The Newest GOP Tactic Against Obamacare? Fake Websites

identity-theftThere’s a saying that goes, “If you can’t win, cheat like hell” and it’s apparently the motto that the GOP has taken to heart across the country in their latest attempts to sabotage the Affordable Care Act.

What does their newest attempt involve? Creating fake websites with misinformation that look like state insurance exchanges in order to confuse consumers trying to find out what their new insurance options are under Obamacare.

First off we have Kentucky, where 3 different websites were set up to mislead people as well as collect their personal information to send harassing emails and phone calls:

Attorney General Jack Conway said some consumers attempting to locate the official site through search engines were being deceptively steered to the website instead of, where they were provided false information about their options under the federal Affordable Care Act, including being informed that there were no plans with federal subsidies available to offset a portion of their insurance premiums.

The AG’s Office of Consumer Protection contacted the owners of the website on Nov. 26, demanding that the site be taken down. The letter also noted that kynect is a copyrighted term and that the copycat site infringed on the state’s copyrights.

Why Kentucky? Kentucky is the currently the only Southern state that is participating fully in the Affordable Care Act and has had success with their enrollment numbers. Even while the federal site had rollout issues, Kentucky’s site only had minor glitches when it was launched on October 1st, 2013 – and hasn’t had issues since. If you were running a sabotage campaign, why not run it in a state with a fully functional health insurance exchange site and (not coincidentally) a GOP Senator who is facing a battle for re-election both from Democrats as well as from within his own party?

Then there’s California with a website ( which has a URL that resembles the state’s actual exchange web address (, but is used to only highlight criticisms of the Affordable Care Act while doing nothing to actually inform people of their new options. Oh yeah – it was created by California Republicans and paid for with California tax dollars. Why California? Just like Kentucky, California has a successful state exchange and people are signing up. How do you create confusion and fear and then redirect that back toward the President and his party in 2014 and beyond? Keep people from enrolling in the subsidized healthcare plans now available to them, or in the case of my state and many others run by the GOP – block a Medicaid expansion that would benefit millions of people living near the poverty line.

I guess when Congress has single-digit approval rating and the healthcare law you opposed is slowly beginning to show its worth, perhaps your only choice is to cheat – and cheat like hell.


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