The NRA: Greater Than 90% of Americans

nra-waynelapierreSo, today the Senate voted against universal background checks.

Let me phrase that differently….

Today, the Senate voted against something 90% of Americans support.

Democrats and Republicans might not agree on much, but if we can’t even pass legislation that a majority of both liberals and conservatives support—we’re screwed.

Imagine this for a moment.  100 people are gathered to tally a vote.  The results of this vote show that by an overwhelming margin (90-10) they want a specific measure passed.  The fate of this measure resides in the hands of 10 “committee members.”  When this measure comes to the committee for a vote, it’s denied.

How in the hell does that make any sense?

I’ve yet to hear a single rational argument against universal background checks—not one.  All I’ve heard is fear mongering and propaganda.

  • No, I don’t care that it might make it slightly more inconvenient for some to buy guns
  • No, I don’t care that expanded background checks might not prevent every single massacre where a gun is used
  • No, I don’t care that this won’t prevent every criminal from obtaining a gun

If universal background checks can even prevent even one murder, one school shooting, one family not being devastated by violence—then it should pass right now—unanimously.

It’s a background check.  What the hell do you have to fear?  If you’re a law-abiding citizen, you’ll pass and get your gun.  So please, shut up.

I’m sorry if you might have to fill out a piece of paper or online application, cry me a river—I don’t care.

The NRA proves exactly what biased lobbyists do to our government.  Of course they oppose universal background checks, they’re funded by gun manufacturers.  The more gun violence we have, and the more they push this notion that the solution to gun violence is more gun ownership, the higher their sponsors revenue spikes.

Facts show it, every time the NRA ratchets up their rhetoric, gun sales soar.   And the gun rights puppets dance as their strings are pulled.

This vote against universal background checks proves one thing—Congress is broken and the NRA has proven that it’s more powerful than the will of 90% of Americans.

And that’s a damn shame.


Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jeff Hepler

    Cool…so 279 million Americans supported reduced Constitutional rights. Including babies. If you are going to lie, make it believable.

    • davjas

      Seriously? Do you even know how statistics and polling numbers are gathered?
      I’m guessing the answer is no.
      If you are going to lie, make it believable.

    • And requiring background checks does NOT reduce your “constitutional rights”.

      • No, but they could be used to lose them altogether.

      • That’s conspiracy theory and this is why people look at the right as if they are nut jobs.

      • There are already background checks.

    • A background check does not limit your rights in the least if there is nothing in your backgrounf that doesn’t check.

    • phukk rightwing trash

      I am enjoying all the real people who are posting stuff making JEFF “braindead” HEPLER look as foolish and stupid as he really is,,,,,,foolish and stupid,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,another micropenile imbecile who still thiks OBAMA is born in Kenya/asia/mars,,,, LETS ALL HEAR IT FOR SMALL BRAIN jeff heplar!!!

      • jabberwocky

        Even Obama’s people claimed he was born in Kenya. Oh, but that was just a fact checking error. My bad.

      • @ jabberwocky: Do you have any clue as to the meaning of the term ‘jabberwocky’?

        Invented or meaningless language; nonsense.

      • phukk rightwing trash

        don’t be dissin my negga (JABBY) dogg!,,,,,,

      • That’s funny, I didn’t see anyone still claiming Obama’s from Kenya in 2013 here. Kids these days…I’d call you out on your faulty logic and baseless generalizations, but you’re a liberal and liberals never do that stuff do they?

      • phukk rightwing trash

        really????? READ THESE SCREWY BLOGS,,,,, there are PLENTY of U eggshell skull maggots still parroting the anti Christ birthplace as Kenya/mars/ETC,,,,, but NOW they sing a NEW FOX”news” TUNE,,,,,OBAMA is a TYRANT!!! YEAH!!!! go FOX go FOX!!! and remember– backround checks on gun purchases are akin to OBAMA and the LEFTWING commies confiscating ALL GUNS!!!,,,,,ALL GUNS!!!,,,(OH- its the starting point…” says FOX “news” cretins) keep crying over the failed policies of REPUBs which sent our nation to this economics JOBS AND TAXES overseas mess,,,,, and PRAISE JEEEESUS for hating gays,, womens rights,,,people of (other ) color and immigrants. LETS get a new war!!! great way to pick up (REPUB) businesses

      • Nobody was talking about the birther crap on this article before you started trying to bring it up because you obviously couldn’t come up with any sort of a real, concrete argument. But hey, I don’t think you have the slightest clue what you’re talking about so I obviously must be some sort of racist, uneducated birther that jerks off to copies of Guns & Ammo right? You’re obviously right, MSNBC said so! Yawn….

    • phukk rightwing trash

      oh– I nearly 4got: ( as I ask the blockheads on the right) give me ONE reason why there should NOT be a backround check? they do it when U apply for a job– TRY to get a house or car,,,,TRY to adopt a child,,,apply for a credit card: yet u smelly small dicked scumbags allow anyone to PURCHASE A GUN??? LETS ALLLLLLLL KEEP WATCHING FOX “news” AND SUCK UP TO THE ANTI EQUAL RIGHTS RIGHTWING TRASH!!!

      • jabberwocky

        But we don’t do it when we vote.
        Know what I’m sayin’?

      • phukk rightwing trash

        im still awaiting ur reason for NOT having backround checks on gun purchases

      • Someonewhocares

        Hey dumb fuck there are background checks done on 90+% of all firearm purchases because they are made from an FFL dealer.
        Again I say, you leftist dumbasses need to get your facts straight before you go spewing your wrong ass propaganda

      • steve Manista

        The stat done from the DOJ is more like 75% from ffl with BG check and 25 from private sale but that stat doesn’t matter because that study only pertained to firearms owned by people who are legally allowed to own fire arms and any one for true “common sense” legislation would agree that we shouldn’t limit the law-abiding from obtaining arms because it is our right to do so. Now when you look at a DOJ study on how criminals obtained their guns 80% obtained firearms illegally(straw purchase theft black market) 15-17% obtained them legally with a background check(they did this because they were 1st time offenders and would pass any background check any other law-abiding citizen could) and 5-3% obtained their firearms in a way that would of been affected by the universal background check bill(private sale). So only possibly stopping 5-3% (because realistically people who are selling guns to criminals through a legal private sale would just do it through a illegal straw purchase) so it may only stop 1-2% also assuming the criminal wouldn’t get it from another source. So if you look at stats that are relevant to the effect the bill would of had it clearly shows how arbitrary and useless it would of been.

      • steve Manista

        Registration and despite what all MSM has said the UBCheck bill only stated that the federal Gov could not start a registry but it clearly stated it would be up to each states AG to implement a registry. Now when you couple that with the fact that the federal gov was going to provide/deny federal funding to states depending on how many registration forms they submitted it shows how the bill was a clever way to implement a registration. That is why people who where informed on the subject opposed this bill not because they are conspiracy theorist or advocates of criminals owning guns but because of the registration aspect along with the fact that according to a DOJ study on how Criminals got their guns(don’t bring up the 60% 40% stat because it only pertained to legal gun owners and all but the most unreasonable anti-gunners agree the law abiding should be allowed to own firearms) showed that only around 1-5% of criminals obtained firearms in a way that would have been covered by UBChecks. the rest obtained firearms in way that is already illegal(80%) but the laws are not enforced and 15-19% obtained their firearm in a legal way through a FFL(including gunshows onlinepurchase etc.) with a background check(they were able to do this because they were first time offenders and would pass any background check you could throw at them) So not only would the bill have been a gate way to registration it would have also only possibly stopped 1-5% of criminals while overloading the current NICS system farther restricting law-abiding citizens right to own firearms. NOTE: I am not a “Right winger” but a classical liberal with the belief that each individuals rights are more important than your/the majorities comforts. The constitution does not protect your right to be safe that is your responsibility. What it does protect is your mine and every other person’s rights. No one in here will like this statement but as Americans we do not give up freedom to save lives or make us safe we sacrificed lives to obtain our freedom and have sacrificed many lives in order to keep our freedom and anyone who says they will give up their freedoms any of them for safety may as well go out to Arlington National Cemetery and piss on every single American hero’s grave who fought and died for your freedom.

    • jabberwocky

      Bravo, Jeff. Well said.

    • Don Liston

      That is less than logical, rational thinking. You are trying to muddy the issue with NRA lies. They are less than 5 million gun owners of over 100 million American gun owners. They are using fear to drive their ideology and it is time we faced up to some schoolyard bullies.

      • jabberwocky

        I’ll just keep my guns, thank you.

    • Yan

      Let’s follow this shall we you wnat “criminal” or psychopath to actually have Gun ?

      am I right

      a Background check is tos ee if SOme people are sane or not

      Most of the mass killer are just Insane crazy and have mental illness

      If you doN,t have any of these why you cries like a Baby than ?

    • @Jeff: I don’t hear you complaining about the restriction to the first amendment or any of the others. So that leads me to believe you are a ho of the NRA. I hope they pay you a lot to bend over in front of them not care about children being murdered.(and abortion is not related; separate issue) I’m guessing that you are a pretty easy person to manipulate, probably fundamentalist Christian and maybe even a member of “The Flat Earth Society”. And a tea bagging Republican…. Did I get most of those right? (this is a rhetorical question as I don’t believe you have the integrity to answer honestly)

    • Allen Clifton

      Wow, you’re a real bright one aren’t you? Polls are done all the time and intelligent people understand when polls are conducted, they’re conducted with legality. You can’t poll children about guns genius. When a poll comes out and says “52% of Americans say….” they poll people who legally fall within whatever they’re polling about. They wouldn’t poll a demographic to find out their opinion on a topic if it doesn’t concern them. As children can not purchase guns, they can not be polled for their opinion on background checks.

  • Missy Moo

    Who are the 90% polled? I wasn’t polled, nor were any of my friends. I am guessing the poll took place at a democrat convention…

    • steve435

      Missy’s world says all the polls, and there were many, are just a liberal delusion? Welcome to Missy’s world.

    • phukk rightwing trash

      that’s probably because the rightwing trash was getting TITHED at some house of superstition ( I E: church) or praying that GOD destroys gays and people of color ( damn those EQUAL civil rights!!)

      • jabberwocky

        phukk, you are starting to foam at the mouth.

      • phukk rightwing trash

        nope— that’s secular toothpaste as I suspect your acerebral religion doesn’t let you brush as it is against biblical mandates

    • Missy….you are now polled – do you think there should be background checks at gun shows for mental illness ?

  • Missy Moo

    Every time the liberals start talking about gun control, or even get voted into office, guns sales soar you idiot. People realize that the left has an agenda and want to make sure that they get armed before their rights are taken away. Background checks is just the tip of the iceberg, once they get that voted in, it will be something else until our second amendments rights have disappeared.

    • No, this is where you are the idiot. A Dem gets voted into office, the Republican media tells you they are “for gun control”, and through scare tactics by right-wing lobbyists, and the NRA, people make a shit ton of money because you go and buy guns. Gun sales have hit record numbers, yet no one wanted to take your “constitutional rights” away from you. You were taken as a fool, and people profited. But, go ahead and defend the 2nd Amendment for fear that it’s going away… because, you know, it’s a “left-wing conspiracy” and all, right?

      • Missy Moo

        No you are the idiot. After Sandy Hook the NRA said nothing at all for a whole week. Gun sales sky rocketed and it was all based on the Liberal rhetoric. Anti gun legislation has been on the liberal agenda for years just waiting for a “Sandy Hook” to exploit.

      • steve435

        Hmmm…..don’t I remember that the NRA promoted a guns in school solution? Again, welcome to Missy’s paranoid, twisted world.

      • Interesting… the last “liberal” who proposed gun control, and used his political influence to make it happen was named Ronald Reagan (Brady Bill, banned sale of semi autos and hi cap magazines from 1994 to 2004)

      • phukk rightwing trash

        according to the scum who fervently watch FOX “news” Reagan MUSTVE been “coming 4 ur guns” ,,,,that COMMUNIST DICTATOR!!

      • phukk rightwing trash

        Ronald Reagan is a communist liberal by todays tea bag party of low IQ rightwing trash,,,, I don’t think we should burden the tea bags with such trivialities as “FACTS” ,,,after all- they DO get to give tax free money to some house of superstition (IE: church)

      • jabberwocky

        Feinstein and Obama have created tens of millions of new gun owners. Good job!!!!!!!!!

      • Poisonous Girafe

        Don’t you mean “…just waiting for a few dozen more kids to get slaughtered point-blank with their faces being blown off and body parts that look more like spam after being hit by a high-velocity round, before anything was done about it”?

        I mean… let’s call it what it is… right?

        …or should we hold off until the next mass shooting before we do anything?

      • phukk rightwing trash

        let it start happening at middle of the country or southern CHRISTIAN churches and see how sentiment changes,,,,,

      • phukk rightwing trash

        THANK U FOR SHOWING moo THE RIGHTWING SCUMBAG THE FACT,,,,,troubleis- ” there are NONE so blind as those who WILL NOT see– so lets allllll watch FOX “news” and keep as lemmings and sheep

    • steve435

      Welcome to your twisted, paranoid world, eh?

    • how many of your guns has Obama taken, Missy ??

      • phukk rightwing trash

        damnit!!! will daly!!! what did I tell U about obfuscating MISSY and JABBERWOCKY with those sinister lil’ things ( FACTS)??? shame shame shame on UUUUUU !!

      • jabberwocky

        None yet. But he will keep trying.

      • phukk rightwing trash

        ”none yet”……………confession!

  • F3victor7

    Focus on the NRA and how evil and horrible it is as the puppet of the gun industry.90%! 90% 90% WTF!!!??!?! maybe….just maybe…..that 90% number is not correct? maybe….just maybe….there are more Americans that fall on the same side of the NRA regarding this issue? Could that be even possible? but all the polls…the NRA is TOOOOO EVIL for that, right? WTF?

    • jabberwocky


      • phukk rightwing trash

        jabberwocky finally learned how to write and pronounce our final alphabet letter,,,,,,,now we will work on counting when your limited ” brain” is cooled down from that stressful exertion

    • scott0212

      I suppose you disregarded all of the polls leading up to the last presidential election that said that Obama was going to win as well. Just because you don’t agree with what a poll says doesn’t mean that it isn’t true, just ask Karl Rove. If you are against trying to prevent people with a criminal record from buying a gun, then I hope you and yours face that armed criminal in a very dark alley. Everybody is very staunch in their convictions until the issue affects them on a personal level.

  • jabberwocky

    The 90% is a pure fiction. I voted in this poll and when I went to enter my vote against the bill nothing happened. Eventually I had to exit the site. I went back in and used a different email address. This time I voted FOR the bill and my vote was promptly registered and I was thanked. The 90% is a big lie by the professional left. We all know that.

    • fox news says you’re a dumb ass. even in the dumb ass party.

      • jabberwocky

        But I still have my guns don’t I?

  • jabberwocky

    We the people have won. We, the red blooded Americans, have won.
    We kicked some butt…..some Obama butt….some Feinstein butt…some Bloomberg butt.
    We can not rest however. They will be back to restrict our Second Amendment rights. They can’t quite understand that if you take guns from people who obey the law then only the thugs will still have guns (and there are millions of thugs).
    Would someone tell Bill Maher the Second Amendment is still intact.
    I’m proud to be an American. Sorry about you, Obama.

    • want a crazy person buying a high mag gun…in your neighborhood….and say you care about family ?? funny and sad.

    • Don Liston

      Isn’t it handy for cowards like you to hide behind a false name and make grandiose statement?

    • Yan

      Bah continue Killing each other with your Little Gun than who cares anymore everyone els elaugh at you killing each other like a Bunch of idiot redneck that you are

      • jabberwocky

        What you are talking about happens in the inner cities. I agree though. Let them kill each other off.

    • stephanie

      oh my god you are INCREDIBLY retarded.

    • Poisonous Giraffe

      Careful..people might think YOU are the tyrant………………………………..

    • Grace

      I feel like you’re a troll. You are right? I don’t know if anyone can really be this stupid…please let me just believe you’re just trolling and not really a mentally retarded gun owning nutjob destined to kill like children or something.

  • Sue

    Unfortunately, this may also mean that money is more important than 90% of the people. The movie Wall Street comes to mind “Greed is good”! We are in a very sad place as a country if that is all that really matters. If the children of Newtown who are dead cannot persuade these very wealthy lawmakers who are connected to the NRA by money to do someting about this, we are doomed as a society. DOOMED!

    • jabberwocky

      Actually “Sanity is good.” And we got a sane vote yesterday.

      • the 2014 vote is your biggest nightmare. go on record as the supporter of guns for crazies…try to get a job.

      • jabberwocky

        We shall see. By then the people will have had about ten months worth of ObamaCare.

      • Grace

        You realize that majority was against and it only lost based on our government being made of shit right? The majority was in favor of it passing. You’re just too retarded to google it.

  • Alan

    90% of american’s? bullshit… more like 90% of americans *that answered your poll*, which, considering where the poll is, the majority of people that came across it would be people that agree with you.

    it would be nearly impossible to truly get 90% of americans to agree with anything… hell, I bet you couldn’t get 90% to agree the sky is blue!

    • ok go on record – are you for background checks at gun shows? – you won’t reply cuz Rush Limpdraw’s wang is in your throat, I bet.

  • Locked N Loaded Liberal

    Can someone explain to me why we need more of something we already have? Why the hell are we all rallying around passing this legislation, when NICS already exists, every dealer is required to file the ATF forms, etc…

    Why not actually ENFORCE the existing laws, to their full and correct extent with respect to background checks through NICS, as well as forcing DA’s and the courts to grow an effin’ backbone and stop allowing plea-deals that toss out gun related charges?

    Where’s the rallying cry for that??

  • Allen- you need to understand first and foremost-the results of any poll is poor justification to limit any rights at all. If you want to go there, then same-sex marriage has lost every single ballot question. Would you have those same results applied? I don’t think so. If you look at the amendments, both republican and democrats overstepped their bounds in adding poison pills. They screwed us all by putting party before principle.

  • It is a check that is on record, so when Barry and the folks in the black choppers come to take your guns they have a list to start with

  • Rational thought

    I think we need to ban pressure cookers so people can’t bomb Boston. If only one life is saved, it is worth it! I think we need to ban abortion too. If only one life is saved, it is worth it!

  • phukk rightwing trash

    jabberwocky – small dick; small brain,,,LOTS of pain seeing black American as president– and a BRILLIANT one ridiculing and eviscerating jabbys beee-loved rightwing repub “party”,,,,OH WAIT!! jabby is telling us that obamas people say hes born in Kenya!!! best conspiracy ever– a half black kid with a non American sounding name in born in Hawaii in the early sixties; and some diabolically prudent muslims actually transplant their demon seed and VOILA!! he is president of usa!!!LETS ALL HEAR IT FOR THE INCREDIBLE WISDOM OF jabby AND HIS MERRY BAND OF CRYBABIES ( PALIN; HANNITY; NUGENT,,, TRUMP,,,, MALKIN,,,AND ALL THE REST: HERE ON jabberwocky’s ISLE !!!)

    • jabberwocky

      I actually voted for that jack a in 2008. Sorry to disappoint you.

      • phukk rightwing trash

        and u improved your measure by voting Romney?,,,,,,,I do enjoy thy religious ” diversity”

  • Why do you not call this what it is THE COMMUNIST DAILY. You that support this hate what America stands for and would give up your freedoms at the drop of a hat. I have never in my life come across the number of devout cowards that spew your bullshit.

    • Grace

      So you’re saying that only republicans are allowed to like America…Dear god, you guys just get stupider and stupider every time I look away. I know evolution is real, but I think you might be doing it backwards. How close are you to monkey? Do you get fleas easy?

      • Tell you what, you rely on a cop to save your ass in a jam. That is the democrat mentality. There is nothing about you that resemble self reliance. That is what brings the cradle to grave mentality. I will not give up my rights as an American, I served this nation before it became a banana republic. I hope yopu are proud of your destruction..

  • The issue gun owners have with this Universal Background Check proposal is it creates a record of who owns what guns, effectively creating a registry. The government may be able to see I passed a background check to purchase the guns I own, but I do not want them to have evidence I still posses those guns in case they decide to ban and confiscate them. Under current law I can claim I sold my guns in a private sale and avoid confiscation.

  • Spunky

    “If universal background checks can even prevent even one murder, one school shooting, one family not being devastated by violence—then it should pass right now—unanimously.”

    I’m sorry, but that line of logic is fucked. Seriously. Replace “universal background checks” with absolutely any new law that could reduce the unnecessary deaths in this country and no one would get behind it. In 2010 there were 11,000 violent, intentional gun deaths in America… Comparatively let’s look at cigarettes, an addictive substance whose right to be smoked is mentioned no where in our constitution, and serves no purpose (feeding an addiction is not a purpose). Second hand smoke alone causes four times as many deaths as guns annually, with smoking in general causing a whopping 443,000.

    I use this to point out why the above logic is fucked, and that the national fear of firearms is at an all time ridiculous high; the fear-mongering you mention is the primary tactic of both sides. I gotta say I’m far more fearful of a disarmed nation than I am of anyone obtaining a gun and using to go on a small scale rampage, but I’m also fearful of Constitutional leniency. It’s a bad day for America when the Constitution is ignored for any reason solely because a slippery slope argument holds up in the realm of judicial precedence.

    The idea that we as a nation are plagued with gun violence that would be stymied by background checks is complete hyperbole and it’s been used in cities like Chicago and New York to make it almost impossible for an ordinary, law-abiding citizen to keep and maintain a firearm without persecution from the state itself. What you’re doing is infringing on the rights of your fellow American, not championing any righteous cause. You’re afraid but you’re unwilling to admit your fervor comes from this fear, instead pointing out how afraid the other side is in theirs.

    My advice? Come up with a more compelling argument based in some sort of fact rather than “death is bad, guns cause death, let’s get ’em gone”.

  • Grace

    Anyone afraid of background checks shouldn’t be allowed to have a gun. Clearly if you have that much to hide you should just be treated like a criminal instead. That’s what you do to minorities and women so how about everyone just do it to you.

    • Spunky

      You’re right! The government should also be allowed to sift through your personal bank accounts, browser history, kitchen cupboards, dressers, home, etc., just cause they want to at any time. Why? Cause hey, if you’ve got nothing to hide why not, right?

      Think things through before you spout this stupid bullshit. You’re so terrified of guns it’s unbelievable… The rule of fear starts with people like you and what you’ve just said is a disgusting and frightening attack on personal privacy. You’re the kind of person America needs to be afraid of, not the average gun owner.

  • Someonewhocares

    You contradict yourself fuck tard! The first time “In God We Trust” was on our currency was NOT 1954 it was 1864 when the mottoes were approved. Get your fucking facts straight you leftist bastard. Redistribution of wealth and what Obama and his cabinet are trying to do to this country will make us weak and worse off than we are now. Fuck you, fuck your socialism, fuck your redistribution of wealth, fuck the left, and anyone else who thinks Obama has done any good in this country.

    • Spunky

      You and the guy that wrote this article are two peas in a pod. Fuck you both for your parts in destroying actual factual discourse. Political extremism is political extremism, red or blue, and you’re both fucking guilty of putting your emotions ahead of reason or logic.