The “War On Whites” And The GOP’s Very Serious Problem With Racism

Image via REUTERS

Image via REUTERS

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Alabama) made an absolutely absurd statement while talking with right-wing host Laura Ingraham in response to National Journal’s Ron Fournier and his appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. This ridiculous choice of words ended up inspiring the currently trending Twitter hashtag #WarOnWhites.

To give you the background, there was a discussion with Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) on immigration and executive action by President Obama. Ron Fournier stated that the Republican Party had a very serious issue with Hispanic voters seeing them as “the party of white people.”

“The fastest growing bloc in this country thinks the Republican Party hates them. This party, your party, cannot be the party of the future beyond November, if you’re seen AS the party of white people.” (Source)

Rather than acknowledge the obvious issue that the GOP has with attracting Hispanics and minority voters in general, Rep. Brooks decided to blame – you guessed it – President Obama and Democrats for engaging in a “war on whites.”

Brooks: This is a part of the war on whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. It’s a part of the strategy that Barack Obama implemented in 2008, continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, all those kinds of things. Well that’s not true. Okay?

And if you look at the polling data, every demographic group in America agrees with the rule of law, enforcing and securing our borders. And every one of them understands that illegal immigration hurts every single demographic group. It doesn’t make a difference if  you’re a white American, a black American, Hispanic American, an Asian American or if you’re a woman or a man. Every single demographic group is hurt by falling wages and lost jobs.

And so the Democrats, they have to demagogue on this and try and turn it into a racial issue, which is an emotional issue, rather than a thoughtful issue. If it becomes a thoughtful issue, then we win and we win big. And they lose and they lose big. And they understand that and as they get more desperate, they are going to argue race and things like that to a much heightened emotional state. . . .

Ingraham: . . . [C]ongressman, don’t you think . . . that characterization is a little out there.

Brooks: But that is, in effect, what they’re doing, though. That’s the political game that they’re playing. . . .

Ingraham: No, they’re playing the ‘race’ card. They’re playing the ‘race’ card just like they’re playing the ‘war on women’ card. This is what the left does. But I just think that phraseology might not be the best choice.

Laura Ingraham is about as conservative as it gets and she has a history of making controversial and disgusting remarks. So when she says Rep. Brooks may have chosen his phrasing wrong, he’s definitely out of line. However, he’s only one out of many Republican politicians who can not and will not accept the fact that they really are seen as the party of white people, both the wealthy and many of those who see themselves as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.

This is the very real problem that the GOP finds itself facing right now. If they were to pivot to Hispanic voters, they would anger their current base of support which right now is comprised primarily of white, often older people. If the GOP stays the current course, they will soon be relegated to being a regional party, only representing mostly rural areas scattered across the southern parts of the country.

Still not convinced of the Republican problem with talking to non-whites? Take, for example, this recent exchange involving Rep. Steve King (R-IA) and Erika Andiola and her friend Cesar Vargas. As soon as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) hears them introduce themselves, he bolts, leaving King to fend for himself. The condescending manner in which Rep. King talks down to Vargas and Andiola is yet another example of the very big problem Republicans have with minority voters right now, especially Hispanics.

Not enough? How about the time Rep. Don Young (R-AK) referred to Hispanic workers as “wetbacks”? Or the time Newt Gingrich referred to President Obama as the “greatest food stamp president in history,” which is a subtle racist dogwhistle to bring up images of Reagan’s Cadillac-driving welfare queens.

I know that not all Republicans are racist, xenophobic or condescending assholes like Rep. King and others. It just so happens that the ones who are racist, xenophobic or condescending assholes are the most vocal – and those who aren’t don’t have the balls to stand up to and call out the likes of Steve King, Louie Gohmert or Michele Bachmann.

If the GOP wants to remain relevant past the next few election cycles, they will have to jettison the racists and other extremists who are dragging the party ever further to the right, and scaring off many new potential voters. Accusing President Obama and Democrats of engaging in a “war on whites” doesn’t help their cause, it only makes their own racism more obvious.


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  • Eg Kbbs

    Even Limbaugh pointed out around ?2008? that Obama is 1/2 white (he used the term halfrican derisively). So how can Obama have a war on whites as it would mean declaring war on himself ? /snark

    And I suppose those folks waving signs and yelling at YMCA buses to get back across the border (as well as declaring that the children from Guatemala are filth ridden and carrying Ebola into the country) are all democrats ?

    • reyanthomas636

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  • Jay Hale

    Right up there with the imaginary wars of Christianity and er…Christmas. Delusions.

    • Jim Bean

      Its interesting that the Pubs had no problem with racism until Obama became President and provided with the Left with the opportunity to scream ‘racist’ at anyone who disagreed with him.

      • Sheila F

        The Republicans were in charge with GWB at the controls before Obama became President. They were happy little pigs in their pen. There were very few minorities in the party then, and even less now. I left the GOP when they started endorsing people like Palin, Bachman, Perry and their ilk. At this point a woman or minority has to be a masochist to associate with the party of good ole boy creationists, bigots, and science deniers..

      • Jim Bean

        Palin? Do you know who our current vice president is?

      • Neil McNab

        Haha so you’re putting Palin in the same boat as Biden? Are you completely demented Jim?

      • Jennifer Elisabeth

        He is. I’m surprised whoever runs this site hasn’t banned him but maybe they keep him around for the laughs.

      • Jim Bean

        Banned because I said something that violated some guideline or because I said something contradictory to the liberal narrative?

      • Jennifer Elisabeth

        I think they keep you around to prove their point.

      • cravin moorehead

        Once again…BINGO!

      • interesting3243

        Agree….And its quite effective!! 🙂

      • cravin moorehead


      • cattnipp

        well, Jim, there are no GUARANTEEs in life, to claim that attempting to save ourselves from death by our own stupidity is not worth the effort because there is no GUARANTEE is asinine. With that attitude how did you ever learn to walk, dress yourself, feed yourself, become (somewhat) educated enough to read and write??? ——- are you willing to give us a ‘planet back’ guarantee that our earth is thriving under our abuse and not suffering???

      • cravin moorehead

        Excuse me, @cattnipp.

        You are making the assumption that Mr. Bean actually knows how to do ANY of those things.

        Do you have ANY evidence that Mr. Bean has ANY of those abilities?

        I see absolutely NO indication to support your assumptions.

        You see, all that is left of the republican party are the very, very rich and those, like Mr. Bean, stupid enough to vote republican and against their own best interests.

      • Scott Jamieson

        Jim, are you six years old, or is that just how far back your memories go? The Republicans have been the party of racism since before Reagan!

      • Jim Bean

        Here’s a fact that you can’t spin away: no one has more to lose by lifting people out of poverty than the Democratic Party who consistently captures nearly all the votes from the economically dissatisfied bloc. No one has more to GAIN by lifting people out of poverty than the Pubs for whom nearly all economically successful people (excluding those whose wealth is suckled from the public teat) vote.

      • billy2that

        And there’s your racism showing. The majority of poor people in America isn’t minority. It’s whites in the red southern states. Facts…

      • Jim Bean

        Fact: The word ‘minority’ does not appear in my comment. Another fact: regardless of states, 10% of Republican voters have received food stamps at one time or another. 22% of those voting Democrat have and 17% percent identifying as Independents have. 15% of whites have, 31% of blacks have, and 22% of Hispanics. So there you are. What you thought were facts were really just illusions. (Source: Pew Research Center.)

      • billy2that

        The federal statistics made it clear that 36% of food stamp recipients are white, 26% are black and 22% are Hispanic. Not Pew but the actual numbers. You have been lied to your whole life that poverty is a black or minority problem. There are more poor white people in America by sheer numbers. 92% of Appalachia is on public assistance and 97% of it’s residents are white. Things you pretend don’t exist…

      • Jim Bean

        Speaking in totals, there are about 6 times as many whites as blacks in America. Extrapolate that into the figures you provided and what trends do you see emerge relative to the number, per 100, that collect food stamps by race? You know, this started when someone suggested it was primarily republican voters who were collecting the welfare. I set out to prove that wrong and you set out to prove something irrelevant to the topic. I don’t understand why you don’t want to accept that single-parenthood, regardless of race, is a ticket to poverty.

      • cattnipp

        so……… it is better for a woman to stay with a man that rapes her and the children…… than to leave and ask for help to get on her feet………… ??? and war widows are a burden to the country….. should a widow just kill her children and herself when her husband gets killed in combat??? if you get hit by a truck should your wife be forced to murder the children or can she allow them to live if she re-marries within a month???? If she gets hit by one, will you at least allow the children to attend her funeral before murdering them so you will not destroy the country by being a single parent??

      • Scott Jamieson

        I don’t think “fact” means what you think it means. In order for Republican economic theory to work, there has to be a permanent underclass, willing to work for whatever crumbs fall from the 1%. Lifting people out of poverty? The Republicans are the last people on earth who want to do that.

      • Jim Bean

        Fine. They’ve (Dems) been leading you to believe for decades that they’re going to make you so prosperous you’ll no longer need to rely on what they can do for you. Shoot up a flare when they reach the finish line.

      • Scott Jamieson

        Sigh. OK, Jim, here’s the deal. The government isn’t supposed to make people prosperous, but one thing it should do is provide a safety net for folks on the bottom. Democrats believe life should be livable for everyone.

        Republicans, on the other hand, want to keep the poor desperate. They no longer even try to hide it. “You’re poor? You must be a lazy bum! Minimum wage? Food stamps? Social Security? No, no no.”

        It’s the Republicans who lead people on with false hope of prosperity. “Yes, we’re the party of the ultra elite. Wouldn’t like to be one of the ultra elite? Just work hard, you’ll make it (snicker), and when you do, we’ll be the folks cutting your taxes.”

      • cattnipp

        why, if the GOP wants all to prosper, are they blocking an increase in the minimum wage?? there is no state in the USA that a person can afford a 2 bedroom apartment working full time at minimum wage—— the rich want us to pay them 65-85% of our total income to live in the homes they stole from us during the housing scam…….. and somehow manage to pay another 30-40% for utilities; 30-45% for food and household products; and have money left over for transportation and healthcare.

      • Jim Bean

        They are blocking the minimum wage hike because of the ways employers have around it. First of all, they will raise prices and that cripples everyone on fixed income – a group the Left either doesn’t know exists or doesn’t care about. A minimum wage hike incentivizes employers to automate and outsource more – something the Left claims to hate. It also discourages investors from embarking on business start ups and expansions because it raises the cost. It encourages employers to rely more on part time no-benefits workers than on full time employees. The good reasons are there. You just have to be sophisticated and open-minded enough to appreciate them.

      • cattnipp

        why is it that the RWNJs claim the economy will collapse if you give the poor a living wage——– yet they also say that paying a CEO 250Million in a bonus is helping the economy???? The problem is with the idea that a minimum wage worker should not be able to afford both an appetizer and a beverage on the two occasions they budget to eat away from home in a year……… Why do you think that another having enough to eat HARMS the rich???? who picked you to sort us out into those who deserve to have human rights and those who are not really worthy…………. you are one sick, hubris, being

      • Jim Bean

        Take a breath. Then tell me what RWNJ’s said paying a CEO 250 million dollar bonuses is helping the economy? Links would be more persuasive. The wealthy disgust me just as much as do you, and I certainly don’t belong to that group. But I’m not disgusted enough to throw my support behind knee-jerk, bone-headed, shoot-yourself-in-the-foot policies that just makes things worse. The minimum wage is not for the purpose of supporting a family of two or more though two people earning it full time are above the threshold. The solution to the imbalance between labor and demand for labor is to restore the tariffs on imports so things can be made competitively in this country. That solution is not even on your party’s radar.

      • cattnipp

        then explain to me why about 35% of the minimum wage jobs here REQUIRE at least a two year college degree???—– and jobs that paid $12 an hour 15 years ago now pay $8.75 an hour today ….. you claim the rich have a RIGHT to charge 65% of a persons wages for permission to live in a house that they PAID for…….. but the bank foreclosed on anyway—— and then say they are moochers because they can not pay another 35% for heat and lights; 35% for food and household supplies; 25% for car insurance, gas, and car payment. and another 35% for healthcare

      • Jim Bean

        Jobs that paid 12/hr 15 years ago pay 8.75/hr today because labor is a supply & demand situation. As jobs leak offshore, the supply of labor relative to demand increases and employers can get away with paying less. Ain’t saying its right morally, just saying the people have the right legally to do what they’re doing. You sound like you are going through a very rough patch, and though you might not believe it, I truly hope your fortunes take a turn for the better.

      • interesting3243

        Jim I am an economist and have been for 30 years as well as a business consultant and income tax expert. You my friend are the one that has been scammed. The Republicans have not been for the little guy and from an expert’s perspective (mine and many other very well noted economists) they clearly haven’t been for a very long time. You will find the old -timers admit to that basic fact…they have admitted it. Stop defending something you clearly don’t understand.

      • cattnipp

        is THAT why 95% of the 50 poorest counties in the USA are in RED STATES? is that why, with the exception of Texas, red states always TAKE more from the federal government than they pay toward the federal government???

      • Jim Bean

        Maryland is the first or second wealthiest state in the nation. Cumberland, Maryland is the eighth poorest city in the nation. When you can come back and correctly tell me why that is, then we can have an intelligent discussion about your comment. (And, btw, it has nothing to do with blacks or whites, or race in any way.)

      • student

        Trickledown economics clearly didn’t work, so where’s your next demographic going to from since you admit that 57% are not convinced by your results.

      • Jim Bean

        Everything you and every one around you has is the result of trickle down economics. Everything the government has given you is the result of trickle down economics. Government generates nothing in terms of wealth.

      • Miguel

        “No one has more to GAIN by lifting people out of poverty than the Pubs (sic) … ”

        So why don’t they do it, Jim? It would be so easy — all they’d have to do is vote to approve many of the bills that they have so effectively killed. Take minimum wage, for example. Or the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. If the Republican Party thinks that lifting people out of poverty would help them, then they have been consistently working against their self-interest. I wonder why that is?

        Wait — what am I thinking? I KNOW why! No matter how it might benefit them, Republicans have already sold their votes on those issues to the Kochs.

      • billy2that

        The Republicans have had problems with racism for 50 years. Their racist rhetoric has moved minority voters to the Dems with ease.

  • Robert Unzicker

    If the “racists and other extremists” are cast off, there will be no one left in the GOP. Only wealthy billionaires, with no voting base to pass their corporate agenda via their owned congresscritters

    • Jim Bean

      If there is no one Left in the GOP the whole country will take on the characteristics of Chicago and Detroit.

      • Elkan Kirkling

        You really do watch too much fox news don’t you? If you think that the end of the GOP marks the beginnings of social, criminal justice, and fiscal calamities like what we see in Chicago and Detroit then you are a complete loss. Everything that would turn those situations around, the GOP has voted against….JUST so you know.

      • cravin moorehead

        Please, Mr. Kirkling. Don’t confuse Mr. Bean with actual facts.

        He’s a republican, and therefore, facts are an unknown thing to him.

        Why, he voted for George W. Bush….TWICE!

        Didn’t you, Mr. Bean?

      • SMB1128

        We are doing just fine here in Chicago. Thanks for your concern though.

      • JohnAbramson

        That’s pretty funny,man. Do you write comedy for a living?

      • Jim Bean

        Funny? Or frightening?

      • JohnAbramson

        Look, I’ve been to Detroit and Chicago. If you want to be scared, that’s your issue. But this nonsense scares me about as much as Casper the friendly ghost. But, by all means, fantasize to your hearts content.

      • JohnAbramson

        You are typical, tho. It is interesting to see the type of person that takes the bait. Grats!

  • William Fite

    This author Manny cracks me up when reading his stories. He claims that this war on whites is absurd but then makes the following comment which completely kills his argument. “This is the very real problem that the GOP finds itself facing right now. If they were to pivot to Hispanic voters, they would anger their current base of support which right now is comprised primarily of white, often older people.” With making that comment without knowing that the Republican Party is a diverse party. In 2012 the Republican Party was 35% white meaning 65% are of a different race. Looks like a diverse party to me.

    • Bobknob

      What? Where did you get those ridiculous numbers? The GOP is almost 90 percent white.

    • nessus18

      Yeah, nice job pulling numbers completely out of your ass. According to Gallop’s Feb 2013 survey, non-hispanic whites make up 89% of the Republican party. Maybe your BS flies on Drudge or Fox nation, but not here pal. Move along.

      • Judith_Priest

        Boy, THAT is a Logic Fail!
        What else can we expect from TeaCrap Cheerleaders?

    • unebaiser

      Haha,haha,haha, Haha,haha,haha,yeah right.

  • fairmont66

    Hey Priebus how is that rebranding thingy going for YA? PS the autopsy have came back and your party is STILL racist as hell!

  • James Worcester

    You know, when you think about it, it’s really kind of funny. The vast majority of Latinos are quite conservative by nature. Staunch, devoted Catholics, they are very pro-life, anti divorce, hard working ( most would not accept “welfare” if it was offered), and very, very loyal people. I grew up with them, I know these things to be fact.The Republicans have a strong, built in base, and they are too damn stupid to realize it. Just…stupid. Republicans are screwing themselves while attempting to screw everybody else!

    • Jodie ThatOne Guy Logan

      They are screwing themselves trying to screw the president.

    • The current state of immigration is right where both parties want it. It guarantees both of them elections issues for their base and keeps a large, low wage workforce intact in the US.

      • unebaiser

        Exactly right

    • strayaway

      Asian-Americans also tend to be hard working and family oriented. They usually measure as super whites in terms of income, education, intact families, fewer one parent families, and other characteristics where whites show up at one end of the spectrum. Yet, Asian-Americans also tend to vote about 70% Democratic. When polled, the reasons they give are that too many Republicans seemed to be too tied to a certain brand of Christianity and seemed like luddites.

      Republicans could do themselves a favor by realizing what they have in common with Hispanics and Asian Americans and expanding that common ground without fundamentalist rhetoric. There must be some dissatisfaction among both Hispanics and Asian Americans about the Democrats destruction of the middle class, traditional families, NASA, and our standard of living which has accelerated under Obama (yes, Bush was bad too). I suspect that when Republicans took over the south from blue dog Democrats, southern white values overwhelmed the more moderate midwestern values of previous Eisenhower Republicans.

      • billy2that

        Apparently you don’t know many Asians…

      • strayaway

        Bad guess.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    If whites were really victims of racism, they wouldn’t be able to complain about it from positions of power. That should be obvious, even to simpletons like Gohmert, Bachmann, King and Rand. Even to brain dead morons like Ingrahamm or Gingrinch. What they really fear is losing their ability to deny minorities their rights.

  • cravin moorehead

    That photo depicts the “Triad of Stupidity.”


    No one should be criticizing Bachmann since she is mentally deficient and borderline psychotic.

    • Scott Jamieson

      Aren’t they all? That’s Louie “John McCain is a terrorist” Gohmert and Steve “I Heart Dog Fighting” King.

  • OnlyMonsters

    “Diversity” means chasing down Every Last White Person.

    The program of “Diversity” in EVERY White country and ONLY in White
    countries will continue until there are no White children left.

    This is White Genocide.

    “Diversity” is a code word for White Genocide.

    • (Just in case you’re not being sarcastic. If you’re serious, then you’re also a racist asshat who’s missing your hood.)

      And…? There is no white race, only the Human race. If we all become brown, so what? There’s NOTHING superior about paler skin.

      • strayaway

        There is SOMETHING superior about having lighter skin if one is in a sunless climate. It helps prevent dying from rickets. Otherwise, there seems to be no particular advantage and some disadvantages with respect to sunstroke and skin cancers. Lighter skin is just one of nature’s adaptations to lack of sunshine. Eskimos live with less sunlight and adopt to a lack of vitamin D with their diet.

      • cattnipp

        then why do Eskimos have darker skin?….. you claim that WHITE comes from lack of sun, and try to use Eskimos as proof……. have you ever met an Eskimo?? it would have made sense to some folks if you had tried to use the people of Iceland, at least they are white…….

      • strayaway

        I din’t offer Eskimos as proof. I mentioned they showed that white skin was not the only way to survive rickets. Eskimos’ diets have traditionally supplied large amounts of vitamin D as northern water wish have oils containing vita min D. Eskimos measure low amounts of vitamin D on western diets. However, there is speculation that nature has evolved other means, perhaps higher conversion efficiencies of vitamin D in Eskimos. Nature is full of adoptive tricks it seems.

    • unebaiser

      White people, painfully aware of their own history, are terrified, that someone will do to them, that which they have done to so many others. Sleep well, my friend…

      • Judith_Priest

        I agree. They are afraid they will be treated like they have treated the ones they kicked on their way up.

        Same reason that Big Bad Tough Marines are *TERRIFIED* of sharing a barracks and a shower with Gay Marines! They’re afraid the gay men will treat THEM the way they treat *women*!

        I’m a pale shade of ivory, and *I* know the bills are coming due soon …

    • Judith_Priest

      Liked his own post. Snerk ….

  • Jim Bean

    I agree. The war on whites has been going on since Obama became President. Every criticism of his performance is met with accusations of racism. Every time the Pubs in Congress don’t give Dems everything they want (which is always more money to throw exclusively at those who vote Democrat) they point to Obama’s skin color as the reason. The Left as made creating a national division a deliberate political strategy with astounding success. You are doing something right when you can persuade people that the party who gets most of its votes from economically successful people wants to do everything possible to make sure they keep as many people as possibly economically unsuccessful and voting for the other party. The ignorant voter is the Democratic Party’s bread and butter.

    • Judith_Priest

      That’s because most of the “criticisms of his performance” *ARE* motivated by racism!

      Pretty much everything you’ve said in this post is a lie. That ought to bother you.

      And you idiots are NEVER funnier than when you try to put this all on Obama, like we were just one big happy Rainbow Family until Eeeevil O came on the scene?

      YOU idiots may have been worked over by Fox’s version of that MIB Memory-Eraser Pen, but … we haven’t been!

      • Jim Bean

        If you all are so smart, why wasn’t everything fixed when you controlled all of Congress and the WH?

      • Jim Bean trolls hard

        “Controlled all of congress” bahahahahaha. Have you been living under a rock?

      • Jim Bean

        “Jim Bean trolls hard?” I’m flattered to learn I’ve inspired you to such an extent.

      • cattnipp

        when did Judith control all of congress and the WH???

    • cattnipp

      It would not have been an issue if the RWNJs were not complaining about EVERYTHING………… a Marine has held umbrellas for the POTUS for over 50 years…… but when a Marine held an umbrella for President Obama the RWNJs had a fit and claimed it showed disrespect to the troops for the Marine to hold the umbrella. —– I suppose that had nothing to do with Obama being black, it is just that the GOP is just too senile to remember it having been done for every POTUS for the past 50 years (at least). Half of the RWNJs are offended that the taxpayers must pay secret service to protect THIS first family, claiming they do not deserve it………… nothing to do with race I am sure

  • R.H.

    Wow, to sit here and read what ya’ll post makes me wonder why our country is in the postion it’s in. Anyone who says our country is not a racist country is just plain blind. This is on all sides white, black, brown and every other color that makes up our nation. Oh, and yes politicians on all sides are going to use this because it keeps ya’ll talking smack to each other.

  • Danny Mathey

    It is not a ” War on Whites ” It is a War on Stupid ” !…..Color has nothing to do with it….

  • Donna

    Sarah Palin should just run, away

  • openlyblack

    Representatives Louie Gohmert, Michelle Bachman and Steve King … with a cumulative IQ of 11.

  • Olivia

    here’s a fact. you whites don’t belong in America nor Kanata why don’t you get the fk lost and go have your white utopia in your filthy cave where you came from. truth is we want our lands back so get your illegal white cockroach a…es out of here!