I left the Republican party, and will never return to it.

As George W. Bush put so eloquently:

Fool me once, shame on – shame on you. Fool me – you can’t get fooled again.


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  • Violet Seven

    Lee Atwater said the same thing (The Lee Atwater Story).

  • Hate makes up for a lot.

  • Simply_Sandra

    Very very well put….

  • I grew up in the religious right. Many of these folks willingly vote against their financial self-interests because the church tells them to every Sunday; they feel they have an obligation to support a party/candidate who supports their moral values. What’s f-ed up is their idea of morality, focusing on a few hot issues (abortion, gay rights, etc.) while ignoring more important, less tangible ones. Like war. Causing financial ruin to millions. Bringing about an ecological Armageddon. Stuff like that…

    • Danny Mathey

      you nailed it…thats why I left my Church….My pastor said ‘ I won’t tell you to Vote for Mitt Romney,But i will ask you not to vote for Obama…Not because he is black,because of his muslim ties”…..Then I noticed that the pastor Listened to Fox news 24-7….?????

  • Michelle Gould

    I have personally seen a corporate representative pay a Louisiana Representative.

  • greasehead42

    My 401/IRAs lost thousands of dollars of worth during the 2nd GW Bush administration.That is money that will never be recovered.
    Since the Obama administration began, my IRAs have been steadily rising in value and even though I am taking deductions from them, their value is still increasing. Now tell me… Why should anyone vote Republican?

  • 1JudgeNotLestYeBeJudged1

    History all over again…The secession of the South, resulting in the bloodiest war the U.S. ever fought, the tragedy of so many lives lost by the southern non-slave owners who were “convinced” by the wealthy (few) slaveholders who scared the masses in the South to fight for “The Cause” with made up suppositions when in fact, the slave owners just didn’t want to pay for their laborers. It’s subterfuge. We need to teach our children the facts of history and do everything possible to keep us from repeating, repeating, repeating history.

    • Danny Mathey

      True! Ive nere thought of it like that before!…right on !