The Real Immediate Threat to the U.S. Isn’t ‘Radical Islam,’ It’s ‘Radical Republicans’

Before too many people go off into an unhinged tangent claiming I’m downplaying the dangers of terrorism, I’m not. I am fully aware of the dangers it poses and the fact that these terrorists do want to kill as many Americans (and basically anyone who disagrees with them) as possible. But the hype and fear-mongering surrounding potential terror threats is usually far worse than the reality. While 9/11 is still used as the beacon of, “See what they can do!” hysteria, it’s also been 15 years since that happened. So, while some folks (mostly Republicans) like to act as if terrorist attacks in the United States are rampant, you’re actually more likely to be killed after being crushed by a piece of furniture than you are by a terrorist.

But the true, immediate, threat we face in this country isn’t “radical Islam” — it’s radical Republicans.

The rise of Donald Trump is a perfect example of what I mean. While there are many people in this country (a decent chunk of Republicans included) who absolutely did not want to see Trump as president, I still don’t get the sense from some that they realize just how disastrous a “Donald Trump presidency” is going to be. Though I think they’re starting to get a better idea.

I’m not simply talking about his disastrous policy stances that would cripple our economy, add trillions to the debt and lead us toward an economic crash probably worse than what we saw in 2008. A “Donald Trump presidency” is going to set U.S. relations back with practically every nation on the planet to a point we might never be able to build those relationships back up. To say nothing about how many new “enemies” he’s likely going to create out of sheer incompetence. His rhetoric has already been used in recruitment videos for terrorist organizations and he’s not even the president, yet.

A “Donald Trump presidency” is going to make Democrats “long” for the days of George W. Bush — remember him?

Then there’s also the national embarrassment he’s going to be for this country. The United States is on the fast-track to becoming a global laughing-stock. If we’re not there, already.

But Trump’s special brand of vile ignorance becoming so popular wasn’t a coincidence or luck — it was just a matter of time before someone like him ascended to the top of the GOP. Let’s not forget, while a distant second, Sen. Ted Cruz was the “alternate” to Trump. And while Trump is far more cartoonish in his demeanor, Cruz is every bit as dangerous, just much more radical. The vast majority of Republican voters firmly put their support behind two of the most dishonest and radical candidates who ran this year.

The truth is, people like Trump and Cruz could vanish tomorrow but the people supporting their radical rhetoric, propaganda and beliefs would still be here. These are what I call “radicalized Republicans.” These are dangerous people who have embraced open bigotry, racism, sexism and ignorance, not as a part of their political ideology — but as a foundation of it.

These are people who don’t seem to have a problem ripping apart millions of families in their ignorant hatred of Mexicans. They don’t mind spending billions to build a wall that’s not only unrealistic, it won’t actually prevent illegal immigration. These are folks who don’t mind openly admitting that they hate Muslims – all Muslims – and see the religion as “the enemy.” They’re voters who didn’t mind that their party’s nominee mocked military POWs. These are individuals who don’t care that someone like Cruz has defended the endorsement of a pastor who considered Adolf Hitler a “Jew hunter” who was sent by God.

The list goes on and on.

Long gone are the days where the GOP was the “party of Lincoln.” Hell, today’s Republican party has become so radical it’s not even the party of Ronald Reagan, anymore.

The real immediate threat to this country isn’t “Islamic radicals,” it’s these radicalized Republicans who are doing just about everything they can to destroy this country. These are people who hate and vilify practically anyone who isn’t a straight, white Christian.

These are the people who now have the “perfect” Republican president who’s more than willing to try to spread and normalize their special brand of hate throughout this country. And now that these people got what they wanted, we don’t need to worry about Islamic radicals destroying this country, because these radicalized Republicans will are already doing it for them.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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