There’s No More Denying It: Republicans Have Committed Treason

mcconnell-idiotMost people who following my writing know I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist. While I’m clearly not afraid to express my opinion, I also try to present a rational and reasoned argument for why I believe the way I do. I’ve been called a fake liberal by many on the left and a radical liberal by many on the right. But the reality is, I’m not actually a liberal. I care about the facts no matter which “side” they support on an issue.

But the facts as I see them now are that the Republican party has betrayed this country and has blatantly committed treason against the United States of America. I’m not sure what else you would call the Speaker of the House going behind the President of the United States’ back to invite a foreign head of state to speak in front of Congress (in a clear attempt to undermine President Obama’s ongoing negotiations with Iran), then having several members of the Republican party send a letter to Iran that essentially says the president has no power here, so any deal you make with him is useless in the long term.

That is, in my opinion, outright treason.

Republicans are trying to scuttle negotiations that the President of the United States is having with another nation, and by doing so they’re potentially risking all-out war.

If this were reversed and Democrats were doing this to a Republican president, Fox News and the conservative media would be losing their damn minds. So to the conservatives reading this, spare your bullshit about how this isn’t underhanded and corrupt. You damn well know you would be calling for sitting members of Congress to be arrested if this were happening to a Republican in the White House.

Hell, when the Dixie Chicks simply criticized President Bush, conservatives threw a massive hissy fit. And that was just a country music band expressing an opinion about a president with which they disagreed. Could you imagine if several congressional leaders from the Democratic party were deliberately trying to sabotage the foreign policy of a Republican president?

It is unconscionable how pathetic many conservatives can act. And no, I’m not going to mince words with any of this.

The childish invite of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was bad enough, but this letter is a whole other issue. Because what this letter does is it effectively says to Iran that you shouldn’t even listen to this president, because Republicans are going to do whatever they can to undermine his authority.

If that’s not treason, then what is?

How is it not betraying your country to actively and willfully carry out such actions as to not only try to sabotage a sitting president’s foreign policy, but to try to embarrass him on an international stage?

This showing of disrespect goes beyond the typical partisan politics we see all the time between Democrats and Republicans – this is a blatant betrayal of the office of the President of the United States by members of our Congress.

I love my country more than I do my political party. No matter who’s in the White House, I would have never supported any party, or politician, who tried to undermine a president’s authority in such a way that it embarrassed the United States of America the way the GOP has with their antics.

If Republicans don’t like President Obama, that’s fine. But anyone who supports what these GOP leaders are doing should lose their right to ever claim that they love their country.

Loving your country means, at the very least, respecting the system our Constitution established and defending it, even when those with whom you might disagree get elected. As much as I didn’t agree with George W. Bush, I would have never stood behind any Democrat who had tried to embarrass him internationally like Republicans are trying to do to President Obama. I would have been ashamed of them; I would have been embarrassed that I supported them; and I would have called them exactly what they were – treasonous cowards.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • fedele

    I’d like to know where Rep. D. Issa is on this subject. He’s so quick with Benghazi, IRS and now looking into Hillary’s emails. Why doesn’t he show he’s not a hypocrite and investigate whether this was treason? Your party is a disgrace, make a stand and fight for true justice for a change.

  • Ein on Shrooms

    Republicans are usually mean trolls except unlike in the internet you can’t ignore them while they screw everyone but themselves.

  • airwolfflannery

    in my opinion the Democrats have committed treason siding with a known terrorist organizer who is in league with the Brotherhood of Islam along with his organisation in the White House Who turn our allies against us and sided with our enemies who are the terrorists and he is quite capable of deliverinG a nuke apocalypse on this country buy them and our president allowing Iran to make nukes. because any sane person would realize that Islam religion states the infidel must be slain. And with these nukes they will be able to do that meaning every man woman and child in this country will be dead or dying from a nucular war. and it is the Democrats who are the traders to this country and they will be held accountable for their actions

    • worrierking


      Take a breath. Even if that was parody, calm down.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Yeah, that’s gotta be a Poe’s Law performance artist. Spelling “nucular” just like W pronounced it, and “traders to this country”. Too much.

      • worrierking

        I went to Trader Joe’s today. Guess now I’m cavorting with the enemy.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Are you sure you didn’t just see an ad for Trader Joe’s? That would be good enough for BilldO Reilly.

      • worrierking

        I’ve got the Steak & Ale pies to prove it. And not just a picture.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        I didn’t even realize TJ’s was national. Apparently for a long time.

        Of course, I only shop at Traitor Josef’s.

      • GenerallyConfused

        I’m wondering what the Democrats are trading. At least I’m not the only person who noticed those.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Beads and blankets? I’ll say it again, it’s getting more and more difficult to tell the parodies of the right wing nuts from the actual right wing morans.

      • Robert Streander Jr

        He may not have the best grammar, you can thank the liberal teacher unions for that, but his thoughts are on the money. Typical liberal tactic. Attack the person, not the substance. You high brow elitist liberal snobs are front and center to blame for the ills of this nation. But don’t forget. You’re sitting in the same boat you are sinking! Ever think about that?

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Ha ha, OK, you guys are some sort of right wing moron parody comedy team? Well done.

        I liked the part where the “Party of personal responsibilty/non-victim” guy blamed his partner’s idiocy on liberal teachers unions. Very nice touch.

        I also enjoyed the part where you pretended to be a typical right wing idiot crybaby, and made a simple observation of idiocy into an ad hominem attack that avoided some imagined “substance”.

        Pretty good job, but be careful… there are actual right wing boneheads typing the same stuff, dead serious, and they’re trying to undermine your satire.

      • Robert Streander Jr

        And so you proceed to make my point, precisely. Thank you sir. Care to attempt debating my true patriot friend’s point, instead of being intolerant of other’s point of view? You do nothing to raise your intellect by attacking him personally, simply because he holds a different view than yours. My guess is you can’t.

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Wow, you’re really staying in character. Pretty good job. I guess you’re looking for some input or critique, I’ll see what I can offer-

        1) Nice start with the “thanks for making my point” bit. A bit cliche, but a classic. Still gets a laugh out of me every time an actual Teahadist thanks somebody for “making their point” or “proving them right”, when they had no point to begin with, or have just been proved wrong.

        2) The challenge to “debate” some word salad of illiterate gibberish. Nicely done.

        3) Very good move with the “true patriot” line. That’s always funny, titles like that handed out by the zombies to anybody who can string together a pile of barely intelligible talking points, especially funny here, where you use it to describe an America-hater who just finished telling a bunch of paranoid lies about our country and its leaders.

        4) Fine use of “intolerant”, always make sure to misuse that to mean “doesn’t treat idiocy with the proper reverence and respect”. Wingnut 101.

        5) Another nice move, describing complete, babbling lunacy as simply a different “point of view” that should be coddled and treated just as nicely as thoughtful, informed commentary.

        6) Nice double, imagining my comment on airwolf’s wacky parody and incomprehensibe ramblings as a “personal attack”, complemented with the way-out suggestion that somebody might be trying to raise their own intellect through this imagined “personal attack”.

        7) Good closing, repeating that “challenge to debate” some loonies mad rant, with a guess that a normal person is unable to do that. Not, of course, because the right wing loon’s comment is a dung-pile of misinformation and gibberish, but with the implication that that dung-pile is some sort of brilliant insight that can’t be touched

        Overall, I’d give you about a 7 or 8 out of 10 here. Pretty nicely executed, but you may want to get those capslocks on occasionally, toss in some exclamation points, and include some stuff about commies and parrot some lines like “what difference does it make?” or ” You can keep your doctor”.

        With a bit of fine tuning, you have the raw material to be a very successful right wing lunatic parody troll. Keep up the good work!

      • yidda

        I am speechless. We have to get together and have a coffee, or glass of wine.. …..I thought what you said was phenomenal (sp). I agree, wholeheartedly. The GOP wants to keep us as obedient servants, just dumb enough to swallow their message, and smart enough to keep those low-paying jobs that pay all the tax, and scared enough that we know we don’t want to be poor. The message from George Carlin, I can’t take credit for it.

      • Daggercat

        Just ran across these exchanges. Your post was brilliant!!

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Well, thank you, but I’m just the straight man. Most of the credit has to go to the satirists who play the midless right wing clowns, and post these crazy things for our entertainment.

      • Heidi

        Robert seriously? how you know he had liberal teacher and not those right wing teachers who don’t belief in science?

      • Andy_Kreiss

        Robert doesn’t know anything. He’s just allergic to personal responsibility, like most right wingers, and was trying to defend his comrade by blaming some vague “liberal teachers unions” that the man on the radio told him caused his own stupidity.

        Remember, everything bad is liberals’ fault on Planet Wingnut. Even them being idiots.

      • yidda

        I stay on these sites way too much, because not only do I get entertained, it shows me I am not the only one with the same opinion as mine.

      • yidda

        My thoughts exactly.

    • Matt

      The only true way to eliminate enemies is to form partnerships, see: Germany and Japan, they are our friends, economic partners, and military allies now. Threats begets threats. Violence begets violence. Hate begets hate. War is a never ending cycle of destruction and death. The people of Iran are good people with some values that are common to all, they’ve only suffered the poor decisions of their leadership. They have new leadership now and if there’s a way to form a partnership, to stop the cycle of violence, and bring peace and prosperity to all, it should be pursued.

      • Robert Streander Jr

        New leadership? The elected president of Iran, whoever he/she may be, is nothing but a puppet to the top Mullah Khameini, who has the final say in all matters. There is no meeting of the minds with someone who publicly calls for the elimination of a whole sovereign nation, simply because they are Jewish. Because of hate. Now tell me, who is begetting what? Do you or any other idiot liberal in this forum ever, EVER, see Israel launch any kind of attack on anyone, ANYONE, without having been provoked by murderous attacks on innocent Jewish civilians? But not to worry. This US president is getting ready to hand Iran the legal right to produce nukes in ten years. Talk about treason! Israel cannot, and will not allow this to happen, based on the pronouncements of the apocalyptic regime in Iran, that Israel should be wiped off the map. Israel can handle this threat, and it will. After experiencing the extermination of 6 million of their people by another fanatical insane person named Adolf Hitler, seared into their memories, you can count on a preventative measure to eliminate that threat. Consider this: What reason does Iran have a need for nukes? Are they at threat of the elimination of their nation? They are already the strongest nation in the region, what do they need nukes for? Who is threatening their existence? No one! And ironically, when Israel makes their move, guess who will be on their side? The very Arabian nations who have been enemies of Israel foe 2000 years, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordon and all other regional nations who also understand that it’s not just Israel who is threatened. Iran wants it all. They are the definition of madness. The rest of the world can stick their heads up their asses. Israel can, and will eliminate this latest threat to their existence. Iran will not know what hit them it will be over so fast.

      • Matt

        Khameini wouldn’t let the talks happen at all if he was against it. Negotiations depend on both sides assuming the good faith of the other. They are participating in diplomacy so we have to take them at their word. That’s how diplomacy works. I’m pretty certain the President has made it clear the whole point is to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Your claim is entirely based on mistrust, which is not the proper basis of diplomacy. Your attitude of mistrust is what keeps this stupid never ending merry-go-round of war moving. Nobody needs nukes, at all, it’s only about mutually assured destruction. What do we need them for? The only reason to have them is because other nations have them. One thing I’m confident of, though, is that diplomacy is the only way to rid the world of the scourge of nuclear weapons. War will only promote nuclear weapons.

      • For the Love of God

        You need to pull your head out the sand hole it’s in. And surprise, surprise, after the deal was signed, the great Khomeini was preaching, Death to America, and wow, they found extra plutonium canisters they “didn’t know” they had.
        You and the others on this post are complete brain-dead zombies, who have drank the liberals elixir.
        If I were you guys, I would be frantically searching for an antidote to bring me back to reality.

    • GenerallyConfused

      Can’t tell if troll or really believes what is poorly written.

    • iddon carl

      You’re nuts.

    • 58 Squarebird

      You listed to Bill O’Really a bit too much .. BTW, did you hear what a gargantuan liar he is?

    • saucejenkins

      Heh. 2/10 for getting me to reply

  • Americanpatriot2014

    I view them as AMERICAN PATRIOTS fighting a traitor who working to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE America to a muslim country …… many videos and statements to fact. So get over your blind loyalty to the destruction of the greatest nation in the FREE World…………….before it is lost forever.

    • The delusion is strong with this one. Still waiting for the wingnuts to explain to me why a Christians president would want this to be a Muslim country. Oh, wait. Benghazi! Lunatics…

      • Americanpatriot2014
      • Robert Streander Jr

        How do you know he is a Christian, because he tells you so? No Christian who loves this nation would ever attend a church for twenty years listening to a preacher spewing hatred of all people white, and God Damning all things American. And I guess you also think it is ok for our diplomat in Libya to have been stuck out there in a dangerous country run by a madman, with inadequate security, where he was murdered. How can you defend that dude?

      • So… your response to this is, in essence, “Benghazi!” LOL. You guys are pathetically predictable. 😉

      • Americanpatriot2014

        why was he sworn in using the Quran????

    • GenerallyConfused

      Sooo… basically what you’re saying is you’re a conspiracy theorist.

      No one is trying to make this a “Muslim country”. You are free to be whatever religion you wish because Constitution.

      …This is NOT a Christian country because Constitution.

      Sorry you think otherwise, but you can’t change facts.

    • GL

      If I were to look, I could find many videos and statements saying that the Holocaust never happened. Just because there are videos and statements attesting something doesn’t mean the thing is true. You’re in the camp of holocaust deniers, moon landing disbelievers, and ancient alien enthusiasts.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      amen brother! Thankfully a voice of clarity voicing the vision of truth. You are not alone, and don’t ever give up the fight to save this blessed nation from the mental disease of liberalism run amok.

    • Matt

      Cripes on toast, is President Obama really doing that? Wow, I didn’t realize that. Sharia law hasn’t been adopted by any state in the union– which is a little too bad because one of those laws is a right to housing. Politicians aren’t being sworn in on Korans. Christian institutions still get to collect donations, pay no taxes, and lobby Congress. I haven’t seen any legislation about that put forth. If this is what the President really wanted to do, you’d think he’d get some of that done in 6 years. What’s even weirder is that he ran for reelection (and won handily) instead of starting a caliphate. You’d think it would have been much cheaper and easier for him to just declare himself Caliph. Do you think he’s saving that for Jan 19th 2016?

      • Americanpatriot2014

        Matt –your current president was sworn in using a Quran. And there is a Sharia Tribunal in Dallas — there’s much info about available to you — they claim it’s voluntary but since their women don’t have much freedom or $ of their own they will have to use for divorces etc and even if they do use the JUDICIAL SYSTEM in place in this country — you know the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — whatever ruling given by US courts still have to be approved by the Tribunal ….. so don’t think it’s not creeping in here – it’s already here

  • Tyrion4Prez

    Dont these Republicans realize this isnt just an agreement between the US and Iran but other nations like Germany, UK, France, China and Russia aka the P5+1. Three of those nations are our allies. If Republicans want to subvert not only Obama but all of those other countries and sabotage the deal there will be more than just a hissy fit from Democrats and the President. They undermine the US’s credibility more than anything they blame Obama for when they show such blatant disrespect and recklessness.

    • Robert Streander Jr

      This anti-American president has earned every bit of blatant disrespect he has gotten. Undermining US credibility? What credibility? This president has undermined it all by himself starting with his first speech to the radical Muslim Brotherhood fanatics in Egypt, red lines drawn in the sand, legislating through executive regulation, executive fiat orders, changing health care law without going through congress, leading from behind, on and on and on.

      • Tyrion4Prez

        Republicans invite the leader of Israel while going behind our Presidents back so that he can trash talk our President. Then they accuse anyone who doesnt agree with Bibi as being anti Israel when in reality a good majority of Israel doesnt even agree with him. He may not even get reelected which would make his speech to Congress worthless. They tried to divide us and bully and shame anyone who doesnt follow along and then have the nerve to turn around and blame Obama for trying to divide our nation. Not only are they pissing off half of America but they are pissing off our allies. They have proven time and time again that they are willing to bring everyone down with them when they dont get their way. The very fact that they expressed how they could be in Congress for decades while Obama has term limits shows how lopsided the balance of power really is and it displays their arrogance and ignorance to the fact that Obama is not the only world leader involved in this agreement.

      • yidda

        Obama is respected throughout the world. It is the right wingers in America that refuse to see his worth and what he has quietly gone about achieving while the GOP fought him tooth and nail.

      • Heidi

        seriously Robert get a clue Obama is more admired around the world than Bush was.. they only people who don’t are traitor of the GOP/TP and there people like you .. the people voted him in power not ones but twice and unlike your guy he didn’t had to go to court and get it handed to him so why you don’t go back and take your meds.. maybe stop watching fake faux for awhile

      • Alan Rupnick

        Wow. Is a small amount of literacy too much to ask for? You probably shouldn’t opine until you can write at least as well as a third grade student. It is really hard to take anyone that writes that poorly seriously 🙂

      • yidda

        I got his message just fine, Alan. If this is all you can add, ridicule concerning someone’s literacy, they in my opinion, you don’t have anything to add. Perhaps he may not be as well written as you, but obviously he got the point across.

      • MEDAN1040

        Heidi – when the complaint against your post regards spelling or how you wrote your post, you know you hit a nerve. Good post.

      • For the Love of God

        Where are you getting that information??? He is only respected by muslims and ISIS, even Egypt has enacted a lawsuit for treason against him (Odictator).

      • yidda

        Obama was just named most admired leader in the world. I believe this is 7 times in a row. Seems the world sees in him what 47% of Americans don’t see. He won a Nobel Peace prize for his “non-proliferations of nuclear weapons” and his work to “promote peace around the world.”

      • yidda

        good post!

      • 58 Squarebird

        Robert, pull your head out of your ass. Seriously.

    • Mainah

      No they don’t. They seem to think we are the only “exceptional super power” on the planet. Really. I really think that’s what they believe. It’s like trying to nail jello to the wall. One minute, it was ‘we need to strike Russia’ to ‘isn’t Putin just a great leader?’ There seems to be no rhyme or reason behind the destructive things they do … other than the fact that there’s a black man in their white house. IMHO.

      They care not for the people they “serve”, but for the money that their master’s send their way. It’s disgusting. It’s revolting. It’s getting harder and harder to stay an independent.

      • Tyrion4Prez

        Perfect example. If you insult Netanyahu or disagree with him then you are anti Israel BUT you have every right to insult OUR President and disagree with him and that makes you a patriot. BS! They actually want you to beleive that Netanyahu has 100% support from all Israelis when in reality he is having a real hard time winning reelection. If he loses then I wonder if they will accuse Israelis as being self hating jews for not voting for Bibi. That has been the conservative argument since the 50s. Demonize and shame anyone who doesnt agree with you. Call them communists or fascists or anti american and the pitchforks will come out until you obey. Look what they did to the Dixie Chicks.

      • Mainah

        I know. I thought the lack of backlash they got was ridiculous. What’s worse, is all I hear about are the Clinton emails, but this was but a blip on the news. What the hell has happened to us that we forget that we respect the Office of the Presidency, the public who they serve and remember that the two party system is comprised so that compromise may be achieved in order to do what’s bests. I’m tired of big money buying my government and media. That journalism is just a joke now. I’m tired of people saying they speak for me, when they don’t, nor most of the people I talk to. Hubris and arrogance will surely be the death of us all.

      • MaeScott

        Vote these seditious folks out. The next two elections can flush them.

      • Mainah

        Luckily, my Senator didn’t put her name on it. Not that I voted for her in the first place. Ever. Can’t stand her. Collins. She does nothing for women and then ran this cheesy commercial with women saying how she values women. Unfortunately, she runs a commercial with BIW, which is big up here, and gets voted back in. Hell, my fellow Mainah’s voted LePage back in. He’s already trashing the place. Ended revenue sharing so the poorer, more rural areas are screwed and his next step is to end income tax and place the tax burden on sales and services. So, that crushes the small restaurants, campgrounds and the like. I am just stupefied by it. The fact that they got in after all the crap they did last time …. just no words for it. They shut down the government, harmed our credit and they won. Amazing. Just no words.

      • yidda

        The only real power we have is the vote, and our campaign contributions.

  • Lefty Blitzer

    Anti-American TRAITORS, one and all, and it is time they were treated as such.

  • Eagle0542

    Lecturing Republicans by liberal Democrats on respecting the Constitution is hypocrisy in the extreme. Even liberal law professors have testified before Congress that Obama is what the framers feared most when they drafted the Constitution, an uber presidency. Where were all the whining Democrats when Nancy Pelosi in 2007visited the President of Syria against the wishes of the Bush administration when they stated the visit interferred with foreign policy making?

    • Brian Hager

      Yes, the faux outrage of over reaching in their official capacity. Obama is the post child for “I cannot do that” before becoming POTUS, then “hey, its my job” after. They author of this article should resign from ever writing again, at least until taking a couple semesters of logic


    Looks like this guy missed the news story where Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli jets out of the sky. Talk about undermining our foreign policy, this guy we call “president” is threatening to attack our best ally in the ME. Yeah, no commentary on that shit. Stick to picking your nose you leftist piece of horse shit.

    • 58 Squarebird

      Link please or it’s baloney. And yes, you stated it .. Please prove it.

      • THEBULL

        It was all over the headlines a few weeks ago. It’s not my fault you’re too stupid to read and don’t pay attention to the news.

    • Jim Valley

      That has been repeatedly debunked. Yet here you are with it again.

      • THEBULL

        Oh I guess he blamed it on a youtube video then.

  • ÇapulcuPD

    “that is, in my opinion, outright treason…if that’s not treason then what is?”
    well, genius, i’m usually the last one to defend politicians on either side of the aisle, but the fight against ignorance is just as important, so allow me to disseminate your obviously uninformed “opinion”:

    US Code Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, section 2381: Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

  • ÇapulcuPD

    “That is, in my opinion, outright treason…If that’s nott treason, then what is?”

    Well, genius, I’m usually the last person to defend politicians on either side of the aisle, but they get away with what they do because the misinformation disseminated by ignorant people such as yourself allows them to act unhindered and get re-elected time after time. So, that being said, here’s a bit of factual education for you, which took all of three seconds to find and is untainted by anyone’s worthless opinion:

    US Code, Title 18, Part I, Chapter 115, section 2381
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

  • 58 Squarebird

    “Those of you who hate the leader of Israel, hate Israel”; So said the Congressmen who hate America.

  • Boxcar Willie

    Well, I won’t disagree that what the GOP is doing undermines the president. And I know if the tables were turned that the right would be losing their minds. That being said, I no longer think this country has a future in which we remain unified. I am all for a complete succession for any and all states who no longer want to remain under the federal government. There is no way to reconcile our differences and our future together is akin to a contentious marriage gone awry. Better to divorce and remain amicable friends than to continue down this path and stay at each others throats.

  • Freedom311

    I really feel sorry for some of you leftists who can’t grasp the obvious.

    “The President… shall have Power, by and with the Advice and
    Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the
    Senators present concur….”

    Article II, Section 2, Clause 2

    Obviously Obama doesn’t have the Senate’s consent and he sure doesn’t want their “advice”. It’s Obama who is the traitor for refusing to respect the Constitutional separation of powers. Then again, Obama never does as he thinks he’s a king.

  • David Hughes

    I’m reposting my Facebook response here. You all seriously need some Government and History lessons…please don’t call yourselves Progressives–it’s embarrassing to us Progressives who are actually trying to make nuanced arguments.

    (Definitely not treason. “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” I’m at progressive as they come, but idiotically sabotaging a foreign policy that would make the world a safer place is not the same as aiding out enemies (unless you want to make the convoluted argument that sabotaging a deal with Iran is, in fact, strengthening their nuclear capabilities, which is a stretch, to say the least). Congress is Constitutionally allowed to participate in foreign policy, though it is not traditionally the case: “Generally speaking, Congress does not try to upstage the president on major international issues but likes to keep an oar in the water,” says Donald R. Wolfensberger, director of the Congress Project at the Woodrow Wilson International Center. But other experts point to a number of examples in which Congress has openly defied presidents, such as refusing to approve the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 and 1920, the overwhelming defeat of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in 1999, and the ongoing opposition to approving the Convention on the Law of the Sea despite support by successive U.S. presidents” (CFR). A disagreement between the branches of government as to how to approach foreign policy is not treason…Your claim that “Loving your country means, at the very least, respecting the system our Constitution established and defending it, even when those with whom you might disagree get elected. As much as I didn’t agree with George W. Bush, I would have never stood behind any Democrat who had tried to embarrass him internationally like Republicans are trying to do to President Obama. I would have been ashamed of them; I would have been embarrassed that I supported them; and I would have called them exactly what they were – treasonous cowards…” If you wouldn’t stand against President George W. Bush when he committed himself to an illegal war carried out by subterfuge and deliberately misleading the press, then you are definitely not a true progressive. By using verbal flourishes and cherry picking your arguments, you’re not making a good case for those who support the “facts”.)

  • MEDAN1040

    When some cry that it’s an old outdated law, ask them if they mean it’s like the 2nd amendment in that regard.

  • rdent

    I love the righteous indignation of the left! First, Allen attempts to qualify his pedigree as middle of the road, feigning objectivity, and the he goes on to say, “…But the facts as I see them now are…”This clearly demonstrates (If you need such demonstration as the article is in the “Forward Progressives” aa highly radicalized left wing babble site) that he is citing opinion and not fact.
    The simple point is that Obie has already clearly told Congress that he is not including them in this high stakes pocket game with the biggest supporter of worldwide terrorism on the planet. Obie has already clearly demonstrated that he is weak when it comes to negotiations with world leaders, making our enemies unafraid of us and our allies unsure of us. Nice try, but most of us understand hyperbole when we see it. Leftists? Not so much!

  • rdent

    BTW – One more thing – the righteous indignation of this event. Where do you stand on Pelosi, Boenior, and Jima Carter doing exactly the same thing during the Bush years in Iraq and Syria? THAT will clearly demonstrate the stupidity of this diatribe!

  • Guppy Effect

    SEDITION, not treason. Look up the definitions.

  • Rebecca Habenicht

    I stopped reading after the cussing. If you have to cuss, then you obviously don’t have the vocabulary to express your views intelligently, therefore nullifying any argument. The president’s ‘foreign policy’ is laughable. I giggle, literally, when ‘Obama’ and ‘foreign policy’ are in the same sentence. Didn’t he bow to the Queen of England? Shameful, ugh, brought America back into being merely an extension of Britain. America cringed, so did Britain, so embarrassing. Oh yes, he’s just awesome at foreign policy. The truth is that he does not have the power to make any binding agreements without congressional approval, and if the author had gone to a school where there was even a rudimentary course in say, US History, or a passing glance at US Government or hey, even a one week course on checks and balances, he would know that. I know it’s tempting to say, ‘you know, Obama has circumvented every law put before him, so why shouldn’t he have the last word in this matter?’ I know that must be the thought in this author’s mind. But, sadly, no, he still doesn’t. Additionally, your definition of ‘treason’ is a bit skewed. Congress letting other countries know that they play a VERY IMPORTANT role in any agreement ‘America’ makes is sensible, lest they feel like this one guy (who lacks proper judgement on A LOT of things, seriously, stop playin) is speaking for the whole of the country. And what about foreign policy with ISRAEL? The only democratic country in the Middle East? Why is our diplomatic relations with Iran trumping our relationship with our only real ally and equal in that region? What? They don’t count? Luckily for the American people, in these certain matters, we still actually follow the law. THANK GOD. It’s like our President has no clue how our government is run, it’s like…’s like he wasn’t born or raised here, right? Crazy.

  • ghendric

    We are being governed by psychos who create psychotic laws that should never be plain and simple… its going to stay this way until somebody holds them accountable across the board..

  • Jill Dotson

    I keep wondering why nothing will be done about the treason. Because I know that if the shoe was on the other foot, the republicans would not hesitate to see the democrats hang. I feel that the reason the republicans get so many passes is because the rich owns the right and has brought the country.