The Left’s Problem With Facts Concerns Me Greatly

tumblr_me89wvDDp21ql2wy7o1_500From time to time, people will be puzzled when I write articles on science. Trust me, all I have to do is mention GMOs, Monsanto, conspiracy nuts or Food Babe, and I will suddenly be inundated with angry comments wherever my article is posted.

Take for example a story I wrote a little while back exposing the Facebook page “The Mind Unleashed,” which now has over 5.5 million followers. It had hundreds of comments (A LOT from angry conspiracy nuts) and has been read nearly 144,000 times. One of the recurring themes from the detractors was that criticizing pseudoscience and science denialists wasn’t political and certainly not progressive. Over and over again I heard that I should stick to only calling out conservatives, because calling out people on the left for believing in stuff that was just as ridiculous as conservatives denying climate change was somehow wrong.

Perhaps the greatest honor was being featured by one of the wackiest of all conspiracy pages I’ve seen so far; one called “Disinformation Directory,” which is devoted to believing that airplane contrails are actually chemicals being purposefully sprayed by the government. They posted this one on August 11th and made a point to track me down and let me know I was “on their list.” Ooooooo, scary.

Manny Schewitz (@MannySchewitz) is the one who is acting like a stark-raving, foaming-at-the-mouth lunatic here with his piece on the “chemtrails conspiracy” (not to mention he throws in ALL other conspiracies in an attempt to discredit the anti-geoengineering movement). His story is based on emotion, not facts.

This guy is considered a journalist? Does he do ANY research? He clearly didn’t do any here. His opinion, 100%. No research. No facts. Just his opinion and lumping EVERYTHING together so that he can try to fool people into believing he knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t.

There is NOTHING either Forward or Progressive about this piece. Can’t you just feel the saliva being spewed forth from his mouth? Get a grip, pal.

Finally, a “well-meaning liberal”? Does that mean that the outcome, reality, and consequences DO NOT MATTER and only “their” intentions? (Source)

Contrary to their opinion I actually proved a point, and all you have to do is look at many of the angry comments to see that. What is that point? It is that scientific illiteracy and denialism are problems that are not confined to just one side of the aisle – crazy and ignorant don’t know political boundaries.

Sure, how many times have we pointed and laughed at conservatives who angrily claim that 97% of scientists are wrong and that climate change is just a liberal plot to take away freedoms? Or how about those who believe that any moment now, President Obama is going to send in UN troops to seize their guns and put their kids in reeducation camps?

The problem is that on the left, despite all the proclamations of being better and smarter, there’s a tremendous amount of ignorance that we need to address. Just yesterday in one Rachel Maddow fan club Facebook group I belong to, at least a couple of people called for Allen West to be charged with sedition, never mind the fact that the Sedition Act was repealed in 1920. I’m sure if Rachel saw the conversation, she’d facepalm so hard she’d knock herself out. Others didn’t know that no declaration of war was issued by Congress for the current military action against ISIS, or that one guy who posted a link to Allen West’s Facebook page with this comment:


If we’re going to win elections, we on the left are going to have to stop with false comparisons and responding to every call to be outraged about things that aren’t as important as keeping the Senate out of Republican hands in November. Let’s start practicing some critical thinking, stop signing useless petitions, and for the love of god, learn to stop typing in all caps.


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