The More Ted Cruz Speaks, the More He Proves Himself to be a Delusional Sociopath

ted-cruz-sociopathI think it’s official: Ted Cruz has dethroned the Queen of Ignorance, Sarah Palin, as the person in politics I simply cannot stomach the most.  His comments before, during and after the government shutdown have been nothing short of pure insanity.

This man, who gave speeches saying that the government should be shut down rather than fund “Obamacare,” now denies that he ever pushed for a government shutdown.

Are you kidding me?

Yes, he actually claims he never wanted a shutdown, Democrats and President Obama did.  They refused to negotiate with Republicans.

I don’t how many times I have to say it — President Obama and Democrats didn’t need to negotiate with Republicans.  They had a deal in place to keep the government open.  It was Speaker of the House John Boehner who flat out wouldn’t let the House of Representatives vote on the Senate’s clean continuing resolution, which would have passed in the House and been signed by the president.

It makes absolutely no sense, and defies all logic, to believe that two-thirds of our government should be forced to negotiate with a small minority of Congress who wanted to hold our government hostage.  And this wasn’t just Democrats and President Obama who called this shutdown foolish, quite a few Republicans said the exact same thing.  

Now this delusional sociopath has the nerve to stand there and say he never wanted this shutdown?  That he’s “listening to the American people?”

Who are these Americans exactly?  Not the majority, that’s for damn sure.  Almost every poll indicated that Americans overwhelmingly opposed shutting down the government to try to defund or delay “Obamacare.”  Heck, most Americans oppose any effort to repeal the law altogether.

Then factor in the fact that last November, President Obama was easily re-elected, with Democrats also gaining more seats in Congress — exactly which Americans is Ted Cruz listening to besides the radical far-right conservatives?  Because it sure isn’t the majority.

And while he denies pushing for a shutdown, he also said that he “would do anything” and will “continue to do anything” to stop “Obamacare.”  He is absolutely obsessed with the health care law that stands zero chance at being defunded, delayed or repealed while Barack Obama is president.

Then again, the right-wing ignorance toward “Obamacare” is the easiest way he can to pander to tea party Republicans.  And that’s really all he cares about.  It isn’t helping Americans or governing that he cares about — this whole run of idiocy by Ted Cruz is nothing more than his move to solidify his stance in the hearts of the tea party as their “go-to guy.”  He hopes that by doing that, he’ll land himself the GOP nomination in 2016.

Because reality is he doesn’t care about anyone but himself.  In his warped mind, what he continues to do is justified because the end results seem to be benefiting him.  He would rather see this country burned to the ground ff it meant he would benefit in some way.  And the worst part is, he’s successfully manipulated millions of Americans to actually buy into this dangerous rhetoric.

Well, the whole tea party has bought into this propaganda, but now they have a “superstar” emerging to fight their insane battles.

Ted Cruz has convinced millions of tea party Republicans the reason that others within the GOP seem to loathe him and won’t stand with him (you know, more established Republicans) is because they are part of the problem.  He believes he’s part of the new wave of “true conservatism” that isn’t represented by these established “Washington elitists.”

Which is ironic for a man who went to Ivy league schools to talk of others as “elitists.”

But when I watch Ted Cruz, all I see is a man who simply lives in a fantasy world.  He sits there, blatantly lying to the American people, seemingly oblivious to any factual information that contradicts what he’s saying.

Whenever a reporter tells him that the majority of the American people, according to most polls, don’t support the shutdown — he’ll say things like the shutdown wasn’t his idea.  Even though he staged a fake filibuster where he essentially advocated closing the government to defeat “Obamacare.”

When he says his worn out line about representing the “American people” against “Obamacare,” and a reporter points out that polls actually indicate the opposite of what he’s claiming, it has no impact.  He simply continues to repeat the same lines which seem to only represent the delusional reality that exists in his head and the minds of tea party Republicans.

Then when it’s brought up how even members of his own party say he needs to give up the fight because it stands zero chance at being successful, and they will not shut down the government again come January, he sits there and continues to insist that somehow “Obamacare” will be defeated.

Hell, he even claimed that the move by some Republicans to “let the law fail on its own” is something he simply won’t do because he can’t sit by and allow the law to continue to “hurt Americans.”

Yet, he had absolutely no problem hurting thousands of Americans by pushing for a pointless government shutdown that had no chance at reaching his unobtainable goal.

This man is sick in the head—period.  He’s radical, he’s dangerous and he’s shown (without remorse) that his own interests are the only thing he cares about.

He doesn’t care about our government, Americans or even his own party—he only cares about himself.  And like I said his only goal in the Senate is to elevate his name over these next few years with tea party Republicans in the hopes that by doing so, he’ll win the GOP nomination for president.  And if he has to try to destroy this country to do so, that seems to be perfectly fine with him.

After all, why shouldn’t he?  It seems the more he lies, the more he deceives, the more he manipulates and the more radical he becomes—the more tea party Republicans adore him.

The fact that he’s a sociopath doesn’t matter to them.  Because at the end of the day, a society of sociopaths is exactly what the tea party wants to create.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • BobbyM

    As i understand it, you cannot be president of the USA unless you were born on US soil. If he was born in Canada, how can he qualify?. Maybe his plan is to screw us up, then high tail it back to Canada.

    • JonesRobynj

      He doesn’t need to be born on U.S. soil to be a legitimate citizen. His mother was an American citizen therefore he is an American citizen. Note that anyone, such as kids of servicemen/women born overseas on base are just as much a citizen as you or I. Ted Cruz did have dual citizenship but has denounced his Canadian citizenship once someone brought the subject up. He has the right to be president like the rest of us. Should he be President? Hell no.

      • annicka

        Whats so ironic is that President Obama’s mother is American, thereby making him “natural born” citizen (per Cruz’ logic), but still is called non-American and illegitimate to those that support Cruz .

      • Ram Garcia

        The radical way of thinking goes like this….Obama is Muslim because his father is from Kenya… If that was true, which is not, then Ted Cruz is a communist because his father’s from Cuba….

      • JonesRobynj

        Hey, not bad! He’s a real Heinz 57 isn’t he? LOL!

      • gemma liar

        Heinz 57 is the best………………….. don’t group that snail with my fave

      • JonesRobynj

        Not offense of course but I’m an A-1 fan. The Heinz 57 statement was referring to mutts (a mixture of several different breeds of dog).

      • gemma liar

        im a chef– a1 is ok ( great to ad to tarragon reduction to make béarnaise) but 57 is better tasting and more versatile.

      • JonesRobynj

        Point noted.

      • gemma liar

        but,,,,his dad left because of casto! wouldn’t that make him a cheerful batista supporter?

      • Aimee Barfield

        Obama is actually natural born because not only was his mother a citizen but he was born in the great state of Hawaii.

      • Aimee Barfield

        He hasn’t given up his Canadian citizenship to the best of my knowledge, or started the paperwork. It’s also a very lengthy procedure to do so according to some Canadians I have spoken with.

      • JonesRobynj

        Thanks for the response Aimee, all I know is what I’ve heard on the news. The last thing I heard he had denounced his citizenship in Canada. I guess that meant that he just did if for effect instead of actually having done it. I stand corrected. 🙂

      • Amanda

        It’s possible that Canada just waived the paperwork so we didn’t have to be associated with him.

      • JonesRobynj

        Wouldn’t that be something. I’d be willing to give him back to them!! LOL!

      • Brenda Norris

        We ain’t in the market for any more idiots. The one we have at 24 Sussex Drive, Ottawa is bad enough.

      • Andre Owens

        No, that’s not correct. And your example of the children of service members being born overseas isn’t the same either. American military bases are considered American soil. So if your parents served in the military and you were born say in Afghanistan but on the base, you are (1) an American citizen and (2) a natural born American citizen eligibile to run and be president. Cruz’s mother, while being an American and his father, an illegal immigrant living in Canada, makes him American it doesn’t make him a “natural born” American, according to the constitution. And just to throw some fuel on the fire, Cruz’s father, after living in the US almost 30yrs, didn’t become a citizen until. 2005.

      • Julia Holcomb

        look it up. He’s a natural born citizen. I wish he were not.

      • Rhonda Oliver

        If you have an American parent, then you could be born on Mars and still be a natural-born citizen because you would be a citizen from birth. Doesn’t matter what your politics are.

      • Sherri G

        You are incorrect regarding service members having to have kids born on base for citizenship. When we were stationed in Germany, I was going to a German hospital for my pregnancy due to distance to nearest base with a hospital. My son would have had dual citizenship because both of us were Americans AND he was born in Germany.

      • Heather Robertson Barbour

        It depends on the country. If one or both parents are American, the child is natural born American. Some countries offer citizenship for being born on their soil (like the US does). Others don’t.

      • Sherri G

        It would be DUAL citizenship where at the age of 18 the child would need to pick a country and give up citizenship to the other country….that’s what my son would have had to do.

      • Heather Robertson Barbour

        Again – depends on the country. Germany requires a choice either/or. Canada doesn’t. You can be dual US / Canadian. The US doesn’t recognize the other country’s citizenship, but that country will.

      • Linda

        My understanding is that he has actually done nothing to renounce his Canadian citizenship. Him just saying he renounces it, is not the way it is done. It is a somewhat lengthy legal procedure.

        I find the man to be frightening. And, I am not sure how we can stop him before he does any more damage. The only way I see is for Democrats to regain a strong majority in the House next year, and pick up even more Senate seats, so that Cruz can bluff and bluster all he wants, and he can be ignored.

      • Andre Owens

        He has renounced hisCanadian citizenship. He did it the same time he released his birth certificate. You can Google it. But he still isn’t a natural born citizen.

      • JonesRobynj

        I feel the same way you do about stopping him. I found out that there is a procedure in the Senate that would get rid of him in the short term. I believe they can suspend him for a length of time. Move-on has a petition being passed around the net to have him removed. It won’t go anywhere unless they can prove that he is a danger to the government. We’ll see.

      • carrie

        Just wanted to chime in about dual citizenship- after the age of 22, if you haven’t declared yourself something other than American, the US doesn’t recognize you as holding dual citizenship. You are simply an American citizen, Depending on the other country’s laws, they may or may still contend you are a citizen.

      • Brenda Norris

        It’s actually ‘renounced’, not ‘denounced’. Not sure if he has taken the legal steps to do it though. It isn’t as simple as saying ‘I don’t want it any more’. There is no was in h*ll that we want him to keep it. If he does, he could run for Prime Minister of Canada. Perish the thought.

    • Brenda Norris

      BobbyM. Bite your tongue. We won’t take him back. Actually, since his mother was American, technically he has dual citizenship.

    • Janet Peticca

      Cruz is a US Citizen & Canada, he can run for President. Unlike our lying, cheating, disgusting, crooked, despicable guy in office now. Anyone is better!

  • Skyhollower

    Mr. Cruz is hoping we remember revisionist history and not what really happened or what has been recorded. We need to make sure everyone remembers why it happened, who were the key players, and who was interfering with House Republicans, when he is in he Senate.

  • Aimee Barfield

    He’s a sociopath.

    • Karen Cooper

      Yep, he’s a dirty little whore.

  • ddatheist

    A more vile, despicable parasite on the buttocks of humanity I have never in my entire life seen. No matter how long it takes, or how old I am when it happens, I will dance on this fools grave; even if I have to be propped up on the arms of children to do it.

    • gemma liar

      rush Limbaugh?

    • JonesRobynj

      I’d like to add a couple of names to your list! Hope I can sit with you on that day!

    • XCellKen

      Are you single? I would LOVE to date a Double D Atheist !!!

      • gemma liar

        as long as its natural DD and she isn’t over 22 pct bodyfat–

      • XCellKen

        You should meet my neighbor. She’s 22, and a natural 34DD. And her older half sister has been in Playboy five times! But she’s a total bitch, a drunk and a drug addict, hasn’t worked in three years, and all of her relatives are right wingers. Would you be willing to take the good with the bad ???

      • gemma liar

        in my youth,,,of course! at age 29 I started being an independent contractor ( self employed chef) who exclusively does south florida adult strip club kitchens. I learned the hard way what women to blast off into and which to avoid. I now still ONLY have big chested women in my life ( NO PLASTIC SURGERY—UGGGH) as my lady now is 5’6 135 with D cup. I don’t care how hot they are now- if they are druggies/alcoholics and have anger issues I let another man play with them. Ive done the weirdos waaaay too much…..

      • Curt Groen

        I could put up with the good of that, not so sure I could tolerate her!

      • XCellKen

        At this point in my life, I would take 122% body fat !!!

    • Scaramongus

      complete scumbag

    • Curt Groen

      Must be speaking of Obama!

  • cholula1111

    We need to find a nice, padded cell for Ted Cruz, and the rest of the Tea Party sellouts.

  • elaygee

    Delusional people subconsciously know what is real and not real. Cruz is just a liar, saying whatever comes to him if it helps promote him. Putting him on TV all the time just encourages him.

  • Iceshadow

    I am truly speechless, but I do believe that Mr Cruz believes that if he says it enough times that there really are some people who will believe it.

  • felipe63

    People like Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin are the best thing to the liberal movement in years. Instead of decrying everything these 2 knuckleheads do, liberals should do their best to ensure the GOP ticket for 2016 is Palin/Cruz.

    • lauralei99

      Hillary could rest up and gather her strength for the day she is sworn in if that ticket is her oppo.

  • lauralei99

    cruz is just campaigning to be failin’s running mate.

    • JonesRobynj

      That’s cute……Failin Pailin….lolololol.

  • JonesRobynj

    If anyone is interested, you might want to watch the film “The Billionaire Tea Party” on Netflix or youtube. It’s an older film made in 2010 after Republicans took over the House. Most of Teddy’s talking points might just come from the Koch brother’s script from those root groups like Freedom Works and so forth. All I hear him say is to refer to the ACA as “the train wreck called Obamacare.” I never hear him say anything different. It appears to me to be scripted like something the Koch brothers did in the beginning of the movement. ALL Tea Party groups have been proven to be funded completely by the Koch brothers. No one else has been identified as being in on this except for the Koch brothers. This whole thing is a movement that will allow the Koch brothers to install politicians where they want them so as to kill off the rest of government. They have already been working on this since 1982. Just look at North Carolina. That is a good example of how government can be purchased and how the people suffer for it. Ted Cruz is just one of their many minions.

    • don’tiknowu

      All gun control groups are funded by Bloomberg….

  • theoldsheepherder

    Cruz is a delusional religious zealot who one minute claims victory over the Tea Party planned shut down and the next minute blames the President for the shut down. The Tea Party still don’t quite grasp that they are just puppets of the Koch brothers, a tool to dismantle the social safety net directing most tax revenue to their corporate benefit NOT to fulfill a Prophecy that will make them rich before the Rapture.

  • plus15

    “at the end of the day, a society of sociopaths is exactly what the tea party wants to create” ain’t that the truth!

  • Brenda Norris

    Dear Lord in Heaven, please don’t let the American public kick him out of the USA. I am a proud Canadian, and we do NOT want him back.

  • Quan1

    Ted Cruz may act sociopathic and delusional, but if we watch his father, we will realize this is just another sales pitch, peddling an act. What is profoundly pathetic is the puppet John Boehner, marching robotically to the beat of Cruz’s drum.

  • Vicki Trusselli

    ted cruz is a sociopath. there are many sociopath tea baggers

  • G. Michael Murphy

    You forgot Michelle Bachmann. She makes Palin look almost lucid

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    I’ve always found it amusing when politicians invoke “the American people,” minus the obvious qualifier: “SOME.” What they really mean is “people like me because we believe we are the only true Americans.”

  • Allison Moss-Fritch

    When I see this level of lying….and believing that other people’s reality can be successfully manipulated in this manner….I think of a kid with HUGE mental problems created from early childhood by a world where there was no fixed truth or reality. You might have empathy—-but you can’t let his sociopathy affect your reality…he is crazy.

  • Lane Ranger



    The FIRST thing we need to do is call him by his
    REAL name, the same way they call the President
    by HIS full name, always putting the emphasis on ‘Hussein’.
    Raphael Cruz! Raphael is an educated man unlike Palin.
    In his mind he is always the smartest man in the room, and

    if you consider his T-Party audiences, Raphael definitely is.
    But poor Raphael, he has convinced himself that we’re ALL
    that ignorant, that we’re just gonna bat our eyes and believe
    every word Raphael says.
    Raphael has underestimated Americans ability to think and
    do our own research, which we do. We have it at our fingertips,
    Please proceed Raphael……….

  • Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz

    This guy needs to be arrested, tried, indicted and convicted as a traitor to the United States. He is an anarchist, a treasonous radical, a betrayer of and would-be destroyer of the form of government envisioned and encoded by our Founding Fathers. His fundamentalist ideology and self-centered, delusional ego-centrism has no place in the machina of Government, and his entire faction needs to be uprooted, banished and DESTROYED.

  • J Ascher

    Cruz is a lawyer – he can believe a dozen contradictory or false things at once!

  • madshark

    Who in the hell wrote this idiotic bullshit. This person is perhaps the stupidist person on the planet. This guy is nothing but a small minded, America hating piece of shit. There is so much misinformation, obfuscation and outright lies in here it would.take hours to correct each one. This pathetic piece of shit needs to get a reality check. If I ever meet this sorry, America hating fuck, I will throat punch him for his lies

  • Curt Groen

    Ted Cruz will mop the floor with Hillary Clinton in the debates if that lying excuse of an American can even make it that far! Her lies and illegal acts don’t take her out first!