This New Orleans man shot an unarmed black teen 30 feet away. Is this the next Trayvon case?

merritt-landryOutside of the New Orleans area the Merritt Landry case has gone largely unnoticed, but it is shaping up to be the next case in which an NRA-backed “Stand Your Ground” law will be in the media spotlight.

This case and the George Zimmerman case have some similarities, and it will very likely be picked up by those who want the laws repealed across the country. However, there are also some differences as well, so let’s compare them before this becomes another hyped news story.

Here’s the background for those of you who are just now hearing about it. According to, 14 year old Marshall Coulter was shot by Merritt Landry early last Friday morning in Marigny, which is a neighborhood not far from the famous French Quarter. Coulter did not die, but he is still in the hospital in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head.

Unlike George Zimmerman, Mr. Landry was arrested right away and charged with attempted second degree murder. Unlike Trayvon Martin, Marshall Coulter wasn’t likely “minding his own business.” Being inside someone’s locked yard by their vehicle at 2 AM is different than walking home from the convenience store with Skittles and iced tea. In addition, his brother David Coulter admitted that Marshall had a history of burglary and was awaiting trial on charges.

“He would steal — he was a professional thief, sure,” David Coulter said. “But he would never pick up a gun, not in a million years. He was too scared to aim a gun at the grass, let alone aim it at a person. No way. Before he’ll ever pick up a gun, he’ll be your friend first.

“He’s still a little boy,” the brother said. “Who pulls a trigger on a 14-year-old? What if it was your little brother or your sister? How would you feel?”

In both cases we have a shooter who comes from a family with some privilege and a victim who comes from a broken home. Trayvon Martin’s family wasn’t poor like Marshall Coulter’s family is, but they certainly weren’t rich either.

Both Louisiana and Florida have a “stand your ground” law, but in the Louisiana case the shooter and the victim weren’t locked in a struggle on the ground. Marshall Coulter was approximately 30 feet away from Mr. Landry when he was shot and made the mistake of moving his hand, but never produced a weapon according to WWLTV. In Louisiana, the justifiable homicide law reads as such:

RS 14:20 Justifiable homicide

§20. Justifiable homicide

A. A homicide is justifiable:

(1) When committed in self-defense by one who reasonably believes that he is in imminent danger of losing his life or receiving great bodily harm and that the killing is necessary to save himself from that danger.

(2) When committed for the purpose of preventing a violent or forcible felony involving danger to life or of great bodily harm by one who reasonably believes that such an offense is about to be committed and that such action is necessary for its prevention. The circumstances must be sufficient to excite the fear of a reasonable person that there would be serious danger to his own life or person if he attempted to prevent the felony without the killing.

(3) When committed against a person whom one reasonably believes to be likely to use any unlawful force against a person present in a dwelling or a place of business, or when committed against a person whom one reasonably believes is attempting to use any unlawful force against a person present in a motor vehicle as defined in R.S. 32:1(40), while committing or attempting to commit a burglary or robbery of such dwelling, business, or motor vehicle.

(4)(a) When committed by a person lawfully inside a dwelling, a place of business, or a motor vehicle as defined in R.S. 32:1(40), against a person who is attempting to make an unlawful entry into the dwelling, place of business, or motor vehicle, or who has made an unlawful entry into the dwelling, place of business, or motor vehicle, and the person committing the homicide reasonably believes that the use of deadly force is necessary to prevent the entry or to compel the intruder to leave the premises or motor vehicle.

(b) The provisions of this Paragraph shall not apply when the person committing the homicide is engaged, at the time of the homicide, in the acquisition of, the distribution of, or possession of, with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance in violation of the provisions of the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Law.

B. For the purposes of this Section, there shall be a presumption that a person lawfully inside a dwelling, place of business, or motor vehicle held a reasonable belief that the use of deadly force was necessary to prevent unlawful entry thereto, or to compel an unlawful intruder to leave the premises or motor vehicle, if both of the following occur:

(1) The person against whom deadly force was used was in the process of unlawfully and forcibly entering or had unlawfully and forcibly entered the dwelling, place of business, or motor vehicle.

(2) The person who used deadly force knew or had reason to believe that an unlawful and forcible entry was occurring or had occurred.

C. A person who is not engaged in unlawful activity and who is in a place where he or she has a right to be shall have no duty to retreat before using deadly force as provided for in this Section, and may stand his or her ground and meet force with force.

D. No finder of fact shall be permitted to consider the possibility of retreat as a factor in determining whether or not the person who used deadly force had a reasonable belief that deadly force was reasonable and apparently necessary to prevent a violent or forcible felony involving life or great bodily harm or to prevent the unlawful entry.

Marshall Coulter could have been planning on breaking into the vehicle, but he had not committed the act when he was shot. Besides, is losing a car stereo or some change worth shooting and almost killing a child over?

Race is going to be a factor here as well. In states that have “Stand Your Ground” laws, cases with a white shooter and black victim are ten times more likely to end with a verdict in favor of the defendant than cases with a black shooter and a white victim. Couple that with the fact that Merritt Landry’s family is well off and probably pretty well connected, and I believe the defendant will be acquitted, if it even goes to trial. I’d love to be proven wrong and see this get an honest trip through our criminal justice system — only time will tell, but history doesn’t bode well for the odds of that happening.


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  • Alaine Slater

    this is a sad situation, but i dont believe that a 14 year old should be out at 2am climbing the fences that protect peoples homes and property. its sad to say as a new orleans resident that its become the wild wild west here and you honestly have to assume most criminals carry a gun. i hope this boy recovers fully and lives a full life. realizes that he should be home at night and stay out of trouble. but i dont think the shooter should go to prison for protecting his home and family .

    • fearlesskris

      You are right that a 14 y.o. shouldn’t be doing those things. But does that mean we get to shoot him in cold blood? They were not face to face, there was no imminent danger. The shooter is reported to have been 30 feet away. You still don’t think the shooter is liable for a crime? Man, people just don’t give a care about each other anymore when you believe it’s just fine for someone to take shots at our kids – misbehaving or not. 30 feet away – the shooter was 30 feet away.

      • sickofthemediajokes

        Just because the article says 30 feet. Does not mean its true. And its not cold blooded, you cannot predict a criminal. Period.

        Secondly why is race any part in this? Because its the first thing everyone sees and they will want to see if the situation these two were in is a hate crime. Thus getting the publisher the publicity they are oh so desperate for.

        This is nowhere near TM case, and the stand your ground law was not used in TM’s case at all. So why say its ANOTHER case in which the NRA backs the law? Why does it matter if the NRA supports or not? Because they have no faith in media and our government and i dont disagree.

        This publisher aught to be ashamed for even comparing the two nonetheless using trayvons name in the title.

      • tcaruso01

        SYG was not offered as a defense in the case of the State of FL vs George Zimmerman but was cited by the judge in the instructions to the jury!

      • djtejas

        30 ft is not very far…look at 10 yards on a football field or think 10 steps for an adult man…that is not very far.
        Also, in the dark in your own backyard you have no idea what someone that is not supposed to be there is doing or may be planning to do to you after you found them.

      • pattyp

        Which is why you stay in your damn house and call the cops to report a possible prowler.

  • Helen Hevener

    No fourteen year old should be out at 2:00 AM- and there arent too many similarites in this story- Trayvon had never been arrested- the fourteen year old supposedly is a professional thief. Trayvon was out during the day not a 2 AM in the morning. And I dont think Trayvon was a threat to anybody- in my opinon if Zimmerman pursed Trayvon- Trayvon was probably just standing his ground not the other way around!! Zimmerman was the one with a gun so why should he have been scared of Trayvon???

    • Stand your ground does not say you can attack someone who is following you.

      • Frank

        It says you can shoot someone if you feel threatened but not beat someone up to get them to leave you alone and who you feel is a threat… great law. shooting ok.. a few bruises bad… gotcha

      • Gary Smith

        So if you’re being stalked and feel threatened by the armed stalker, you can’t confront them and try to make them leave you alone? But the stalker is perfectly justified in killing the unarmed teen he was stalking.

        That is one f-ed up law.

      • Helen Hevener

        Actually I have known people who were thrown in jailf or stalkng- you dont follow somebody around and get away with it- especially if you are armed and the person you are stalking is not armed!!!

      • Anthony Jones

        In every state north on NC George Zimmerman would be jail manslaughter, you do not have the right to stalk people….find it in the constitution dumb ass!

      • According to the Zimmerman verdict, you can! Especially since the defense flipped the script and made the preposterous accusation that Trayvon was the one who followed and started the entire thing.

  • kwkiki7562

    I don’t consider the instances anywhere near each other. Trayvon was an innocent teen just WALKING and was indeed stalked and chased by his murderer. I am sorry for this other young mans poor living conditions and bad behavior that it ended him in this terrible situation, but he was not innocent. That said…I believe excessive force was absilutely used and I for one am thoroughly disgusted by the shooters actions.

    • “Trayvon was an innocent teen just walking…”

      Here we go again with a distortion of facts to start a paragraph of opinions.

      Let’s ignore that Zimmerman was injured, and that innocent kids don’t call other people crackas please.

      • theronwell

        Injured after stalking/following someone. Here we go again with the selective memory…..

      • Michael Pesek

        You guys didn’t read the case files in the Zimmerman case so all of you need to stfu…… Zimmerman followed Trayvon looking for a confrontation… Traycon had THC in his system and had purchased skittles, tea, codeine, and promethazine. These are common ingredients in Lean. Trayvon was not an innocent boy and Zimmerman was not an innocent man just doing his neighborhood watch duties. Both were in the wrong.

      • Michael Pesek

        But in this case the guy was absolutely in the wrong lol

      • GT

        He only purchased Skittles and Watermelon Arizona tea and ONLY that was found near or on his body. The accusation he was going to make lean is the assumption being made. (I can tell you watched that video on Fox News huh?) C’mon people. He was walking home…The cops told Zimmerman to STOP following. It stops being self defense when you look for the confrontation. If Trayvon was up to no good the cops would have taken care of it, but unfortunately we know what happened instead.

      • earldumarest

        Wrong again. He was talking to a 911 operator, not a cop. Trayvon was close to his daddy’s mistress’ apartment when he turned and chased Zimmerman.

      • Helen Hevener

        It only said he had purchased iced tea and skittles- I saw no mention of Trayvon having codeine or promethazine in his possession. And believe it or not I am a middle aged white woman who has bought skittles and iced tea myself- but certainly not to get high- as you indicated!!!

      • kwkiki7562

        NO he did NOT purchase Codeine and Promethazine you two bit wanna be liar. NO they were not BOTH innocent- get the facts before posting such blatant lies and expecting someone to believe you. Zimmerman was NOT on watch duty- firstly, when ON watch duty- he is not ever supposed to be armed o another thing. Even IF Trayvon has a record an arms length long (which HE DOES NOT) that “record” was not printed in the sky for Zimmerman to have a “suspicion” of Trayvon to have stalked him.

      • Michael Pesek

        Dude you need to chill out. I am not attacking everyone. Just giving my opinion on the information I had. I have read the case files. Someone made “tea” out to be “Lean.” The information I received was falsified. My apologies. He still was high at the time of the incident. And not to mention, but if my neighborhood was robbed 5 times in 2 weeks and the police did not feel necessary to patrol it and keep it safe I would have to patrol it as he did. He also had his concealed hand gun license so he could be armed.

        By the way, I just get tired of everyone acting like Trayvon was some innocent little goody good. He was high during the incident. Not so innocent. Not saying what Zimmerman did was right, but just wanting people to stop acting like Trayvon was a little angel.

        I have a question for you though. Why was this incident mainstream news? Blacks kill blacks all the time, but its never on the news. A black person kills a white person and it does not go on the news. Or if any race besides white kills someone of another race it rarely makes the news. All the media is doing is promoting racism and trying to stir the racial tension that exists.

      • CrucialCausality

        I’m sorry, but you’ve already demonstrated that you have no idea what facts are. You belted out BS like it was 100% legit, were caught on it and then belted out even more garbage. Is this from the same “case file”?

        You stopped being believable two comments ago, no one is giving you the benefit of the doubt anymore.

      • MyStory Revealed

        Well, if you don’t see a black person killing a white person on the news, I really wonder what news you watch. If we’re to believe what is shown on MOST news broadcasts, it would be that nearly all shootings are committed by blacks. BTW, I am a middle aged white woman who is in utter disbelief over the miscarriage of justice in this case. Also, it has been mentioned here several times that Trayvon was “HIGH” as if he was wild-eyed and crazed on meth or crack or something. Um, last time I knew, and that would be throughout history, THC (pot, which is being legalized state after state) makes a person ANYTHING BUT violent, although they’d be thirsty and might have the munchies… I’ve never known either to be described as “up to no good” or a threat to another person. STOP stretching, reaching, trying to make the dead kid guilty of being anything other than walking while black.

      • Kel D

        Even if Treyvon was as high as a kite and was carrying any type of drug on him, Zimmerman wouldn’t have known. Zimmerman just wanted to play “rent-a-cop” and show some kid how big and tough he was.

      • Robert Banks

        Zimmerman wouldn’t have been injured if if had not ignored the directions to not pursue Martin. Your logic is warped & biased.

      • earldumarest

        He didn’t pursue him. Quit lying.

      • Robert Banks

        It’s on the police tape, moron. I’m sorry your lizard brain is so small you cannot comprehend. He was told by the dispatcher to stay in his car & NOT pursue him, BUT HE DID. Listen to the tape. I cannot be bothered with your stupidity. You’re free to believe whatever you like. The truth remains the same. Educate yourself. You stop lying… you can’t change FACTS.

      • nolalou

        so calling someone ‘cracka’ makes you guilty enough to be shot dead? OK, so Zimmerman was injured, he was the one who pursued Tryvon and initiated the confrontation. If Stand your Ground applied to anyone , it applied to Tryvon NOT Zimmerman! After all it was Tryvon minding his own business when confronted, and if Trevon felt threatened, the law said he had the right to Stand His Ground and use force if he deemed in necessary to protect himself.

      • Baaly

        “injured” my backside. He had a few scratches to his face (yet his DNA was not found under Travyon’s fingernails) and a nick to the scalp which no one considered significant enough to bring up in trial as an ‘injury’. The real person injured was the one who ended up with a bullet right though him.

        Oh, and you cultural snob…terms like ‘cracka’ are within the common vernacular of some (less than well off) neighborhoods.

      • Kel K

        Nobody knows if Treyvon called Zimmerman anything at all. Zimmerman has changed his story more than once. He seemed to add a little more to it each time. For all we know Zimmerman threw the first punch. However, Treyvon didn’t live to tell his side of the story. If Zimmerman would have stayed in his car and didn’t follow Treyvon as instructed, none of this would have happened. Treyvon would be alive and Zimmerman wouldn’t be spending his life in hiding. Zimmerman may not be in jail, which I personally think he should be, but I’m guessing his life will be a living hell, always watching over his shoulder. In his case, karma is a b____.

    • earldumarest

      Nope, get your facts straight idiot. Then we will talk.

  • Chris

    This guy broke into private property, it is not the same. He made his bed, now he has to lie in it. Do I wish he wasn’t shot? Sure. Would I have shot someone in the same situation? Maybe, I don’t know.

    • fearlesskris

      From 30 feet away? How does the shooter claim imminent danger from that distance? How has it become okay to shoot/kill people for non capital offenses? If the law doesn’t call for the death penalty, how on earth is it okay for any one of us to impose the death penalty with no hearing, no trial, no verdict? That’s what Zimmerman did – and the irony is that he enjoyed all of those things. And a not guilty verdict. It’s great that we can now shoot and kill the only witnesses to our own crimes and get away with that. The mob has been doing it for years! Let’s aspire to that example in our day to day lives.

      • Frank

        Police are taught to shoot at 21 feet away because even if the guy only has a knife it only takes 1.5 seconds for someone to close that distance and stab you. If he really did look like he was reaching for something in a pocket i can understand the person being nervous. I do think it’s sad and probably never had to happen but 30 feet away you don’t know it’s a 14 year old and you don’t know what he’s reaching for. Zimmerman was a completely different story when he was told to not follow he should have listened,

      • Kel K

        The guy shot the boy in the head! Why not call the police, or if you must shoot, aim for the leg or arm. Granted the boy was up to no good, but to shoot him in the head? Here’s a thought, maybe yell at the kid and fire a warning shot? Hell, the cops can’t get away with just shooting someone who is breaking into a car, why should anyone else?

  • RRuin

    To anyone asking why was the kid out at 2 am? Was he up to something? Well, it doesn’t matter. He was not endangering the idiot who shot him. There is this amazing thing called the TELEPHONE. It can be dialed and people called the POLICE can be summoned. They can investigate. No excuses for this shooting. Not a single one.

    • Ladyvet

      We saw what calling the police did for Trayvon.

    • BrokeGopher

      That’s probably what I would do, but neither you nor I were there that night. Benefit of the doubt goes to the homeowner, not the burglar.

    • Niska Encalade

      Being from the New Orleans area the defendant has multiple reasons why this shooting was justified. It’s an all out war down there and I would’ve done the same thing. FYI, i’m black.

  • Jens

    So he breaks into someone’s property, but he is too nice of a kod to carry a gun?! Sounds like he should have thrown him the keys. Seems like he was ok to take the risk when he made the decision to break into the yard and car. If he already has previous charges, then who knows what would be next. Just don’t mess with someone’s property in the middle of the night and you will be fine. Pretty simple.

  • Tiffany Rachelle Sherri Seabur

    This can’t be compared to Trayvon’s death…this kid was actually out with the purpose of trouble…not outside for snacks. It doesn’t matter the age…if a person is risking their own life by being out in the middle of the night to commit a crime…death comes with the territory. There are 14 yr old murderers in this world so who is actually going to stop to find out a criminals age before deciding the level of danger.

    • Xmax

      It makes no sense to compare the 2, what really matters in my mind is why would somebody shoot somebody in the head if they are just trying to break into a car? was there $3 dollars of change in there? just call the police!

  • GPK

    B1. This guy walks…

    • LisaLynn1961

      He wasn’t in the house or in the car. The man was in no danger. He should have gone inside and called the cops, not shot someone in the head because he was inside his fence. You can kill to protect life, NOT property.

      • Pipercat

        I’m with you on this. Yet, this is another one of those laws based on, really, homestead and the castle laws. Here in Texas, it’s the same way. If you read B and B1 your heart will sink….

      • MrLightRail

        You jump into my locked yard, at 2am, I’m gonna blow your ass away. Nuff said.

      • traindriver

        You, sir, are the reason we need background checks.

      • trainlover

        I agree with MrLightRail!
        Law enforcement is usually 15 or more minutes away. You come onto my fenced and locked yard, your ass is gunna get blown away, no matter what color or age.
        I live alone and have had problems in the past with young people with drug problems ripping me off during the night.
        I now have a fenced and locked yard . I, also,have video cameras all over my property.
        If I feel threatened at all, I will defend myself and my locked domain.
        So my question to traindriver / why a background check, on me?

      • Helen Hevener

        Thats why I said this guy shooting the guy that was inside a locked fence on his property- was out to cause trouble and he was trespassing. However in Trayvon’s case- Trayvon was walking on a sidewalk- and it is not like Zimmerman owned the sidewalk or anything. Trayvon did nothing that justified shooting and killing him!! RIP Trayvon!!!

      • Pipercat

        I actually agree and would do the same in a heartbeat. It’s the way the law was written is what bothers me. It doesn’t require a locked yard. There was a locked yard which is why I said he walks. Moreover, I looked again at that section and B1 and B2 are required conditions for the law to be applied. Unfortunately, B2 is very broadly written. So, B+1+2 means he walks. The B2 is written to be an automatic “met” condition

      • MyStory Revealed

        What’s frightening is that this is even a matter for discussion. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • lshaw

    I blame the parents. Whose going to take the time to ask for age, race, gender, armed or not, eggs scrambled or sunny side up. People have the right to protect property. I’ve been on both sides and I’m grateful I never got shot. But I could only blame my own stupidity if I did.

  • Gee, guess going out, trespassing, stealing, and generally violating the rights and sanctity of others homes and properties can result in some pretty bad consequences. Imagine that.

    • MyStory Revealed

      We’re talking about the Trayvon Martin case here, who are you talking about?

      • MyStory Revealed

        Oh, you’re talking about the kid standing next to a car in someone’s yard at 2 am…probably up to no good. ‘Pretty bad consequences” is how you characterize being shot in the head? Somehow doesn’t seem proportionate, like maybe a call to the cops, or even holding him at gunpoint until the cops arrived or a dozen other possible actions. Just sayin…shooting someone in the head??? Really?

  • MLady

    A Landry in New Orleans, LA or any where in LA is NOT going to be found guilty of anything…

  • rozzi8

    Where can I get some if this privilege?! Sick of that being a factor in our society. My son lives in TX & can’t even get an insurance claim paid when highway patrol said the other man was liable! If this Landry could have called the police instead of shooting, his race nor his “privilege” should protect him. But we live in a very classist country

    • MyStory Revealed

      Agreed and agreed!

  • rozzi8

    I’m assuming we only have Landry’s version of events as the boy has a head wound. It’s possible nothing the shooter is saying is true

  • Eric Bell

    Again, this particular stand your ground law and its
    provisions are making a “B” line straight to the use of deadly force. There is
    nothing mentioning “reasonable force” in its wording. I am suspecting that the
    defendant in this case was paraphrasing the wording of the law, made a dumb
    reactive decision on whether to use deadly force or just blatantly shot someone
    because it “appeared” (again possibly using a very wrong indicator to determine
    the intent of another) when a “possible” UNARMED intruder, burglar etc. was “possibly”
    committing a crime. I am also noticing that “appeared” and “possible” gets
    blurred with “reasonable” in this particular case. Unfortunately, the law or at
    least the wording of the law allows for the use of deadly force in this case,
    the problem is that there are no provisions with verbally telling the person “possibly”
    stealing to stop, using verbal commands to comply with that issue. At the same
    time standing your ground (at lest in this case) does not REQUIRE someone to
    use deadly force, it is only a choice of the gun owner. There are several levels
    of force that can be used; starting with VERBAL COMMANDS and it goes all the way up
    to deadly force. So the gun owner’s that wants to shoot an unarmed intruder does
    have a choice in what AMOUNT of force they want to use. It seems that people
    who do this use logic in this matter like there is a “speed limit” and you “have
    to” drive the speed that is posted; when the word LIMIT gets ignored and the number
    posted probably get’s exceeded because “everyone else” in the immediate area where
    someone is driving is also doing that and there becomes a competition on the
    road to drive faster. Again, there is not a REQUIREMENT for the use of deadly
    force in the matter of stopping a possible intruder, but what is noticeable is
    that CHILDREN are being increasingly killed because someone decided not to ask
    questions first or at least do some yelling and screaming first (and quite
    possibly pointing a gun at them) without just simply shooting first and asking
    questions later. Like I have said before and I’ll say it again, we need to keep
    sharing the human experience of this matter in such a repetitious

    Way that anyone who may not support reviewing, ratifying or
    repealing some of these laws will understand what is wrong with these laws in
    the first place. Seems to me if it is an NRA backed law, it probably has
    something to do with support of gun sales and funding for a politicians
    election. The only other alternative I can think of is start voting people out
    of office if there is not chance of
    getting anything changed regarding stand your ground.

  • katherine norton malek

    Vigilantes taking the law into their own hands is truly getting out of control. We’re on a slippery slope back to the wild wild west with too many trigger happy neighborhood ‘good guys’ playing Wyatt Earp & cops n robbers. One, ignores a PD dispatcher who tells him to stop following and the other doesn’t even bother calling the police. Out or control cop wannabe’s are becoming more dangerous than perps. No, a stolen GPS or even a stolen car, is NOT worth a human life. There’s such a thing as insurance for stolen items! Young ppl do go through ages & stages & even the most knuckle-headed teen can reform, with a leap in maturity, and ultimately grow up to become a decent hard working adult. I’ve seen it … many times. That’s considering of course, they’re allowed to grow up without being shot dead in the head by some self appointed Elliot Ness crackpot with a happy hand gun & more issues than the NY Times. Stop shooting kids. Jesus H. Christ. Call the police – it’s what they’re there for.

  • Disgusted

    My concern is we are allowing media to stir the race part. And what does being ” well off”have to do with any of this? That fact did nothing for the case. Suspect is on private property at 2 am- owner shoots. It’s allowable. This 14 yr old should have been managed better by the adults who produced him . Period. If no adult, a legal guardian

    • MyStory Revealed

      If you don’t know what being well-off has to do with legal representation in this country, you are woefully naive. The quality of your legal representation can mean EVERYTHING in the outcome of your case, and the size of your wallet usually determines that…Justice for all=Just as much legal representation as you can afford. Do you really think that everyone magically gets a dream team lawyer?

  • Foreign Observer

    What on earth is wrong with your country? Hmmmm, let’s make some guesses as to the cause of this sort of crazy shit. Erosion of public education. Constitutional support of free speech distorted by news outlets that full on LIE daily. The millions of dollars donated by NRA to brainless politicians. A growing belief that individuals can be judge and jury, and executioner. As beautiful and amazing as the US can be, there is no way I would ever visit. Way to nutty. And finally: can’t the political/corporate/elite types understand this basic fact? Educating your population, making sure they have basic health care ENRICHES your entire nation. Healthy, functioning citizens. What a concept. Just so tired of hearing of this murderous, hateful garbage spewing forth.

  • Doy Bowers

    Although “George” got away with murder this is a totally different thing. This little punk was on this mans property at 2:00am. messing around his vehicle. If I find somebody in my back yard in the middles of the night I’m going to blow his head off too. Do they not have curfew laws in this state? Why was this “Professional Thief” out at that hour. Where’s his parents? Why didn’t they have their little thug in the house where he belongs? The only problem I have with this case is the fact that the home owner was arrested in the first place. I guess his Daddy’s not an ex D.A..

  • Thom Cameron

    I am so F’n tired of forums like this one and the people on it constantly bashing a man found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Add to that the fact they premise their bashing on lies retold and retold to the point they are distorted beyond and semblance of the truth and I can see how Christian sheep are led to the slaughter! Where was this outrage when OJ got away?

    • MyStory Revealed

      Where were you when a huge majority of the population was outraged over the OJ verdict? How did you manage to miss THAT inescapable news cycle that lasted an eternity?

  • notthesamecase

    This article does not mention that the shooter had been burglarized twice before, was with his pregnant wife, and had two dogs barking in his yard, which is why he was awake at the time. There is videotape that shows the boy with another on bikes casing the neighborhood. So this idiot jumps the fence of a yard with dogs as his buddy keeps an eye on things. He is lucky he wasn’t mauled to death.

  • Patrick Dorsey

    ROCK Rachel! You managed to take this 30+ year very conservative from
    the right to the center. Thank you for being the most honest news anchor
    I have ever heard in my life time. You helped me to see some very
    important things that need to be done in this country. Personally I
    think we need to form a class action suit against the House members who
    have stalled all progress for the sake of making
    one person look bad. They have thumbed their noses at their
    constituents and are willing to bring this country to it’s knees. This
    is, in my opinion, a criminal offense against the entire population of
    the United States. It needs to be stopped and the public must open their
    eyes to what is really happening in OUR government.

  • This man was at his home, someone entered his yard over a fence, he felt threatened and he shot him. Police arrested the homeowner, he was released on bail. Investigation ensues. Defending his home from an intruder is NOTHING at all like the Zimmerman/Martin case. Are we going to be inundated with every white on black, black on white shooting from now on? Give me a break!

  • earldumarest

    Do any of the writers ever get their facts right on this site? Zimmerman’s case had ZERO to do with stand your ground. All blacks come from broken homes.

  • earldumarest

    “Besides, is losing a car stereo or some change worth shooting and almost killing a child over?” No the question should be “is losing your life worth a car stereo?”

  • earldumarest

    I think I have the solution. Quit committing crimes and you won’t die or get profiled.

    • kel k

      How about stay in your house and call the cops. Kids don’t always make good choices, but that doesn’t mean they should be shot. Were you a perfect teenager? I’m guessing not.

  • DMark

    Why does eveyone assume this boy was only going to steal change or a stereo. Maybe he was planning on stealing the whole car. If I loose my car I can’t get to work and back. If I can’t work I can’t pay my bills and feed my family. If I don’t pay my bills I loose my home. That is worth shooting someone over.