There’s a Crucial Question Trump and His Supporters Can’t Answer About Steele Dossier

Since Donald Trump glided down an escalator over two years ago to announce he was going to run for president, I’ve often felt as if I’m living in a world gone completely mad. While I always knew most conservatives were rather gullible and naive, prone to believing ridiculous lies and conspiracies, even I underestimated how low they’d sink to support and defend a presidential candidate.

Nowadays I spend a good portion of my time debating people whose realities don’t seem bound by the laws of indisputable physics. People who criticized Barack Obama for playing golf who now defend a man who plays golf at a pace that will shatter that of his predecessor. People who want to use the Harvey Weinstein scandal to attack Democrats as supporters of sexual predators, who blindly defend and support a man who’s been accused by at least 15 women of sexual assault and/or harassment and was caught on video bragging about sexually assaulting women. People who believed a con man when he said the monthly economic reports were “fake” and “phony” who, less than a year later, now believe these very same numbers because that same con man uses them to brag about himself.

It’s why I’ve said there’s no point in using facts, reality, or even Trump’s own words to prove your case because they simply don’t care. The rules and standards to which they hold others don’t apply to them. Their hypocrisy is so outlandish it borders on outright insanity.

Which brings me to the Steele dossier.

One of the main tactics I employ when dealing with Trump supporters isn’t to use some sort of factual data to prove my point — but make them defend their own talking points.

It’s easy for his supporters to regurgitate some absurd piece of propaganda they’ve been fed by Trump, Fox News, or some other media source. It’s considerably more difficult for them to think about and defend the incredibly ignorant things they claim to believe. I’m not gong to sit here and say that this tactic has changed many minds, but I will say that the reaction I often get from Trump supporters who’ve been forced to defend the insanity we’ve all been witnessing is often rather entertaining.

So, while Trump, Republicans, Fox News, and a lot of people in both the conservative and mainstream media have been working overtime to make a huge scandal out of a fact I thought we had already established months ago — that Fusion GPS, the firm that hired former British spy Christopher Steele to investigate Trump’s background and possible ties to Russia, was partially paid by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign (though unknown Republicans initially hired the company to investigate Trump) — there’s one question these right-wing conspirators definitely can’t or don’t want to answer about this:

If the DNC and Hillary Clinton hired Fusion GPS for no other purpose than to slander Donald Trump with fake news, then why didn’t she bring up the Steele Dossier during the election?

Steele’s work was done months before voters went to the polls last year. If this was some “grand scheme to smear Trump for Hillary’s benefit” — then why didn’t they use the information he gathered? In fact, why spend all that money to hire a professional, and ex-British spy, at all? If the DNC and Clinton’s main goal was to push “fake news” against Trump, then why not just make stuff up on their own?

In fact, I think that’s making this more complicated than it even needs to be.

Almost nobody had heard about the Steele dossier until after the election despite the former spy finishing his work months before. So if this was some nefarious plot by Clinton and the DNC to push blatantly false information against Trump — then why didn’t they use it?

It’s preposterous for Donald Trump and his supporters to push this idea that the Steele dossier is some elaborate scheme by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to bring him down when this information wasn’t used when it might have helped them defeat him last November.

So that’s the simple, yet very crucial question I’d like these folks to answer. I get the feeling most either won’t try, or the mental gymnastics they’ll perform desperately trying to answer it will only further prove that nothing they’re saying right now makes any sense.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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