The Koch Brothers New Anti-Obamacare Ad: One Blatant Lie After Another

koch-brothers-obamacareIf someone is claiming something is extremely good or bad, they shouldn’t have to lie about it when explaining why they feel a certain way.  And if they do have to lie, then obviously they have some kind of agenda.  That’s a great rule to remember when going through life, and one I’ve always kept in mind myself.

Now in politics, there’s always a certain level of exaggeration.  Heck, there’s a lot of lying as well.  But I’ve really never seen anything like I have from Republicans against the Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.”

And when I see Republicans lie about the bill, I always ask them, “If it’s so terrible, why is it that your side has to lie so often about it?  Shouldn’t the truth be enough?”

Early on it was “death panels” and then the “government takeover of health care.”  You even had the outlandish claim that the government might force microchip implants in every American.  And of course all of these were complete lies.

To which I always repeated the question, “If the law is so bad, why does your side base their main arguments against it on ridiculously fabricated lies?”

I rarely get an answer to this question.  Usually just some kind of hyperbole or deflection.  That or I get something like, “I’m not paying for another person’s health care!”  Which I always explain to these people—that’s exactly what health insurance is.  It’s people paying into a “pot” for coverage so it lessens the out of pocket burden when health services are needed.  The premium you pay isn’t based just on your health, it’s inflated to adjust for those covered by their insurance company who are higher risks.

This explanation rarely makes a difference.  Republicans are often as dedicated to their propaganda, no matter how outlandish, as they are their faith in God.

So it comes as no surprise when I read about the Koch brothers funding an anti-Obamacare ad campaign which for now is essentially a 30 second commercial that perpetuates complete fiction about the Affordable Care Act.

It’s a woman talking about her son who suffers from seizures.  First, I would like to congratulate this woman because if her son suffers from seizures, he can now no longer be denied care — or charged insanely high prices — because of his pre-existing condition of which “Obamacare” prevents denial of treatment.

Oh, that wasn’t in the video?  Of course not.

But right off the bat she talks about “not being able to choose their own doctors because of Obamacare.”  Why would she have this concern?  Apparently she’s been informed about the bill by the Koch brothers or Fox News, because there’s no such provision in the Affordable Care Act which prevents people from being able to choose their own doctors.  Well, not any more than people currently face with our existing health care system.  Certain plans now restrict people from being able to choose “out of network” doctors, but this isn’t something caused by the Affordable Care Act.  It’s something that has been prevalent in the health insurance business for some time now.

Then she insinuates a drastic spike in her premiums by asking, “What will she get with higher premiums and a smaller paycheck?”  Okay, quick question, who’s health insurance was going down before the Affordable Care Act?  Opponents to the bill act as if health insurance was near rock-bottom prices and this legislation has caused some radical upward movement in what they pay.

News flash: The vast majority of the bill has yet to go into effect, if your insurance company spiked your premiums 2-3 years ago, they only did so because they saw a window to create an excuse to raise premiums.  That’s called greed.  The very same greed your party thinks needs less regulation because they always act so ethically, right?

And the last lie she pushes in this video is, “Can I trust people in Washington with my family’s health care?”  Well, considering the Affordable Care Act isn’t socialized medicine, this statement is absolutely baseless.

The bill requires that people purchase insurance — it doesn’t represent a government takeover of the health care system.

And for the record, if socialized health care is so terrible, why do seniors give Medicare high approval numbers and fight to see any changes which might impact their benefits?  If government run health care was so terrible, Medicare would have horrible reviews.  Yet, it’s actually quite popular.  Go figure.

But anyway, the Affordable Care Act isn’t socialized health care so the “people in Washington” have nothing to do with the care you’re provided.

The most ironic part of the entire video is that the women is talking about a child who seems to have been born with a pre-existing condition.  Something “Obamacare” specifically protects.  Before the bill, a woman with a child who has that condition might have been denied coverage, or offered premiums at such exorbitant prices they would have struggled to be able to afford them.

So the whole situation the Koch brothers try and set up with this blatantly false attack against “Obamacare” showcases a mother, with a child, for which the Affordable Care Act would actually greatly benefit.

You really can’t make this kind of stuff up.  But it won’t matter to their supporters because facts and the truth don’t matter.  They’ll eat this up because it’s made to pander to exactly what Republicans want  to hear and no amount of facts or reality will change their minds.

But at the end of the day, I still just have a couple of questions…

If the Affordable Care Act is so terrible, why is nearly every statement Republicans use against it completely false?  If it were truly that bad, surely the simple truth should be enough, right?

But I don’t expect many Republicans to answer.  Heck, I’m willing to bet most of them don’t even know who the Koch brothers are.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • atunionbob

    How do we know your not “making this stuff up”?? YOU failed to show the actual ad…show us the proof in the video that your talking about. Not that I dont believe you…but I dont…guess you could call me from Missouri…”Show Me”!!

    • James

      You could go to google and type in koch ad seizures. Not that hard.

    • DeputyDawn

      Facts cannot be made up. It is what makes them facts.

    • JonesRobynj

      Well A, I guess you’ll just have to get on line and find out for yourself!! You obviously have a computer and hooked up to the net. It’s out there all you have to do is look for it. So get your head out of you A– and think for a change.

    • Douglas Filter

      The problem is with lazy people who say “show me” and then turn to Fox news. If you invest in your own research, you’ll find a lot of truth out there, and most of it contradicts what is fed to you by political outlets. And it seems in this day and age, if Allen would have shown you the ad, thee would be plenty of comments criticizing this as well.

      • atunionbob

        I have been a journalist for years…took my radio station from last place in the AP news to third place in the state…a good journalist does his/her job completely…not half assed as this writer did. There was lots of info but it was incomplete…do not assume I do only the lazy way…I did look up the video and saw it…My point was to make the story complete. Not for amateurs.

      • atunionbob

        Oh and I never watch Fux news.

      • lindylou

        Actually, you should. Whenever something big happens, I check several news stations to see what spins. You don’t watch Fox, and that’s fine, but I bet you do hang on every word by Allyn Root and “the Right Thinker”… whooooooo!

      • Gilgamesh

        It’s the Internet. Get over it.

    • Bruce Israel

      Skepticism is all well and good, but in this day and age of such immense information resources, posting a message that says that you don’t believe someone without reason for it strucks me as extreme intellectual laziness.

      When I read a post on FB or elsewhere that I consider not believable, I don’t challenge the author without question; I do a bit of research first by looking at their references and finding other relevant credible (key word here) sources on the internet. If I can’t find what they are referring to, then I challenge them. If it turns out that they are making things up or IMO misinterpreting things, then I can rebut them with evidence. And if they are right, I can let it be or possibly respond with support and additional information for people. However I don’t claim that they need to do ALL the work, if I haven’t done any myself.

      • atunionbob

        Why is it no one actually reads what I put on here in the first place…I did say that I dont know to believe him or not…this exactly how FOX news does things…makes a statement and has NO facts to back it up…Here a journalist ( like me) states that there is an add out there but does not offer real proof. There is NO link to the ad itself…a good journalist would offer the proof, via a link or web page. This man for got to do so…I have also looked up the ad on the net…I am a good journalist..had stories on Paul Harvey, ABC Nightly news, World news tonight, and more. Took my radio station from last place to third place in the state in news stories. Broke many stories that went national…and more. So before you lambast some one I suggest you do YOUR research or just remain quiet.

      • ziggywiggy

        you said you don’t believe him….”How do we know your not “making this stuff up”?? YOU failed to show the actual ad…show us the proof in the video that your talking about. Not that I dont believe you…but I dont.”

        I may not be a journalist but when someone says: “Not that I dont believe you…but I dont” they are saying they do not believe you. Also it took me 3 seconds to find the ad by following the link in the article, where you just looking for something to complain about?

      • Bruce Israel

        First, I read exactly what you said, which was “Not that I dont believe you…but I dont”, which is a much stronger statement than “I dont know to believe him or not”, and carries implications of an accusation of lying.

        Second, I agree with you that folks making an argument should include supporting links where possible (which is what I usually do), and I also strongly agree with you about Fox news. But as a journalist you should know that not everyone includes sources, and the first thing to do, IMO, is not to imply that someone might be making things up, but to do initial research ones’ self (e.g. Google for “koch Obamacare ad” and see if something shows up).

        This was the gist of my comment, that you did not appear to do so.

        Tell me how I misrepresented you (or anyone) due to lack of research, since you recommended that I do my research.

        I see nothing in my comment that is not supported in your initial message, and your journalistic experience is irrelevant in this situation (not that I could do much research as to your journalistic background solely through a screen name and no actual name either).

        So explain to me how my point, that you said you didn’t believe the original author and asked him for sources without making an attempt at finding the ad yourself is incorrect, and where you said that you had actually made an unsuccessful attempt to find the ad in question.

        Please note that I am not defending or criticizing the original author’s interpretation of the ad in question, I haven’t seen it, though if I were to criticize his interpretation, I certainly would be saying anything. I am starting from the assumption that if he were drastically misquoting the ad, someone would call him on it (I’ve been known to do that myself) but that’s a far cry from assertively supporting a position.

      • Steffan Noland

        If you were a good Jouranlist you’d be able to use correct grammar, but you haven’t. *Yawn*

      • JAS

        A good journalist can spell and write complete sentences.

    • Tanisha Deuth

      ACTUALLY, the ad was provided for you. Try clicking the link provided in the article that was sourced, and the click again in that article to see the ad on youtube. Lazy is as lazy does. Do your own research.

      • Sandy Spence Cudmore

        You must be a Republican!!!

      • atunionbob

        you assume too much…I am a die hard democrat…but I am a journalist. News director. ex cop. You must be stupid.

      • Sandy Spence Cudmore

        That was some brilliant name calling! I would expect more from an educated journalist! If that truly is what you are!!!

    • KCMOfan

      You people make me embarrassed to be from Missouri.

    • Dale Mulkey

      no your just a republican no brain to understand facts truth or reality

      • atunionbob

        sorry…not…I am a die hard Democrat…just wanted to teach the idiot who wrote the article to complete it not leave it hanging…My Masters degree is obviously superior to your GED.

      • Sandy Spence Cudmore

        For an educated person you are very angry!

    • lindylou

      So in the meantime you will believe what Fox and NewsMax tell you without checking THEM out?

  • John Zaffino

    Typical, and the reasoning behind their opposition escapes me. This will not only assure that everyone has healthcare, it will cut down on critical wait times in Emergency Rooms. Oh, wait.. I know why.. they don’t give a good damn about people not getting the immediate care that they need when they are critically ill.

    • Anne

      Sadly, Obamacare doesn’t assure that everyone has healthcare. Even with lower premium rates, some of us barely make enough money to make ends meet at the end of each month as it is. And at least in my case, I already never eat out, never go to movies, almost never buy new clothes, no cable TV, etc. and don’t see where a couple hundred dollars more a month is going to come from. And I’m not poor enough, as a single adult without dependents, to qualify for any of the significantly subsidized healthcare programs.

      • lindylou

        Sadly, a woman I knew who had no health care insurance (and was proud of it) developed cancer. Because this is not Somalia, she was treated before, during and after anyhow and those of us who do take responsibility for our choices got to share the burden. Is that fair?

      • Sherri G

        So are you saying that she made a CHOICE to have cancer? WTF?

      • lindylou

        Read it again, I put the medical fact before the lack of insurance fact.
        You must be from Texas where they don’t teach critical thinking skills anymore.

      • Sherri G

        You made the statement that because this is not Somolia, she was provided treatment that we got stuck paying and how is that fair……and because YOU do take responsibility for YOUR choices, you got stuck with the bill therefore my question stands… you are saying that she made a “irresponsible” CHOICE to have cancer and somehow her not having/being able to afford health insurance was irresponsible on her part because YOU had to help pay for her treatment via taxes?

      • lindylou

        Get a life, asshole! She CHOSE to not protect herself!

      • Sherri G

        Actually I support 4 kids after surviving domestic violence and have a late 90s vehicle.
        Why are you calling me names? DID I HIT A NERVE with the TRUTH?
        I can’t afford to pay hundreds of dollars for insurance and my state no longer covers adults. If I get sick or end up with cancer, that makes me irresponsible? I would rather spend my money on rent, food, clothes and my children’s education than on MY insurance cost. That makes me very responsible because I sacrifice for my kids.
        “She CHOSE to not protect herself and therefore expected that SOMEHOW it would be accommodated.” So somehow she is this horrible human being for not having enough money for insurance and relying on the “village” to help her heal? WOW….I take it you are NOT a religious person nor do you have any thought for helping thy neighbor, something known as human kindness and consideration for your fellow man/woman/child/elderly/homeless/working poor, etc….selfish and immature, esp with the name calling.

      • SomeRandomGuy

        >I support 4 kids
        >my children’s education (2 FT employed, 2 college bound, 1 middle schooler)

        Yes, I fully trust your judgement on the socioeconomic impact of a 1990 page law.

      • Sherri G

        The 5th child is a borrowed daughter that I helped raise (single dad with no mother involvement)….
        Therefore my statement is truth since I financially supported (4) kids but claim her as one of mine when it comes to my parenting count.

      • xboxershorts

        If you’re making between Minimum wage and 12 bux an hour as a single adult, then your health insurance premium will be subsidized.

        THANK YOU Obamacare.

        And…if your state was rational enough to establish health insurance exchanges, then your premiums will actually decline.

        THANK YOU Obamacare.

        If you didn’t know the above about this legislation, then you’re either not paying attention or your attention is being diverted by the lies that are so prevalent in conservative media.

      • Simple_facts

        Then why do you have a computer and internet? Sell the computer and stop paying 80+ a month for internet and get health care. You don’t NEED internet, you do NEED health care. Get your priorities straight.

      • lindylou

        Unfortunately, as per my (misunderstood by Sherri G) comment above, many people would rather have a truck worth more than their home, and trips to Vegas than provide for emergencies.

      • eric

        some people connect at the library

  • Raz Lemons

    Only an idiot would be Pro life and anti healthcare

    • LittleD

      They are only Pro Life only while the woman is pregnant. After that, they could give a rats a$$ what happens.

      • heavenleestar

        Amen to that!

  • Rocky

    atunionbob’s comments demonstrate exactly why “facts and truth” don’t matter. I wonder if bob EVER asks that same question of the republican party, or Faux News?

  • Dan Enlow

    Hey!! Don’t try to confuse me with the truth or baffle me with facts. I know what I know. Truth and facts be damned!

  • James from Texas

    I am 25 years old and do not smoke, I currently spend around $900 annually on private insurance. If I switch to “Obamacare” what will the minimum annual costs be? (serious question here I’m not trying to troll, I’m trying to gain perspective)

    • DrewMC

      There is no such thing as ‘switching’ to “Obamacare”. What the ACA does is mandate that you have to have insurance (which you already do) and mandate things that your insurance has to do.

    • Crysta

      You have insurance, you are covered there…

      However, with the mandate that 80% of premiums going towards coverage, there’s a good chance you will pay LESS! They are only allowed to use 20% of your payments to run the company (well enough, unless you have a CEO who demands huge bonuses, and regular double digit pay raises, regardless of performance… Both were very common beforehand, and will be reigned in, reducing costs)

  • Trevor Turner

    I’m still skeptical about ObamaCare, although not for the idiotic reasons the Right likes to use.

    I wonder why exactly health insurance providers would ever LOWER their rates when the government will be requiring everybody to be their customers.

    ObamaCare will create a HUGE consumer demand for health insurance (30 million new customers). High demand = high prices. No?

    • Crysta

      No, because with all the additional HEALTHY people paying into the pot, rates will actually GO DOWN due to another part of the legislation… That 80% of the premiums MUST GO TOWARDS CARE! (ie, less can go to CEO super bonuses!!!)

      Add to that, with preventive care, the number of cases requiring “extensive and costly” treatment (like emergency room visits) will decrease, further reducing the cost of care (and consequently, the cost of insurance…)

      • lindylou

        We participated in an insurance group for about 25 years before any of our family needed a doctor for anything. Then spouse got cancer, and his bills probably amounted to about a quarter million … out of pocket? Zero. So, we still have a house, and it was worth paying the premiums even if it meant no fancy vacations, only one car, and meals in, not out.

    • kentonindy

      Obamacare isn’t requiring everybody to be any one particular insurance company’s customers. The biggest impact in downward price pressure is the fact that each state will have an exchange of multiple providers. So those millions of new customers will only improve profits for those insurance companies whose rates are low enough to attract them. California has already assembled their exchange and all the rates offered came in drastically lower than even the most fervent Obamacare supporters suspected they would. Rather than the majority of Americans having access only to the one insurance plan that their employer offers, everyone will have the choice of a dozen plans or more. Competition! There will be some unfortunate growing pains, of course, but in the long run we’ll all be better off.

      • Trevor Turner

        Very interesting. I hope you’re right. I still am a staunch supporter of socialized medicine, and it would seem to me that ObamaCare gives evil insurance providers even more power. But if it wil reduce the overall cost, I’m on board.

      • lindylou

        Forget for a moment about your own part of the burden. I am in favor of any national policy that will ensure affordable immunizations for children, and well-patient care. Overall, with a healthier population, there will be fewer catastrophic illnesses because symptoms were left too long.

      • Trevor Turner

        I agree to an extent, but there is some serious collateral damage to consider here, and that’s mostly the increased lobbying power of the healthcare industry (which shouldn’t be an industry at all). The fact is, the only way to truly lower healthcare costs is pricing that isn’t upcharging people to turn profits. Currently, hospitals, insurance providers and pharmaceutical companies are all pricing to turn profits. With a socialized system, you get a fair, uniform price that is both lower and more fair.

        I think we all agree that this is the utopian end result, and while many of you believe that ObamaCare has been a step in this direction, I argue that it has only made the private healthcare lobby stronger, since it gives them more power and puts even more dollars in their pockets.

      • lindylou

        I agree completely with you.

      • Aaron Tessoni

        nuh uh.. only competition drives down prices. oh wait, did you say competition? .lol… Thats one of the excuses they use against Obamacare… lake of competition.. (althogh competition isn’t the only thing that affects prices) It doesn’t even make sense, the whole premise of Obamacare is competition.. These insurance company complaints are false also.. As if they are really gonna complain about getting billions of new healthy customers? It’s all smoke and mirrors and trying to drive up the reimbursement rates, and Republicans are right in their pockets. Not that some Dems don’t do it, but Republicans are all Facists, they will do whatewver it takes to help companies make the most profits.. then they have no problem giving companies tax payer dollars

  • Christine

    “Then she insinuates a drastic spike in her premiums by asking, ‘What will she get with higher premiums and a smaller paycheck?’” Well, clearly if her premiums go up, her paycheck is worth less. I’m a conservative and I know exactly who the Koch Brothers are. Just as, I’m sure, you know who George Soros is. These are the people/boogeymen those on the both sides use to scare their people into submission to their talking points. Good Lord, think for yourselves, people!!

    • xboxershorts

      I’m curious…what has George Soros done to promote anti-environmental regulations? What has George Soros don to drive wages down? What has George Soros done to prevent the implementation of universal health insurance or health care for all?

      The Tides Foundation? They feed people for God’s sake.

      When you imply that people should think for themselves, I would hope you apply that standard to your own life because, George Soros may have ripped off the United Kingdom for a billion dollars and spent a million bux to try and see that George Bush was not re-elected, but damn woman, he has done absolutely nothing compared to the damage the Koch brothers are doing when they fund lie tanks like Catoo Institute, propaganda factories like Americans for Prosperity or funnell millions of dollars into BULLSHIT like this pathetic ad.

  • Dale Mulkey

    what do you expect from republican scum trash

  • heavenleestar

    I <3 Obamacare!! YAY health coverage for sick people and children with preexisting conditions! YaY holding insurance companies responsible!

  • Peter Gatliff

    The KOCH’s may lie. But the truth is 57,000 Americans die every year due to health insurance corporate greed. “Prexisitng Conditions” and we are the only country on the planet to use the poor excuse for manslaughter. My wife was one of the victims. Denied Chemo after they removed a breast from Breast Cancer.

  • Jeffery A. Thompson

    I support Obamacare. One of the reason allot of people don’t, is misinformation just like this. Problem is. The government has not spent much money or time explaining it to everyone. If your savvy enough you can find the information you need. Problem is most aren’t. They need to do a mass mailing, to inform people of the rules and benefits. I live in a Navy town and it is a strong republican area. I hear some of the most ridicules stories. One of the best ones I hear more often than not. ” With the new Obama I’m going to lose my doctor. A doctor is going to be chosen for me. And I can only visit the doctor 3 times a year.”