There’s A Funny Thing Missing From the Republican National Committee’s Facebook Page This Year

kwanzaaLast year, the Republican National Committee posted the following message on Facebook: “From December 26th through January 1st, many families will take time to celebrate African culture and history. Kwanzaa is a wonderful opportunity for all of us to honor the importance of family and community, and it reminds us of the great diversity in America. Happy Kwanzaa!”

Being as that this is the Republican Party, the same party that ended slavery under Abraham Lincoln and had the first black lawmakers in the South, the outpouring of season’s greetings and “Happy Kwanzaa” rang out everywhere, right? Of course not; people lost their minds that the Republican National Committee would recognize Kwanzaa as *gasp* a holiday.

In other words, it went over like the mention of desegregation at a Klan rally with their followers and the comments section was full of intolerant, hateful, racist, xenophobic and downright ignorant remarks that would make a Louisiana country bar seem like a place of progressive enlightenment in comparison. They might as well have posted a picture of Ricky Martin, his husband and children hanging out with President Obama for all of the vitriol that was spewed.

So that was 2013 and this year, the Republican National Committee once again bravely trotted out holiday greetings sandwiched between email signup lists posing as petitions, starting with this message to us Jews on December 16th:

“As Jewish families gather this evening for the beginning of Hanukkah, may everyone celebrating the Festival of Lights enjoy a blessed holiday surrounded by loved ones during these eight nights.”

Cool, so they decided to skip the generic “happy holidays” and wish individual greetings for each holiday. Well, that’s incredibly nice of them.

So, bayonets fixed and boldly challenging the onslaught of godless liberals and atheists in the trenches of the War On Christmas, the Republican National Committee posted this Christmas greeting along with a picture of Reince Priebus and his family on December 24th:

Merry Christmas from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and his family.

May you enjoy peace & comfort in the New Year.

Ok, that’s nice as well. Lots of people celebrate Christmas and it’s better than a cheesy, generic “happy holidays.” Looks like the Republican National Committee is leading the war on political correctness and finally decided to embrace the reality of a diverse America with holidays that people besides Jews and Christians might celebrate.

So on December 26th, they posted this Kwanzaa greeting:

Warmest wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa this week.

Awesome. Way to show that the Republican Party has decided to stand up for diversity and tolerance despite the outrage the last time they wished someone Happy Kwanzaa…

Oh wait, I’m sorry. That was the holiday message for Kwanzaa from the Democratic Party, which also posted Hanukkah and Christmas greetings. So where’s the Kwanzaa post from the RNC this year? Apparently after the backlash from the rabid hordes last year, the RNC decided not to anger the people who actually bothered to come out and vote to give them the Senate majority.

I guess that makes sense to them. Why bother appealing to minorities when you can just keep on counting on the same people who blow up at the mention of a holiday in December that isn’t Christmas or the non-threatening Hanukkah? Why make an effort to expand the base beyond the current base of aging, angry white people so long as you can keep pandering to those who believe that there’s a war on Christmas and that white Americans are being persecuted? After all, it does work. Just ask new House Majority Whip Steve Scalise who’s loved by David Duke supporters and Stormfront members alike.


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