The Tea Party’s Anti-Obamacare Strategy Exposed

defund-teaIt has long been the generally accepted fact on the left (and for some in the middle) that the Tea Party was not a grassroots organization, as it has repeatedly claimed. Yet over and over again, you’ll hear from right-wing media about how they’re nothing more than a non-partisan group of patriotic Americans who collectively got fed up with the Kenyan, Marxist, socialist, black liberal president at the same time.

Ever since they started, I’ve noticed the incredible similarities in comments critical of the president — and government in general — across various social media sites. It’s pretty safe to say that most people capable of using critical thinking skills could make a reasonable assumption that these aren’t random individuals who spontaneously got better with their grammar and spelling and after years of budget deficits, suddenly became fiscal conservatives when the first non-Caucasian president in US history was inaugurated.

It turns out that all along, so many comments on Facebook and elsewhere that would seem like a groundswell of concerned citizens are really nothing more than astroturfing. Whether it was people actively on the Tea Party/Koch Brothers payroll or those who just mindlessly parroted the same old talking points with worse spelling and grammar, it was all part of the Koch-funded effort to end the Affordable Care Act – or bring the government to its knees.

Like we’ve all suspected, rural America and retirement communities didn’t suddenly rise up and decide they were “Taxed Enough Already”; it was all part of a bigger scheme to allow corporations to keep pushing the healthcare needs of their employees off on the taxpayer, in addition to rolling back years of regulations.

Where’s the proof, you may ask? It’s right HERE. Do these talking points look familiar? Maybe you’ve seen the same exact comments from more than one profile on your local news station’s Facebook page. Perhaps your uncle who lives on the side of a mountain in Idaho and constantly posts articles from Glenn Beck on his Facebook has recently shared something like this:

President Obama has offered thousands of waivers to unions and politically connected businesses over the past three years. Big Labor, Big Businss, and Big Government have all received their own special carve-outs, exemptions, and waivers. But what about the rest of America? If this law is not ready for primetime, doesn’t it make sense to exempt all Americans?

Or perhaps the “OMG, the IRS is going to be spying on us” blurbs like this:

The IRS is greatly expanded because of Obamacare. The IRS, which has already proven its lack of trustworthiness with our personal and sensitive information, will hire 16,000 new agents. Our health records and tax records will be housed in one central database, and the same IRS agents who illegally targeted conservatives will now have access to our personal health care records.

These are all talking points being handed out by the Tea Party to their legion of followers. Not through special encrypted emails, but right out there on the Internet for all to see.

Should we really be surprised by this? If you’ve been paying attention, probably not. In the end, I suppose it’s exactly like the government spying on our Internet activities. We should have known and suspected it was going on all along, but yet people have still acted shocked and outraged when they found out. Yes, the Tea Party and their “supporters” are no better than the “Big Government” snoops they like to rail on about endlessly. The question is, will voters remember — or care — when it comes time for their state and local elections?


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