The United States of Trump: A Nation Being Led by a Legitimate Moron

In day-to-day political rhetoric, it’s not uncommon for one side to accuse the politicians from the other of being “stupid,” “idiots,” or “morons.” Though in most instances, these insults have more to do with an opposition to political ideology rather than a factual assessment of a politician’s actual intelligence.

The truth is, no matter what any of us may think about our elected officials, the vast majority of them are highly-educated, well-spoken individuals. Some of them are pathological liars, scumbags, and creeps, but for the most part they’re not stupid.

That said, when I call Donald Trump a “moron,” “idiot,” or “buffoon” — I’m being dead serious.

As I’ve said before, my disdain for “The Donald” stopped being about politics long ago. He could support every policy that I do and I’d still think he was a vile piece of crap, a national embarrassment, and was completely unfit, as well as unqualified, to be “president.”

It’s bad enough that Trump clearly has no idea what he’s doing. That in and of itself is disqualifying enough to hold the highest office in our land. But even outside of politics, just based on what I’ve seen and heard from him over the years, and especially since he launched his campaign over two years ago — Trump’s legitimately an idiot.

He has the maturity of a spoiled tween, the temperament of an out-of-control toddler, the impulse control of a 5-year-old given access to a room full of candy without adult supervision, and the vocabulary of a 3rd grader who’s slightly behind the rest of the class.

To make matters worse, even nearly a year into his “presidency,” he doesn’t seem to have the mental ability to grasp the fact that he’s the “president.” He doesn’t understand why his predecessors didn’t say or do certain things publicly. He doesn’t get that when he tweets things about Kim Jong-Un’s weight, or calls him “little rocket man,” it forces our allies to face the reality that, for the very first time, North Korea might have a more stable leader than the United States currently does.

His supporters clearly don’t realize when he says that he takes Russian President Vladimir Putin at his word that he didn’t launch a cyber attack against the United States — when all of our allies as well as our own intelligence agencies have said Russia was behind the attack — it makes the United States look ridiculous. When Trump said that during his trip to Asia, our allies likely thought that maybe he really is compromised by Putin or that he’s the most gullible nitwit on the planet. To take the word of a serial-killing tyrant who denied he had sent troops into Ukraine even as reports poured in of people saying Russian troops were in Ukraine is a level of stupidity that’s unfathomable. Our enemies are watching all of this, laughing at the fact that they know this current “president” is easily manipulated, outsmarted, and is completely clueless.

Just for the record, after spending several months denying Russia has troops in Ukraine, once the evidence became overwhelming and indisputable, Putin finally admitted they were there.

Though maybe Putin is an honorable man, as Trump seems to think he is. After all, if he did order a cyber attack against the United States with intent of undermining the sanctity of our democracy, he’d certainly admit that he had, right?


Let’s also not forget that this is the same guy who admitted he was clueless concerning how hard dealing with health care would be, and said he didn’t know the presidency would be so hard.

It’s not just that Trump doesn’t seem to understand how to govern, how our government works, or the complex intricacies of international diplomacy — he doesn’t seem to understand basic, common sense things about life, in general.

He is the quintessential example of a rich, eccentric fool who’s lived a life so detached from reality that basic everyday things most of us picked up on as regular human beings he simply can’t process.

It’s why I’ve joked that after years of Republicans pushing to see Obama’s transcripts, I’d love to see what Trump’s look like. This is someone who clearly struggles to read, has a very limited vocabulary, makes ridiculous spelling mistakes on a regular basis and often doesn’t know how to use the proper word in the right form — if he knows the correct word at all.

For example, his use of “unpresidented” when he was trying to say unprecedented.

Yet Trump has a degree from an Ivy League school? Sure, he might have that degree — but did he actually earn it or did his father pay for it?

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are incredibly bright people who don’t have a lot of “street smarts” or “common sense.” I know a few who fit that description. However, most intelligent individuals, especially those with an Ivy League education like Trump has, at least display some level of intelligence.

Trump displays none.

To make matters worse, unlike most intelligent people, Trump doesn’t show any interest in learning about… well, anything. Most smart, well-educated, great leaders understand that life is always about learning. I have a belief that whenever you meet someone who thinks that they’re the smartest person in the room, that actually makes them the dumbest. We should always be open to learning from others, seeking out advice, and bettering ourselves.

But not Trump.

In his world, he truly does think that he’s the smartest person in every room. When something doesn’t go right for Trump, it’s not because he made a mistake — it’s always someone else’s fault. That’s part of the reason why he’s such an idiot. People learn not only from seeking out information to better themselves, but from realizing and facing their failures while learning to overcome them.

Trump’s never done that because, in his mind, his failures are never his fault.

Like I said earlier, this stopped being about politics for me a long time ago. For me, this is about someone who’s living in the White House but has no business holding that office. Not only does he lack the ethical and moral standards needed of someone calling themselves the “president,” but he constantly disgraces the dignity of the office, while proving day after day that the United States is currently being led by someone who’s a legitimate moron.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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