Think Texas Governor Rick Perry is Bad? Let Me Introduce You to His Likely Successor

greg-abbottExperience has taught me that the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” is often more true than not.  After George W. Bush left for the White House, many Texans claimed that it “couldn’t get any worse” than Bush was as Governor of Texas.

When millions of Texans uttered those words, they had no idea how terrible Rick Perry would be.  And he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, it could get a lot worse.

Following Rick Perry’s announcement that he will not seek another term in 2014, millions of Texas Democrats have celebrated the news.  Finally, less than 2 years from now, Rick Perry’s horrible tenure as governor will come to an end.  All Texas Democrats should celebrate, right?

Well—be careful what you wish for.

So let me introduce to you Perry’s likely successor, Greg Abbott.  A man who once, when asked to describe his job, responded with the words, “I go into the office in the morning, I sue Barack Obama and then I go home.”

And that’s exactly what he’s done — twenty-seven times — costing millions of dollars paid for by Texas taxpayers.

You just have to love that “fiscally conservative” government, right?

But let’s look at a list of just a few things which Greg Abbott believes or is responsible for:

  • Led the push for radical congressional redistricting maps which disenfranchised Latinos and African Americans in Texas.
  • Accidentally released the Social Security numbers of millions of Texans.
  • Once said the Americans with Disabilities Act is unconstitutional, therefore the state of Texas shouldn’t have to provide wheelchair access–he’s a paraplegic that relies on a wheelchair.
  • Strongly opposes equal rights for homosexual couples.
  • Supported strict voter ID laws which 3 judges overwhelmingly concluded targeted minority voters by trying to prevent them from having the ability to vote.
  • He denies climate change while accepting money from big corporations that oppose EPA regulations which prevent them from polluting.
  • Has sued the federal government over “Obamacare,” and is directly responsible for keeping millions of low-income Texans from obtaining affordable health care.
  • Believes the United Nations arms treaty threatens our Second Amendment rights and is an attempt to confiscate our guns, even though anyone who’s sane has clearly said this treaty in no way threatens to supersede our Constitution.
  • Sued for Texas to have the right to display the Ten Commandments at the state capitol.
  • Has openly implied that if given the power, he would abolish the EPA.
  • Has compared the funding of Planned Parenthood with that of funding a terrorist organization.
  • Was honored by a far right-wing religious group whose leader often compares President Obama to Hitler.
  • Once tweeted “Whatever happened to global warming?” in Midland, Texas on a day of freezing temperatures—in January.
  • Believes carbon dioxide can’t be a pollutant because it is emitted by humans.
  • In his 27 lawsuits against the federal government, he’s won outright a total of 4, with it being estimated that his 23 losses have cost Texas taxpayers $2.8 million.
  • Was a leading figure behind Ted Cruz and his rise to the Senate.

I’ll stop there.

So, imagine a man that supports almost everything for which Rick Perry stood, plus all of that.

Ladies and gentlemen, the current leading (and most likely) Republican candidate for next Governor of Texas.  Oh, and he’s historically been one of the biggest fundraisers in Texas, so money will not be an issue for his campaign.

This is why it’s imperative that Democrats in Texas run a strong candidate—Senator Wendy Davis, perhaps?  I really hope so.  She’s the exact type of strong, intelligent candidate that won’t shy away from a big challenge and doesn’t hesitate to take on the Republican establishment.

And that’s what we need in Texas, because Abbott has had aspirations to become Governor of Texas for quite some time.  I’m sure he’s well prepared for a campaign after planning it for years.

The only reason Greg Abbott never challenged Rick Perry for governor is because they’re such close friends.  So do you really believe he’s going to deviate at all from the same radical policies for which Rick Perry strongly supported?

So while it’s easy for millions of Texans (heck, Americans in general) to celebrate the countdown till the end of Rick Perry’s terrible leadership in Texas (and rightfully so), I just can’t feel the same excitement that many seem to share.

While I love the idea of Rick Perry no longer being Governor of Texas, I can’t help but think to myself…

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • JonesRobynj

    Well, it is my opinion that it wouldn’t matter if you wished for Rick Perry to be out of the Gov’s mansion or not. One day he’d be gone anyway. So you would be trading one for another. In my opinion both are equally perverted and despicable. At least with a changing of the guard you know what you are getting and make plans to get him out of there. One day they will run out of candidate as well as have an in your face reality for Texas folks to see once and for all.

  • Jared

    since when did obamacare make anything affordable? hahahaha, that’s a joke. as for the gun treaty thing, you do know that once it is ratified, the UN can change the treaty with a mere majority vote. so implying it poses no danger is far-fetched as well.

    • Nick

      Always believe someone who tries to make their point with the words “hahahaha”. -not.

    • Kyle Walker

      The Affordable Care Act was gutted by conservatives in congress to a mere shell of what it was intended to do so of course it didn’t make anything affordable, but millions of Americans can now purchase healthcare plans because of it. The UN also had measures against us invading Iraq but that didn’t stop Bush and Cheney or prevent the deaths of 4,000 Americans. Your guns are safe from the UN buddy boy

      • Jamal22

        Kyle, you are showing your ignorance again. The conservatives and the GOP didn’t change a thing in the so-called Affordable Care Act. If you recall, the Democrats were in charge of the House, The Senate and the Presidency. They didn’t allow one single concession to the Act before passage. If you recall, and I’m sure you can, Nancy Pelosi stated “We have to pass the bill to know what’s in the bill”. Remember? No one changed a thing in the bill.

      • Kyle Walker

        Once again Jamal it would be wise to withhold your assumptions until you know the whole truth, as those assumptions have a tendacey to backfire. Like Fox News and the GOP you only focus on one part of a story. You cannot see the forest through the trees.

        You are right in the passing of the ACA, Democrats controlled the Legislative and Executive Branches, however that is not the moment I was referring to. In case you haven’t noticed, it has been four years since the bill has passed and the bill, now law, has undergone numerous revisions, 42 to be exact.

        If you recall, I’m sure you can if you try, Republicans won the House that year in the mid term elections. At that time they launched their campaign against the ACA, and openly claimed they would do anything possible to stop the law. Before the ACA was even rolled out it was nit-picked into what we saw this time last year.

        In conclusion, since the GOP has been in control of the House for four years, three years before it was unrolled, and the law has seen 42 changes up until July 18, 2014,
        1.) The law has been changed
        2.) Conservatives and the GOP have spearheaded the movement to make such changes and have openly admitted to doing so.

        So before you go around accusing others of being ignorant, make sure your argument is based on the entire subject up for debate, not just one part, and you have your facts straight. If you neglect to finish reading the story before passing judgement, would that not be a sign of your ignorance? Your ignorance is only complemented by your stalking of one particular individual’s comments on a blog.

  • Justin guy

    Hey, fellow Texans. Remember the Great Recession? Me neither. You think that was luck? You might want to reconsider Perry’s governorship, and recognize what the left has done for California’s economy. There’s much more to the argument than simple social issues presented by hard left authors.

    • spazaru

      Justin, there is much more to every argument, but the “simple social issues” you cite are human rights that Texas is stripping from its citizens. There are more important things in life than money, and if I was a woman or gay, California would be an easy choice over Texas EVERY time. Guess what, I’m not a woman or gay, and I moved to California 10 years ago after living in Texas my first 34 years. I may move back home some day, but I hope by then there will be a governor and legislature that doesn’t spend all its time regulating the private lives of women and homosexuals.

      • A Hispanic who cares

        Hey Spazaru stay in California we don’t need people who want to change texas !

      • spazaru

        I don’t want to change it; I want to change it back to how it was before the tea partiers ruined it.

      • rayhause

        spazaru, A little about the Tea Party, we all work or worked(if retired), our children, grand children if of age, we all work or worked. How many free stuff free loaders do you represent.

      • BHorton2

        Hey, HINO, your ignorance of the ways in which the right wing is screwing you is sad. For example, middle class family income has risen the past 20 years by about 25% while the upper 10% is up 240%. That is just one example. Do your homework. Don’t be a kneejerk right winger yes man!

      • rayhause

        The real reason that 10% went to 240% was they were willing to get up a little earlier and go to bed a little later. That other group didn’t go up as high was the rate of growth was never higher than a couple of percent. Use your brain to figure that out.

      • Kyle Walker

        So all change is bad? Women and minorities voting was bad change for Texas?

      • Rightonthemark

        YES! I like what the venerable Governor Perry did for Obama’s visit to your state in May. Perry put an ad in the Austin American-Statesman:


        Perry was correct when he said that “[Obama] is a true believer in socialist policies, and to take a step away from those would be devastating to his psyche.”

      • BHorton2

        What “successful model”? Jobs are part-time and low-income. Benefits are down. Highways are increasingly in disrepair. Texas cities are hemorrhaging money. Educational attainment is flat-lined and increasingly low tech in a high tech world. Etc. Texas is running on yesterdays legs and doing too little to assure the strength of those legs in the future. A successful model? I think not.

      • rayhause

        BHorton2, do you realize what you just wrote, Jobs are part-time and low income, have you been to So. Tex lately, you have no idea what the incomes are and these type of jobs are energy related. Thanks to what was part of our education system CScope and Common Core are in the past in Texas, add that to the Teachers Union in their support has caused our State Ed. to grad. idiots. We conservatives have finally caught up to that bunch. You’re the new Gosnell Democrat, along with Wendy.

      • BHorton2

        Thanks for your input, Ray. You compliment me by expecting that I, like only about 10% of all Americans, have any idea what you are talking about. As for all those jobs? We’ve seen that here in the Barnett. Many were in fact not energy jobs and thus were minimal in pay. As the market sours and soars, they come and go. Soon they may all go to South Dakota. The cost of urbanizing a traditionally rural activity is still largely unmeasured but I think likely massive for those near working wells, pipeline paths, measuring and metering stations and, of course, gas line compressors. I am a Gosnell Democrat? You appear to be a Cruzian Republican, by far the sadder attribution.

      • rayhause

        What do you Dems want, your president is taking credit for all of those jobs he created and you’re blaming Perry. We would have, if it were not for 1000 people moving here every week, the lowest percent of unemployment in the nation. Your President is working to destroy the energy industry which this state is dependent. That 10% to which I refer, are individuals who are where they are at because that is exactly where they want to be, and, regardless of what is available they still find excuses for THEIR failures.
        To the individual who is declaring Obamacare the greatest thing since sliced bread. Everyone loves it so much, how many people has signed up and as far as all the balloons that are waving is because of the freeloads who lives at home and is on their parents policy, these are the leaders of tomorrow, deadbeats. You referred to states where it is working, for us who are low information voters, tell us the state and what segment of the law that is working. We know that you’re the Gosnell Democrat, truth be known you don’t even know who Dr. Gosnell is and planned parenthood should be shut down, we’ll eventually get rid of the funding and let you liberals pay for it. The ID law is to protect every party from fraudulent voters and wanting to keep anyone from voting, is Dem BS, just vote one time. Five years into this Presidency and our problems has done nothing by create pain on everyone, Dem and Rep. We have seven children and everyone of them works and are successful, all of our grandchildren that are of age works and are successful, it is all because we instilled in our children the work ethic and when you invest nothing you get nothing. Not like the Democrats which I referred to earlier, they do nothing but complain about everything.

    • Rightonthemark

      I like what the venerable Governor Perry did for Obama’s visit to your state in May. Perry put an ad in the Austin American-Statesman:


      Perry was correct when he said that “[Obama] is a true believer in socialist policies, and to take a step away from those would be devastating to his psyche.”

      • DJEB

        There you go again using words you don’t understand.

    • texaslaughin

      The great recession as you call it was not Obama’s fault! You think he wanted this mess. He inherited it and a bunch of fools in the Congress. They have refused to do anything for the last 5 years but try to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Evidently you people have not paid much attention to how this bill is working in states that have already instituted it.

      Rick Perry has pulled support from every source to help the poor people in this state and now Congress has denied all funding for SNAP (food stamps) and is now trying to do away with Medicare. Planned Parenthood will no longer exist in this state and none of you are willing to adopt the children that are going to born because of this.

      You can have Rick Perry and Greg Abbott and stick them where the sun don’t shine.

      My whole family will be voting and working to get everyone ID and get them to the poles. Texas will be Purple the next election and hopefully all these people will be gone!

    • You’re kidding me right? The lack of the recession is not thanks to Perry or any other politician. We go out to dinner 5 out of 7 nights a week, thus keeping our lowest paid workers (the servers and cooks) paid and so the money continues to flow. Additionally, we have the worlds best medical research centers and the ship channel, and at least 2 oil company HQ’s here, plus all of the refineries, and beaches like South Padre Island and Port Aransas. The reason we didn’t feel the full effect of the Great Recession is because Texas as a state, can sustain itself without the assistance of the Federal Gov’t.

    • Gandalf

      California’s economy was damaged by Schwarzenegger, who is a Republican; it was not damaged by the left.

    • ghhshirley

      California has a budget surplus.

    • Kyle Walker

      California does not have the same natural resources as Texas. When your state has an abundance of fossil fuels of course the recession won’t hit your economy as hard. As a reminder while Texas has prospered economically “thanks to Perry,” it has suffered in every other aspect of society, from infrastructure, to public education, higher education, healthcare, widening income gap, women’s rights…etc. But hey, Texas somehow has all these jobs right? Jobs that don’t pay a living wage to match the rise in inflation and with little to no benefits. Take a closer look around and you’ll see things here aren’t as good as Perry claims they are

  • A Hispanic who cares

    He is what we need in the WHITE HOUSE to get this country back where it belongs! Strong and Independent. Not Weak and Spineless like OBAMA has tried to make it! Texas governor HELL YES!!!!

    • biteme89

      um Hispanic who cares u need to pay attention to the bloody new the GOP and republicanse wants to send ur arse back across the border not protect you are just an unimportant Hispanic who they wanna rid. if it wasn’t for Obama the economy would have crashed at least him and his team stabilized it. andwithout a doubt there many bad things going on on both sides remember bush and his teabagging party ruined the country,.

      • biteme89

        also republicans and GOP are trying to suppress the votes from the minority blacks, Asians, Hispanics and to give them no rights.

      • A Hispanic who cares

        are you reading the same news everyone else is??? Obama stabilizing the economy what a joke ! He is destroying our country and because he is half black people are to ignorant to see thru his bullshit!! And by the way I am of Hispanic origin, however my Great grand parents where born American citizens!! And we did not come from across the border !! Before you speak know your facts!!

      • Before you speak, learn proper grammar. “half black people are too ignorant” — too with two o’s.

      • Gandalf

        You appear to have no idea what you’re talking about. Can you explain exactly how Obama is destroying the country and how the economy is not stabilizing? The stock market is doing remarkably well, consumer confidence index is up, and unemployment and jobless claims are down. Mind telling me why the vast majority of economists are wrong and you’re right?

      • BHorton2

        Yes, I AM reading the same news as everyone else. On the left AND on the right. The primary difference between the two is that the left skews the facts to the left while the right does not value the facts unless they fit some preconceived, late 1800’s value system.

      • rayhause

        I want to get here in between some of you liberals and lets see if any of you have the guts to respond. I’ve of late been referring to our latest candidate Wendy Davis, for Governor of Texas as the New Gosnell Democrat, if this also fits you so be it. Wendy Davis has been portrayed as William Travis at the Alamo, well I’ve ask Wendy, or this could apply to any of you Democrats, did you stand at the entrance to Dr. Gosnell’s Abortion Clinic. You need a little info on what actually went on inside and a good description of the New Democrat’s values.
        Dr. Gosnell just botched an abortion, he takes out that baby(that is still alive) and lays it on a cold table next to the saddle, he then takes a knife and severs the spinal cord, are you watching the baby twitch(remember it’s a botched abortion) and hearing the sounds it is making. He then throws the, now deceased, baby in a bag and, maybe, placed in a refrigerator. Being a father, grandfather and now a great grandfather but most of all a Christian man have a very difficult time not to pray that the “Wrath of God” not effect any person who stands on these principles. I’ll put my values on display will you.

  • Bully bob

    Texas is the shit that comes out if the asshole of the United States!! What a pathetic excuse for government those morons down there keep voting in!! This is what happens when you breed with your siblings!!

    • Well said, fortunately not all of us breed with family members. Those of us that don’t breed with family members actually realize the government here sucks and would rather get rid of the right wing ruling party here. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of us to make this state a battleground state.

      • BHorton2

        That evaluation of the strength of the left may be a little off. Actually, if a higher percentage of our presently registered Democratic voters would simply get off of their asses and vote we could win handily. We are only outnumbered on voting day.

      • rayhause

        First, I see Bully Bobs all over my pasture and cow lots, Why aren’t there enough liberals is because we have the expectation that everyone contribute and if you don’t aspire to that they move to other states. Moral of the story, there are no free stuff nor room for free loaders in the Sate of Texas.

    • rayhause

      Bully Bob must be from the booming state of Michigan. Truth be known he is sitting on a couch in his mothers house, eating her food, drawing unemployment, on his parent’s insurance and best of all his brother moved down here yesterday because he has more ambition.