This Video Destroys The NRA Lie That More Guns Make Us Safer

nra-conventionIn the wake of the Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater shooting, gun fanatics have been very quick to claim that this shooting happened because the Grand 16 theater is a “gun-free zone.” By their logic, if a “good guy with a gun” was allowed to carry their weapon into that evening’s showing of the movie “Trainwreck,” this tragedy would have been averted. This is a tired old talking point that they use over and over again to state that we need to allow everyone to have guns everywhere while they also accuse anyone who proposes sensible regulations and training requirements of trying to ban guns altogether.

Claiming that “gun-free zones” don’t prevent criminals or lunatics from shooting up a school or business while deflecting from the loose gun laws in places like Louisiana is a favorite tactic of gun fanatics. In their minds, all of these incidents could have been avoided if guns were allowed, because weapons seem to magically solve everything in their world. As I’ve said before, I am a gun owner and do carry a handgun at times for personal protection. However, I do not operate under the assumption that I am a trained professional or that carrying a weapon automatically qualifies me to do anything other than protect myself as a last resort. The problem is that too many people do think that they are professionals, even though they have little (if any) training in the use of a weapon, let alone the legal consequences that follow a shooting – even when it is in self-defense.

In other words, we have a lot of untrained individuals who have been led to believe by gun lobby “experts” like John Lott that more guns make us safer, and that simply owning a gun and having an NRA membership makes them some sort of expert. Let’s look at the fact that young drivers have the highest rate of accidents and fatalities due to a lack of experience operating a vehicle, even though they have undergone classroom instruction and behind the wheel training in order to receive their license to drive.

Now can you imagine what would happen with an untrained individual attempting to engage a deranged shooter in a dark, crowded theater? How about multiple untrained people on an adrenaline rush with guns trying to determine who the “good guy with a gun” is and who is the person they’re trying to take out, all while chaos reigns in that confined space? I hate to break it to all the wannabe John Wayne gun extremists out there, but even highly-trained and specialized police or military units still manage to end up killing innocent bystanders from time to time, so imagine the potential bloodbath that would occur with multiple wannabe Wyatt Earps.

Now a study from Mount St. Mary’s University prepared for the National Gun Victims Action Council shows again that the NRA’s propaganda about more guns making us safer is false. From the Washington Post:

The study found that proper training and education are key to successfully using a firearm in self-defense: “carrying a gun in public does not provide self-defense unless the carrier is properly trained and maintains their skill level,” the authors wrote in a statement.

They recruited 77 volunteers with varying levels of firearm experience and training, and had each of them participate in simulations of three different scenarios using the firearms training simulator at the Prince George’s County Police Department in Maryland. The first scenario involved a carjacking, the second an armed robbery in a convenience store, and the third a case of suspected larceny.

They found that, perhaps unsurprisingly, people without firearms training performed poorly in the scenarios. They didn’t take cover. They didn’t attempt to issue commands to their assailants. Their trigger fingers were either too itchy — they shot innocent bystanders or unarmed people, or not itchy enough — they didn’t shoot armed assailants until they were already being shot at. (Source)

This video shows that untrained people do not live up to the slogan “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” that the NRA likes to promote in order to market guns. In fact, every issue of American Rifleman has a collection of stories in the front pages of their magazine as well as on their website called The Armed Citizen. These anecdotes are used to hype up how private citizens with guns save lives and stop crime, but as this study shows, those people are the exception instead of the norm.

Now here is the part that shows how morally bankrupt the NRA is. The NRA does have a series of training classes which are offered across the country by NRA-certified instructors. Some of these classes are required in many states in order to be able to carry a concealed handgun and/or open carry. So looking at these videos, why wouldn’t the NRA promote these courses and push for gun owners to be more proficient with their weapons so that they are better able to respond in life or death situations? I think the answer is that if people needed to take courses in order to own and carry handguns, they would be less likely to purchase a handgun, thereby depriving the gun manufacturers that advertise with the NRA of sales revenue. In other words, the NRA may care about gun safety, but they care far more about making money, and they will keep on promoting their false and dangerous message to keep the cash flowing in.

Watch the video below courtesy of the National Gun Victims Action Council:


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  • jbird

    I love how anti gunners go on and on about the NRA and blame them for everything, and completely ignore the fact that there are 100 million gun owners and only 5 million NRA members. That’s a LOT of people thinking for themselves, with no affiliation with the NRA. You people don’t even know who your fight is with, lol!

  • Allahu Akbar!

    Guns are here to stay I wish liberals would realize that all the whining in the world wont change that.

    • Jim Bean

      The satisfaction that comes from whining is the reward they seek.

      • Everhope

        Ah, Jimmy boy, you haven’t the faintest idea what we want, because whenever you do hear what we want you throw down you stick your fingers in your ears while singing “na, na, na.: the tune of denial.

      • Jim Bean

        I know an opportunity to contribute more is not one of things you want.

    • Everhope

      We’re not trying, though wailing about it you must, to “grab” your guns. All we are working towards are sane gun laws that will protect even you. Turning that into gun grabbing and anti-gun rhetoric is pathetic at best and undergirded by troubling defense of denial.

  • Rich7553

    Fact – when trained law enforcement officers posing as assailants are pitted against random people off the street, the results are predictably going to be skewed in the LEO’s favor. Why not pit stupid street thugs against daily carriers in a test? After all, that is reality. But gun-haters abhor reality as it does not support their ideology.

  • BobJThompson

    Cry more gun nuts. Maybe someday you’ll get a chance to kill some innocent bystanders as you attempt to stop a “bad guy with a gun”, like you so desperately seem to wish.

    BTW the NRA doesn’t need tons of dues paying members. They are a lobbying/advertising arm of gun manufacturers. Follow the money.

    • CommonSenseIsnt

      Bob cannot legally articulate his way out of a paper bag quoting the laws of his state regarding scaling of force in self defense. All states allow deadly force in the gravest extreme.

      Nor does Bob have any tactical self defense training that marries those tactics with legal articulation for their use.

      Bob is willfully ignorant.

      Bob enjoys projection – projecting his own histrionic emotionality on law abiding gun owners.

      Bob makes a very submissive, compliant and obedient victim for perpetrators of violent forcible felonies.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        do you live every day in total fear, or just most days?

      • CommonSenseIsnt

        Bob has a friend.

        Creeayshun is willfully ignorant as well. He too makes a very submissive, compliant and obedient victim for perpetrators of violent forcible felonies.

        I enjoy being emotionally flat everyday since I can and am willing to do what you and Bob cannot.

        Welcome to an example of willful personal responsibility to scale force as a legal first responder for ones/family’s safety.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        Common thinks he is smart because he reads right wing sites. Common leads a sad existence and lives in total fear of his shadow and can’t leave the trailer without carrying a gun because he is a mentally and physically weak person. Common was picked on as a teenager and has never gotten over that and was voted most likely to shoot up a grade school. Common is also wearing an ankle bracelet that tracks his every move because he beats women and has multiple restraining orders on him. Common is a typical keyboard ranger.

      • CommonSenseIsnt

        One big ad hominem attack Cree.

        By the size of your ad hominem attack, readers see I struck an equally large truth nerve.

        I notice you are more hyper-emotional than Bob. Extremely so.

        You enjoy projecting your hyper-emotionality on others.

        Thus your ad hominem diatribe.

        Have a nice Thursday.

      • BobJThompson

        Common doesn’t realize how hyper emotional he is. I say lets make sure he’s always fully strapped. That sounds safe.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        LOL… literally almost made me spit my coffee out….LOL thanks for the laugh!

      • BobJThompson

        “You are stupid and weak. Trust me, I have guns.”
        Tell you what, why don’t you tell me how many violent forcible felonies you have been a victim of or how many you have stopped.

      • CommonSenseIsnt

        My points above are spot on Bob.

        I never called you stupid and weak. You generated those words all by yourself.

        Interesting Rorschach.

        I called you out as being a submissive compliant and obedient victim that has no ability to legally articulate or tactically apply any level of force in self defense.

        All true. You chose to refute none of it.

        Your “cry more gun nuts” shows excessive emotion along with an ad hominem attack.

        True as well.

        Nice try slipping in the straw man though (youre stupid and weak).

        One for one on the violent forcible felonies stopped Bob.

        More generally, requiring CHL holders to justify their legal carry of a concealed weapon if and only if they have already experienced/stopped a violent forcible felony is a circular reasoning fallacy.

        Have a good day Bob.

      • BobJThompson

        Enjoy your day full of terror and anger. 🙂

      • Everhope

        Fair question.

  • Jim Bean

    I note that when the total number of guns in the theater increased, the violence ended.

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist


  • deschl

    so if everybody is strapped how do we tell the good guy from the bad guy, the sane from the insane, we just start shooting killing innocent bystanders and children. the rest of the world are shaking their heads at our paranoia and stupidity