The “Obama Flag” at Washington March Causes Conservatives to Throw A Hissy Fit

obama-flagThe pettiness of some people is truly astounding sometimes.  The depths at which some will go to complain or whine about something often makes me wonder just what kind of miserable existence they live with.

Trust me, I’ve written hundreds of articles targeting important issues with an in-depth analysis concerning my point, but it’s inevitable more than a few will sift through all the writing to find something wrong with it and go off on a tangent about whatever it is they found.

Who cares if the points made are valid?  There was a comma out of place, or I used the “not politically correct term” for something, therefore the whole piece is trash as far as they’re concerned.

So it comes as no surprise that during the Washington march honoring 50 years since MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, some conservatives have decided to make a huge deal out of someone who brought an American flag with the stars replaced by an image of Obama’s face.

They’re appalled that some might actually respect or honor President Obama.  How dare anyone see him as a role model or someone to look up to?  This flag clearly displays the blind idolization of a man who apparently deserves no such praise or admiration.

How. Dare. Anyone. Honor. Obama.

In other words, because someone brought an “Obama flag” to this march, suddenly it’s apparent that the entire march was some liberal get together of those who simply worship President Obama.

Because that’s pretty much what some conservatives were saying — that the Washington march seemed more like a get together of Democrats than an event that’s supposed to symbolize togetherness.

Well, maybe it seemed like more of a “get together for Democrats” because Democrats represent equality, acceptance and tolerance whereas Republicans seem adamantly opposed to those ideas.

Maybe for those conservatives who felt that this seemed more like a gathering of liberals, it’s time that they take a long look at their party.  Because this march wasn’t exclusive to anyone or any group — it was open to everyone.

Republicans just decided to show up in far fewer numbers than Democrats.  And I hate to break it to these people, it isn’t because the march was “liberally biased.”

Perhaps they need to take a self assessment of themselves and their party and why more Republicans weren’t there.

Wouldn’t reality dictate that a rally that’s meant to bring people together, where the overwhelming majority of the people that are there represent one group, probably means that your party is the one dividing people?

Because seriously, these people targeting someone who decided to bring an “Obama flag” and using that as a declaration that the entire march was some “liberal get together” — they are the very types of Republicans which are dividing this nation.

I’ve even seen some comments from people saying that this flag was about race.

Wow, really?  Did they not look at the person holding the flag?  They appear to be a white female.  So much for playing the “race card,” huh?

But this fake outrage only goes to show more of the same from the Republican party and its supporters.  Their petty, child-like behavior which has been consistently on display since President Obama won in 2008.

It’s never going to change, and this ridiculous reaction by many conservatives because someone brought an “Obama flag” (the first black President) to an event remembering the March on Washington and MLK’s “I have a dream” speech, only goes to show just how petty and small-minded these people truly are.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Nihilist

    the teahadists dont have an issue with amount of flags i have seen them fly, that instead of the stars, there is a cross. after all to a bagger, jesus was from the USA, and especially texass…

  • usmale475

    wawwwwwwwwww poor cry babies…lol

  • Dakota Hart

    How fucking dare the president have a face. He could have told her not to put it on there. Personally. That woman shouldn’t have rights to be outside anyways.

  • MrWereman

    Vote all the idiots, bigots, hypocrites and racists out of office… THAT is how you overthrow the government. It’s time we have evolved as a people and as a nation to FULLY understand what America is… It’s greatness comes from the fact that all it’s citizens are SO different yet can share a common goal=peace.

    • MrWereman

      Wow, apologies for all the typos and grammatical errors.

  • Maria DelCoco

    I am so sick of hearing these people whine! Please, everybody, no matter where you live or what you have to do, secure your vote ID and let’s get these bums out of here with the next election so we can get on with some of our serious problems! I know these idiots are trying to stack the deck in their favor in many states now, but resist their attempts to restrain your vote. Learn about the people in your area who are running for office and VOTE!!

  • raggedcompany

    Bet they wouldn’t be nearly as offended by an American flag bikini…

  • strayaway

    Great flag! It should be painted on cruise missiles should the President deem it necessary to send them into Syria.

  • Ralph Henn, Minneapolis

    I’m not outraged. I’m a far left progressive who supports our president (although disappointed in him at times). But I’m also not happy about the “Obama flag.” Let’s leave the things that we all love and respect — like our flag — alone and not politicalize them!

    • fafhrd

      The “Obama” flag glorifies Obama, and not the whole country.

      • Really?

        No the Obama Flag glorifies the fact that 50 years ago, it wasn’t possible for him to occupy the Oval Office.

      • fafhrd

        Why do you believe that he wasn’t able to? Why do you feel that it isn’t just glorifying Obama? Why have you not seen any other President’s face on the flag?
        No, Really?

      • Pamela Stranc

        Im confused as to why you feel 50 yrs ago he was able to, and I have to ask … who taught you the history of the United States?

      • fafhrd

        The first African American to be directly elected to the House of Representatives, occurred in 1870, from South Carolina. Over 140 years ago. This is what make me think it would have been possible for it to have occurred 50 years ago.
        The fact that you aren’t aware of any having attempted to run for President, is not a problem with my education.
        Nor is my education an issue with a flag that glorifies the man, Barack Obama, and not the progress that the entire country has made.

      • Really?

        Where have you been. Jim Crow Era was very much so alive during that time frame. That’s why it wasn’t possible. And you probably haven’t seen it because no one made one?

      • fafhrd

        Maybe because all the other Presidents, weren’t the narcissist that this one is? All glory to the Obama! Who gives a darn about the rest of the country….

      • IFC_Buzzkill

        And where did the Jim Crow Era come from? Oh ya, the Democratic Party.

      • Really?

        Actually would you care to explain the ideological change between parties during the 60s and 70s and more specifically the “Southern Strategy” that was used. Or are you going to use the typical conservative mantra?

    • idlovely1

      It’s a form of freedom of speech like flag burning.

  • fafhrd

    It wasn’t just one, someone that brought an Obama flag. It wasn’t a unity gathering, since no Conservative speakers were even invited. Claiming “fake” outrage, is amusing coming from the people that support the administration’s “phony scandals”.

    • Charles Vincent

      Where is they grey mouser?

    • Rose

      Yeah because only this administration has seen “phony scandals”. Right? FAKE outrage is the right way to put it and you are not fooling anyone…

      • fafhrd

        1. Phony scandals where real people have died, where someone not involved has gone to jail and no one responsible has been punished.
        2. Phony scandals where real weapons were illegally transported into another country, real people have died and the most transparent administration ever hides behind executive privilege.
        3. Phony scandals where a Constitutional law professor, has recess appointments ruled unconstitutional due to lack of executive power to say when Congress is on recess.
        4. Phony scandals where millions of American citizens are having 4th Amendment rights violated by the NSA, yet they can’t find ’11 million’ illegal aliens nor two teenage terrorists.
        5. Phony scandals where the Attorney General judge shops to tap the phones of a journalist, and then has the timerity of telling Congress that he wouldn’t do that and doesn’t think it would be a good idea.
        If you aren’t outraged, you either aren’t awake or have your head buried so far that you can’t see it. Phony scandals is what the administration has called each of these.

      • Really?

        Yes phony. You believe anything they feed you don’t you?

      • fafhrd

        Are you honestly telling me that:
        1. Ambassador Stevens and three others didn’t die, a film-maker didn’t go to jail, and someone has been punished for Benghazi?
        2. Fast and Furious didn’t walk weapons across international borders, Brian Terry didn’t die from one of those weapons, and the Attorney General has been forthcoming with all the details?
        3. Barack Obama made acceptable recess appointments and the courts haven’t adjudicated his picks for NLRB and CFPB in January 2012 as unconstitutional?
        4. The NSA hasn’t been monitoring everyone’s cell phone and electronic communications? Or that they know exactly where and how many illegal aliens are in the country? Or that they prevented two teenagers from bombing the Boston Marathon?
        5. The Attorney General didn’t submit an affadavit to three different judges until he got one to approve wiretapping Mr. Rosen’s and his family’s phones, calling him a ‘criminal conspirator’, and then didn’t lie to Congress?

        All of these have made national news. Even MSNBC made some mention of these. What part is “phony”?

      • BF44

        The part that’s phony is acting like Obama is the epitome of evil and pretending that every other POTUS hasn’t done similar or worse things.

      • fafhrd

        Who has to pretend? Try to list as many ‘scandals’ by any other President, that can be documented.
        The administration calls the scandals ‘phony’, not anybody’s outrage. Where do you come up with this ‘deflection’, phony outrage?

        Oh, don’t try Bush illegal wars, because he got Congressional authorization for use of military force (in accordance with Constitution), unlike what Obama got when he used our military in Libya (on the basis of a UN Security Council Resolution, but the UN isn’t Congress). Oh, that would make this number 6 against Obama’s administration.

      • Chomper Lomper Tawee

        Richard Nixon,John F Kennedy,Ronald Reagan…….

      • BF44

        Hell, FDR threw the constitution out the window when he instituted the Japanese-American internment camps. Not to mention a mistress on the side, and a constant pattern of deceiving the public about his declining health.

      • Pamela Stranc

        fafhrd likes to think they know something but in reality they dont know shit! They know only what was fed into their feeble mind and are incapable of an individual thought process.

      • fafhrd

        I know how to conduct independent research and not just believe what I’m told.

      • Charles Vincent

        Classic liberal ad hominem attack strategy, can’t refute the argument with opposing facts so they call you stupid, ignorant, or any number of other personal attacks.

      • fafhrd

        Oh, good. A classic example of Constitutional violator, and a Democrat.

      • fafhrd

        Very good, you can name a few Presidents. Now try to come up with as many scandals for each,

      • Whatever

        I guess you never heard of Project Gunrunner, Abu Ghraib, Valeri Plame,
        Mission Accomplished, lying about WMDs, Katrina, Paul Bremer losing $12
        billion in Iraq and 13 diplomatic missions attacks resulting 49 deaths. All of this during Bush the Stupids reign. The list goes on and on, yet Bush the Stupid gets a pass from stupid conservatives.

      • fafhrd

        1. Bush had Project Wide Receiver, not Gunrunner. The weapons were tracked, the Mexican government was also informed (unlike during Fast & Furious), and nobody was killed with those weapons.
        2. Valerie Plame, was ‘inadvertantly’ outed by Richard Armitage, a deputy Under Secretary of State, and not even charged. Yet, the chief of staff for the Vice President went to jail for this.
        3. Katrina, you want to blame a natural disaster on President Bush? Or the slow response to the disaster? Then blame Democrat governor Kathleen Blanco for not requesting assistance until 2 days after the hurricane struck. The federal government is prohibited from acting without that request.
        4. Lying about WMD’s. This one gets interesting. Congress had access to same secret sources of information that Bush did. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Harry Reid all voted to approve authorization of use of military force. Did they lie also? Or do you believe it was the personal story told by one man (“Bush the Stupid”) that convinced these highly inteligent people…?
        5. 13 diplomatic mission attacks. Not much in the way of an attack each time, a single bombing, contrasted with the over 8 hours of ongoing fighting in Benghazi. Ok, the attacks occurred, had the missions requested extra security forces on multiple occasions only to be denied? Were resources scrambled when those attacks occurred? (Yes), Have people been punished for the attacks? (Yes).
        So your point is?
        6. Mission Accomplished. From the standpoint of getting dictator overthrown, yes, he was correct. From the standpoint of ensuring a stable government was established, no, he wasn’t, and I don’t think there is a stable one there yet.
        7. Losing $12 Billion. Interesting claim, since it was Iraqi money to begin with, and found in their Central Bank two years ago…
        8. Which leaves Abu Ghraib, which, while never having been near that facility, Bush accepted responsibility for what happened there. Can you say the same for Obama? Has he ever accpeted responsibility for anything that has occurred under his leadership? Or does he always blame some one else? Bush, Cheney, Congress, a couple of rogue agents in Cincinnati?

      • Really?

        Valerie Plame sound familiar? Haliburton sound familiar? You really really don’t want to open that can of worms.

      • IFC_Buzzkill

        Your argument is weak at best. Heres the question. Are these things real or “phony”? It DOES NOT MATTER if it has happened before under any other leader. You ever heard of “two wrongs dont make a right”? If it happened before it should have been shut down before.

        Name one other president that allowed 4 American citizens to die at a US Embassy without a military response.

        Name one other president that allowed a dept. under his command (IRS) to suppress his political enemies.

        Name one other president that allowed 2000+ weapons to cross our border knowing that they would end up in the hands of drug cartels.

        Name one other president that used “executive” powers to alter immigration law. Just in case you dont know this, LAWS are make by CONGRESS NOT THE PRESIDENT.

        Name one other president that actually told his forces (ICE, DHS,) to ignore LAWS and do as he says. Then wont allow states to enforce fed law either.

        I could go on but I think I’ve made my point.

  • thedebster

    I, too, am a liberal and support President Obama, but I do NOT like his face on the American flag. I also let one of my Conservative friends have it when they complained about it and posted this. I told him that while I agreed that NO ONE’S face should be on the flag, guess which President AUTOGRAPHED an American flag? Didn’t say anything about that!

  • kirsten zielinski

    if it was a confederate flag i guess it is ok..

  • Sean Gossage

    So, how does it turn out that the person carrying the flag represents every other person at that march? One of the biggest mistakes people make is associating one persons actions with a group. Just because she was waving a flag with Obama’s face on it doesn’t mean all the marchers agree with her POV.

  • Rose

    Let them keep making fools of themselves! As long as they stay out the white house and you vote them out of everywhere else they can do whatever they want

  • Guest

    says the ones who fly the Confederate Flag? Phony and fake outrage.

  • mommame

    This come from the phonies that fly the Confederate Flag. you must be kidding me with this fake outrage. grow up and do something with your lives. theses people hate everything that Obama says and does.

  • BF44

    “Because that’s pretty much what some conservatives were saying – that the Washington march seemed more like a get together of Democrats than an event that’s supposed to symbolize togetherness.”

    Cuz the GOP is all about togetherness…….. as long as you’re an old white guy….

  • Pamela Stranc

    I LOVE IT!!! I bet you think I do because its President Obamas face on that flag, but no you’re wrong! I love it because it sybolizes individual FREEDOM in this country. Lets get something clear here … ONE = ONE …. ONE does not equal any more than ONE! You may think it was wrong to do, however that woman holding the flag is FREE to think differently …. learn to deal with it or get off this FREEDOM boat!

  • PD

    You’re not supposed to burn the flag; you’re also not supposed to let it touch the floor. In other words, you’re supposed to leave it be. You liberals obviously don’t understand that. Not surprised

    • BF44

      In the interest of fairness, as an admitted die-hard liberal, I wasn’t thrilled about them altering the US Flag. This isn’t the United States of Obama, of Bush, or of any other President.

      That flag is one of the few things holding this country together.

  • Pipercat

    I find it amusing how folks here do not know how to argue with the opposition. Learn how to recognize a straw man and counter by calling it out. You fall into the traps laid out by the various trolls who lay in wait, ready to strike; then, come to each other’s rescue like the white knights of their fallacious cause…

  • IFC_Buzzkill

    After reading all these posts in the last couple of days, heres a question for all you progressives.

    Have you ever heard of the flag code? It states and I quote..

    The flag must not be marked with any insignia, letter, word, signature, picture or drawing.

    While it might not mean anything to you, it does to me. That Obamas face on there is a moot point, I dont care if it was elmo. The US flag is not to be altered. Period.

  • Echo Moon

    all a flag is made of is thread gathered together to make material to form items. i have no problems with someone making up a flag with obama’s face on it. that aside, i would have much rather have seen flags with MLK’s face on the flags. without the work that MLK did, where would obama be? would we even have a black president if it hadn’t been for MLK???