The Real Reason Why the Coward John Boehner is Caving to Tea Party Republicans

boehner-cowardI can respect someone who might disagree with me.  I can even respect someone I vehemently oppose on key issues.  What I can’t respect is a self-serving coward, which is exactly what House Speaker John Boehner is.

This whole shutdown could have easily been avoided.  Hell, it could end right now — if only Boehner had a spine.

Beyond tea party Republicans trying to prove just how terrible government can be (by sabotaging our government) there’s another reason why this government shutdown happened.

John Boehner is trying to save his own ass.

See, his position as Speaker of the House is a fragile one.  A position in which he doesn’t hold an overwhelming amount of support and one which he could easily lose if he ticks off too many House Republicans.

Right now Boehner could “reach over the isle” to Democrats and get a spending bill passed—easily.  There are enough Republican votes in the House that would side with Democrats to pass the Senate’s resolution, fund “Obamacare” and reopen the government.

But doing that would really anger many of his far right-leaning House Republicans which hold just enough power to threaten his position as Speaker of the House.

That’s it.

This isn’t really about a small minority of House Republicans and Senate Republicans having some overwhelming power to hold our government hostage.  It’s about one man, John Boehner, trying to save his position as Speaker of the House by towing the line between moderate Republicans (amazing that some of these “moderate” Republicans are actually still very far right) and these extreme radicals that occupy districts in which their seats are perfectly safe.

But right now Boehner could get with Democrats, easily pass the Senate’s resolution and put this whole mess behind us—he’s simply refusing to do so.

Instead, he obviously considers his position as Speaker of the House more important than keeping our government open.

I would say it’s time he grows a spine and stands up to this ridiculousness, but I know he won’t.  He’s by far been one of the weakest, and worst, House Speakers this country has ever had.

A well-seasoned political “leader” who’s been bullied and dominated by a small fraction of mostly first term, tea party-supported House Representatives.  While this man has almost always been a fool, tea party Republicans have made him look like he’s running some kind of circus rather than our House of Representatives.

His total inability to get even his own caucus in order has been nothing short of a complete embarrassment.

And it’s taken us head-on into a complete government shutdown.

Not because of “Obamacare,” Democrats or President Obama—oh no.  This shutdown is the direct result of a handful of right-wing radical tea party Republicans and one coward in John Boehner, who’s put saving his position as Speaker of the House ahead of his responsibilities to the American people.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Another factor is Jim DeMint and Heritage. They are leaning on Republicans telling them that they will face well financed primary challenges if they break ranks with ridiculous radical right. This is a good example why we need serious campaign finance and election reform.

    • AlfredLehmberg

      DeMint is an arch psychopath facilitating oligarchy, cut and print, waiter, check. Repugs extinct in 2014.

  • arthursc

    And Obama plays golf with him?

    • I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy it…like when he had Romney over for dinner in the White House after the election. It’s all about appearances.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Would YOU want to have dinner with Boehner?

      • Gary Menten

        I wouldn’t want to have dinner with either Romney or Boehner. But I don’t have to pretend to be nice to them.

  • DiegoTheGoat

    You meant “aisle”, not “isle”.


      Also “toe” rather than “tow”, (the “line”).

    • OtherMainah

      And, “toeing”, not “towing” … 🙂

      • spookiewon

        Thank goodness I’m not the only one who knows these things matter!

      • GoldenSpiderDuck

        I think you meant “faction” rather than “fraction,” too.

  • Maria Ann Smith

    His job will be gone soon enough, and I don’t see the Tea Party lasting through another election. All they want to do is make it look like the President’s fault by manipulating everything.They put together a deal in which they said they would be willing to foot the bill for their own health care premiums if Obama would cave to their demands on the ACA, knowing damn well he said he would never budge. This in turn made it look like they were the good guys. Anyone who has a brain knows the truth to that. Anyone who believes Boehner and his cronies are working for the people are just a bunch of mindless sheep!

    • katherine norton malek

      Unfortunately there are an awful lot of voters who believe this is all the President’s fault and they believe every bit of right wing extremist sound bites put out by Fox News, Limbaugh & others. The propaganda machine financed by Koch Bro. ads & other special interest groups works. Sad really.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        These are the same people who believe a $10 trillion debt magically materialized on January 20, 2009 and we were debt free before that moment.

      • gemma liar

        we were debt free,,,,,,, don’t U watch FOX “news” or such luminary maggot magnets such as Hannity/beck/Limbaugh/o’reilly/ and MY fave,,,,,, michelle ” no tits and HATING life because if it” malkin????

      • Rebecca Anne Inkster

        Actually, the majority of voters KNOW it’s the GOP, only 28% or so think it’s not, and a good chunk of THEM wrongly blame both parties.

    • Robin GRAVES

      I think that’s true to an extent.. but these jackasses are in their respective districts where the constituency is pretty extreme far right. But on the other hand.. this is ridiculous enough to cost some of them. It is so simple.. if Obama was white.. he would be the most popular President since Kennedy. He’s young.. off the charts smart, well-spoken and poised.. It’s just that one thing that bigots can’t get past.

      One very super frustrating thing for me… I have combed the internet.. looking for the 80 Tea Party members that signed that letter.. I saw a document with signatures.. But can’t we get them exposed some how? This is a big problem.. They need to be outed BY INDIVIDUAL NAME. Why isn’t anyone doing this???

    • Michelle Grasz

      they can’t be voted out , that’s the point they have gerrymanned their districts, sewed into a tight little package. We need to organize a massive migration of moderate, educated thinkers to move into those districts if we want them voted out

      • Heather

        I have one word for folks that think we can’t get them out: Referendum. Why in the hell aren’t we screaming for one?

  • Analysis Please

    If there are House Republicans considering joining together to reopen the government, rhetoric like this is not helpful. We need meaningful analysis, not personal attacks, here.

    • spookiewon

      Really? Pointing out conflicts of interest is rhetoric?

  • Pat

    The Tea Party group of the Republicans appear to me to be almost like the Mafia. What a disgusting group of thugs! Somebody needs to stand up to them, and it doesn’t look like it will be our spineless speaker Boehner.

    • velvetnsteel’re wrong…the mafia would never hurt innocents…..i know…i grew up in the midst of northeast PA in the 60’s.

      • Pat

        Are you saying that the Mafia has more of a heart than the Tea Party Republicans??????……………..because if you are, I would have to say I agree with you on that!

      • velvetnsteel

        Yes, that’s exact;y what I am saying. They never, back then, hurt women or children or the weak and helpless…they were protected…..they were all about business….and it involved only the men…back then.

      • gemma liar

        and the mafia does enjoy a good cigar. watch the movie ” the professional” ,,,,,, danny Aiello is the mobster,,,,gary Oldham is the tea party clone- replete with drug induced ‘passive/aggressive ‘ behavior

  • Jeff H.

    Shouldn’t it be toeing?

    • Gary Menten

      Grammatically correct.

  • TedVothJr

    The phrase is ‘toe the line’ which means ‘to conform to expected standards, attitudes, etc.’ One cowardly unprincipled Speaker succeeding another, Nancy Pelosi…

    • gemma liar

      Pelosi has great tits even for an older chic

  • BCurran

    You don’t think he just ideologically does not agree with the ACA and wants to reduce the deficit?

    • spookiewon

      You don’t think he just ideologically does not agree with the ACA and wants to reduce the deficit?

      There. I fixed it for you.

      No, I do not think he cares a whit about “the deficit.” If he did he would have noticed how Obama has dramatically reduced the deficit and how gigantic the deficit was under both Bushes.

      • gemma liar

        im gonna politely ask U to STOP CONVEYING FACTS to these mugwumps

      • They’ll stick stick to Mugwump jism…

    • gemma liar

      where were these shitbag tea party white trash when GW bush rocketed out surplus into a staggering deficit??? murderous Iraq war based upon a lie?? where were those Christian john birch needledicks??????

  • Marty Susman

    I am delighted this is hapening, I hope it continues through the debt ceiling & SHOWS THE AMERICAN PEOPLE JUAT HOW BAD THE REPUBLICAN PARTY IS & THEN THROWS THE,M THE HECK OUT OF OFFICE IN 2014…..

    • Mizdmc

      You are “delighted” this is happening? For those who have been shutdown out of a job that we depend on, I assure you, it has not been delightful for us.

  • spookiewon

    You don’t “tow” the line, you “toe the line,” FFS! If you “towed” it, it would move. You put your toes right up to it but don’t cross it. IOW, you do what your told to or expected to. Words DO matter.

    • Lorrie Crabtree


      • Mizdmc


  • dancer61958

    It would be in his best interests to give up while the going is good. When the 17th rolls around and it’s still going on…people will be screaming Impeach Boehner. Unfortunately, the Koch Brothers have a huge hand in supporting these Tea Party Republicans. For these new Republicans taking over the House …….I say shame on Boehner. It is totally out of control and if he is trying to save his seat it will BACKFIRE! They seem to think that we the people are stupid to their lies and to what is going on. Well we are NOT! Stop the games and open the government already….they need some mental health care maybe they should sign up for Obamacare themselves!

  • Loren

    I have always thought it was strange that an x-bartender who smokes packs of cigs a day should try to tell Americans how to stay healthy.

  • mngrayfox

    Boehner has sealed his position in the history books as the most incompetent Speaker of the United States House of Representatives in history!

  • frank elliott

    Both parties are responsible for the Government shut down…..the Republican Party and the Tea Party…..

    • gemma liar

      as NOT seen on FOX “news”

  • Voter4America

    Minor point here, but I like my progressive blogs to be more intelligent than those penned by Tea Baggers: You reach across the AISLE. (Like “Cleanup on AISLE 5.”) You get stranded on a desert ISLE. (Like Gilligan and friends.)

  • PhiKapMom

    What the gerrymandering didn’t take into account are the number of GOP they had as voters in 2010 that they lost in 2012 with Romney and now they have lost a lot more centrist GOP who have had it. As a former activist and analyst for GOP and their candidates, will never vote for the lowlifes again. You can bet all but 15 – 25 GOP were giddy about shutting down Government as they sold out to the Koch Tea Party and Heritage a long time ago and reason I joined Republicans for Obama and now support all Democrats. GOP will accuse others of what they are doing and don’t think twice about lying today.

    I personally know some of these members and know they were not that far right but they sold out. GOP goes on TV and lies repeatedly and have been since the Inauguration in 2008, but I didn’t pick up it until they put Palin on the ticket with McCain and then the Koch Tea Party takeover in 2010. I saw what Palin did to McCain and what Hayworth tried to do to him in 2010 and finally decided that I couldn’t stay in a Party of liars after what I observed out of state government in my own state dominated by the GOP and ALEC.

    I am happy to stand with the President and Democrats demanding a clear CR and debt ceiling. If our media would report the facts, they would be laying the whole debacle at the foot of the GOP like McCain and Peter King (R-NY) have done.

    My more then two cents!

  • Tamarack

    He’s no Nathan Hale.

    “I only regret that I have but one job to lose for my country” said no republican ever.

    The man has no honor, no patriotism, no integrity. He is completely derelict in his duties with no sense of shame or reason. It’s unfathomable. He does not love his country or he would do the right thing, even if it costs his job. He’s a creep.

  • Brenda Pless

    I agree that he doesn’t want to lose his position as Speaker of the House. But I think it has to do with greed. As Speaker of the House, he makes a lot more money than if he was just a Representative.

  • Realist12

    The equity and derivatives markets are so rigged these days, that I would not be surprised if Boehner winds up his role in this debacle with a sweet little offshore bank account funded by Goldman Sachs, the Koch brothers or other members the financial/Republican gang of thieves. Someone ought to check this out.

  • JLR

    He is truly a coward and a liar, to our constitutional rights, and bring fear, shame and mock all democrat’s and liberal’s alike!! I hate that man he should be removed by the government, immediately. Stop attacking on Obama or you racists will be sorry as hell on wheels had it’s lively hood for criminal reason for not acting as a bonehead would do!! period. done. peace and remembrance.