• jim55price

    I woke up this morning and one of the first things I ran into here on the interwebs was a news release announcing that 10,000,000 people had visited the government PPACA website in the first seven hours it was open. I did a little arithmetic and here’s what I found out :

    397 people per second checked into the PPACA for that whole first seven hours.

    In the middle of the night, all night long.

    As a fellow professor wryly commented when I mentioned the figure later at work, “That’s proof of how many people hate Obamacare.” I think she just about nailed it. “How do they dare to claim it’s an unpopular law?”

    I replied, “Well, that’s called LYING,” to which she nodded.

    And so it goes.

    • Michelle

      I love how, as I am reading this, this comment was posted 2 hours ago… and is the only one up. i guess the usual trolls can’t think of a good counter-arguement to flood the comments with this time xD

      • TheDivineMisterM

        Sure, they were all too busy cracking open another bottle of scotch with Boehner.

      • Carrie Jorgenson

        Nope. They were busy signing up for health insurance and checking their new (lower) premiums.

  • PaulJmsn

    If a website keeps crashing, especially one run by the government, isn’t blaming it on heavy traffic just common sense?

    • Sam Brosenberg

      Yes, but that is based on the assumption that these people are actually capable of exercising common sense.

    • MJ

      The republicans have no common sense

    • macabr

      Yes, but the Republicans have to deflect any suggestion that the American people are going to the site because they want to sign up.

  • dancer61958

    What is also very wrong with this is….. the amount of people out there that will believe everything they hear and read just to say something bad about our President. What happened with the website I expected because it does happen. I remember one time when the group One Direction from London was about to start selling tickets here in the USA tickets were to go on sale online only for pre sale at 10AM…I sat there on the computer all set and ready to hit the button exactly at 10 to get tickets for my daughter. I tried for a half hour only to find out that so many people were trying at the same time they crashed ticketmaster. It took ticketmaster a couple of days to repair the problem. I had never ever seen that happen before. So yes it does happen. Nothing is perfect. Glitches in the beginning should be expected.

  • ThenAtlasSpoke

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH…what a freakin’ fool you are…HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA…stop it, you’re killing me…HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH…what a sheep…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

    • MiMg

      Yes, Republicans are sheep