The Truth About the IRS “Scandal”

obama_irsAs House Republicans have become aware that they got totally suckered by the contrived Benghazi scandal, they’ve eagerly jumped onto their shiny new object — the flap over the IRS’s possible discrimination against the Koch Brothers-funded “grassroots” Tea Party movement.

I don’t think anyone especially cares for the IRS, least of all myself. After a childhood of watching my parents go through audit after audit which possibly contributed to their eventual divorce, I have little other than contempt for them.

The GOP would love to take down the IRS, even completely dismantle it if possible. The IRS is one of their great opposing forces when it comes to dark money and shady Super PACs funded by their corporate sponsors. In the absence or weakened state of a federal agency that monitors these funds, they’re even more free to funnel money from companies and billionaire donors to the same PACs that run “Swift Boat” attack ads against their opponents.

This isn’t the first attempt to further tilt the elections in their favor. The setup of ACORN and the dissolution of that organization helped to further disenfranchise urban and poor voters. The state-level legislation that has shortened voting hours and early voting, and required IDs is yet another step in that direction.

And now, the IRS debacle. They were certainly silent when the IRS targeted progressive organizations and the NAACP under George Bush, or Nixon’s enemies list. Where was the outrage then? Oh that’s right, they were fine with it because it was working in their favor.

Going forward, they’ve realized the fact that their voting base is shrinking by the day. They know that the only way to keep the odds in their favor is to continue to attack the checks and balances, as well as roadblock as many potential votes against them as possible.

I’ll never be a fan of the IRS, and an investigation into their practices isn’t a bad thing. President Obama has done well to get out in front of this issue, but let’s be fully aware of the motives here by the GOP. All they care about is trying to pin this on him somehow, building another contrived “scandal” to add to their cauldron of conspiracies and contempt. They’ve grown desperate to discredit this administration with something, and they’ll toss everything at the wall hoping that anything sticks.

It will be interesting to see how this all pans out as Congress wastes more of our tax money and the time they could be spending to do the job we actually elected them to do. But, you know, investigations into fabricated “scandals” and meaningless votes to repeal Obamacare are much more important, aren’t they?

Meanwhile, where the hell are the jobs they promised?


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