The Real Reason Why Republicans Are Terrified of “Obamacare”

boehner-scaredThere’s an endless back and forth between liberals and conservatives as it relates to the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).  Too often I see liberals claim that the real reason why conservatives oppose “Obamacare” so fiercely is because they’re afraid it’s actually going to work.

Well, that’s not the real reason.

Granted, “Obamacare” is a much better alternative than we had before (which was basically nothing) but it’s not “the answer” to our health care issues.

And that is what Republicans are so terrified of.  They know what comes next — single-payer universal health care for all.

Once “Obamacare” gets fully rolling, there’s no going back.  Even now there’s really no going back.  As millions of Americans are no longer denied access to health care due to pre-existing conditions, we’ve hit the point where we can’t go back to the days where they were unfairly discriminated against.

Think about it.  If there’s this giant uproar because 5% of Americans who have health insurance are being forced to switch plans, imagine how loud it would be if millions upon millions were suddenly dropped from their insurance altogether (if “Obamacare” were repealed) because they had a pre-existing condition.

“Oh no, I have to switch insurance plans,” would turn into, “Oh no, I can no longer continue to get treatment I’ve been receiving for the last 3 years because my insurance dropped me the day the Affordable Care Act was repealed.”

But the real reason why Republicans are doing whatever they can to make sure this law fails is because the next step is one of the things they fear most — the dreaded “socialized health care.”

You know, just like nearly every other modern nation around the globe.

Because the fact of the matter is “Obamacare” is nothing more than “swiss cheese” for health care.  Sure, it’s a plan to deal with many of the issues that plagued our health care system in this country, but it still leaves a lot of holes that aren’t going to be filled.

There will still be millions paying far too much for insurance.  There will still be millions unable to get the treatment they need.  There will still be millions of Americans who won’t have health insurance.

All problems that can mostly be fixed with socialized health care.  Now I can already hear conservatives, “Socialized health care is a failure!”  If that’s the case, why is it that almost every modernized country around the world has it?  Why is it that every country leading the world in average life expectancy has socialized health care?

If our health care system is so great, why does the average American live a lifespan closer to Mexico than Canada?

And Republicans know that once “Obamacare” gets settled, the website gets fixed and people realize all these changes they’ve been afraid of really aren’t that bad — they’ll have no defense going forward.

Even now as Republicans tout polls that show a majority of Americans disapprove of “Obamacare”, what they fail to mention is a good portion of that disapproval comes from Americans who believe the health care law isn’t liberal enough.

Conservatives are absolutely terrified that as soon as this irrational fear about “Obamacare” subsides, and its approval numbers rise as people realize it’s really not as bad as Republicans had been claiming it would be, at that point they’ll know they lost the battle.  The next stop after that is a single-payer system.

And that’s why they’ve done everything within their power — since even before the Affordable Care Act became law — to try to force the law to fail.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • ditomagik

    Isn’t it really about big business (insurance companies) not wanting any laws interfering with their big profits? Isn’t it really that both Republican and Democrat politicians are bought and paid for. The difference is that Democrats are picking better friends. (for now at least) Everything is business, and with that there is always a merchant, a patron and a product. We, the people, are the product. I am really sick and tired of that.

    • Average middle-class guy

      You are right, especially your first sentence/question. Profit, profit,profit, that’s really what they care about. How much richer can we get this year? Gotta’ beat last years profits! The PRICE of all this GREED is what should really be on their minds! ……………………….. …………………. I’m glad I am just an average middle-class guy, happy and grateful everyday with what I’ve got.

    • weslen1

      You are so right, except for one thing. Not all Democrats are bought and paid for. Alan Grayson is a great example of a great Democrat. It’s the corporate Democrats that always vote with Republicans. Those are the ones we have to vote out. Then maybe America will be great again, instead of being the “super power” that turned the planet into a toxic dump.

      • Actually, there aren’t too many Democrats voting with the Republicans lately. Now, we do have some smelly compromises, but that’s always been the way Congress gets things done during a period of divided government. Look at the record of legislation passed during 2009-2010 when the Dems had control of the House vs. legislation passed since. There is a big difference.

      • When it came to the vote to cut SNAP, 14 Dems didn’t vote at all. I believe the repubs won the vote by 7.

      • Donovan

        Dems are better than the GOP. Especially in the past 5 years.

    • Are the Democrats perfect? Not one bit. But you have to be really blind to look at Democrats and claim that they are just as bad as the Republicans… well, some may be, but pay attention: As a whole, Democrats DO care about people in a way that Republicans really do not. And we won’t change the “bought and sold” (though I think you are too cynical) until we can change campaign finance. And that won’t change until: 1. Democrats again get control of the House and filibuster-proof control of the Senate. and/or 2. We get 1-2 more Supreme Court justices appointed by DEMOCRATS.

      For anyone who cynically proclaims that “both parties are the same”; both are bought and sold, etc., it’s really the Supreme Court that’s the dividing line. Look at the records of Supreme Court justices appointed by Republicans vs. those appointed by Democrats over the last 30 years or so.

      And never let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The Dems are clearly not perfect, as I mentioned above, but the bottom line is that they are NOT Republicans!

      • Jo Clark

        Bottom line: There’s a WHOLE lot of Dems in Congress that want single payer and will fight for single payer when the time comes, and you can’t say that about the GOP. I can’t think of a single one that would support that.

        With single payer comes, largely, the end of private greedyarse insurance companies, and the Dems know that, and they’re still willing to take it there.

      • marc weers

        They both are corrupt and dance to the same corporate tunes and masters. I will vote Libertarian and get them both out. Do not waste your vote on a member of the GOP or the dems.

  • AnimalLover2

    Socialized medicine is the only humane way to go.

  • JamieHaman

    Yep, single payer is the way to go, and quickly would help. What I find absolutely amazing is that people don’t seem to realize that’s what Medicare and Medicaid are all about, and the sad part is that Medicare comes at the end of the life, when you and I will have the most health problems of all.
    Insurance companies and Doctors act like they will be poor as church mice as a consequence of the ACA, when this is not the case in other countries with socialized medicine. BUT the doctors in those countries are treating patients because they want to practice medicine, not make a fortune off the backs of the ill.

    • Jason Hartwick

      Yes. Unfortunately, when those of us in the world NOT in america think about american doctors, we tend to think more about Frank Burns than Benjamin Franklin Pierce (who, ironically enough, was a Canadian actor). For those too young to understand the reference, these are doctors from the show M*A*S*H.

  • Marleen

    We already have some socialized medicine, Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare, and they are working very well, thank you very much. What would be wrong with covering everyone under Medicare, and withholding premiums from paychecks, like Medicare does? Too much common sense?

    • Gershon Wolf

      right. everyone gets the same coverage including the president and congress. If you want better care than your neighbor, leave and go pay for it overseas in the 3rd world . If government officials and doctors had to suffer with the same care as the average Joe, then they would bust balls to improve the quality.

    • Donovan

      I agree with your plan. Right now working people are paying for socialized medicine but not getting any, not only that but they pay for health care premiums on top of it!

      It’s actually a massive redistribution of wealth from ALL employed people and/or self employed to the older generation and the disabled. (Medicare that is).

      Medicaid is more so going to the debt and paid for out of normal taxation revenue than specific FICA payroll taxes (I think).

      Basically, Americans pay for socialized medicine but don’t get any. Sounds like a wonderful plan. :/

  • Rich Schmidt

    Most R’s are fear-filled cowards.
    This explains why they need lots of guns and mega lots of bullets.
    Yet they still remain frightened by change.

    This is caused by a medical condition called PARANOIA.
    A condition covered by ObamaCare.

    This explains why they fear ObamaCare,
    ObamaCare challenges their paranoid delusions and therefore must be
    refuted ad infinitum.

  • joecooling

    Single payer 2014.

  • Gershon Wolf

    all correct

  • strayaway

    “Once “Obamacare” gets fully rolling, there’s no going back. Even now there’s really no going back.”

    That reminded me of a line in Dr Zhivago. When the Zhivago family learned that the Tsar and his entire family have been murdered, some one asks why. The answer was that it was necessary because murdering them all meant that there was no going back. Progressives and Bolsheviks have some things in common.

    Yesterday, I was reading that 4.2 million Americans had lost their policies. Today I am hearing claims of 5M. Whatever the number, a lot of people have been suffering because of the introduction of the (un)ACA which was supposed to insure Americans but is doing the opposite.

    “The beatings will continue until Morale improves”.

    • Chris

      Yesterday I was reading that the policies that were lost were “junk” policies that didn’t meet the higher standards set by the ACA. The misinformation is flying…….

      • Relayerman

        Talk about misinformation. Its not junk policies. Its policies that supposedly do not meet the ACA standards, but yet had coverage that was fine for some people like my son. the government telling my son what he should have is ludicrous. What makes the government think that it knows better than any individual american? That’s the problem with the ACA. Because of ACA my son’s policy is now doubled and his deductible is doubled and he has coverage he doesn’t need. Don’t think for one minute that just because a lot of other countries have socialized medicine that its a good thing. Its not. A friend of mine in Canada told me that it absolutely is awful (just as an example). There are two sides to the equation. All this talk about a single-payor system will fail because once those that would have to pay into it, like we do for Medicare, get to a point where we can’t afford to pay for all those that don’t pay into it there will be no funds. Hospitals cannot run or provide care without getting some funding/payment.

      • patrlyon

        If single payer won’t work here, why does it work in all the other single payer countries? For example: France, Sweden, etc. Why is the insurance business not held accountable for their annual increases in rates? Why is it necessary for any business to make a profit acting as a middle man between the public and the health care system: insurance companies? BTW, the government has been making decisions about which and what insurance companies can and cannot do for a long time now: insurance oversight at the state level via the insurance commissions.

      • Donovan

        It does work, that person is talking utter bullshit.

      • Donovan

        Sorry your son has to change his policy so 14 million more people can have access to health care. It’s the market, it takes a few years to normalize. The private health insurance market has been anything but normalized since the 80s. Always increasing above inflation.

        You have no idea about single payer. I come from a single payer country and it works amazingly. Nobody wants to get their health care done in the US if you’re from a western country. (unless of course you’re a millionaire that wants a medical vacation and can pay 100k for a surgery from a top surgeon – RARE).

      • VietVet69

        What about the 30 million that the CBO says won’t have health care insurance, remember this is insurance reform, in 10 years. The poor people won’t have health care flies in the face of other people’s claims that we all pay for it with ER visits by the uninsured. You get one or the other they are mutually exclusive claims.

      • jesuswas a closet fag

        I know right, i doubt ivy league lawyers, economists and doctors know more than your dumbass kid….what nerve they have. Of course your inbred son knows whats best. Of course you have 1 canadian friend who hates socialized medicine, i totally buy that. I used to have a canadian girlfriend when I was 15 that was a stripper/actress and sucked my balls all the time, so I hear ya. Fuck everyone that isnt us, I am a true patriot like you man, I hate everyone different than me. I wish we could throw out all the immigrants that built this goddamn country. I hate medicare too, goddamn I would rather see that money go to our severally underpaid congressional employees like Ted Cruz. what a waste.and fuck the gays. every time one of them fruits gets married, my wife fucks me less, its totally killing my marriage. i get you bro, me and you are the same.

    • Donovan

      So you approve of policies that offer no real coverage at all? Makes no sense. Just because your “covered” by an insurance policy doesn’t mean shit if that insurance policy covers NOTHING.

      • strayaway

        I approve of contract law in which two parties agree to voluntarily set agreeable terms. It sure beats getting dumped on the street with zero insurance because a provision or two fall short of some new requirements. If (un)ACA policies have better terms, customers will be glad to cancel their existing policies. I’m sure a lot of retirees, for instance will be glad to hear that they will be covered for birth control, keeping kids on their policies until the kids are 26, and. of course, a sex change option.

        “The beatings will continue until morale improves”

      • VietVet69

        I believe in my right to chose my policy and my responsibility for that choice. I wished more people did. Many people’s policies that were better than the policies available under the ACA in their area have been canceled because of regulations written by HHS, regulations that they knew in 2010 would cause those cancelations.

    • GuestGuest2013

      Yes, because insurance companies that dropped people would NEVER EVER have dropped them unless it was for the ACA. And they never ever would have raised rates, the ACA made them do it. In fact, they were gonna lower rates, yeah, except that darn ACA. In fact,
      were going to allow folks to keep their $50/month “plans” forevah & evah, and give everyone a lolly. But the ACA said “no lollies” and sent a death panel.

      • strayaway

        “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. Period. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Period.” -President Obama, liar

        Until today. Today, the President decided to substitute executive power for Constitutionally required legislation to change the law until the end of 2014 when the election is over. So, I guess, as of today, the President is “going to allow folks to keep their $50/month “plans” forevah & evah, and give everyone a lolly”. I can’t wait to hear your complaints about the President’s executive action.

      • jesus gives bjs for prayers

        you dont get it, me and relayerman get it, just read my response to his. we are true patriots because bill oreilly told us so, so there. You non patriotic bastard, communist, gay loving, poor people empathetic socialist, kenyan loving marxist. please take the time to read my response to relayerman.

  • John Smith

    Not a single person that I have spoken to, or heard from has benefitted from Obamacare in any way. All of their costs have gone up to the point where most of them are refusing it, and paying the penalty at the end of the fiscal year.

    • Stacy

      For my son and I, we went from $575 a month to $345, and I have way more under this plan covered due to my asthma for my medications. So hello there :), I’m someone (and my son) who have been benefitted by obamacare

    • Chris

      First of all, all insurance has gone up. That is the nature of private insurance. The health insurance companies don’t want the ACA so they are making erroniuos claims and arbitrarily raising rates. Secondly, the provisions haven’t taken effect yet so there cannot have been any refusals or penalties paid. Either you have used the wrong tense or are a troll. And thirdly, everyone that you have supposedly spoken to must be very well off. The majority of us get subsidies which have lowered our premiums and we now will have better coverage for less.

      • Donovan

        Right. It was jumping double digits under W and nobody complained.

      • VietVet69

        Just curious here, ” The majority of us get subsidies” where do those subsidies come from? I can only see 3 possibilities, taxes, government borrowing, the fed printing money. It doesn’t materialize out of nothing. The first 2 will lead to more taxes, the last one will lead to inflation. So unless you are in a bracket that doesn’t pay taxes there really isn’t a free ride on the first 2 and the last one, inflation, will get even the poorest when they try to buy food. See, I remember the Carter years with double digit inflation, I’m basically a middle class/income person and that inflation changed my families lifestyle quite a lot.

    • Donovan

      My lifetime cap disappeared. My rate has stayed the same.

    • Oh please! Can’t drop me because I reached a million or because I have a pre-existing condition. I could add my daughter back on to our insurance when she went back to school. So stop lying you have now “heard from has benefitted from Obamacare in many ways”!

    • wayneonly

      John, you have not done very much research. There are millions of people who have already benefited (preexisting conditions, under 27 and still on parents ins., those who have managed to sign up and lower their costs, those who had sub par coverage and high deductibles, and even some who were never insured before) have all benefited from the ACA. But if you only believe the GOP websites, than you will always get the “doom and gloom” reports of the GOP, who are afraid the program will work.

  • Donovan

    Right now working people are paying for socialized medicine but not getting any, not only that but they pay for health care premiums on top of it!

    It’s actually a massive redistribution of wealth from ALL employed people and/or self employed to the older generation and the disabled. (Medicare that is).

    Medicaid is more so going to the debt and paid for out of normal taxation revenue than specific FICA payroll taxes (I think).

    Basically, Americans pay for socialized medicine but don’t get any. Sounds like a wonderful plan. :/