There’s No Way to Spin It: Tuesday Was a Rather Embarrassing Day for Republicans

We’ve all found ourselves, at some point or another, trying to get through a day where nothing seems to go right and multiple events combine to leave us feeling humiliated and defeated.

Well, Tuesday was one of those days for Republicans.

Let’s start with Donald Trump’s rather disastrous press conference concerning money he claims to have raised for veterans groups.

First, he literally tried to claim that he wanted to keep his fundraising for vets “private,” which is a lie so laughably ridiculous it’s unbelievable that people didn’t bust out laughing the moment he said it.

This is someone who specifically organized a “fundraiser for vets” as a political stunt to shield him from criticism following his decision to skip a GOP presidential debate because he was scared to face off against Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. Not only was this spectacle a clear exploitation of veterans to mask his own cowardice, but he scheduled the televised event to begin at the start of the debate itself. To say nothing about the numerous references to the event he’s made over the last several months.

Then he basically threw a public hissy fit because he’s not exactly the biggest fan of the First Amendment. You see, Trump apparently believes the media should be nothing more than lap dogs and cheerleaders instead of fact-checkers and people who ask him tough questions. When they do the latter, he calls them “nasty,” “unfair” and whines endlessly about them.

Oh, and we still aren’t really sure how much he actually raised.

In other news coming from the land of Drumpf, 381 pages of documents were made public relating to Trump University that exposed the whole thing as nothing more than a sleazy scam aimed at conning people out of thousands of dollars.

But enough about Trump.

It was also announced on Tuesday that prominent conservative media personality Glenn Beck was suspended by SiriusXM and could be cancelled altogether after one of his guests, conservative author Brad Thor, seemingly suggested that someone should use “Second Amendment remedies” on Donald Trump if he were to be elected president.

Then there was, perhaps, the saddest news of the day.

In case you hadn’t heard, often completely delusional conservative pundit Bill Kristol has been one of the most well-known faces of the “#NeverTrump” movement of Republicans who claim they’re going to do whatever they can to stop Trump from becoming president. For a few weeks there have been rumors that these anti-Trump Republicans were going to mount some sort of third-party campaign against “The Donald.” At one point, Mitt Romney’s name had been tossed around as a potential candidate — someone who would have definitely had a profound impact on Trump’s chances.

Well, we now know the “big name” individual who these folks are looking at as the “earth shattering candidate” who could take down Donald Trump: David French.

Who’s David French, you ask? Well, he’s an Iraq War veteran — so there’s that. But other than that he’s basically just a middle-of-the-road conservative writer for the National Review. 

Yes, the candidate who Kristol is apparently trying to target to “take down Trump” is someone who almost nobody has actually heard of, who writes for a right-wing publication that many conservatives don’t even take seriously.

In other words, the “#NeverTrump” movement is all but dead and the Republican party is absolutely screwed.

So, in one day:

  • Donald Trump comically said he never wanted to publicly exploit veterans — even though he set up a televised event to do exactly that which aired during the presidential debate he skipped because of his fear of Megyn Kelly.
  • Trump then proceeded to basically throw a temper tantrum during a press conference because he doesn’t like the fact that it’s the media’s job to ask him tough questions.
  • Then it was more or less revealed that Trump University was nothing but a giant scam geared toward trying to con people out of thousands of dollars.
  • Glenn Beck was then suspended – and faces a possible complete cancellation of his SiriusXM show – because one of his guests seemed to suggest that someone use Second Amendment remedies on Trump.
  • Then it was revealed that the “hope” of the #NeverTrump movement to run a third-party candidate to “save the GOP from Donald Trump” — is a fairly no-name writer for a moderately unpopular conservative website, David French. Have fun with that, Bill Kristol. 

The bottom line is, Tuesday was a rather embarrassing failure of a day for the Republican party and conservatives in general. Hopefully November 8th will be an even bigger disaster for the GOP.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • felipe63

    A day that’s going to be even more embarrassing will be November 8th when Trump wipes the floor with HRC. The right’s hatred for HRC is a better motivator than the Dem’s use of scare tactics to cajole an unexcited base into voting for the candidate with the one of highest unfavorable ratings in history.

    No, I am not a Trump supporter, I just call’em as i see them.

    • Charley

      meh, people I know who were beating the Benghazi drum, who have voted straight republican for decades are ready to vote for her over Trump

      • felipe63

        people may be saying that now but the real test will come in November, after GOP propaganda/fear & smear machine has had time to work its magic.

      • Charley

        Yes because they haven’t spent the last couple of decades ramping up fear and smearing Hillary.

      • wvstarktruth

        She deserves more than she hass gotten thanks to her protectors in the leftist media.

      • Charley

        1. I’m pointing out that the GOP fear machine has tried to smear her pretty constantly for the last couple of decades, and that felipe’s notion that things will be different in November is just silly. There are lots of rational republican voters who are dumping trump.
        2. the “prorectors in tge leftist media.”[sic] is a myth
        3. the “leftist media” is irrelevant since we’re talking about the GOP smear and fear machine.

      • PRIME79

        Nice break down.

      • felipe63

        absolutely true, they have, and they’ve taken a short break while dealing with their own issues. now that the dust has somewhat settled on that side they’ll turn their sights back on her.

  • Edward Krebbs

    How long has it been since the candidate’s own party fought so hard against their candidate ? Maybe when his party locked President Pierce out of the meeting to make sure they wouldn’t nominate him for a second term ?

    Agree with your points. But especially love that the darling of the whacko wagon actually went far enough over the line to insinuate a presidential assasination. (And I personally really miss seeing Beck write random words on the walls and then randomly circle letters as if it made a point. Trump and Beck share so much in common in the Tinfoil hat brigade).

    • Eg Kbbs

      And a star by Trump saying that the way Tuesday’s press conference was going was how he would handle press conferences as prez.

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      • ginneh

        awesome, Delores. Maybe Trump will have some luck with your scheme.