The Tea Party’s Anti-Obamacare Strategy Exposed

defund-teaIt has long been the generally accepted fact on the left (and for some in the middle) that the Tea Party was not a grassroots organization, as it has repeatedly claimed. Yet over and over again, you’ll hear from right-wing media about how they’re nothing more than a non-partisan group of patriotic Americans who collectively got fed up with the Kenyan, Marxist, socialist, black liberal president at the same time.

Ever since they started, I’ve noticed the incredible similarities in comments critical of the president — and government in general — across various social media sites. It’s pretty safe to say that most people capable of using critical thinking skills could make a reasonable assumption that these aren’t random individuals who spontaneously got better with their grammar and spelling and after years of budget deficits, suddenly became fiscal conservatives when the first non-Caucasian president in US history was inaugurated.

It turns out that all along, so many comments on Facebook and elsewhere that would seem like a groundswell of concerned citizens are really nothing more than astroturfing. Whether it was people actively on the Tea Party/Koch Brothers payroll or those who just mindlessly parroted the same old talking points with worse spelling and grammar, it was all part of the Koch-funded effort to end the Affordable Care Act – or bring the government to its knees.

Like we’ve all suspected, rural America and retirement communities didn’t suddenly rise up and decide they were “Taxed Enough Already”; it was all part of a bigger scheme to allow corporations to keep pushing the healthcare needs of their employees off on the taxpayer, in addition to rolling back years of regulations.

Where’s the proof, you may ask? It’s right HERE. Do these talking points look familiar? Maybe you’ve seen the same exact comments from more than one profile on your local news station’s Facebook page. Perhaps your uncle who lives on the side of a mountain in Idaho and constantly posts articles from Glenn Beck on his Facebook has recently shared something like this:

President Obama has offered thousands of waivers to unions and politically connected businesses over the past three years. Big Labor, Big Businss, and Big Government have all received their own special carve-outs, exemptions, and waivers. But what about the rest of America? If this law is not ready for primetime, doesn’t it make sense to exempt all Americans?

Or perhaps the “OMG, the IRS is going to be spying on us” blurbs like this:

The IRS is greatly expanded because of Obamacare. The IRS, which has already proven its lack of trustworthiness with our personal and sensitive information, will hire 16,000 new agents. Our health records and tax records will be housed in one central database, and the same IRS agents who illegally targeted conservatives will now have access to our personal health care records.

These are all talking points being handed out by the Tea Party to their legion of followers. Not through special encrypted emails, but right out there on the Internet for all to see.

Should we really be surprised by this? If you’ve been paying attention, probably not. In the end, I suppose it’s exactly like the government spying on our Internet activities. We should have known and suspected it was going on all along, but yet people have still acted shocked and outraged when they found out. Yes, the Tea Party and their “supporters” are no better than the “Big Government” snoops they like to rail on about endlessly. The question is, will voters remember — or care — when it comes time for their state and local elections?


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  • Oneauta

    “The question is, will voters remember — or care — when it comes time for their state and local elections?”
    Answer, it won’t matter. The Republicans will be funded by the Koch brothers in their re-election and supported by that foreigner’s Fox New Stations besides the world’s economy will have been thrown over the financial cliffs by the Lemmings of the House. Welcome to the brave new world order in which the US will be a ‘third-world’ relic.

  • Pipercat

    Love the pic! All medicare recipients I presume?

  • melissa thompson

    Wow, there really are NO “free-thinkers” in their camp are there? Everything is scripted and you don’t dare express your opinion till someone gives it you. Unbelievable.

    • Jason Bolton

      Seems a lot like the democrat camp too. No free thinkers, just a bunch of people towing a party line and electing the same tired candidates on both sides of the aisle.

      • Doublle Dee

        Democrats are nothing like the teabilly extremists, youd have to be brain dead to make such a comment….

  • Kenneth Johnson

    What about the “Fake News blurbs ” on your page like Ad Choices, NewsMax, Stansberry Research etc or the Fake Polls. A story is needed.

    • Paid Koch Troll

      Google picks those and not the site. Our corporate overlords pay Google a lot of money to make sure those show up on any article mentioning Obamacare or anything critical of the Kochs.

  • Michael Siever

    The other day on Facebook, somebody (Obviously against ACA) posted an article that said one reason why Obamacare is bad for us is because Robert Creamer, the man who came up with the idea for it, did so while he was in prison for bank robberies and tax evasion.

    On the flip side, during Prohibition, there was a North Carolina bootlegger, named David Marshall Williams, who gunned down a deputy sheriff as retaliation for trying to shut his bootlegging operation down. He was on trial to be hanged, but he plead guilty to second degree murder, resulting in a 20-30 year sentence to prison. While in prison, he was a regular MacGuyver, building and fixing things for his own amusement, as well as for other inmates and even some of the prison guards. Finally, the warden decided to let Williams come into the machine shop under close supervision, and let him build and tweak guns. It was here that Williams designed the short-stroke piston for the M1 Carbine as well as the floating chamber operating system for firearms. In exchange for this, the warden helped get Williams pardoned, and even helped get him enlisted in the military, even though he had been kicked out of the military twice before he went to prison. Williams’ modernization of warfare helped us win WWII. I don’t think you’ll hear a single right-winger/NRA member say that a convicted murderer gave us machine guns, because it wouldn’t fit their narrative very well…

    • Mike Williams

      I agree with you in part, but Williams did not give us the machine gun. The machine gun (self powered version) was already in use during ww1. Which predates prohibition. His inventions nonetheless were very beneficial to the training in the use of the M1, the Browning and the 1911 .45 acp sidearm. His conversions made it possible for these weapons to use .22 cal. munitions reducing the cost of training. He did not invent actual guns. Not all NRA are “right-wingers” just as not all “left-wingers” are made of jello.

      • Larry

        And He Looked just like Jimmy Stewart. LOL ( Carbine Williams 50s movie with James Stewart)

  • Nonsense! I subscribe to a Tea Party view of the world and I certainly think and speak for myself. No talking points used here.

    • Kasper Steensig Jensen

      Mark I certainly get your point there, I don’t get why people say the right don’t think for themselves.

      I was raised in a social liberal family but when I saw that it only did good for big corporations(living in Denmark) I became a classical liberal.

      I don’t agree 100% with the republican party or the Tea Party but I certainly dislike the sheep-mentality yelling bigot at all right-wingers coming from the left. It isn’t all people from the left doing it of course, I have had discussions with left-wingers which is always an amusement since I find it interesting to see things from other people’s point of view.

      Gazing on these discussions from far away, I can’t but help to think that all the statements are ridiculous when calling everyone something because your prejudices against that “certain group” of people.

      Judge them individually and stop having prejudices about people. Have rational discussions based on empiricism and logic instead of ad hominem and name-calling.

      • I don’t think intolerance against the intolerant qualifies as bigotry.

        Their pro-life, anti-immigration, ID laws (self confessed to help them) gerrymandering, desire to remove the Lily Ledbetter act, abolish minimum wage, and anything governmental assistance shows the clear disdain for anyone that’s not ‘like them.’ The pressure from certain ones to make religious based laws, claims that our forefathers were pro-christian, despite the first amendment… shows a clear disdain for anyone that’s not ‘like them.’ Their opinions on gay rights shows a clear disdain for anyone that’s not ‘like them.’

        The non-religious, pro-choice, pro gay rights republican is either libertarian (who no one really complains about), or a unicorn.

        They’ve earned this.

      • Kasper Steensig Jensen

        I don’t really believe they are bigots though, just a lack of a better word.

        Actually a true libertarian or conservative wouldn’t be “pro-gay” since the choice would be to remove all law-granted privilege created by a civil-union here.

        Multiple libertarians are religious and pro-life, not me though but there are still quite a lot.

        Many people are pro-life because they see it as murder, which I can’t agree with them on but I atleast respect that opinion.

        I don’t agree with their immigration policies either but I don’t see anything wrong with their opinions. Wanting tight immigration laws doesn’t mean you are racist.

        The racist, anti-gay, ultraconservative christian is a minority.

      • Larry

        You will have to come here to believe what we are telling you.You as a thoughtfull Rational person see things,not with rose colored glasses, but with a Rational view. The so-call libertarion here(Ron Paul ) are far to the right. The Right ( Cruz) are off the charts, they are ready to Burn down the USA to Repeal their own Law. I’m telling you, it is as crazy as it is scarey.

      • Larry

        I think you missed the point,Kasper. Being far away you can’t possible see the mind set or I should say Mind-less set of the Right Wing in this country. They are and I mean all ,completely swayed by Fox News and rt. wing talk radio. It is a mess here.

    • Angela Walker

      That’s you as an individual, Mark. And that’s fine. But you appear to have missed the point of the article. If you didn’t then why are you claiming it to be nonsense without telling us why, other than you don’t think it’s so?

  • John Wong

    If Obamacare is so great, why is congress exempt from it?

    • Michael Siever

      Having a healthcare law go into effect while Congress already has taxpayer funded healthcare through their benefits packages does not mean they are exempt from Obamacare. It just means they are one step ahead of people who don’t already have health insurance, since they already have health insurance.

    • simeonberesford

      They are not Congressmen and staff are obliged to buy their health care packages on ObamaCare exchanges.

    • Dale Allen Platt

      If the ACA, as you seem to be trying to say, is So Bad, then why not let it get going full steam and let if make it apparent to the rest of us that it is bad?

      I say it’s because more than anything, they Fear it is Not Bad as they have spouted over and over again… Think of the consequences of that truth being put out there?
      How would that impact their party and their speaking points if the One thing they have been so focused on is actually good?
      It would make them look like even bigger idiots than they already look like to most people who pay any attention to anything…

      What they’re counting on is all the people who are so focused on the big mac in their hands that they can’t think for themselves or at the very least ask questions… They will simply hear/read something Bad about a thing and then repeat it because that is what they heard…

      • John Wong

        Obamacare is already impacting our economy. The heart of our economy is the small business yet because of the ACA small businesses are afraid to expand over 50 employees and would have to provide heatth insurance or face a penalty. Not many small businesses can afford to provide heath coverage for all its employees. And so to get around this they have resorted to downgrading full time employees to a part-time status. Many of these part timers have to have several part time jobs to survive because who can survive on less than 30 hrs work per week? Because hiring is at a premium unemployment remains high and this does not count the millions who have given up looking for work and by definition are not counted among the unemployed.

        As you say Obamacare has not reached full steam yet. There are at least 2100 pages of material in the Obamacare package and after 4 years only the surface has been scratched. As a senior citizen on Medicare one of the things that will happen unless it is stopped is the transfer of 800 billion over 10 years from Medicare to Medicaid. As someone who has paid into the system (SS) for over 40 years I resent having that money used to pay for others who haven’t contributed.

        Right now the House of Representatives refuse to fund Obamacare. The House controls the budget – that’s the law. So I am hoping that the Repubs find a better candiate than McCain or Romney, a winner that will repeal Obamacare because it is a bad law that should have never been passed.

      • Leon

        Not many individuals that work for those small business can afford health insurance on their own, but I guess that’s OK, right?

      • MadMan

        John Wong is so wrong. His whole second comment is filled with incorrect information and lies spread around by Fox. He has not actually done a single bit of research on any of this topic. I’m willing to bet he is a paid troll.
        I will start with the whole “2100 pages” crap. If you actually look up the bill that passed it is about half of that. The way it is formatted leaves a lot of blank space on the page so if it were formatted like a book it would be smaller then a Harry Potter book.

        I will not waste more time trying to correct those who wish to remain willfully ignorant of ACA. They have to want to learn for themselves and I doubt any of them care.

      • joemama

        I believe that the wording states that they must provide it, but not that they have to PAY for it. They can elect to pass the entire cost onto the employee. Or the employee can choose the ACA Marketplace.

    • Naomi Julius

      Similar to car insurance, it is required in all cases UNLESS a person can prove they could cover all expenses in a severe accident. I knew a businessman who owned 70 expensive cars, and opted out of buying insurance by showing he could pay a million or more in an accident… think of all he would have paid in monthly insurance premiums. That’s probably why the rich and elite congresspeople are exempt.

      • John Wong

        Fortunately for myself I have a very good healthplan that is a secondary to my Medicare.

    • 84547277

      Congress is not exempt from the ACA. ANYONE whose employer(ie the government) supplies healthcare in their benefit package can choose to stay with their current plan. And since their plan is of the golden variety why would they want to change. The funding source changes also. Have never been able to figure out why they hate the ACA so much.

      • John Wong

        Here’s the main problem with Obamacare – Obama wants to cover 47 million who don’t have insurance. What he doesn’t tell you is where we are going to get the doctors and nurses to accommodate the 47 million. Medical staff is already stretched thin. The result is going to be long wait lines, shorter stays in the hospital, and rationing – giving it to some and denying it to others. Who will decide what medicines and treatments you will get? —these decisions will be made not by your doctor but by bureaucrats. Heaven help you if you are 80 years old and need a hip replacement – you may not get it because these bureaucrats may look at your life expectancy and determine that a hip replacement is not cost effective. As Obama once said when this subject came up “Take a pill”. And people were laughing at Palin when she mentioned “Death Panels”. I guess if you are not 80 uears old or are filthy rich you can afford to laugh.

      • MadMan

        Are you really as stupid as you come off here? Those 47 million people are already in the medical system known as society. This is not about adding them into the system but rather making them personally responsible for paying for their care.

      • MadMan

        Also another stupid “death panel” comment. The Government DOES NOT handle the payment to the doctors. You are right though about insurance companies using “death panels” but under the ACA they will not be able to do that any longer.

      • John Wong

        That is the problem – if they are going to push ACA onto the masses they should be willing to forego their federal healthcare and sign on to ACA themselves if they are ever going to convince the american public that Obamacare is the best heathcare plan. Four years after Obamacare became law has been plenty of time for those in congress to have read through the law. Do you think that now that they better understand it is why they choose not to sign on to ACA.

      • Paid Koch Troll

        Good, good. Stick with the talking points we provided you. You have learned well.

      • MadMan

        Another ill informed comment. The ACA (Obama care) is insurance reform and the requirement that all people have insurance PROVIDED THROUGH CORPORATE INSURANCE COMPANIES AND NOT THE GOVERNMENT!
        Have you spent any of the last years reading the ACA? Every comment I have seen you make sounds like all your information came right from Fox. Just to let you know FOX LIES! You are being lied to by an organization that had to sue so they could call themselves “news” even though they lie.

        Also American is capitalized. If you are going to try sounding informed you should at least try remembering that bit.

      • John Wong

        Obamacare only has a chance of working if the young and healthy buy insurance that they don’t need in order to pay for the uninsured.

  • Michael Siever

    For me, the Tealiban is akin to an abusive spouse, who beats the spouse (shuts down the government), and says to the spouse (Democrats), “Look what you made me do!” Classy…

  • Sue Ellen Hull

    Where is all this money you’re talking about? I want some! And, thank you for the handbook. I never saw that before or knew it existed. And, for the record, I did NOT vote for Pres. Obama, because I was and am opposed to his policies, but I kept tearing up the day after the election in 2008, out of happiness that our country was finally able to elect an African American for president (talk about conflicted!). So, of course, it offends me when people equate disagreeing with Pres. Obama with racism. You would get farther with your arguments if you could do away with the name calling, especially the racist name. Thanks again!

  • RC

    There are those on the left, right, and middle who spread their own propaganda. Those Americans that maintain a healthy level skepticism are left to scour the news and internet to filter out the lies.

  • RC

    There are those on the left, right, and middle who spread their own propaganda. Those Americans that maintain a healthy level skepticism are left to scour the news and internet to filter out the lies.

  • Danny Mathey

    It is not the Tea Party…It is the Koch Party…..Named after the wrong drink!