There’s No Vaccine For Obama Defiance Disorder

Obama's message to conservativesA few years ago, there was a joke going around about yellow snow. If President Obama came out against eating yellow snow, members of the right-wing would issue statements, arguing for it. How dare Obama try to control what we eat, why does he hate winter, is Obama prejudiced against dogs, etc. We’ve seen it with healthy eating and the First Lady: when Michelle Obama and Subway teamed up, conservatives went crazy with anger, posting incredibly racist and hateful comments against Mrs. Obama and Subway. And we are now seeing Obama Defiance Disorder in regard to vaccines.

During an interview with Savannah Guthrie before the Super Bowl, Ms. Guthrie asked the president about vaccines. He responded that he believes vaccinating our kids is a good idea, and pointed out “the science is pretty indisputable” about the good that vaccines do. Well, the GOP was having none of that, and they immediately instigated Obama Defiance Disorder. Because anything the president is for, they have to be against. President Obama should issue a statement about not hitting oneself in the head with a hammer – that would be a fun day in the Capitol.

This is all about “smaller government.” Republican politicians despise the government so much, they want the government to pay their salaries, fly them all over the country at our expense, give them money to decorate their offices like “Downtown Abbey,” and allow them a lifestyle that most of us will never experience. Government regulations are bad, unless you’re gay, or have a vagina. The FAA, the FDA, the EPA, the DOE, the DOJ, possibly the AMA, the DSM, AARP, AFL-CIO, pick an acronym-Republicans hate it. And they really hate President Obama, so when he comes out for something, it’s obviously a Muslim, fascist, socialist, Marxist, communist plot to destroy America. We don’t need the big, bad government telling us what to do. Seat belts? Screw that. Clean air and water? Pfft. Vaccines have eradicated diseases? So what; Obama is for them, we have to be against them.

The Jacks family is in the middle of a nightmare, thanks to anti-vaxers. Their 10-month-old son, Eli, has measles, contracted at a clinic in Phoenix, Arizona. Eli’s older sister, 3-year-old Maggie, has leukemia. Maggie’s immune system has been decimated by chemotherapy, and if she catches measles, it could be devastating. Anna Jacks spoke to CNN earlier this week about the ramifications for Eli and Maggie, saying:

Your children don’t live in a little bubble. They live in a big bubble and my children live inside that big bubble with your children. If you don’t want to vaccinate your children, fine, but don’t take them to Disneyland.

Anna’s husband, Tim Jacks, a pediatrician, wrote a letter to parents who refuse to vaccinate their children. From the letter:

To the parent of the unvaccinated child who exposed my family to measles:

I have a number of strong feelings surging through my body right now. Towards my family, I am feeling extra protective like a papa bear. Towards you, unvaccinating parent, I feel anger and frustration at your choices.

By now we’ve all heard of the measles outbreak that originated in Disneyland. Or more accurately, originated from an unvaccinated person that infected other similarly minded vacationers. I won’t get into a debate about the whole anti-vaccine movement, the thimerisol controversy (no longer even used in childhood vaccines), or the myth that MMR causes autism (there are changes in autistic brain chemistry prior to birth).

Maggie Jacks could die if exposed to measles. She could become deaf. Her little body, already ravaged by chemotherapy, cannot fight infection. In response to the Jacks’ trauma, well-known anti-vaxer, Dr. Jack Wolfson, spoke to CNN, saying:

It’s not my responsibility to inject my child with chemicals in order for [a child like Maggie] to be supposedly healthy. As far as I’m concerned, it’s very likely that her leukemia is from vaccinations in the first place.

CNN asked Dr. Wolfson if he could live with himself if his unvaccinated child got another child “gravely ill.” He answered:

I could live with myself easily. It’s an unfortunate thing that people die, but people die. I’m not going to put my child at risk to save another child.

Dr. Wolfson is currently under investigation by the Arizona Board of Osteopathic Examiners.

Jack Wolfson, and other prominent anti-vaxers (Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Bob Sears), are the leaders of this incredibly dangerous movement against vaccinations. Has Obama Defiance Disorder brought members of the GOP into this horrible group? No, given that Rand Paul posted a photo of himself, getting a vaccine. This was to refute his earlier statement about his awareness of “many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines.” He said that on Monday; Tuesday, his office sent out a “clarification,” and he got his booster shot.

Thom Tillis, a Republican senator from North Carolina, has taken Obama Defiance Disorder to really strange place: hand washing. Senator Tillis thinks it’s government overreach to make food service employees wash their hands after they go to the bathroom:

I don’t have any problem with Starbucks if they choose to opt out of this policy as long as they post a sign that says, ‘We don’t require our employees to wash their hands after leaving the restroom.’ (source)

Tillis did admit that every business who “opted out” of having their employees wash their hands after using the restroom would probably go out of business, but he really thinks the market should decide.

This is Obama Defiance Disorder. The president says we should vaccinate our children. Rand Paul starts talking about “many tragic cases,” then walks back his statement. Chris Christie says parents should have some choice on whether to vaccinate their children, then walks back his statement. Sean Hannity tells two doctors on his program he’s “not trusting President Obama to tell me whether to vaccinate my kids.” (source)

Obama Defiance Disorder is a real thing. Whatever he supports, the GOP fights, from vaccines, to healthcare, to jobs, to community college, to daycare. It doesn’t matter. If he’s for it, they’re against it.

President Obama really should come out against eating yellow snow. We all know what would happen.

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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