10 Things Republicans Ignore About Trump That They’d Never Let Obama or Clinton Get Away With

When it comes to the Republicans and Donald Trump, one thing that often blows my mind is the absolute hypocrisy I see from millions of conservative voters in regards to their support for a candidate like him. They let Trump get by with things that, if President Obama or Hillary Clinton did them, they would relentlessly attack them for doing.

It pains me to admit that Trump is right about anything, but he was absolutely spot-on when he said his supporters were mindless sheep who would support him even if he were to commit murder on Fifth Avenue.

So, in the spirit of this hypocrisy from Republicans, I thought I’d list a few things they would be flipping out about if President Obama or Hillary Clinton did them, yet don’t seem to mind it when Donald Trump does them.

1. He changes his mind on policies whenever the heck he feels like it: While some on the left like to accuse Hillary Clinton of being a “flip-flopper” because she’s changed her mind or evolved on a few issues over time, Trump takes this to a whole other level. From his proposed ban on all Muslims, to his stance on torture and even abortion rights — he’s been all over the place on where he actually stands on many key issues. Then again, this is someone who literally said that voters should take everything he says as nothing but a “suggestion,” not an actual promise.

2. Blatantly using and disrespecting veterans: A couple of years ago the right-wing media lost its mind after President Obama dared to salute two Marines while holding a cup of coffee in his hand. So, could you imagine their reaction if either he or Hillary Clinton said that they don’t consider military POWs American heroes because they like people who weren’t captured? Then to find out later (after they had used veterans as political props to hide the fact they were too scared to face a moderator during a presidential debate) that the money they had spent months bragging about raising for veterans groups wasn’t as much as they had claimed it was — and most of it hadn’t been paid out yet?

3. Parading out their five kids from three different marriages: It is rather comical the party that constantly claims it fights for “Christian values” and the “sanctity of marriage” has, as its presidential candidate, someone who’s had at least one affair, has been divorced twice, is on his third marriage and has five kids from three different women. There’s absolutely no way the GOP would let President Obama or Hillary Clinton get away with that. The right-wing media would label them as unstable individuals with poor family values and morals.

4. Saying Saddam Hussein had some good qualities: Imagine President Obama or Hillary Clinton saying that Hussein was a bad guy, but he wasn’t completely awful because he did kill terrorists. Well, that’s exactly what Trump said about the former Iraqi dictator.

5. Speaking highly and complimentary of Russian President Vladimir Putin: I really never thought I’d see a time in my life where a Republican presidential candidate could openly heap praise on an ex-KGB agent turned borderline Russian dictator and the party would seemingly be okay with it. But you know things have gone completely off the rails when praising a Russian president/murderous dictator makes you more popular among Republican voters — while speaking highly of our own president makes you less popular.

6. Saying that a federal judge couldn’t do their job ethically and legally because of their race/ethnicity/gender: Imagine for a moment the Republican reaction to President Obama saying that he felt a white federal judge wouldn’t be fair to him because of the color of his skin, or Clinton suggesting that a male judge wouldn’t treat her fairly because she’s a woman. Do you think they would have been okay with that? Well, that’s what Trump said about a federal judge of Mexican heritage just a few weeks before he officially become the GOP’s presidential candidate.

7. Made jokes about reports that the Russian government was targeting our country in an effort to influence our presidential election… then openly encouraged foreign governments to commit espionage against Americans: Something tells me President Obama or Hillary Clinton making jokes about the Russian government trying to influence who becomes our next president, while also publicly encouraging espionage against Americans, probably wouldn’t go over too well with Republicans or the right-wing media. Well, Trump did exactly that.

8. His Twitter tirades: While both President Obama and Hillary Clinton tweet, Donald Trump throws full-blown hissy fits on Twitter like a petulant teenager with the vocabulary of a 9-year-old. If either Obama or Clinton behaved like he does on Twitter, Fox News and the Republican party would be having a field day with it, saying their unhinged social media temper tantrums proved that they weren’t fit to be Commander in Chief.

9. Claiming to oppose trade agreements while having a lot of their company’s products made overseas: It’s astonishing to me that Donald Trump has based a big part of his campaign on how awful trade agreements have been for American workers — while a lot of his company’s products are made overseas. There’s absolutely no way the right-wing media or the GOP would let President Obama or Hillary Clinton get away with that massive hypocrisy.

10. Not releasing tax returns: While Donald Trump supporters will jump through hoops to defend the fact that he continues to refuse to release his tax returns (something every presidential candidate from both parties has done for the last 40+ years), if it were President Obama or Hillary Clinton doing the same thing, Republicans would be going absolutely ballistic.

I’ll go ahead and stop there, however, I think I’ve made my point — even though I barely scratched the surface with this. There’s a seemingly endless list of vile and hypocritical things Donald Trump has said or done that Republicans would be losing their minds over if President Obama or Hillary Clinton did them.

Yet, it seems like no matter what he says or does, no matter how despicable, he only becomes even more popular with millions of Republican voters.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Bigfrog

    They’re all hypocrites…do as I say not as I do. My father was a ditto-head and a hypocrite. Look at how they hound Clinton for Benghazi while giving the previous administration a free pass with destabilizing an entire region of the world. You really can’t take them seriously.

    • Thinkin15

      How did Dick Cheney get away with deleting thousands of emails?!!

      The 2005 study — whose credibility the White House attacked this week —
      identified 473 separate days in which no electronic messages were stored
      for one or more White House offices, said House Oversight and
      Government Reform Committee Chairman Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.).
      Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has now posted a series of studies
      to help us zero in on just what’s missing. It will come as no surprise
      to most that the big offender is the man at the center of the most
      virulent scandals, and the missing email traffic relates just to those
      dates in which a federal prosecutor would have the most interest. Vice
      President Dick Cheney’s office destroyed its emails, in violation of the
      requirements of the federal records act and potentially criminal law,
      for the following days: (there are 11 days that relate specifically to serious questions about Cheney and Bush’s activities.)


    • Mildredmcraft4

      <<o. ★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★✫★★:::::::!!bt379p:….,….

  • David in Palm Springs

    11. Trump mocking a reporter with a physical disability. That in itself should have deemed him unsuitable to run for president.

  • Cid Campeador

    Oh. But it was Ok for Bill to get his knob polished in the Oval Office in addition to the other various adulterous acts in which he participated that Hillary ignored because of her thirst for power, advancement and riches.

    • Wally Wally

      (I’m forced to respond to a comment you made at amren(article about:a white teacher speaks out) here since your moderator has chosen to protect the delicate sensibilities of you race realists and won’t let me comment at amren)

      You said:

      This author is warning that some how or another there must be either total separation or a racial Civil War.
      There IS no solution to this problem. It’s too late.

      You amren race realists like to portray yourselves as being above average in intelligence, but when I read articles like this drivel, I have serious doubts as to its veracity. I’m black and live in a middle class black neighborhood full of black people who don’t exhibit the kind of behavior outlined by the author. I used to live in a black Washington DC ghetto and still know people who live there — they too don’t exhibit the kind of behavior outlined by the author. His claim: “most, if not all, black people exhibit this kind of barbaric behavior”, is, at best, extreme hyperbole, and more likely intentional racist propaganda.

      Given Jared Taylor’s preferred sophistication, I’m surprised he would publish such drivel, and given the air of sophistication preferred by his commenters, I’m surprised they would lap this drivel up as if were a piece of delectable red meat being fed to a famished animal.

      I’ve got a question for you Cid: do you really believe the claims made by the author or are you a willing participant in the propaganda ploy to completely disparage the black population, turning us all into primitive pariahs?

    • Wally Wally

      White supremacists have rallies and give speeches. They don’t go around killing other “people”

      Has that particular trait gone into remission?

    • Lorraine Ricci Jensen

      No, it’s not OK what Bill Clinton did. Hillary did not ignore it, as you seem to think. She handled it with dignity and got on with her life. Did you expect her to toss him out of the Whitehouse or pack her things and leave? Why are Democrats held to a different standard than the good old boys? Trump is a “disaster” in every way and they turn a blind eye to how horrid he is.