The Perfect Scam: How Walmart Is Screwing Employees Out of All of Their Benefits

walmart-greeterI wrote an article a while back detailing how evil Walmart really is as a company.  I have a source who works for them who often details the disgusting business practices of this company and how it treats its employees.

Well, it’s getting even worse.

My source actually works for Sam’s Club (which is owned by Walmart) in a different city than where I live. But they’ve assured me that if each club isn’t experiencing this yet, they soon will.  I have also seen and verified all documentation backing up my source’s claims, and have verified with certainty that they are true.

See, what Walmart has done is set the bar for which part-time associates (employees are called associates at Walmart) can receive benefits at an average of 24 hours per week.  At this threshold an employee is given the most minimal options for health coverage, about 8-12 hours of personal days and maybe 12 or so hours of vacation per year.  It really all depends on how long you’ve worked for the company.

In general, the more hours you average, the better benefits packages you qualify for and the more personal/vacation time you get.

However, recently an email was sent out from corporate to all clubs with instructions not to allow part-time associates to go over 24 hours.  They’re essentially treating going over 24 hours just like they do overtime pay.  Meaning if you go over, someone’s getting written up.

What this does is ensure part-time associates are prevented from hitting that magic 24 hour average which would qualify them for minimum benefits.

Oh, but it gets better.

They’re not scheduling associates for two or three 8 hour shifts — oh no, they’re scheduling them four or five 4 hour shifts.  They’re still working associates the equivalent of a 5 day workweek, just drastically reducing their hours.  So they’re making it very difficult for these associates to even get a second job.

In fact, at this Sam’s, they do schedules 3 weeks at a time and they just pulled the already made schedules for the next 2 weeks, completely redoing them to make the required cuts.

Then if you want to get the max 23.99 hours per week, you’ll need open availability—otherwise you might end up being scheduled zero hours, which has already happened to a few associates at my source’s club. Yes, you’ve read that right, there are people who “work” for Walmart that are now getting scheduled absolutely no hours simply because their new scheduling system is set around open availability and punishes those who might have a limited schedule.

So what Walmart is wanting is for their part-time employees to have wide-open availability, yet work less than 24 hours per week.

And if you happen to be scheduled, say, 22 or 23 hours and want to pick up more—nope, you won’t be allowed.

Then don’t even think about full-time.  About 15% of the associates at this club are full-time and it’s nearly impossible to get one of those spots.  And no, they don’t create more for hard work.

In fact, hard work doesn’t even matter.  My source said after one of their supervisors bent over backwards to get their numbers up and fix a lot of problems they were experiencing on the front end of the club, their hard work and dedication was rewarded with—a 20% reduction in their hours after this email was sent out.

Even better, recently when a 3 year associate turned his 2 weeks notice in after having their hours cut from 36 per week to 18—he was told to not even bother coming in for the next 2 weeks of his shifts.  They just cut them completely.

And this was a recent “Associate of the Month.”  Which just goes to show you how little Walmart actually values people.

The greed of Walmart is reprehensible.  And while I know other corporations treat their employees similarly, many of them don’t have the enormous wealth of Walmart.

Now I know there will be some who say they just love working for Walmart and most of this is untrue, and that’s fine.  I’ve known my source for over a decade and verified all of the information myself.  And yes, for a very select few they might see Walmart as “great place to work.”  But I promise you, for 90% of Walmart associates, their experience working for the company is terrible.

What they’ve essentially done is set up the perfect scam.  They’re attempting to hold employees to such low economic levels, the only place they’ll be able to shop at is—Walmart.  And much of the shopping they’ll be doing at Walmart will be with funds the government has provided to them, because of how poor they’ve become by working at Walmart.

Walmart is the poster child for the greedy, morally bankrupt corporation, and their recent actions prove that they’re proud of that fact.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • ForeverBuddha

    Walmart is scum of the earth and karma will come back to bite the Walmart family in the ass.

    • Malfouka Malfouka

      Goddess, I hope!

      • Adam Meaney

        Karma isn’t gonna do crap. WE have to. That is the kind of thinking that got us here in the first place.

  • Geo

    This isn’t anything new. I worked for Best Buy (Hawthorne, Ca) and they always screwed part-time employees in this manner. You HAD TO have open availability to get hours. If I had open availability, don’t you morons think I’d be a full-time employee?! I was a full-time student.

    • Nij

      I feel your pain. :/

    • Max Power

      My wife was a manager for a big box retailer and if she hired someone for full time, which was rare, they had to be available nights, weekends and days with availability from open to close. Check one day that you did not have full availability and your application went into the file as pending part time.

    • Jerry Wilson

      It goes the same for being a single parent and college student at the same time.

      • GreyWolf62

        Congratulations on trying to make a better life for your family.

    • Sirengirl

      I also worked for Best Buy for almost 3 years. Never got written up or had any discipline, my drawer was almost always exactly accurate, and I was friends with almost everyone in the store. I got switched to warehouse because I couldn’t deal with the pressure of having to try to sell the GeekSquad plans to customers who would yell at me for offering, and customer service was worse. I was the fastest employee at sorting shipment totes and I scanned 5 departments for price changes every Sunday… Yet when I started paramedic school in Aug 2011, I was told that because one week out of the month when I wasn’t available 36 hours, even though I was part time and never worked more than 22, I had to either quit school or lose my job. 2 years later I’m a paramedic working for the county government, and I’ve only been back to Best Buy twice.

      • GreyWolf62

        I read this and get:

        “Best Buy provided me with a job and I was good at one aspect of it but I could not handle the main duties, which was customer satisfaction. The company valued my abilities so much that they found work for me where I was better suited. I decided that I did not like that job, so I went to school. I could not work the hours the company needed and go to school so they found someone who could. The company gave me the option of being a good employee for them or continuing to pursue my own dreams, so I quit. Even though I was a low-level warehouse employee, I am angry at the company for not bending to my will so I trash them at every opportunity.”

      • vanillaninja

        That’s because you’re kind of an idiot 🙂

      • patricia spinazzola

        I see, so employees, once hired, should never, ever try to better themselves by going back to school. Let me give you a little history lesson – when I worked for the phone company, not only did they ENCOURAGE that you return to school, they PAID for it. Sure, some people left for a more lucrative paycheck, but most of us stayed, got promoted for our efforts, and made more money.

        Too bad you never knew such an employer.

    • D Lowrey

      I worked in Idaho for Macy’s who pulled this BS. Told them I was available for any hours they could give me. Ended up working maybe 8-16 hours a month and going onto SNAP. Funny part was when I quit…they wondered why I wasn’t willing to take their treatment without lube.

      • MadameDelphi

        Must be their national plan. I’m waiting for the day I can afford to stick it back to them.

  • Chardee McDennis

    Target is no better. Worked for them for nearly three years. Raises totaled a whopping 30 cents over those years. My biggest raise was the raise of minimum wage in 2012. And for the last 4 months i worked there averaged 16 hours per week. Still working five days a week.

    • Tracy M

      They have started giving our team members only 4 hour shifts and they refused to let you have any sort of overtime.

    • Max Power

      And if you don’t like it, they’ll be glad to hire the next person waiting in line.

      • Joshua Deeds

        Sounds like you have a problem with people trying to live. You’re that %12 that sided with the crown during the Revolution.

      • MadameDelphi

        I don’t think that was the intent of his post. He was stating that they will hire someone else if he leaves. They don’t care, there are plenty waiting for any job at any pay for any hours because of the new American workplace.

    • Kailysimpson

      My last year at Walmart, the last of the 6 I worked there, my raise was 11 cents. Smh.

  • Leslie Bianchi

    office depot does the same – to vets

  • BrickNTheWall

    I haven’t had gainful employment in 3 years and still don’t. Its all be seasonal or temp jobs because seasonal or temp. people can be made to work full time hours and not be offered benefits.

    Any permanent job I’ve found offers perks such as open: availability for 15 hours a week, low pay, and shitty working conditions and I feel it is because Wal*Mart has set a national standard with big businesses.

    Why have I not taken any of these permanent jobs though? Because the requirements are ridiculous – yet despite my trying I want to know why I need 6+ months of experience to scrub a toilet or wash dishes? And also, I would love to be able to school but I cannot afford it if I am not working. I cannot go to school [college] if I am only employed for 2 months than have 5 months of nothing.

    Despite people working their asses off, they’re not getting paid to survive. They’re just getting laughed at in their faces by big businesses- why?

    Because we let them.

  • Terry Wexler

    it’s not new, wally world has been doing it a long time. and, sometimes will do split shifts……………

  • mbc

    Companies are doing this all over…they will continue to do it till unions come back or they can’t find help. The worker has no power and is getting the shaft! The rest of the country ends up paying benifits for the working poor to live and the comapnies like Wallmart and others get richer off the backs of the working poor and the american taxpayer

  • Debbie Schultz

    yea i worked for walmart for 2 yrs.. awesome people to work with SHITTY COMPANY to work for.. They do not give 2 rats azz how they treat there employees as long as u do good for them//Been screwed 2 many times thats y i quit and will never go back..

  • Jean

    I’m seeing more of this filtering through employment, in general–following the Wal-Mart business model. It’s called ‘Right to Work’ as long as you are willing to put up with whatever the boss puts out. In this case the boss is Wal-Mart.

    We are in trouble.

    • Jessica

      I live in a “Right to Work” state. You are absolutely, 100% correct in your assessment. Companies like Walmart love Right to Work states bc it means that they can pay their employees sweat shop wages and cut their hours like the article describes in order to avoid having to offer them benefits while simultaneously tying the hands of the employee in being able to negotiate their employment. We are also one of the poorest states in the nation, Mississippi. Most Right to Work states are extremely poverty stricken.

      • Ilpalazzo

        Say, California is a Union state and it’s also the most bankrupt. Why? It’s because of the bipolarization of everything to the extremes. Instead of some benefits, people want benefits to cover EVERYTHING and then they go and protest/strike.

      • Oscar

        I guess in your little world two wrongs makes a right huh ?

      • Neal Sims

        Might want to check your facts about California. Business is booming and the state is on track to end the year with a (gasp) surplus.

      • I-Defy

        Stockton and Vallejo wants to know where you are getting your info?

      • bpundup

        Stockton and Vallejo have republican city council’s throwing their money away. Don’t pretend that eastern California has a repub majority.

      • jackjelvis

        Neal Sims, check YOUR facts. Business is fleeing Cali like rats off a sinking ship, and several cities (that’s right, cities) have declared bankruptcy this year. The state IS bankrupt.

      • Andy Kinnard

        No, Jack, the state WAS bankrupted by the awesome Austrian and it took a Democrat to, again, turn it around. The state will probably have a budget surplus this year. Some jobs are leaving Cali for TX because Perry doesn’t care how badly he has to punk out his own constituents or another state to scalp those jobs (quite a few from businesses leaving California for TX). You might call that a victory for TX, but I call that a race to the bottom.

      • KayGee

        THE ONLY REASON business is reportedly “booming” in TX is because they look the other way when it comes to “costly” regulations, taxes, and laws that cover safety, inspections, and proper operating procedures. Sure, Mr. Perry, you can ramp up the profits if you cut those services and state inspections back, but at what cost? An oil leak here? a factory explosion there? Massive dumping over there? Hey TEXAS, Just go ahead become china already, why don’t you? AND THEN HE HAS THE GALL TO ASK FOR FEDERAL AID MONEY FROM THE HOLIER THAN THOU TAXPAYERS. TO COVER THE DISASTER CAUSED BY THE LACK OF SAFETY AT A PRIVATE COMPANY!!! THAT TAXPAYER MONEY IS NOT A PRIVATE COMPANY’S DISASTER INSURANCE FUND, THAT FERTILIZER COMPANY SHOULD BE ON THE HOOK FOR EVERY CENT OF DAMAGE THEIR EXPLOSION CAUSED IN THAT TOWN.

      • srk47

        “Holier than thou taxpayers”? Not sure what that means in this context. I DO agree with your overall message.

      • KayGee

        “Holier than thou” is my own attempt to rouse up the image that the modern GOPers use whenever they want to whine about government excess without looking self centered and smug. Take the Sandy Disaster Aid package that got stalled in the house last year, for instance. They started talking about “too much pork” and “wasting our hard working taxpayer’s money” instead of voting and getting the aid that was needed. All they were really doing was punishing the so-called “liberal blue states” (remember, some people actually thought Sandy was “Gods judgement”) with grand standing politics to the apparent glee of some of their more deranged ranks. Likewise, when we’re talking about SNAP (aka Foodstamps), they pull the same card and whine nobly about wanting to protect the “taxpayers money” from going to “moochers” that somehow “don’t deserve to have free handouts on your dime so they can just be lazy and not work hard!”. They always play the noble card of “don’t waste the hardworking tax payer money” until there’s something THEY WANT, like a war in the middle east to be fought… That noble taxpayers dollar spiel is right out the door the minute that the conservative hawks see an opportunity. They’re hoping to make Syria be the next Iraq. Why’s that? Well, they don’t just want to topple Assad with a few surgical strikes, they want Syria to become the new Iraq when it comes to the patented Haliburton/Blackwater 10 year “rebuilding plan” they used the last time in order to drag the whole thing out for years and funnel tax dollars away from soldiers/military efforts and into private corporations. All of a sudden, deficits don’t matter (thanks dick cheney) and they can spend your tax money without recourse all they want, and when we have that war machine revved up, all the Proud Patriot Righties line right up to wave flags and cast votes at guys that are “tough on terra”, and then chant “support our troops” as their elected leaders continue to vote AGAINST things like veterans benefits bills behind their backs while ruining the lives of our soldiers, our men and women, on wars that are dragged out for no reason other than profitable motives. I hope that sums it up for you.

      • floyd j

        Touche my friend touche

      • Dusty2

        Responsibility? The word does not exist in corporate America. The concept of corporations is to avoid responsibility. By making a company a corporation you make it impossible to blame anyone person for anything and you get the built in out that they are simply protecting they stockholders. Check any large corporation and you will find the majority of the stock is owned by the board members and executives of the company. Protecting their shareholders translates to protecting their own assets.

      • KayGee

        A Great point sir, which is why regulations work. Unless you hold a company’s feet to the fire on an issue, they will duck, dodge, and dive any which way they can to avoid having to do anything about it, which might hurt their precious bottom line. So if this issue is say, E.Coli in tainted meat, the meat packers would rather wait to see how many people actually NOTICE (aka get sick and die) if it weren’t for laws and inspections that force them to test and recall products. What you are saying is exactly my point Re: Perry in Texas: they found that if you remove enforceable requirements, hey presto BIG BUSINESS SUDDENLY LOVES YOU. I suppose he should do away with Federal minimum wage laws and all OSHA safety as well.

      • Tracy

        I’m from Texas and unfortunately you are absolutely right, we have been in a race to the bottom ever since Rick Perry became governor. Keep your fingers crossed for us I think people here are waking up and we might finally go blue in 2014.

      • KayGee

        he can’t. he gets all his “facts” from Faux Newz and Glenny Bekkers. Maybe Rush Limpjob.

      • Vicki Dalton

        Yep… It’s the media, stupid. Those who receive their news from the NY Times and NPR are living in a rarefied media culture — one that prizes accuracy, fairness and civility. Rush, O’Reilly and Fox viewers? They are living in a vacuum of denial. – David Brock, former Republican writer

      • chair jackson

        yep. ever since a democrat became governor the economy is booming and the deficit is disappearing. live and learn.

      • Shawn Johnson

        It’s called google. Type in these words……….. “california in debt 2013” and see the results. Now inform yourself.

      • I-Defy

        Well what did Detroit do wrong then? 50 years of unfettered democrat rule and the place is a rat toilet

      • Timothy Weston

        Detroit’s problems started in the 1950s with suburbanization followed by an unadaptive auto industry in the 1970s while corruption turned the Arsenal of Democracy into a punchline of urban development. If socialist policies ruined Detroit, how do you explain Scandinavian countries which rebounded from the late 2000s financial crisis better than we did?

      • Alecto

        You are correct. And when Chrysler went bankrupt the first time? Aside from inventing the minivan, they never changed their business model. Look at how many hybrid vehicles they sell, for example. Industry, in general, did not diversify, so when the economy stsrted changing, they didn’t have the flexibility to adapt.
        And then there is the trickle down to the Walmart suppliers. I used to work for one that owned several brands stocked by Walmart. We had a plant, a customer service center and a distribution center in my town. Both ran 24/7, five days a week with additional weekend shifts. Very few products came in from Mexico and China. That startedchanging. And then they changed the pay scales, decreasing the max levels. Walmart would put in orders for certain seasonal items and have a buy-back clause for items that didn’t sell. Now, they also ordered unique colors or details, so the product could not be rebranded and shipped to Kmart or Target. And now both the plant and DC are closed – jobs sent somewhere they can pay less

      • andy

        Detroit’s problem is that the automakers moved production first to the southern states, and then to Mexico after NAFTA was signed. If the automakers had left production in Detroit it wouldn’t be so bad. The other problem was in the late 1950’s many people moved to he suburbs. The Detroit suburbs are some of the wealthiest parts of the nation.

      • miserableoldfart

        GOP crooks in the suburbs bled the city with cheap tax tricks. That’s not the Democrats’ fault, of course..

      • HoustonReal

        Don’t forget the fat cat Republican CEO’s and bean counters who ran GM and Chrysler into the ground. For as much as people like to complain about the UAW, bad management caused the US auto industry to lose out to European and Asian brands. Badge engineering and lack of innovation let GM lose 10% of the US auto market under Roger Smith. For years, US automakers have been behind the curve, using rebates, instead of superior engineering, to sell cars.

      • Brian Frang

        California’s economic struggles are ALL centered around Reagan-, WIlson- and Swarzenegger-era deregulation. ALL Republicans, I might add. For example, Wilson is responsible for deregulating power, so that all our electricity started getting sold to Texas, then sold back to us at exorbitant rates, and because of the lack of proper legislation to deal with it, we got fucked. Hence why SCE has everyone’s balls in a vice out here.

      • Michael

        Umm, Power deregulation in California was under a Democrat named Grey Davis. Which caused him to get removed from office and Arnold to take his place.

      • MyStory Revealed

        I remember reading all the “Watch and see” articles leading up the the election of Ahhnold, stating that he was in bed with all the power company people and had promised them everything they wanted around deregulation etc. Lo and behold…its exactly what played out. Money in politics??? Imagine that!!!

      • miserableoldfart

        Actually not true. Texass is in almost as bad a shape as California and they are among the most vicious and dictatorial anti-union places on earth.

        If it’s made in a slave (aka “right to work”) state, it’s not really made in USA.

      • Maggie Maier Holmes

        California IS a Right to Work State. Union jobs have nothing to do with RtW…I know from experience: my husband was a 28 year high voltage lineman with not a single ding on his record, was scapegoated for mgt error in which a fellow employee was electricuted. (his is now okay btw). And my husband was fired after pole top rescue because he didn’t have on his RX safety glasses (to be company issued but not available)…So Union contract states he could not be terminated for a ‘first offense’, so his 28 yrs of employee records disappeared…it took 18 month of litigating for the Union to get him his job back. And there is no suing for wrongful termination because CA is Right to Work State…which means a company does not need a reason to terminate you even if you have a contract……so you just have to be thankful and grovel back. ….. Bad attitudes and lack of loyalty is often created by those at the top who exhibit the same lack of loyalty.

      • Dan Enlow

        California is a “Right to Work” state we have just had stronger unions.

      • boundup

        California currently has a budget surplus and the highest minimum wage in the country. Stop lying and look up some facts.

      • Ilpalazzo

        California .. surplus? Despite being bankrupt a couple years ago? Sounds like Clinton was hired to crunch the numbers again. $20 says that surplus disappearsnot to long after 2014 midterms, when the high interest on that paperwork comes due – just like when Clinton left on his ‘surplus’.

      • Matt Anthony Lewis

        California is the biggest economy in all of the us and is forced to pay the most taxes to make up for the rest of the crap states. It’s very far from being bankrupt if anything the weight to hold up the rest of the country is holding it back.

      • Robert Hatch

        I too am in a “Right to work state” (Sorry but my ass on that statement) Exactly what I am experiencing. Same exact business model, I see the sparse hours spread out over 5 days just like described sometimes with 3 hour shifts which is unconscionable in my mind. Never mind the blatant disregard for labor laws concerning breaks and lunches knowing full well most of the people can’t find another job (Myself included). Recently I took an overnight position with the promise of more money (.50 cents an hour raise) only to be told after training that “the company” now said they won’t pay the extra (My belief is it was never there and the boss lied fro the beginning). When I said I didn’t want the job I was told that basically I wouldn’t have any time because there were no hours available outside the night shift job. That was 3 months ago, yesterday I checked my e-mail and the company is bragging about their 10% growth last quarter. I can’t help but wonder how my fifty cents would hurt that percentage. I keep looking for another job but I get told I’m already employed which is opposite of what we’ve been told. about being employed and easier to find a job. I can’t quit because me and my family have to eat but I can’t stand the way I am treated. It’s a catch 22 situation to say the least.

      • Psalm 31:2

        We are in the same position. My husband works for one of the home improvement stores and the quality of the company has went down so much in the last few years. They hardly ever hire full-time anymore. It took my husband over 2 years of working part-time and it was the grace of God that finally got a full-time postion. After 5 years he makes a little over $10hr. He has transferred stores a couple times and each time was close to his raise time and when he transferred they would restart the clock. So he has been screwed out of 3 raises he was supposed to have. He does the job of about 3 people and they are always short handed. The comany doesn’t care anymore and they work their full-timers to death so that way they quit and they can hire part time workers. The reason he stays is because I have MS and we have to have the insurance. Just one of my MS medications would cost us $100 per day out of pocket if he didn’t have the insurance. Even the quality of insurance is not near as good as it was. An eye drop medicine that cost $32 dollars last year with insurance now this year costs $96.( So even though I really need it I don’t get it because it is too expensive)They took away all the incentives for the employees no more commission sales, hardly ever any raises, and bonuses are a joke unless you are management.”The quarter ended Aug. 2, for which his company reported a profit of $941 million, or 88 cents a share, compared with a profit of $747 million, or 64 cents a share, a year ago.” In this last year they took away all commission and any extra discounts for employees except a straight 10%. Along with all the cuts to labor and adding more work to everyone scheduled. So of course they have profits. It is not from acutual consumer spending but from money they are keeping by taking things away from the employees.

      • Oakowl

        That just plain sucks! I had a friend with MS (well, still friends but since we no longer live near each other our friendship isn’t as close) who had to make the difficult choice not to marry her ‘husband’, simply to stay engaged, because if she was single she qualified for assistance on some extremely expensive medications, while if his income was added in, even though he was a contractor and firmly in the blue-collar pay zone, their combined income was ‘too much’

      • Bruce Harrell

        I worked for the same home improvement store, putting up with the bull***t for a dozen years – the last three while watching my paycheck disappear because of strict adherence to the “no overtime” edict and, too, because the company decided to keep the commissions they had been paying to the sales staff selling big ticket items. They expected to lose a certain percentage of their sales staff when the commissions were cut. When the staff wasn’t leaving fast enough, management found convenient excuses to be rid of the people they needed to be rid of. When my turn came, I found it to be a relief.

      • michael

        I suggest you go get medicaid or som if you can’t work..what state you in?

      • H. Curt Green

        So leave. You help by getting a job. No one says you have to work anywhere.

      • Ann Murphy

        I was in the same position working at Walmart. The only employees that receive full-time hours are managers. Persons that do the scheduling would rather give 5 half days rather than 2 full days, which is a traveling cost to its employees. And mind you, the pay is lousy as well as employee treatment. Where I live, during the summer months Walmart hires extra help to accommodate the Jews and Floridians that vacation here during these months. Cashiers are only paid $7.90 per hour and sales associates $7.70 per hour. Usually some employees become ONLY permanent part-time workers. Walmart wanted me to stay but I found a part-time job (2 days) working in a community clinic earning nearly twice the wage Walmart was paying. In 2 day I will earn what it took me to earn at Walmart in 5 days. I found this long-term assignment through a temporary agency and the possibility of full-time employment at the clinic is high, with benefits. Under any circumstances would I recommend working at Walmart to anyone. As a matter of fact, after witnessing how its employees are treated, I refuse to shop there any longer. I think it is a shame that Walmart pays its employees so poorly and simultaneously offer part-time hours to avoid offering employee benefits.

      • Chrisbam

        You didn’t like what they offered and found a new job. That’s the point of our economy.Good for you.

      • Ann Murphy

        You know Chrisbam, despite the low wages at Walmart, I probably would have attempted to remain there until I found permanent part-time or full-time work. I didn’t because of the way employees are treated. Mal-treatment and low wages is not good combination. Therefore, I settled for an assignment with a temporary agency. However, I will continue to look for permanent employment. Until I do find it I will continue working with the temp agency. Who knows? Maybe at some point the temp assignment will turn into a permanent one.

      • KayGee

        O hey look, it’s the “Rugged individualism” BS artist right here. Please Tell me more about how you seized the American dream and became a millionaire from years of hard work outta the slums.

      • R. S. S.

        I always thought the point of our economy was to exhibit American exception, build a thriving working/middle class, and provide property to generations of Americans. Instead, our economy forces us to be poor, calls us stupid, treats us like criminals, and does nothing but constantly PUNISHING US for trying to BETTER OURSELVES. American Exceptionalism DIED a long time ago IF it truly ever existed.

      • H. Curt Green

        Then leave for another job, period

      • Matt Anthony Lewis

        My store cut pay by $1/hour to one of the most labor intensive positions and took away our water because 50 cents a day is too much to pay… also boasting about getting $16k over the target credit card revenue… wtf?

      • they also have, year after year, the worst education. My question is ….. why do you live there?

      • Liz256

        & Florida is right there with you…

    • BiffyBNyC

      This has nothing to do with Right To Work. Right To Work is meant to allow typically unionized industries the right to hire non unionized workers. For instance the Boeing plant in South Carolina…if I am wrong…please correct me…

      • Jerry Wilson

        Its applied to every job in the Right To Work states. They can refuse your right to work also.

      • kitz

        Right to Work allows all sorts of shenanigans like this. Union contracts usually mandate, if not a full shift, at least a 4* or 5* block of time. The reason being, employees have a right to make a living. 2* and 4* time blocks do not allow for a meaningful, family supporting wage to be earned.

      • BiffyBNyC

        Have you looked at wages in RTW states vs Union states? Have you looked at the unemployment rates in RTW states vs. Union states?

        According to Michigan’s Mackinac Center, using data taken from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of Labor Statistics, private-sector, inflation-adjusted employee compensation in right-to-work states increased by 12% between 2001 and 2011 compared with just 3% over the same period in forced-unionization states.

      • Daren J. Mongello

        What is the per hour rate for each group?
        This is critical to your argument.

        It literally means nothing if RTW employees earn $7 an hour while union employees earn $14.

        Anyone (other than management or an owner) that is against “collective bargaining” is simply uneducated and a perfect pawn for the RTW lobbies.

        How does Walmart keep low prices? Low wages!
        Why does Walmart have HIGH turnover? Low wages!
        Why are Walmart employees on welfare? Low wages!

        Richest family in America? The Waltons.


      • YouKnowMe

        BiffyBoy has all the faux earnestness and persistence of a paid troll.

      • Shelley Caster Ross

        Why? Because he disagrees with you?

      • Charles Vincent

        You forgot to mention they buy in bulk which lowers cost on the supply side. And you didn’t mention how minimum wage is a tool for them to use against competition because they can easily absorb the cost where smaller companies cannot easily absorb the cost and either have to raise product prices or cut employees or go out of business for example.

      • Cassie Pruett

        Agree agree agree!!!!!

      • moclips

        Actually, in addition … those “low wages” and “low prices” are the result of OUR tax dollars supporting their employees with emergency health care, food stamps and a host of other services they refuse to pay for by refusing to pay a living wage. It’s not just THEM, it’s US too!

      • Shawn Johnson

        So you have a problem with people getting partial benefits while they are contributing to society, but fight for benefits for people sitting on their asses!?!?!?!? Are you stupid? How many of the 2.4 million Walmart employees would be sitting at home collecting max benefits if they were not working? Not to mention, I love how you people speak as though only Walmart pays low wages. Everything you complain about Walmart, you will find at ANY other bigbox retailer.

      • Cave Man

        hey shawn, try this, walmart vs target…………….

      • Shawn Johnson

        Same issues at Target……what’s your point?

      • andy

        Actually Shawn most Walmart employees that are collecting government benefits are collecting maximum benefits. The money you get on food stamps isn’t very much. It’s $200/month for the first person in the household, and $150/month for each additional person. Many are also eligible for Medicaid, and lifeline support for their telephone. Those are only maximum benefits.

      • Shawn Johnson

        I have to call you out on this one. I know of two people who have just had their benefits dropped due to taking a job at Walmart. Show me sources to support your statement. I also know a case worker, in Tennessee and she says no one working, even for minimum wage, could collect anything close to max benefits.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Sorry, but Costco pays much better and provides benefits.

      • MyStory Revealed

        So many so-called “conservatives” deride “Welfare” but are completely oblivious to what “Corporate Welfare” even means, let alone the astounding costs to our country. Our “social services” that they refer to as “welfare” pale in comparison to the staggering costs of “Corporate Welfare,” which includes complete freedom from paying ANY taxes by roughly 25% of our biggest corporations, off-shoring hundreds of thousands of jobs to sweatshops, thus eliminating jobs/tax payer base in the US, tax payer funded improvements to infrastructure (specifically to benefit corporations-road, bridges, and myriad other pork-barrel projects) and all of the conditions mentioned here that create an impoverished worker base, required to subsidize their basic survival with social services. These are just a FEW of the thousands of examples of how tax payers subsidize corporate profits every day. Conservatives, who vote for politicians who receive millions in contributions from these monsters don’t, no WON’T even discuss this.

        But OH how they LOVE the story of the “Welfare Queen” in her Cadillac, laying about watching Jerry Springer all day. She’s always black or hispanic with at least 5 kids, too 😛

      • Duncan

        Agreed. 12% of a quarter is 3 cents. 35 of a dollar is 3 cents. Statistics can say almost anything if you twist them enough.

      • blankcheck890

        Costco keeps low prices by smart purchasing and by paying their employee well so that they will keep their workers happy and productive. It’s not impossible to do in America. Walmart is a giant taxpayer liability. Their employee’s need food stamps and medicare if they get pregnant. I can’t figure out why the low tax crowd loves them so much. It’s certainly one of the ironies of current politics.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Please stop with the Walmart/Costco comparison. From your words, I can see you are another puppet who repeats everything they read, without even wondering if the information is correct.

      • shelley

        What I have read, this person is spot on with the Costco info. and since this article is about Sam’s club, walmart’s answer to costco, then it is a perfect analogy. I bet you don’t know that Costco’s CEO pays himself ONLY 10x the income of his average full time employee. About $500K. His theory is that he makes plenty with his stock. So Costco can pay higher wages, provide excellent FULL benefits, not partial, and they can afford to put higher quality products on their shelves. ANd yes, I have a problem with people getting partial benefits…they should be getting full benefits. and, did you not notice the part about the fact that walmart deliberately screws their employees out of getting even the partial benefits? that was a main point of this article. It boils my blood that the largest private employer in this country doesn’t provide benefits and pays such low wages and it does not have a problem with putting the actual burden on the US tax payers.

      • Shawn Johnson

        The title of the articel is WALMART and people are commenting as it is about WALMART. I am responding to stupid people who don’t actually READ.

        As for your comment. I bet you didn’t know that in 2011, Mr. Sinegal not only raked in $629,000 in
        salary……………………..but no one mentions the $12,300,000 in stock options. Less taxes on stock profits than on salary. All the facts show that Costco is a mere abberration.
        Costco directs its wares towards middle to upper class customers. Costco does not build stores in lower income neighborhoods and Until 2009, Costco did not accept food stamps. As of March 14, 2009, an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted Jim Sinegal, co-founder and president of the company, as saying, “Generally we don’t have customers who use food stamps.” Even today the name on Costco Member Card must match the name on the food stamp/ebt card………………a guest to a member is not allowed to make a purchase with ebt. Sounds to me like Costco keeps policies in place to regulate clientele.

      • shelley

        Dear Shawn,
        I made the comment about Costco, because someone else compared them to Sam’s Club since they have the same business model. Costco just does it better, sells high quality products and treats their employees well. You lose the bet, I already know about costco and the CEO. If you actually read my post you will see that I mentioned that he draws a salary 10 times greater than employees, and also has his stocks. and, I highly doubt that Costco is deliberately choosing NOT to do business with anyone. They are in the business of making money. The more customers the merrier. So keep your insults to yourself. any further comments to me will not be read. Do not interpret my disinterest in communicating with you further as capitulation.

      • Shawn Johnson

        His base salary of $639,000 and stock bonus of $12,300,000 is 10 times greater than employees? As for not doing business with EBT….it is a fact that political pressure in 2008 lead to them installing the systems in 2009…….FACT. March 14, 2009, an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette quoted Jim
        Sinegal, co-founder and president of the company, as saying, “Generally
        we don’t have customers who use food stamps.”………..FACT. You just go on buying into everything that the leftwing nutjobs are feeding you. Open you eyes.

      • shelley

        Shawn, Clearly you need to learn how to read. 1. I said that his salary was 10x that of the average employee. 2. I also said do not bother to respond because your message will go unread, which it did, but still ended up as an alert in my inbox. So although I didn’t bother to read your message I feel compelled to repy yet again. 3. Since you seem to think that you know all about me, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I am against corporate fat-cat CEOs of all types who have obscene wealth but who, based on our conservative-designed tax base pay a smaller percentage tax rate then their average employees. I was merely pointing out in this instance that at least at Costco the employees are given a decent wage and great benefits. Walmart, on the other hand, is happy to screw their employees out of every penny they can so that they have to get help with food stamps and medicare….socialized programs that Walmart uses in order to make even more profits for themselves. Walmart plays the “privatize the profits, and socialize the losses” game. If you were a true conservative you would find this a repugnant as I do.

      • Shawn Johnson

        I read all of that on a page called….Being Liberal. Look outside the leftwing sources every once in a while.

      • shelley

        Clearly you have not gotten the message that I don’t give a shit what you think.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Judging by your attitude, I would say you are pure liberal. I would also bet that you don’t have a lot of friends. Lighten up toots, but thanks for making me laugh.

      • Nik DeWitt

        It is the law that people not listed on the ebt card are not allowed to use the EBT card. I’m not sure when Walmart started accepting EBT cards, but it wasn’t that long ago. Why don’t you read what you are talking about? Mr. Sinegal says he makes his money off of his stocks, so he doesn’t pay himself as much as he might. How much do the Waltons pay themselves and they are the richest family in America. Also, if Walton is such a better place to work, why are so many of it’s employees on public assistance and why do they have such a turn over in employees, while it is almost impossible to get on at Costco because people don’t leave there. How many people working for Costco are on food stamps and don’t have health care? If the people who hate ACA so badly would just pay their employees a decent wage and offer health care we wouldn’t have neede the ACA. But troll on. We all have to earn a living somehow.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Say what? I said……the name on the EBT card had to match the name on the Costco card. A guest of a Costco member cannot make a purchase using an EBT card……..the holder of the EBT card MUST buy a membership. I don’t remember ever saying that Walmart was a better place to work. Do you read and just decide what you think the persron means?

      • meadowhalk

        God Shawn are you drinking the cool-aide…

      • Shawn Johnson

        ….says the person who added NOTHING! Are you saying I am wrong about a guest not being able to use an ABT card at Costco?

      • C Monroe

        Okay Shawn, you said Costco targets the middle/upper middle class and not the poor. Then explain Aldis? They pay their employees a starting wage of 12 an hour.

      • evenstevens

        Walmart net income: US$ 16.999 billion (FY 2013)

        Employees : 2.2 million (2013)

        This means that if the 6 Walton heirs were each satisfied with a paltry $million/year for all their hard work, they could pay each of those $2.2 million US workers roughly $5,000/year more than they now pay, but what’s the fun in that? A mere million dollar per year income.

        If you ask me, any business that hires vast numbers of people without providing compensation adequate for them to EAT, for Christ sakes, that business is a failure. Walmart would shut down, in other words if the owners refused to pay more and the R’s succeeded in cutting off food assistance. There would be no choice in the matter. Public assistance sustains Walmart, so Walmart is a dead weight that should be dropped.

      • bruce

        you sir are an idiot. costco average salary is over 14 dollars an hour and no subsidies. be stupid all your life. but don’t expect the rest of us to listen to your bs babble! i fight for my union rights! walmart is bleeding the american taxpayer dry to line their pockets. i know this firsthand. the walmart / costco comparison is so appropriate.

      • Cave Man

        after reading some of his comments i now think shawn is a paid troll.

      • Shawn Johnson

        anyone who doesn’t agree with you is trolling? Nice.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        I think we’ve known that for awhile. It’s just fun to watch him spin his wheels.

      • MyStory Revealed

        Just an observation, he (ShawJ) is the only one on this thread at the time of my posting this that has gone right to the right wing rhetoric of labeling/name calling. The notion that people can read/listen to any number of resources and come up with a “common sense” conclusion, w/o being part of a cult that tells them how/what to think is very foreign to someone who is part of a cult that tells them how/what to think. lol. Its part of the brainwashing process that teaches black or white (If you’re not a THIS than you MUST BE A THAT.) It is the drumbeat of the right wing, and very effective on people who do not realize that there is a whole rainbow spectrum of ideas that don’t pledge allegiance to an “ideology.” Free thought is a dangerous and scary place for ideologues…you commie, leftist, fascists, feminazi fools. LMAO!!! He’s got YOUR NUMBER!!!

      • Karen Hanks

        Well, Shawn, I do volunteer work and see the working poor and yes, we are subsidizing these large corporations who refuse to pay living wages. Plus the large corporations also get all kinds of tax breaks. They are really milking the system while paying slave labor wages. And Walmart is the biggest corporate welfare recipient.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        The low tax crowd wants a permanent serfdom class.

      • Ilpalazzo

        “How does Walmart keep low prices” – how about “Why does Walmart keep low prices” Not blaming the bitchy consumers at all, I see.Brick and mortar buildings have to be stocked on just about everything or low income people begin to raise hell – “Whare’s that thar power ranger toy mah kid wants! Not in stock? Well I aint never comin back heer aggin!”

      • Vic Vreeland

        How about 99% of the items they sell are made in China?

      • Mr. Human

        non union wage for my job is $17 an hour. the union wage for the same job is $37.50 an hour

      • Todd Schweikert

        And how much does the Union take out of that $37.50/hr for the dues?

      • kernel85

        The union could take $10 an hour dues (which it wouldn’t) and the employee would still be far ahead. So what’s your point?

      • Shawn Johnson

        Costco operates on a profit margin of 1.94%. They would be out of business you dolt!!

      • kernel85

        Ah … name-calling! The last refuge of the intellectually inept. To quote you: “Are you stupid?” In effect, taxpayers have been subsidizing the destruction of Main Street businesses for decades. If Wal-Mart had a decent business model, not based on greed, taxpayers wouldn’t be supporting their employees.

      • Shawn Johnson

        Why is it always just Walmart. Go look at KMart, Shopko, Target and every other bigbox retailer and you will find THE EXACT SAME THING!!! You don’t do that because it is easier to join the crowd.

      • Shawn Johnson

        As for the name calling. It is simple math to see that the Costco business model, with paper think profit margin, would be destroyed by a union. It won’t be long before the will no longer be able to sustain what they are doing now.

      • Webermore

        Surely not $20/hr! Union employees come out ahead because of collective bargaining. That’s the whole point of unions- fair wages and fair treatment.

      • Hugatree

        Not enough to matter when you are going up against corporate greed. You either pay the dues and have someone who will defend your rights or you pay nothing and get paid nothing. We see how the right to work states are pretty much crushing their workers with low non-living wages.

      • Mr. Human


      • Hugatree

        But people complain so about the Unions and the union dues. I for one have always believed in unions because somebody has to fight for the workers. Certainly we can see that Corporate greed comes first for most companies like Walmart and they don’t give a rats arse about your wages, families or anything else. For them its dollars PERIOD.

      • willam

        It’s easy to get a raise when your only making 8 bucks an hour

      • Karen F. Davis

        Congressional Research Service: Workers In Right-To-Work States Make An Average Of $7,000 Less Than Those In Non-Right-To-Work States. Citing data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Congressional Research Service reported that the average wage in a right-to-work state was $42,465, compared with $49,495 in “labor security” states. [Congressional Research Service, 6/20/12]

        Economic Policy Institute: Wages for Union And Non-Union Workers Are Lower by “An Average of $1,500 a year.” In an EPI article, political economist Gordon Lafer explained that right-to-work laws not only lead to lower wages, but also led to reduced benefits for workers:

      • shelley

        Call it what it really is: A right to work for LESS state.

      • Mark Branstner

        The Mackinac Center is a conservative, right wing think tank … You need to know who is crunching the numbers.

      • Terry Kerkman

        In “right to work” states 21 percent more people

        are without health insurance compared with those

        in free-bargaining states. (source: State Rankings

        2000, A Statistical View of the 50 United States,

        Morgan Quinto Press)


        “Right to work” states spend $1,699 less per

        elementary and secondary pupil than other states.

        (source: Education Vital Signs, 2000–2001 school



        The infant mortality rate in “right to work” states

        is 17 percent higher than in other states, and the

        poverty rate is 12.5 percent compared with 10.2

        percent in other states. (source: State Rankings

        2000, A Statistical View of the 50 United States,

        Morgan Quinto Press; U.S. Census Bureau,

        Current Population Survey, March 2002)

      • Mary S

        12% of $7.00 is an .84/hr raise…3% of $15.00 is a $.45 raise. Which would you rather raise a family on…$7.84 or $15.45? Your statistics are misleading, as with most “statistical” reports. You can find ANY stats that you want to support any theory. It’s knowing how to analyze those statistics that makes the difference. If it weren’t for the UNIONS that turned this country’s employment situation around, we’d all be making $2.00 an hour, and enduring sweatshop conditions. Get injured on the job? Tough luck! Lose your life working for the man? Tough! Minimum wage? Not even!!! Wake up people!!

      • Eugene Kiedrowski

        The Mack Center is neo-con right-wing hack think-tank, so of course they would public a report supporting the RTW Nazis.

      • MyStory Revealed

        It would be interesting to see a complete comparison. Could you provide the full picture, i.e., starting/ending pay, benefits, etc. during this same time period. In other words an increase of 12% on $8/hr is still a hella lot less than 3% on $30/hr. not even taking benefits into account. I’m just saying, there’s a whole lot more to take into consideration in making a comparison. And, no, I’m not making a case (I haven’t done any research) for ANYTHING other than providing a complete comparison in an analysis.

      • shopper11

        I think that is a Libertarian group and I don’t trust anything they say. They tend to get their ‘facts’ from sources that say what they want to hear.

      • Jim

        well employers in RIGHT TO WORK states are turning it into right to abuse their workers.

        A right to work state is where your NOT to join the union.

      • Cassie Pruett

        Sorry but you are wrong, come to Florida find any job. Complain or ask for a day off due to your sick child and you will fully understand what a right to work state is all about. Really it shouldn’t be called “right to work” its deceiving it should be called a employers right to fire and employee. That’s really what it is

      • fedup with corporations

        Right to work just means the employer’s right to YOUR work.

      • I work in Florida. I’ve taken the day off to take my mom to the doctor. I took Monday off due to a migraine. I’ve overslept and gotten to work an hour late. I’m still working there. Alternatively, I worked in an IBEW shop and was let go because I wouldn’t join. All employees had the same benefits, including company paid insurance, but we got minimum wage. I would’ve preferred higher pay instead, myself. Not sure what the point of joining the union would’ve been. I suppose the union would’ve gotten a cut of what little money I had and I would’ve only had to do about 20 minutes of real work like the other members.

      • CherMoe

        If you can’t figure out what Unions have done for this country, then you’re too young to know how corporations treated people in the past and how unions have raised the pay scale for ALL Americans overall AND the working conditions and safety. Those days off you take … had it not been for unions, you wouldn’t get 2 hrs. off.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Yep, unions were the people that gave everyone the weekend and a 40 hour work week.

      • PissPrincessKim

        AND they did away with child labor in the U.S.

      • Oscar

        No true right to work state doesnt allow non union employees to piggy back their raises off the unions which is just what Wisconsin did. When unions go into negotiation for higher pay these non union employees will also get that same wage increase. And if you choose not to join a union that is fine, then go into that office and negotiation YOUR OWN WAGES. These right to work states are not real right to work states. If you dont like unions that fine dont join one. But you darn sure shouldnt expect to get raises that the union negotiation for themselves.This was nothing more then a way to piggy back wage increases and benefits without having to pay dues. A REAL RIGHT TO WORK STATE WOULD FORCE NON UNION EMPLOYEES TO NEGOTIATION THEIR OWN WAGES AND BENEFITS. And just you as a single average joe will fast see just by yourself your employer will just laugh and tell you to go find another job because you wont have the full force of the work force.

      • PissPrincessKim

        Wisconsin is another TX or FL. Same mentality.

      • Brian Frang

        Sorry, you’re wrong. What happens is, in a right to work state, Employers can hire non-Union employees for Union jobs, but since said employees are non-union, they don’t have to give them union benefits. This leads them to just not hire union people, cuz it costs less.

      • Jennifer Lucia

        I’m from Florida. My mother was fired because she had to go to the doctor’s 1 time. There are definitely companies that take advantage of it

      • arsailman1

        SC has no unions to my knowledge. It is a right-to-work state and is so anti-union it’s unbelievable. But, it’s also at the bottom of the income and benefits scale in the US…

    • Ron Lewis

      This has nothing to do with Right to Work.

      Unions can still be active under Right to Work but they cannot force membership on employees, forcing employers to fire people who refuse to join.

      Right to Work protect the employee from having to join a Union. Period!

      • shelly

        thats NOT true. Right To Work also means you can be fired on a whim with no explanation, or even reason, needed.

      • BiffyBNyC

        wrong sister…i live in New York…and can tell you from personal experience that I can be let go on a whim.

      • Jessica

        New York is an “at will” state. Not the same concept as “right to work”, though they are at the absolute worst for employees when both are applied. This is the case in Mississippi. It is crippling for employees and creates a situation where it is impossible for you to negotiate the terms of your employment successfully. They can not force you to join a union, they can not prevent you from joining one bc its a right to work state, yet they will fire you if you try to form or join one because its an at will hiring state and can fire you for any reason, or no reason at all, if need be. You can see how this would disenfranchise the employee, no matter how hard you work or how long the duration of your employment has been. It gives a very threatening presence to the employer and instills a sense of fear in the employees of striving for a better work environment. You literally have no option to petition for better pay, or different work schedule, or more hours. If you do these things, you can, and probably will, be replaced without penalization to the company. They will even deny you unemployment on the grounds of “misbehavior”.

      • Joshua Deeds

        Isn’t that “At-will” employment?

      • BiffyBNyC

        “At Will” is associate with being able to be terminated for no reason. “Right To Work” is associate with the ability to work outside of the influences of Unions. They are not the same thing.

      • YouKnowMe

        Yes,but they are applied in tandem and have a double-whammy effect. If you can be fired at will for joining a union, then both are oppressive.

      • chuck

        Not true biffy ole boy not true at all.
        Right to work= right to fire
        Right to fire for any reason ie: biff your ugly. biff your stupid. biff your a paid troll. biff your lips smell like ass. biff your wife is fat and ugly. biff your polio leg is sowing you down. biff your bad hearing annoys me.

        Any reason such as those Ive given can be used to fire you biff.

      • Dodger

        Billy get out of right field. Any state that has employment positions have been influenced by corporations, and we all know what that mean.

      • union sister

        at will and right to work are different concepts…NH is an “at will” state for employment, has nothing to do with Unions, and the so called “right to work” for less, which we are not, and have successfully prevented for over 30 years…has everything to do with Unions and preventing employEEs from organizing…

      • Jessica

        Awesome for you guys. Keep fighting the good fight, man. Yes, there are things that can be really annoying and frustrating when dealing with a Union, but it is far better to be able to organize to have your voice heard as an employee than to stand alone against a business that is larger than one person can have leverage with. I commend you for seeing the merit in such a thing and using your noggin when it comes to the flowery, but rank, words that these companies use to try to get you to voluntarily disenfranchise yourself as an employee.

      • Jessica

        I live in a Right to Work state. What you are suggesting isn’t even remotely true. Right to Work = Right to be Poor. My state is super red and also one of the poorest in the nation because of it!

      • Ron Lewis

        What State?

        Right to Work has nothing to do with personal wealth. You are uninformed. It literally means I cannot force you to join a union. Nothing else.

      • Jessica

        Mississippi. Yes, it does. It also means that the unions that exist have weakened bargaining power and employers can pressure employees to NOT join a union as well. I’ve had it done to me personally in the line of work I do bc we deal with the union quite a bit. Once the union loses enough of its clout, they fail. Once that happens, the employees no longer have ANY means to negotiate their employment. I’m not fooled by the pretty words with an ugly actual meaning, guy.

      • BiffyBNyC

        MS ranks 49th out of 50 states in High School graduation rate, with only 62 percent of 9th graders graduating in four years.

        And you are telling me that Right To Work is to blame for MS being one of the poorest states in the Union?

        You crazy girl!

      • Jessica

        I did not say that. I said it was ONE of the reasons. This is an extremely red state with a great deal of damaging Republican policy. Why, as we speak my state is on the verge of a Medicaid crisis due to Republican refusal to negotiate terms for expansion. The problem is, they are doing so by refusing to renew terms for people already existing in the program. In other words, hundreds of thousands of people are about to be without ANY healthcare, many of them chronically ill and/or elderly, in order to prove a point. The lawmakers of this state are pros at cutting off their nose to spite their face.

      • hpeetiep

        Thats because they make NO MONEY from the Elderly or infirmed. It is all a money game to them.. I believe the Republican Party is committing suicide .. They are eroding from the inside out..

      • jenny_whyme

        Their dismal education record is partly responsible for “Right to Work” legislation getting passed in the first place… It’s a nice vicious cycle… for the 1%-ers.

        Keep them dumb and keep them poor.

      • Jessica

        Ah, I can see you know the game they are playing quite well, too. You are quite right in your statement as well.

      • BiffyBNyC

        So the state education system is in cahoots with walmart? its one big ploy to keep the man down?

      • Repairman632

        Actually, yes it is. The Walton Foundation is at the forefront of the attack on public education and teachers unions. They want to be America’s company store.

      • YouKnowMe

        BiffyBoy should know never to ask a “rhetorical” question when he doesn’t really know the answer. Just messed himself.

      • moclips

        c.f. Pullman Train — pay the workers force them all to buy everything they need at the company store; force them to spend everything they make at the company store, for all intents and purposes, your work force is “free”. Funny. One of the things poor wages do for Wal-Mart is ensure every dime they pay in wages comes back to them as “income”. If they paid higher wages, they might be able to spend somewhere else. Can’t have that!

      • blankcheck890

        Indentured servitude ! good point.

      • Jessica

        Honestly, yes. Its croneyism to the extreme in this state. They are constantly cutting the education budget and its no state secret that its intentional. Pretty much everyone knows that money goes to make a politician’s business friend a great deal of money at the expense of the people. Take a recent development in the energy industry here, one that even many Mississippians are not aware of bc people have paid quite a deal to keep the media out of it here bc people would cause problems. Our governor, Phil Bryant, signed legislation which allows the energy companies here to raise the taxes they pose on the citizens using their services, but those taxes are earmarked for a specific purpose: To build a state of the art new electrical plant. That sounds great right? Wrong. The plant itself will not be used to generate power for Mississippians and is specifically being built to test the blueprints for accuracy in this new plant model. They intend to sell these blueprints to the Chinese eventually if all goes well in testing etc. This will create about 300 TEMPORARY jobs that will be lost after testing the facility is done and the plans sold. So basically, the public (and not just those paying income tax, but EVERYONE since the energy tax is paid on your electric bill itself, so anyone with electricity pays this) is subsidizing Mr. Bryant’s friends business plan with our taxes simply because his business plan involves the energy industry and the means to fund his plans is easily there to him through our governor. Croneyism.

      • Been there

        Biff, You really don’t have a clue do you. Don’t you realize that the unions that you seem to be so against are directly influencing the wages your non union brothers are making. Without the unions, most people would be working for minimum wage with no benefits. In the right to work (for less) states, are your groceries any cheaper?? Do the clothes you buy for your children cost any less?? I can answer that for you. NO! The money that these corporations are saving by paying people peanuts is going straight into the CEOs pockets. Your fantasy world might be ok if the cost of living would actually go down but I assure you, It Does Not! I have lived it.

      • moclips

        Well, if you have no income, the tax base that supports the schools is crippled. If the schools are stripped of funding, they don’t have the resources to educate children; if they children have a poor education, they can be hired for a fraction of those who are well educated. So yes, BIffy, it is.

      • Bob Rowen

        again, it is all part of the same structure. The schools do what they can with what they have, but they are underfunded as a part of the minimal government/low tax philosophy of the rich, so they are doomed to fail. And the rich are just fine with that because it means workers who have no choices.

      • shelley

        no, you’re missing the mark. The state education system is run by the politicians ( i.e thebudgets) who’ve been bought by the mega-corporations whose best interest is being cared for: small pay for workers means more profits for mega corps, passing off the rest to tax payers and the government to fill the gap. The unfunded public education system has no resources to educate kids on critical thinking, history, economics, etc. i.e. to know how the game is played. A uneducated electorate vote the way Fox news ( also a corporate tool) tells them to , rather than looking into issues that affect them most. A low paid work force also doesn’t have time to go vote, much less get out and strike or protest or revolt. It’s all about the money and who benefits from that money. wake up people!

      • He hadn’t considered that younger kids in MS quit school so they can help out the family when there are only 2 paychecks and both of them part time because the hours scheduled don’t allow them to find another job, nor be able to have two jobs because of irregular schedules. This not only affects income, but child care, religious service and family social structures. It goes deeper than LAWYERS and POLITICIANS can think, primarily because they are not and do not have a typical family structure or income.

      • Jessica

        You must have visited the Delta of Mississippi at some point. That is exactly the sort of thing that happens frequently in this state. If you want to see third world right here in the US, then google images of the Mississippi Delta. It shames me that people who are fellow American citizens are forced to live like that. Anyone who ISN’T shamed that excess in other’s lives has led to people living in such squalor has lost their very humanity.

      • jsbreal

        Yes. Keep them dumb and keep them poor is the Republican and Tea party mantra.

      • tecumseh

        the two are intimately related. Low education, low union membership, right to work laws, low wages, etc – they all go together

      • Kisma

        Anybody remembering the book by Upton Sinclair called “The Jungle”. We’re getting back to that stage again.

      • moclips

        Required reading in my “public education” — back when right wing whackos didn’t control the syllabus!

      • moclips

        Yes. I am.

      • Bob Rowen

        What was already a problem before the right to work laws continues to be a problem, but the poverty is made worse, not better, by the RTW laws. RTW there is a legislated continuation of the domination of workers by employers.

      • Junoh315

        Teaching positions are one of the most unionized jobs in the US. I doubt that those teachers will be happy to be told that they have to accept a pay-cut. Unhappy/unenthusiastic teachers won’t get people interested in doing good in school.

      • shelley

        when people work for less money, i.e. minimum wage, then yes, it becomes a poor state. everything else is tied to it. poor people don’t graduate high school as often as rich kids. because, what is the point? they are going to be poor anyway. no jobs that pay well, and higher education is unaffordable. it is all economics. try injecting a little common sense and reason.

      • Jeff Kalmar

        How long have you been a Walmart executive? Swine.

      • Shawna

        Ha! that’s what I thought too

      • jenniferann

        Right to Work means an employee can be fired for anything not covered under anti-discrimination laws. (For those who don’t know, bans on discrimination based upon sexuality are covered under city laws if its covered at all.) Even if they do their job well. The employer does not need a reason. A union changes the game in a right to work state. Because the union negotiates with the company, the employees are considered contract workers and therefore are harder to fire.

        Work At Will gives a little more protection to the employee. An employer has to have a reason, usually relating to job performance or workplace conduct, in order to fire an employee.

      • Joe DeSantos

        Still an idiot.

      • Shawna

        You’re drunk Ron, go home

      • melissa0859

        That is not the entire truth. Yes, it does mean that you do not have to belong to, or join a union to be hired. but more importantly, it “prohibits union security agreements, or agreements between labor unions and employers, that govern the extent to which an established union can require employees’ membership, payment of union dues, or fees as a condition of employment”
        So, you can belong to a Union. But you don’t have to pay dues. Brilliant.
        It basically destroys unions, and collective bargaining for wages and work conditions, permanently.

        “Employment at will” is a separate thing, and means you can be fired for no reason whatsoever. If the motive for firing you is discriminatory in any way, they don’t have to tell you that, or anything. The language is couched to make it seem as though employer and employee hold the same power. But in the real world, they obviously do not.

      • hpeetiep

        There has never been YOU HAVE TO JOIN A UNION TO BE HIRED… You are hired and then you join the Union…. You can be hired at a Unionized job and not join but why wouldnt you. Although now you just cant enjoy the Benefit the Union has gotten for you without paying a percentage that coverage costs of those benefits only. They do not pay the full Union Dues .. But they damn sure run to the Union when they are in jeopardy of losing their job…..

      • moclips

        “Force”? No, actually not the issue; cripple unions is closer to it. When states support unions, ALL boats are lifted; ALL workers make more money — thus wealth is created. It has everything to do with personal financial security. The forty year public campaign against unions wasn’t started by union workers, but by corporations. Who has more to lose when unions are busted? Get that answer right and you’ll understand why “right to work” is corporateeze for “right to exploit”.

      • hpeetiep

        Why people keep using the term FORCE to join the Union is beyond me. If you work in an Unionized workplace most of the benefits you reap are from them being Unionized. You get a higher wage which the UNION bargained for You get Health Benefits which the UNION bargained for you get paid vacations sick days and personal days that the UNION bargained for. Why shouldnt you have to pay the dues to get them??? The UNION also protects you from being fired without JUST CAUSE and protects your safety while doing those jobs. Union Shop collects just a percentage from those who do not join the Union to cover those benefits. RIGHT TO WORK States PROHIBIT COLLECTIVE BARGAINING..

      • Kathy Stuart

        It literally means that you have the right to work at the boss’s discretion. You generally can be fired for any reason, other than those covered by our civil rights laws, and sometimes those as well if the boss thinks they can get away with it.
        While there is some difference in the leeway given to companies in RTW states it all comes down to taking away all power from the workers. Hell, here in TX they do not even have to give you a bathroom break.

      • shelley

        and by not joining a union, you get paid waaaaay less. corporations love not having unions. more money in their pockets rather than the employees.

      • D Lowrey

        I’ve lived in Idaho/Arizona/Oklahoma/Texas. For those who love Right to Work…we had another more accurate name for it: Right to Starve. With my education at the Master’s level…all I could find in Idaho was a full-time job with an 80 mile commute 5 days a week for $7.50 an hour as a medicaid tech. Was not paid for my time to fill out my daily reports or for traveling. When I did a calculation once…I was making the same as when I was a temp 20 years ago doing general labor. Ended up leaving that hell hole last week after my employer phased out my position and telling me he wishes he could pay me more…but his ranch needed more stuff to be built on it and couldn’t do that with paying more to his employees.

      • MyStory Revealed

        Please talk about it, endlessly, to your friends, family, church members, person in line at the grocery store with you…anyone who will listen. Seriously. People are dumb…misinformed…have misguided allegiances. My cashier at the grocery store was complaining about how “Obamacare” (ironically a Republican plan in its inception) was “causing her to have her hours cut.” I informed her and several other workers standing nearby that HER EMPLOYER, in their greed and protection of their own interests was causing her to have her hours cut. I don’t know if her “programming” would let her “get it” (she was an elderly lady too…sadly working a minimum wage job). At least I hope I planted a seed of reasoning..critical thinking. Personally, morally, humanistically, Patriotically, I feel it is our obligation to tell these people who are being bludgeoned by the right wing propaganda machine.

      • krispy

        another sheeple. you don’t want to join or pay union, but you sure are there for the handout that the union bargains for. just another moocher

      • Troy

        This is true. Walmart’s greatest fear is the word “union”

      • tecumseh

        “Right to work” means unions and employers are prevented BY LAW from having three things:

        A closed shop
        The right to strike without being fired
        Collective bargaining.

        Saying you can have a labor union without a closed shop, the right to strike, and collective bargaining is like saying you can play baseball – but you’re not allowed to use a ball, a bat, or bases.

        Good luck with that.

        Right to work means unions are, for all intents and purposes, not allowed. They can exist in name only, but cannot use the tools they have used for a century to ensure that the rising American economic tide lifts all boats. Without these tools, unions are meaningless, and management can do what it wants to labor.

        But yeah, “unions can still be active”; they are just totally impotent.

      • scott

        Not sure where your information on right to work states come from but it is not correct. Washington State is a right to work state. I am a member of a union. I work in a closed shop. We have a collective bargaining agreement

      • Laura

        Not sure where your information comes from, but it is not correct. Washington is NOT a right to work state.

      • moclips

        I live in Washington as well; frankly, although we have “right to work” laws they are limited in this context. Primarily it is a “no-fault” hire/fire statute — however, the limitations placed on unions in classic “Right to Work” do NOT exist here. Organizing and enforcing union rules are NOT affected. You are talking apples and concrete in comparison.

      • Hugatree

        Exactly….Impotent is a very good choice of words

      • Jeff Kalmar

        Enjoy your 40-hour work week, sick leave and other benefits that Union member fought for – and in some cases died for – you filthy scab. I hope you lose your job to employment practices like Walmart’s, maybe then you’ll wake up.

      • marydee

        I live in AZ and call “right to work right to starve.”

      • Joe DeSantos

        You’re an idiot. Period.

      • Dean Edward Polumbo

        NO it doesn’t, it give the company the ability to do whatever and pay whatever it wants. It also takes the voice from the employee in unfair labor practices similar to whats going on yours and my Walmarts along with other companies. I know because I AM A UNION MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING in a right to work state(NC).

      • Jessica

        *cringes* Sheesh, that has got to be frustrating for you! Its not easy being a blue dot, eh?

      • scubus

        Right To Work laws vary from state to state but in general they are intended to weaken unions and make it more difficult for employees to form unions.

        Right to work laws limit a union’s ability to strike, lobby, collective bargaining ability etc. in various ways.

        Finally, why should a worker be protected from joining a union when they enjoy the contracts and other protections a union contract brings with it? I would have far less issues with right to work laws if those who chose not to belong to a union were forced to negotiate their contracts independent of the union contract.

      • Hugatree

        I have never knows a Union to force people to join. I’ve worked for two different ones. I can say this though when the people who didn’t join got into trouble for bull, like coming in late occasionally or taking off to tend to a sick kid or family member they had no one to turn to for help….so they got canned. What can I say

    • WeimMom

      They are cutting their employees to part time, will take a big hit on the economy as they are one of the largest employers. Not only are we being cut, they are putting self checkouts back in as to cut down on cashier jobs!

      Yet so many want amnesty and more work visas, ‘Outsourced Humanity’!

    • lobo214

      “Right to Work” = The right to work more for less and the right to be fired at any time for any reason or for no reason at all.

    • Deborah W.

      This is EXACTLY what they’re doing at the Walmart I worked at. First they squeezed many full-timers down to part time. I was one of those. I was lucky to get 20 hours a week, most weeks it was 16. And yes, four-hour shifts. And yes, Jean, others follow the Walmart business model. This has to stop right now.

    • PissPrincessKim

      This is what happens when unions are discouraged.

    • Jonathan Hiestand

      I live in CO both an “At Will” and “Right to Work” state. I work at a gas station, part of the Kroger Co. Gotta say, they definitely do not follow the same crap that WalMart does, they offer higher wages, transparency on “climbing the corporate ladder” and pretty decent healthcare. There is hope yet.

    • I, too, live in a right to work state. They will brag about how low unemployment is here, but yet demand on food pantries and assistance has doubled in the last year. So how can you have 3% unemployment, but yet an increase in demand on food pantries and SNAP? People in favor of right to work will push it as a law that won’t force you to join a union as condition of employment, but they don’t tell you that RTW is actually a legal way for people to skirt labor laws and get away with it.

    • George Streeter

      We just became a “right to work” state which is actually nothing but a right to rip off unions. Now not only will it be even harder to unionize these desperate workers half of them who are trailer park Republicans wont have to pay the dues to the union that got them their benefits in the first place. I know someone who works for a union retailer that does not pay the dues because of this new law. I asked them why they work for this union retailer and don’t quit and go work for walmart who is non union. Of course they thought they had a right to work their job. Talk about entitlement wanting to work for a union shop but not having the pay the union dues that got them the higher pay and better benefits.

  • me

    They will also fire anyone on the spot who mentions the word union. It is policy. They also have a special intercom code for anytime a union rep is found on store property.

    • Aaron Chrislip

      One Meat Department managed to unionize once, they shut down the entire grocery department.

  • yayagoddess

    At least they don’t make you pay $20 for two shirts with the company name on them and then $30 for a jacket and then fire you before you get a chance to wear them.

  • yayagoddess

    And when Wal-mart fires you, after 3 years of tenure, you’re told that you did not make the minimum to qualify for unemployment.

    • Validoom

      Or, if they put the word ‘misbehavior’ ANYWHERE on your walking papers. You get NOTHING from Walmart except a hard time.

  • MeMe

    I feel like there needs to be a revolution to change the path that the big corporations are leading us down. I only imagine it will get worse, until we won’t allow it anymore. The people who are making all the money are the ones who are responsible. They think they can do whatever they want… because we let them. How about an organized, national walkout? Employees from all over the country, taking a stand, and leaving there place of work in the middle of the day. “We won’t come back until we are treated fairly!” I would hope that people who were witnessing this revolution would also stand up, and let the big businesses know that they need to change. This would draw media coverage, and maybe even international level. These evil companies would HAVE to change. I don’t see any other option.

    • Nij

      Would be great but I dont think they’d budge. Then we’d all starve while waiting for a change that they can live through because they have tons of money and we dont. :/

    • Dale Mulkey

      republicans will never allow any change

      • GuidoFL

        And who has been president for the last 4 1/2 years ??

      • tom jones

        GODDAMMIT DALE. Shut up. ITS ALL OF THEM. Stop taking one side, you narrow minded prick.

      • lebijuti

        Sorry Tom, but your thinking is all screwed up. Do you think the law that says a worker must be paid at 1 and one half times the normal rate is a good law for workers? Do you know that Eric Cantor and many republicans are trying to change that law so that your employer can work you over 40 hours and keep the extra wages until you have a week when you work less than 40 hours? —————That law gives the “employer” the option of weather to pay you or hold on to your money. The republicans are terrible for the American worker!!!!

      • patricia spinazzola

        The President does NOT write OR pass legislation; but then, you knew that, right???? RIGHT????? All he can do is veto shitty legislation. Since Repubs take all that vacation time and don’t do any actual work, they never pass anything. So, stop blaming the president. Put the onus on the correct branch of government, the do-nothing Congress.

      • GuidoFL

        I think you need a primer on how the presidency works ? The president sends his agenda to his cabinet , congress, and the senate. He doesn’t make the laws but by presenting his agenda steers all concerned as to what he wants. Take Obama Care for example, it has his name on it and he pushed his minions to get this law passed so in effect indirectly made this law any way you cut it !

      • cjm69

        Umm. The president does try to advance a legislative agenda, yes, but it’s the leadership in each chamber (controlled by whichever party holds the majority) that actually controls what bills move through committee and to the floor. What the president wants is seldom determinative, and he doesn’t have any “minions” who can force his will on recalcitrant legislators.

        BTW, “Obamacare” is a nickname, and one that was originally introduced by the law’s *opponents*. The actual name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

      • Jessica

        You think the presidential office holds more leverage with Congress than lobbyists do?? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • lebijuti

        We must vote the republicans out. Erik Cantor and the republicans are trying to take away overtime pay after 40 hours. They were pushing a bill that actually gave the employer the choice of paying you for hours worked over 40 or holding those wages until you had weeks where you worked less than 40 hours.

      • Bad Bob

        “Nobody gets anything, unless we get more.” Republican Congress

      • Jessica

        Whoa. That was actually quite profound.

    • MadameDelphi

      Leave in the middle of the day? Hah, my manager told me to leave after 3 hours & take rest of week off because they needed to cut hours. My bills still need to be paid, so your suggestion is for people who can afford to do that.

  • Nij

    They also wont hire you unless you’re available 24/7 for the rest of your life.

    • John

      That’s why I didn’t work there 11 years ago. I applied there, but I was looking for a 9-5er (4-5 days a week) or something similar. In the interview, they stated that this wasn’t possible. So, I declined, and got a job somewhere else a few months later with a lot of interesting people.

  • Tracy M

    Target is just as bad.

  • Monica McLaughlin

    What I don’t understand is why is Walmart evil for doing this? Walmart is not the Government. It is the Government that allows Walmart to do this.

    • Benjamin Spider

      So if I kill someone, that is the government’s fault as well? Also do you know what a lobbyist is?

    • Malfouka Malfouka

      Why is Walmart evil for doing this? Are you serious? Walmart is evil for many, many reasons but let’s focus on your question. Walmart is the largest corporation in the world. If it were a country, it would rank 25th in wealth (wealthier than ~157 of the world’s countries) yet it WON’T pay the majority of it’s employees a living wage and does vile crap like cutting hours so that it doesn’t have to provide even the most meager of benefits. Walmart could EASILY maintain a majority full-time, fully benefited staff, and still enjoy profits like you and i could never imagine, but it has chosen greed over humanity.

    • John Cross

      Hilarious tea baggers tell us the govt is the source of all evil, so if any company does something like screw over workers to make a profit, that is the govt’s fault. But if the govt does anything to prevent it, that is SOCIALISM. You can’t have it both ways babe. Certainly it is the tea bagger sponsored republican party that lets them get away with it.

    • Dale Mulkey

      no its walmarts fault

    • Mike Holton

      As much as I despise Walmart, it actually isn’t really their fault. If they gave more benefits, etc. they would lose market share. Then stock prices would fall, then people would get sued. Yes, in the US, stockholders can SUE their company if the CEO/Directors etc. do NOT maximize profit over every other consideration.
      If you don’t like that, elect officials that will write better labor laws and pay the money needed to enforce them.

      • A Response


      • djulien

        Not true. Look at Costco. Completely different biusiness model and very successful….

  • Trime

    Macy’s is like this as well.

  • Timberdrake

    I agree walmart is horrible.. I have someone very close to me that has been trying to get a transfer for 7 months now to a store closer. He now pays over half his income to travel to and from work, has been at the same store for 6 yrs now and is constantly given management duties, has passed all management tests and yet when an asst management position came open at the closer store, they passed him over for someone from az. hundreds of miles away and here we are 2 months down the road and that person is still not here for the job.. mind you this was the second time they had to hire for that position. the first never showed. The dept this job is in is the same dept he has worked for 5 and half yrs of his time with walmart.. they keep him at 34 hours/wk as they cant cut him any more because hes full time..
    The health benefits are bad… you have to pay 10k a yr BEFORE the insurance even kicks in to help. that’s almost half his yr gross before taxes and he pays 70 a week for these benefits…

    • Angie

      That is just disgusting. 10k? I don’t understand HOW any of this is even legal. But I guess as long as your pockets are lined with gold, you can get away with ANYTHING. So sorry your friend had to live like that.

  • Benjamin Spider

    Associates is was a term they called us back in the 90’s but that soon got phased out and they renamed us something else. I was only with them for 9 months but we went from employees, to associates, to a title I forget. They also pulled this crap where if you took even a second longer than you were supposed to on break it did not count as a break and you were not paid for that time. As for this game with the hours. Almost every week I was there I pulled full time hours, and they would not give me full time benefits even after they fired two other people in my department who were full time. As for how long these games have been going on, a lady who happen to have met Sam Walton told me they have been going while he was alive. She had worked their long enough to collect on their retirement plan a year after I left.

  • wkLeon

    Am I the only one noticing the Walmart ad on this article that reads “Over 75% of Walmart managment started out as hourly employees”?

  • carlie.

    Actually, because of Obamacare, many low wage jobs around here do this already. There is not a single fast food place that allows an employee to go over 28 hours a week/120 hours a month in fear of having to provide the option of benefits. This was implemented January 1st for all restaurants around here finding it impossible to pay rent on already minimum wage and hours reduced from 40 to 28.
    as for sick leave and vacation? its all up to the managers if they want to excuse it but of course nothing is ever paid, never has, never will.

    • John Cross

      Please don’t blame “Obamacare” for this. It has been standard policy for years. Obamacare just gave them a new target. Most fast food places nver allowed full-time even for managers and will not only short shift employees, but also have them “clock out” when business is slow and expect them to come back in when business speeds up! In other words, they have them on “standby” for a minimum wage job.

      • carlie.

        I dont doubt that larger corporations are greedy, but the fast food place that I work at (and those in the area) allowed full time and over time to any hard worker. then the health care act got passed and my GM making the lowest salary in the area has to work 80 hours a week and make sure no one is working past 28. So those companies that were trying to take care of their employees no longer can.

      • Jessica

        I really highly doubt that.

      • carlie.

        Well its true. The only thing that saved my ass is that I am a full time student and I pay a majority of my larger bills with student loans.

        I am in no way against the health care act, but I dont like it screwing me and my fellow employees over. why not make the benefits for both part and full time employees? dont leave loopholes for companies to screw its employees.

      • Jessica

        Hmmmmm I’m thinking there may be some confusion there for you in what exactly the Affordable Healthcare Act does. I suggest you spend some time perusing the legislation for yourself. Its available for free online in pretty much any format you need it in.

      • Jessica

        And first of all, I can’t put credit in your statement because the ACA hasn’t been put into effect totally yet. And depending on which state you are living in, may not be in effect at all if they have refused the extra funding to expand Medicare. So in other words, yes, it has passed as constitutional through the Supreme Court as of now, but it has not been fully implimented, and may not be at all, in your state. So there is some other circumstance that has been causing your employer to cut shifts and they are using the ACA as a scapegoat so they don’t look so much of an ass. I’m willing to bet the business has not been doing as well in the first place and this just gives them a finger to point.

    • Dale Mulkey

      dont blame the affordable health care act for greedy trash business owners

    • Deb Ty

      I was wondering how long it would take before this came into view. Obamacare has nothing to do with these practices , its been going on since the 80’s , and if you live in VT. or NH you can be fired at will, which means they don’t have to have a reason to fire you and you will also be unable to collect unemployment.

      • NYSDOL

        NY is a “right to work” state, as is Florida, as well. There are MANY states where you can be fired without reason. However that doesn’t equal being unable to collect unemployment. That determination comes when you file, and Walmart tends to refuse pretty much everyone by telling the unemployment office that you were fired for misbehavior.

        It’s up to you to fight it. And fight it, you should.

    • Jessica

      My foot its “Obamacare”. This has been happening for YEARS now. Find another scapegoat, no one believes that malarky.

  • memeremalek

    And they will continue to thrive because they use their enormous buying clout to muscle manufacturers & suppliers who desperately want to get their merchandise placed in Walmart for the volume of sales. I worked for a bathroom rug mfr. back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when Walmart was still only a TX & southwest chain & Target was only in Minneapolis & surrounding areas. Even back then, the sales rep for TX got filthy rich off of landing our products in Walmart. He got them in buy pressuring management to drastically lower the price per SKU – lower than any other buying house got at that time. While the Target sales rep also got rich getting our products into Target chains, by selling on quality of product. Walmart had us make a cheaper product at a lower MSRP, exclusively for them. It was part of the deal struck. Mega wealth was never enough for Sam Walton, who I met once. He was a sleezy lecherous old coot with a Bible in his back pocket & Cuban ‘ceegar’ between his puffed up lips. They were also one of the 1st big chain discounters to accept food stamps. That’s why I shop at Costco when I want a big box store & wouldn’t be caught dead in a WallyWorld. They smell funky. It’s all the outdated food they keep in stock.

    • joheath001

      I’ve met Alice Walton… She’s worse

      • midwstgirl

        but they are GOOD christians!

    • ninja

      I wonder if this might not be on the way to changing…

      I do most of my shopping on Amazon, but if a company like Sony offered me the same price on my new TV as Amazon does, which means they’re making more than they would selling it to Amazon, I’d prefer to buy the TV directly from the manufacturer, and I bet most people would. I wonder if Walmart and similar stores are in their dying days.

  • joe

    Listen, Walmart is not the only company that does this sort of thing. Even so-called “liberal” companies like Old Navy has this type of practice. It’s despicable.

    • Mike Holton

      Old Navy, Owned by Gap, Inc. One of two companies (along with Walmart) who refused to sign on to the Bangladeshi safety upgrade agreement.
      Liberal my ass.

  • Jackie

    This is nothing new, this has been going on in business for the past 25 years. JCPenney does the same thing.

  • Eduardo Ramirez

    Cry me a river if u don’t like ur job don’t work there. Who gets vacations and benefits now and days. I have never had a vacation. U don’t work u don’t eat.

    • Dale Mulkey

      oh boo hoo. i would really cry for you but your just to stupid to waste time over

    • Mike Holton

      Who gets vacations and benefits? Employees at Costco.

    • JP60181

      I get vacations and benefits. Oh, that’s right, because I’m in a union and we don’t let management screw us over.

    • robingee

      “if u don’t like ur job don’t work there”

      What? Because it’s so easy to just find another job? You’ve solved the problem! You’re a genius! Hey everyone! Just find a better job!

    • Aaron Chrislip

      And if that’s the only job in town and you can’t afford a working vehicle? Such a bullshit response. I know a restaurant owner that gets away with sexual harassment because people can’t afford to go without work during the process of taking him to court. They’d starve before they got anything, and jobs are so few, there are no other prospects.

  • ProudWalmartian

    A year and a half ago, I was laid off from “great government job” with great benefits. The only place hiring was Walmart. My plan was to work there until something better came along because I had read articles like this and had the opinion it would be awful. I was wrong. After only 3 months cashiering and I was promoted to a management position because I have a positive attitude and am a hard worker. Walmart may have policies that people may not agree with (and, yes, the health insurance choices are not the best), but my overall experience has been a positive one. I can’t speak for everyone, just my own experience at my store. I don’t doubt that hours need to be cut sometimes. I just hope that people can see that any business has to make tough choices. But there is always good if you look for it and work for it. I’m not making nearly as much money as I used to make, but I love my job. I’ve made budget cuts. I still pay all my bills, mortgage, etc. and don’t receive government assistance. Say what you want, but Walmart has been good to me.

    • Mike Holton

      So someone already working in a high-paying government job managed to land a similar job at a revoltingly cheap and old-boy-networked corporation.
      Why am I not surprised?

  • Max Power

    I know someone who works at Wal Mart just as a part time job, for spending money. So it is not a big deal for her, and she goes through this all the time. If you tell a manager that you cannot work a shift they will change the schedule and take you off and give other people your hours that week. So she gets at least 1 week in 5 with only 6 hours.

  • Mona Cavaluzzo-Haggerty

    old news. most places I have worked for are like this. have been for the last 13 years I have worked. examples: when minimum wage went up I had a boss take me off the books to keep me at 6.00/hr… never had a 40 hr. week. never. god forbid they might have to pay more!… never been offered medical. when I asked for it I was told it would be $100/week. not good if you have bills and only make $150-200/week… when managers or asst. managers or supervisors quit or got fired, they wouldn’t hire another. just make their part time counter help pick up the responsibility – at the same pay. the list is endless. there is no way they letting counter help take from their wallets!

  • Max Power

    This is what the country is headed for. We started off down this path long ago when we were told we were going to a “Service based economy.” Low wage jobs, low skill jobs. The American Dream is not dead yet, but it is sputtering. Think of it. In less than 30 years we went from the highest standard of living in the world to not even in the top 10

    • Mike Holton

      Our standard of living for our top 2% of wage earners is still tops in the world.

      • Don

        …and if you’re not one of them what good does it do you (or me)? I wouldn’t call that bragging rights, I’d call that something to be ashamed of. A rising tide should lift all boats…

  • Bradley Joslin

    Eh this isn’t really different from what a lot of companies are doing now. My daughters mom is getting her hours dropped to less than 23 hours a week (Does not work for Wal-Mart. so they wont have to provide insurance to her next year. It is ridiculous how greedy corporations are. Surely everyone is going to just blame President Obama instead of corporate greed.

  • Duaine

    I’m a manager at Sam’s and I give my part timers as many hours as I please. Also, open availability is only required for full timers. Don’t know who your source is but come to Minnesota and see how a well run club looks.

    • Jessica

      Is MN a right to work state? Genuinely curious.

  • Jerry Wilson

    As a single parent, this is the reason its so hard for me to find a job. When you tell people you cant find a job, they call you lazy and say ” it’s so easy to get a job, I can get a job really fast.”

    • John

      That’s ashame. In my area, there aren’t that many jobs (We have a Walmart, though, but I have never worked there, and I don’t plan on it anytime soon).

  • Matthew Bugaj

    Most of those practices make sense for a capitalist employer who is trying to squeeze every last dollar out. Once you remove community from capitalism, once the guy you are bilking is not the guy who coaches your kids’ little league team, you can take him for every last cent without recourse. Wal-Mart might be ahead of the pack, but these same practices of limiting hours, avoiding benefits, and demanding open availability are pretty common practices for all companies. Our recourse is to shop smaller, spend our free hours with the joy of growing and preparing our own food, get bicycles, and not watch cable television. Cable television takes all of the words that we should hear from people we know and instead spits them out, with a massive agenda, from people we don’t know. Obtaining food, clothing, shelter, and transportation can all be effectively free enterprises, but we have been conditioned to believe they are the most expensive things in our budgets. Grow your own food, mend your clothes and don’t worry about “fashion,” live in a family home or work toward having one your children can live in when they are grown and not give up for 200 years, and live close enough to what you need that you can walk or ride a bicycle. Get closer to how people used to live, free of the control of corporate barons like the Walton family, because doing the things that I mentioned will make you happier with a fuller life.

  • retail expert

    My first hand experience knows that this type of scheduling practices are happening across the board within countless box stores. Last summer I worked at Michael’s Art Craft. Employees were scheduled 2-3 hours daily with a average weekly total of 6-8 hour with an expected 7 day availability. If the expected sales quota was down, you’d be told to leave for the day. All these stores operate with a skeleton crew. It is better to support your local small business where your purchase $’s stay in your community.

    • Mrs_oatmeal

      Shop small business and leave these poorly managed stores hanging. Yes, it will cost a bit more, but if we aren’t paying for food stamps, health care, and homeless shelters, it may cost you less in the long run. I will not set foot in WalMart because of several things I heard employees talking about while I was there. I also began to notice how employees never seemed to be there very long.

      • John

        I only go there when I go out in the middle of the night for something (sometimes my sleep varies because I am a night owl). I will try to go there less and less in the future.

  • Justin

    I’ve worked retail for the last ten years and at Target for the last six years. Was also an employee at Sams Club prior to that for 3.5yrs. I see this recent reduction in hours due to the onset of Obama Care. Big box retail has always been trying to find that balance doing more with less. I had full benefits w/target because I was fulltime for three years. When I started school full time I reduced my hours to the minimum to retain those benefits. After the passing of Oboma care my 25hrs a week were reduced to 16. I was no longer available for the full benefits and would have reapply for the lesser benefits the following year. On top of that part time and full time employees hours were also reduced. Why pay for benefits if there is a national health care system to do that. It’s cheaper for the business to pay their fines per employee than to pay out in benefits. They’re doing what any smart business would. Keep costs down and profits up to keep the investors and shareholders happy and keep your merchandise and consumable costs at a minimum for their consumers. If you’re not a fan of their business practices, it’s easy, stop buying from them. Vote with your feet.

    • Jerry Wilson

      So what you are saying is that is o.k. for them to barely pay someone that they can’t live or eat off of in order to keep the investors and shareholders happy and keep your merchandise and consumable costs at a minimum for their consumers? The workers are the consumers, if they cant afford to buy the product of the company they work for, the investors and shareholders will go broke.

    • Jessica

      Oh please, you aren’t fooling anyone. This has been happening for YEARS, only now they have a scapegoat to point their finger at. I’ve been listening to friends and family tell me the same horrible business practices at places like Walmart and Sam’s for literally over a decade, its only gotten WORSE in recent years bc they’ve figured out that they can do these things without any backlash or penalization from the public and government. Its coming more and more publicized because of the economic state we’ve been in has forced many more people to seek out such employment and it is being voiced and noticed more often now. But its no where NEAR to a new enough practice for the ACA, which has not even been fully implimented yet (and may not be implimented at all in your state if they refused the funding to expand Medicare), to be the causation of such activity. Its the companies long standing policy that they are merely becoming more rigorous with now that they can blame their bad behavior on something.

  • Mabs

    People, please. Just stop at Target and Costco.

  • Claire

    And Walmart pays so low a lot of their employees are on food stamps because they fall below the poverty line. American tax payers are subsidizing shareholders of Walmart. Walmart is on the government dole. Outrageous.

    • NYSDOL

      It’s not just Walmart.
      A FT shift supervisor at Panera Bread, in NY, makes little enough to collect food stamps.
      A FT copy and print team leader at Staples, in NY, makes little enough to collect food stamps.
      Do some research on this, you’ll be quite amazed.

      • GreyWolf62

        Even I find that disgusting, but not for the same reasons as most. Our government has redefined poverty to make it too easy for people to get food stamps. Instead of admitting that we are failing to teach our children basic economics and life skills (such as budgeting and making wise food choices), we encourage irresponsible choices. I’m willing to bet that FT shift supervisor has a cell phone and catches the subway rather than bikes. I’m willing to bet that FT copy and print team leader has little to no marketable skills.

        If people aren’t growing their own food, forming their own collectives, gaining skills and trades, then they should not expect that society is going to support their food, clothing, housing, entertainment, and medical needs.

      • Jerry Wilson

        And that full time employee has an OPEN AVAILABILITY.
        If you don’t have the cash to buy food, what makes you think they have money to keep up grown their own food?

      • MadameDelphi

        And have enough money to own property for their gardens.

      • Janice

        What makes you such an expert on what people “probably” do or do not do? Our “government” most definitely has made it easier for people to get food stamps soley by condoning such a small minimum wage and making it hard for some to actually get an education. People are the product of their environment and the government is doing nothing to try to help people who need it. Instead they keep slashing funding for EVERYTHING. It is a sick sick circle they have running,a s long as their bellies are full and they have a palatial roof over their heads, screw everyone else. The government needs to start realizing they work for us, not the other way around. And corporate greed is deemed okay by the government because of course, they have their filthy hands in everything.

      • GreyWolf62

        My Harvard degree (and other advanced degrees from Carnegie Mellon as well as my industry experience) makes me some what of an expert. What makes you one?

        1. The government does not “work for you”. Perhaps you should take a Civics lesson and learn something so you will be less of an ignoramus and more of an “expert”.

        2. “People are the product of their environment” … Are you admitting that broken homes create broken children, or do you limit your definition of “environment” for convenience?

        3. What have you created? How many jobs have you created? What have your built? Why should the government favor you (someone who doesn’t create, build, or employ) over any filthy, greedy industry that creates, builds, or employs?

      • Jessica

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re quite the ridiculous person. Did I just hear someone say “Let them eat cake”?

      • carol

        You really are a self righteous snob, aren’t you.

      • Jessica

        Bill O’Reilly went to Harvard, and he couldn’t manage to fully grasp the concept of the effects the moon has on the tide, something that most grade schoolers can explain to you. In other words, throwing out that you attended Harvard (of which I am dubious anyway) merits you no expert opinion outside of what your degree was in.

      • Jana Lenkiewicz

        The government does work for the people – that is the whole point of democracy.
        “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
        they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among
        these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these
        rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from
        the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes
        destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish
        it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles
        and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

        “We the People of the United
        States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure
        domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general
        Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do
        ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

        “…and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not
        perish from the earth.”

      • midwstgirl

        I take it you are not christian and an Ayn Rand lover?

      • carol

        Your comment makes you sound greedy, selfish and mean.

  • Simon Goodman

    I worked for Wal-Mart for 4 years. I’ve seen them do that to great associates. Knock their time down to next to nothing and scatter their schedule all over the week as if they really were trying to make sure she couldn’t get a second job.

  • Teresa

    Kroger does the same thing I work for King Soopers

  • Sean

    The author sounds extremely jealous of what the owners of Walmart have built and won’t give to him because he feels entitled to other people’s wealth. If you don’t like your job, quit. Walmart is NOT forcing people to work for them. Government DOES force me to work for them though. Who’s the really greedy evil institution here? The one that doesn’t force anyone to work there or shop there, or the one that puts a gun to peoples’ heads and force them to pay for services they may neither need nor want?

    • robingee

      “entitled to other people’s wealth”

      Being paid a decent wage is being entitled to other people’s wealth? They are WORKING, not sitting around drinking beer saying GIMME A CHECK. It’s really great that you are in a place where good jobs are plentiful and you are on your golden throne. Why should you care about anyone else? People who are working deserve decent pay don’t they? Or only if they are college-educated and working in a sweet office gig like you, Prince Charming?

      • Jerry Wilson

        Don’t forget the part that if you cant find a job because they only higher people with open availability schedules you are considered lazy and moocher.

      • Jessica

        i’m sure that he will be HIGHLY interested in other people’s needs when a starving mob of people eventually shows up at his throne for his head and his bread because he told them “Let them eat cake”. There is always a disinterest in the well being of others until one realizes that they’ve got a lot more to lose than what is in their wallets when they make people desperate enough due to their lack of humanity and empathy. And you make an excellent point. These people are NOT asking for a handout, they are asking to be worked more and to be given a fair and livable wage in compensation for their work. That’s not something to find shameful.

  • Jacob Jones

    So, I’m supposed to have sympathy for someone who froggered away their life and education, and got stuck at wal-mart, digging ditches?.. LOL.. I’m sorry, but I got better things to do with my time..

    • robingee

      You elitist jerk. The country needs people to stock shelves and work cash registers, but screw them right? Who cares.

    • Aaron Chrislip

      And those who had to drop out of school at 16 to get a job to help take care of their family, fuck’em right? Asshole.

    • Jessica

      i know college graduates that are working at Target and Walmart these days because they can’t find a job in their field. Good job assuming a lot of crap about people that probably isn’t true. Way to stereotype really wrongly.

  • Tired of this shit

    WalMart isn’t the only one doing this shit. Ross and other retail stores I know are doing it as well. Luckily I work in stock where I have set schedule so I have the option to get a second job on the weekend. Well if you could call that lucky anyway. I’m also a full-time student who can’t make rent on less than 25 hours.

  • Lea

    I used to work for them and back then I had to wonder if it was a store by store thing, I had full benefits and when I left they sent me a check for my time accrued into their 7 year thing and I had only been their 2 1/2 years… I see now that some of the stores are almost cult like with their cheers, but then i remember Target did the same thing…
    Oh and while I had no problem working full time and getting full benefits with Walmart, when I worked at Target if an employee even got close to hitting the full time mark they were sent home, I was supposed to be full time but never once did I get benefits with them and I worked their for a year.

    • Aaron Chrislip

      Sounds kind of like my time at walmart. I was “part-time” but averaged 35 hours a week for about 4-5 weeks in a row. Walmart’s policy was that full time status is granted if you average over 32 hours a week for 6 weeks. So for week 5 and/or 6 I would be cut down to one shift to kill the average and start it over. Everyone on third shift was worked this way and we were rotated on who had the short week so that they were always staffed. After about 6 months, that changed to no one was to get over 32 hours in any week. There were people that were asked by management to stay over to finish projects, if you refused, you were written up or fired, if you agreed, you were written up or fired for going over your 32. I could go on, but I won’t.

      • Jessica

        very common scenario from what I’ve gleaned over the years. Also, illegal.

      • Jessica

        PS- there are very large lawsuits pressed against walmart for this very practice in many states. I would check for some further information on statue of limitations if I were you and see if you can add anything to the conversation legally about this in your state. The more employees, former and current, that will come forward and give testimony on Walmart’s actions concerning this, the more likely they will see penalization for doing it to employees. And don’t get discouraged if you do get involved with those cases, Walmart is not impervious. They’ve lost cases before, such as the one in which they were hiring undocumented migrant workers to clean their stores at night (before most of them became 24 hr behemoths) while they were closed. They lost this lawsuit because they had a policy that the store had to be locked over the house they were closed. so rather than keep management on to supervise, they decided to lock the workers indoors until morning and the manager showed up to open the store. They also had tampered with time cards in order to pay the workers for less hours and give the appearance that they were not locked indoors overnight (which is highly illegal and a HUGE safety hazard). They CAN lose.

  • Jane

    My company does this as well. Besides the few managers and two supervisors everyone else is part time and most need open availability or they won’t hire you. Luckily I work a set schedule of PT hours to where I can also have another job to make up for it.

  • Bogietart

    GameStop does this as well.

  • Bgt Garrett

    Umm…Ya know. This is just one of the reasons that those evil things like unions were formed in the first place. I know Walmart doesn’t “allow” unions but I also know that generally the only way to make a company do what is right for it’s employees is to be a force to reckon with. One way to be a force is to be a union. Those “evil” unions do have a purpose.

  • GuidoFL

    Do you really think Wal-Mart is the only one doing this ?? This is an example of the Obama Economy, reduced hours, no benefits, low pay, etc. So many “workers” are on Food Stamps, rental assistance & Medicaid it’s really shocking !
    Meanwhile none of this is addressed as our president travels all over the world lecturing other countries about their inequities ! The days of the Fat Cat CEO’s have brought this back from our past.

    • Kailysimpson

      When I worked for Walmart, bush was president and they were doing these same things. Stop blaming Obama for corporate greed.

    • Jerry Wilson

      None of it was caused by Obama. This is an example of the Republican/Corporation Economy, reduced hours, no benefits, low
      pay, etc. So many “workers” are on Food Stamps, rental assistance
      & Medicaid it’s really shocking!

      If they paid people a living wage, they wouldn’t on it now would they?

    • Jessica

      Why exactly did you put the word workers in quotations? Are you implying that these people somehow do not have valuable work? Work in the retail industry and service industry that you take advantage of on a daily basis, work that in the absence of your entire functioning world and life would cease to exist? That isn’t valuable to you? Or is it that you just think they are lazy and are at fault for their situation when the vast majority of people are complaining that they are not being given enough hours to work and are having their duties doubled at times without compensation or being given more time at work to complete the extra duties? To me, that does not sound like a lazy person but a person who is being held hostage in a sense by his work environment, someone who is being exploited for their circumstance.

  • James

    Maybe its time to board up their doors and shut them down? How about a few parking lot protest. No customers=no Wal Mart! The time for talk is over, it is time for action!

  • bh09962

    I worked at Sam’s for 8 years, up until August of 2012. This exact policy was implemented in my club in July, 2012. Wal-Mart does everything in their power to screw employees, which has been the policy since Sam Walton died.

  • doreene

    Want to solve this, go after the shareholders not the Waltons. The shareholders are the ones the Waltons answer to.

  • Validoom

    I work for Douche-Mart and while I have not experienced any of this myself, I’m sure it’s true…also, NOBODY likes working at Wal-Mart. However, you can’t afford college if you’re working for a company that doesn’t even pay you enough to live on.

  • Betty Eyer

    It’s not just keeping them from having jobs. It’s keeping them from going to school. The jobs where you can say “I want to work part time because I am in college, here’s my class schedule” are getting more and more rare and thus putting more and more pressure on middle class and poor kids who want to better themselves.

    • midwstgirl

      you have to keep your slaves in line

  • Elle

    Your source is giving you outdated information. And generalizing Sam’s Club information to Walmart isn’t really journalistic, by the way. Anyway, I worked for Walmart from April 2003 to May 2007. During that time they implemented the open availability scheduling system. The more open your availability, the better your chances of getting hours. And they claimed it was all automated and they couldn’t override it, but that was crap. They were able to edit it, and they sometimes would under special circumstances. Regardless, limited availability seriously screwed a lot of people over. And it was at that time that they realized (in my store at least) that fewer hours meant less benefits. And soon, very few people worked full-time.

    • Jerry Wilson

      See that’s part of the problem. Its filtering out people because of their open availability in order to make them more money. Its all about greed at the expense of their workers.

  • Moto5858

    I know all too well the labor practices of Walmart. My senior citizen mother has worked there for 13 years and I could write a book about all of the crap they pull on their employees. They will do anything to make sure their employees do not have benefits of any kind. They did this to my mother a couple of years ago when she came back from knee replacement surgery. They took away all of her benefits – life insurance, short term disability, dental insurance. I was LIVID and told her to get an attorney but a 77 yr old woman is not going to get litigious at her age. I hope Walmart is brought to its knees one day.

    • Jessica

      You and your mother SHOULD write a book. 13 years of insight and watching changing policy for when and why would be a very interesting read as well as informative.

    • Jessica

      Matter of fact, you should get in touch with me. I’ve been working on a documentary idea for some time now and your mother’s insight and long term of employment at Walmart could give me some very valuable information.

      • MadameDelphi

        I could tell you stories too but the company is not Walmart.

      • Paisley Blackburn

        The “American Scream”–I love it. I am currently about to work my final shift at McDonalds tonight, and I could give you a ton of stories about them as well. I have a great work ethic, but I have never worked so hard for so little pay in all of my life! These companies need to be brought to their knees. Maybe we could interest Erin Brockovich?

  • Kailysimpson

    I worked for wal-mart for 6 years. Even if you qualify for their benefits, they are so terrible that they are worthless at best. One associate I worked with got brain cancer and they refused to cover her medications and treatments. We ended up emptying our employee fund and taking up collections to help cover her costs so she didn’t die. It was sad. They straight up didn’t care that she was dying. I was a student at one point toward the end and they had my schedule so that I was missing classes, even though I told them I had class at a certain time, and when I went to my manager, she actually said to me, “you’re going to have to choose between school and Walmart.” I chose school. Now I’m a graduate student. That place is awful… Just awful. I could tell you a thousand stories about the unscrupulous things they do, and I started working there in 2001, so it’s nothing new.

    • Jessica

      That is really deplorable. what you guys did to help save her life was really beautiful though. Good people.

  • Sean

    If this is an “evil corporation”, then are all of the small businesses moving full timers to part time because of Obamacare angels? Companies are not required to give benefits, and many, in the face of a poor economy and rising health care costs, opt not to give benefits to part time employees.

    If the wages are not enough for people to live on, the remedy is to raise the minimum wage, not blast companies who follow the law.

  • Shwee

    I know several people that work at several different Walmarts around the country and each one loves their job. Walmart provides healthcare to employees working 24 hours a week.. how is this a bad thing??? This isnt even a true statement, I have a family member that works at Walmart and has medical/hospitalization and she only works 16 hours a week. I dont know of any other employer that will even consider providing medical benefits to anyone working less than 30 hours a week.
    I didnt see anywhere in the article where it was mentioned that Walmart employees receive a quarterly bonus check, and that part time employees receive this as well as the full time employees. Isnt this article supposed to be stating facts about Walmart? These bonus checks are usually comparable to 1-2 weeks pay each quarter, thats a nice bonus.. and again, who else does this for ALL of their employees?
    Why attack Walmart? What about Kmart, or Target, or any other box store? Oh thats right.. there’s a LOT of union dues to collect from Walmart and so the unions are throwing fits about not being able to collect on Walmarts success. These same Walmart-bashing-union-folk go to such great lengths to discredit Walmart, yet I’ve seen them shopping there..

  • AnotherBrian

    Just out of odd curiosity, if working for Wal-Mart is so horrible, why do these people continue to work there?

    • Jerry Wilson

      They really don’t have a choice. Think of it as bait and switch. The job sounds really cool and pays decent, then once hired they don’t give you enough hours to live off of and can fire you for any reason they see fit. Nope its not against the law either. Its called The Right To Work.

      • AnotherBrian

        Everyone has a choice.

      • Jessica

        Not everyone. That is a fantasy. Visit the Mississippi Delta and you’ll see people living in basically third world country environments. Barely any real shelter, starving to death, sick. You tell me that those people have made a choice to live like that?? No. They didn’t choose that. And they can’t lift themselves out of such poverty without the help of their community and their fellow American citizens to reach out a empathetic hand. It is up to us to put an end to these bad labor practices that are mentioned above and to instill a regulatory system that encourages manufacturing in the US and creating jobs here, rather than outsourcing jobs to foreign countries that accept such terrible labor practices (like the Bangladeshi garment district. Do a google search for images of Bangladesh garment district disasters. This is the path that American labor practices are on when people are talking about deregulation to promote business.)

    • Jessica

      There are many places in my state, Mississippi (especially in the Delta region, do a bit of outside research and you will quickly see how destitute this area is. There are some regions where Tanzanian citizens have a higher life expectancy than those living in that Delta region. It is literally 3rd world country-like living in this area while still being in the states. Turning your back on it is SO SHAMEFUL) where the population far exceeds the existing jobs. For instance, one Delta country reports having a total of 5 businesses which offer around 100 jobs to the community. The population of that same county exceeds 1,000 people. If you are one of the lucky individuals to even HAVE a job, you are certainly in no position to negotiate pay or hours, despite how unacceptable the terms of employment are. so it is a little hard to tell a community with 100 available jobs and a population of 1000 that if they don’t like their job, get a new one. That simply is NOT an option for some.

      • Jessica


      • AnotherBrian

        If the place is so horrible, why don’t people leave?

      • Jessica

        They have been, in droves. It is a desolate place and those still there are only there because they are so poor they have the utter inability to leave. Put yourself in their shoes, if they can not even afford to live in a house that has a functioning roof, then how will they afford to leave? It is a situation none too easy to pull one’s self out of and there is no obvious or simple answer to such a problem.

  • GreyWolf62

    Sounds to me like the problem is people are accustomed to entering through the back door so-to-speak. People became accustomed to being a part time employee with convenient scheduling, forcing managers to balance part time employee schedule demands. That worked well for the people when there was less unemployment. Now managers can’t afford to care about part time employee schedules but must focus on delivering value to customers, shareholders, and stakeholders. [Stakeholders include suppliers and full term employees.]

    • Jerry Wilson

      The employees are customers too, if they cant afford to buy it then would eventually go broke.

      • GreyWolf62

        I don’t understand your statement or why you think it makes sense. People don’t become employees until they are spending money. When they are spending money, they are treated like customers, not employees. While the employees won’t be able to afford everything they want, Walmart’s strategy of being a low-cost supplier will ensure that the employees will shop there even if they hate the place. (These days Target may have lower prices, but people are conditioned into believing that Walmart is the Low Price Leader without forcing them to prove it.)

      • Jessica

        When in actuality, food sources that are local are the least expensive in the end.

      • Jerry Wilson

        It means the employee wont invest back into the company because they cant afford it. Don’t you want your employees to support the company they work for by buying products they produce?

  • Pat

    Having been in retail by adult life, I don’t think it is just Wal-mart. These practices have been going on for years… if you want the job, you’ll be available and you’ll be happy you have a job. It sucks, especially these days. The up side is with the time off, I’d be looking for another job.

  • BiffyBNyC

    Sooooooo…Don’t work at Walmart….maybe these jobs are better suited for college or high school kids who have flexible times to work. This article makes it sound as if these are not typical practices in the retail world and that Walmart is not the retail industry. The only non-typical is benefits for someone that works as little as 24 hours….that’s actually very nice of Walmart. It’s like Biggie Smalls said…UPS is hiring.

    • Jerry Wilson

      They very very very very rarely hire any Full Time employees. They hire part time employees to make more money.

      • BiffyBNyC

        I am pretty sure I just found over 10 pages of full time jobs associated with WalMart. Now…if you want to be a stock boy or a check out girl….well then that’s a different story. In that case I challenge you to find me another retail giant that offers full time jobs for these types of roles.

        The point I am trying to make is that these part time jobs should be part time jobs. I understand that in a pinch these opportunities can really save a family financially….but if people want to talk about the road our country is going down…lets talk about the fact that more and more folks are banking on historically part time jobs for high school, college and young adults….as full time careers.

        Unless you are in a management track or already a manager….WalMart should not be your career goal. This country needs to stop settling on mediocrity while at the same time demanding golden faucets in their bathroom.

      • Jessica

        Do you even understand the term “Open Availability”? It means that if you have classes or school, your schedule isn’t open and you are unlikely to even be hired for a job there or will be receiving 0 hrs a week there until you free your schedule entirely. So how would these part time positions be intended for college and high school types then?

      • BiffyBNyC

        Well Jessica,

        What is more important to you? A paycheck that will remain at around min wage…maybe a 2% raise YOY for the next 10 years….or a college education that will allow you to go out into the world and make your own hours and your own pay?

        Perhaps you say…ok WalMart….what hours do you have for me….then you go to your local college and say….what courses can I take this semester if my work schedule has me working 7a – 12p 4 days a week.

        You have to make it work….no matter why you are in this position…you have to make it work…and blaming a corporation who wants to make a profit…who needs to make a profit….is not the way to make it work.

      • Jessica

        You’re speaking as if you know me and I work there. And your response doesn’t even remotely answer my question.

      • Jessica

        PS- have you actually been to college before? In order to get a degree in any given major, you have courses which are REQUIRED to be taken. Many times these courses that are specific to your major are only given at ONE TIME during a semester. You can’t just go to your school and say “What classes can I take with this work schedule?”. They way of things is your advisors tells you “You must take these courses to graduate with this degree, here is what is available to you to complete this semester”, and you are expected to take those courses. If a class you need is only at 9 am on Mon, Wed, Fri, you have no choice. And next semester you have a completely new set of courses and schedule. It changes every semester. It is IMPOSSIBLE to have an open schedule when you are in school.

      • Jerry Wilson

        When you go to a job and tell them you can’t work these hours, the job is willing to work around those hours. Thats just to get you hired if you still want the job. Then they start changing the schedule regardless of the hours you said you could work, EVEN if you let them know weeks prior that you cant work on the day they want you to work.They make you choose between them.

        People have tried to make it work. Corporations make it hard for people to make it work.

      • Jerry Wilson

        HA! I was thinking the same thing Jessica, I just couldn’t put it into the right words.

  • h.c. schwenker

    you all voted for the present leader ship in this country not once but twice, are you all happy ,now it is not over yet wait until affordable health care kicks in or you can quit your job any time you want, every time i go to walmart there are fewer people working maybe this is the reason

    • Jerry Wilson

      Says the one that voted for Bush TWICE.

  • kitz

    sad. very sad. but it’s the reality of employment for those on the low end of the pay scale. I have teens. Fast food schedules kids into 2 hours slots at their peak busy hours. 2 hour slots. How can we ask those with minimal educations to get off of government support when the options are 1) having an open schedule; 2) work less than 24*/week for one employer; and 3) 2* time slots in fast food???

  • john h

    If anyone believes it is that bad, stop shopping there. It is that easy!

  • Ron Lewis

    I’d do a little personal research on this one. I’m not a defender of WalMart and I am a SAMs Club member for disclosure.

    Walmart is the Nations largest employer and they are very involved in their local communities such as giving out free smoke and CO detectors through local fire departments.

    Most of Walmarts criticism arises from Union propaganda because Walmart refuses to self destruct by allowing union interference.

    Walmart hires low education, low skill set, and undependable type people to fill 85% of their staffing requirements because they figured out a way to manage this caliber of worker, and offer a service at a competitive price.

    All of the other big box stores and eateries are doing the same thing, but they are not big enough to garner union attention.

    Now to the reason Walmart as well as every other major employer out there are cutting hours back and altering how hours are distributed.

    This is happening in Fire Departments who have part time firefighters as well. (1500 hrs per year allowed cut to a little over 1000 hrs per year allowed per part timer). Absolutely devastating to both the firefighter and the City due to the firefighter having to get other jobs and the City having to hire, train, and provide gear to more part time firefighters in order to fill the hours others cannot work.

    The cause is Obamacare. New regs force an employer with x amount of employees to provide healthcare that the employers cannot afford to provide and sustain competitiveness. Obamacare also redefined the amount of hours qualifying part time work by significantly reducing the hours threshold.

    This is why people are getting their hours cut.

    Employers then have to hire more people in order to fill those spots. Making a schedule work under these conditions no longer allows for workers to pick and choose. That would be unmanageable. Unfortunately all employers including eateries now have to have this management style.

    This has been in the news for years as a warning but the liberal media, including Maddow, chose to ignore it. Now it’s time to reap what you sow and it is only going to get worse. Much worse!

    The irony is most of those affected Likely voted this administration in.

    • Jessica

      Oh, whatever. This practice has been happening LONG before Obamacare was even on the table.

    • BiffyBNyC

      You cant fully put this on Obamacare…its a stretch…but I am sure a contributing factor.

      I don’t understand how everyone is all for capitalizing on a $99 laptop come Black Friday…but then turns all red when a corporation wants to capitalize as well.

      • Jessica

        Not everyone is a hypocrite. I don’t like Walmart’s practices and have spoken out against them for many years now. I have friends that have had to live through their shenanigans and have seen the stress involved with trying to work for them and survive. I’ve not shopped there unless FORCED to by someone else practically for quite a long time now. Screw them and their 99$ laptop, I’ve got scruples.

      • BiffyBNyC

        Do you shop at the Gap? Or perhaps pretty much any grocery store? Because I can tell you this happens in just about any large retail environment. It sucks being the big dog in the house….which WalMart is…and getting all the flack for what is more or less an industry wide practice.

      • Jessica

        I don’t shop at the Gap, we don’t even have one in my town. I shop at local businesses and at the Farmers Market. I purchase acreage shares in the spring for local fresh produce and buy wholesale meats straight from the farmers in my region when I can. The only grocery store I frequent is a locally owned business that has been here for 50 years. I bought my computer second hand from my mother and I do not own a car, I walk everywhere these days. And it was by CHOICE. As I said, not everyone is a hypocrite and you need to stop acting like you actually know people when you don’t.

      • BiffyBNyC

        Sounds relaxing. Where do i sign up?

      • Jessica

        You just have to start giving a shite and do it. And you’re right, it IS very relaxing, especially for my conscience.

      • Ron Lewis

        We are talking about the recent reduction in hours to keep from paying benefits legally. That is all Obamacare

      • Jessica

        No, its not. Its not a “recent” practice. They are simply continuing to do the things we’ve been allowing them to do for years, only now they have a scapegoat.

      • ron lewis

        …reducing from 39 to 25 hours is recent…its the point of the article…IT IS OBAMACARE…

      • Jessica

        Just stop, guy. You’re not helping your case at all.

      • Jerry Wilson

        39 hours was never considered part time never has been. 28-32 was the max hours you could work as part time.

    • Jerry Wilson

      Since when is the cutting the hours Fire Department part of Obamacare? Oh wait its not. It is part of the sequester that the republicans wanted because the government was spending to much money.

      • Ron Lewis

        Not talking about full time federal firefighters…talking about part time paid and their hours are cut now due to part time employment regs in Obama care. This is not temporary. It is permanent.

      • Jessica

        I think you’re a bit confused. That was all sequester stuff.

      • ron lewis

        Running your mouth does not make you smart…neither does calling a person a moron…

      • Jessica

        Then don’t act like one.

      • Jessica

        And can you please point out where I called you a moron on this comment thread. Yep, you can’t because I didnt.

      • ron lewis

        When I could not find my post and resubmitted it…you responded with…”Actually, you’re just a moron. Your post is submitted, exactly and in its entirety below.”

        Keep talking…you are way ill informed…

      • Jessica

        Because you were acting like a moron. You said they deleted your post and went on a rant about how they can’t handle the truth so they censored you when it was in actuality your inability to use the website’s functions properly. Your post was there all along and you went off on a tangent for nothing. Yep, you’re a moron.

      • Ron Lewis

        FUCK YOU LIBERAL BITCH…see ya…

      • Jessica

        yep, see ya. Stay classy!

      • Jessica

        And yet again, you fail at using this website properly. i called you a moron on a completely different post than this one and I guess you don’t realize it. Technically, I am correct. I did NOT call you a moron on this comment thread and you are making yourself look like a lunatic yet again.

      • Jerry Wilson

        They are still federal employees regardless of PT/FT. They are cutting hours back because of sequester. Not because of Obamacare. If you actually did your research, companies get tax breaks for each employee on Obamacare.

      • Ron Lewis

        No…WE are not all federal. I am a city employee who has for the last 24 years been a military, federal, and city firefighter/paramedic. Many of my friends who are federal are getting sequestered.

        The sequester is only federal and there are no federal part time firefighters. I am talking about city part time firefighters and they are getting hours cut due to Obamacare just like retail workers are in every company out there.

        It is you who needs to research my boy!

      • Jessica

        The city receives federal funding for programs like the fire department and police department. Ergo, the cut backs within those departments are a result of the sequester because they happened when federal funding to local and state governments for those departments were cut. Even if you are working for the city, technically much of the funding those departments receive are federal.

      • ron lewis

        There are federal grants but it is not sequester. Grants come in chunks and if the money runs out cities lay off if they cannot find the funds elsewhere. They do not sequester. We did lay offs several years ago due to budget shortfalls. We have 3 firefighters currently on duty who are totally grant funded. They are not getting sequestered. They are not getting laid off. The city budget has nothing to do with the federal budget once the money is resourced.

        You people are so ill informed it would be laughable other than the fact you vote.

      • Jessica

        *sigh* you are a very confused and irrational person. The federal sequester effected the funds that the city received annually for police and fire departments etc. Ergo, they receive less funding and they either make up the difference with outside funding or they have to make cuts. You all but agreed with me yet for some reason are arguing as if you’ve made a different point than I have.

  • Joshua Landry

    This is what I knew was going to happen with Obama care. I used to work for hell-mart. they have people on staff to help you get food stamps and such to make up for the little they pay.

    • Jessica

      Has NOTHING to do with Obamacare and everything to do with maximizing profit. This has been going on for YEARS, long before the ACA was even on the table.

  • scott

    The grocery stores in northwest washington are trying to cut benifits to all thier employees working less then 30 hours. In the case of fred meyer’s in burlington washington they schedule thier workers to a minimal amount hours that they can. This change would effectivly cut benifits from most of the workers. it’s not just wal mart screwing its employees. It’s safeway,albertsons,haggens,qfc,kroger/fred meyer and more i’m sure. They are represented by a union which if they were not this would of already happened.

    • BiffyBNyC

      Exactly! Thank you. Peeps are so quick to knock WalMart, while typing on their $320 laptops and watching their $199 flat screen TVs.

      • Jessica

        What does that have to do with EITHER of their statements?

    • scott

      don’t go out on an injury claim for kroger either. They will have you sit at a door as a greeter work you the minimum hours they can then after a while they will no longer work you once your average hours are down and then they don’t have to pay you as much on the injury claim. nothing like going from 25ish hours a week to 16 then getting paid from the insurance company 60% of you wages. thats 60% of the 16 hours all because you slipped or hurt your back or what ever it may be.

  • Stephen del Mar

    this is standard business practice for most large retail companies. Doesn’t make it right, but why single out wal-mart and act all schocked about it?

    • midwstgirl

      the Walfart started it. They started the breath-taking push towards moving all manufacturing to China. They got this nasty ball of goo rolling. They just suck and the ones following in their footsteps need a good kick in the teeth. It is time to fight. I am lucky enough to have a great job, but there is NO reason someone working or willing to work fulltime should not be able to support themselves.

  • Roxanna

    My Husband works for Macy’s which is another huge corporation that has lots of money, and they are doing the same thing, they have very few “full time” associates (and by full time i mean they can only do 30 some odd hours) and everyone else is “part time” or “on call” and this is too keep people from getting benefits… it’s appalling!

    • BiffyBNyC

      Exactly. Everyone wants to knock WalMart. This is typical practice in the Retail world…and it is as old as time.

      This is why no 6th grader ever writes a paper on wanting to work in Retail when they grow up.

  • Ron Lewis

    Didn’t like the truth so you deleted my post…nice…

    I’d do a little personal research on this one. I’m not a defender of WalMart and I am a SAMs Club member for disclosure.

    Walmart is the Nations largest employer and they are very involved in their local communities such as giving out free smoke and CO detectors through local fire departments.

    Most of Walmarts criticism arises from Union propaganda because Walmart refuses to self destruct by allowing union interference.

    Walmart hires low education, low skill set, and undependable type people to fill 85% of their staffing requirements because they figured out a way to manage this caliber of worker, and offer a service at a competitive price.

    All of the other big box stores and eateries are doing the same thing, but they are not big enough to garner union attention.

    Now to the reason Walmart as well as every other major employer out there are cutting hours back and altering how hours are distributed.

    This is happening in Fire Departments who have part time firefighters as well. (1500 hrs per year allowed cut to a little over 1000 hrs per year allowed per part timer). Absolutely devastating to both the firefighter and the City due to the firefighter having to get other jobs and the City having to hire, train, and provide gear to more part time firefighters in order to fill the hours others cannot work.

    The cause is Obamacare. New regs force an employer with x amount of employees to provide healthcare that the employers cannot afford to provide and sustain competitiveness. Obamacare also redefined the amount of hours qualifying part time work by significantly reducing the hours threshold.

    This is why people are getting their hours cut.

    Employers then have to hire more people in order to fill those spots. Making a schedule work under these conditions no longer allows for workers to pick and choose. That would be unmanageable. Unfortunately all employers including eateries now have to have this management style.

    This has been in the news for years as a warning but the liberal media, including Maddow, chose to ignore it. Now it’s time to reap what you sow and it is only going to get worse. Much worse!

    The irony is most of those affected Likely voted this administration in.

    • Jessica

      Actually, you’re just a moron. Your post is submitted, exactly and in its entirety below.

    • scott

      your post is there learn to use the options choose latest.

  • Staci

    Stupid article! This is happening in many corporations and Obama care can be blamed. The cost for employers to provide benefits to employees has increased and it qualified part time workers at lower hours. When corporate America has to pay more to do business they raise the prices of their products and services and attempts to cut costs by reducing man hours to avoid additional costs. What your missing is one positive is that they lower hours but employee more to make up for it.

    • Jerry Wilson

      So what your saying is that is ok for them to cut employees so low they cant live off of because they want to make more money and keep products cheap without costing them more?

      How is the employee is more than enough to make up for shitty pay with shitty hours?

      Dont forget about the tax break they get for each employee on obamacare.

  • BiffyBNyC

    Would it be nice if Walmart could offer 35 hours a week with full bennies and 10 days of vacation…sure.

    But I can tell you this ish happens at any level…no matter what industry or what level of pay. Unless you are self sufficient, working sucks and life is hard. Now grow up!

  • Another Big Corp

    Let me assure as an HR manager that this policy is the same for Target, MOST all retail and large Corporations….I would not be so quick to point the finger at Wal-Mart and not include every other company that does the same. In fact if so of these companies the requirement for benefits make it even harder for employees to attain their benefits. It seems it has just become easier to focus all our energy on Wal-Mart and let the other guys get away with it….

    • Jessica

      Not to me. I SHUN these companies like they are plague ridden. All except Costco. I don’t shop at big chain stores often anyway, only when it is absolutely necessary for me to. When those times do arise, though I make sure that it is at least from an establishment that treats its employees like human beings and pays them a living wage, like Costco does.

  • Victor

    Walmart isn’t the only one, other companies have been following their example it seems — Publix. Was okay when I started a few years ago. Now I work 4 or 5 hrs 5 days a week. I’ve been scheduled 9 days in a row sometimes, and was told it’s only 4 hrs a day. Never missed a day either.
    Don’t get vacation, personal, or sick days either because I don’t qualify. *shrugs* I don’t know anymore.

  • Debbie

    I worked for Walmart just 6 months and realized that they didn’t care about their employee’s. I would bust my behind to do all the work they wanted done only to be written up for a petty crap and things that were not true. I have worked for over 30 years at different places and Walmart was the worst company I have ever worked for. I would never recommend any to work there. Needless to say after the first dumb write up I got I walked out and quit.

  • Loraine Ariss

    I have said for years that our president needs to step up and require all companies big and small to require a certain percentage of workers be full time period. No questions asked. Then see the economy grow for everyone. Can you say “trickle down”? Its not rocket science.

    • Jerry Wilson

      Tickle down economics do not work. Never have Never will.

      How does giving the top 2% a tax break trickle down to us? They are not creating the jobs. Consumers are.

  • megan

    This happens at home depot too.

  • ron lewis

    BECAUSE IT IS OBAMACARE…A FEDERAL REGULATION TAKING EFFECT FULLY IN 2014…hours are being reduced to meet the regulation…period

    • Jessica

      Was happening BEFORE Obamacare was even on the table. Its about maximum profit, not the ACA.

      • ron lewis

        ron lewisNo it was not…before, the companies allowed workers to work the hours allowed by law (think it was 39) to qualify as part time. Obamacare changed the allowed hours to qualify to around 25. Companies are simply reducing hours and increasing staffing to fill the voids.

      • Jessica

        Hun, I’ve had family who worked for Walmart, my own roommate for four years worked for them six years ago. Trust me, this has been happening for a while. They only have something to point the finger at now.

      • Jerry Wilson

        Its because your own employer doesn’t care about you to give you healthcare. It has never been 39 hours for part time. 32 hours is the most you can work as part time. You job can give you more hours, they choose not to and blame it on Obamacare.

    • Jerry Wilson

      The ACA has nothing to do with this. Its your employer show how much they really care you, which they don’t.

  • michellecaires

    Wal-Mart has always done that. They did that when I worked for them in the 80’s. Nothing has changed.

  • Natasha Stark

    GA is a right to work state: The National Labor Relations Act provides for employee rights to organize, join unions, and engage in collective bargaining.
    It is unlawful for an employer to interfere with an employee’s right to join a union and engage in union activities, including discharging or otherwise discriminating against employees because they engage in union activities. Employers also are required to bargain in good faith with a union. Georgia has a “right to work” law which prohibits interference with employment to compel any person to either join or refrain from joining a union.


    GA is also an employment at will state: Georgia
    recognizes the doctrine of employment at will. Employment at will means that in the absence of a written
    contract of employment for a defined duration, an employer can terminate
    an employee for good cause, bad cause or no cause at all, so long as it is
    not an illegal cause.

    i.e., we won’t stop you from joining a union, but we will fire you if you do

    • Jerry Wilson

      Or we will fire you for anything. or not even hire you at all.

  • Heidi

    When I worked for Walmart as a cashier they also screwed you on your hours. I was never scheduled more than 38 hours. I worked every holiday, so they would shorten my schedule that week by 8 hours (so with holiday pay I didn’t get paid for more than 38 hours). And many times I would go home and then they would call me back in to zone departments so the floor people could go home. I would be back in at 10pm, floor associates went home at 11pm, I’d be there till 12 or 1 in the morning, then they would send me home early at the end of the week. After 3 1/2 years I told them I had a family emergency, took my 2 weeks vacation, and found another job.

  • kinjirurm

    I don’t see why people work for Wal-Mart. If you desperately need a job and it’s what you can get, fine. But obviously you have lots of free time to look for something better. So why are so many people making careers out of misery to this level? Wal-Mart only does such things because their employees allow it. You can’t blame consumers for shopping there if the prices are the best. This is a problem the employees need to solve by giving WM an employee shortage.

    • Jessica

      Their prices AREN’T actually the best. They are just flooding the market with so much advertising stating such that it is believable to the public. Not to mention in many areas, they have elbowed out any competition with said advert flooding (which they can afford to do since most areas all but rolled out the red carpet for them to move in and build, giving them tax breaks galore, waiving land permit fees and putting them on the fast track for building, even so far as helping them run plumbing and sewage for the building through the city for prorated prices and giving them water services gratis for X number of years.) so that the area no longer has any other options to shop at, regardless of if Walmart is offering the lowest price anymore. You can charge whatever you want for something if there is no one else any longer to offer a lower price than you. Its called a monopoly. In the end, I’ve found that the prices offered at Walmart are NOT lower than that of shopping locally for grocery items whenever possible and going directly to the manufacturer to buy other products. Its cheaper to buy without the middle man in the way, any way you look at it, its just more convenient to people to buy all their stuff in one place, regardless of price. So just don’t be lazy and work a little harder to save money and do more for your community.

  • jacklyn284

    Same in Florida…What a laugh…”Right to Work”. I know the economy is bad, but this is just stupid. Who do they think shops at Walmart? What we really REALLY need here is a retail UNION.

  • Donchie

    I can also tell you this. The first training film by the employees is why unions are bad for you and the company. Losers.

  • Robert

    “I have this source, you can’t see it, but it’s totally true, trust me on this one.”-What I got from this article

    • Jessica

      Here is your source. Go to the nearest Walmart. Ask any five associates working there questions that arise within the column and see what their answers are. I can almost guarantee you that if you mention the word “union” to any one of them, they will break out in a cold sweat and try to run from you for fear that they will get fired for it or that you are a plant working for Walmart to ferret out people who want to organize a union. Yes, they actually do this.

      • Robert

        The problem with that is that those are going to be sources representing extreme bias, so that isn’t exactly reliable. And I realize that your five associates number is just a number you arbitrarily picked, but you would need to ask way larger amounts of people to overcome that massive margin of error.

      • Jessica

        Then, travel to several Walmarts and repeat the social experiment. The situation I proposed was in no way intended to be a valid and researched scientific response. You, indeed, are correct that it would require a MUCH larger sample size and would need to be sampled from a great number of establishments in order to isolate any regional or state differences (and could even go so far as international differences. Walmart employs in Germany, under a union because the country gave them no choice in the matter, and I highly doubt those individuals are having the same experience their American counterparts are. *shocker, I know, Walmart CAN operate with a huge profit still under a union, Germany is proof). It was intended to be a personal social experiment. However, I doubt that if you DO expand your sample size, or even attempt to take a blind study by, say, employing yourself there for a period of time to see for yourself if the statements are accurate, that you would come to a different conclusion. This company really IS like this, unfortunately.

  • Jan M.

    I am a social worker and used to work at a cancer center. I had the chance to work with a few families, including a couple of patients, who worked for Wal Mart. It was not a good situation when someone got sick. And I don’t recall any of them singing Wal Mart praises as an employer.

  • K

    You can thank Obama and congress for this one. Limiting hours allows them not to offer health insurance under this great new healthcare plan. Part time employees should not get health insurance. If you want that go get a full time job. It is far too costly for companies to offer this to replaceable employees. This healthcare “reform” forced them to adopt this new business model. Many other companies are following suite. People voted for this now they have to deal with it. Careful what you ask for.

    • Joshua Deeds

      Single Payer would have removed Healthcare from the Employer’s hands freeing up “capital” to do with what they will, however they lobbied against it, because they liked controlling workers lives.

    • Jessica

      Single payer is what I WANTED. But lobbyists killed that.

  • onlinegal

    I recently lifted my years-long ban of Walmart and what did I find? An associate vomiting into a garbage can because she was sick from chemotherapy but still had to be at work in order to try and pay the bills. Ban is back on.

    • midwstgirl

      Walmart sucks and the industry they created that the others are following is wrong wrong wrong. Just plain wrong.

  • henny

    Why do people even shop there? I absolutely refuse to set foot in Walmart and have managed just fine. ‘Saved myself a ton of money shopping elsewhere as well. Walmart isn’t as inexpensive as they like to claim.

  • TaraBethCooper

    So how many homeless people does it take to make a billion dollar company

  • inzie

    I worked for Sam’s Club for 6 years. While i loved the people i worked with and still treat them as family, this is not a newsflash. Summers and after the holidays we were always pushed below 24 hours. We hoped that our members would just quit showing up when they saw that there were 4 maybe 6 Cashiers on a Saturday afternoon but people always kept pouring in.

    Not only do they cut cashiers and floor associates they also made sure there were no more than 2 supervisors running the all registers issues until 5:00pm then 1 to close the store. It wasn’t safe or efficient.

    In addition to just plain cutting hours, they threaten your job regularly if you do not sell upgraded memberships (PLUS Membership) or their Discover credit card. My perfect record of never calling in sick, always being on time and doing above and beyond was ruined because as a supervisor i was not selling enough PLUS memberships while running the store with out a manager in sight.

    I still have many friends who work in these conditions and they have given them nothing but their best. I am glad these situations are finally seeing the light.

  • #stopcomplainingstarthustlin’

    This sucks, I agree. But I see a solution. DON’T WORK FOR THEM! Simple as that. It’s about supply and demand. There’s too many workers out there with little to no skills these businesses find as an asset, in terms of what the market is willing to pay hourly/annually, etc. A friend of mine worked for Walmart, didn’t agree with the pay, quit in awesome fashion (think, F*ck You!), went back to school, studied hard, became a doctor (opthamologist). I know that sounds easy, it wasn’t, he suffered and sacrificed, a lot. But what kept him going is that he thought of what would happen if he didn’t make it. Going back to Walmart. Duck Fat! Times are changing people, it’s not if we can change with the times, WE HAVE TO! Sooner or later, a drone/machine will take these shitty “associate” jobs too.

    • Jessica

      And how are you supposed to feed yourself through college? Student loans have become outrageous and are creating a situation for people graduating and facing paying back the loan. IF you can find a job these days that is paying decent, full time (I know several people who graduated from Ole Miss, the college where I live, recently for teaching and engineering who are working in management for Target or something similar bc they cannot find a job in their field) the huge interest rates you are paying on your student loan are crippling so many people are opting out of the loan approach. Scholarships are available to some, but not all so if you don’t receive one you are looking at either a loan or a pell grant. The grant is the favorable one for low income individuals (but if you are middle class, then you are S.O.L. with a pell) but it usually only covers the bare necessities for school: tuition, books and supplies, fees and things like parking decals etc. So for living expenses: food, gas/busfare, medicine, rent, utilities, you are right back to square one of finding a part time job that pays well enough and gives enough hours to survive. And there aren’t really any of those that will be flexible with a school schedule and hire someone without a college degree. If we want to fix this issue, its less of a “hustle” situation and more of a regulation issue. We need to make it less attractive for manufacturers who sell products to Americans to make them outside of the US in countries that practice unsavory and inhumane labor policies. And we need for employees to be able to organize and make their voices heard, give them leverage in the company. You can’t negotiate your terms of employment for a living wage in this current environment.

  • Troy Laack

    Don’t forget that Walmart engineered the whole movement of millions of American manufacturing jobs to communist atheist China, where pregnant women are forced to get abortions so they can get back to work at 50 cents an hour; live in dormatories on the worksite; no benefits; and no safety regulations. There’s also no tariffs on Chinese imports into the U.S., but whenever a U.S. automaker ships a car into China, there’s a 200+ percent tariff. How do you compete with that?

    • Jessica

      Well, I agree with some of your statement. However, the reason that pregnancy is so regulated in China is their explosive problem with over-population. They are attempting to control poverty and starvation due to over population somewhat through regulating pregnancy and how many each family can have. I don’t necessarily agree with the practice or anything, just stating the facts.

      • Jessica

        However, your statements concerning tariffs on imports and exports pertaining to China and the US is spot on. We need to create some fairly staunch regulation IMO that makes it much more unattractive for companies selling goods in the American market to American citizens to manufacture them in foreign countries that capitalize in inhumane and unfair labor practices.

      • Troy Laack

        I respectfully disagree. If the Communist Party leaders in China were really concerned about ending poverty, they would enact laws to ensure that their people earn family sustaining wages. They don’t because the Communist Party leaders are the only ones on the Chinese side of the equation that are reaping any rewards. If they raised wages for Chinese workers, American corporations would leave and reopen back in the U.S., which would put millions of Americans back to work and off welfare. China could continue running those factories there too because with better wages, they could buy the products they make there – self-sustaining economies in both countries – the real solution. A free market global economy only works if everybody plays by the same rules. When you don’t, you have the mess that we have now.

  • kathleen donohue

    I know WalMart is evil, agree with and believe everything you’ve said here, but I think you have to provide the documentation you’ve said you verified yourself. Like the email, I’d love to see that. I’m sure you could do that without compromising the security of your source, as it was sent out to hundreds if not thousands. It would lend a great deal of credibility here. And it’s more professional.

  • Annamarie

    And you think this only happens at Wal-Mart? If you think that, you are sadly mistaken, it happens at any RETAIL job , because you are considered an at will employee, and can be fired for any reason , like if they don’t like the way your hair is cut, the color of your pants, or the color of your shoes , if they feel you aren’t doing a good enough job. They pay better then most retail jobs to start, from what I understand . Maybe you should do your research before you just start saying its walmart, its every single retail chain, people don’t care about people anymore, they care about making that dollar , you aren’t a name to them, you are a number, they don’t care about you, not one little bit , Remember the saying just bc they smile at you, doesn’t make them your friend , they are there the same reason you are , to work, get a pay check, and go home . I think when people realize this, we will all be better off. Work is not a time to make friends and socialize, work is just that, go to work, do your job go home, until you are to come back again. If work was meant to be fun ,it wouldn’t be called work. Now quit the belly aching about how bad your job is, and get back to work, or quit , and, go on welfare, and live off those who go to WORK everyday and bite their tounge when they don’t like something , just smile, nod, and move on ,because im sure at the end of the day,you just like anyone else has bills to pay.

  • Perrius Maximus

    All this talk about the evils of the “right to work” states. I have worked in a “right to work” state (Nevada) most of my adult life. I am not degree’d (but that doesn’t mean that i’m uneducated) and yet in a “right to work” state I managed to carve out a pretty decent life for myself as a mechanical engineer who designs slot machines and their related components. In a union shop i’d have had absolutely no chance of even being here, since they’d have made having a degree mandatory to even get in the door. Then they’d have me paying dues, striking when necessary, forcing me to take my vacation time in full one week blocks (as a union shop down the street does) among many other things. I’ll pass on all the things that Unions are good for….like putting companies out of business. In this day and age, the Unions are an outmoded philosophy in the workplace.

    The bottom line is that if you’re good at what you do…and you labor at it with integrity and honesty…and if your attitude isn’t shitty and self -serving….you can do just fine in a “right to work state”…thrive, even. You also have the “right to work” for a better employer than Walmart if you don’t like your job! Just sayin!

  • Jeff

    This is actually a common practice in many retail stores (the keeping part time employees below the benefits mark). I’ve managed at Wal*Marts, Targets, JC Pennys and at Sears and we were told to do this at each and every one of them. I’m not saying that Wal*Mart isn’t pure evil, just that if you are going to vilify them, do it for the human rights violations, the stripping of Mom and Pop stores from the face of our communities, or the impossibility for balancing home/family with work. You sell your soul to them if you work for them unless you are a favored employee.

  • Genesis A. Slaughter

    I have not shopped at Walmart since last year. I don’t spend what is freely given to me in places where people mean nothing to those at the top. As long as I continue to read things like this or worse, I will not shop in WalMart and I tell others. What they do with there money is up to them however people of faith need to think about this.

  • union sister

    organize walmart

  • ForeverBuddha

    The difference is in the United States the people just sit on their asses and not do anything to change things. They let the people in Congress, Big Corps and Wall Street do as they please. Look at other countries like Brazil and they are protesting on the streets. If we all stand up and say we had enough, the gov’t, big corps and Wall St. can’t do anything. Let’s take back our country so the people can have a better lives.

  • Nathan V

    “Right to Work” is another name for “Corporate Advantage.”

    People wouldn’t be so desperate for jobs like this if education wasn’t so expensive or if we were given other options.

  • Kel

    I worked for Walmart when Sam was alive, and things were A LOT different. He visited every new store and made frequent stops to stores and had rallies with employees. He is most likely rolling over in his grave over and over again. It really went down hill after he passed, and has kept going down.

  • Never give a unskilled part time job (less than 20hrs week) notice. They will always let you go. It was a fair consideration in the past, but now many companies are treating employees as simply a cog in a bigger wheel. Easily replaceable due to the economy. No it’s not fair, but neither are they, or they would hire you on. That is why so many people don’t have insurance then they leave it to the govt to provide medical assistance, and flood the emergency rooms because no one can afford insurance with a part time job.

    • Jessica

      Hence, why we need to make it more easy and accessible for people to acquire preventative medicine. This is where the disconnect is with some people because they cannot understand long term cost effectiveness in the healthcare industry. It is far less expensive and more efficient for a system to treat people more frequently for minor illnesses, rather than have them not be able to afford to treat the minor illness and it become so severe they need emergency care. Let us take a common scenario: A sinus infection. These are very common, and extremely treatable as a minor illness. one can even work while being treated for one in most cases. It is typically treated with a cheap wide spectrum antibiotic. This same sinus infection, left untreated, can easily infect the lungs as well, causing them to retain fluids and in a very rapid period of time can develop into pneumonia, a very serious illness which results in being bed ridden, if not hospitalized, and a myriad of medical treatments. The low income individual will end up in the ER to be treated for such a malady. So, in the end, an entire year’s worth of antibiotics to treat sinus infections in an individual is cheaper and more efficient than leaving them untreated only to end up in the hospital with an expensive and serious illness. Likewise, certain routine medications are also more cost efficient long term for the health industry, such as birth control. It is less expensive to offer a woman birth control throughout her entire reproductive life than for her to not be able to regulate pregnancy and go through the labor process multiple times. Its a bigger picture situation many people do not get.

  • charlie

    A lot of big corporations use these tactics, its the modern form of slavery. While Walmart may be guilty of it, they didnt invent it they just revived it. This practice dates back to the old mining communities where workers were treated like slaves and what money they did earn was spent at the company store.

    • Jessica

      SO true. When you look at those times, you can truly see the desperate need for leverage in the employment process those workers needed. It was literally almost like being an indentured servant, almost feudal in some areas. This is what will happen again if we continue on this path with Right to Work and company policies like Walmart uses. It can only get worse with more deregulation and more disenfranchisement of employees.

  • Walmart worker

    I work for Walmart and this is not true entirely. I’m a supervisor and I’m not saying my job is all sunshine and roses but I can’t complain! At least I have a job…I have friends who work for other retailers even my husband does and we have a better benefits package by far and it got even better this year. You can say Walmart is the devil all you want but it employs thousands of people who would otherwise still be looking!!

    • Jessica

      That’s honestly like giving a man a few grains of rice, telling him he should feel lucky bc others have none, and then acting like he isn’t still starving. But in reality, that man really is still starving.

  • Jayce

    Wal-Mart is not the only company doing this. I have worked for some other big retail brands who do the same thing to keep hours to just under ‘full-time’ so that benefits do not have to be offered, working associates the minimum shift length (usually four hours where breaks do not have to be given, and availability is expected. On top of low-wages at that. Seems a lot of companies are using this management system to shave payroll dollars, have more employees versus fewer who know what they are doing and happily work more often, and cut breaks down to schedule back-to-back versus overlap. Seems they just offer the benefit of an employee discount, as if that is supposed to come in handy when you are making crap wages.

    • Jessica

      It comes in handy for them when you are working for them, yet still so poor that you cannot afford to cover all of your expenses, as meager as they may be, and seek out state and federal dollars to keep yourself from becoming homeless or starving to death. It comes in handy, indeed, for them because they know that you will most likely try to save money and time by shopping in their store with those state/federal dollars. Its a manipulative, viscous cycle that they have NO intention of putting a stop to.

      • Jayce

        Agreed. And being in management before, with this system, it was a complete headache. Especially, as with some, they allot a percentage of total sales to payroll. So if the sales aren’t up, you lose even more hours for these associates in which a 4 hour minimum shift becomes even shorter, or even called off altogether and salaried managers get to cover at no additional cost.

      • Jessica

        >.< Jesus, I can't bring myself to like your comment, although its accurate, bc the content is so irksome to me. Hope you find something much better soon, luck!

      • Jayce

        Oh, I am not in this role or environment any longer but do know many who are and unfortunately, that’s their career and not much else they can do. That was my past, and I do not plan on going back! But thanks!

      • Jessica

        *Thumbs up* righteous! I too have a lot of friends who have been hurt by this company or are in such a situation themselves, family as well. I don’t wish it on ANYONE.

  • Pam

    I work at Walmart KY. can I email you? My email address is: [email protected]

    • Jessica

      Can I email you as well? I have been milling over an idea I’ve had for a while concerning this subject matter and am looking for outside voluntary participation as well in it. If you really do work for Walmart currently, you could be in a position to help.

  • momatad

    Target does the same. Having worked for both, I can attest to this. Target will tell you anything over 35 hours is full-time so you go right up 34.99 hours. Oh, and that will be six days of 5 hour shifts and one day of a four hour shift. Work seven straight and only get less than 35 hours. What? They ‘can’t’ work you seven days straight? Speak up. Then like Walmart you need a magnifier and an hour of free time to actually FIND your name on the schedule never the less have hours scheduled.

  • Shawna

    I don’t support Walmart in any way and I don’t understand why anyone does. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to work for them either?

  • yep

    this is not anything new… this really has been going on with a lot of companies sense the early 2000s in both “right to work” states and states that allow unions. it is the standard model for retail jobs. I worked for a union job and was still not allowed to have over 25hrs because it would get me full benefits. i guess no one really pays attention to what they sign when they start a new job or look into the companies they apply to and that is why this is so shocking to them. not really shocking at all honestly this is something i expect when i enter the workforce looking for a non-professional job.

  • Miranda

    It’s fun to demonize Walmart, but lots and lots of employers are doing this now. Everyone I know who works in retail or service suffers the same way.

  • Fred

    Most companies don’t offer benefits to part time employees. Schedule tweaking or no, they’re lucky to have any.

  • Jamaz

    I have been with the company (in Canada) for 18 yrs and I have seen it change drastically. Normally after Christmas, things really slow down and we would typically lose a day/week as a full time employee, leaving us with 4 shifts of 7 hrs each but only for January and February. This year, they have had us all on cut hours for almost 6 months now!!! That’s about $200 they save every month…just from myself!!! But the real kick in the teeth is this….they are hiring a bunch of part timers and giving them our hours!!!! They got all new coloured numbers for all their signs (which look hidious), tons of commercials on TV. Hell, you can’t even watch the weather channel without one of their damned commercials coming on!!! Some are such a waste of time and our money…like the Halloween one. Everyone knows they sell candy so why do they need to waste our money, making a commercial about it?! Everyday they waste money with all these types of things they are doing and the employees pay for it!!! And you know how you hear about all the charity work they do? Well, the cashiers will get coached (kind of like getting written up) if they don’t ask, first, if the customer wants a Walmart MC credit card and second if they don’t ask people to donate money. Walmart may put a little money into the charity but pretty much all of it comes from the CUSTOMERS!!!!! And then I read the other day that Target donated $50,000 to the flood victims of Alberta!!! That’s amazing!! Haven’t heard of Walmart doing that!!! I am looking to get out of there before they run it into the ground. They seem to think they are too big to fail but they are wrong!! Sam Walton would turn over in his grave right now if he could see what they have done to his dream!!!

  • pandapal

    I live within walking distance (not a good walk, with sidewalks, etc) of a Wal-Mart (which desperately needs renovation), but I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs because of its history of poor wages, poor benefits, poor hours and poor quality of goods. I laugh every time I see the current Wal-Mart ad on TV–a young, black man pushing a cart, talking about all the benefits he’s receiving, including being sent to college by this company, that he could someday be manager. In his dreams, I’m afraid.

  • Dominic DiGeronimo

    I totally agree with this 100% except that they keep part -time to between 16-24 hours a week and it’s rare to get over 16. I’ve been trying to find a different job for a while and every time it seems (working third shift) I have to brave sleep deprivation to get an interview. Not only that but, school was out of the question. I was told that if I wanted to work/have a job I need to ‘be available’ on weekends otherwise there was nothing that could be done. So now I only work 2 days a week.

  • God help America when the epidemic hits and less than half of America has any medical help available, because the Waltons of America have stolen all medical benefits. This will make the Plauge of the middle ages look like a child’s birthday party.

  • Jackie

    If we all start boycotting Walmart, then Walmart will not have the wealth coming in to treat people like they are not worthy of a decent salary. If you are shopping at Walmart, shop somewhere else instead. Don’t even buy gas from their gas stations and see how long Walmart will last. If Walmart is not willing to do right by their employees, then we (the Public) should not give Walmart the ability to target us in this fashion. WAKE UP WALMART BEFORE YOU LOSE EVERYTHING.

  • Anne K.

    Sounds like Wally World is going the Sears route of haphazard part-time scheduling for thier assiciates except the Sears store my friend works at only gives you your next week’s schedule a couple of days before it begins.

  • SRM

    I see this happening everywhere by employers who employ 2 or 200,000 in order to keep their employees from qualifying for benefits they simply control the hours they work!

    Also by Walmart working these people 5 or 6 days a week but only a few hours a day their cost to drive to work doubled but their pay is the same, again another way to control the working population’s money without them noticing it.

  • Kat Triad

    I worked at walmart i hated it it was the worst most horrable job one could have my manager was giving my dept more hours to help others the assistant store manager got pissed yelled at him and forced him to transfer to another walmart. our hours were than promtly cut to even less than what we were getting before than we kept loosing the closing shift to where i was the main one closing and only reciving help closing a few times a week making me work over than get in trouble because the couldn’t even hire another person to help me. also than when i had to transfer departments to deal with at home issues and my babysitter falling through more than half the time i couldn’t work as much they fired me for having to take care of my children the day before thanksgiving The managment treats you horrably unless your willing to kiss their a$$ and no matter how hard you work you can easily be replaced…. I miss Sam he was a good man it was when he passed away that walmart turned into hell hes probably rolling in his grave at what his store is turning into.

    • Kat Triad

      there was more than that but that’s the things that stood out they don’t listen they are not there to help if your working their you are a slave

  • Jess

    The Wal-Mart I worked for would only hire temps. Rarely would they hire part time. That way, they could work the temps as much as they wanted to and not give any benefits. And when your temp period was up, they would re-hire you… as a temp.

  • stuck_in_retail

    Allen Clifton, this is common practice in most every retailer. Not that I have any love for Walmart, but they are not doing anything different than any other big box retailer. I work for one and you could have swapped the Walmart name for the name of my employer and the story would have been exactly the same.
    I have freinds who work for Target and the same things happen there.

  • Karl

    The only people that would think wall mart is a great place to work are people who could not get a job as a janitor. I am proud to say that I have only entered a wall mart once(and that was with someone else. I spend no money there) and I’ll never go inside again. They are one of the major problems with this country. If people were smart they would boycott them, but I have seen the type of individuals that shop at wall mart and smart doesn’t come to mind.

  • Leon

    let’s appreciate how they dropped Paula Deen to protect their so-called “image.” kudos on another fail wal-mart.

  • MadameDelphi

    I work for a well known national company & it is even worse there. I could write an exposé that would make your blood boil. I live in a “right to work” state, Florida. I have never seen such disdain for the worker in all my working career of over 40 years. I have never worked for so little with no benefits as I do now. I have never had such trouble getting work as I do now at my age. When this is the only job available to me, it is a nightmare. It is the new America.

  • Jim


  • Abbey

    Used to work at Dollar General. They were implementing this system there over two years ago.

  • sandra1947

    Their new advertising campaign is incredible. Don’t you love it? NOT. Everyone is so happy and they are on the pathway for promotion. Yea right.

  • trojoe

    Stop shopping there. Stop working there. Problem solved.

  • Kali

    So I have worked for walmart and have not seen this scam but i have seen others.. Ive seen them cut a full timer done to part and he lost all his health insurance. Walmart only sucks because they can’t keep track of who did what and the bosses just complain about what has not been done.. Mind you I worked at a super center with 600 plus employees and we were still short handed. They also get you stuck because every raise is 40-60 cent at a time I was making more money there, then I am at my job i been at for 3 year which is kinda sad.

  • capnmike

    I don’t recall any instances of anybody being Forced to work at Wal-Mart. Nobody holds a gun to anybody’s head and makes them work there. You don’t like your job, you can leave. When you apply for a job, you are told what your duties are going to be and what you will get, and if you don’t like that you are free to leave. Demonizing a company for having policies is ridiculous. Some are more generous than others, that’s all, and that is their right.

  • Len Charette

    The union that represents workers in jobs like Walmart is the weakest union I have ever seen. Practically useless and now we are becoming Right To Work which is a nice way of saying ” working people we are keeping you down “.

  • sn0wed

    Wal-Mart hates unions…bringing up a union can get you fired. Just saying. And that’s scary.

  • Bertram Allen

    When I have gone to Walmart, the employees allways look overworked, hardly a smile anywhere. The moral is low, and it shows. After reading this article, I am boycotting Walmart, thanks for the information.

  • Joe from Arizona

    I have read this article and agree wholeheartedly, I have worked for Wal-Mart for a very short time, I noticed so much corruption, hostile work environment, ignorance and incompetence run unleashed, I am in a “Right to Work ” state, and this company was the worst organization I have ever seen or worked as part of. In 2002

    Several years ago I held a Wal-Mart employee at gun point at 3 o clock in the morning for stabbing 3 of his managers with a box cutter, One in the groin, one in the head and one in the rib cage, after working for Wal-Mart I could not really blame him…..

  • JohnnyB

    Google is no better. They have silently killed more small businesses than 10,000 walmarts ever could.

  • Oread

    I worked at target for two years 2011-2012 and they did this to all the cashiers. I don’t know about the other departments. It’s really confusing why they would just let us work 3 – 8 hour shifts at the very least.

  • Dave

    When I worked at Target a very long time ago (1993) they had the same hours requirement, but you were never scheduled for more than 24 hours in a week as part time. It’s not uncommon, but it’s awful.

    The scheduling thing is a whole other mess.

  • Patty

    If we don’t give walmart employees government assistance then walmart will be forced to pay their employees what they need to survive or they won’t be around any longer.

  • Danyeal De La Luna

    this is why unions are formed.

  • Nathaniel Watson

    Sorry but Walmart isn’t to blame. America is the poster child for the greedy, morally bankrupt corporations. The Fortune 500 companies that were so proud to have, outsource at least 50% of their materials, parts, and labor. Then after raking in billions, which you think would help save the economy, they use foreign banks and accounts to avoid paying taxes to the US and padding their profit margins even more. Walmart is simply following what the rest of American business does everyday

  • Casey

    I had to check the date on this. Really? You think this is new? I was treated exactly the same way at Borders and Barnes & Noble for YEARS. This seems to be common practice at retail stores. Hire people, give them a shitty amount of training, vague instructions, then schedule them for very few hours. Ask for more hours, you get denied. Ask for longer shifts, you get denied. Ask for any kind of stable dependable schedule that doesn’t change nearly every week: denied. These big companies are doing everything they can to save a buck, and that most certainly means treating their employees like they’re a dime a dozen. Because they are.
    This is nothing new, nor is it specific to Walmart.

  • Doug Krieger

    Sounds like a good business plan to me. I’d do the same exact thing if I was in charge of a big corporation.

  • bubbadude

    old old news and there’s a problem with “the source” sorry but I’m not going to listen to a source from a rival company and I don’t see these other company’s offering to employ vets that received honorable discharges 20,000 jobs are being created also this quote was taken from above article “In fact, at this Sam’s, they do schedules 3 weeks at a time and they just pulled the already made schedules for the next 2 weeks, completely redoing them to make the required cuts.” Uh I thought the problem was Wal-mart?

  • Chuck

    I think legislation might be in order to STOP this heinous activity to our fellow Americans. Just wait and see what will happen if the tea baggers get their way, this will be far worse. Hearing baggers tell me how all regulatory agencies need to be shut down makes me realize how well propaganda works.
    People voting against their own interest is a true form of sadism.

  • Baaly

    As a teen, I worked for the biggest DIY retailer in the UK. Initially, I just worked Saturdays and the odd Sunday. During this time, I was taking my A-Levels (these are advanced level ‘high school’ courses you have to take to get into university) and was asked by my manager to start doing some overtime shifts during the week. Seemed fine until my first day of overtime, when I was told that I would have to work each evening between 4 and 10. Roll on one month later (we’re paid monthly in the UK), and my pay cheque arrives. It was only credited for my ‘acceptable’ hours and none of my overtime was paid. Additionally, I was called into the same manager’s office and given a warning for working overtime! Go figure.

    In all, this seems to be a universal problem.

  • L

    Oh good grief if you don’t like Walmart… go get another job. I Work part time … less than 20 hours a week, by choice, and it’s not at Walmart. Guess what I CAN’T get benefits until I work 30 hours per week. I feel sorry for you, if you can’t get a job with better benefits… but Walmart has every right to keep part time people ..part time. I would work for Walmart…I don’t understand why everyone thinks they are so bad. The point is Walmart is not in the business of charity!

  • rc

    I remember the Great Wal Mart Draft of 2000 when all those people were dragged out of their homes and forced to work there against their will. How horrible! They are a product of their choices and Wal Mart has made the choice to not cave in to barry soetoro’s tyranny via the IRS-enforced “healthcare” law. Be not deceived. You leftists sure aren’t friends of reality.

  • Jellybeenz

    wouldn’t it be nice if all the “big-wigs” got the boot and were replaced by real people- that started at the bottom and haven’t forgotten how to be human?

  • James

    Ummmm… Teavana has been doing this for years. They say it is a way to keep all of it’s employees full of energy. Our benefits start at 20 hours, NOW, because we are now part of Starbucks. I have never been given enough hours to average 20 hours a week. Some weeks 30 hours… some weeks 8 hours. They say i is based on sales productivity…

  • Michelle

    I have worked for Walmart for 4 yrs now and at about 38 or 39 hours/week averaged. I have full benefits and do like my job. It is true that Walmart maintains a full/part time ratio but it is more like 30/70%. I have open availability but have worked the overnight shift for 3 1/2yrs and I love it. We recieve a $.50 shift differential and I am not on foodstamps or working for minimum wage. nuff said!

  • Banks Bliss

    They are doing this because its a required part of “Obama care”. If they let someone work over 24 hours a week then they have to pay health insurance! That is pretty expensive per person per month. The one thing I could see them doing better is scheduling all 24 hours in a few days instead across the week; and keeping the same days every week – then people could more easily get another gig. Companies all over the nation are going to be cutting hours to 24 very soon.

  • Rich Mapes

    The worst part is that many corporations (especially in the retail sector) are copying or mimicing the policy that Walmart has. Supermarkets are classic examples of this…….even the decent ones, will make sure you do not get more than so many hours (even if you want to work and they need the help) so the benefits, etc. are minimized………and they even have unions, so there you go…….corporate greed destroying the working people……

  • snookie

    had heard about this

  • sharon

    The problem i have seen is with public employee unions. The workers trade shifts so that they work 40 hrs straight with all but the first shift being double and triple over time and paid for sleeping time. Also they are vastly over staffed by union rules and cant be fired with groups of 10+ doing nothing but sitting telling jokes n reading magazines.

    If there was a happy medium between union waste and corruption vs corporate greed, that should be made the law of the land.

  • Holly

    After working at Walmart for 3 years I got fired at 7 months pregnant. I was in the hospital for several days which cost me my job. Go Walmart

  • Sarah Anderson

    I work for the largest nonprofit in the United States, and they do the exact same thing. Their “magic number” is 70 hours per pay period, and if an employee goes over that, they are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week for the next month. After 5 years, I was making 9.27 per hour ( I was hired at 8.50.) This is happening everywhere.

  • Dennis Allen Kerr

    What i have tosay is this if you are working so few hours then you have time to find another job people need to quit crying and if one job doesn’t pay enough if you work 4 hours in a day you have 20 hours to get off your lazy ass and fill out applications

    • Jerry Wilson

      They make it harder fro you find another job. You are ALWAYS ON call so you cant look for another job.

  • Laura

    This is how all the retail establishments where I live in California operate. My teenage daughter got a job at popular clothing store and was only given four hours a week, even during the holiday rush, when she was promised to get more. Even the non-retail nationwide company I work for now hires all part-time people, so they don’t have to pay for any benefits. WalMart is no exception.

  • Brian Cole

    Indiana here, and we are a Right to Work state. My experience with Right to Work is this. I haven’t worked since around 2000. I fell asleep at the wheel after a 12 hour work shift, hit someone head on at 70 mph, was ejected, and my truck rolled over top of me. I am disabled. My family has always worked hard, I don’t come from one of these families that milks the system for every dollar they receive. I applied for disability, but wasn’t aware of all the hoops you had to jump through. I was denied, and thought that was that. Fast forward a few years. I have kids, and rely on my family to help me through. I was receiving TANF to help with the kids. This is where Right to Work comes in. I am told I have to start spending 40 hours a week looking for a job that I cant even do because I am disabled, to continue receiving TANF. 40 hours of looking for a job per week, when I still have 2 kids that need watched, and TANF was $198 a month. That is supposed to pay for the needs of my kids, yet if I were to spend 40 hours a week looking for a job, how am I supposed to pay for the gas to actually look? How am I supposed to pay a babysitter? Right to Work, for me, means that I have the requirement to work, despite being disabled, to continue receiving assistance. Right to Work, at least here in Indiana, is nothing more than another means to cut off assistance to those who need it, while those who abuse the system continue their abuse.

  • Jason Alexander

    Hastings Entertainment uses these same tactics with their part time employees.

  • T-Bird

    HORSESH*T, As a Walmart employee receiving a 40 hr week, they also have a new program in which you can pick up extra hrs working other parts of the store on your days off and picking up more hrs. Of course you can’t go over 40. Its your choice, you don’t have to. And Walmart wouldn’t be the only store or place to cut hrs to suit. Being a retail industry, cutting hrs in the slower times is normal. Many of my other friends in retail, Boston, Marshall’s. They all do the same. I’m sure you all will still find something wrong w/this. That’s YOUR problem.

  • Jo

    Reading these comments make me worry about the future of America. If you don’t know what “Right to Work” is…google it before you comment. Also, the rule states you can’t go OVER 24 hours for employees working part time. Isn’t it more of a management issue that they don’t schedule 6 hours four times a week so everyone gets 24 and no more?

  • Bsnap

    I would love to read the name of the person who made this decision rather than Walmart which keeps it faceless. I need it to be more personalized. Demonise the Executives that hide behind the corporate structure. Corporations get away with too much!

  • 26ave

    I have never stepped inside and never will

  • Mark Richter

    people- it is a job at least you are making money, it may not be the best situation- but you have a job, making money, if you are not happy then find a better paying job. walmart provides jobs so people can make money. I am tired of hearing people bitch about walmart, and not getting paid enough, and not getting benfits, etc, if you are unhappy find a better job! everyone today wants the job that pays top dollar, and all benfits. it is all about greed.

  • dawn

    I have worked for walmart and sam’s club both and this is all very true. I was part-time and my hours were cut to 4-12 hours a week. At sam’s I was treatened with the loss of hours because my time was limited. I was a full-time student and did not have an open scheduel. I left walmart and went to Kmart with a promiss that they would not do that. I had to drop all of my classes so that I would get hours from them and was still kept under 20hrs. Both companies will tell you that they are all about education and seeing their employees better there self until you try to do it.

  • mapmaker

    Get an education in something marketable, not a masters in art history or women’s studies or some such. Stay in school. Learn math & science. Then you won’t have to work for Walmart.
    I live in a RTW state. We have VERY low unemployment unlike the unionized rust belt states. Our jobs are in medicine, oil & gas, high tech
    . Our cities are not going bankrupt. The unions priced themselves out of jobs with high wages and strict rules about who could do what when. They are more worried about their own survival than the workers. I work in a very small engineering firm, less than 15 people. They provide insurance at a very reasonable rate, vacation, holidays, sick days, etc.

  • mara

    I worked to TJ Maxx, they do the same thing

  • Dutch

    I have not been Wal-Mart in over a decade and refuse to. I know there are people out there that need to use Wal-Mart for there cheep prices. But I would rather go down the street and pay double the price than give those greedy a–holes a dime.

  • dee

    Walmart is not the only ones….someone needs to check out Food Lion now there is a company who does their employees wrong!

  • Frank

    First Walmart and Sams Club yes owned by the same Company, They are separate from one another. Separate rules and guidelines. For all we know that Sams Club could be running on poor numbers and they are trying not to close its doors so they are cutting labor back.(Which I have seen done). No one really knows the true meaning behind those e mails. (And for your source lets pray that he does not get caught sharing confidential information). Again you are just referring to one store…I have worked for Walmart for 5 yrs and have never had an issue with my hours.. And i have worked at several stores in several different markets not just one..Let me tell you what I have seen.. Individuals who work for WALMART not SAMS CLUB get what they put in.. If they are willing to do there job and not be there to just collect the paycheck yes they have more of an opportunity for advancement.. I have seen to many people come in there to work and don’t give a crap about anything then they wonder why they have no hours or get terminated.. I am not just saying all this out of fear for my job cause I have whats called the First Amendment right. But i truly love and enjoy my job and if it wasn’t for Walmart I would have lost it.. They were there for me when my mother passed several years ago.. I am sure i can speak for about 95% of my store when i say WE LOVE WHAT WE DO.. or we would not be there…….So lets not go off of one source, lets get everything straight before you publish an article on the WORLDS Largest Retailer and this Country’s BIGGEST EMPLOYER

  • steve

    Not saying I agree with walmart but that’s why they are where they are its smart buisness they are just like any other major corporation care only about the bottom line not the employees

  • aspromised

    Is it still true that they also buy Life Insurance policies on their own employees? (totally illegal where I live, thankfully)

  • aspromised

    Wal-Mart was originally created using a clever business model called “just-in-time” inventory. It was unique and proved successful. Unfortunately their other business model was paying employees the absolute least that they could get away with and they have grown more brazen over time – especially as they grew to eliminate the competition in most every area they have set up shop.
    Are we sure that is “capitalism” ?

  • Peggy

    i don’t know where you are getting your information from, but I just started working at walmart last week (was told I was hired as a temporary employee) and next week I am scheduled for 35 hours and the week after I am scheduled for 30. and there have been no letters or messages saying anything about benefits or not being allowed to work over 25 hours for part time employees

  • Ricki Kurt Strasser

    Meijer is doing the exact same thing!!!!

  • NAthan

    If the employees don’t like their current job then they can leave. If the author is so upset about this, then maybe he should hire some of these employees.

  • Diana Reichardt

    I hate to tell you sir but Wal-Mart is not the only company doing this. Corporations don’t care about it’s employees. It is about the bottom line. God forbid anyone getting a fair shake. That’s why life if the 50’s was so sweet, employers took pride in the way they treated their employees. They wanted them to stay so the gave them a fair shake. Now days, there is so much unemployment they don’t care if you stay or go. They treat workers like crap.

  • Time to face reality

    Love Allen Clifton’s “my sources say” followed by the standard Evil Empire regurgitation. Not supporting Walmart here, just wondering if A Clifton has ever tried to hire and then keep hundreds of people employed without any cost considerations. In business, the mutually exclusive conundrum is 1. lay off many people so a select few can make more money or 2. keep cost in check so more people can have jobs without going the way of Twinkies. This is coming from an educator who is tired of watching thousands of young teachers laid off so that unions can drive wages and benefits for their select few. Same thing…different venue.

  • TropicDave173

    There are very few companies (though there are some, like Costco) that actually give a tinker’s damn about their employees. Like their forklifts or production machinery or desks or computers, they see them not as people but equipment. To be replaced or removed as they see fit, It’s happened too many times recently to too many people. And while yes, a union certainly helps – and I’m damn glad we’re organized at my work – it’s not a certainty. Witness the situation with Hostess several months ago. The only thing executives care about in a company is their bonuses and the shareholders (or owners if it’s a private company). Wal-Mart is the leader of such egregious practices, and be sure that other companies will follow suit.

  • HumanWrites

    As consumers, it’s time for action from the general public… That means you and me, as in boycott!

  • Ted Koran

    Not just Wally World. Seems to be an epidemic infecting the corporate world in general.

  • jam

    This is true today across the board from fast food to retail chains to university adjuncts (part time instructors). The nastiness is less the amount of hours than it is the inability to hobble together a few (4-5) part-time jobs.

  • M. T.

    I am a victim of this bull as well. A part-time worker and full-time student with a family and I got cut. This sickens me. Went from 24 – 27 hours to 15, 16 and 20.5 over the next month. Go to Hell Wal-Mart.

  • everyone should bombard walmarts facebook page with this article.

  • terri

    Most of you are confusing Right to Work with At Will. RTW means you can’t be forced to join a union. AT Will means the employer doesn’t need any reason whot-so-ever- to fire you.

  • Charles Batchelor

    What did you expect, Obamacare makes you a “full” time employee at 29 hours forcing the company to either pay a fines for all employees or give you healthcare. Most of the “new” jobs created last month were part-time low paying jobs, thanks Mr. President but no thanks, I was better off with my low paying full time job.

    • DingusCajero

      Libs don’t buy into the unintended consequences of Obamacare, it’s all unicorns and rainbows.

  • slooksterpsv

    I hope walmart fails and they get sued by everyone who has ever worked for them and it costs them the entire company! Sam Walton’s idea wasn’t this, its a Walmart greed. I used to work for them and it was horrible. People came to work with the flu throwing up, puking all over the place and when asked if they could go home they were told they needed to stay a bit longer or they’d be written up for it. Completely pathetic company!

  • Jennifer Eastep

    This isn’t just Walmart, Its almost every major retail chin in the U.S.. The Employee policies are borderline harassment, People are made to feel that if you can not fall in line, then their are 100 more people waiting in line for your job. Instead of being rewarded for hard work, you are constantly being intimidated by management to do “better” to increase productivity or be “written up” for trivial offenses. I do not shop at walmart or any other chain that puts “the bottom line” above it’s employees..

  • Dawn Garrett

    I work for WalMart and all of this is true! I was lucky enough, after 4 years and 4 job changes within the store, to finally get full time at $9 a hour. In October full time employees will no longer work 40 hours, but 35 to 38 hours. We no longer hire full time people at all, we only hire temps so they dont have to get benefits. If you are lucky enough to stay after your 3 month trial period you only get part time which is normally 24 hours a week at best.
    If your hours are limited (ie if you go to school, a 2nd job or have to take
    care of children) you are lucky to get another above 18 hours.
    We no longer hire door greeters, so if you are disabled you have little to no
    chance of working for WalMart anymore. My store actually pulled each one into their office and told them if they dont think they can do any other job in the store it might be best if they just quit now.
    Our store manager last year got a $50,000 bonus. The full time employees got a total of about $200 spanned over 4 checks throughout whole year. And he got mad at us because it wasnt more. We are under staffed, under paid and over worked but if people stop shopping there we’ll be worse off.

  • Anonymous

    I work for WalMart. Not Sam’s, a WalMart store. And while what the article says is true, I have not experienced this problem. I have what they call a “limited availability”, and I get on average about 30 hours per week. Some weeks are 25, but not most. I am scheduled mostly 7 and 8 hour shifts. I get a benefit package that could be better, but it could be worse, too. My vacation hours and personal hours just regenerated, and I received about 28 hours vacation. I have been with the company seven years, though. Which makes a big difference. My mother works for a financial institution in the area, and my hourly wage is more than hers. She’s responsible for a lot more money than I am, as she manages their vault. Banks and credit unions are famous for paying their people peanuts. But their benefit packages are far superior, which for some may make up for the bad pay. With seven years in, and the chance of getting a promotion, I think I’ll stay put. Nothing’s perfect. It could be worse, I could be a newbie getting 22 hours a week.

  • willam

    I have a friend the works at Wal Mart and she says it’s your responsibilty to manage your hours and yes you get wrote up if you get over 40 as a in store lead. But if you reach 40 hours you still have to stay your whole shift in the break room and not get paid ……you can’t go home in case someone needs your advise……she has had to stay for 3 or more hours with no pay at the risk of getting written up.

  • GoBackToSchool

    So, these people are angry that their part-time job is only giving them part time hours? Huh. Maybe finish high school and try a community college and get a real job? Working part-time for a minimum wage job was NEVER intended to support a family. It is meant to provide additional income. When I couldn’t get a full time job, I worked 2 part-time jobs at Starbucks and Best Buy. Guess what? They both play these same games with hours. I managed to support myself while going to school. I graduated college with a shit ton of debt even with two jobs but now I have a real job. Part-time is not meant to be full-time!

  • Michael Carcieri

    Try working for Jan-King (burger King ) they are the cheapest company on the planet. They will not allow more than 28 hrs a week, pay you minimum wage, and expect employees to go outside in the hot Florida sun and pull weeds and do landscaping. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Right to work (Right to be a slave) should be illegal!!

  • Donna Rogers Penton

    When you do wrong it comes back around on you.

  • Make your own way

    If your “source” does not like it, he/she can quit and go somewhere else. The world always needs ditch diggers.

  • Carey Gentzel

    as an ex employee ( i was temp help) i am eligable for re hire, but all walmart wants to hire is temps…that way they have to offer no benefits, no better than min. wage and can just randomly let u go…one more way of using the system to screw the people….sad…old sam is rolling in his grave, because he was about family and taking care of his customers…and his kids, grandkids are just greedy little shits…but that is so of most large corporations…

  • Lindy Jay

    Boycott Walmart!!!!

  • commenter

    Good article, but the 90% figure undermines some of your credibility. If you are going to use specific numbers, cite a source. Otherwise, just say something like “many.”

  • Only1thatcan

    In defense of retailers, I have worked at several places where “open availability” is the common place for the scheduling. The more employees the more need for flexibility. Smaller stores can cater to harder schedules. I’m no defending wal Mart by any means (I haven’t been in one in 5 years and that was due to it being the only store where I was and if not for that it would be almost 10 years since I spent money there!) but a retailer more so with long hours and large workforce needs everyone to be flexible.

  • DingusCajero

    It’s called a market. Employees receive compensation and benefits commensurate with their level of expertise and contribution and rates and conditions are typically determined by the labor market. It’s a ‘buyers market’ right now and no intervention from a bumbling president or congress will correct this. Only a robust marketplace will fix this.

  • cybrarian_ca

    Stopped shopping there completely. Never will again.

  • This isn’t just Walmart owned companies. Many retail companies work like this. I worked for a retailer that did the same thing, fulltime workers hours were cut to the minimum for a full time employee which was 32 hrs a week. I was scheduled 5 days a week still, but only 32 hours total. In addition part time workers were scheduled more than the 30 hours for 3-4 weeks, then given a short week so they could not aquire full time status. 6 weeks at more than 30 hours made you full time.

  • cass

    I work for walmart and i wholeheartedly agree…they are a greedy moneysucking company…the store I work at has the highest percentage of full time workers with most of the night crew, which i’m on being full time, however they don’t pay nearly enough and treat all the employees like garbage. most of our managers have no idea how to even properly run the store. I wish I could quit, but unfortunately I don’t have the means in money…must be nice to get by and go into management by kissing ass, too bad its not my style..

  • Steve

    Welcome to the retail world! All larger retail companies are the same and believe it or not it goes back to the Rockefeller’s, the Morgans etc… They were the kings of stepping on the little hourly worker. Walmart is just carrying on the tradition! Add to the fact that the current employment environment is not paying anything. Slightly above minimum, take it or leave it! You don’t want it, no problem, someone else will work for that amount of money. I am so tired of reading job descriptions posted by A$$ Hole$ from companies that can’t even write a sentence much less pay a decent wage! …and then claim they want a college education plus years of experience! Sad times!

  • Ichthus

    Those of you bringing up the Right to Work issue are missing the real reason behind the recent changes in part-time employee scheduling by Walmart and other businesses. I work as an adjunct instructor for a state-run college and the same thing is taking place there. They are limiting our hours to 24 hours, and have also changed how they ‘count’ hours: a three-hour course counts as nine hours (since they consider unpaid ‘out-of-class’ hours as part of the 24-hour limit!). Right to Work didn’t cause that – the Affordable Health Care law is behind the changes. Businesses and institutions cannot afford to pay benefits to every employee, so to keep afloat under the new health care law, they are forced to make adjustments. Let’s not blame Wa……mart, if anyone, we need to blame Wa……shington.

  • munster

    Congress is itching to cut foodstamps, aka, corporate welfare for the Walmarts and other corporations. If Congress would like to balance the foodstamp budget, they should start with a surcharge on companies like Wallmart that pay such low wages that most of their employees are eligible to collect.

  • matt

    They have been doing this a K-Mart for the pass few years. surprised that walmart is this far behind the curb. This is the many reason why I don’t shop at walmart or K-Mart

  • Temper

    This practice is not new and not only Walmart’s. Grocery stores, the big chains have done this for many years. Even with unions in them. It’s a very old trick in retail chains

  • Temper

    Right to Work IS only about unions. Many people confuse it with At Will employment laws which kind of cropped up in high union states. Employers can fire with At Will without much or any “cause” as long as its not discriminatory.

  • Sara

    This isn’t the only company who does this. Home depot does the same thing. I’m sure many other companies do as well. People can say its not true because they want to defend the company, it’s all true.

  • Patty

    Every company I’ve ever worked for does the same thing. Management is the only staff that gets 40 hours. All part-time employees are kept around minimum wage and work around 20 hours. Every store in the mall that you shop at works the same way! Yes, Walmart is a massive enterprise and should be incredibly ashamed of itself, but this practice is not only exclusive to them.

  • bliss

    A manager at our local store told me the other day that they are now only hiring people on a temporary basis. That avoids the possibility of benefits entirely.

  • Happywalmartemployee

    Huh, that’s strange. I work for Walmart as a part time associate and I average 37 hours a week. Nobody is cutting hours at my store.

  • Barrynof

    This kind of thing has been going on for years and at every business. I worked at a large retail clothing store as a manager and was told to schedule employees for less than 40 hours per week. The reason was that if the employees were scheduled for 40 hours per week, then they would get their full benefits. Less than 40 meant less benefits. I didn’t stay there long after that. It was really hard to look my employees in the face and do that to them.



    • Avyn Trahelion

      Which is exactly why it’s been going on for countless years! I bet he used time machines, and in doing so jammed your capslock key.

  • johnny

    all I can say, as a Wal-Mart employee is, work overnights.. 95% of the overnight crew at my store are full time, full benefits, 5 bonuses a year for the last 3 years[ that’s just my tenure ]… yeah, they offer various benefits packages, and yes they are all pretty darn expensive..but as with any big corperation you have to take the good with the bad. oh, and by the way.. your job is only as crappy as you make it!!!

  • williefess

    So what! Our own Kroger stores have been using this scheme for years and years!

  • Kevin Mc Cafferty

    Pathmark does the same EXACT thing. 2 Decembers ago we had 7.5% taken from our wages, a Holiday, all sick time, a personal day, a weeks vacation and more…
    we are allowed to work, as a part time associate, upto 35 hours a week. However, most are only scheduled upto 32. But over the last 6 months or so, they have cut hours even more. They say the Obama Care thing is the cause. So now we’re not allowed to go over 28-29 hours. They have also started cutting our 8 hour shifts into 6 and 4 hour shifts..

    I’ve been working for them for almost 10 years now. I dont make much, but I do my best to do what I can. Last year I made a total of $20,770.. my year to date on my pay stub as of July 1st was a measly $8000 for the year. If you double it, thats only $16k for the WHOLE YEAR! How am I supposed to pay my bills and keep a roof over my head? And people wonder why I was Homeless for 2 months. Did Pathmark know, Yes. Did they care or -try- to give me extra hours to help out, NO. So now I have to work more days for less hours (and less pay than 18 months ago) and can’t afford to move forward..

  • I can’t believe it’s taken this long for information like this to be covered at all in the media. Some of these practices have been going on for a long time. The response will often be “well they can get two part time jobs” but unless you are willing to take any shift on any day as scheduled, you’re gone. How can someone work out two schedules with both employers wanting them available 24/7? They can’t.

  • Mr. Walton

    I don’t have a problem with Walmart. If Obama wasn’t pushing obamacare, Walmart wouldn’t be doing this.

    If you have a problem with your wage at Walmart…here goes an idea:

    Go to school, study for a job that makes more money, or quit.

    Stop complaining about Walmart and focus on working to get another job.

  • shelley

    yes, the “job creators” at walmart actually create more welfare recipients. BTW, it is my understanding if a person gives 2 weeks notice and the company lets them off the day of the notice, the company is required to pay them the 2 weeks income. that person should talk to the labor board. I hate walmart. they put a couple of solar panels on the roof of one store and try to do all sorts of PR to make themselves look good, but they screw over their employees just so the walton family can make even more money. This family are hoarders, no different than the ones on reality tv, only in this case, they hoard their money at the expense of the rest of America. It is time that walmart works walk off the job and go on strike. the only way they are going to make a decent wage is to walk out en masse.

  • Samus

    This has been going on for a very long time. I worked for Walmart 3 years, quit after they refused to hire enough people to run the TLE department. Basically, we had 1 technician in the shop, 1 person at the counter. (according to OSHA, the counter person counts as a shop person so it’s not unlawful) And together we had to deal with hoards of angry customers wondering why it was taking so goddamn long to get service. And then yelled at by management for not being quick enough to get to customers and their cars. F—king idiots.

  • tired

    You should also be aware that they are trying to higher on only “temps” so that they can be let go for “looking at you wrong”

  • RainbowTrout

    Ironically, now gone are most of the “bargains” for the consumer which these kinds of unfair practices supposedly permitted. Now, they screw the employees and the public. It is not a particularly convenient or inexpensive places to shop for most things.

  • Only my opinion

    Comparing Costco to WalMart is comparing China to the USA since China OWNS Costco…just another way to have us buy their garbage, while WalMart is owned by Americans.

    China can afford to pay their employees more and offer more benefits due to all the profit they make off of us stupid American’s buying their garbage…while our American businesses suffer. Americans want higher wages, but don’t want to pay higher prices for good quality goods. We did this to ourselves for cheap Chinese crap…thanks to our Gov piss poor decisions to open the market to them so they could flood it and take away our livelihoods.

    I try to only buy American made products because I live HERE and want our country to recover economically and become strong in production and sales again so We the People can afford not to be homeless or on food stamps.
    No one has to agree with me, but this is just the way I see it at this time.

  • Ilpalazzo

    for corporations and gov’t it’s always about the numbers. Zero compassion = Profit. Compassion = zero profit. Just the nature of the beast. They could probably spread the compassion out to be a little more level if the poor weren’t f*cking like rabbits and overpopulating the world, as well as the excess poor from other countries being relocated here.

  • healinghands

    Wal-Mart also runs/funds sweat shops overseas, where the people that manufacture the dreck Wal-Mart sells don’t even make a living wage. It’s gross, disgusting, evil and de-humanizing. Boycott Wal-Mart!

  • utinkiam

    Tractor Supply Company is doing the same thing. Worked our tails off to get a new store opened on time working around the construction crews, electricians, with no AC and no lights one day. Scheduled for approx. 35 hrs per week for the first month or so until after the stores grand opening and all of us getting close to the end of our 90 day “probationary period” and close to benefits then they cut the hours down to 15 or less per week for most of us. TSC requires an average of 30 hrs per week to qualify for full time and benefits. They also schedule you 5 days per week if not most but only for 4-5 hrs at a time! Makes it next to impossible to get another job. This store in particular did well over $50,000 MORE than the projected sales plan for July. Our team is doing great as far as sales of their “item of the month”, restocking, sales etc. but TSC does not care. Team members are not getting rich by any means at around $8.50 per hour and I told the manager when I was interviewed (twice) that the benefits were what myself and my family needed. It’s just sad, I REFUSE to spend a dime of my money there now and am looking hard for someplace better.

  • florenciog

    This may be generally true, or not. Your information is anecdotal, basically from one employee at one store; it may or may not apply to the whole company at large, or it may be a creation of the mass media, and you are just adding a stick to the fire. For some reason, Walmart has been chosen as the poster child for bad retail, and Target, Kroger & Sears have not.

  • louise

    Well this is NO surprise. I don’t work for Walmart I am in the UK and work for a retail company. I am contracted for only 11 hours per week, and I work an average of 15 hours per week, again in 5 hour blocks. Any holiday entitlement means that I only get paid 11 hours for a holiday week, so I have a lesser wage the next month, essentially being punished for taking my entitled holiday.

    I am not entitled to any benefits whatsoever and the so-called pension scheme the government are advertising on TV is only available to those earning £9000 a year- essentially managers only, as no part time employees will earn that amount, There is NO room for extra hours as the company prefers to hire more staff all working very little hours rather then less staff working a reasonable amount and being entitled to perks or even working tax credits (as if your not disabled or have children you have to work 30 hours to get that), who the hell works that much? I have just graduated, so I am aiming to get a decent job…with any luck. If I had to stay at this type of employment for the rest of my working life…well it is a horrid thought!

  • Sloppymonkey

    JC Penney’s vowed to become “more like Walmart” just before Mr. Johnson took over and as promised, they fired most of middle management and cut everyone’s hours. Papa Johns is doing the same only blaming Obamacare or the ACA for it. Also Penneys decided to raise their credit card rate to 26.9% from 20.9% across the board while bank loopholes were in effect further sealing their fate. I will not shop any of the scum. Sadly, this only leads to less competition for the other big boxes who are going to follow suit as soon as their competition fails. FML

  • fedup with Corporations

    you already said what I want to say.. this is not just a Walmart thing.. it happens in many big companies..I work for an airline currently in bankruptcy..they are doing everything they can to cut our wages and benefits..they say cost cutting, yet the upper management is getting raises. the CEO will be getting a healthy $20million severance package.. even though it is illegal. this is where corporatism is taking the country.

  • Chris

    This has been going on for quite some time. It is common with entry level employment. But there is yet another factor:
    By creating new jobs….tax breaks are earned. If you have 80 hours to fill in a week, you will earn more tax breaks by hiring 4 people for 20 hours each than by hiring 3 at 27 hours each. For a large company…multiply that out x100 and you see the value in quantity over quality. Restaurant and retail businesses have been following this model for years now. With so many people seeking employment…there is no need to value employees anymore. Expendable. Get used to that term.
    Btw…. There are a mountain of know-it-alls who just blurt out garbage without any understanding of the lower income structure and their plight. This is simple math and common sense:
    If you barely make enough money (working 40+ hrs at less than $10 an hour…a conservative example) to support a family of four (child care…too expensive, one parent must stay home), how the hell can you afford to go back to school to “better yourself”?? And to be honest….at 45-50 hrs a week…how do you find the TIME to work full time, go back to school, raise a family and maintain a household? I am sick and tired of people saying the lower income families are lazy, lack goals or motivation, looking for handouts, have no desire to better their situation…on and on and on. They work harder, for less money, under more stress and all they hear is that it’s their own fault.
    Wake the [email protected] up, know it all. Look around.

  • Ashley

    Walmart sucks, as several of my family members can attest. They aren’t the only ones, though. I was being treated this way at CVS during my time there right before I finally quit. I think a lot of employers are moving away from full time employees since they’ve decided it’s cheaper to train new employees after others quit than it is to pay out benefits. Holding onto my current full time pharmacy tech job with both hands, now!

  • WTF

    Just another reason I DON’T and Will NOT shop at Wal-Mart ever again. I worked for them back in the early 2000’s as Tire and Lube Assistant Manager. I know how this company screws it’s employees. Since I was a “Salaried” employee I was scheduled 50-60 hours a week 6 days a week and if coverage was needed elsewhere it could be more. I was only making $26,000 a year and I was Delusional at the hope for advancement. Once I opened my eyes to the true situation and how Wal-Mart really treated people I found other employment. Wal-Mart actually encourages its employees to apply for Food Stamps, Medi-care/cade and Welfare to subsidise their incomes. Nothing will change with this company as long as people shop there.

  • David

    Well Walmart is getting ready to really screw workers. Thanks to a new Federal Law any store over 12,000 square feet has to pay it’s employees at least 10 dollars an hour.

    Walmart tried to fight it but couldn’t win so the two stores they were building I think it was in Washington they stopped all together and are refusing to finish them. Now they are starting a new Walmart chain called Walmart Marketplace where all they serve is groceries and guess what the size of the store is?

    11, 500 to 11, 900 so they can keep up with their bullcrap tactics. Bad part is that two of the top 5 richest women in the world are Walmart owners. Number 1 is a Walmart owner and I think it was 3 also. She doesn’t care about other people. Just that almighty 23.5 billion dollars she is worth.

  • Rebecca

    Obama care is largely to blame. Lots of companies are being forced to do this to ensure they stay profitable which is the point of running a company. Thanks to Obama care this will only get worse and poverty overall will get worse due to the domino effect Obama care will cause. Believe me when I say I am no fan of Wal-Mart. My husband was a store manager for them for 18 years who worked his way up from a stockman through every level of management till he made store manager for the last eight or nine years of his career with them. Until after having years of great inventory results, great profit and sales numbers resulting in bonus checks, great employee morale percentages, and favorable reviews with his district manager, his superiors all the sudden did a 180 and he could do nothing right. He saw they were about to fire him after having witnessed the same treatment to other long term managers with the company, and after a year and a half of this treatment left for another company. Having been friends with other managers currently working for them he has heard of all the managers they have continued to follow the same treatment with, all while continuing to reduce hourly associate hours to the point of stressing and overworking everyone hourly and salary alike to the point that no matter what they do its not enough to keep up the standards of the store to run smoothly and satisfy the customer. Unlike other companies who are doing this to not be destroyed, Wal-Mart is in my opinion taking advantage of this as they were cutting hours drastically while increasing the cuts yearly over the last few years prior to the announcement of Obama care. Looking back I now wonder if they had a tip on Obama care and was preparing for it, hence the unreasonable corporate ordered hourly cuts resulting in the noticeable decline in store appearances the last few years. Unlike other companies however, Wal-Mart is a large enough company to pay part time benefits and stay profitable, at least they were till they destroyed Wal-Mart through greed.

  • ceway

    come to philppines and you’ll see how worse they treat people here

  • chair jackson

    we simply need to tax the rich enough to provide benefits for everyone, then we wouldn’t have to rely on employers for benefits. problem solved.

  • happyatcostco

    same story at Ross Dress for Less..Dont know why no-one is writing about them

  • lindsayrenae

    The benefits package they provide isn’t worth it. The deductible is over $3,000. Unless you are very ill or have sickly or accident prone children, most people opt out.

    I worked for Walmart until about a year ago, getting fired was the happiest day of my life at that point.

    They stress an open door policy with supposed protection from backlash, but if you use it, you will most likely get punished – unless you wait weeks for the incident to fade in the other person’s memory or for them to have other incidents so they can’t know which person went to management.

    I was a victim of the open door policy. I was mistreated by a member of lower management, went to upper management and filed a statement. That member of lower management then filed a false claim against me which I insisted was false. The only way I could have kept my job would have been to say the claim was true, sign my name to it and construct an action plan of how I was going to change my actions in the future to avoid this from happening again. I stuck to my guns, to my pride, to my morals and maintained that it was a false claim. This led to my immediate dismissal. Once again, this was -at that point- the happiest day of my life, which I made clear to management as they were walking me out.

    Then I was denied unemployment (they really screw you coming and going) because according to Walmart, I had failed to follow company policy by refusing to sign and create an action plan. I was mad for a couple days about that, but I moved on very quickly and found a job that made me much happier, that treated me with respect and valued my skills.

    Sadly, that business was bought by an out of state company which decided to outsource almost all positions. When discussing the perspective job hunt with coworkers, I said, “Whatever you do, don’t work at Walmart”. One retorted, “I would rather slit my throat”. She has never worked for Walmart. It is just generally known, especially for Marshfield, WI, that Walmart is a terrible employer. I just hope one day that their business gets run into the ground.

    I must also note that, one day when visiting at Walmart that still work there, I made the comment that “We should burn the building down”. One friend who is a member of lower management encouraged me with a thumbs up and asked “When?”

  • MARTinNJ


  • John

    As a supervisor at a sams. I can say this article is 100 percent true. I’m working basically unscheduled overnight they have me come in at midnight so I don’t qualify for the pay raise differential they pay overnights. If I don’t like I was told I could take my old still unfilled position at a pay cut and part time. Been job hunting for a few weeks now to say the least

  • Valerie Showell Bradey

    This does not surprise me…Walmarts is a blight on the landscape……they come in with not too bad product, and then when everyone else around them closes in they come with cheap product… is pretty bad that where I live there is not a choice…..Hate the product hate what they do to their employees (associates),,,If a union is ever needed this is the one time that they are (and I am not a union person).

  • mike ardito

    You are an idiot. Most major and mid range companies are doing the sane thing. Even the glorious liberal haven of California is not allowing workers in call centers for obamacare’s insurance exychange debacle work full time. Why? Because obamacares oppressive rules make it too expensive to insure employees. And of course you know that already. But because the Waltons are big GOP donors, you attack Wal-Mart as if they are the only ones doing this. You fool.

  • Chris Lawyer

    Walmart is losing the grocery war against Publix in the south east because Publix treats their employees very well and Walmart treats their employees like crap. The difference in customer service is incredible.

  • Chris

    just an add on…as a former truck driver I would like to point out that the only Union operators within the Wal-Mart umbrella are the drivers of their trucks…they know they would completely fall apart if they didn’t have one of the largest driving fleets on the highways…they do however low ball all outside trucking companies to move freight….lastly they are operated by a young management system that make more if they can figure out how to make more…so it’s really just a group of heartless assholes screwing over their brothers and sisters all so they can have and others can have not…also it’s Arkansas land of the ignorant…just sayin

  • Jess

    There are a lot of companies doing a version of what Walmart is doing. Hy-Vee just started cutting hours for people who have already worked mostly full time for the year already, in order to keep their hours down in order to not give them benefits. We all need to stand up to this crap! If we all do it, we can change it!

  • Mona

    Walmart is not the only retail company doing this. I work in retail and we have all been cut to below 28 hours, so we get not vacation, sick leave or holiday pay. Everyone who had 30 hours last year are below that now, so they don’t have to provide us with any kind of health insurance. I’m sure that all retail companies will be doing this before January 2014.

  • FLGURL84

    I Actually am starting to believe this. I work for Walmart and have seen my hours drop, badly. But through great sources, have been able to pick up hours in other departments or the front end, so im not sure what to believe. I will keep my eye out tho and see what happens.

  • WeimMom

    My hours cut big time! I only have 6.5 hours this week, down from 19! I am on disability and can only do part time, I need those hours too! HOW can so many want amnesty when we Americans are drowning?

  • Bill Greybeard Wambolt III

    I laugh every time I see the commercial with the kid talking about how wonderful his Walmart job is. How they are investing in his future by paying for him to go to college and when he graduates he can ring everything he’s learned into Walmart. It’s like at 18 or 19 years old he’s already decided Walmart’s such a great place to work, he’s already decided to work there the rest of his life. Give me a break!!!

  • Kristen

    This is not a new development. Companies have been doing this for years. If you dont like it then get a education and work somewhere that will appreciate you more. Maybe go find a smaller company that will actually need you. Its the price you pay when you get a job that highers like they are herding cattle.

  • Kierstal

    Hubby works at Walmart, and this article is pretty much spot-on for our stores.

  • Raven

    This country is in bad enough economic shape, we sure as Hell do not want or Need Hillary to lie and cheat us.
    She has covered up, lied and allowed our people to be murdered,,, Now Those in DC and CIA are hiding in a witness protection to prevent the survivors of Ben Ghazi to prevent Congress from learning what and who allowed the murders that took place in Benghazi..

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    The person who makes slavery possible is the slave. Why aren’t you chastising the employees of WalMart for working there under these conditions? If these employees left, WalMart would have no choice but to change their policies when they discovered that no one would work for them.

  • Alicia B.

    McDonald’s does the same thing. And I’m sure other corporations too. This is nothing new. The country is going bankrupt and corporations are doing all they can to keep their money.

  • Richard

    I’m an ex-employee of WalMart ( for this reason) and while some may find this hard to believe, It is in fact true, I was a full time employee, and was scheduled for their max hours of 38 hrs per week and if I were to happen to be getting close to the allotted hrs I was being sent home early not even allowed to finish my scheduled shift, only to get called into office to be questioned why I didn’t finish my shift by an different Manager than sent me home!! It is ridiculous, I NOW SHOP ANYWHERE BUT WALMART! I refuse to give this greedy carless company any of my hard earned money!!! I may pay more but at least I aint supporting their greedy operation,

  • Amanda Armstrong

    Part timers in retail do not get benefits. So part timers at wally world should be happy. I was a retail manager (specialty retail) for 15 years. An unwritten rule for part timers was open availability for their under 20 hours. And we never schedule them for 8 hour shifts. It doesn’t work work retail traffic patterns. And And then you you have to give them a lunch if they work 6 or more hours, then you have to schedule coverage for that lunch, costing more payroll hours. I remember a part timer with crappy availability didn’t get hours. Availability has to fit the businesses needs. Period. Welcome to retail.

  • Doug

    Canadian national railway is the same widdleing our contracts down to nothing and paying us more to do anything they want with us like ship us all over the country

  • cindy

    So long as people continue to shop at Walmart, these practices will continue. They do not have lower prices. Their deceptive pricing only adds to the negative score card. The “lower price” comes in the form of smaller packaging and low quality items, which will need replacing sooner. I am insulted that Walmart thinks that we consumers are stupid enough to fall for their tricks A consumer can do even better shopping the sales and clearance racks at other stores. Do your homework before you go shopping and go somewhere else. Only when they lose customers will they realize their jig is up. As long as they are pulling in the dough, they could care less what anyone says about them.

  • samthor

    Unfortunately, the sheep will still shop there because “it’s cheap”.

  • “I’ve known my source for over a decade and verified all of the information myself. ”

    I won’t share any of that information with you though. Trust me. All that matters is the moonbatshitcrazy hatred of Walmart.

  • equinehunter89

    But how many part time jobs offer benefits to employees? None that I have worked for so stop blaming Walmart

  • CQMI

    Welcome to the new serfdom.

  • jyoung53559

    Thank you for yet another reason to not shop there…….

  • sbozich

    So then don’t work there. If your job prospects are so bleak that you can’t work anywhere else, then fuck you.
    And fuck you too Allen Clifton.

  • jyoung53559

    Right to work means right to work for less…….it will stay that way until folks rise up and say enough ………you can’t treat people like this…….

  • Mommy

    This is true! I worked for wallmart and The sad thing is that I didn’t make enough money to buy gas and groceries let alone pay for bills and the government told me I made too much to receive help! Thank god for my boyfriend/baby’s dad or idk how we would have made it!! That was a HARD time in my life!!

  • Rich Sodergren pays next to nothing in unemployment payments to the states. most walmart employees can get just the minimum in unemployment cash.

  • GOPhater

    I worked for the for TWO Days…I was gone on the third..hated it

  • Just a gal from TX

    This will continue as long as our economy is in the dumper for the middle class. When the economy improves, companies will have to compete for the best workers. Walmart has twice the turnover of Costco. Turnover is expensive because it costs money to train new employees, not to mention the best employees will be the ones to leave when they find something better.

  • Jennie

    I have a friend who works for COSTCO. From what he’s told me, part time hours were up to 25 hours per week, with a starting pay between $10-12 per hour (Arizona), and benefits were provided. The two biggest differences between WalMart and COSTCO is that WalMart seems to be opening more stores than necessary (3 stores within a 10 mile radius is a bit excessive, yes?), and COSTO deals more in bulk items, which I think is a benefit (more stuff in one shot, less shopping trips you have to make).

  • jackjelvis

    Interesting how there isn’t one bit of actual documentation of any of these claims. Oh, wait, I’m sorry, the author did say that he had “seen and verified all documentation backing up my source’s claims, and have verified with certainty that they are true.”

    So, yeah, I guess that’s the same thing….

  • Marie

    Target does the same thing!!! Target is just as bad as Walmart for a lot of the same reasons.

  • Raymond

    This is nothing new. An old friend worked at a Walmart mail in pharmacy. For a period of about six months to a year, the “associates” employed at the pharmacy were required to clean the work place. As in, vacuum the floors, clean the toilets, mop the floors. All to keep from having to pay anybody else to do it. They still had to keep up with their “official” job, and the cleaning had to be finished before they were allowed to leave. I’ve excised this deplorable company from my existence and wish others would follow suit. They are not any less expensive than most other full service stores, unless you factor in the sub standard quality of merchandise.

  • Vicky Sarvela

    I worked for a grocery chain that also restricts the number of hours you’re allowed to work so you can’t be considered “fulltime” or worthy of benefits. They schedule employees one week out. I volunteered to fill in for people (so I could pay my bills) and was told that anything close to 30 hours a week had to be approved by management. The only “fulltime” staff was management. Anything over 40 hours a week that they worked was paid at 1/2 their hourly rate.

  • Hollycroft

    Just atrocious! I HATE Wal-Mart

  • Joanne Rubin Gruskin

    Walmart isn’t alone. Home Depot is guilty of the same reprehensible treatment of their workers. Big business is guilty using the current state of the economy to bully their employees. Question their practices and you will hear references to the stack of resumes and the ready supply of workers waiting in the wings to take their jobs. It’s kind of ironic that the division of Walmart that is cited is Sam’s Club. Costco, the company that Sam’s aspires to imitate, is diametrically opposed to Sam’s in the treatment of their workers. Costco really does have a stack of resumes for every job opening because everyone wants to work for them.

  • Preference Robinson

    Wow, this really explains alot to me, seriously. I work at Walmart, and I was wondering why I am scheduled the way I am (5 days a week, 4 hours a day). Especially since I thought I was going to become a full time associate, I thought I was. This really sucks, I can’t benefits, but I can work my a** off for your company! True it’s only 4 hours, but the 4 hours are scheduled so strangely that I don’t have time to get another job(what job allows you to leave in the middle of the day). Wow, this really sheds a new light on the whole situation, I think it’s time to find a better, full-time, full benefit job!! Thank you for telling us the truth!!!

  • Richard P. McDonough

    These Waltons should be deported. Scum of the earth.

  • Shanna

    I work at Walmart and have been their for 6 years I noticed changes and couldn’t believe how true the statements were.

  • DEB

    I am from a different era than most , I come from an era where you worked (Technically speaking)your ass off and never asked Questions, now the version of this story is , “We The People” got tired of it, working long hours with no increase in pay, being treated like a pack of mules,told if we didn’t like it we could leave, also no Family Leave Act, if some one got sick , tough cookies!I could go on and on, but WE The People Changed it by VOTING in UNIONS, that’s right folks UNIONS, because of them, I paid 8 dollars a week as a full timer and 4 dollars a week as a part timer, and we had some of the best benefits going and great paid vacation and also sick pays,and Personal days also, but them came in places like Walmart,Kroger’s, I could go on and on but what’s the use, young people DO NOT want to work today , they like to make 12 dollars an hour just to show up,I am now retired, but I work p/t just for fun, too watch all the young people who Cry about how they don’t get paid or I have to work weekends, or I can’t stand my boss, it’s been going on for centuries, I say CHANGE is in ORDER, you carry the ball , VOTE in UNIONS, push some one like Walmart OUT,Stand Together you make a difference, work alone you can’t change nothing, I am so glad that I worked 45 years and see the difference, I feel so lucky to have been one of the ones who changed the Companies, now they are back in charge, I have great Social security, a great pension, and a piece of mind and all because are Era changed it and the young people want to moan CHANGE it make a difference for you and your Children, Fight them!

    • deb

      oh, P.S. I also made 26 dollars an hour after 24years, not bad for a women and a mom!

  • Mitsy

    I agree with most of this article. They are doing this in our store. Thankfully I’m part-time and never wanted full-time but I feel bad for people who have this as their only income. Our store is extremely busy this time of year with school starting everywhere but they’re working with a skeleton crew while sending many associates to other stores to help out (so their payroll comes from the other store & not ours). Customer service has suffered but you can only do so much with so few associates. What I believe (and am told) is this is coming from corporate, not the local stores themselves. I believe cutting hours of people (esp. those who have been there for several years) is a way to up their profits; it’s not just about the insurance but I believe that’s also in play here. I could only recommend working there if you are retired, a student or have a day job that doesn’t conflict with the 2nd shift time slots. Don’t even get me started on the computerized scheduling. That’s a whole other blog.

  • Ann Murphy

    Your friend is not lying. I am a former employee of Walmart and the
    changes they put employees through is unethical and horrendous. Instead
    of hiring an equitable amount of employees to suffice the workload,
    managers demand one employee to complete the workload that actually
    requires 2 or 3 people. At this particular Walmart cashiers are mandated
    to clean bathrooms. Daytime sales associates have to complete freight
    because too many overnight freight employees call out and therefore they
    don’t have enough overnight staff to put out their products. One
    employee was terminated because she wasn’t monitoring her time and
    collected 26 minutes of overtime, which is a definite no, no. Rather than schedule employees for 1 eight hour work day, employees are scheduled for 2 four hour days.
    Sometimes sale associates are scheduled to complete assignments in 2 or 3
    departments, and mind you, Walmart Supercenter is a big store. Most
    times this particular Walmart and perhaps others deals with skeleton
    staff and then argue about losing money due to shrink, customers
    stealing. They want floor associates to be security also. The bottom
    line Walmart is concerned with its bottom line and not its employees.

  • Selina Grissom

    They have “seen” the documentation?…I’d like to see a copy of that email…the only person that would be privy to such an email would be a salaried member of management and I seriously doubt they’d make that public knowledge amongst the associates below the salaried level and certainly wouldn’t make it known…let’s see the email…Walmart associates have been working 4 hours shifts for over 5 years now…so it’s only fair Sam’s Club associates do the same…

  • CherMoe

    I have spoken to people who work at Walmart about this very situation, and they have said the very same thing … the shop at Walmart because that’s all they can afford.

  • Chris

    My daughter works for Meijers as a cashier at a “part time” store they capped the hours at 24 but can hold them over anywhere from 1 hr to 3 hrs after scheduled shift at anytime they see fit with no more than an hours notice, the union (UFCW 951) they belong to has said if you have seniority and ask for more hours (up to 30) and they don’t take them from someone with less seniority and give them to you make a grievance,no one has done so since it has been made clear that doing so could cost you your job, it’s sad that in order for one employee to make a decent pay check another employees check will be cut why not just hire in at 30 hrs

  • wsr

    Target is doing these things too. Hiring more so that the people that have been with the store are getting fewer hours and giving the more hours to the new employees knowing that they will be let go after the 90 day temp period so they don’t get to that threshold and are able to give people who have been there less than that minimum for benefits.

  • Strata

    Okay, so don’t work for Wal-Mart.

  • james

    I was a full time associate and when I put in my 2weeks they told me not to even bother as well. I had a set schedule because I was going to school and I accedently opened it trying to change my off days and they wouldnt let me fix it. But yet they want you bend over backwards to help them and do nothing for you.

  • Savy Shopper

    I don’t shop at Walmart or Sam’s Club exactly for the reasons stated in the article. I don’t like how they treat their employees. Maybe if more people stopped going to Walmart and it hurt business, maybe, just maybe, Walmart executive would get the message.

  • miserableoldfart

    Employers hate having employees get any other employment opportunities. This kind of practice is rampant even in unionized and public sector places, like the Postal Service, which is certainly a better place to work than MallWort, but uses many of these techniques to keep workers under their thumbs.

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    Go to Costco. They pay their employees fairly and provide benefits.

  • Jubee

    One word, boycott.

  • Joan Brown

    I live in a right to work state, and employees had the same policies as people claim WalMart/Sams have, long before those stores existed in the state. An employer can fire you if they don’t like the socks you are wearing and they don’t have to give you a reason. I have lived in this state for 73 years. I know so many people that are currently working at a WalMart or have retired after working in one of the stores for more than 20 years and I have never heard a complaint from any of them, other than the usual “grumbling” like a lot of people do about their jobs unless they have a job that they really like and I don’t know too many people that are crazy about their jobs.

  • Suzanne Longo

    I have never met a former Walmart employee who said they loved their job. Years ago, when Sam Walton ran the company, things were pretty good for the employees and the shoppers. We have a Walmart in town and they are building a Super Walmart across the street from the original. I’ m going to do my shopping at the local grocery store. Their prices might be a little higher but they treat their help really good. If they have locally grown produce, they tell you where it came from.

  • Ryan

    I agree with everyone on the right to work states. Walmart is the example that other chains are following, even Publix whom everyone considers a “awesome company,” has turned callous like Walmart and this year started the same things that this article mentions. I worked for walmart for 5 years before going to Publix, now I’m back where I started, a walmart matter how much I try to deny it.

  • Earlene

    this is what unions are for. that is why Walmart will not let them unionize. they know they wouldn’t get by with stuff like this’

  • Gregory

    This is simple America, Boycott Walmart!

  • conconwill

    I have to say, my daughter has worked for several retail/fast food establishments over the past couple of years, and this has been the case at every one of them. It is the reason she did not stick around, too. She just wanted to work while in school to help pay for her education. She finally stopped trying to work for major corporations and found a job working for a small business owner. She is consistently treated well and rewarded for her hard work and reliability.

  • Steve

    I formerly worked in Ohio, where associates have told me how their FULL time hours have been manipulated to be just under full time.

  • Tonia Neal

    Sounds like Lowes, part- time working 5 days week… Put in full time work nothing…..Finally quit for full time work….

  • Wage Slave

    Meijer sent out the same memo to all stores. You just don’t hear about all the shit they pull because they are a privately owned company. They are worse than Wal-Mart in so many ways, while pushing their family-owned image.

  • Dan Enlow

    I haven’t shopped t a Walton owned store in over 3 years. I sent a letter telling them why. And listed their greed and mistreatment of employees as #1 and #2. I encourage everyone to stop shopping there. You can build your local economy and send a message to the greedy bastards at the same time.

  • Kathryn Baker

    I worked for National Guardian several years ago, it is, or was, a security business where they sell burglar alarms for business and residential. A new boss was brought in and immediately his “minion”, the bookkeeper, started a program of harrassement because I took my lunch hour. They bullied most of the employees into working through their lunch but showing that they took an hour for lunch. I would not give in. If I had stayed I would have reported them but I was leaving the state anyway and so I just quit in disgust.
    I also worked for a veterinarian in the same state who had me come in at 7:30 in the a.m. but take 2 hours for lunch so that he could keep us late without having to pay overtime. I had nothing to do for 2 hours except sit in my car and eat my lunch. The clinic was too far from my home to actually go home and enjoy my 2 hour lunch. It is just ridiculous what employers do to their employees.

  • Bob

    Top right corner of this web page..AdChoices..Get your online Wal-Mart job application…lol

  • anonyomus

    Staples does this too.

  • Glad I’m not American

    I can’t read anymore of this!!!
    If you don’t like where you’re working, then find another Job!
    Land of the “Free” my ass…

    • jchastn

      I agree. But its more important than that. People need to know which of the stores they shop in have horrible labor practices. Many of us don’t want to spend our money with companies who treat employees so terribly. If we stop spending there, and spend at establishments who do a better job of taking care of employees, that will improve the job market, and the lives of our fellow americans. I know, you don’t give a shit about anyone except yourself.

  • steve

    simple……dont work there……

  • Zach Gassman

    Your problem should probably be with a president who allowed the “Affordable Care Act” to be signed. See, instead of holding people responsible for themselves, he decided it was in everyone’s best interest to HAVE to purchase healthcare. And, despite all the other costs of doing business, it mandates that employers must provide health care coverage for all employees working more than 30 hours. So, what do businesses do? The cut back hours to get around this.

    Your problem needs to be with your congressman who voted for this law(as it never went to the Senate), and the president who signed it and and said how good it was going to be. Businesses exist to make money, that is how the free market works, it is Economics 101. A business isn’t there for your fun, your convenience or to make you life better it is there to make a profit. Don’t like the system, you should probably find a different planet on which to live, because every business EVERYWHERE exists to make more money than what they spend. So stop complaining about the businesses who are there to do what businesses do and start changing out the elected members of the government who keep telling you that government is the solution to your problems (for a fee of course).

    • Anthony F.


    • jchastn

      Walmart has been doing this for over a decade. Don’t blame it on the ACA.

  • WeimMom

    WalMart is now hiring temporary employees, NO benefits! If you are disabled & physically unable to work a full 8 hr shift, can’t have an open availability, they cut your hours. I know one employee who accomplishes more in her 6 hr shift than most do in 8! Yet her hours were cut to only 15 vs 20 a week!

  • Oakowl

    Reminds me about the old mining community ‘pay’ and ‘housing’ – you had to live close enough to the mine, which meant on land & housing owned by the mine, which meant they took some of your pay went right off the top for your ‘rooming’, and you couldn’t get enough time off to travel very far, so everything you bought had to be at the company store…
    There is a solution, socially – don’t shop there. For anyone who possibly can, keep shopping elsewhere. If Wal-Mart can’t make money, they’ll have to either stop existing or change the nature of their existence. It’s not illegal to decide how many hours you’ll give an employee or how many benefits you’ll provide, but if it strikes you as morally, ethically, or socially wrong – Don’t Support Them!

  • Angry employee

    This article hit it on the button. My Walmart is terrible I have to run around and clean up the isles, unload the truck, cover like 5 dept,be a cashier all because wally wants an extra billion profit today we had a staff of 15 for night shift ( the most important part of the day! ) for memorial day!!!!! I cant take 5 steps with out hearing ” customer needs assistant in ” dept “!…..Target profits 1 or 2 billion a yr and they seem to be doing fine? Same for Costco

    Oh yeah and telling us employees ” then go find another job if you don’t like it ” doesn’t solve Walmart problem or the customers.

  • Mniako

    why our politixs do something to stop that bull shit? why walmart associates don’t gang up and create a union or something to defend their rights? it could be cause 50% of the associates are Indians from INDIA not American natives..could it be that 80% of those associates are from latin America and the ones from the states are below HS education? have you noticed that when you go to shop at walmart the level of customer service is below a dollar store? get real man,,they got what they deserve and they are happy!!!

  • Chrisbam

    You do realize the 24 hour limit is due to Obamacare right? These moves were predicted to be a result of Obamacare but no one wanted to listen. Employees will decide how much they’ll take from Walmart and either stay or find a new job. I’m not a Walmart or Sam’s fan but I recognize their right to run their business as they see fit.

    • jchastn

      Thats Bullshit. WalMart has been doing this for years! They say they “offer benefits” to all their employees. Well you can only get those if you work a minimum of 24 hours a week, which NO part-time employee is allowed to do. The fact that the cutoff point for coverage with the ACA is also 24 hours is a coincidence since this has been standing policy at WALLY WORLD for over a decade.

  • Joey

    BUT ACTUALLY…I’ve only been with Walmart for approx. 3 weeks now and clearing 40 hours a week and I’m just a temp. Matter of fact, my manager has told me numerous times that if I needed more hours then I should go to her and schedule them. She even went up and beyond her level and made changes to my schedule she wasn’t supposed to so I’d be satisfied.

    What I’m seeing is a completely biased report here. Besides, if your “totally justifiable and reliable source” is anything like MOST of the people that work at Walmart, then damn straight they’re getting their hours cut. No one wants to actually do work anymore. It’s all about “my hours” and “my vacation days” and “my benefits”. Fact of the matter is, you want these things? Work for them. Why should a completely justifiable company provide things like benefits and hours to people who don’t want to do their job?

    Plain and simple: Stop whining and do your job. Because I’m pretty sure that your source was one of the 40 other people that applied for that job and was lucky enough to receive it.

    • jchastn

      Joey, you are a temp status employee. They can (and will) do anything they want with you UNTIL you hit 90 days and they have to decide whether to keep you and at what level to keep you. You will either be fired or cut back to less than 24 hours at that time. They will promise you that that is not what they are doing to you, but they are getting max hours out of you now before the axe falls.

  • Steve Wascher

    I hope your friend can take his work experience to Costco sooner than later.

  • Chuck


  • Maureen Lynch Bocardo

    My nephew worked for Target. They pretty much used most of the same practices. When he gave his two week notice, he was told not to bother to report to work for the next two weeks.

    I worked for K-Mart several years ago. They were as bad if not worse than Wal-Mart. K-Mart’s turn-over is so incredible they have a full time personnel director who interviews every Wednesday. As I’m bilingual with a couple of college degrees, I was promised a substantial raise per hour with health benefits after the first 90 days working in the electronics department. When 90 days were up, my hours were cut and I was sent to work odd hours in the warehouse unloading trucks. My working conditions became so unpleasant I quit before the promised wage increase and benefits kicked in. In the time I worked there I noticed the practice of “subtle harassment” appeared to be the norm.

    Wal-mart is the worst only because it is the largest. The other chains are just as dirty. I avoid shopping at any of them except to buy “loss leaders” and nothing else.

  • Richard

    I worked for Walmart for 61/2 years on graveyard shift, not to bad, not to good either. I found the people who love Walmart are self proclaimed good christian Republicans.

  • Dusty2

    and of course they will blame Obama because he is forcing them to provide coverage.

  • Dusty2

    Sears has worked the part time angle for decades. Long before Walmart even existed. Leave a hole and the rats will find it!

  • Sarafina

    Now they will not hire part time. You are hired as temporary. That way, anytime they wish they can let you go for no reason.

  • Ellie

    I thought this had been going on for years already. I swear I’ve been hearing about this business model for years. I would love to hear about workers at Walmart, SC, etc. organizing unions. A union would fight hard to never let this bullshit happen.

  • Jonathan Hiestand

    How the hell do they still have employees at this shit-hole?

  • Shutup Hippie

    Put your big girl panties on and quit crying. Nobody is forced to work at walmart. If you run a business you have a budget, and you stick to it, kinda like your parents including your mooching into their budget. .
    Take your parents money, start your own store with $20 an hour employees and put walmart out of business.

  • Skyler

    I worked nights at a Sam’s Club for about 2 years, a few years ago. Our schedules were Monday through Friday and we all got 40 hours per week. Then there was a management change and he changed everything. All of the night people’s schedules changed and I ended up working working Friday through Sunday and I was lucky to even hit 20 hours a week. At the time, I had a second job working for a major bread company part time and it was my first semester at college, so I wasn’t getting much sleep. After a few weeks of the new schedule I asked the general manager if I could move to days and I mentioned that I was also going to college and in the biggest asshole tone he could muster he says, “We don’t work around people’s schedules.” And turned and walked away. Before he could get a few steps in I replied with “Then this is my 2 weeks.” It was amazing to see how much that place changed and worker’s morale just plummet in a few short weeks that the new manager was there.

  • The most amusing thing in this is that while Teapublicans love to call the president a Marxist, it is they who seem to advocate the same sort of ‘laissez fairism” on the part of government that directly lead to the rise of Marxism. In short, they want to return America to the social-economic conditions of the early industrial revolution; low wages for worker, lax to non-existent safety and environmental regulations, little or no taxation, and no government assistance whatsoever for the poor. Wal-Mart is the perfect case study for the Teapublican business model.

  • Jim Peterson

    If walmart is the best option for these employees, why is walmart the problem? Could it be that society in general is the problem? Or perhaps the people who are “Forced” to work at walmart have made a lot of bad decisions in their lives? Walmart pays what the market demands. If people had more people had dignity and wouldn’t subject themselves to walmart pay and treatment, perhaps walmart would pay more.

  • Sparky

    Home Depot is notorious for pulling the same shenanigans, and they have for years. Look into it.

  • Geegy

    This is the practice I’ve seen at every job I’ve worked at, I agree walmart isn’t the best place to work (from what I’ve read) but large grocery store chains do the same thing. The only places I’ve worked that doesn’t do this is Casinos, and rest assured with the quality of the unions here, it won’t be long before they figure out how to do this also.

  • ballerinaX

    This practice has been fairly common in retail since the late 80’s. If i recall The GAP companies were among the first to perfect it.

  • Angie Terry

    I worked at Wal-Mart for 4 years, shortly after Sam Walton died. It got consistently worse over those years. I was promoted to a department manager at the store I was at after about 3 years and was making about $8.50/hr when I left. When I left the company, it was because I wanted to transfer from Oklahoma City to Altus, Ok. The Altus store told me that because they didn’t have a department manager position available, I would have to come on as a cashier and would be kicked back to starting pay, minimum wage, or $6.25/hour. After 4, yes FOUR years with the company, I wasn’t even offered something that took away my department manager raise, they would take ALL raises, so basically the time I invested meant nothing. They made it even worse later and if you left the company for, like, 60 days and tried to come back to work there, you would start as a brand new employee. Crazy right?
    The worst part is that working there was like living in a small town. You were friends and enjoyed being around each other. You could count on other associates to have your back, we helped each other and worked hard for one another. Wal-Mart could be an amazing place to work if they gave a damn about their employees the way those employees cared about their store, back then. We did. We loved our store, we worked hard to keep it clean, do our jobs right and deserve the respect of our customers…. sadly, the management and uppers don’t care. at all.

  • Kristin Wuori

    Obamacare is doing nothing to give big business any incentive to do right by employees. When it comes down to it, publicly owned companies have to focus on the bottom line. The supposedly Affordable care act is simply causing companies to tighten their fists and hurt the employees. To the financial guys, employees = overhead. They can either choose to cut their payroll by a large margin in order to provide a few more full time hours or keep cutting hours in order to say they have so many employees. Big government has only caused it to become worse while pretending they’re here to help. But the higher taxes go up for business, the more “overhead” will have to be reduced. Stop blaming “evil” companies who are trying to save corporate money and put the blame where it belongs: government thinking it’s their money.

  • dannyanaheim

    I am a former Walmart employee who last worked there 05/2014. I worked in indoor gardening dept. I worked at the branch in Murrieta ca.

    Walmart often does not hire enough paid workers to water the plants. They will take the dying plants and put them in the trash compactor/smasher. They do this all the time.

    I refused to do it so, they would just get someone else. This is a true story.

    If anyone sees this message, please forward it to the general news population. These are my personal observations ,and are not meant to defame anyone..

  • Terri

    Ive worked for Walmart since 1999 and am a full time associate. Everything that you are talking about here in article is very true. I have been cut down to 24 hours. I have 3 days Tue, Wed and Thurs blocked so they can’t schedule me. They told me if I don’t lift the block days I will get cut to 24 hours. I refuse to work 5 days as there is no help on the job I do for we work with a skeleton crew. Its exhausting enough to work 32 hours I can’t imagine working 40 hours I wouldn’t be able to get off the couch on my 2 days off! I feel it is time to start looking around for another job, as I can’t make it on 24 hours.

    • Terri

      Also I wanted to say, forget about breaks the two breaks you get! There is so much work on the skeleton crew that if you take a break you will go over on your hours for the day because in the Bakery you cannot leave till all the bread is packaged and put out for the day. My dept mgr will not help she barks from the bakery desk its almost time to go home, I tell her well come help me and she gets up and walks out the room. If you go over on your hours for the day you have to cut those hours before Friday because there is no overtime aloud. She schedules us all over the week so there is no way you can get a second job to help the payroll and if you tell her you have another job she doesn’t care, she will tell you “you either work the hours I have available or quit”. It’s a no win situation. Working for WalMart you can’t plan your life because you will have a 3 week schedule out and you will look and they will change your schedule and not even tell you your schedule is changed. Mr. Sam is rolling in the grave right now, for his wonderful company is not what he left it back in the day when it was fun to be an associate when he was alive.
      I have so many stories to tell that the news reporter would love to get a hold of.

  • Terrie Black

    that is why our state (michigan) raised our state minimum wage as of sept 1,2014 it went from 7.40 to 7.90 sept 2014 to jan 1 2015 jan 1 2015 goes to 8.25 keeps climbing until our state minimum wage is 9.25 a hour in 2016 so there is nothing walmart can do, we are a right to work state, but walmart has to pay minimum wage, they wont like the wage increases they have to pay thier associates but they will have to get over it

  • Manic Poet

    I’m a supervisor for walmart and I can vouch for this, I thought the company was awesome until I took a step higher, and see how it’s ran, the bullying of higher management to lower management on down, but unless the company changes its business model it’ll be out the door as well

  • heather Edginton

    I went off on Family leave act for my mom when she found out she had terminal cancer a week later I found out I had cancer as well I took more time off for my surgery and then she wasn’t given long so I took time off to take care of her in her final days and when she passed I was still off. I was a full time associate and worked for the company 11 years, and after all was said and done they offered me part time and I would lose my benefits for being off. it just seems really screwed up I played by their rules and went through all I did and I still got screwed over now I am not sure what to do, it seems I should be able to fight them on this but here I am still grieving and healing and having to deal with them treating me this way. Things happen you think they would understand that it was all out of my control and I was the only one who could take care of her and I had cancer as well.

  • jaswim

    Sadly, you don’t have to convince me that your sources are true as I can tell you from first hand experience it’s still the norm. Greed has destroyed the American Dream.

  • blunite

    This is sadly true

  • Kim

    My husband was hired and was put in as a door greeter at Walmart full time.
    Than his hours went crom 38 to zero!!
    They still have door greeters but changed the name of that position.
    When he asked they told him they have no idea what is going on.
    He went up after 3 days of not working and the supervisor put him back on schedule for the next 3 days.
    Once again work week starts on Saturdays and he has zero hiurs.
    Is this a labor law situation ?
    It was also 3 other older empoyees.
    What should or can we do?
    SanAntonio Texas

  • laura

    I think it is every where. Been that way for years. part time employee don’t get benefits. Like insurance and the others things. It’s was only full time employees . They may get around it 4 now. It not unit. I know that. If it was . They might not do this stuff. No never been in a unit . But the temp services do stuff too. Hire people train them then when it com as time to hire them promising all the long there going to hire you . Not paying what they pay there employees that are in there employee many . Temps are paid less. They prom use to hire these people then when time comes they cut all them and get new temps. Because they dont have to pay temps as much as employees they hire. It’s not just Wal-Mart. I think its all these places. Well it was told to someone else from a full time employee. I guess they temps can’t do a thing about it. They’d have to start all ive r at a new job as a temp. Probably same results.

  • Toni

    I just started at walmart and i had to call out sunday and today which is monday because i dunno if i have the stomach flu or what ever and now i have two points is there a way to get rid of the two points ? I dont have a car i. Havent been able to leave my apartment i spend most of the time in the bathroom but they expect me to go in i cant take the chance of 1)getting other people sick ) 2 having an accident on myself i been there for about two weeks

  • Qwertyman

    I’ve worked at walmart for about 6 months now. They are starting to give me more days…and reduced hours Can’t wait til I go to the army