The Latest Scandal – Republicans Sabotaging Their Own Party

boehnercantor1You really have to wonder what’s going through the minds of Republican party leaders these days. What would possess a group of elected officials to sink to the depths Republicans have since last year’s election? Sure, they put forth a horrible presidential candidate who suffered a humiliating loss at the polls, but they still maintained most of their power in the House of Representatives and filibuster capabilities in the Senate (thanks, Harry Reid). But instead of using that power to work on bipartisan (excuse my language, I know that’s a dirty word) legislation which would benefit the country they claim to love, they’ve decided to start a mass exodus from reality into a bizarre pseudo-existence.

If you’re a registered Republican or a conservative who usually votes for Republicans, you should be truly concerned for the sanity and future of your elected officials and your party as a whole. You might not know it or even agree with my statement due to Fox News overload on your brain, but take a deep breath and give this some thought. Your party has echoed a chorus of Benghazi conspiracies for the past several months, culminating in a supposed bombshell email leak to ABC News which “exposed” administration officials as being concerned only with how they’d look to the public. This, of course, turned out to be fabricated garbage which was fed to ABC by Republicans who maliciously edited the original emails (which have since been released to the public by the White House). So your whole Benghazi conspiracy which has been pushed nonstop for months, turned out to be so full of crap that Republicans felt they needed to fabricate emails to make their case. If you’re a conservative, you should be disgusted and calling for investigations into that.

So the Benghazi tragedy was spun into political theater by Republicans who had nothing, could find nothing, and ended up having to fabricate “evidence” just to try to make President Obama and the administration look bad. Did they not think the administration still had access to the actual emails? Did they not think the truth would come out? Was one or two days of, “See, I told you he was the boogeyman!” really worth being exposed for the frauds they are? You genuinely should be questioning the sanity of these people who’ve been pushing this nonsense — and the really scary thing is, most of them still are pushing it, even after being exposed.

Now you have them trying desperately to weave new “scandals” in and make them all seem even more serious. The IRS was diligent in reviewing the tax-free status of Tea Party groups — it’s all Obama’s fault! Funny how these same people seem to have no problem with the Citizen’s United decision and the millions of dollars in shadow money flowing into political campaigns. Where’s the outrage against that coming from the right? Oh, I know where it is — it’s directed toward people like George Soros who are known to give to liberal organizations and Democratic campaigns, while they’re perfectly fine with the Koch brothers giving far more to conservative “nonprofits” like Americans for Prosperity. Just look at the last election cycle for proof. Sure, George Soros funneled in a few million, but he was vastly outspent by Charles and David Koch. Even the unknown third Koch brother, William, came close to outspending Soros in a completely legal attempt to buy the election.

Give me a break. Do you honestly expect the average American to care about the IRS being more diligent with your so-called “nonprofits,” when you’ve been unmitigated in your hypocrisy when it comes to political nonprofits and shadow money in politics? The IRS is an easy “boogeyman” to attack, but you’re playing with fire either way because we’re not buying the outrage.

Now the AP records seizure does deserve to be scrutinized, in my opinion, as it poses some real questions as to why the Justice Department couldn’t have handled it more appropriately. But let’s not forget that it was Republicans in the Senate who blocked the shield law which may have prevented it from being legal in the first place, when they filibustered the legislation back in 2008. Golly, Republicans filibustering common sense legislation — who would’ve guessed it?

Then of course we have the utterly ridiculous outrage over “Umbrella-gate,” which quite frankly is so pathetic you’d think it came from The Onion’s vault of stories that didn’t quite make the cut. This epitomizes what it’s like when a political party literally has nothing left to attack — their minds have become so deluded from years of fabricated outrage and lies about the President that they’ve completely gone off the deep end. It’s actually gone from being comical to just plain sad how far gone some of these people have become.

You see, the American voting public isn’t buying into this pseudo-outrage, as shown in President Obama’s latest Gallup job approval poll. He hasn’t gone down in approval as the GOP has been ramping up their outrage over the past week — he’s actually gone up 3% and back above 50% overall.

Let me clue Republicans in on something, since they obviously either don’t understand it or don’t want to admit it — most of your constituents care about real issues, not fake outrage. Constantly feeding the scandal jukebox quarter after quarter isn’t going to force us to enjoy your tunes, it only serves to accelerate the process of blocking them out as white noise. Especially when you’re shamelessly disregarding your own hypocrisy, or even worse, blatantly making things up and trying to pass them off as fact.

Republicans are brazenly sabotaging their own party, and if I were a conservative voter (perish the thought) I would be genuinely outraged. When they’re not busy wasting time and taxpayer money holding symbolic votes to repeal Obamacare, they’ve been busy monotonously beating the scandal drum nonstop in the hopes that it will suddenly resonate with a tired public who’s sick of hearing it. Meanwhile, both President Obama and Hillary Clinton have seen their approval ratings either stay steady or go up significantly. At this rate, Republicans are in danger of not only losing the House in 2014, but not even having a chance at the presidency in 2016. It’s a long way off and pure speculation, but one thing is for certain — Republicans seem completely content with scripting their own demise. And that is the true “scandal” which should be headlining Fox News.

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr

Thomas Barr is a writer, editor and activist who's passionate about progressive ideals, with extra attention given to the fight for universal health care, medical marijuana, and saving our nation from decades of devastating trickle-down policies. Thomas is also a dedicated advocate for Type 1 diabetes research and education.
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