The White House Hilariously Trolls Fox News At Press Luncheon (Video)

Fox News hoset Shepard Smith holds up a place card missing "news" after Fox.

Fox News host Shepard Smith holds up a place card missing “news” after Fox.

I’ve often said that if I were President Obama, and given the fact that I would spend the last two years of my presidency dealing with a Republican-held Congress, I’d spend those last two years trolling the ever-loving shit out of both the GOP and conservative media. Perhaps President Obama or at least some of his aides at the White House read my page, or maybe someone there has the same sense of humor that I do – because that’s exactly what happened to the folks over at Fox News.

Since this is a short video, I’m not going to bore you with a lengthy background story. I honestly don’t care about the majority of the stuff that goes on at Fox News because I get to watch the highlight reel of their best blunders on The Daily Show, but this was too good not to post. Conservatives like Rick Wells over at my favorite stupid right-wing site (more like daily dose of derp and thinly-veiled racism) aren’t amused either, so you know this has got them a little riled up.

Don’t worry, there aren’t critical foreign policy decisions at play here, nor does the fate of America’s working class rest on this issue. It’s just a good, clean jab at Fox “News” by the White House and it isn’t the first time President Obama or his staff have done this.

If you remember back during the 2011 White House Correspondents dinner in 2011, President Obama openly took a jab at Donald Trump and Fox News over the issue of his birth certificate.

Days after releasing his long-form birth certificate to refute claims he wasn’t born in the United States, the president began his address by showing what he called his birth video.

But rather than footage of a baby Barack being born in Hawaii, the clip was from Disney’s “The Lion King,” showing the grand unveiling of the baby Simba in Africa. (Source)

This time, someone at the White House made the decision to drop the word “news” from the place card of Shepard Smith and Bret Baier, the two Fox News representatives who attended a press luncheon earlier in the day before the State of the Union Address.

Shepard Smith explains in this video what happened. I have to give it to old Shep, it’s not like he’s exactly shocked by the fact the White House doesn’t consider them a legitimate news organization. Sometimes I think Shepard Smith doesn’t really believe they are either.

Watch the clip below via Fox News:


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