The Latest Scandal – Republicans Sabotaging Their Own Party

boehnercantor1You really have to wonder what’s going through the minds of Republican party leaders these days. What would possess a group of elected officials to sink to the depths Republicans have since last year’s election? Sure, they put forth a horrible presidential candidate who suffered a humiliating loss at the polls, but they still maintained most of their power in the House of Representatives and filibuster capabilities in the Senate (thanks, Harry Reid). But instead of using that power to work on bipartisan (excuse my language, I know that’s a dirty word) legislation which would benefit the country they claim to love, they’ve decided to start a mass exodus from reality into a bizarre pseudo-existence.

If you’re a registered Republican or a conservative who usually votes for Republicans, you should be truly concerned for the sanity and future of your elected officials and your party as a whole. You might not know it or even agree with my statement due to Fox News overload on your brain, but take a deep breath and give this some thought. Your party has echoed a chorus of Benghazi conspiracies for the past several months, culminating in a supposed bombshell email leak to ABC News which “exposed” administration officials as being concerned only with how they’d look to the public. This, of course, turned out to be fabricated garbage which was fed to ABC by Republicans who maliciously edited the original emails (which have since been released to the public by the White House). So your whole Benghazi conspiracy which has been pushed nonstop for months, turned out to be so full of crap that Republicans felt they needed to fabricate emails to make their case. If you’re a conservative, you should be disgusted and calling for investigations into that.

So the Benghazi tragedy was spun into political theater by Republicans who had nothing, could find nothing, and ended up having to fabricate “evidence” just to try to make President Obama and the administration look bad. Did they not think the administration still had access to the actual emails? Did they not think the truth would come out? Was one or two days of, “See, I told you he was the boogeyman!” really worth being exposed for the frauds they are? You genuinely should be questioning the sanity of these people who’ve been pushing this nonsense — and the really scary thing is, most of them still are pushing it, even after being exposed.

Now you have them trying desperately to weave new “scandals” in and make them all seem even more serious. The IRS was diligent in reviewing the tax-free status of Tea Party groups — it’s all Obama’s fault! Funny how these same people seem to have no problem with the Citizen’s United decision and the millions of dollars in shadow money flowing into political campaigns. Where’s the outrage against that coming from the right? Oh, I know where it is — it’s directed toward people like George Soros who are known to give to liberal organizations and Democratic campaigns, while they’re perfectly fine with the Koch brothers giving far more to conservative “nonprofits” like Americans for Prosperity. Just look at the last election cycle for proof. Sure, George Soros funneled in a few million, but he was vastly outspent by Charles and David Koch. Even the unknown third Koch brother, William, came close to outspending Soros in a completely legal attempt to buy the election.

Give me a break. Do you honestly expect the average American to care about the IRS being more diligent with your so-called “nonprofits,” when you’ve been unmitigated in your hypocrisy when it comes to political nonprofits and shadow money in politics? The IRS is an easy “boogeyman” to attack, but you’re playing with fire either way because we’re not buying the outrage.

Now the AP records seizure does deserve to be scrutinized, in my opinion, as it poses some real questions as to why the Justice Department couldn’t have handled it more appropriately. But let’s not forget that it was Republicans in the Senate who blocked the shield law which may have prevented it from being legal in the first place, when they filibustered the legislation back in 2008. Golly, Republicans filibustering common sense legislation — who would’ve guessed it?

Then of course we have the utterly ridiculous outrage over “Umbrella-gate,” which quite frankly is so pathetic you’d think it came from The Onion’s vault of stories that didn’t quite make the cut. This epitomizes what it’s like when a political party literally has nothing left to attack — their minds have become so deluded from years of fabricated outrage and lies about the President that they’ve completely gone off the deep end. It’s actually gone from being comical to just plain sad how far gone some of these people have become.

You see, the American voting public isn’t buying into this pseudo-outrage, as shown in President Obama’s latest Gallup job approval poll. He hasn’t gone down in approval as the GOP has been ramping up their outrage over the past week — he’s actually gone up 3% and back above 50% overall.

Let me clue Republicans in on something, since they obviously either don’t understand it or don’t want to admit it — most of your constituents care about real issues, not fake outrage. Constantly feeding the scandal jukebox quarter after quarter isn’t going to force us to enjoy your tunes, it only serves to accelerate the process of blocking them out as white noise. Especially when you’re shamelessly disregarding your own hypocrisy, or even worse, blatantly making things up and trying to pass them off as fact.

Republicans are brazenly sabotaging their own party, and if I were a conservative voter (perish the thought) I would be genuinely outraged. When they’re not busy wasting time and taxpayer money holding symbolic votes to repeal Obamacare, they’ve been busy monotonously beating the scandal drum nonstop in the hopes that it will suddenly resonate with a tired public who’s sick of hearing it. Meanwhile, both President Obama and Hillary Clinton have seen their approval ratings either stay steady or go up significantly. At this rate, Republicans are in danger of not only losing the House in 2014, but not even having a chance at the presidency in 2016. It’s a long way off and pure speculation, but one thing is for certain — Republicans seem completely content with scripting their own demise. And that is the true “scandal” which should be headlining Fox News.

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
Be sure to check out his archives on Forward Progressives for more of his viewpoints.
Thomas Barr


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  • Jaz

    All my feelings expressed by someone with better writing skills than myself. they think with the IRS outrage they can stop the new Health Care Law. Instead of all the time, effort and taxpayer money they have spent over the last few years to get rid of it, they could have sat down with Democrats and tweaked it to make it better. They care only about the 2% the rest of us – not at all.

    • Or maybe the Democrats could have involved them in the first place? The Republicans did have some good ideas and a good leader would have included them. That’s always been my complaint with Obama; he came out of the chute with “elections have consequences” and never made any effort to reach across the aisle. I had some hope for him when he took office; maybe he’ll live up to his words…. Nope. All style, no substance. And this class warfare “2% crap” is getting old. News Flash!!! Not all Democrats are on welfare! Many of them are right up there in that top 2%. It gets really annoying; one Democrat says we’re all rich and the next one says we’re all trailer park trash. Come on folks… which is it?

      • Miguel

        Did you sleep all the way through Obama’s first term? We all stopped counting at the number of times he tried to include and engage Republicans. The only participation Republicans wanted, though, was to try to kill EVERY MEASURE proposed by the President. There is documented evidence of a meeting of Republicans on the day of Obama’s inauguration, where they all pledged to do everything in their power to obstruct any initiative that the President introduced.

        Man, I hate Republicans with short-term memories!

      • Wondering what/who you get your news from. President Obama has “reached across the aisle” so many times it makes this democrat sick. He’s been rebuffed every time. Remember the debt ceiling debacle? When he and Boehner agreed on a deal then Boehner backed out because the baggers said no way? How is that not reaching across the aisle?

        Yes, not all democrats are on welfare. It’s the Republican party that says we are. Not the Democrats. More disinformation distributed across certain air waves.

      • Diana Bauer

        You must’ve been in a coma the last four years; Obama has had the olive branch smacked out of his hand so many times, it’s ridiculous. He’s invited Republicans to dinners again and again, and those invitations are ALWAYS refused. It’s one of the biggest complaints that Democrats have had about Obama; WHEN will he stop trying to play nice with a party that has sworn to see him fail? The Republicans have behaved like spoiled children who can’t have their way and thrown the most prolonged hissy fit in political history. And now the Heritage Foundation has send e-mails to the House Republicans stating that they shouldn’t work on ANY legislation at all for the rest of the Presidents’ term, and just concentrate on creating “scandals” to make Obama look bad. You must get your information from FOX “News,” famous for winning a lawsuit stating that they are under no obligation to tell the truth.

      • Did you really just say that Greg Ogborn!?! I guess you don’t remember “we will do everything possible to make him a one term POTUS” as in we will DO NOTHING, BLOCK EVERYTHING (even their own bills), I have no issue with what the IRS did, they need to do more of it, they are nothing but a political organizations and should pay taxes.

      • Dave Brown

        Greg; In some ways you are correct Obama should have worked harder to include the GOP points of view, however after trying (a little bit) to get them to compromise on anything in his first term. I think POTUS gave up on them. I know I have! They stated up front that their goal was to make him a one term President. He would get nothing from the GOP but filibusters, which they have delivered on that. All style and no substance is the GOP in my book! Did you just wake up from a coma?

      • Sym Smith

        Greg,…what have you been reading…or really, can you read? Are you aware that on Inauguration Evening, several High Level Republicans, Dement among them, meet and agreed to oppose the President..on any and all matters, forgetting about the USA-People. They were more interested in the demise of this new President, than in the welfare…and I do not mean “Welfare”..of this country. That is a Republican”Habit”…they did the same thing to Clinton. So, it is the “Democrat” they are after basically, while Race added momentum to the “Monkey Business”…this time. By any measure…this new President has also validated the “Pulitzer Prize”…he early was awarded early in his Presidency, having overcome the obstacles placed before him. Now, just take a look at matters which do not require Congressional approval. In fact, take look at the Nancy Pelozi Record, beginning with Lily Ledbetter, his first piece of legislation. During the last half of the President’s Tour, he did not begin to accomplish until he abandoned efforts to placate Republicans. He raised $750,000,000.00. During his first campaign. No one had raised much more than a quarter of a Million previously. That startled the GOP, and they furiously began to demolish ACORN, on false pretenses, and any other entity which they thought would support the re-election of Mr. Obama. Like with President Clinton, the disruption continued. If you remember, Clinton’s Impeachment was during his second term, hopefully to stigmatize DEMs. Well,,it didn’t. Mr. Gore should have been the succeeding President, and if the Supreme Court had not interfered, he most likely would have been…then probably….no “9-11″…and if no not…no Afghanistan, and certain no pursuit of OIL…in Iraq. While you criticize the President for the use of .un-manned Aircraft (Drones), we do not know what harm to this country might have occurred, absent these undertakings, particularly if we had to send USA Troops to mop-up the remnants of Al Caieda. Please dispense with the silliness.,.the Ugliness, the “Role-playing”. Against all odds, and in face of the O’Connell, and the determination of that group which met on Inauguration Evening, We have a functioning President. What we need is a Functioning Congress, and an continuimg alert Electorate

      • Sherry

        Wow… time to come back to earth from planet obstruction.

      • I’ll have to reply to myself as I’m the only one on this wall with both a clue and a memory. The “most open and transparent administration in history” flat excluded the Republicans from everything they could… And it so happens that they could actually accomplish that objective because they had 100% control of both houses. The Republicans could have spent the first two years in the bathroom and it wouldn’t have mattered as they didn’t have the votes to stop a thing… there was ZERO obstruction from the Right. THIS was Obama’s opportunity; THIS is where a LEADER would have reached across the aisle and listened to them as well as incorporated some of their ideas. That would have built good will. Instead he chose to take the low road and the voters smacked him upside the head by turning the House back to the Republicans. Reagan was a leader who never had a majority. Clinton was pragmatic and upon losing his majority became an effective leader. Obama made his own problems with the Republicans through his words and deeds. He is by far the worst leader of my lifetime (and I’m 53)… but to cut him some slack; his Party leadership (Reid and Pelosi) are the absolute worst; and Boehner isn’t much better.

      • gman

        Greg, you’ve gotta get that Fox and Rush and Sean and Blaze out of your head… bad information, no truth and it makes you look bad, my friend.
        And calling yourself “the only one with a clue and a memory” only makes you look arrogant and paranoid- two classic far-right attributes.

      • Pixie Stix

        The GOP likes to say that the Dems had a super majority in both houses for two years. Ah, no. They had a majority for hot four months. FOUR MONTHS, and yet the myth lives on that the Dems should have been able to create a liberal utopia during that time. The most cursory Google search will bear this out, I’ve mentioned this to my conservative friends time and time again, and it’s as if they are far more interested in the myth than they are with facts.

      • Kevin RN

        Here is an interesting thought. How about all the time the GOP had a super majority in the Senate along w/ the Presidency but continued NOT to ban homosexual marriage & keep the anti-abortion debate going. Could it be just to make sure that they continued to have the donations continue from the religious right?

      • imapayne

        Actually it was 118 days

      • bigfated

        Well,Greg: Now we know! No matter the FACTS….you are one of those idiot right wingers who will lie, lie, lie! Or….if you are not a liar….you are about as friggin stupid as a moron can possibly be! You may chose to be a self deluded bag of republican crap….but don’t ask us to buy the bullshit you’re selling!

      • mueizzathecat

        Stop drinking the Republican’s “Datura” tea.

      • BikinBuddha


      • Jim

        Are you serious? They vote against their own legislation! How do you include people like that in ANYTHING?

      • MrRubble

        Thank you for the hearty laugh. Sometimes that is the best response to the ignorant. Suan Collins and Olympia Snowe both promised votes if certain provisions for women’s health were added. These were added but one voted no the other present after being chastized in caucus. And who is this we? As far as I can make it you’re a whiny Know-Nothing who knee-jerks Republican.

      • ExRadioGuy15

        Wow, Greg…why is it that the GOP/American Fascist Aristocrats Party/American Traitors & Seditionists Party members such as yourself continually show us your ignorance and cognitive dissonance? Affordable health care was an idea birthed by the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation! It was passed and implemented in Massachusetts by a GOP governor (Romney) and it was the model for the PPACA! The only reason you GOP/ AFAP/ATSP members hate the law is simply because it has President Obama’s name attached to it…even when GOP voters/ supporters were polled about the components of it, they showed widespread support for it! Meanwhile, the PPACA’s opponents have spent more than $400 million since March 2010 lying about it.
        Go peddle your fascist and racist snake oil elsewhere, Greg 🙁 ssmdh

      • Caramel

        You need to wake up

      • Hi Greg Ogborn,

        Oh wait: Did you just say the Republicans were not involved in the passage of the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010? Wow! What depths will the crowd stoop to these days? You do know there are over 165 GOP amendments on that Bill, right? Gee Whillickers! I wonder just how those amendments got there, when the Republicans had NO involvement whatsoever in the bill. And oh, wait: Wasn’t the Individual mandate originally a GOP idea? Yep! Sure was!

      • BennyD

        You are all stupid. That better?

      • Jim Haldeman


      • Blue M Perry

        The whole of the Affordable health care plan was drawn from the Heritage Foundations (a conservative think-tank) recommendations. It was kept private market, rather than single payer, because the right would never go for government health care, and almost every provision was a gimme to the right to get them involved, and even after they got everything they wanted, they still called it Obamacare and tried 40 times to get it repealed. They had a chance to vote on it, and to filibuster it in the senate. They let it pass because they knew they could sell it as a great piece of government when elections rolled around back home, and still use it to attack Obama on a national level. Same way they went after disaster relief for New York after Sandy for it being so expensive, yet asked for it in Texas (for an industrial accident), and in Arizona for extreme fires this season. They score points for reducing government spending, but still manage to bring home enough pork to get themselves elected.

    • Jeff Barber

      What’s interesting is that none of them fall under it. The lawmakers have their own health plan, and it’s far better than the average citizen can get!

  • TheLordisMySheperdnHelovesYOU!

    Make sure they do not get re-elected…just saying!!!

  • I will tell you what is scandalous. Your obsession with defending a President at all costs even as the evidence of outrageous dereliction of duty is screaming at you. The White House and State Department clearly scrubbed any reference to terrorism even as it acknowledged that these references were going to cost them at the podium and the President 2 weeks after the fact at the UN delivered a speech blaming Benghazi on a video – that had nothing to do with the attack.
    The IRS has admitted to singling out conservatives groups and the Press is under assault by the Dept of Justice over a leak described by Eric Holder as the largest and most dangerous he has ever seen. Yet, the President said he had no idea about the AP scandal until a week ago? Seriously? The largest leak the Attorney General has ever heard of and the President knew nothing? Stop defending a Democrat President and start demanding more of your Government. That’s what we need. Not partisan knee-jerk defense of the indefensible.

    • Kirisute Gomen

      Perhaps you should read the article again. You know, maybe that would clear out the brainwashing a little more. 🙂

    • I thought your people wanted LESS government involvement.

    • KathleenVS

      The AP deserves further scrutiny, but remember that the GOP filibustered the Shield Law. The rest is just nonsense and fake outrage. Add in the wackos (such as Nugent, Bachman, Limbaugh, Palin and Santilli) and you will guarantee a Hillary Clinton Presidency.

      • Let’s also not forget that the outraged Republicans demanded, demanded, I say, an investigation into that leak. Then, there’s an investigation and the Republicans are outraged.

    • OMG!! You are kidding right?? Your joking or are you a troll?? Or are you just crazy living in a land where facts can’t reach??? PLEASE!! look up some facts.. hell.. some facts your own repubs are giving up.

      Actually read the article.. there is NO dispute. The repubs can’t even fight the Benghazi thing anymore. They have been proved liars. I know it’s hard to let go of fantasy when you want to hang onto hate so bad and I know it’s hard to be wrong. But your party has as much as said they are wrong… Some have come straight out and said they are crazy. Your wagon has broke down.. time to get out and walk in the real world.

    • I’ll tell you Joe what is scandalous…. that is the republicons doctoring emails to make Benghazi something it never was. Those same republicons who are screaming about the IRS actually doing its job??? The republicons KNEW last year that the IRS was investigating those tea party groups. So much for the evil democratic president. Your not a very bright person Joe.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Uh, you do realize the CIA was directing the talking points and that the “embassy/consulate” was really a CIA operation? And you do realize your hero Dubya LIED about WMDs in Iraq and got us into a war that killed 4000 people. When did 4 become greater than 4000?

      • They don’t want to talk about Bush. That’s in the past. They seem perfectly fine with giving him a free pass from any legal responsibility for his crimes.

      • Miguel

        That only works if he doesn’t leave the country. Other nations are not as forgiving of war crimes as ours is.

      • Actually that “in the past” is the Democrat line about Benghazi. Most Republicans will tell you that Bush was a man of honor and conviction, but not a particularly good President; primarily due to his spending. We don’t mind talking about him unless of course you want to bring up the WMD nonsense… We went into Iraq over repeated treaty violations; we were completely justified. We can debate whether it was a smart thing to do (with the benefit of hindsight); but there is no debating that we were justified. Don’t even try; as you’ll be wrong.

    • How do you have no appreciation for how silly and trite your comment is? “..outrageous dereliction of duty…” because they didn’t rush to a conclusion about terrorism? This means nothing…literally nothing…and it has no impact on anything that happened. Whatever they did or did not report in the initial hours of that attack and immediately thereafter means nothing. It is ridiculous to claim as much.

      The IRS issue is a non-issue, as well. Under Bush’s administration, there was actually unfair targeting of liberal churches and the NAACP. They were targeted because because they were very vocal critics of the Iraq War. The scrutiny given to Tea Party groups came only after Citizens United ruling which led to a marked increase in application of those specific types of groups. Given that many of them openly touted their political aims, the scrutiny was justified. I would wager that some of the groups went on to do political work despite it being illegal for them to do so under the tax-extempt status.

      Now the AP issue should be investigated and thoroughly. Whereas you immediately assume the President knew and went along or choreographed it all, I will wait for the investigation to conclude. But then, I’m not on the warpath with the sole purpose of taking down the President.

      You need to stop, take a breath, and take a good look in the mirror.

      • 1mrt1

        Wow when did you start drinking their koolaide? You have the administrations answer for everything.

      • As for you 1mr1, koolaide? How original. LMAO

      • 1mrt1

        i know sorry. Old habits die hard babe. How are things in Marxist World?

      • “You need to stop, take a breath, and take a good look in the mirror” I suggest they stop taking a breath and relieve the world of their stupidity.

    • I will tell you what is scandalous, Joe Salvati is anyone that supports a Party who’s intent is to destroy the POTUS without batting an eye. I would be ashamed if I were you to have the audacity (no pun intended) to trash the President when the last President was the biggest fool ever in the White House all the while Republicans were licking his boots.

      So before you start in on Obama look back at the history of GWB and Cheney and thank God that Cheney is not running this country because we would probably be in 5 or 6 wars. If Cheney had his way he would send all of the poor men and women into Harms Way so that he could reap the financial benefits of war and have less people to pay benefits to when he has sucked the world dry.

    • Great post Joe; respectful and factual. Prepare for the onslaught of insults. That’s what happens when you post something that provokes real thought.

    • Montely Wilson

      There is a difference between dereliction of duty and delirious delusion. The point is, we know the difference. It’s not about defending the President. What it is about is the fabrication lies and your wholesale buying of them if that’s where you want to go. We don’t need to defend the President against lies, and the federal government is so large a President cannot afford to micro manage it. However, the black guy should be able to pull off micro managing unlike any President before him right? That’s your assessment? Are you auditioning for a job at FauxNews (NotNews). The lies are easily dispelled by simple research. You should try google or bing for starters. Or, see if your local library has other credible research resources that you can use before you reiterate Faux garbage in public. Have you no shame?

      The IRS admitted no such thing and conservative groups were a third of the groups they scrutinized. That’s not a scandal, that’s normal business. The IRS is suppose to ensure that non-profit rules are not abused. On the other hand, you said nothing about the other group who had the same level of scrutiny imposed upon them. Not really a surprise!

  • Anyone else noticed, it’s actually become somewhat of an insult now to be called a republican or conservative? A truthy slur all of their own making.

    • Well that is why a good half of them now quickly correct you if you suggest they are Republican and inform you that they are, in fact, Libertarians and not Republicans.

      Libertarians are just the embarrassed Republicans.

      • Libertarian is merely a re-branding effort..

      • Tom Jokowski

        Gregory & Michael–Your stupidity is astounding!

      • Wow, Tom, that is what I was thinking about your comment.

  • They won’t lose the house. The same antics which cost them dearly in national and Senate elections rallies up the voters in conservative controls districts.

  • Sarah-sult Ho-bag Nailin-(im)Palin wood LOVE to be boned by Boehner. Her problem is that she’s of legal age to consent.

    • I disagree. I think Sarah secretly wants a romp in the hay with the one guy she has spent YEARS obsessing over: President Obama.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Unlikely, but still funny,

      • Once you go black……

      • Her favorite part of the Turkey at Thanksgiving is the ” dark meat “

  • Shon

    As someone who considers myself a conservative (more Libertarian than Republican), let me clue you in on where our outrage on these issues come from. Especially considering that this article does nothing but use media and establishment hype as the center of the outrage.

    Benghazi…I could give a rat’s ass about the emails. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that an attack on an American embassy in the Middle East on September 11th was a terrorist attack. So why not just come out and say it? It also didn’t take a genius to figure out that we were more than capable of sending help via military action. But we didn’t. Why? In my opinion it’s because we just “liberated” the people of Libya from one dictator. How embarrassing for the administration that they didn’t learn a lesson from Bush, you know the guy they blame everything on to this day, that picking the lesser of two evils doesn’t always work in your favor. No…instead let’s blame it on an anti-Muslim YouTube video.

    In a side note to that last point and to show I’m not brainwashed…Hey Republicans! Stop acting like the guy that made the video was jailed because his video was blamed for the deaths of Americans at the hands of terrorists. Was he jailed for making the video? Yes. But it was because getting on the Internet was a violation of his parole.

    As far as the IRS scandal is concerned…I’m sorry that you’re upset that this administration was caught overdoing a practice that has gone on for years by both parties. But I’m sure as hell glad that this practice has been exposed. In my opinion it only helps the cause of exposing the need for overall tax reform. Tax laws and the powers that enforce those laws have long been over-complicated and over-reaching. Hopefully this latest finding helps expose the need for change there (we can only hope).

    The only thing I have to say about this article’s point in the AP phone record scandal is…REALLY? It’s worth looking into but we’re going to give the administration a pass because Republicans filibustered a bill that would have made that activity illegal. Never mind the fact that most Americans found this scandal to be the most disturbing and the scandal that most Americans have enough common sense to know that the Constitution is already the law that should have prevented this action. I guess there’s not even enough moral values in the White House or with it’s administration to know that even though they felt they could do something, they shouldn’t.

    Enough with the mainstream media and establishment hype. It only serves to distract people from the real issues and protect those that cause these issues. For an article that claims brainwashing from one side, it certainly does nothing to show that they themselves aren’t brainwashed by a different faction of governing bodies and media.

    • James

      There’s a few fallacies. To try to intimate a few connections that show a lot of big picture thinking failures all articulated in a long calm diatrab. I applaud you and offer you my respect for trying to make your point intelligently, however, you neglect a number of things.

      It doesn’t take a genius, no. If the republican media wouldn’t have latched onto this looking for an out-rage, however, we wouldn’t have had enough information to call it a terrorist attack even if we were geniuses. In the same token, it’s been repeated illustrated that there were a number of reasons to carefully address the talking points carefully. It was a terrorist attack, and addressed as an act of terror, and these terms have been used synonymous by every politician that’s seen any news time. There is no confusion about what it was. The cause of the incident was always what was in question on the matter. The spin on this particular part has just been another failed ‘cry wolf’ attempt to break down Obama. I get you don’t like him, but he’s going to finish his term, and you’re just going to have to live with that.

      This level of misinformation is normal. In fact the Bush administration did the same thing with Rice and aluminum tubes to get public support for Iraq, and if no one’s going to string him up for it, let it go. It doesn’t appear under any evidence this was so much a political motivator as it was a security issue on trying to respond to the attack itself.

      The real issue in Benghazi is if we could have sent more help to save lives and didn’t. Here’s what it boils down so, media BS aside. Even the whistle blower Gregory Hicks stated that there would be an issue getting people there on time. Colin Powel defended Clinton. So when you ask the question of what did we screw up? Well knowing what they knew at the time, it doesn’t appear like they did much wrong. Had they known more, and that other state locations weren’t facing an imminent attack, they could have, but they didn’t.

      Well, why did we have enough people there or extras to send there? Well, you have to thank the conservatives on congress for budget cuts in that arena.

      You need to do some more hard line fact vetting. Stop listening to just the reporters and start digging into the sources. Check the DoD timeline. Listen to the reports made by the whistle blower in question and a previous conservative with the same job clinton has. Check the statistics that nothing here was more immoral, unethical than anything that went without outrage during Bush’s two terms. You can’t have it both way, you can’t act like this president is held to a higher standard because you don’t like it and it gives you ammunition to fuel that.

      • Shon

        For you to say that I hold Obama to a higher standard insinuates that you know how I felt about the previous administration.

        When it came to Iraq I wasn’t exactly on board. I knew of their past and had assumed, like many others, that they still possessed WMD’s. However, I thought the approach was wrong. In my opinion a more overwhelming force in Afghanistan would have had the same affect. Basically scare Hussein into submission.

        Now that we have that out of the way, my problem with the Obama administration’s handling of the situation was the fact that they outright lied about it. 5 days after the Benghazi attack they called it a protest…5 days after. Then insisted it’s truth for days after. They knew well before they blamed a YouTube video exactly what happened and why. That may be an inconvenient truth but it is what it is.

        As far as military aid is concerned, they could have sent it. We could have figured out a way to disperse that terrorist mob but we didn’t even try. Would it have saved their lives? Maybe, maybe not. Nobody will ever know.

        Now you can continue to waste time making comparisons on how this administration has handled it’s boondoggles vs how the prior administration did but at what point do you realize your comparing apples to apples? Albeit I’ll give you it’s like comparing Fuji apples vs Delicious Red.

        Some of us that call ourselves Conservative don’t just blindly follow the GOP line. How many Liberals can claim the same when it comes to following the Democrat’s marching orders?

        I can admit to any politician’s mistake or wrongdoing. But it would seem that Democrats, in particular liberal Democrats can only spout what their handlers feed them.

    • What do it matter would it of saved their lives?

    • Dave Brown

      Shon; “So why not just come out and say it” I watched the statement the President made the day after the attack in Benghazi and he said “a terrorist act” That’s not good enough for you? They did not know for sure who did what to whom and did not rush to make a call about what happened and why, but that’s not good enough for you is it?

  • there should be no surprise in any of this. This has been the GOP modus operandi since Obama was elected. If fools in America don’t start paying attention to what is really going on, the US will be owned by big oil, big banks,….big money in general. We are a heartbeat from this now.

    • Terry Kerkman

      I’m feeling that. You now see Companies from China purchasing our Farms, Factories and anything else big money can do to make more money than they can spend. These are the flag wavers who continue to sell off America.

  • Circling the drain, circling the drain.

  • Elaine

    I’m a registered Independent. I lean left on some things and right on others. Since I live in California, my vote usually doesn’t matter, because I get outvoted whenever I choose a Republican candidate. I was definitely planning to vote for McCain in 2008, until he picked his running mate. I did a lot of research on her and decided the possibility of her becoming president was scary, so I went for Obama instead. I was a member of the NRA but I resigned after their insane opposition to the background checks for gun sales. My vote for Obama in 2012 was a nobrainer vote against his opponent.

    Now that you have my credentials, I agree the Republicans are turning me off more and more every day. I do disapprove of some of the things Obama has done (or not done), but not enough to override my approval of the good things he has done. ObamaCare is a godsend. I remember having a desparately sick child and no insurance (I couldn’t afford it) when I was a young single mother. The hospital saved his life and it took me three years to pay of the bill. I was lucky, they could have refused to treat him and he would certainly have died.

    • We have something in common. I never voted Democratic until 2008. Now, I just pull the “D” lever. I even changed my micro bio from “retired military” to “Former conservative who peeked behind the curtain”

      • I too voted for Obama as a first time Dem vote. After I started to witness what the GOP was doing I quickly changed parties. I wanted no affiliation to their hate and bigotry. It was actually an embarrassment to call myself a republican.

      • Kevin RN

        Welcome to the Democratic Party. We serve cookies but also look out for the general welfare of all Americans. We also plan to fix our economy,increase taxes on those that need it while reducing yours, and fix our infrastructure.

  • scott

    Not true… and here is why democrats suck. U won election.. destroy america… and yet u still post lies about the other party… just like a cult or somethong…. no class.

    • Fox Much, do ya Scott?

    • When you listen to FOX nothing intelligent can come out of your mouth, so don’t even try, until you get the real facts.

    • I think you misspelled the word Republicans.

  • James

    And this is why I just skim most articles now. I get it, I really really do. See, the republicans have this inability to smack people upside the head and say stop doing this. Your product is mostly sold, but the continued hyperbolic punditry isn’t helping. Bash rags against the other side isn’t helping. Activism isn’t just about out-rage and selling articles to get your message out there. It’s also about solution, as hap hazard as some of those solutions may be.

    Barr, you kind of have been consistently staying off the rails, crying outrage of the ludicrousness of the ideologs of the right. And I get it. A lot of it is nonsensical crap. But what’s always missing from these is what to do about it. It also often misses the big picture that most republicans ARE disenfranchised with their party and only go to the polls to just do what they think is right and vote for what they believe is the lesser evil. Most of them aren’t nuts, they simply aren’t paying attention and as I said before, won’t look to their peers and tell them to stop the insanity.

    And our side isn’t doing a whole lot better about it. You’re an awesome writer and I’ve read a number of your articles here, and I just really wish we could start seeing some progress as opposed to distraction in politics and political news and punditry. Both sides are disappointing in this area.

  • Not worth it. I wrote a nice refutation of this drivel, but I haven’t finished Beck’s “Arguing With Idiots”… so I just deleted it. It’s just not worth trying to inform the clueless.

  • Miguel

    All this outrage because they cannot accuse President Obama for the crime they want to tar and feather him for: governing while black.

    • Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka

      Does anyone else remember when they were claiming that President Obama wasn’t eligible to even RUN for the office of President because “The Constitution states one must be Caucasian to run for President”?

  • Miguel

    All this outrage because they cannot accuse President Obama for the crime they want to tar and feather him for: governing while black.

  • I say let ’em keep talking. While I have always welcomed a fair and loyal opposition as good for business I think the time for the Democratic party to take control of the House as well. It’s the only way our country can move forward, and Republicans seem to making that eventuality a real possibility.

  • Al Stoops

    The Obama administration is bound to make errors of judgement (and has), just like every single administration before. It would be good for our country if those presently in power knew that there was a credible opposition keeping an eye on them. Unfortunately, the opposition (Repubs) have been destroying their own credibility.

  • MrPlutodog

    Umbrellagate gave the right another one of those archtypal images tailor-made to get at the gut of the bigots out there. Like a picture of a black man embracing a white woman (or worse, gasp, kissing her!), we have here a black fellow being shielded from the elements by an umbrella being held by a U.S. Marine — a white one — as if he deserved any such deference. Horrors! The uppity damned n***r! The right doesn’t give a damn if someone can easily find other pictures of folks holding umbrellas for POTUS’s…even other GI’s doing so. It’s getting that picture in the face of the avowed and the self-ignorant bigots out there.

  • PBE_Jersey

    In the latest trifecta of fabricated scandals by the Republican Party the only one that concerns me is the AP records seizure. It does not bother me that the records were seized. What bothers me is what conclusions will be made when the event is scrutinized. The problem is not the records seizure. The problem is what information is labeled as a government secret. If the government lumps embarrassing incidents as secret with government information that truly should be held secret then like the boy who cried wolf the credibility of secrets are lost and so is the ability of controlling those secrets. What should be done is a government reevaluation of what should be held as secret.

    • FINALLY…..someone that knows what the seizure was all about..

      • Kevin RN

        I also know about them…..I am epileptic.

  • Watching the wheels go round

    Just let them hang themselves … why try to intervene here? If they go off the deep end all I an say is good riddance to bad rubbish!

  • ekbelladona16

    President Obama I smell a rate and it doesn’t smell good. Keep your eye on the ball.

  • Imnotbflat

    Actually I have a problem with the AG office taking records and then serving the supeonia 2 weeks later….Plus of the WH staffers said he knew about some of these events 24 hours before they hit the news..Let’s see how the 2014 elections go before we pat ourselves on the back…

  • You forgot to tell everyone that the head of the IRS that has resigned over this “scandal” was put in office by President Bush. They serve five year terms that for this man was going to end in June. I loved watching the GOP grill him in the hearings on this as they were tormenting their own man. It also makes me wonder if this were not some Republican set up to make the President look bad. Why not the guy was going to leave soon any way investigate that. They can now only play distraction politics to keep the general public from noticing that they are still not doing anything that will improve our lives or make a better future for us. The Benghazi scandal to me was so sad because if I were president I would have and still would pull every ambassador out of these unsettled countries. Let the crazy come here to our house if they want to talk and I also would not allow the CIA to use the embassies as their spy post. This to me is what went wrong and may very well be why we were attacked. Not only that but it was the GOP that denied funding for increased security.

    • We do not have to make him look bad he does that his-self….Kathy Reynolds

      Not only that but it was the GOP that denied funding for increased security. 100% a lie ,,,Ms Lamb say funding did not have anything to do with the security ….

      • Montely Wilson

        What planet are you from? Oh, your from planet Faux. Next!!!!

  • no cash dav

    this aint spin ..its bullshit

  • openlyblack

    37 attempts to repeal Obamacare at a cost of $55million and 80 hours (i.e. two work weeks to the rest of us) when the actual work of the House could have been done!


    • Hanyewi Sunkmanitu Tanka

      And yet… they CLAIM to want to SAVE the taxpayers money…

      Seems to me they have wasted BILLIONS on bovine excrement over the last few years. Perhaps instead of wasting taxpayer money on bovine excrement they should do something like… THEIR JOBS (something they have NOT done in FIVE YEARS! Can we charge them with fraud I wonder?)!

      • Ang

        True true Hanyewi, but it was that kind of thinking that got us into this great big mess in the first place. They didn’t want to change when they said they had learned their lesson after Obama got in the first time. They don’t want to work on jobs or stop wasting our tax dollars because than they wouldn’t get to pay the poor in other country’s $2 to $5 a week. They would have to stop the greed first and that isn’t going to happen any time soon. Its filling the pockets of them self’s and friends . When they told the people they didn’t need unions, they only robbed them for other works. Now look who is robbing who. They sent them jobs far from our shores. They just want to get you to look at your friends to see if they may be spending your tax dollar by getting food stamps while they play the dirty tricks to steal right under every ones nose. You are so right when you say they have wasted BILLIONS ! They tell you one thing and do another.

  • Thanks Republicans; for making the election of Hillary a sure thing in the next election!

  • Beth McCullers

    Is it really such a surprise that the IRS would pay extra attention to groups applying for non-profit status, who deliberately align themselves with a historical act of tax evasion?!? >.<

  • What’s the big deal with Benghazi? 4 died, well 48 are murdered every day in the US, and US drones kill thousands every year.

    • Here we go again What’s the big deal with Benghazi? 4 died —-IT THE COVER UP STUPID … IT A WAY IS….

  • Arturo Cortez

    Their comes a time when the Republican Party must pay for the “Cow Pie” they create,..

  • Kevin RN

    The tax free status of America’s religious institutions is the real scandal of the IRS. I do not want any of them to be tax free. While we are at it, I do not want any group that pushes a political party to be tax free either. Instead the GOP is pushing this lie that the conservative groups are being picked on…NEWSFLASH: the only group that was denied the tax free status was a Democratic Woman’s Group. For some reason they forget about that.

    Please give me a break from these “hearings” when the GOP brings up “testimony” from citizens complaining about the jack booted thugs of the Obama Administration taking away their democracy. If this were true they would not have a chance to speak,Congress would not of been elected, we would not still have an internet while FOX & the other right wing “news” organizations would be out of a job or a in prison.

    The only good thing the GOP has done in the last 12 years has been to show everyone how bad they are & how they are more concerned w/ the wealthy & companies than they are with people, jobs & our infrastructure which was shown when they have consistently blocked any legislation that would help America rebuild.

    President Obama has done more than any other President given that he has to go through a House of Representatives that are Obstructing every bill he presents. The only remedy is to make sure the GOP is not elected into power ever again & to make sure that the Democrats see what happens when a political party turns it’s back on America.

  • Alice Dennehy

    Well said. White noise accurately sums up the Republican (TeaParty) no longer worth paying much attention to sad to say

  • Paula Payne

    Anyone who uses the bible to determine public policy SHOULD be left out of the decision-making process. The republicans have not been left out. They are obstructionists, and they will continue to lose.

  • Gene Hill

    Don’t forget that these same teapublicans who control state legislatures have gerrymandered voting districts to insure their elections for years to come. Don’t count them out, yet.

  • Rev. Janell Smith

    Faux News to investigate the Koch-roach Bros. buy the Congressman Campaign!