There’s No Longer Any Debate: Republicans Have Lost Their Minds

John BoehnerI had to turn off the news tonight.  I couldn’t take the stupidity coming from the various Republicans that each of these different news channels brought on television.  Mentally, I just couldn’t fathom the plane of “reality” one must live on to believe — or even be capable of regurgitating — the crap these people were saying.

Somehow Republicans have convinced themselves that losing the presidency and losing seats in both the Senate and House gives them a “mandate” from the American people.  That somehow controlling only the House of Representatives (even though Democrats received more popular votes nationally in House races last year), means they should get whatever they want signed by the president on demand.

But  you know the truth of the matter is, the Senate’s resolution which would have avoided a government shutdown would pass the House right now if John Boehner would let it come up for a vote—he’s simply not letting the Senate’s bill be voted on.  Much like with the bipartisan Senate immigration bill from earlier this year, he’s blocking the House from voting on it because if they did, it would pass.

What we are seeing is as close to treasonous sabotage from within as you can possibly get.  A branch of government denying the will of the majority due to the influence of a far right radical grouping of Congressional Republicans.  This isn’t about the majority supporting funding Obamacare and our government — like I said, if Boehner let the Senate’s resolution be voted on, it would pass easily — this is about Boehner refusing to let the bill come up for a vote at all.  Boehner’s House has not sent a single clean CR to the Senate for a vote — every single bill they’ve sent has had language that defunds or delays the Affordable Care Act.

The one item that President Obama and Democrats have said repeatedly, and emphatically, is under no circumstances negotiable.

Then these right-wing lunatics have the nerve to come out and say they’re negotiating in “good faith” by repeatedly offering plans that include the one biggest thing that isn’t up for negotiation.  I even just saw one come on television and claim that all 45 votes to repeal “Obamacare” have been attempts by Republicans to negotiate in good faith—but the Senate simply won’t listen.

These people define idiocy.

And the real irony behind all of this is that the very moment the government shut down,  “Obamacare” still went into effect.

I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous things in politics, but I’ve never seen this level of baffling stupidity and irresponsibility.  It’s like watching a bunch of insane people being voted into government, completely void of reality, governing based on some alternate delusional world they’ve created in their minds that simply does not exist.

There is absolutely no situation in which the Affordable Care Act gets defunded and Republicans come out of this victorious—none.  

So what’s the point?  Well, outside of these Republicans posturing like a bunch of deranged peacocks for their primary voters, there is absolutely no point.  No matter what happens, the Affordable Care Act is going to remain the law of the land and the government will eventually get funded.

And at the end of the day Republicans will have only proven one thing—they’ve officially lost their damn minds.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Derek Pryor

    Amen to that.

  • I becoming enraged. Not sure what to do with this anger.

    • kissyface

      you need to remember it and use it to vote out teabaggers in 2014

      • aann80

        yes, correct. agree with you.

    • imageWIS

      Well, the members of Congress could use a good beating, don’t worry, most are so drunk they really wouldn’t feel it.

  • dagobarbz

    I am pretty sure these days that the “primary voter” is not the target audience for this posturing.

    Look, the whackaloons of the religious and tea-sodden Right are a minority. Always have been hovering at about 1/3rd of our total population. This is the goofy voting base of delusional people who share the GOP’s rich fantasy life of God, and Guns, and good old traditional marriage the way the people in Biblical times WOULD have done it if they’d only known polygamy was wrong!

    Again, I say, a minority, which makes them about as useless as tits on a boar hog in a voting democracy. So, just who the hell ARE they pandering too? I think I know.

    The rich, yet ignorant corporate owners who make up their financial base at this time. Pinheads like the Koch brothers, the Walmarts, the Chik-Fil-As, the Papa Johns of the nation.

    Ignorant, rich businessmen funding what they agree with and what will benefit them later.

    So if Citizens United were overturned (how long has it been that this hasn’t been done yet???) will our political climate pointer inch back down to hover at ‘SANE?’

    We’re seeing pinheads shuffle and snap off a buck n’ wing for their corporate masters and mistake it for a show for the Teabilly class. In reality it’s much worse.

    • Pipercat

      What’s kind of ironic, the 1% is getting a little skittish as October 17th comes closer and closer. This should be interesting if the big money types dumps the tea and starts drinking coffee again…

  • kissyface

    our president needs to sign an executive order banning Congress from receiving their salaries and benefits as long as the shut down continues

    • Darkthunder

      Hell yeah! It’s not fair for 800’000 government employees to get sent home without salary for the duration of the shutdown, and let the idiots in congress who CAUSED THE SHUTDOWN keep their salaries.

    • IgnoranceIsBliss

      Yeah, lets give him even more power…..maybe you would function well in a dictatorship but I certainly won’t… people better wake up to ALL government and not just one side or the other..

      • kissyface

        you refuse to do your job, you shouldn’t get paid. ACA was passed by both the house and senate, signed by the president and upheld by scotus. they cannot defund it. they need to do their job and stop holding us hostage

      • aann80

        yes, agree! they should not be paid while they have sent all government employees without salary. They are just a bunch of lunatics!

      • imageWIS

        “maybe you would function well in a dictatorship but I certainly won’t.”

        Yeah, your an idiot.

      • Brenda Pless

        The only side of the government that’s functioning at all is the Senate. The House Of Representatives have been determined to shut down our government since they were elected in 2010. Sounds to me like they are trying to turn our country into a communist block with the Committee of a Few Rich White Men.

    • William Carr

      Can’t be done. There’s a Law already preventing that; because otherwise a President could blackmail Congress.

      No exception for Congressmen who refuse to do their jobs, unfortunately.

      • Mike

        Nope instead the the Congress blackmails the President, oh btw talk about unconstitutional, there is this amendment that say the US government pays it’s bills period, maybe we should impeach the speaker of the house!

      • imageWIS

        “No exception for Congressmen who refuse to do their jobs, unfortunately.”

        Time to write a new law!

      • Mike

        27th amendment(i believe) prevents it, but a Senate Democrat already proposed a bill


    If this dose not convince the population as a whole how completely messed up the entire government is. I can only hope that rational minds prevail and that this may open man many eyes to the absolute and utter ruin this government has become. The corruption and sheer Idiocy of those in office has reached a point where If i could buy stock in “Brawndo ” I would because sadly this movie is coming to pass.

    • William Carr

      Oh, it’s not the “entire government”.

      Our System of Government is pretty good; but if a bunch of lunatics get elected, they can pervert the job of Government until the People finally wise up and stop voting for them.

      The Right Wing insulated themselves from being voted out by merging with the Religious Right and seizing on the issue of Abortion.

      Otherwise, this wouldn’t be happening.

      • Pipercat

        An obvious power play for sure.

      • Kim Ferrari

        Abortion, gun control, religion in schools, “moochers”, and anyone else who has fallen on hard times in order to fund wars that STILL haven’t been paid for. They can do what they want to when they think we aren’t looking.

  • Gary Menten

    As further proof that they’ve lost their minds, the throat they are holding a knife to is their own since the majority of Americans are blaming the GOP for the shutdown, not the Democrats. The icing on the cake is that it’s a rubber knife. The ACA will go into effect regardless of the shutdown and the GOP loons will have to fold their hand anyway.

  • Anthonij

    What the hard-line right-wing of the Republican party is trying to do amounts to a sort of mini-coup d’état. And that is precisely what we should expect from the party that has, when they last held the White House, given us a gang of traitors, war-criminals and de-regulating corporate-stooges.

    Cruz and the rest of his ilk are trying to undo the results of the last election and, hand in hand with their corporate partners, they will — if given the chance — do away with the republic as we have known it and institute a government based on irrational belief and oligarchic power of the economic elite. Makes you think of the F- word… facism… That’s not just rhetoric, that’s reality.

    • imageWIS

      The GOP / TP = Fascism. Period.

      • JWII

        It appears that the President has signed onto the Fascist agenda that the Republicans had for 6 years. Not to mention, Drone wars, the same traitors, the gang on Wall Street, along with supporting even more wars. By your definition, your President is a Republican

      • imageWIS

        He’s a centrist, sure. Possibly even what a Republican used to be, 50, 60 years ago.

      • JWII

        I honestly don’t think he is a centrist, I believe he is controlled by the same forces that control our government. Mainly the Wall Street bankers. Ideologically he is an admitted Marxist. Politically, he is a Neo-Progressive that says anything and will do anything to be liked BY THE PEOPLE. And then strategically works to hide his real agenda in passing or progressing certain legislation.

      • imageWIS

        Do you seriously expect me to respond to the gobbledygook you posted?!?

      • Pipercat

        A bit of contradiction, indeed!

      • Dee El

        JW, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone reading this is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • lonnie93041

        JW’s post just gave me cancer.

      • Mike

        Hell 30 years ago, Ronald Reagan wouldn’t even be a republican anymore.

      • imageWIS

        Not only that, Nixon would be considered a socialist, maybe even a communist!

  • Dolores Madrid

    I do not understand, are there not rules like any meeting that gives everyone a chance to speak and can then call for a vote? In other words isn’t what the Republicans doing illegal?

    • Mike

      No, the Speaker can choose what to bring to a vote, and he’s using some standard where the majority or vast majority of republicans will vote for the bill instead of just a straight up or down vote, if that was the case, this shutdown would not have happened.
      The Senate bill was everything the house wanted minus defunding of a law, the ACA. But The speaker refuse to let it go for a vote because it will pass and the kock brothers and tea party will hold him responsible

  • Chris Evans

    Doesn’t one need a mind to begin with, in order to lose it?

  • aann80

    well said.

  • macabr

    “What we are seeing is as close to treasonous sabotage from within as you
    can possibly get. A branch of government denying the will of the
    majority due to the influence of a far right radical grouping of
    Congressional Republicans.” As stated in this article, the refusal of the House to discuss the funding of the ACA violates the Constitutional role of the body. What does it say about Boehner that he violates the oath he took when he took the oath as a member of the House?

    How is it possible that the government has been shutdown just to deprive citizens of affordable health insurance?

    • Mike

      and it’s not even doing that as it was funded ahead of time just in case of such things., thats why the exchanges are on line now!

  • Gary Menten

    Here’s the party of “stupid” living up to it’s reputation. There next move is to back down looking very foolish.

  • Larry

    Isn’t there some mechanism to force Bohner to have a Vote Up or Down on the Budget Bill; A clean Bill?

    • Tamarack

      I know there is a discharge petition. If signed by a majority of all seats (218) it can force a bill out of committee and a few other cases. But procedurally it won’t work in this case because of time constraints and other requirements. We need to rely on Boehner to be a noble and honorable statesman and just call the vote on a clean CR. Hint: don’t hold your breath.

  • Ms_Phillips

    My only disagreement w the article is the use of the simile in, “It’s like watching a bunch of insane people being voted into government,
    completely void of reality, governing based on some alternate
    delusional world they’ve created in their minds that simply does not
    exist.” No simile needed. “It IS watching…”


    I would like to personally thank the GOP,
    Republicans & T-Baggers alike, for making
    the Democrats running for office in 2014 & 2016
    All the campaign ads in the world could not have
    made a better case for the Democrat Party than
    you have in the last couple weeks.
    ThanX again,
    GOP, Republicans, & T-Baggers!

    • Mike

      I hope that is the case, but Southern and Rural states, still vote for these idiots, at least Texas will soon become Purple and once that happens people might start to realize they have been duked. I say that because without Texas the GOP can not win a national election. Also many of the hating bigots of the civil rights era are slowly dying off and reasonable people hopefully will take there place, the younger generations are much more open to the real world.


        The GOP base is literally dying.
        Their HATE is killing them.
        For the past 5 yrs. the gop has had a single agenda, from their own lips, do anything they have to, to make sure President Obama fails.
        Sabotage of America and Americans should NOT be rewarded, it should be punished instead.
        Justice for America would be a landslide victory for HILLARY!

        VOTE!!!!! 2014 & 2016 VOTE!!!!!

  • callingitlikeitis

    hooray!!!! YES, they are certifiably mentally ill – what I’ve been saying for the last couple weeks! Now, how do we go about getting it legally binding so we can get them the fuck out of congress? If they were knifing people in the stomach, no question. What they’ve proposed is nothing less than that, however, just on a different level of suffering and damage to thousands of lives. THAT in itself should be enough to charge them with deliberate sociopathic harm proving without a doubt they are not capable or sane to represent the citizens of this country.

    • AfricanTraveler1

      I think it might be helpful if all of us who feel the Republicans are a club of crooks and fools went into conservative talk bastions on the Internet and began expressing our opinions about these Republicans. Every little bit helps shift public opinion.

  • Brenda Pless

    I agree they are totally nuts. How can any low-income or middle class person vote for these wackos? But they do and they believe Democrats are out to destroy our freedom. I’ve seen people I know posting on facebook, blaming the Democrats for the government shut-down. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    • macabr

      The right has brainwashed millions with their frenzied apocalyptic rhetoric. Rush Limbaugh has been pouring hate speech into their ears since Inauguration Day, 2009, when Rush pledged to “make this president fail.” He didn’t succeed during the first term so he has to do his worst during the second. Given that Rush’s fan base doesn’t likely include too many Mensa members, he is inflaming the racial hatred of people who can’t believe that a black man is the most powerful man in the world.


        And that’s EXACTLY what the gop are dead set against EVER HAPPENING AGAIN!
        If they could, they would wipe the history books clean of ANY evidence that America EVER elected a BLACK MAN.
        They refuse to accept that george w. bush (I’m sorry) FUCKED UP this Country so bad that the American People were willing to vote for a Black Man! TWICE!!
        Yea, I went there because that’s the truth!
        They will never admit that since that day they have PRAYED for America to fail!
        There’s something REALLY wrong with that!
        Here is a real quote.
        We “hoped” he didn’t work out. NOW, it’s time for a REAL “change”.
        Hoping “He” didn’t work out was hoping “We” wouldn’t work out…..

  • Emenja

    I don’t think they are crazy at all. I think they are power hungry, arrogant people who think their way is the only way. They know exactly what they are doing. The ones I question are the ones who vote them into office, even though they will feel the same pain as the rest of us. Can’t believe that all the 800,000 employees who have been furloughed are Democrats. Must like suffering.

    • macabr

      I can’t believe any women vote for a Republican.

  • Jeff Hardy

    Gee, it’s funny that it’s one party that’s trying to represent the majority opinion of the country, and its NOT you Democrats. Offers to fund essential services during the shutdown have been flatly rejected by Democrats, so WHO is responsible for the shutdown?
    You Dems OWN the shutdown.

    • Jeff Hardy

      Who will be the first to call me a nasty name?

      • William Jackson

        Is silly good enough.

      • I’ll second William Jackson’s sentiment, and add that time has unequivocally proven you to be a fool.


    Idiocy is shown only by the stubbornness of the Democrats and ignorance of this waste of time article!


    Funny how the House approved 3 bills prior to shutdown and only heard “NO, NO, NO”. Hmmm, who are the idiots? The ones that don’t compromise! About time the Republicans stood up to the corrupt pres who thinks wasting US Money on HIS healthcare is the right thing when we cant afford to pay tuition for the Military.