Think Walmart is an Evil Empire? Wait Until You Read This…

WalmartSadI have a confession to make—I once worked for Walmart Stores, Inc.  Not in a Walmart store, but a Sam’s Club—which is owned by Walmart.

Now I’m sure many people have read many stories about the evils of Walmart, but you don’t see many about what it’s like to actually work for the company.  Let me tell you, the company is nothing but the definition of what it is to be disgustingly greedy.

First, let’s look at the heirs to Walmart and their worth, about $90 billion—between 6 individuals.  To put that money into a context, these 6 people could:

  • Give every citizen of Texas (25 million people) $3,600
  • Give every American (Over 314 million) just about $300
  • Make 90,000 people millionaires
  • Give $100,000 to 900,000 people
  • Buy 360,000 homes worth $250,000 each
  • Build all 32 NFL teams brand new $1 billion dollar stadiums—and still have $58 billion leftover
  • Give every human being on the planet $10—and still have $20 billion leftover

They’re also worth more than the combined net worth of 42% of the American population, or roughly 132 million people.

Yet the average Walmart employee makes $8.81 per hour.  It would take the typical full-time Walmart employee 818,553 years to make as much as one heir to Walmart is worth ($15 billion on average).

So keep all of that in mind as I tell you about what it’s like working for these greedy bastards.

When you first get hired you’re given an orientation, like at most jobs.  In this orientation you’re shown several videos, one of which is called “The Benefits of Working for Walmart.”  But it’s really a 30 minute video bashing unions.  No, I’m not kidding.  It’s literally a video about 30 minutes long of people telling you how terrible unions are to work for.

After that, depending on your job, the training is fairly typical.  But the true nature of the greed of this company is found in how they run their business.

See, everything is controlled in Arkansas.  From the air conditioning and heat, inventory to the scheduling system.  Everything is controlled at their home office in Arkansas.

I will say that they do raise a lot of money for charity, but the way they do this is disgusting.  Basically what they do is give every store a goal they must reach.  I say must because they’re contracted with certain charities to raise a certain amount (otherwise they lose certain perks, tax breaks and must pay these companies back for the fundraising supplies given to them), and once they hit these goals—that’s it.  The end.  You won’t see them raise another dollar until the next fiscal year starts when they repeat the same cycle.  This is not money raised out of the goodness of their heart, it’s done completely for PR and the way it’s done internally treats it like any other task they’re forced to do and wouldn’t bother with if they didn’t benefit from it in some way.

“Full-time” at Walmart is just a term, it definitely doesn’t mean 40 hours per week.  It’s common for “full-time” Walmart employees to get 32-34 hours a week.  For part-time, sometimes you’re lucky if you get 20 hours.  And don’t even think about overtime, they’ll write you up if you go over 40 hours in a week without permission.

If you work over 6 hours you’re required to take a lunch.  I’m sure this stems from previous lawsuits against them for not giving employees the legally required break and lunch times.  In fact, to ensure those working 6 hours or more take a lunch they lock them out of any system until they clock out for at least 30 minutes.  And be careful, they schedule a ton of 5 1/2 hour shifts so you’re only required to be given one 15 minute break, and if you happen to stay a little later and go even 1 minute over 6 hours—you’re required to take a lunch.  If you don’t, you get written up as well.  Not because they care about ensuring you’re given the breaks/lunches you deserve, but because they don’t want to get sued for not giving them to you.

When you work at Sam’s Club you’re required to sell memberships—and credits, and early renewals and warranties.  Honestly, checking out at Sam’s Club borders on harassment.  They’re strict on these numbers and ride the employees relentlessly about hitting “goals.”  Are there perks to reaching these goals?  Well, sure—you get to keep your job.  That’s basically it.  Mind you, they put this kind of pressure on employees making less than $10 per hour.  They treat them more like high-level sales employees than what they are; low-level hourly cashiers.

Towards the end of my time at Sam’s the regional manager, which is the person overseeing all the clubs in a certain area, told every Store Manager that they were required to hit their numbers and cut 110 wage hours—per day, every day.  He actually told them, “You’re asking yourselves right now if I really said hit your numbers and cut 110 hours daily, and yes I did.  I don’t care how you do it, just get it done.  Oh, and make sure we don’t have long lines, our ‘member service’ stays top-notch and our employees have positive attitudes.”

110 hours of wages per day.  Just think about how much that is.  It’s basically cutting the equivalent of 14 full-time employees per club, every single day, while still hitting your numbers.  Numbers that were difficult to reach even when fully staffed, let alone staffed at about 30% of what you need to run a giant warehouse.  And if you didn’t cut those hours and hit your numbers, he’d visit those clubs to threaten and berate all of the managers and supervisors.

They were ruthlessly gutting these clubs of their employees.  There were times where we literally couldn’t figure out how to give breaks to certain areas that had to be manned because we had no one available to cover them.  Floor supervisors were cashiering, managers were doing what the supervisors were supposed to be doing and there were many times that we couldn’t meet the demands of what our customers needed, even on slow days, because we simply didn’t have the people there to do so.  As the complaints poured in, the same regional manager made it a point to berate and threaten all supervisors and managers even more because of “poor member service.”  And “not having enough employees to get the job done” wasn’t an acceptable excuse.

By the time I left, it was only getting worse.  They were demanding more, giving less and putting more pressure on low-level hourly employees—while gutting their hours.  When I left, some part-time employees were getting 8-12 hours per week.  And no, you couldn’t pick up more hours.

So, when I say that all of the horror stories you hear about Walmart are true, I’m not lying.  This company defines what it is to be a greedy son of a bitch of a corporation.  It treats its employees like disposable cogs in a wheel, operates completely based on how to squeeze the most out of people while giving them as little as possible in return, and trust me…

If Walmart could legally get away with treating its employees even worse—it would in a heartbeat.  And they wouldn’t give a damn.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • RandomWorker

    This sounds like every minimum wage job (7.25$) I’ve ever worked. It’s not just Walmart. It’s what happens when the corporation is more important than the employee. People would be horrified at the conditions of working at a Justice store.

    • I boycott Justice for several reasons, including their factories in Vietnam….

    • smthnclvrr

      Might depend on the state, I’ve worked at some department stores like Sears or Macy’s that, while not perfect, gave a crap about their workers at least. They’re 10x better than working at Wal-mart at least.

    • MK03

      Really? The tween clothing store? How bad is it?

  • Texas

    I’m also a former sams club employee. You were too nice in your description about what it’s really like. It’s much worse.

  • sounds like any apple store…

    • Lindsey

      I worked for Apple for 2 years, and it was nothing like this. Part-timers didn’t always get a lot of hours, but they paid well, and I worked with some great people. Unless it’s changed drastically in the last 3 years (which is possible now that Steve Jobs is gone), it was a great place to work most of the time.

  • Dave Miles

    This is exactly why my family boycotts Wallyworld. I will gladly pay more somewhere else.

    • Bob Barnett

      Dawn, I like the way you feel about Wal Mart. I used to shop there but no longer do. They have no respect for their Employees and I too will gladly pay more rather than shop there..

      • Shelia Fox

        I work at a Walmart store but I don’t shop for food there because of their policy on dogs in the store to leave their messes behind and employees have to clean it up yuk yuk yuk

    • bruno64

      walmart aint cheap either

      • Kendall M Baxter

        You fucking whiny ass bitches can go to Target and get the same result,

    • Var Enyo

      They get subsidized to come into an area and build. Nobody with a small business can compete with that. The ultimate business killer just so people can buy a bunch of badly made imported goods made by slave laborers.

      • Reddkl

        “. . .ultimate business killer. . . .” – Exactly why I crack up when a conservative tells me cutting their taxes creates jobs. LOLOL

      • Rod

        All it does is gives them more money to hoard til death. Job creators. lol

      • jr023

        the way government in most localities are today a single owner store could not afford the time and expense to get all the permits and follow the hundreds of regulations to build a large business today. wm and other big co have a staff of people as well as lawyers the get things built. local state and federal government do not want small business to become any larger
        they want big and the lat 10 years they want monopolies 1 co in each industry

    • woad2112

      I haven’t shopped Walmart or Sams Club is over a decade…I used to have a Sam’s Club membership for nearly 15 years and I dropped it because of how they treat their employees…and I told them why i would never shop there again.

      • Kendall M Baxter

        And their stock has gone up exponentially

    • larri3

      Then do it. That’s the beauty of our current system. You have the freedom to do what you want with your money. And if you have the skills, talents and training, you won’t have to take a low-paying job, either. If you’re smart enough and willing to take risks and willing to hire others who are not willing to do what you are willing to do, then, God willing, you can create your own job. And if you make millions, my hats are off to you. On second thought, maybe you should shop at Walmart and take the money you save and invest it in your future.

  • I was fired from Sam’s Club because I got 22 minutes of unapproved overtime one week. We had less than half the original number of employees in our department.

    • Scott

      And…if you have just left the work undone, they would have fired you anyway. very sad.

  • rob

    This is all of retail. I worked for family dollar and there were just as bad if not worse.

    • RetailSucks

      ^So much this. I’ve worked for several retailers, but I work for Target at the moment. My pay is a bit higher, $9.75/hour, but I only get 18-28 hours a week (or $630-$980 a month after taxes, etc), so it doesn’t go very far. Before that I worked for Ross: Dress for Less, where I was earning minimum wage and getting 4-25 hours a week. Most retailers fully expect employees to be working multiple jobs, which is asinine.

      • RetailSuperSucks

        My experience has been that in their minds, managers know you probably work two jobs…they just don’t give a damn. Furthermore, if you aren’t able to switch around hours on the fly, they will begin to harass you about it if not outright punish you with schedule cuts, write-ups, etc.

        Retail work is one of the most needlessly stressful jobs on the planet. Hypothetically, a fully staffed store would be able to operate properly, serve customers, replenish stock, and perform closing procedures in a timely fashio…HAHAHAHA oh god what the hell am I saying?

  • It is not “just” Walmart Corporation doing this… is all of America’s Corporations!!!!!!! The Bank I worked for in 1985 was doing this and the sales was Products with very unreasonable “goals”…mind you…losing a job because you couldn’t get enough people to open accounts in the bank!!!! Then compensation for sups and mgrs was based on # of accounts at their branch….no wonder we had a financial crash in 2008…..this coporate philosophy runs deep!!!!!! TIME FOR IT TO COLLAPSE!

    • This has gone on for a long time. In the early 1990s I worked for a major department store. I was the #1 sales person in the #2 department of the #1 store. I couldn’t make my sales quota so I didn’t get a raise. I have to wonder who did qualify. Not many. They paid someone a lot of money to come up with a formula to prevent anyone from making any money. Meanwhile I was handling thousands of dollars of sales every day.

    • The reason this attitude exists are because there are CEO’s that make a thousand times more than the average worker, and they don’t do a damn thing except demand more productivity from those doing all the work.

  • Ashley Loya

    While I find this abhorrent and disgusting… I’ve worked for several large companies (not as large as Wal – Mart but large nonetheless,) They ALL do these things. Maybe not to this extent, but they all do these things. I see this as more of a post of what’s wrong with American jobs in general… not just Wal-mart alone.

    It’s a business’ job to make as much profit as possible, and I support that. Doing it at the expense of your employees, however, is inexcusable.

    • Victoria Lamb

      Inexcusable and not very bright! Costco has had tremendous success because its employees are treated well and paid well. This means that customers are treated well, too, and ensures that Costco’s members keep coming back

    • “It’s a business’ job to make as much profit as possible, and I support that. Doing it at the expense of your employees, however, is inexcusable.”
      You do realize the logical disconnect there, no? ‘At the expense of your employees’ is definitely within the realm of ‘possible.’ I really don’t mean to be too harsh on you individually, but I think our casual acceptance as a society of the idea that businesses exist primarily to generate as much profit as possible is one of the root causes of the excesses of the system. Companies are beholden to shareholders or owners but not their employees or their communities (or their countries), all in the name of maximizing profit.

      The alternative could be the view that businesses do have to generate profit, but it’s also their “job” to add collective value to their environment, to actually add and create wealth rather than extract it. That will cost profits, but that’s okay–growth is not as important as health.

      • mrs.noname

        i work for walmart and i buy stock so that makes me a shareholder, but that still doesn’t make my job any better or easier. the walton’s still get all the profits and i get the crumbs.
        and i could get in trouble for writing anything negative about the company.

  • One positive thing about Wall-Mart – important to remember because it represents a progressive energy policy- is that they are the largest consumers of solar energy in America right now.

    • korhal

      That doesn’t absolve them of their other wrongdoings.

    • I don’t for a moment think that they did that to be green, I’m sure they did it to cut operating costs.

    • Kyle

      I live in Fayetteville and know many people involved in Walmart, from VP’s to stockers. They all complain about it. The upper management people who are put on salary have to work 60 and 70 hour weeks and barely see their families. This company is horrible, their progressive energy policy is all about money and PR. If they really cared about their carbon footprint then they would try a lot harder to buy locally produced products instead of products produced on the other side of the planet. How many coal plants have been built in China to produce more stuff to sell to Walmart? I refuse to shop there, which isn’t easy in this part of the world.

  • Amanda

    I work at a WalMart now, and you nailed it. I’m lucky because I work overnights and don’t have to put up with a lot of this, but this is what happens during the day. The floor help has to go cashier because we don’t have enough cashiers. We sometimes only have two people working the floor to help customers during second shift and one of those two people are the person at the fitting room picking up the phone. The other day I found a broken jar of jelly on a shelf, I was mad because it should have been caught by previous shift and I got a piece of glass in my thumb. I’m sure it wasn’t caught because we didn’t have anyone in grocery to clean it up until we came in on overnights The video they showed us was call, “protecting your signature” which was totally anti-union and posted gross lies about unions, which I was part of when I was in college.

    • Stephanie

      I had forgotten what that video was called! “Protecting Your Signature” was the worst title and the worst message ever!

  • wheldon rumproast

    My sister in law worked for WalMart, I heard her tales of the brow-beating the employees received, even with the low wages. The article is spot-on. WalMart sucks from an employee’s viewpoint, from a vendor’s viewpoint, and is pretty bad from a customer’s viewpoint. They are only great if you’re a Walton….

    • Wal Mart doesn’t treat their customers any better than their employees. Some of the workers are very nice and helpful, but the management is a different story.

      I no longer shop at Wal Mart, because there were three separate occasions when I asked to speak to a supervisor or a manager. No supervisor or manager ever showed up to talk to me on any of those occasions.

      • Stephanie

        When a customer asks to speak to a manager or a supervisor, we’re told (as employees) to make it SEEM like we’ll have a manager there to speak to them, but they never come. We act with full knowledge that the manager/supervisor will never talk to that customer, and we’re taught to stall and/or change the subject so the customer drops the thought of speaking to our superiors. It’s sickening.

      • Sarah

        Wow. Really? Because as a Customer Service Manager (front end supervisor) when someone comes the service desk to complain the girls over there always call for me or one of the other CSMs and if we can’t resolve the problem we call for a manager until one comes up.

      • G McGee

        Even just trying to get a manager on the PHONE is difficult! PLEASE! I was on HOLD for 29 minutes 4 weeks ago waiting for a manager to pick up! I have the entire call recorded! The CSM that took the call DID update me every now & then, however, I feel that every 7 minutes is quite unacceptable! Every 1-2 minutes is ok, but definitely NOT 7! My complaint was regarding one of their cashiers moving my daughters shopping cart while she was paying…that wasn’t so bad…what WAS so bad was that her 2 YEAR OLD WAS STRAPPED INTO THAT SHOPPING CART WHEN THE CASHIER MOVED IT & SHE NEVER BOTHERED TO SAY ANYTHING, ASK IF SHE COULD (UM, NO, YOU CAN NOT) she just MOVED A BABY AWAY FROM HER MOTHER WITHOUT THE MOTHER’S KNOWLEDGE OR PERMISSION! You could imagine those few frantic moments when she couldn’t find her baby! It took 2 weeks to get an apology, 4 weeks to get them to actually send a gift card because the actual Store Manager himself, although he indeed said the cashier moved the shopping cart & shouldn’t have, he felt that all they had to do was talk to her sternly! No, I don’t think so! A Regional Marketing Manager from a different district ended up taking over! So to Sarah, no, things don’t always go as smoothly as they’re supposed to!

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello John Seitz,

        I am sorry that you had bad experiences with WalWart supervisors/managers. They were busy beating the staff to bother with your lousy complaints!

  • Sven Farkas

    Retail that is publicly traded will always be on it’s knees for the shareholders. It is all about the dollar and the dividend. Human life is not important because some fat-a$$ sitting in a mansion is gonna $hit his pants if his shares don’t earn him enough for that new shiny. Suck it up world, we are slaves in the U.S.

    • scott

      If you invested your manoey into something so they could grow, and promised you a return on your investment, would you be happy not getting one, or having a loss? Don’t knock the investors. If they all pulled their money out, the world would collapse.

      • If that’s all it was, we’d be fine. Unless you get the privilege of owning “preferred” stock (that pays dividends), the only way to make money in the Stock Market is to pick stocks that beat earnings expectations. What this reality drives is a need not JUST to make profits, not JUST to make profits that exceed last quarter, but to make profits that exceed the expectations of the experts (that predict nothing but earnings expectations for their livelihoods). In order to do that, publicly traded companies have to make ever more from ever less, every cycle, every time. That is simply not sustainable, and it leads to the little man losing every time. Manufacturing gets outsourced and off shored; tax burden is minimized at any cost: profits off shored, losses kept domestic; regulatory compliance becomes nominal and/or the costs of planned violation is built into the budget; remaining domestic labor is squeezed to the limit of the law (and beyond).

        If all stock (for a particular company) were preferred (and paid dividends), the market would work more like you suggest, but they don’t, and it doesn’t. Most of the market is just a conduit for speculation. That speculation inevitably leads to business conditions as they are. And, now that we’ve all gotten 401Ks instead of pensions, all of America (instead of just the very wealthy) cares about the health of the stock market. So, we dare not allow it to lose value or in any way upset its apple cart with a transaction tax. We’re completely co-opted by this dilemna, and the only way out is employee-owned companies.

      • Maybe a good collapse is what it needs. It’s certainly what it’s inexorably moving towards, since eternal growth in a finite system is illogical.

  • Derrick Cabral

    Thats the same exact thing P.F. Changs does with their hours. Last time i checked full time was 35 hrs or more, well atleast in Rhode Island. They would schedule me for 34 hours and then send me home a hr early on Mondays and Tuesdays. Like really WTF! They would tell me we’re trying tp run a business and I’d say what about my lively hood. I have 3 kids. They just wanted to line their pockets with a monthly bonus. That’s wht i screwed that company over just like they did me on a constant basis. I know work for a company with only 4 restaurants all based in Rhode Island. I am so much happier. I get in between 38 to 40 hrs and if i work over 6 and a half hours i get a 20 min break that i dont have to clock out for. Btw they didnt give breaks at P.F. Changs.

  • SomeUnderpaidkeyholdingmanager

    Kind of sounds like Pier 1 Imports too…

  • Lorielye Hayes

    I have to admit I had to leave Wal-Mart before after spending considerable time shopping because it took more than 30 minutes in line and there were still four full carts in front of me. I don’t buy food that’s already gone bad. I took the cart to a manager and said “you can put it back. I’m leaving.” I feel bad now that I know how hard they are on the employees, but I avoid them unless I can’t find what I am looking for anywhere else. I just can’t stand the environment and the long wait. Their produce has gotten more expensive than our local stores too. I already talked to my husband this year and we are planning on not renewing the SAMS membership and going with Costco who pays their employees more. The six Wal-Mart heirs own more wealth than over 45% of the lower half of American COMBINED. Yet they are too greedy to pay their employees? Won’t eat Papa Johns either since he announced he is cutting employee pay to retaliate for the Affordable Health Care Act. Have you seen his house. It’s literally a castle. A freakin’ village actually. We need more people like the owner of Spanks.

    • john doe

      if you left wal-mart for target, that’d be a mistake as well, i work for target and what i’ve read here in this article is basically how target treats their employees as well..

      • Anon

        This is becoming the norm for every big corporate retail environment out there … from banks to clothing to restaurants and anything else in between. Yes, banks. The average corner bank teller who gets dressed up nice for work everyday goes through the same type of treatment. “Sell” checking accounts, loans, savings, retirement, overdraft protection .. etc. If not, you’ll be fired within a month. And while you’re doing that, run a 3 lane drive-thru, balance out the ATM machine, jump over to the customer service side to balance someone’s account, put together a change order for the local gas station client, and make sure the 982,535 spare vault balances to the penny. And don’t forget to be happy about it.

      • james wilson

        sadly TFC bank I worked there the turn over was high with college kids it was a joke they would mess up the till and would go to someone’s house and ask if they got ten grand too much, they use to spend 24/7 on the phone before they started watching closely, there was so much when i quit I also closed my account bunch I got sick of babysitting

      • Emily

        And on top of THAT, I actually work for Walmart and I make more hourly than a close friend of mine that works in the IT dept of a bank….that’s just terrible. It isn’t just Walmart that takes everything they can out of their workers without giving anything in return… Many, many companies are guilty and something needs to be done about it.

      • Dumbfounded

        I work at target as well. Same story. You could take out WalMart and fill in target and it would still be an accurate story.

      • Just passing through

        This is exactly what is happening with the large “inc” I work for. I can’t post the name because I will be fired. It is a restaurant “inc” and it owns many chains. You could take out Walmart and put in “inc”. They stopped all overtime and will write up people if they get it, but if they are not “released” from work they are not allowed to leave or it is called desertion of the job and you will be fired. Hubby had to change jobs after 13 years so we could eat.

      • Before leaving one store for another it would be good to know that the new one is any better. no I won’t eat at Papa John’s either, but do the places where I do eat treat their employees any better. Most are just not stupid enough to say the stuff that the Papa John’s CEO said to the press.

      • MissCroakie

        I work in a union store and it’s getting to be that way here, too. We’re guaranteed our hours because of the union, but that doesn’t stop management from understaffing and treating us like dirt.

    • It’s silly to complain about waiting in line at a store that sells things at the lowest price possible. if you waited that long at Whole Foods, that would be a legitimate complaint, but you pay as little as possible at WalMart and it’s unreasonable to demand top-notch service at rock-bottom prices. You get what you pay for.

      • dogluver42

        Costco? Health insurance and overtime pay!!!

      • There are stores that have programs in place that prevent long lines and still have low prices. Walmart just doesn’t care. I also don’t like that the stores are dirty, chaotic, and the employees look like they’d rather kill a baby than help anyone. I can go into Aldis which is lower priced than Walmart and get better treatment and Aldis pays their employees more than minimum wage. Cheap prices means more profit, which means their stores should run like a cake walk and be staffed with awesome people making decent money. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to demand at least GOOD service and low prices.

      • Personally, I think, if corporations are people, and those people could be diagnosed with a psychological disorder, many of them, particularly ones like Walmart, are sociopaths.

        In other words, they don’t just not give a damn about people, but they really don’t understand people at all. They think that customer satisfaction is just another number, and that it’s all about the numbers, and that they can reach better numbers by setting numbered goals for their and employees, and it doesn’t even occur to them that they might be better served by taking the time to teach their employees HOW to provide good service, and providing an environment that might be conducive to actually being a happy employee which would certainly help them be happy with customers…

        But you often hear in business “it’s all about the numbers”… that’s sociopathic.

        It’s all about the people. People aren’t numbers.

      • Leslie Ross

        It’s Arkansas, they think their employees are their slaves…

      • 65snake

        I like it, let’s go one step further….if they can be diagnosed with a psychological disorder that causes them to be a danger to themselves or others, they can be committed.

        When can we do that, please?

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello Dave Jenik,

        I think that WalWart is a psychopath. Whenever they come into a new territory they “kill” local businesses!

      • Wit

        Did you know that many people who often work their way into high level positions of authority – especially like big business CEO’s – literally ARE sociopaths. They have the same remorseless compulsion for power and ruthless control of other peoples lives just as serial killers do but without having the need to kill at least not on a conscious level. I saw a documentary on people with sociopathic behaviours and tendencies once. Scary but also fascinating.

      • Rod

        It seems unfortunately that Walmart believes that don’t need good service since has low prices. Which is messed up.

      • Jamie Raunig

        Did you not get the gist of the story? Do you honestly not care about the treatment of the employees? Your seemingly narcissistic personality is showing………

      • Bryan Forbes

        a seemingly narcissistic personality is showing? isn’t it kind of narcissistic that you read the article and the only thing you had to comment on was that someone is self centered, i mean what you said doesn’t even have anything to do with anything

      • Guest

        Yes, it does, it has to with the content of the article, and the plight of the workers, which is no concern of yours

      • The mark up on prices at Wal Mart is just as high as the mark up at places like whole foods. Wal Mart makes a ton more profit than places like whole food. They could afford to give the same service at Wal Mart as is given at whole foods, and still make a ton more money.

      • Joules

        The grocery store I shop at sells fresh produce at either Walmart prices or slightly higher (maybe 10 cents more per pound) and if they ever have more than three people in any line, they open another register. The plethora of stores that I now shop at (left Wallyworld a year ago due to the long lines) all have policies that require they open another register if their lines get more than X numbers long.

        I know. I asked.

      • Max Power

        Actually you don’t always pay low prices at Wal Mart. I was looking for a chain saw on a whim while shopping with my wife at Wal Mart because she wanted to get one item that was on sale. So i see this chainsaw and if the line had been shorter I may have bought it that day. The next day I went to Lowes and there was the same chainsaw but 11 dollars cheaper.

      • eg

        walmart hasnt been cheap in years…and costco, etc arent cheap either… somehow they have conned everyone into thinking they actually have the best deals… shop local!!!! im sure there are local grocery stores with better quality food and more reasonable prices, especially produce, in some if not most places….

      • 65snake

        Shopping local is not so easy these days, since the big box stores have driven out the “local” competition.

      • james wilson

        walmart is not that cheap anymore and the gross under stock, many stores can and do better

    • chris1

      disgusting isn’t it! I won’t buy papa johns pizzas anymore either… I am finding/buying less and less from walmart…

  • Lorielye Hayes

    I have to admit I had to leave Wal-Mart before after spending considerable time shopping because it took more than 30 minutes in line and there were still four full carts in front of me. I don’t buy food that’s already gone bad. I took the cart to a manager and said “you can put it back. I’m leaving.” I feel bad now that I know how hard they are on the employees, but I avoid them unless I can’t find what I am looking for anywhere else. I just can’t stand the environment and the long wait. Their produce has gotten more expensive than our local stores too. I already talked to my husband this year and we are planning on not renewing the SAMS membership and going with Costco who pays their employees more. The six Wal-Mart heirs own more wealth than over 45% of the lower half of American COMBINED. Yet they are too greedy to pay their employees? Won’t eat Papa Johns either since he announced he is cutting employee pay to retaliate for the Affordable Health Care Act. Have you seen his house. It’s literally a castle. A freakin’ village actually. We need more people like the owner of Spanks.

  • jill

    I have been a fan of yours for quite a while now and I have to admit I am quite angry at your interpretation here. I have worked at my local Walmart for over 4 years and enjoy my job very much. Don’t vilify Walmart – if you have a beef with corporations – then by all means but Walmart is not the problem. They may be part of the “corporate” problem but not THE problem. I have seen better raises each year as a cashier at Walmart than my husband has gotten in the last 3 years combined working for a manufacturing company (after being there for 15 years).

    • Don’t be mad because every word of this is true. IF you truly enjoy your job at walmart, than you must a first class masochist.

    • Nice try walmart CEO 😉 ….but seriously your situation is not the normal employee experience at walmart.

    • LOL, nice try… we all know that NO low-paid, overworked WM employee actually likes their job. Too funny… go away now. Wal-Mart sucks and always will. I hope I live to see the day it crumbles for good.

    • Drizzio

      Any Walmart employee that enjoys their job is a human being that is not smart enough to realize they work in one of the worst and most looked down upon position in America. The guys lined up at Home Depot willing to shovel manure for the day looks down on Walmart employees

    • Comparing wage trends in ANY industry to those in manufacturing is, at the VERY best, disingenuous, and, if you are intelligent at all, you already know this. Manufacturing was HAMMERED during the Great Recession. Having grown up in and around Elkhart, IN, the literal epicenter and event horizon for the recession, I know this better than most. Massive layoffs occurred in manufacturing, and the rebound has taken place within a framework of major restructuring of the relationship between businesses and labor: There is a LOT more contract labor/day labor, hardly any new union shops, and a over abundance of unemployed laborers. All of this leads to a massive and continued depression in wages. For the last few years, EVERY other employment sector’s wage growth would compare favorably with manufacturing…EVERY sector. Unless you never talk to your husband, you already know that.

      I must stop here, because I’m too tempted to attack you personally over what I must conclude is an intentional attempt to deceive.

  • former wal-mart employee

    You sound like a jealous person who is mad that he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Not everybody is rich and we cannot expect them to simply divide up their money, so your chart of what could be purchased with their money is just plain stupid. Many people are rich and it has nothing to do with you or me or anybody’s salary.
    I also worked for WalMart. I found their training videos thorough and very well put together. They trained on safety, service, laws, and what they expect of their employees. Yes, they required a lunch break after 6 hrs. Why should you condemn them for that? They do NOT want to pay OT and that is not uncommon either. They also are willing to hire handicapped, elderly, and many others who cannot find employment elsewhere. They hire and pay minimum legal wage. Get the wage limits in your state raised before you condemn for taking advantage of the law. They pay minimum wage for UNSKILLED, UNEDUCATED labor. If they paid more, then the jobs that require education and skill would then be forced to pay more, then the prices will go up to pay for those wages and everything still be the same. Wal-Mart is not in the business of providing CAREERS or even LIVING WAGES for unskilled, part-time labor. It is the facts not their fault. If you don’t like it, go to school, get a better job and leave the Wal-Mart jobs to students and people supplementing their family income. How about the fact they spearheaded the 10.00 prescriptions that we all take advantage of?

    • All jobs should provide a living wage, skilled or unskilled.

      I do agree that they have a right to deny OT. And regulations regarding breaks (including lunch break) are mandated, so they don’t have a choice in that.

    • While I abhor Wal-Mart, I will admit the cheaper prescriptions are, truly, a life saver for Diabetics without insurance.

    • MK03

      So how much does Wal-Mart pay you to white-knight for them online?

    • Current WalMartEmployee

      I am not an unskilled or uneducated labor but this is the best I could find. I’ve got an undergraduate and a graduate degree in the sciences, but guess what? The economy bottomed out and left me with no options. They should at least pay enough for their employees to work full-time and not need housing assistance or Medicare/Medicaid. Which incidentally, YOU pay for. If I want overtime to prove my value to them I should be able to get it.

    • Victoria Lamb

      $10.00 prescriptions? Really? They are only $4 at Wegmans.

    • And you sound like an entitled person who has never had hard times in their life.
      Nowhere was it suggested that they should divvy up their money, and you completely missed the point of the chart. The point, in a nutshell, is that they could pay their employees a livable wage, and still have more money than they could spend in 6 lifetimes. The only reason not to do so is pure, unadulterated greed. Have fun footing the bill for their selfishness, since YOU get to pay for the government support that their full-time employees get to keep a roof over their head and food on their table, since they pay so pathetically.

      Yes, the legal minimum wage is too low. It has not kept pace with inflation, and that is a contributing factor to our current economic woes.

      • Scott

        Raise the minimum wage, and the cost of everything goes up. With so much inflation, your dollar does not stretch as far. You pay much more, and make proportionately less than you were before the wage went up. I could get more for my money making $3.75 and hour than i can now making $12.

      • JY

        That’s already happening. It’s called inflation. $1 today doesn’t buy the same thing in 1971 for example.

    • markc

      the reason they hire handicapped and elderly is called a think they hire them out of the love of their hearts, you are completely brainwashed…

    • Kyle

      I hire unskilled uneducated labor and I start them at a higher rate than Walmart’s average wage. I am not rich like Walmart. They could raise the cost of each product by a penny and be able to afford to pay ALL their employees above minimum wage easily without losing profits.

      • Jeff

        Really? Can you show that through any research? Or are you just making things up because you are disgruntled

    • Nice try… How much is WM paying you to kiss their dirty asses? You fool NO ONE.

  • maughta

    Honestly, this is the same in every corporate wage-slave job out there these days. They’re all trying to be Wal*Mart, and live up to the example that it sets.

  • This isn’t news. Every minimum wage job is this. So… 90% of American jobs are like this. (Fine, exaggerating. Don’t have a rage siezure about it.) Every job I’ve had that isn’t a small business (I mean 0-2 other locations and you work with the owner… mom and pop, basically) runs exactly the same.

    • Scott

      Shovel ready jobs suck. For some reason the current administration and all that voted for him miss this fact. Then complain about it and blame CEOs and anyone making money. Such a disconnect!

  • SocGal

    I worked at Walmart for about 6 months back in 1999 and I couldn’t stand it. The training videos explanation is spot on. I also managed and later became store manager at a Blockbuster a few years back. The numbers game was played there as well. Goals, with no rewards. Cutting hours,etc. Not even being ‘allowed’ to use netflix, lmao.

  • mandy

    I worked for Wal-Mart two years ago and was treated like garbage day in and day out.. worked harder than anyone on my team just to be talked about and made to feel bad about myself.. they would say work smarter not harder. Meaning I had 8 hours to stock 3 shelves. Sorry I was not then and never will be a lazy worker. I had a supervisor call me and fire me over the phone and come to find out 2 weeks later HR called me and asked why I stopped coming to work. So it looked like I quit my job.. I also will never shop and spend my money at Wal-Mart..

  • Bob

    Cvs was and is just as bad!!! Ok I’m lying… It was worse and I worked for Wally World for 7 yrs cvs 4

  • My husband worked for Walmart for a few years, nine bucks an hour and minimal raises. He couldn’t technically even earn a raise because they were based on customer satisfaction and he worked in loading and unloading…he also had a dollar bump an hour for working swing shift.

    People who defend Walmart are ignorant. Seriously, you can enjoy your job and still be aware that it is an awful company to work for. The traditional American work ethic does not apply here, as you can work your ass off and get absolutely no recognition for it. They don’t care at all.

    Last year my husband was hired by a very different company. He’s been there less than a year and when they discovered he couldn’t quite pay for insurance they gave him a three dollar an hour raise. They have lactation stations, support the family leave law, gladly pay overtime, give ample breaks, and recognize ability, hard work, and dedication.

    It’s a Japanese company. Should tell you something.

    • wheldon rumproast

      Only good thing about WalMart: (like banging your head against a wall, it feels good when you stop!) you sure appreciate a better job once you get one!!

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello wheldon rumproast,

        It is even better if you never get a WalWart job!

      • Kristian Savoy

        Sometimes its all that is hiring……..some of us arent as lucky…

      • wheldon rumproast

        Maybe, but one thing’s for sure: once you experience a WalMart-type job, you sure appreciate a better job one you get one!

      • amblipygid

        Three years late, but yours is a fucking awesome comment. I am a four year walmart slave.

    • ItsJustMe

      the Japanese company more closely mirrors true Capitalism than our companies do. When i worked at Walmart, though, even as a parttime i was making close to fulltime hours whenever i wanted them, had a family leave policy, made sure we had breaks (never allowed to work during a break) … i must have gotten lucky cause my experience was NOT like the ones i’ve read about… i believe everybody; mine was just different.

      • Same here. I WAS an employee for 4 years myself while I went to college; the only reason I didn’t have trouble with them was I was lucky enough to not NEED good health care was not married and had no dependent’s to require time off to care for and showed up on time for every shift. I knew and still know people who worked and still work for them I think I was only lucky because the store I worked at was completely new and was given more leeway; I hear things that sound like a joke about the store I worked at now and realize I was fortunate.

      • amblipygid

        Fucking BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • J L

        That is absolutely the truth – I worked for Wal-Mart for almost 5 years, and now I work for a Japanese Company (Fujitsu) – the way we treat our employees compared to american companies is night and day. And not in a good way for American Companies. Granted, there are good ones out there,a nd I’m sure their are bad Japanese companies – but the ideology behind them are completely different. We received an email the other day saying because we made a profit, they were giving out merit raises – but because we ultimately didn’t meet our goals for the year, the management would not be receiving one.

        I got $5 that says that would be opposite in any major American company.

      • loki

        You would be right. There was a Bailout of several major companies a few years back, because they were going bankrupt. Instead of giving that money to their workers, who needed the money, and would’ve PROBABLY wound up putting that money BACK into the company, the companies gave raises to ALL of it’s CEOs and Managers, and basically told the workers to fuck off and dumpster dive. Banks are especially bad about this, in America.

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello loci,

        It’s the ABC system. American Banking Corruption. It has now affected the world financial system. The system is so bad the corruption now has corruption! smh

      • Worker

        Yep, thats correct. When we meet our goals, I can get up ro a 10% bonus. My supervisor gets 15% and Managers can get 20% and so on… thats NOT fair.

      • rb

        the top dog gets the better bone as the lower dog gets the leftovers get a education to become the top dog and you will not complain anymore.

      • amblipygid

        Get an education, and perhaps YOU can communicate in proper and correct English language and grammar. You communicate as if you are a pathetic little preschool special education child.

    • my 2 cents

      I am glad you husband found a better job for a company that appears to value it’s most valuable resource….it’s employee.

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello my 2 cents,

        That was the philosophy of American companies in the 1950’s.

      • Hear!Hear!

        Isn’t it ironic how so many companies say their staff is the asset of their company, yet treat them like crap and abolish their jobs in the name of efficiency savings?

    • Al Brown

      It is not a Japanese company. These are Americans doing this to Americans. This is a well established American Family doing this to fellow Americans, please blame those who are at fault. Don’t give into the the Tea Bagger way of blaming anyone but those responsible. The only thing Chinese or Japanese about this company is where they get the vast amount of junk the sell from.

      • AQ

        Dee Dee was not referring to Wal-Mart as a Japanese company, though I can see how you would make that assumption (because it’s not clear from Dee Dee’s post). The company that is treating her husband like an actual human being is the Japanese company.

      • James

        She didn’t say Wal-Mart is a Japanese company, bringing politics into would be more effective if you displayed some level of reading comprehension.

    • Cody

      I am going to say this once and that is it…I worked for the company for almost 4 years. I never once had any complaints other than dealing with my coworkers. These things happen all over the place and with many other companies…why are they never made into national news

      • annie

        People seem to pick a company that has known, very wealthy owners, and like to say they owe their employees more for that reason. I have never worked there, but I would imagine anyone who does should assume it is a starting point, an entry job, and use it to move on to something better. I don’t know why people working entry level jobs think the owners owe them a wage meant for those with higher skills. If you are poor, the government offers help for you to go to school or get additional skills so you aren’t at the mercy of a company you think is not fair to you.

      • Patti Lounsbury

        “I have never worked there, but I would imagine…” . If you have never worked there you couldn’t possibly imagine. Not everyone who is abused by Walmart is at entry level and most have been lied to and promised the moon only to be kept on the hook.There are a great many places where Walmart is one of few employers after the shut down of many smaller businesss and many of my fellow associates would leave if they could, but they like eating and trying to live inside. But they are constantly looking and bail out when they can. I don’t blame them and cheer when they find a job where they are treated like human beings. As for me, I would never think of this place as more than a little something to do until my husband retires in a few months.

    • Anonymous1

      I work at Walmart and agree with you and I love your response.

    • rb

      get a education and your job range will differ i promise

    • Kristian Savoy

      Oh I know…..I hear these things all the time:

      “if you hate it, why dont you just quit”
      “stop being so whiny”
      “atleast you have a job”
      “be greatful”
      “just shut up, I dont care”
      “hurry up, you are going to slow”
      “are you stupid?”
      “see kids, this is why you stay in school”

      and much more…..

      it gets old real fast……but until i get another job….im soled…its not that easy to get a job and we as retail employees arent all idiots and dont deserve to be treated like shit….were humans not robots…

  • It seems unusual that Walmart is still classified as a growth company, given its large fixed assets and small profit margin as well as ominous presence. I’ve read one profile and it indicates Walmart achieves growth through expansion, overseas and domestically. This would lead me to believe they wouldn’t catalyze growth by increasing pressure on operations to reduce cost.

    The complaints appear to indicate there actually is an abundant amount of pressure on operations to reduce cost. However, I’ve read no solution.

    The statements about the Walton’s wealth are somewhat flawed given that their wealth is based upon the net present value of the company, which takes into account future profit at a discount rate. It’s what I would consider to be frozen assets, I’m sure there is a decent amount of liquidity, but certainly not 90 billion dollars worth. As they flood the market with shares, the value would most certainly drop. I wouldn’t take that into account as proof of greed.

    However, the comments on high pressure to reduce operating costs are somewhat concerning and it would help if there were an amicable solution.

    I would like to believe that the goal for each store is to achieve 3.5% profit, which is what I have read it to be in 2010. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to increase the profit margin by reducing operating costs (unless through process efficiency).

    I most certainly do not condone criticism without a viable solution. Perhaps Unionizing would help, but one should weigh the benefits with the cost, take note of past Union failures such as in the automotive industry, and suggest preventative measures.

    • Wow, you’re trying to analyse this as if the Walton family holdings would EVER be sold on the floor of the NYSE. LOL!!! How ridiculous!

      It also make ZERO difference that they are a growth company as to whether they are going to place cost containment pressure on individual units. They are THE discount retailer: Cost control is their bread and butter.

      Moreover, why would they EVER want to restrict themselves to 3.5% profit, especially since they have publicly traded stock?

      Your presentation and prose are, quite frankly, bizarre and almost robotic. Why the insistence on no criticism prior to having a fully formed solution? Why would you characterize the AFL-CIO as a failure? Even if it is, even if all unions have characteristic flaws, aren’t you criticizing without offering a solution? I suspect you, sir, are a troll, probably of foreign origin and trying to pass yourself off as an educated, white guy American while performing your apologia and propagandizing.

      • I apologize if you misunderstood my analysis, I have been trying to parse through your erratic exclamations and ad hominem statements. I wrote that the Walton wealth is not proof of greed, which I stand by.

        It appears as if you are making an attempt at refuting the conclusion of my analysis. As insulting as I might find this, I would like you to understand it is all for naught. I have not made any suggestions and this was not a business analysis. I was addressing different issues in the article such as the perception of the Walton family wealth being tied to greed and the business strategy of Wal-Mart.

        I find your prose most insulting, polarizing, and sensationalistic, but to each their own. The reason I would prefer to refrain from criticism before forming a solution is because I find it counter productive otherwise. However, you have suggested that this is a subjective perspective, you are entitled to that opinion.

        I would suggest the AFL-CIO as an example of a failed union because of the repeated bankruptcies of General Motors. I suggested unions as a possible solution, there was no criticism. The Soviet Union and French Monarchy failed as well, but there is no criticism, statement of fact is not criticism.

        You finished your diatribe with several more ad hominem statements. I can also perform such a feat, but would prefer to keep the conversation productive.

        My ethnicity and country of citizenship are immaterial to the conversation.

      • I stick by my original assessment of your bizarre style of writing. For instance your first paragraph amounts to hyperbolic characterizations of my writing replete with a bold-faced lie that I had made an ad-hominem attack. I had criticized your writing because it is SO hard to decipher and reduce to its actual, functional content; the style is so disjointed that it makes your comments nigh on useless for stimulating debate.

        Your second paragraph amounts to your taking offense that someone might critique your analysis. Really??!! You also make a dubious claim that your original analysis did not include considerations of the type of business Walmart was running (i.e., a growth business with specific figure provided for expected growth) as a major point in that analysis…even though you had done exactly that — tried to counter the OP’s assertions by claiming they don’t make theoretical sense for a growth business. Wow.

        Third paragraph is a return to emotionally laden attack on my writing without supporting those attacks with any examples to illustrate your accusations. The rest of it, the stuff about forming an opinion absent criticism or critique is, quite honestly, shameful. Opinion should NOT be formed in a vacuum or echo chamber of similar thinkers; no, carefully considered and thoroughly vetted theory can be formed without considering its potential flaws. It strains your credibility to assert otherwise.

        Then, finally, some content in paragraph four: not much content, mind you, but at least an poorly supported assertion that GM failed exclusively due to AFL-CIO failure as an institution (although that same union seemed not to have equivalent impact on the other car makers…weird). Maybe you’re trying to make some point about the meaning of “criticism” or its role within debate; I just can’t decipher your meaning.

        Paragraph five cements the impression that you’re totally lost on the meaning of an ad-hominem attack. Your ethnicity and/or country of origin and/or first language or TOTALLY germane to explaining why it’s difficult to make sense of your posts: If it’s a language issue, I’ll struggle to work with it. If it’s a thinking issue, I probably cannot accommodate it (and won’t wast my time).

  • I can attest that everything that the author says is true. I worked for Wal Mart itself before Sam Walton died, and the treatment of employees was more deplorable back then. These days the employees have the option of suing, back when I worked for them the employee had no such right. That was actually written into the contract you signed when you were hired. I was injured due to gross negligence of management by a security monitor falling on my head from eight foot up. No ambulance was called, I was shipped to a hospital with another employee after he got off with a gaping head wound in the front of my head. The “incident report” was a total sham and the managers name was never mentioned in the report even though I had repeatedly requested her assistance with moving a rather large ladder through electronics which she while on the phone arguing with her lesbian lover during work hours !

    • SayBlade

      I realise you are resentful about all the other crap which is highly legitimate and fully justified since you were horribly treated, but It sounds like you are resentful because her lover/partner/wife was lesbian. Otherwise you wouldn’t have mentioned it that way.

      • chrisintheQ

        I was going to say something similar. What difference does it make if the person on the phone was her “lesbian lover”? You’re losing sympathy here.

    • Me

      It takes true meatheads to ignore most of what you wrote, only because you said “lesbian lover.” I don’t see SayBlade or chrisintheQ harrassing anyone else about using colorful descriptions. Politically correct idiots

      • Semantically, the word “lesbian” adds no meaning to the argument UNLESS it is supposed to have a negative connotation. Words matter; they convey meaning and influence attitudes.

    • evesdroppuh

      ….so tell me more about the lover’s quarrel!!What were they saying???;-}

  • Liberal Marine

    Thank you Jack Welch, the father of the “part time” dominance in industry. It is value added for investors. Essentially it sets up a constantly degrading cycle of cannibalization of assets and personnel to ensure dividends get paid. It sets up a cycle of valuation which exists mostly on paper, and leaves a mess for anyone taking over. Eventually the CEO cashes out and usually leaves the company in shambles, to face bankruptcy or restructuring all the while smelling like a rose to do it again. Sure GE was successful with him at the helm but their quality suffered across the board, as they cut a variety of corners including environmental controls. In other words much like Wallyworld the U.S. taxpayer paid for the privilege of having a blood sucking leech provide jobs which are really a giant system of corporate welfare. Like any business model which can only succeed through the use of minimum wage employees denied all of the basic needs it is both immoral, and unsustainable in the long term should our government suddenly decide that it should do its job.

    • Burned Out

      Amen to these comments about Jack Welch. I was a HR Mgr. in a large manufacturing organization which was headed by a former Jack Welch protégé. His approach was “burn them and churn them”. RUTHLESS!!! He made life unbearable for HR.

      • ladyvader

        That view makes no sense when it cost more to train new people than to retain them.

  • marie

    Corporations are getting too big to care about their employees. Some companies are good to work for, but the cutting hours while simultaneously increasing goals makes people miserable. I’ve been in that situation. I know executives want a good salary and have worked hard to get where they are, but it gets ridiculous when they come up with hour reduction demands just so someone at the top gets a bonus. Companies with happier employees reflect a more team management approach which wants to see everyone succeed and develop. I realize they want things to run as efficiently as possible, but at least give people the room to be human. Aldi’s has great prices, is very efficient, and hey treat their employees much better than a lot of grocery chains. Businesses should take a lesson.

  • All true.

  • Kev

    I don’t want to detract from any of the above. I’m totally on board with the concept of publicly-traded retail companies being the worst of the worst, with Walton’s empire epitomizing it all; but the bit about taking .5 hours lunch for every 6 hours worked is Federal law. Has been for years.

    • Scott

      It is federal law. But, there are companies that are SO stringent with how it operates that they punish employees for that extra minute past 5 hours. They are, once again, making the employees pay for the privilege of taking that break. It is the fault of attorneys and disgruntled employees, but it still sucks.

  • Kristacia

    I was in our local Wal Mart last Saturday. It was between 10 and 11am. Very busy time. There were 4 checkouts opened. There were lines. There were people walking up and down the lane looking for a place to check out. by the time I checked out there was one more opened. When I ask an employee about the lack of clerks, she/he told me they would not hire enough people to work.
    It is a shame because they have ran most of the other stores out of town. I wish everyone would shop somewhere else other then Atchison KS Wal Mart.

  • I know exactly what he means. I work for one of the largest Prescription drug home delivery companies, and they DEMAND that you sell everything under the sun to the caller, no matter who it is.

  • Kristacia

    What WalMart is not smart enough to figure out is this: The more they pay their workers the more they will spend in their stores. Paying more then minimum wage will not break them, it will help them. It will help any business paying more to their workers, instead of with holding a living wage. Get smart people.

    • Scott

      Almost every company I worked for cuts its expense by chopping employee hours. I solde jewelry for 12 years, and Zales would limit hours so much that the sotre manager was working 7 days a week with only one other employee on staff with them at a time. THen they would complain about declines in sales. Meanwhile, customers are walking out unwaited on because of there not being a staff person on duty. But for some reason, its easier to see the savings from chopping hours. Idiots run these businesses

    • Union Maid

      As bad a man as Henry Ford was, ( inventor of the assembly line, actual Nazi sympathizer and bigot extrordinaire ) even HE recognized that if you pay your people a decent wage, they will be able to afford to buy your products. Whether he looked on it as being benevolent or just selling more cars, the result was the same.

  • Sara

    Their philosophy has pervaded the American corporate consciousness. I was a nurse for 20+ years. Want to hear something scary? Every word of what you have written I have seen carried out with my own eyes in the Healthcare industry! Gutting wage hours for nurses while still keeping beds filled to capacity? check. Displaying a “compassionate and charitable” front to win PR points while not giving a crap about patients or employees? check. All of it! It is bad enough when anyone anywhere has to work under these circumstances, but when your nurse is faced with these problems every day and is still responsible for your life? Well that’s just criminal!

    • My husband had Valley Fever to the point he was in the hospital for 2 weeks. I witnessed exactly what you are saying. After 10 days I could not take it anymore. He was spiking fevers to 105 and it was awful when it would take them forever to get in with ice packs. I would have to half of their job because they were understaffed and would pretty much use temp agencies for their nurses. What made it worse was on that 10th day, I went out to the nurses station to complain about the old man that was sharing a room with my husband and kept pulling out his iv which would set an alarm off and wake my husband. Well, needless to say I went ape shit and told them i wanted him released to take him to Mayo, they told me their was only 1 doctor on staff and they would only be able to if they called the on call. Are you kidding me?! One doctor in the whole damn hospital? But the cherry on top was when the very large nurse downing her supersized bag of doritios at the desk when alarms were going off said to me after my request to leave “well if you want to go bankrupt to save him.” Was she serious, for the first time in my life I had to have security called on me. I requested a private room and the same nurse told me she could only do it if it were medically necessary. I told her if he is not getting better it then becomes necessary. But the absolute worst part was I had to tell them to put in a central line for his meds. Once he got it the fever stopped within hours. He was dehydrated and his veins had collapsed so no fluids or medicine were able to do their job. It was the worst experience ever and I have had 3 c-sections.

      • pam

        everyone needs an advocate when a loved one is in the hospital. i am a retired RN. my husband was recently at the Cleveland Clinic for 6 days. if i had not gone in everyday and checking out everything, they would have killed him. do not let your loved ones go into a hospital unless you can watch out for them.

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello pam

        Hospitals are going back to the 19th century philosophy of people going to a hospital with the expectation of dying and not going back to their home, family etc!

    • Elizabeth Kingsley

      Our social worker at the nursing home I work at only acts like she cares about our resident when the state shows up. Otherwise she less. No one has time to do extras for the residents just the basic ADL s . The boss freaks out if someone is sick and now they won’t let us take a vacation on our weekend to work. I got a lecture for have 5sick days in 1yr. Even though.I made it up for the insurance reasons.

  • WGAF

    “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” I Tim 6:10

  • Ellen Marshall

    just like McDonalds

    • I work for McDonalds, and this article applies 100% to them too! These greedy, monolithic corporations don’t care about anyone. They only care about lining the fat wallets of their CEOs. They don’t hesitate to cut our hours while expecting performance to be through the roof. I am so sick of working for this company, but I have not been able to find anything better here in Indiana. I am earning my baccalaureate degree, so I pray that this degree will actually get me a much better career with a higher salary.

  • Aheadontheleft

    My friend’s son worked at WalMart in the garden department. One Sunday he was there alone and a mower as stolen. He was fired.

  • If you don’t want to make 8.00 something an hour go back to school and get a degree…. Its the individual’s choice and decision on how they choose their paths. Just because a company makes that much is because of their strategic ways in creating goals for their company which with all businesses is to gain profit. If you would like to be like them there is nothing standing in your way to better your life or lifestyle but it still lays in your actions to do so. Nothing gets handed down to you you need to earn it.

    • merline

      Really? You think someone who’s working a cash register at WalMart all day “needs to earn it?” I have skills that earn me a lot more than minimum wage, but I’m pretty sure I don’t work as hard as most people at WalMart. I was very fortunate to find a college that gave me great financial aid. I don’t know how someone gets a college education when they are working 18 hours a week for $7 an hour. Even community college has become very expensive. And the person would probably have to work while in school, but you don’t get a steady, predictable schedule in retail.

    • cjmarley

      You know I get tired of that same argument…go to college so you can get a better job. College does not give you an advantage in the workplace anymore. You see janitors with Bachelor degrees. I know a girl working as a Wal-mart cashier who has two masters and one bachelors degrees. My mother attained a Bachelors in accounting (with honors) and not once ever got to work in that field. I have a degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Medical Office/Insurance Billing & Coding…have not been able to put either one to use…I’m working as a truck driver now.

      I’ve worked at Wal-mart…and I worked my *** off as a 3rd shift stocker. I was in the furnishings department. There was furniture boxes I was supposed to stock which required two people to lift them. I would ask the manager to get someone over to help me move those items…manager never bothered. I’d have to go hunt down one of the guys from the back of the store to come up and help me…when they could spare a moment.

      I quit the Wal-mart for trucking when my late husband was diagnosed with melanoma and could no longer work. There was no way I could support a family of 5 on Wal-mart wages. We couldn’t get any public assistance because they would base it on the income he made the previous year BEFORE he got sick.

      It’s a fact though that happy workers make for a better shopping experience for the customers. And happy workers at Wal-mart are a rare breed.

  • Tom Kidd

    I got news for you, Allen Clifton: Walmart is not the only retailer with these types of practices.

  • I haven’t shpped Wallmart, I don’t shop Walmart, I will not shop Walmart. Walmart is the perfect example of how the Rich and Corporations do “the right thing” (so my Republican friends tell me)…here, as with all rich, nothing trickles down except the workers blood. There is a very real reason Unions were born. Now, The GOP is trying to dismantle the 40 hour/5 day work week !!!!! Folks, better stop what’s going on, or every corporation will use Walmart as the perfect corporate example !

  • Do your homework.

    You are required by state law to give your employees a lunch after 6 hours. And when that employee doesn’t take that lunch the employer can be fined by the state for not complying with the labor laws.

  • CSWolffe

    I work for UPS. I work part time, make well over Walmart wages, get paid vacation, sick pay, personal days, and paid holidays. Best part? I get full health insurance for myself and my family. How is this possible?
    Guess what Walmart hates more than anything? Unions.
    Oh, and before you think Unions kill business, UPS post $4 BILLION in profits last year, all while paying those benefits. Walmart could do the same, if they wanted to.

    • I’m glad you’ve had a good experience at UPS, but the union doesn’t do much for UPS Freight employees. A relative works there, for UPS freight, as a fork-lift driver and doesn’t get sick days or vacations. Insurance is available, I’m not sure how expensive it is. The workplace is very dangerous, in fact he’s been seriously injured when a driver pulled away while he was loading the truck, and the working conditions are very harsh. He started at 10.50 per hour, which is more than minimum. But they don’t let anyone go full time, and often cut hours. If he’s sick, he loses a lot of money.

      • Bob W

        I’m glad you are so well paid at UPS. However, at my company, we ship with UPS and see them raise their rates by double the inflation rate, every year. It now costs nearly $10 to ship a small empty bix to most locations. So, everyone else in the US pays for your inflated Union wages.

      • Jack Hammer

        i call bullshit on your comment and suspect you are an anti-union troll. I ship stuff with UPS everyday and have for years and have experienced NOTHING like you describe.

    • Diane Guman

      That’s why they spend 30 minutes in orientation telling employees how bad unions are. They know that if employees unionize they will be forced to pay them fair wages and treat them with respect. I know. I’m UNION. I can afford to shop elsewhere.

      • Kenneth C. Fingeret

        Hello Diane Guman,

        I was and still am a union member even though I retired from work a while ago. We had many stupids working for our company that got paid really good wages but spent their time singing the praises of WalWart and would shop there as often as they could. Making the arguments that their behavior was killing the local economy fell on deaf ears! They only saw the “low prices”!

    • G McGee

      Unfortunately, many of the folks that are complaining are also the 1st to bash Unions themselves when we go on strike for fair wages, better health insurance, etc. They start in with the whining “well if I have to pay more, then you should too” instead of DEMANDING better for themselves! THOSE same people should band together & DEMAND MORE! THEY should be saying “These people get a fair wage for an honest day of work, These people get decent health insurance, we want that also!” If more & more people did that, this country would be back on the road to prosperity!

    • Kenneth C. Fingeret

      Hello CSWolfe,

      Why should WalWart pay any salary that they are not forced to. They always try to get the suppliers to cut their prices for the items they purchase. Their immediate goal is the make the 6 Spawn of Sam richer than the bottom 50% of the entire world! Their ultimate goal is 90+% of the world has less than the Spawn of Sam!

  • This is why I now shop at COSTCO, which is 20 miles away. Wal-Mart is only 2 miles but I refuse to shop there.

    • Mimi

      Walmart is less than a mile away practically my neighbor and I refuse to shop there too. I really hope this evil corporation collapse soon

  • Sounds evil. And that’s all about every company around the globe, the more labor you save the more profit you make….

  • Jabber

    It’s not just Walmart… I worked at CVS, and they’re exactly the same. I had to quit because I was getting, on average, 8 hours per week. Sometimes, not even that much. I had worked there for almost 4 years – since it was Longs – and was getting paid less than fresh hires out of high school.

  • It’s true, my former company works very much like this and we had for a short term hired a CEO from Wal-Mart I and my hubby REFUSE to spend one cent with these greedy evil monsters

  • Kevin

    I usually fill up a cart at walmart, then just leave it there because when I go to check out only 4 of the 30 cash registers are open and there is a line. I don’t mind leaving the cart there like that. I didn’t buy anything, and it gives them something to pay for, like putting it away. It is my way of saying blank you guys, I can do this and there is NOTHING you can do about it. I am passively protesting how they treat their people and cheat every American in this country!

    • Penny

      Which creates another burden for those overworked, underpaid Americans, but doesn’t affect Walmart in the least. Kudos.

    • Sounds like you’re just making more work for the already over-worked employees and giving the floor supervisor an excuse to berate the employee in whose area you left the cart. There’s probably a better way to get your point across. Any suggestions, Allen?

      • Drizzio

        Yes, a better way would be to organize a mass exodus from the store and everyone leaving a full cart. And in each cart leave a note stating why. Post a video of that on Youtube. That will grab some attention.

  • If all this happens legally in Wal-Mart, does this not speak volumes about the poor working conditions of Americans, and the legal protections for them?

  • I purchased a peach chiffon summer blouse at a Walmart and it fell apart after 2 washes.. Now with this review I will think twice about returning to this discount retailer

  • I applied for a job at Walmart years ago and didn’t even make it through the interview. The interviewer wanted to know how I felt about unions and crossing picket lines. I told her exactly how I felt and that I would never ever cross a picket line. Then I told her to stick her damn job and walked out of the interview. I HATE Walmart.

  • I worked at a Walmart Superstore for six years and eventually made it into apparel. There are six different sections of apparel (boys,girls, infants,men, women, and bras/underwear/accessories). When I started in apparel there was one girl for each section and we were not required to cashier up front although we did run the switchboard and the fitting room. By the time I left, they had cut the employees to the point where there were only two to three girls in the whole apparel dept. on second shift still responsible for all six sections, and now shoes, jewelry, cutting fabric and cashiering up front, yet somehow, we were supposed to get all the clothes folded and put up, run switchboard and fitting rooms, put stock away, build shelving units, and even dust and vacuum all six areas. We were also constantly called upon to help clean up other departments. This happened every day. In the midst of this, we were somehow supposed to assist customers. We got less than 40 hours a week in which to do this and if we went over we indeed got written up.

  • Janegrace

    Costco is the answer (they treat employees very well)
    or shop really small local stores.

  • courtney hennagir

    i worked at bed bath and beyond and it was pretty much the same thing. seems most companies don’t give a shit about their employees.

    • designsbyarlene

      My daughter worked at BB and B for 2 years while going to school and she enjoyed it. They treated her with respect and she made more than minimum wage.

      • FlSam

        She probably didn’t want to work full time because she was in school, however….working while in college is a bit different than people who are working and trying to support a family.

  • Don’t blame the employees, blame the management and all folks above the employees.

  • C

    I worked for Sam’s #4969, otherwise known as the flagship club within 3 miles of the home office. All that I can say is that every single thing said in this article is 100% true. I was a supervisor during my time at Sam’s Club, and the extent that they went to in order to “cut hours” while “exceeding member expections” created nothing short of a denigrating environment that disrespected every employee.

    Not to mention their attempt at ingraining the belief that unions are evil and harmful to the workplace. There’s actually a training course for supervisors and managers to brief you on how to handle if an employee says the word union. 1) Say that unions complicate work relationships and take away benefits 2) Call the hotline they have setup to monitor union activity so they can send out someone from home office if necessary to handle the situation.

    In my time there, I had to discipline others for meeting goals that were unreachable despite any conceivable level of effort in what was called a “Coaching”(Getting disciplined by management). Which was especially useful for them in documenting “Poor and noted performance issues” so that when an employee finally does quit, it’s easier for Walmart to present a case where they can be denied an unemployment claim.

    What a wonderful system they have set up. *Please recognize the sarcasm*

    What people fail to consider is that every dollar spent is a vote. You vote on what products you like, you vote for the stores you frequent, and by shopping at Walmart you’re voting for Walmart and condoning their treatment of employees. Others can say that all large retail companies are the same, but it’s simply not true. I make a similar wage now to that at Sam’s Club working for a different company, but the expectations, level of respect, and care for the employee is what makes the difference.

  • Emma Kate

    Give me a wiggle! God I hated having to start the day with the damn Walmart cheer. I’ve worked other horrible, low paying jobs, but none that ever demeaned me like that.

  • mimilissy

    Every company that is publicly held or run by an investment group operates likes this. They pay 2% of their people extremely well and bleed other people dry. You can get fired or harassed for saying the word union. Retail is not the only industry doing this. Buy at local or regional merchants and family owned businesses if you want to put america back to work.

  • manthony

    Tsk tsk. Perhaps if so many Americans hadn’t drunk that KoolAid about how bad unions are, this kind of thing wouldn’t be happening. Now, it’s too late.

  • yardo

    DON’T FUCKING WORK FOR THEM ! fucking who put the gun to these people heads.

  • Walmart is a great place to work.

    Your boss won’t know your job and neither will you. I browsed the article and would like to add my personal experiences:

    1) You ARE written up for going over time.

    2) You will NOT be written up for calling off work 1-2 times per period because your boss won’t care. Cheaper labor paid and relatively the same output. A friend called off work hoping to get fired, went into management after a month and they said they didn’t care.

    3) Health insurance offered is affordable. Mostly because of the $5,000 deductible.

    4) Managers can swap departments every 6-12 months. This creates unease among current employees, the new management will not know the current department, and it just reeks of Enron’s management (move people around quickly enough that HR can never give a proper assessment)

  • This is so similar to working at hotels! They have the exact same methods.

  • Tia

    Not all Wal-Marts are like that. I have two daughters that are working for them and doing very well. Just like any other retail stores I’m sure there are similar stories. Even if it the same store name not all are the same. I would have to say in the case of that one it is partly poor management.

  • First Last

    I have never liked how Wal-Mart does their “charity” work: squeezing the customers at check-out, giant fish bowls at the entrances. They THEY get the tax write-off with YOUR money.
    I’m sure Sam is really proud of how far his company has come.

  • jsweaz

    No offense but you have a choice… no one is holding a gun to your head to work at Walmart.

    • FlSam

      Have you just willfully decided to ignore the comments by so many people here that had no choice but to work at a store like that because it doesn’t fit into your particular narrative?

      • jsweaz

        FlSam… In what way do the people here have ‘no choice’ but to work at a store like this? I am not understanding your comment.
        Why do they not have a choice?

        Also… why do people continue to make that choice even after hearing all the accounts of former and current employees? Your line of thinking doesn’t make sense to me.

  • I worked for Dillard’s another Arkansas-based store chain in the late 80s-early 90s. Nothing here surprises me in the least. The question I would have is if there are any retail chains that do NOT treat employees like crap.

  • KHKW2K

    Sounds like every other minimum wage job out there.

  • KirkMcquest

    Those of you squealing about “greedy” corporations and worker compensation at minimum wage, unskilled jobs are completely clueless. The reason so many liberals get angry at private industry is that they do not understand the basic function of a business. Corporations exist TO MAKE PROFIT. Period. They are not in business to give you a job or to make sure you have all the things you feel you need to live happily.

    The author even criticized the company for the way they go about raising charity, it isn’t enough that they raise BILLIONS in charity…according to the author, ‘they don’t mean it’! And at a certain point, they actually have the audacity to STOP generating charity dollars and go back to business!

    And we are supposed to be outraged by the income of the controllers of the company? They made 90 billion…good for them! Thats a success story. You are comparing what they made to the minimum wage workers? I have news for you guys, nobody, NOBODY starts a business to make other people rich. The only reason we exist as a species is because each individual is motivated to pursue his personal interests. We all benefit from this. And free market capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other system known to man…even the most well intentioned socialistic systems do not have this effect. Face it, the world runs on what many of you mistakenly call “greed”. Stop looking at other people’s earnings with a jealous eye and start taking care of yourself…we will all be better off.

    • John

      Yeah, you tell em (lol).

  • nene1972

    This Article sounds like PNC bank! I worked there for 7 years..I hired in when it was National City Bank. When PNC took over the 1st year was great, we all got a good bonus for all the hard work we were doing. But once that first year was over they took away all bonus’s they DO NOT give cost of living raises (but really what company does that anymore) all they wanted was for us to sell, sell, sell! They don’t care if the customer really truly needed that product its all about numbers! They will train you to move up in the company, but when positions become available they hire outside the company because they can hire someone outside for cheaper than promoting within. I have excellent credit never been turned down for any type of loan before except from PNC who was my employer at the time. I did loans for people with far worse credit than mine. I never understood how that worked. I truly believe it all depended on the time of month you applied and what underwriter you would get to look at the application. I will NEVER work or bank with another LARGE bank again. Small Hometown Community banks are the best to work for and bank with. Large banks are out for one thing YOUR MONEY! You are a number to them!!!!

  • DJ Alan

    I worked for Wal-Mart for over 2 years, and while most of the Wal-Mart items mentioned in this article are true – they are not nearly as dramatic as portrayed.

    I did really well for Wal-Mart while working there – I received continuous raises, as much overtime as I wanted, was advanced through the ranks like clockwork – and those charity programs are all voluntary. I was never once forced to donate to charity or raise funds for charity by doing anything other than what was expected of me as an associate.

    When I received a new job, I was told “whatever you want” to keep me. I didn’t stay, but I have no bad memories of working for Wal-Mart.

    I think the real issue is that there are a lot of people that work for Wal-Mart that have ambitions to do well, but through no fault of their own – they’ve never been taught the skills to advance through the ranks to get more money and they didn’t spend the time reading through their hire documents – and because so, they’ve become disgruntled and disgusted with the corporation. Am I completely defending Wal-Mart? No – they’ve got some skeletons in their sleeves, but so does EVERY other company in America. But don’t let sensationalism journalism confuse the issues.

  • PoppaGrunge

    Before anyone complains remember anytime you purchase anything for the lowest buck remember this is what you are supporting. Anytime you purchase online because it is cheaper or no tax remember this is what you are supporting. These companies get away with it because everyone is out to save every cent they can so they shop at these places and everyone says “My few cents or dollars are not going to make that much difference” But it does as every cent you spend at these places gives them the support and right to do so because ultimately YOU are the final boss with where you spend your dollar…

  • Jasmine Best

    Why aren’t we starting and patronizing small businesses that treat their employees well? What aren’t we, in this information age, gathering knowledge about companies that treat their employees so terribly in order to avoid them, and constantly sharing that information? At some point doesn’t it become reasonable to spend more time visiting smaller stores to fill your needs than it does to stand in long lines and get crap for your dollar? I feel like if we went back to a country made mostly of small local businesses, people would be happier, healthier (local food is just better for you in general), and richer. If we want to stop the richest of the rich from syphoning off more of our money, we have to organize and think smart and stop shopping anywhere that benefits them.

  • The workers need to all Unionise… Then things will get better.

  • Wah wah wah bitch moan and groan.

    • Derp, derp, derp. I hope you have a degree in finance and a predatory personality, or this affects you too, dumbass.

  • Zachery d Taylor

    It is a misconception that they charge less. They cut so many corners in manufacturing that even when the prices are lower it means so is the quality and in many cases things like jeans and sneakers have to be replaced several times more often than they did thirty years ago. Recently at least one other major retailer has partially reversed this process, presumably due to a large number of complaints, including mine and others, however to the best of my knowledge Wal-Mart hasn’t. Even this may only be temporary until the oligarchies are held accountable by major reforms or they’re broken up and forced to compete again.

  • Sounds about like Target. Probably like all the retail stores are doing in this recessive economy. Unions are sometimes necessary.

  • will

    The kids don’t own Walmart anymore as of a few months ago. honestly most of the treating employees like garbage came after Sam died and they brought in targets old CEO.

  • Roland

    Walmart hires minimum wage, uneducated employees….and you except not to be a disposable item to them? Its basic common sense at that point. If they can hire you, and if you fuck up, they will fire you, and there will be 10-20 people waiting in line for your job. True story.

  • I currently work for walmart, and this post sums it up. My store is the exact same way.

  • Jamie Raunig

    Are they still taking out life insurance policies on their workers? Just wondering.

    • Blueshark

      Wow. Look at Shannon’s post just above. I read that and thought..huh? Then I read yours. They really do that?

  • If you think those conditions are horrid, go work for Sears for a few months.

  • Robin

    Unfortunately lots of places are like this. I worked for HyVee a grocery store and they did the same. They would make employees that worked service departments come up and check (lowering the customer service, you got getting deli meats or a steak out of the meat case, etc). Yet at the same time would be mad because depts weren’t making their numbers/goals or getting things accomplished in their depts. After 11yrs I quit, walked out and the Store Director took my resignation and said ok. That’s it. No asking what’s wrong, no saying is there something we can do?or work out?, just ok. So, feeling like that is what he wanted all along.
    Also, worked for Best Buy they make you or did (since it was 16 yrs since I worked there)push warranties and you have to get a certain # per period.
    I was surprised when I had an interview at a local bank. They require their tellers to sell so many services and open so many accounts per month too!

  • Anonymous

    Clearly, no one here has worked at a Barnes & Noble. Walmart seems like a soup kitchen in comparison.

  • Skyler

    I worked at a Sam’s Club for 2 years and this is exactly how it was ran. The video I watched for orientation said to not even take a business card from someone representing a union and made them seem as if unions were some horrible thing. I worked overnight and started out in the Hard Lines section. We had 5 and sometimes 6 people working in that section to stock the shelves every night. After I moved to Center section, they were making 3 people stock the entire Hard Lines section, even during the holiday season. When I wanted to move to days because I was taking college, the manager told me that Sam’s doesn’t work around people’s schedules. That’s when I put in my 2 weeks notice.

  • Dy

    Well I can’t argue with this…it’s TRUE. I work at wm and 5 years of [email protected]@@. Advertise food stamps and Medicaid at time clock. Sad. Sam would redie if he only knew.

  • You cant pay me to shop at walmrt or sams club. ever. I’ll buy what I need at salvation army before I trudge into one of these dumps.

  • I refuse to shop Walmart and encourage my friends and acquaintances to do the same. There are a number of comments about choice of workplace, and getting an education to better your prospects. While I absolutely agree that acquiring marketable skills and continually searching for better employment is important, I also realize that it is not practical or even possible for many. In small towns and rural areas,where Walmart has wiped out small local businesses, they are frequently the only place hiring for miles around.

    Not everyone is suited for, or capable of getting a college education.Some people, who will do very well in a work environment will struggle and fail in an academic environment, regardless of resources available for assistance. In addition, if someone is working 2-3 part time minimum wage jobs, when will they go to school. or to the library for on-line classes, since they are unlikely to have the $ for a computer and internet service oftheir own?

    • FlSam

      What you describe are just corporate talking points. People who make those thoughtless comments neither know (nor care) about the struggles of everyday people who cannot afford to “get an education” or who live in an area where they can’t just “get another job.” Next the corporate apologists will be saying “then just move,” again completely unknowing and uncaring of the fact that moving costs MONEY.


    As a Uniom member I find this truly terrible for people in their haste to dog unions they forget the only reason they had in the pass to receive a living wage..The congress has decided to make everybody in AMERICA. Walmart employees or close to it…I just want to warn that AMERICA was born on slavery,they found that nice for the fatcats and have been trying to get back there…..You have been warned

  • thank you for posting this, it makes me feel sane. I work for walmart and all this is true. I wish I could repost this on my facebook but unfortunately I am taking a chance now and I could loose my job.

  • Well all the WalMarts here in North Florida are understaffed and understocked. I quit shopping there on a regular basis and I used to get a letter from them when I lived in NC and missed a few weeks. They’d send out a letter wondering where i was-“we miss you”, but they don’t do that anymore. These stores here are poorly managed. The store in East Gainesville, Florida is the pits. It is a virtually new store, but I would not be surprised if it closed. The cashiers are very nice, but the deli people act like they could care less about service. I did like my pharmacist but my husband finally convinced me it wasn’t worth it because I would come home mad about the store every week!

  • this definitely hits the nail on the head. i know that when working in the bakery in Bristol Sams, me and another cake decorator that i had worked with before were pulling the same load as 5 cake decorators the previous year. the two of us also brought bakery sales up 70% in 6 months bc of giving the members what they wanted. we were constantly hounded about doing custom cakes for our members, ordering what we wanted to b/c we knew what sold. other associates in the dept called in sick constantly, were late constantly, never completed the one task they were asked to do, and yet, the two of us were written up left and right for not getting our production done and being ‘bossy’ to the other associates b/c we were doing the work of 5 decorators. the team lead is useless, never present, always demeaning, the fresh market manager would do nothing about the issues in the bakery. he even told i did absolutely nothing one morning in the two hours i had been there. and i had 20 orders, an almost empty floor and helping the bakers get their orders done for that morning also. that set me on the path for another job. AND i never got a raise. Sad to say, the lazy team lead is still in her position and the other associates that call in, are late and never do their jobs, are still there. need i say more… cause i can

  • B

    When unemplyment is high, they treet u bad cf Stineberg

  • laughable

    I suppose that the alternative would be unemployment. Would that be better? What about banks who charge you fees for any NSF cheque that you receive, Is it your fault that someone wrote you a cheque that what was not honoured? Yet those lovely banks who have a licence to charge fees that go through the roof. And what about other corporations that provide you with a part time position, and tell you that you must be available for whatever shift that they need, without giving you a guarantee of a specified amount of hours a week. Yet you must there whenever they call you and you are not able to an additional part time position to help you pay the bills. The list is on and and on.

  • I would rather have a root canal, than shop at wal-mart.

  • gdl2

    I work for a “Big Box Business” as a floor level manager. I would tell you the name of the company but I had to sign a legally binding agreement not to say anything negative about the company in print or on-line! The above seems much like the same work environment I have experienced, I’m not sure if any of the big retailers would be much different to work for. Workers in this country no longer have rights, we merely have to choose which form of punishment we are willing to endure to provide for our families.

  • bullib

    You are a misfit, angry, delusional fucking idiot.

  • Sen

    Welcome to corporate America. No this isn’t just Walmart this is EVERYWHERE.
    For example: I used to work for Safeway(in the bakery) we literally had the same set up, get overtime =written up. Unable to finish your work by end of shift? Written up. You want a break? you still need to finish all your tasks but you cant just leave without someone watching the bakery, Then to top it off they wanted us to up our sales and yet cut our hours. Oh and then the mystery shoppers(which if we failed we either lost our jobs or were written up for it)…We weren’t allowed to point to products when customers asked where they were. We had to meet certain criteria like asking EXACTLY all the right questions, up-selling, Knowing all about all the products that we were given no information on, Then to top it off when equipment breaks it would take days..even weeks to get it all fixed and almost never would they actually replace anything even if it was dangerous to use in its broken state(but we had to because we HAD to get the product out) All of this for minimum wage (7.25) with no benefits And yea i was part of a union at Safeway, they never did anything for me, except take Ten dollars out of each check every week. Right now i work at a Circle k. Same story. So what I’m saying is, everyone is busy being upset at Walmart but i don’t hear anyone complaining about ‘Fry’s’ or ‘Safeway’ or even “Fresh and Easy’ for basically the same things Walmart is doing.

  • shania shotsky

    I helped set up a WM, and was disabled. They were horrible to me, I took them to court, the manager said he would LIE if I took it any further and they would make sure my family and I would pay dearly…I walked. Will never step a foot in there stores and noone I know does either…white trash all the way!

  • Me

    Um. Wal-Mart isn’t the only company that does this stuff to its employees. Single-target vitriol doesn’t achieve anything. I still shop Wal-Mart because they’re cheap. Deal.

  • Nina M.

    I worked at Sam’s Club for 4 years, 2002-2006. I had to get my quota of memberships, donations and warranties each week. I had to help train new employees, go back and give floor people and door greeters a break at times. I had to sit through hours of training videos and read testing pamphlets. I had to take my breaks and lunches when they told me. I even had my hours cut a few times during the week so that I had 6 days of 5 hour shifts some weeks and maybe 2 4 hour days another. But through it all, I loved working there. I did my job, I worked my butt of and helped as many people as I could. I never got written up or verbally warned. My register was always added up correctly and with the appropriate amount. I DID MY JOB. That’s what Sam’s Club and Walmart and Target and KMart and Kohl’s is, it’s a job.
    If you want some high paid career, then go get some office training or start your own business and get out of working for those big, evil companies. This big rant sounds like it’s coming from someone who would stand around and gripe every time that they had to do something that they didn’t want to do. The people that were too busy worrying about their nails than how they could make their lines run smoother. I had to work with people like that. They were like poison in the water when they would come on shift.
    To a person working there, that wants to do their job, the quotas are not out of reach. It’s no different than that of a car salesman or any other retail quota. The videos that they make you watch for orientation are very insightful and help you to fully know how to be a better worker, no matter what department you are in. The managers have their numbers to reach, but when their numbers are reached, then the club you work in has better numbers, which means that you may get perks as well. I got tons of perks and gift cards from participating in associate battles and cashier competitions, not to mention the profit sharing and the stock program where they match a certain amount if you put a little money towards walmart stock. You also get a free membership every year, which is pure profit for sam’s club and something that they value very much.
    The owners may have a lot of money, but so does bill gates, yet we all keep buying his products. There are tons of rich people that make their money off of things we buy.
    It’s no wonder so many people are against walmart, when people like the person behind this article tells how terrible their time was there. Maybe if they would have spent the time it took to write the article and put it towards their work ethic, they may not have had such a terrible time.

  • Flaner

    Waaa Waaa! I am a union parasite and I am too lazy to find another job. Here is a hint, if you do not like Walmart then don’t work there you greedy union thug. Down with socialism.

  • Me

    horror stories, sounds like every other business out there – have you worked anywhere else?

  • Laura Green

    It’s not just retail companies. Most major companies are this way

  • om4living

    It’s unfortunate that there’s not an organization that could rise up and rival Walmart. The problem is that Walmart takes advantage of a very real American problem….poverty and the GOP’s total and unequivocal lack of response to it and indifference. The Waltons are nothing but greedy opportunists who would take water from a starving infant. Thank God for karma.

  • wcraigjohnston

    I have not been in a WalMart since 2005.

  • Rebecca

    I have a hard time taking my mom there, but that’s where she likes to shop;
    I feel like I have sold my soul to the devil when I walk through the door.

  • rami

    Everybody benefits from having department stores because they sell everything cheap, even those who work for Wal-Mart benefit because they certainly shop there as well. The only way to have a business model that allows you to sell something this cheap is if you budget everything, including having the lowest legally (and morally) allowed conditions for employees. As evil as the author of this article made it sound, unfortunately, this is just how business is and is supposed to be run. I for one would like to see Wal-Mart raise it’s prices slightly and improve employee conditions, but anyone who wouldn’t want Wal-Mart to increase prices can not complain about how the employees are treated. Either that or the salaries of CEO’s of large companies need to be controlled in some way, which breaks all the rules of the free market.

    • rami

      I must also add that I do not agree whatsoever with Wal-Mart’s decision/strategy to prevent unionization of its employees. I think every employee anywhere should have the legal right to unionize. .

  • UnionsNeedToMakeAComeBack!

    I know exactly what you mean. I worked for Walmart for about 4 years 1 of those years as hardware department manager. Its ridiculous how they run the store. When I became a supervisor I had to go to a meeting about “open door policy” how to explain and what to do when/if an associate brings a Union Authorization card to your attention. Its bullshit it was an hour video bashing unions and how they cause so much trouble for the working class. Also stating why no one should vote for the Employees Free Choice Act. You learn a lot about a company once your a supervisor. I know for a fact that unions hurting the middle class is bullshit because I also use to work for the USPS which has a GREAT union that even helps temps! What we need to do is TELEVISE what the PEOPLE want. GIVE CONGRESS AN ULTIMATUM, DO WHAT WE WANT, OR LOSE YOUR POSITION AS A LEADER IN THIS COUNTRY! WE LET YOU IN (most idk how they got in) AND WE CAN KICK YOUR ASS OUT! We cannot allow corporations to have any influence in the running of this country!

  • Timo_s

    One of the few things in this economy that has “trickled down”… to other employers who only see a bottom line.

  • The required lunch after six hours work may not be a company policy – it could be a law in the state in which Mr. Clifton worked. The California Labor Code §512, states: “An employer may not employ an
    employee for a work period of more than five hours per day without
    providing the employee with a meal period of not less than 30

    The solution to Walmart and similar exploitative employers is to establish a minimum wage at about $13.50/hour. That is the threshold at which a full-time employee will earn what the Federal Government has defined as a “living wage.” A person loses access to a lot of subsidies at that point so taxpayers would no longer be subsidizing Walmart profits. Also, Walmart employees wouldn’t need to go hat-in-hand to goverment bureaucrats asking for food stamps, housing allowances, etc. Instead, they’d make enough money working full-time to have the dignity and independence of paying their own bills with the money they’d righteously earned.

  • Nicholas

    Most retail companies have these exact strategies, Best Buy being one of them.

  • Lauren

    When I worked at walmart when I was 17 (23 now) They over worked me, One time I turned my light off to go on lunch and one the supervisors came over and screamed (literally screamed) at me to turn my light back on in front of customers and told me regardless of what anyone says there, I was not allowed to take a break or a lunch without that supervisors permission, I started to cry and she told me to stop making a scene, and continued to work for another hour before I could take a lunch, which was already and hour overdue. I quit without any warning once I got my last pay check after that. It was one thing after another at that place.

  • Xanther211186

    I had an experience very similar to this working for sams club…and i will say that it is too true…but because of his job every job since i have given 1000% percent to, even in fast food, beause they at least know how to treat their people and they do reward good work, not penalize it….and it seems the only people tha stay working there or get away with stuff there are people too stupid to work elsewhere
    I now work for another American based company that treats its employees well, recognizes success, and in less then two years I am seeing the rewards of my hard work as many of my fellow associates do.
    But without my painful experience working at sams club, i wouldnt fully appreciate the things I have now
    Thanks for showing us how low the bar is for you wallyworld

  • Dennis Dowell

    And in the end. The love you get is equal to the love you give. Look out Wal-mart, Karma is going to bite you all in the A**.

    • Xanther211186

      why you using my name? lolz

  • Stephanie

    Having worked at Walmart as a temporary employee in their Lawn and Garden section, I can corroborate this article to its entirety. The 30 minute long video about the “evils” of unions? Totally true, and another 10 hours of “computer based learning” after that telling you how you should treat fellow employees, and their long list of safety standards (that literally no one follows or pays attention to). Wal-Mart is a terrible company to work for, and so many of my co-workers felt completely trapped in their jobs because we live in such a small town. To make matters worse, the only competition Wal-Mart has here is a family-owned IGA, that everyone agrees they would rather shop at, but most of our county is below the poverty line and literally cannot afford an extra 7 cents on every grocery item.

    As a “full-time” employee, I was lucky to get 30 hours a week. A few times, I was only paid for 26-28 hours of work even though I had done over 30, and was told that for “tax reasons” I couldn’t be compensated for the money I was missing. They filed me as full time until I stopped working there at the end of the summer – when I was getting less than 20 hours a week.

    Moral of the story: never work there, avoid shopping there if you can, and support your local businesses. I wish I could wash my hands of ever having worked there.

  • mary

    This is what happens when you stop supporting the local businesses and go to these big box stores to get more for your money. You help to create this top heavy climate and the small businesses in your town goes out of business.

  • moezombie

    Beware Sam’s Club. When you sign up for membership, or even if you sign up for a single day guest pass, all that information is being gathered by employees that have very little incentive to handle it carefully as well as being available to any employee to that wants it. In essence, if a random person walked up to you on the street with a sign that says “my lousy company only pays me 8.00 and hour – please give me all you personal information” you would be wary.

  • hermit d. prog

    we should have the government control all production, distribution, and sales. no more elitists profiting off of the working class american’s need to provide just the basics for their family. Let government in and fix the corporate sin!

    #FORWARD! #OBAMA2016

    • Steeler4Life

      #FORWARD! #OBAMA2016- that is not possible idiot!

  • Cemetery Girl

    This isn’t just working at Walmart, it is working at any non-union retail store. I have worked at five different retail stores for a minimum of 1 1/2 years each, only one was union. Sadly, the Walmart I worked at actually treated its employees better then a locally owned, non-union grocery store I had worked at. There almost no one had benefits or made more then minimum wage. Working 10 hours without more then a 15 minute break was typical, although they would edit your time to reflect a lunch.

  • Ray

    You left out the stock holders on top of the 6 that make money of what you buy. This is just a scam to coast walmart money. some one needs to do there math

  • toastygod

    This is exactly what it’s like to work at Best Buy too. They are pretty awful to their employees and they sell over priced crap. NEVER buy a “product service plan,” they are a scam. I keep waiting for Amazon to put them out of business. Hopefully soon, and I’ll be there to dance on their ashes.

  • Josh Hartinett

    I was not impressed by your choice of examples in they way the partners could spend their money. Particularly the one regarding the fact that with the amount of money they have, they could buy a new $1 Billion dollar stadium for each NFL team and have a ton left over.

    What the hell does that have to do with anything? This article speaks out against corporate bullshit, however that little bullet point completely contradicts this nature. The National Football League is another cash grab. Sure, give the players even more money! Walmart is evil but drug-using jock monkeys are the divine image of Christ, right?

    Thank you for enlightening us on all of the details of your shitty job at Sam’s Club. I’m sorry to hear that you needed money badly enough to stick it out long enough to get thoroughly sick of the company.

    I don’t think anyone would have accused you of lying when you say that Wal-Mart is shitty, but kudos. I hope you feel better now that you have wasted our time whinily ranting over the internet.

  • Josh Hartinett

    way to delete my response you biased son of a bitch.

    Fuck NFL there was no reason for you to mention that bullshit in your article it is just as bad as wal-mart as far as cash grabbing american organisations go.

    I hope you feel better after whining to everyone on the internet about the shitty job you had.

    I don’t think anyone would have called you a liar if you told them wal mart was a shitty company to work for but thank your for pounding it in anyway.

    Thank you for deleting my previous, well thought out comment. I was only trying to stir the pot but clearly you have a monopoly on that.

  • Whaelyn

    this sounds exactly right … except he left out the part where if an employee is attacked by another employee, they will refuse to allow you to call the police AND write you up, and it will take repeated complaints and managers treating you poorly to get that write up downgraded in any fashion … but hey guess what? i didn’t have a choice … it was either work for that rotten greedy employer who made all the rules or not feed my family, until of course my back was so badly destroyed working on their rotten unsafe truck crews that i couldn’t return to my job

  • billbrasky

    yep, wal mart is a cancerous tumor. Imagine a world without them, with free healthcare and good wages abroad. Heaven on earth is an attainable possibility. We are all family, lets start acting like it ffs. Whomever says wal mart is a positive force in the universe should spend 1 week working in their severely understaffed stores. Just 1 week would change many minds. Sam walton has been quoted saying some very disturbing things as well.

  • Benboop0304

    They treated us very similarly at Target. We had the same “anti-Union” speech at orientation. They gave us a lot of 5 1/2 hour shifts so we could only get a fifteen minute break. There was one point where they only have us shifts once a week. They also made us sell Redcards to everyone who came through our line. If we didn’t sign enough people up, it would reflect badly on our sales record. It’s absolutely ridiculous how these companies treat employees.

  • Chris

    Another reason why Unions are important. It’s a buffer to this unbridled corporate greed.

  • Shannon Diaz

    A lot of employees at Walmart don’t even know about the life insurance they have on them. If I was to get fired tomorrow and died in10 years, they still collect money on you

  • Kermi

    I have a Question. I am a hourly manager at Walmart but i am constantly used as a salary manager. I manage the night shift alone and have to clock out for lunch but can not leave the building or really take a lunch because most associates stay here for lunch. Is this not forced off the clock work? My store manager says its just part of my job but i think it is wrong to have to stay here and let people in and out but not get paid.

  • biostudent

    I refuse to shop at walmart for this reason! I shop at target that I used to work at- I know it treated me mostly well as an employee. However, I was fortunate enough not to need to get their health benefits and I didn’t work fulltime. I did however get treated like a human being my my supervisor and I never felt too overworked as a cashier. However, Target also has an anti-union video which I disagree with- unionizing should be a right. I recently worked at macy’s over my summer break from college and it seems to fit the bill of walmart exactly. Demands that I stay late, calls to come in on my day off, unrealistic credit goals. The goals of opening credit cards was one of the biggest reasons I hated the job. On top of the sales goal, they expected us to push credit on people. No matter how many thousands you sell, if you aren’t opening enough new credit cards you are not doing well by their standards. I worked there less than three months and I sold 80,000 dollars worth of women’s clothing made by slave labor- and I made minimum wage, which after paying taxes and gas to drive to work is not much left!! I also only worked 20 hours a week and that is how much I sold. I would imagine fulltime workers probably sell close to twice that.

  • viper

    hey anyone of you can leave and start your own walmart just like sam Walton did and run it any way you want to. bet the author of this story is making way way way more than any of you. ask him to post his w2s and investment income portfolio. probably shock you. once you know it you may find it is the pot calling the kettle black. no pun intended

    • Ricky Dale Jordan

      No one pulled your chain SMARTASS! You’re probably daddy’s special little boy that know just how to please him. I’ve worked for these sorry motherfucker and I lived everything Allen writes about and more.

  • Dana

    I worked for a Wal-Mart store. I knew it was going to be an interesting ride when I got hired at less than six bucks an hour despite previous retail managerial experience. I actually wanted to work in stocking because I didn’t want to have to deal with the public again but they wouldn’t test me to see if I qualified. And it wasn’t for lack of open positions. When I showed up to orientation (and yep, they showed us the anti-union video too), there was a guy there who was up for stocking. Most cashiers, in fact, were women–I remember all of one guy who ever worked the checkout while I was on the clock and he set off my gaydar. While there’s no way HR could have detected that about him ahead of time, I still thought it was interesting.

    They have this nifty little B.S. thing they do with their HR classifications. Only full-time people can get benefits–at least, anything more than the discount card–but even though you might be labeled a full-time employee, you have to work a minimum number of hours per week before the benefits kick in. So what they do is they cut your hours so you can’t get your benefits, but you’re still a full-timer. Meanwhile, they give the part-timers as many hours as they can while still keeping them below the benefits threshold. People who accept part-time jobs go into it thinking they still have a lot of time off to go do something else with their lives, like attend school or whatever. In practice that is not going to happen if you expected to work twenty hours a week but your employer wants you in for thirty. (I can’t remember the minimum threshold for benefits, so these numbers are just a hypothetical example.)

    I was frequently “forgotten” on the register when it came time to take a break or go home. I remember once having to stay on the register for twenty minutes past the end of my shift. As a part-timer, of course, I was nowhere near getting paid overtime. And cashiering is not easy work, especially when customers put all their heavy stuff on the conveyor belt instead of handing you the UPC sticker like they are supposed to do. I broke two bra underwires in the few months I worked there. Not from catching my bras on anything, just from moving heavy stuff. Oh, and the “belt” they give you to protect your back is worthless.

    I finally quit, and I admit I quit without notice but given the horror stories I’ve since heard about them, I’m not sorry. That said, you would think they would have mailed my final check to my house. They didn’t. They kept it at the store and then turned it in to the state. I had to contact the state to get my money, and we’re talking seventy-some dollars.

  • Robert Belozi Lee

    “110 hours of wages per day. Just think about how much that is. It’s basically cutting the equivalent of 14 full-time employees per club, every single day, while still hitting your numbers.”


    • Jay Skinner

      110 divided by 14 = 7.8 hours. hahaha…yes.

  • Aubrey Flock

    This has been the norm since 1981 when Reagan busted the Air Traffic Controller’s union. He was also the one that initiated trickle down economics, which as we well know does not work. The last time we had a Republican president that cared, was when Eisenhower was president.

  • Mark Boughton

    Walmart sucks . Nothing like financing the Chinese economy !

  • Debra Large

    I, too, worked at Walmart for awhile. What really stood out to me was that at the store I worked at the Manager was a complete snob. No social skills at all. She wouldn’t speak to you unless you spoke first and then it was a real chore for her. I didn’t, and still don’t, understand why Walmart has people like her in management positions. I don’t like shopping in my local Walmart because of her.

  • duh13

    Corporate Retail. Is this story a surprise to ANYONE honestly??….In that case, boycott EVERY store where there is more locations than you can count on your hand…this treatment is global. Not just Walmart.

  • It’sMe

    Sam’s club always has long lines and it’s irritating how they have someone count your receipt and items as you exit the store. I try not to shop at Walmart but I’ve noticed that they do what they can to cut hours and sometimes the need for some employees all together. I can imagine that some of the cashiers are “happy” to be a cashier. Why? Because they are using more and more self-checkout. And with self checkout lanes, all you need is one employee in charge of all of them just in case there are issues like voids or age verifications. Not too long ago, the walmart in my area had about four self checkout lanes side by side with conveyor belts (although, you’d be lucky if all four of them were working at the same time). Several months ago, walmart renovated the self checkout area. They eliminated the four lanes and constructed it into this rectangular area which held no lanes but self checkout spots that consisted of about 12 self checkout registers. So now, more spots for self checkout, one employee to man all the spots, which reduces the number of cashiers needed at any given time.

  • Grace Newton

    I do not shop at Wal Mart and I never will but I have options. Because they have undercut so many decent places out business, many areas have no other place to shop. I remember asking people years ago what they thought would happen when Walmart managed to eliminate all it’s competition. Do think their prices will rise? “But they bring in Jobs!!” I still hear the same thing every time Walmart wants to slam up another huge store in an area that has way too many now. I shop the local farmers market and Costco. I would rather go to mom and pop stores but unfortunately, they no long exist.

  • gskorich

    how much of the day to day operations are done by the Walton family? Do they have anything to do with running the company?

  • Mike Holton

    This is corporatism, people. Walmart is one of the worst offenders, but certainly not the only one. When you make profit the only thing that matters, this is the result.

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello Allen Clifton,

    Since WalWart is now a “person” it is an acceptable thing to bring it to justice by trial and if found guilty execute WalWart!

  • Miguel Caparros

    I had stayed away from Wally World in the beginning due to questionable quality. Once I thought the quality was on par with its competition I began, grudgingly, to shop there. I was in need of saving money and they became my first stop for most things. As soon as I could see some daylight in my finances I started going to other places, K Mart, Costco and Publix getting most of my business. Interestingly enough I am saving more money even driving more. More so I began to think of the impact that Walmart had on the landscape, it decimated mom and pop stores that were buried by pricing that the small stores could not compete with. in the long run all these Super Sized Discount chains have hurt America by shifting a wealth that was tolerably distributed to what we have now. Huge wealth at the top, Increasing poverty of families who had been solidly in the middle class, and resurgence on racial and economic discrimination and hate. I can only hope we can get America back on the path of equality and tolerance and we can influence with our wallets what happens in the economy.

  • professor plum

    This is accurate. I worked at a Sam’s Club through my HS/College years, but still lived at home, was still on my parent’s insurance, and wasn’t raising a family (so to a young, dependant person, this kind of job is fine), but there were A LOT of people who worked there were this sort of lack of benefits and pay wasn’t OK.

  • Viktor Yuschenko

    If you don’t like how WalMart runs their business, GO BUILD YOUR OWN!
    But don’t decry and begrudge their wealth simply because you’re too lazy to do something about your living standard!
    If you don’t like how WalMart runs their business, GO SHOP ELSEWHERE!
    But stop whining about their business practices. If you’re really so sure that you’re so right and they’re so wrong – go start your own and see how it turns out!
    It’s called: “Put up, or shut up!”
    But stop begrudging successful business people!
    Bunch of communist lazy slackers and nothing more, jealous with deep envy at the success of HARD WORK.

    • Ricky Dale Jordan

      Wow, here’s another capitalistic DICK! If you’re so goddamn smart Viktor why don’t you try to build a business with Walmart out there to compete with? If I were you, I’d shut my fucking pie hole and get your ass busy at Walmart where you belong!

  • jordan

    Go to school, and get a real job if you don’t like there’s. Its a minimum wage job and your working at WalMart for a reason so of course the job is garbage, your a WalMart clerk for gods sake’s, they have over 90 000 employees sorry they don’t pay there cashiers 60/yr
    They are not forcing anybody to join there work team.
    Its bad enough people get jealous because there rolling in more money they can spend, but its worst when people think they have to donate there cash. 99% of millionaire’s claim it for tax purposes anyway, instead of paying it towards the government they give it to a charity. If you don’t like it don’t go. Easy as that.

    • Ricky Dale Jordan

      Wow, you have quite the capitalist DICK attitude! You must be a silver spoon child!

  • Vic

    They haven’t gotten any of my business since I have been able to go online and purchase what I need elsewhere. Living in a town where there is only a Wallyworld, and no other towns unless you drive 1.5 hours makes it difficult. However, thanks to the internet and free shipping, no more Walmart.

  • ufcw1262

    This is pretty common in retail especially grocery. Whether it’s a Union shop or not. The forced lunch issue is pretty lame argument when they are trying to follow state law. But the rest is why it’s often very difficult to work in retain, whether it’s Walmart of your regional grocery chain. I could have written the same staffing story verbatim 25 years ago. The way the industry treats it’s workers in general is despicable.

  • lucille rothstein

    I walk into Walmart to look at how they treat their employees and how I will not treat mine. I see the manager a young lady, talking down to a mid 40’s man, who apparently is struggling in this economy to make ends meet and he has to be their to make money to live on. I walk around and look at their disorganized shelves and see how the customers are grabbing things off one shelf and then placing it somewhere else in that great big store. I have seen meat in packages laying on top of shoes in the shoe department and have seen bras laying on top of rice. It is not the employees fault from what I can tell, they are truly understaffed and from what I have been told by employees themselves they are making a whopping 7.70 an hour. How can anyone make any money at all, they are not even full time employees. They are not allowed to work more than 40 hours a week. The amount of customers in there on any given day is huge, the people walking in, could care less about the products that they are buying, it is utter trash. I have seen carrots in a jar with water from China. I cannot fathom how those carrots are safe to eat and why do they have to go to China for carrots? As if we didn’t have carrots here? The farmers that live in my area have some of the best carrots in the world. Why would they bring ugly looking stringy sick looking carrots from China? I think that the people that are shopping there are the greatest problem in the world for everyone involved. They are consumers and they consume crap by the loads, I myself do not shop there, I go in there to study people and how they react to the environment that they are in. The noise is horrible, all you can hear is a loud echo of everything that is happening in the store. They don’t play music, like a normal grocery store that might have some oldies music playing in the background. All you hear is a horrible machine sounding echo and it is enslaving people all over the world including America. I think the time for America to give up on Walmart has come. It must come to an end. Think of all the business that has been lost to these money hungry monsters the Waltons and their ilk. They are horrible people and they have no concern for the human race and for their employees, who they call Associates. Why call them associates if they are employees of the Walton’s. I say Walmart should be illegal in America, and anyone that enters to buy should be considered a traitor to America and should be booted out and sent packing out to China. Since they love Chinese products so much. I spoke with an “associate” and he told me that the first thing that Walmart does, is that it shows the new associates a short film about how horrible Unions are and how it is not tolerated and what consequences will come about when even mentioning a Union of any kind. I imagine that this is the way that AT&T must have operated way back in the days before the CWA and the people uniting to get fair treatment. I cannot understand how the people that work at AT&T, the union members have not made a stronger union, creating a force alliance with the “associates” of Walmart. Talk about strength in numbers and making the waltons pay their fair share of living in free America that is not free and paid for by the blood of our soldiers…. Anyway i rant……just get fed up with injustice and bad treatment of regular people.

  • Steve Hughes

    W0W! I figured this would end up with a bunch of “It’s watts gud fer ‘Murca’ crap. You do realise that this is the Essense of TEApublican ‘Murca’ and the CON-servative way of life. (barely if at all) Just ask Bachmann, Perry, Palin, Coulter and Limbaugh. Just one problem though, they’re all well off and don’t need to work.

  • fred

    The writer is incorrect on one item. Unless it’s state mandated there are no Federal wage and hour laws that state a company has to give time off for lunch or breaks.

  • Tinman0670

    Sounds exactly like Winn Dixie!

  • Glenna Jones-Kachtik

    I love their new commercials. The ones where they have actors talk about all the great benefits they have at their jobs = advancement, school assistance, insurance plans as low as $40 a month (sounds great until you remember that they only make $8.18 an hour & never get 40 hours a week) & they have such varied jobs…..
    I guess they feel with the “food collection” drives for their employees & all the bad publicity – they could take a FOX news play & “create” a new image….Bless their little black hearts.

  • guestpest

    So, who owns Target?

  • Curt Shaffer

    The six hour rule isn’t about them getting sued it’s about complying with labor laws. For every infraction they can be heavily fined. They don’t fear lawsuits from employees because they usually don’t go anywhere, but because they are forced to obey the laws you are forced to obey the laws.

  • George Nestico

    In order for any workforce to be successful when striking they need the
    full support of the buying public, it does no good for WAL_MART
    employees to strike or protest, (though it is courageous of them to do
    so) when the buying public floods the store it makes the strike and
    protest fruitless and it’s just business as usual, in the day of strong
    unions, if the work force went on strike the buying public would support
    them and not do business in that store or business, thus making the
    employees cause stronger and productive, unfortunately today we do not
    support people like WAL-Mart (myself excluded) we don’t take time to
    research companies that ship jobs over sea’s then sell their products
    here in the the U.S. (Mind you they do not pay taxes for doing so) I
    refuse to buy anything from Wal-Mart, Targets, PaPa Johns,pizza hut, any
    fast food chain, I was doing my walk through Wal-Mart during the last
    Olympics Games when I came upon racks and shelves of T-shirts, Hoodies,
    shorts, all types of things with the U.S.A. Logo but not one not one
    single Item was bought was made here in the U.S, People like Donald
    Trump who wave the American Flag has clothing bearing his name all made
    in child and slave wage countries, our Olympic teams were fitted in
    outfits made in china, Americans were willing to elect Romney who never
    worked a day in his life who made his millions buying and bankrupting
    companies or shipping the Jobs over sea’s, Back in the seventies when we
    had gas lines a mile long I rember seeing this one Idiot say on TV and I
    qoute, I could care less how much gas cost as long as I don’t have to
    wait hours to get it, Until all Americans start looking out for
    Americans like those working in Wal-Mart, until all Americans stop
    showing up at wal-marts on black Friday to buy, and instead hold signs
    that say we support the workers then the workers in this country is
    doomed and it will trickle up as the people with good jobs will find
    once the little guy is defeated they to will see their wages and
    benefits start to shrink,Politicians always think long term while the
    worker thinks short, politicians chip away at your rights, Since Regan
    busted the air traffic controllers Union we now have right to work
    states and fewer Unions, right to work states have the highest amount of
    Americans on food stamps and Gov assistance, the highest # uninsured,
    and the highest illiterate rate as they continue to cut programs. Both
    parties want the country divided it makes it so much easier for them to
    do what needs to be done, you have the parties playing good cop bad cop
    they let Corporations call the shorts as both sides behind close doors
    support them, bottom line 87 per cent of all wal-mart employees are
    eligible for food stamps that’s our tax dollars going to wal-mart so
    they’ll employee people, and I’d be willing to bet that better than 50
    percent of them voted republican, and therein lies the problem.

  • Nevets Legesi Shimelpfening

    I too worked for Sams Club once, Xmas help temp only. I was in the auto center, as a tire mounter. We had strict rules, and these rules kept us from operating at peak efficiency, and I knew this from my former experience at a HUGE tire center right off a major highway intersection. We were only allowed one employee working on a car. But by putting 2 guys on one car, the job got done 6 times faster, and I forced this upon the upper management and reduced the snow tire wait from hours to merely minuites in most cases. We could pump out 16 cars an hour, instead of 4 the old way. After Xmas, they asked me if I wanted to fill the “ONE” full time job position they had to fill, after letting go all the temp Xmas help. I turned around, and REFUSED the position. After only 2 months I’d had enough. Best move I ever made, or didn’t make.

  • Anthony Evans

    Uneven distribution of wealth. Welcome to America. if we weren’t a capitalism society it wouldn’t be this way but in America wealth= power and till we move past that this will NEVER change. Hell have you seen congress? Majority of them are millionaires.

  • Christina Bruner

    Most of this is also happening at other big box retailers…

  • Pam_L

    You can tell what kind of business they run just by looking at how they respond to comments on their Facebook page. The negative comments on there run at least ten to one, or higher. Does Walmart respond to them? NOOOOO. They simply ignore any and every criticism and breezily respond only to employees or positive comments. It is absolutely unbelievable. I will never buy so much as a box of toothpicks from them ever again. Their stores are like a gigantic, blood-sucking parasite wherever they locate that sucks money away from every other retailer in the area, and it is high time we all boycotted them out of existence.

  • Keith G. Cooper

    This is unreal…Time to stage massive boycotts across America…this shit cannot stand…people need to live…this is slavery at it’s finest.

  • MNMom

    This year I gave up my membership to Sam’s and will happily pay a few dollars more for a membership at Costco. Only go to Walmart when I visit my daughter at college because her school is in a small town and there really is not another choice.

  • mimilissy

    Requiring hourly slave paid peasants to hit goals selling warranties is pathetic. Not paying them a cut on a pure profit center makes the recipients of that money predatory douche bags. I am so sick of the greed in this country. WalMart stores are dirty and sell crap merchandise at NOT the best prices because corporate policy set by those reaping the bonuses permeates the whole organization. YOU REAP WHAT YOUR SEW,

  • Da Voice In My Head

    A purchase from Walmart is giving your cash to someone who does not need it, in exchange for poor quality Chinese imports you do not need, to hasten the export of USA manufacturing jobs.

  • Dave Skinner

    People will shop at Walmart anyway because that’s all they can afford. I drove by Walmart last night and the Black Friday sale started and the parking lot was completely full and so was a bank next to Walmart.

  • Anon

    Wow after 7 years, that is not the work I saw. They didn’t even want part timers. Yeah no overtime true. Short staffed maybe, but people stood around goofing off not working. There was plenty of employees. Walmart starts employees at what you say is average.

  • Low-wage-worker

    This sounds like any fast food chain, too, if you ask me. Maintain targets with minimal employees, yadayada. Every corporation is filled with greedy higher-ups..

  • Angel

    My husband works as a pharmacist in a pharmacy chain inside a supermarket. His tech hours were cut to 42 hours a week. The pharmacy is open 78 hours a week. That leaves him or his alternating pharmacist alone for 36 hours a week, usually in the afternoon after lunch.

    This leaves only him to intake the scripts, straighten out the insurance, check out the drug interactions, fill the scripts, ring out the scripts, all while angry frustrated customers stare at him wondering what is taking so long.

    This is not deli meat we are talking here, you get the wrong meat and oh well, you eat it or bring it back. You take the wrong med and you get sick or possibly die. And his pharmacy license in on the line.

    So, although I would never shop at Walmart I do have to say that that this is happening all over “Corporate” America. Stockholders are more important than customers or employees. What a wonderful world we live in.

  • Melissa Wilson

    my mother worked there for almost 17 yrs. She was on medical leave and had restrictions. The only way she could come back is if the restrictions were lifted. she was forced to either retire or get fired. so she chose to retire and had to take her retirement. they didn’t say goodbye, kiss my a**, thank you for all the hard work you did, nothing. They don’t value their employees and all the hard work they do. I guarantee you if sam walton was still alive, he would not have put up with all the corporate greed they have now.

  • Mitch

    I worked for store #3484 in Pensacola, FL at the tire & lube express.
    Zero benefits working 40 hours even every week. I worked there almost 2 years.
    You have to be some kind of robot in order to achieve the time restrictions they expect of you, which forces the employees to lie on the computer about the times they pull your car in and take it out. Every regional and district manager I’ve met for my department knew next to nothing about cars, but were great at laying the verbal smack down. They could care less if you’re sick. They don’t care if you get a flat on your way in: “Your tire isn’t flat. You work in TLE.” << REAL EXCUSE USED TO WRITE ME UP, but on paper was written differently…

    This company is scum!

  • Proud to have not shopped at a WalMART since 1998 (except to spend a gift card). That’s not where I want our money to go.

  • chickenbus

    United we stand. They can’t make that money if we refuse to work there! I can’t see the six owners running the tills for $8 an hour. I know there are always replacements but …. unless the little guys stick together and refuse to work there, this will just get worse.

  • Jefferson

    So breaking down the wealth of someone and giving examples of how they can spend their money sounds pretty liberal to me. I would think people would be grateful to have a job in this economy rather than making welfare a career choice.

    • Dave

      Nazi thinking. You must work in Wal-Mart management or are you just a run of the mill Nazi.

      • Sierra

        First and foremost, there is no such thing as a “run of the mill Nazi.” Besides that, Nazis don’t have a thing to do with it. People who spout words like Nazi, Hitler, socialist, fascist, communist, Marxist, etc., don’t usually know what they’re talking about. They’re just saying those words to “sound cool.”

      • Dave

        Well I do. The Walton family are Nazis. I live in Fayetteville, AR. Many people here worship them but then again there are a lot of idiots around here. As for your statement, you must worship them too or you are scared for your Wal-Mart job.

      • Sierra

        First of all, my mother’s family lived under Hitler’s regime. It wasn’t their choice. It happened, I grew up with it, so get over your idiocy about Nazis.

        Furthermore, I don’t work for Wal*Mart, I’m not scared of losing a job I don’t have, and I certainly don’t worship them. You’re a real piece of work. It’s too bad you don’t spend more time educating yourself on the important things in life.

      • Dave

        If she died, you wouldn’t be here. So maybe they should have killed her. What do you think of that bitch?

      • Sierra

        Truth be told, you’re the nastiest person I’ve shared dialogue with this year. That status should make you proud. I feel very, very sorry for you.

  • Aaron Porkstick Miller

    I spent 12 years at Costco…..and it literally could have been substituted in this story.

  • cheryl

    this isn’t only Walmart. All huge corporations are pretty much the same and have a Headquarters office somewhere. Macys, Penney,s, Target to name a few, do the research. All of them have goals to meet, its how a business grows, and when those goals aren’t met there has to be cuts in personnel costs As for about breaks, that’s federal law, and yes I’m sure there’s a lot of people that will try to sue as its the easy way out these days for so many looking for a quick buck. What’s the difference of working 6 hours or 5 1/2, either way you are only getting paid the 5 1/2. Full time is usually 32 and above, part time is anywhere below 32.

  • Kit

    Walmart used to be a good place to work. I quit working at Montgomery Wards to work at Walmart. I was at Wards for 3 years and started out making 50 cents an hour more at Walmart. I worked a few different departments and worked best in the infant department. Soon my night vision started getting bad so I worked just during the day, no evenings. Management worked with you, and they cared. And then Mr. Walton died. It took a while but things went down hill. One day a manager from a different department raised a fuss because I was not working evenings. I told him that soft lines still watched out for each other and helped each other. He said “Tough.” I said I quit and walked out.
    Mr. Walton is turning in his grave knowing what is going on. This is not the same store he started. Karma is going to be a bitch someday for his heirs.

  • moelarryandjesus

    I’m surprised Walmarts aren’t staffed by convicts making 25 cents an hour.

  • Lucky

    Sam would be spinning in his grave, if he knew what his widow and kids have done to his life work.

  • I used to work at Wally World in 1999. Every single thing you said about them is true. They the very definition of a heartless, rapacious, bottomlessly avaricious corporation. Actually, they’re virtually a parody of one, they’re so fucking over the top.

  • Ali

    Walmart costs taxpayers $1,557,000,000 to support its employees

    • Sierra

      Will you please cite your source?

  • billbo_66

    I know two ladies that worked for Walmart, both while Sam Walton still ran the company. They tell me it was a good company to work for then. Both left after Sam died. They say the company changed completely after his death. The one lady said she ordered merchandise and when Sam ran the company most stuff came from national suppliers and after Sam died they started buying from international suppliers (China).

    • Dave

      Typical elitist corporation run by Nazis.

      • Sierra

        Obviously you don’t know what a Nazi is.

      • Dave

        I know what a Nazi is and you are one.

    • Sierra

      When Mr. Sam was still alive, there was a lot more stuff made in the USA. Hence the motto, “We buy American so you can, too.”

      • billbo_66

        Mr. Sam gave stock options to all his employees too, even baggers and cart pushers. His heirs are just money grubbers.

  • dave

    It isn’t just Walmart. I worked for Boston Markert and it was the same there.

  • Bruce Harrell

    Sad to say, but it’s the same at other big box stores as well. I’ve worked at a couple of them and it’s the same story.

  • Brian

    Welcome to America. Greed, greed, and more greed.

  • Bascoda

    Costco fills the same market niche as Sam’s Club – they are direct competitors for the same customer base – and pays their employees a living wage and treats them like what they are, the company’s most valuable asset. Their bottom line is better than Sam’s Club.

  • In Oklahoma

    I recently quit a very brief job at the restaurant Red Robin. Take everything in this article and apply it to the food industry, and bam, Red Robin.
    They told me upon hire that calling in was “frowned upon” which I understood, being that I am experienced at working in kitchens. There is certainly a “all hands on deck” mentality to those types of jobs. Now, that said, most restaurants want you there, but due to health codes and such it is typically acceptable for a cook to miss their shift if they are expelling something from their body…seeing as how you handle people’s food.
    Well needless to say, business dropped at a slow time of the year and every cook had their hours cut. I went from being forced to work SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT two weeks in a row, with a single 2 day break, too being given two shifts for the entire week. A total of 6 hours. How can I afford anything at 6 hours a week, $10.50 an hour? Some of the other cooks actually had people depending on their income (children) and they all suffered the same cuts in hours.
    Unfortunately for me, I fell ill, and It happened to be on the first of my 2 days per week. I’m no stranger to working when I don’t feel well. But this was different. I was having horrid diarrhea. I was literally dropping out pure liquid from my ass. Water. Bile. Whatever you want to call it. I couldn’t stand up straight. I actually tried to go in the first day, but they sent me home….not because of the nature of my illness, but because I was being too slow and inefficient. When I called in the next day, the response was to take me off the schedule indefinitely and I was asked to have a meeting with General manager….I was about to be fired for circumstances beyond my control. They wanted me to handle people’s food when I was having the worst diarrhea of my life. I quit.

  • Lomlon

    Its like that in the Deli a lot too, I currently work there and I don’t mind working there the people and managers make the difference since they do care. But you can tell a lot of their hands are tied because of such strict policies. There is at least 5 hours worth of cleaning at the end of the day, and a lot of time there isn’t enough employees to clean up everything within that time, but if we don’t we get talked to and asked why everything didn’t get done and not enough man power is not an excuse. Its probably one of the only departments at my store where we won’t get into trouble for going over on our hours, so long as we don’t go over that overtime mark, because if an inspector were to come by and see things cleaned that they need to be, then that would be a fine and we all know Wal-mart rather pay another 8 or so dollars than pay $1000s of dollars, but don’t you go over overtime.

  • Sierra

    Any time I read an article that has nothing but negative to say about someone, and the same in the following comments, is the time I’ve found someone with an ax to grind. You can criticize the company all you want, but at least say one good thing about them. You’ll never make me believe there isn’t at least one.

  • surfjac

    Actually, I love being berated for my job performance…it removes any qualms I have about stating my mind! And where that goes especially if it runs counter to the truth, well, I’ll not be responsible.

  • MBDElf

    I’m another one of those “been there done that” folks — only I’m still doing it. Still work for WM.

    I make a bit more than the average, and at the store level, get treated well by management (for the most part). But I notice, and DISCUSS WITH THEM, what I see, which is what you describe. Several times, I’ve been approached to step out of my function (one that only 2 of us in the store CAN do) to collect carts in the parking lot, or unload trucks of flowers…in the worst weather conditions of the season, usually. Invariably, I press home the point that the company appears to be “mourning Sam Walton all over again, running stores at half-staff”. They’ve learned that their home-office spin doesn’t work on me, as I counter it every time, so they no longer bother.

    I am approaching the time for my annual evaluation, where I will receive the LAST raise I will get in my present job position. I would have to become some sort of supervisor or grocery drone to get another raise. With this countdown has come this increased ‘tasking’. It almost amuses me to think that they believe I’ll maintain some sort of positive attitude or motivation when I hit the pay-grade ceiling.

    I have gotten to the point where, even as well as they do treat me, I LOATHE even rolling onto the property.

    It IS as bad as described, sometimes worse.

  • larri3

    The beauty of capitalism is that I can shop at places that
    sell things cheaply, knowing the store is providing jobs for people who
    don’t have the training, talent or people skills to get a better job, or
    I can spend more and support a company that pays its customers well. I
    have no problem with the money that the owners of Walmart make.

    can support Target and have my money go to Minnesota, or I can shop at
    Walmart, and have the money go to Arkansas. And where does that money
    go? It’s either reinvested in Walmart or other companies, which creates
    jobs for people, or it is spent on goods, property and services, which
    supports the people who work in the industries that supply those goods
    and services.

    My biggest problem with Walmart no longer exists,
    and that’s because the company used to advertise that most of the goods
    it sold were made in the USA, which was a lie because most were made
    overseas. Now everybody knows that most of the stuff in Walmart (or any
    other big box store) is made in China, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Thailand or
    even Mexico, and that is the fault of our past politicians, who promoted
    free trade agreements that shipped our jobs overseas or raised taxes on
    our domestic corporations to the point that it made sense for
    manufacturers to outsource work. We must make USA a better environment
    for manufacturers.

    Right now the U.S. has the highest corporate
    tax rate of any country. That has to change. If Walmart had to
    compete for employees because we had a thriving industry base here in
    our own country, even for unskilled labor Walmart would have to increase
    its pay to keep staff. With so many people out of work nowadays —
    more than at any time since the Great Depression — people who work
    anywhere, including Walmart, should be glad they have a job.

    not forget what created the recession in the first place. And let us
    also not forget that FDR’s big government policies so badly hurt the
    economy after the stock market crash of 1929 that it deepened the
    depression and extended it to 16 years. The only thing that stopped the
    previous depression was a world war, followed by a boom created by
    millions of people creating millions of jobs after the war. And this
    was before minimum wage, which along with governmental overregulation,
    governmental fees and taxation, does more to destroy jobs than anything
    we can create. We’re currently doing the exact things that extended and
    deepened the Great Depression, and unless we reverse course soon many
    economists see a new depression that could be just as devastating.

    also not forget who pays for corporate taxes and increased corporate
    costs. That’s the consumer — you and I and all our friends and

    Corporations must make a profit to survive, and if the
    profit isn’t big enough, people will put their money somewhere else.
    Therefore, they pass along to the customer all increased costs incurred
    by the company. It’s really that simple. The federal government
    certainly could dictate a minimum wage of $25 per hour. Then we can
    expect the dollar menu at McDonald’s to vanish forever, and we also can
    expect to see Walmart increase the markup on its goods. Instead of
    buying a frying pan for $10, it will be $15, and so forth.

    McDonald’s had to pay $25 an hour, a school teacher who makes roughly
    that same amount could escape the stresses of teaching school to
    students of parents who don’t care, skip all the continuing education
    courses and earn a paycheck by serving people food. Which means the
    school districts would have to pay more to retain teachers, which means
    your property taxes would go up. This cycle continues, and it does so
    quickly, to the point that soon $25 an hour is just as low-paying
    comparatively as $8 an hour now. In short, all wages across the country
    would go up, but so would the cost of living. I’m among those who
    prefer capitalism.

  • Nattie

    If Walmart could legally get away with treating its employees even worse—it would in a heartbeat. And they wouldn’t give a damn.

  • Nattie

    Allen, in response to your comment, “If Walmart could legally get away with treating its employees even worse—it would in a heartbeat. And they wouldn’t give a damn”, this is true. Take a look at the working conditions of their factories in China. Many of the factory workers are young children and women and they are worked far beyond “full-time”, paid nearly nothing, and are provided substandard living conditions. Yes, Wal-Mart does provide housing to their factory workers in China; over-crowded, filthy, disease-ridden projects to be precise. Wal-Mart could choose to maintain U.S standards for working conditions and human rights, while doing business abroad. But it doesn’t because there is no enforcement or accountability to do so.
    Their PR is all smoke and mirrors! Anyone up for a boycott? I’m in!

  • Moe

    We ordered an iPad from Walmart last week and were shipped PANTS instead! As you can imagine, we’re having a heck of a time getting this sorted out. We’re pretty sure we’re out the $400. Disgraceful.

  • Solar

    If the employees there are choosing to work at this “evil” corporation instead of leaving and working somewhere else, we can assume that this is the best or one of the best job opportunities for them. Or else, they could easily leave.

  • lilshawtybhadd

    Well I work for my local walmart alot of our parttime cashiers get 20-36 hrs a week but if walmart had all this money they should at least invest better working cash register s that dont breakdown and card readers you dont have to pound in the keys dont get me wrong I do like working for walmart but them card readers and scales get annoying and also turnon the air so that it can be felt its like working in a gigantic oven

  • Deborah

    I agree with you on this, worked for many years at Walmart, it is poison. Years before The true owner past away, it was a great place to work for. Some how that all got lost in the mix of the children that never grew up. Now not carrying how is at the end of the pole, the run out all small companies. This is our fault as well, giving to them like there’s no where else to shop. I now try my best to give to the little guys around our town. Also try not to shop at Walmart if at all. This will be one of our down falls for being blind to the ways they make it look. If we don’t stop shopping with them now, there won’t be any other places to do it. help save our people from the sweat shop this is, but so clever to cover it up, by you have a chose to work some where else. In small towns, where they like to start out, there isn’t many jobs to begin with, so you have to work there, & they know this. And for the customers it not a way to shop and come out happy, you walk out madder than hell, No one will help you cause they can’t, they’re to stay in their area, no one smiles, cause they’re too tired to, if you watch a Walmart Associate, they’re head is down, feet never leave the ground, ( I call it the Walmart shuffle). if they smile at you, you’re luck, must still be new. I could go on for ever about them.

  • Trevor Lawrence

    its the wallmarts exucrives money. if they dont want to give every person in the world $10, who cares? this is a socialist way of thinking.

  • Kendall M Baxter

    Those evils which gave the stupid author of this article reason to expose his stupidity! Hey Allen…Wal-Mart hires more people and creates more millionaires than any other company. Why you hating on the biggest employer of minorities in the country?

  • rb

    lol i hate to be the dick hear but to me wal mart jobs is for kids who need to build up there work career so they can get a better job. working there 15 to 20 years is your problem what you can’t find a better job than wal-mart?? i work for wal mart for 1 year hated with a passion but went to school got a few certification and my general studies now i have a job at the usps as a rural carrier so my hardship with a shitty jobs is almost over. if your in america/Canada and cant make something with yourself what are you doing in your free time.

    ps my grammar is bad but then again im making 18 dollars an hour and moving up so ya

  • caleblongshow

    I have no idea where you all get your ideas from but Walmart treats it’s employees with respect, with more than a lot of other places I have worked. You guys just need to to get your heads out of your rear ends

  • davidlamb

    Well, I think we found the real reason behind the criticism here — Walmart is anti-union. Therefore, the unions are funding and putting talking points into sites like these to spread as much hate a vitriol about Walmart as possible. It is the leftist/communist playbook around the world — discredit your enemy through any means possible, especially through lies. Lookout folks, the Bolsheviks are here already…

  • F Burns

    I heard Costco is a good place to work.

  • jr023

    all you wm haters try to remember next year voting Hillary Clinton was a WM board member, and most likely has stock in it

  • desuhu61

    Can’t stand Walmart anymore. Have been shopping there less and less each year. Use to spend close to $500/mo. there, not probably $100 or less. And that’s difficult, because we don’t have that many places to shop in our small town rural area. Make a lot of trips to larger towns to shop.

  • Shaun Duncan

    Wow, with all the money you could make selling Wal-Mart which employs 21 million people, you could employ 8 million people at minimum wage, I’m sure those 21 million people would be so happy that 8 million people are employed… because the company that employed them was sold.
    90 billion / ( 7.25 * 32 * 48 ) = 8,081,896, or nearly 8 million
    (Minimum wage)7.25 * 32(hours taken from you) * 48 (assuming no work for 4 weeks) = $11136
    If you owned the company would you be willing to sell out 21 million people FOREVER for 8 million people who would benefit less than what those 21 million do in one year, on average? Or, would you keep running the company and making sure as many of those 21 million people are employed as possible.
    “Give every human being on the planet $10.”
    … $10 or a job… $10 for you… or a job for 21 million people, whom you might be one of or whom might eat at a restaurant where you work or be a customer. Zero-sum calculations are not a good representation of money, and if this is your business sense I’m glad you’re not making the decision.