Three of the Biggest Lies Republicans Tell About Themselves

republican-liesWhen I talk with Republicans, I often feel like I’m speaking with someone who lives inside of a bubble where the outside world and all of its realities are simply unable to penetrate.  It’s the school teacher who votes Republican despite Republicans stripping teachers unions of collective bargaining power.  It’s the individual who’s soon to rely on Medicare and Social Security, claiming they don’t need the federal government.  The person on welfare who voted for the politician who just voted to cut their benefits.

But one area where Republicans excel at is propaganda.  They’re really good at it.  They’ve successfully convinced millions of people to be absolute hypocrites, vote against their own interests and believe that giving rich people more money benefits the rest of us.

Basically, they’ve convinced people to lie to themselves.

So I decided I would give a quick rundown of three of the bigger lies Republicans perpetuate about themselves (though there are far more than three).

1) They’re fiscally conservative 

This is probably the biggest joke of them all.  It’s amazing to me that this is real platform they actually run on, yet haven’t had a Republican president who’s actually balanced the budget since President Eisenhower in the 1950’s.  Hell, their “conservative hero” Ronald Reagan came close to quadrupling the national debt during his eight years.  How exactly is someone a “beacon for fiscal responsibility” when they almost quadrupled the national debt?

And I know some conservatives will do what they always do and blame Democrats for Reagan running up our national debt.  I love reading the asinine conclusion that the near quadrupling of our debt was the fault of Tip O’Neill, not Reagan.  I hate to break it to these people, but Reagan signed off on every single piece of legislation during his eight years in office that led to the massive growth of our national debt.  Congressional Democrats couldn’t simply enact legislation without Reagan’s approval.

Then again, conservatives who make this argument clearly don’t understand how government works.  They’re also the ones who give all of the credit for our balanced  budget in the 90’s to congressional Republicans.

Then look at George W. Bush.  He took a balanced budget and completely wrecked it.  It took him one year to send us back into deficits after President Clinton gave us a surplus.  And don’t even tell me that our budget surplus should be credited to the Republicans in Congress.  If they were the primary reason why we had a balanced budget, it would have continued after Clinton left the White House, when they were still in charge of Congress — but guess what?  It didn’t.

What Bush did was cut taxes, then started two wars.  That’s like buying an $80,000 sports car just after taking a massive pay cut at work.  He reduced our revenue then increased our spending.  How again is that being “fiscally conservative”?

The only area Republicans point to for this claim of “fiscal responsibility” is their opposition to tax hikes.  But guess what?  Cutting taxes has nothing to do with being smart with money.

Oh, but they’ll cut programs that help the poor and the needy, that’ll balance our budget, right?  But you damn sure better not mention cutting oil subsidies or closing tax loopholes for the rich — Republicans will have no part in eliminating either of those.

The only place Republicans are fiscally conservative is in their minds.

2) Small government 

This is another joke.  I love how the party which actively campaigns for president on the pretense of passing Constitutional Amendments that would define traditional marriage is somehow the party of “small government.”

Or the party that continues to pass laws in Republican-controlled states attacking the right for a woman to have an abortion, requiring ultrasounds or transvaginal probes before an abortion can be performed.  That’s small government? 

Hell, if they had their way there would still be a ban on homosexuals in the military.

The fact is, Republicans love government.  Well, as long as that government is supporting something they want.  The only time they’re advocates for “small government” is when the government forces them to do things like — give people civil rights.

I live in Texas, a highly Republican state, where you can’t even buy liquor on Sunday due to outdated laws passed decades ago.  Hell, there are some counties in Texas where you still can’t buy alcohol at all.  How “small government” of them.  Isn’t Texas supposed to be a beacon for “small government values”?  Right.

The truth is, Republicans love government when they can use it to try to enforce their bigotry and ignorance, but hate government when it prevents them from enforcing their bigotry and ignorance.

3) Pro-life 

Being anti-abortion doesn’t make you “pro-life.”  Just like supporting the right for a woman to have an abortion doesn’t make you “pro-abortion.”

Republicans constantly prove that they don’t give a crap about life the moment it’s out of the womb.  Sure, they’ll use a fetus to stir up anger within people to get votes, but the fact of the matter is once that baby is born — they couldn’t care less.

The GOP has consistently cut funding for programs that help the poor and the needy.  They’ve strongly stood against access to health care for all Americans.  There’s even a push now by many to privatize Medicare and Social Security so that these programs are handed over to greedy corporations that can gamble with the future of millions of Americans.

There are tens of millions of children who will have less to eat this holiday because of the Republican cuts to our nation’s SNAP program.  And if Republicans get their way, tens of billions more will be cut from the program.

In a state like Texas — where millions of its citizens go without health care — Rick Perry refused to expand Medicaid coverage so that millions of Texans could receive health care, some for the very first time.  This is a practice we’ve seen all over the country in many Republican-controlled states.

How “pro-life” of these Republicans to deny access to health care for millions of Americans who desperately need it.

And the sad fact is, Republicans only really “care” about a fetus because it helps them get votes.  Otherwise they wouldn’t oppose — and cut — funding to programs that would help millions of poor children all across the United States.

When Republicans say they’re “pro-life” all they really mean is they’re anti-abortion — that’s it.  To call Republicans “pro-life” is an absolute joke.  Because once that baby is born, they couldn’t care less what happens to it, as long as it votes Republican in 18 years.

Now of course these aren’t the only ways Republicans lie to themselves.  These are just three of the bigger “labels” they give themselves that I find completely absurd.

But I’m sure to any Republican reading this, I’m absolutely wrong.  Sure I am.  Of course, they’ve most likely never voted for a Republican president who’s balanced the budget, they probably support a Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage, and you can bet they support massive cuts to welfare programs that feed millions of poor children.

Like I said, it’s like they live in a delusional bubble that reality is simply unable to penetrate.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • MLR

    You couldn’t of said it better. A friend of mine and his wife would consistently vote republican even though they were struggling and living paycheck to paycheck. When I asked them why they vote against their own interests they said because they’re “pro-life”. Yeah, until their 14 yr old daughter got pregnant then all of a sudden they were more pro-choice than Planned Parenthood. In fact, she had to run away because they were trying to force her to get an abortion. So much for moral values huh?

    That’s the thing that amazes me about the republican party. They want to use government to ram their fake moral values down everyone else’s throat. They are such hypocrites! They love the fetus but hate the child. They want to cut headstart, food stamps, education, and so on. All programs which help children. They claim to hate abortion yet they want to ban contraception and/or don’t want insurance plans to cover contraception even though women pay taxes too. Does that even make f#$%n sense? No, it doesn’t! And men better start caring about this issue too because this can affect their ability to plan their family size with their wife/partner. If I was a man (which I’m not) I sure as hell wouldn’t want no anti-choice groups getting in the way of my freedom to plan the size of my family with my wife/partner or make contraception more expensive for us just because they don’t believe it should be covered. Or worse, I woud not want my wife asking her boss permission to get contraception covered. But this is what you get when you vote republican.

    • Padre Pablo

      total FNing hypocrites!!!

    • Julie Wickstrom

      Wow, thanks for sharing the story.

      The bottom points have been proven to be so much more true lately.

  • David Ewers

    they will deny, change the conversation, try to quote conservative think tanks without any direct knowledge of their own. They will try to blame Obama for pumping 85B a month in to banking system, when he has no control of the fed.

    They will deny job growth, and will state that cutting welfare to the poor will somehow help them. They will say the welfare roles are going up without the knowledge that sub living wages paid by walmart are the cause of the welfare growth.

    • The big boys want it all this time. We get strong or get screwed. I mean it, THEY WANT IT ALL!!

  • Bruse Willlis

    pubbys are the american taliban !!! Commies …

    • johnny Spot

      Most Repubbys are going to spend eternity in Hell. Too bad, I’ll miss them

  • Martin Susman

    This is straight on target. The Right wing American Taliban religious tea party Republicans are without doubt the BEST at spewing total bullshit of any party. These elected criminals simply spout bullshit, they repeat it & Fox Faux news also runs it & then it becomes facts to the poor ignorant peopl ewho vote Republican.

    • soxfan4evah

      Maybe after this post you took that crown.

  • Jono

    Attacking Republicans doesn’t mean you have defended the awful mess the democrats have made in the last five years. But then again, that would be impossible.

    • anarchitek

      WHAT “awful mess” would that be, Jono? Putting the economy BACK TOGETHER, after republikkkans DESTROYED a couple TRILLION dollars worth of assets? That they did this by selling “insurance” that was NOT insurance in ANY sense of the word, by LOOTING the economy in the name of profits, and PAID themselves HANDSOMELY in the process only PROVES what despicable sorts they are! As to the “mess”, it was Junior and the gang-that-wouldn’t-shoot-straight-if-it-would-have-profited-them-more who GAVE AWAY nearly a TRILLION dollars, to those very same Wall Streeters, who THEN gave themselves hefty BONUSES, for “doing such a good job”–at what? Wrecking the economy? That’s ALL they accomplished, yet it became de rigueur for bankers and stock brokers to haul in HALF MILLION dollar bonuses. You are either one of these, or so blind as to not be able to see what’s happening around you, but in either case, you are no one to be commenting on the status quo in ANY negative sense! Whatever the democrats have done, it PALES in comparison to the DAMAGES republikkkans have done, and that doesn’t even BEGIN to tally the LOSS of liberties CAUSED by republikkkans!

      • strayaway

        Q. “WHAT “awful mess” would that be?”

        A. Just for starters: Destablizing the Arab world in Libya, Syria, and Egypt, stretching out the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Cisco just blamed large overseas losses on NSA scandals causing a loss of trust and business with our tech companies, the Brazilian, German and other governments are angry at us for spying on them, and an American whistleblower had to go to Russia for his own safety. We are being spied upon. The IRS is being used as a bludgeon and a spy agency against his political enemies. The 1% is accelerating its asset accumulations as the rest of America declines, the lowering of income of the average Americans, the dip in race relations. The (un)ACA has resulted in more 30 hour work weeks without benefits, 5M Americans losing their insurance, more costs and fewer enrollments than expected. The President has not put any bankers in jail. In fact, he supported the Wall Street bailout and has since transferred billion$ of bad bank paper to taxpayers. Unemployment, after five years of Obama including two in which he had a Democratic Congress, remains unacceptably high. Unemployment would be much higher except the Fed is printing $85/B/month as sort of a band-aid over the cancer which is the Obama economy. It isn’t working very well except for the 1% who are driving up the prices of stock, paintings, expensive houses, and other luxury goods with that money. The borrowing has also raised the national debt from $10T to $17T under Obama. That’s something like $55,000 per American, over $22,000 of which is part of Obama’s legacy to our children. Obama’s consummate lying is beginning to interfere with US foreign policy. He was humiliated by Putin.

        I don’t want you to think that I’m totally down on Obama so I will say some kind words. He is a good father who cares enough to send his daughters to the best of private schools. I saw him catch a fly with his hand (respect). I appreciate his help in developing Chevy Volt technology although he should have done it in the name national defense. Any agreement with Iran, even if relatively meaningless, is better than armed conflict.

      • anarchitek

        You seem to believe the President has omniscient powers that force all other elements of the government to bend to his will. Not so. Do some reading about how the government really works, and you will quickly learn the President is only ONE element in the “balance of powers”. However, with a Supreme Court STACKED with neanderthal republikkkans, who believe corporations have equal rights to people, and never met a restrictive, reactionary law or rule they didn’t like, it’s left to him and Congress. Oh, yeah, Congress, the 113th at least, is DOMINATED by republikkkans whose ONLY interests are trying to prevent the Affordable Care Act from becoming reality, and coming up with a bill that will ban abortions! They do NOT care about anything else, as demonstrated by their TRASHING of the Veterans’ Jobs Bill, co-sponsored by one of their own! As to his supporting the “bail-out”, personally I think he did as well as he could, CONSIDERING what he was left with–the HUGE mess left behind by Junior! I do wish he would put MORE than a few bankers in jail, too, but it was NOT bankers who crashed the economy. It was AEG, Goldman Sachs and others, who sold “insurance” that was NOT insurance of any kind. Congress REFUSES to add any teeth to the SEC, or pass ANY rules, laws or other regulations, to REIN IN Wall Street! In my opinion, the President is doing as good a job as can be expected, since PRIMARILY, his job consists, these days, of HERDING CATS! Your smarmy remarks about Obama being a “good dad” reveal the inherent racism in your character. Perhaps you could CRITICIZE john Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and the other “leading lights” (more like DIM BULBS) of the WORST Congress EVER! That would at least do some good! With ALL the criticism of Obama ALREADY, more is merely overkill. However, IF your buddies in Congress were to GET as much as they DESERVE, we MIGHT see a small change for the better! I doubt this will change you, because you seem to be a troll, anyway, so I won’t hold my breath, waiting. It’s so much easier jumping on the band wagon, and singing along with all the idiots already aboard!

      • strayaway

        I wasn’t singling out Obama specifically. The same could be said for the majority of Democrats in Congress and there is a lot of overlap with status quo Republicans who also favor bigger government and corporatist solutions. I was answering your question “what mess”. I’m glad you admitted that you approved of Obama getting on board with Bush’s Wall Street bailout. Many progressives won’t admit that. I was sincere about Obama being a good dad in my scratching around to find something admirable about the President. Was I supposed to say he was ‘honest”?

        I’m all for helping the vets by the way. The best way we could help our troops is to bring them home from Afghanistan yesterday instead of wheedling to allow 10,000 to stay there longer. Also we could close a lot of foreign bases like those in Korea. They should just come home. educational and job training benefits for VFWs seem reasonable to me.

      • anarchitek

        YOU are TYPICAL of the people I tried to get to WAKE UP and smell the coffee, 33 years ago! You swallow WHOLE bullsh*t made up to APPEAL to your demographic, and NOT have ANYTHING in it that could be HELD against the writers–a treatise in pure bullsh*t meant to APPEAL to the DUMBEST generation in CENTURIES!

      • soxfan4evah

        With your sterling personality I would guess you’re batting .000 on changing anyones mind. In fact you probably turn people against you.

      • strayaway

        Writing in you format and style: YOU are PRESUMPTOUS. Your posts are VACUOUS and based on CLICHES.

        I voted for Anderson 33 years ago if that is what you are talking about. I had lived in California long enough to know that Reagan was about big government and Carter, although an intelligent gentleman, had presided over stagflation.

      • anarchitek

        Actually, Ronnie RayGun was for ANYTHING that boosted Ronnie RayGun’s fortunes, not necessarily “big government”! He was a STOOGE, a PUPPET, operated by BIG BUSINESS interests, BOUGHT and PAID FOR! As for Carter, he was an “outsider” and the Washington “literati” thought they would show him how the cow ate the cabbage! THEY were responsible for Carter’s poor showing! As I said, you place everything in the most simplistic terms, expect government to operate according to YOUR ideas, and ideals. It does NOT! Never has, never will. That’s what DEMOCRACY means. What’s best for the MOST, not what’s best for some schmuck in the hinterlands.

      • strayaway

        DEMOCRACY is, according to the adage, “two wolves and lamb voting on what’s for lunch”. We are instead a constitutional republic which better protects the rights of minority voices and rights.

      • anarchitek

        I find that people to the far right of the political spectrum love to insist on the US being a “constitutional republic”, as if that solved all problems. The problem arises when they don’t happen to LIKE the part of the Constitution that someone else is trying to assert. This most often happens, for instance, with the ACLU, originally created to preserve constitutional liberties. While we may be, in the loosest possible sense, a “republic”, we are FIRST and FOREMOST a democracy! While it is the most frustrating, difficult form of association, it IS what was CLOSEST to the Founding Father’s intentions, if you read about the arguments that went on during the Constitutional Convention. While the southern delegates INSISTED on their “right” (that NEVER existed, on Earth or anywhere else), to “own” slaves, to the point of threatening the very existence of what would become the United States, cooler heads stood their ground on other issues, seting a precedent for allowing “wrong” ideas to coexist with saner concepts. Had they not, there would NOT be the country we know and love, today, except as some form of a British Commonwealth. Britain believed they could sit back and wait for us to implode, and we nearly played into their hands. However, compromise won the day, and the Constitution was completed, and ratified. Now, some want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, because others think differently than they. Shades of 200 years ago, but instead of cooler heads holding sway over their comrades, we had posers, sycophants and utter demagogues with agendas of their own, holding the country hostage, because they “don’t agree” with the “other side”. Wah. The poor babies. They fall back on that “Constitutional republic” argument, as if by stuffing the ballot box, gerrymandering the districts so as to ensure they are virtually lifetime appointees, they’ve somehow achieved some political capital that makes sense. Nothing could be further from the truth. I say that, by way of an example. If, in some future possibility, Muslims were ABLE to get a majority elected, and CHANGE the laws to create a Muslim state, even though their NUMBERS were LESS than a majority–even FAR LESS (the way tea baggers are, about 37%, AT MOST), by taking over small-population states, and small-population districts, so they end up with a MAJORITY of Representatives. WOULD YOU like it, if your child were suddenly FORCED to adhere to a religion that is in NO WAY connected with your heritage? That IS the situation we have today, with republikkkans having MANIPULATED the system, AND the voters, of those states, Iowa, Wyoming, Arkansas, Mississippi, Wisconsin, etc, where they are REPRESENTING FEWER citizens than their COLLEAGUES in California, New York, Pennsylvania, etc. That’s WHAT has happened, with Congress being TETHERED to a 455-member number, and EACH state being allowed a MINIMUM of ONE representative, and TWO Senators, regardless of population. As the population has shifted to cities and urban areas, there are now large parts of the country that are under-populated, but still represented. Add to that the underhanded efforts of republikkkans, since Grover Norquist and Jack Abramoff set out to make “undefeatable” seats, for their partners in crime. No mattter HOW you slice it, that is UN-American, at the least, and EXACTLY what you complain about, you and every other tea bagger. I guess, because it’s YOUR criminals, it’s OK. It isn’t, you’re just equivocating, but then, your lot does a LOT of that!

      • strayaway

        Democracy is said to be when two wolves and a lamb decide what to have for dinner. In its purist form, democracy eventually results in dictatorship. Democracy isn’t mentioned in the Constitution. However, the Constitution employs democratic principles. The founders even had the states pick senators which is much more representative than democratic. As you pointed out, slavery was hardly democratic. So I disagree and think that the founders intentionally made republic trump democracy. I don’t support the gerrymandering you bring up but then I didn’t support the IRS releasing private information about Romney to the Obama camp to throw the last presidential election either. I didn’t even vote for Romney but I see the Obama administration as having dictatorial tendencies changing laws, making laws, spying on Americans, and using the IRS and NSA to punish its opposition. I judge those tendencies to be neither democratic nor anything better than a banana republic. i can understand your animosity toward the Constitution as a progressive. It is like what W. Bush said about the Constitution being nothing but a “g-d piece of paper” that gets in the way of potential tyrants and defends the rights of minorities from that tyranny of the (democratic) majority.

        Regarding your examples of Muslims. The Constitution gives Congress the duty of regulating immigration so there was no need for letting German immigrants in in the 40’s, Russians in the 50’s, or millions of Muslims in today at least until they adopt a kinder gentler form of Islam. There is not even a reason for 1.3 million US workers to be kicked off of their temporary extended unemployment by the same federal government that allows 8M illegal aliens to occupy their jobs. So there would be no need for any state to worry about being swamped by any particular group except that immigration is broken and federal authorities are refusing to even obey their own laws. I don’t mean to single out Obama as the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, and Congress had much to do with our state of affairs too. Even if some hypothetical group like your example of Muslims did swamp the existing population, it would be the restraining features of a republic that would protect the minority from a democratic trampling by the majority.

      • anarchitek

        As usual, you’ve picked and chosen so you can trumpet your propaganda, but the fact is, I cherish the Constitution, and it’s unimaginable (to simpletons on the right) ability to govern as a LIVING document, not just as a relic from the past! I don’t know how you ever came to the conclusion I “hate” or dislike in ANY way, the Constitution, but I’m not too surprised. Your jeremiads have been long on aspersion and smear tactics, but short on logic and deficient in common sense. How you got to “Obama having the IRS release information on RobMe” is beyond my ability to decode your blather. Suffice to say, it was MORE Anonymous who brought down RobMe’s house of cards, and helped EXPOSE him as a SERIAL cheater, and prevented Rove’s back-stabbing “Ohio surprise” (where the vote-counting machines were HOUSED in a republikkkan building in Tennessee–which does not even have a common border with Ohio!), shown by his outburst on Fox (it’s NOT the) News, on election night! How you can stomach the clowns that make up the “modern” republikkkan party, Rove, a master of the knife-in-the-back, the unanswerable slander and, of course, the completely DISHONEST machination of vote-counting machines, and RobMe, whose “financial genius” consists of GAMING the system, RIPPING OFF investors, whether American, institutional, pension-funds, or what-have-you. Study the Vanity Fair story on RobMe, from June 2012, and IF you can still stomach the man, it’s ONLY because you are more like him than ANY kind of “patriot”! As far as I’m concerned, we dodged a bullet, and ANYONE is a better President, than he would have been. Anyone dishonest enough to NOT pay ANY taxes for MORE than 10 years,,THEN pay one year’s taxes, so he can point to it, as if it were typical, is MORE than dishonest, LESS than deserving of the office. As to my comments on a possible Muslim majority, you IGNORED my opening qualifier, which as ANYONE who understand LOGIC knows, CONDITIONAL statements are ONLY true, when the OPENING statement IS true! If you DISCARD that statement, NOTHING else matters! You have gobbledygook! Like most of what you wrote in response. Who do you suppose IS responsible for the MESS of an immigration “policy” that we have? Republikkkans, MOSTLY! Ronnie RayGun, when running for Governor of California, the 1st time, ASSURED Central Valley “farmers” (agribusiness, in reality), that he would MAKE SURE they got the “workers” (illegal Mexicans) they “needed”, despite the US government ENDING the “bracero” program (allowing workers to CROSS the border to work here!). THANK RayGun for the RUNAWAY numbers of ILLEGAL aliens in this country (estimated at MORE THAN the official population of Southern California–in JUST that area!). They TAKE JOBS away from American citizens, and SEND the money back to Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, etc, exacerbating our “Balance of Trade”! I’ve walked onto jobsites, where there was NOT ONE worker who spoke English, when there SHOULD have been 100 or more US CITIZENS working! That is what 35 years of “republikkkan control” has given us! That and the EXTINCTION of the Middle Class! Nice work, for your side! Thanks, for NOTHING!

      • strayaway

        “Living Constitution”? Is that sort of like the imaginary constitution? The Constitution I read has ways of being amended. End slavery-done. Women’s vote -done. Income tax -done. Prohibition-done. Prohibition -undone. So whatever you imagine about the Living Constitution after inhaling can actually be changed. Instead of your interpreting the Constitution to conform to whatever you want, you can actually amend it to be so. Until then, it is the law of the land.

        As I mentioned, I didn’t wast a vote on Romney either and consider Rove a corporate lobbyist. The Romney incident was just the tip of the 2013 IRS scandal.

        “Since the new IRS scandal broke, Republicans have found the question of who Reid got his information from — and from where — intriguing.
        “We all wondered how Harry Reid had Mitt Romney’s taxes,” Republican National Committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski told The Daily Caller. “The question is, will he call for a full investigation into the IRS?”On Tuesday, Reid took a hard line against the IRS. “What the IRS did, of course, was inexcusable,” he said. But a spokesman for Reid didn’t respond to TheDC’s inquiry about whether the IRS had leaked any of Romney’s tax information to him”. -liveleak

        Ronnie did make a big mistake in trusting the Democrats promise to close the border in return for giving amnesty. No doubt about that. I’m totally against amnesty for some of the reasons you mention and also oppose Republicans who compromise on that matter. But President Obama is presently the Fairy Godmother of the TPP and amnesty legislation. Republicans are split on both issues. Those policies are going to destroy much of the middle class. Perhaps that’s the intention.

      • anarchitek

        You make my points, but don’t seem to get it, bozo! A “living” document IS one that is updated, amended, changed, made new as necessary! Whether you “voted” for RobMe or not, you SUPPORT the nonsense they are babbling! as to Rove, he is a criminal, plain and simple, a thug who would have felt right at home in the 3rd Reich!

        WHY are you MORE concerned with WHERE Harry Reid got the info, than you are with WHAT It meant? Personally, I don’t like people HIDING behind “laws” while they act as OUTLAWS! The Mafia does that too, which is ANOTHER thing wrong with RobMe! He has too much in common with America’s ENEMIES, than he has with the “common” people! It’s time we had STATESMEN, once again, and DID NOT pay any attention to Inquirer-type “people want to know” BS questions!

        As to your closing babble about Ronnie, you PROVE just HOW LITTLE you knew about the man! He did NOT make any mistakes relying on democrats! He made ALL his own mistakes, out of GREED and SELF-INTEREST! He MADE SURE California’s borders were WIDE OPEN, in 1966, when he took over as Governor, DESPITE the US government’s attempts to STOP the flow of illegals into this country! Pull your head out of your rectum and STOP knee-jerking! Just because he was a “republikkkan” (in name” does NOT mean he was ANY MORE than he was as a “democrat” (for 30 years!). Man are you gullible!

      • strayaway

        If your concept of the “Living Constitution” is what is says and however it is amended, we have no quarrel. For now, the federal government, according to 10th Amendment, is limited to those powers delegated to it. That, I think is where I disagree the most with almost all democrats and many Republicans.

        I see that not only do you believe in the “Living Constitution” but you are imagining I supported Romney and Rove. If I had, I would have voted for them because I certainly didn’t want any more of Obama. I’m thinking that with the IRA and NSA operating as they are and the President’s comments about having a phone and pen that I have an additional candidate to add to your short list of 3rd Reich ventriloquists channeling the LIving Constitution.

        The Harry Reid thing is just the tip of the Reichberg. I’m actually much more concerned about getting away with bombing Libya and violating the War Powers Act and getting away with it. The Reichberg is getting pretty big.

        Yes, it would be refreshing to have a statesman after Bush and Obama. This turning into a banana republic thing isn’t funny.

      • anarchitek

        You’ve got to start getting your information from somewhere OTHER than Fox (it’s NOT the) News, if you do NOT want people to MISTAKE you for a blithering idiot! Oh, and the IRA is the Irish Republikcan Army, a group of decidedly “republikkkan” idiots whose idea of statecraft is the ideally-placed anti-personnel bomb! We in the US prefer to negotiate the peace without WEAPONS! Since the LAST election WAS between Obama and RobMe, WHY are you blathering on about how Obama doesn’t suit you? You are the REASON we get the BOTTOM of the barrel, because you bought into that MYTH that all political candidates MUST submit to a LITMUS test, and also pass the Inquirer’s people-got-a-right-to-know INVASION of their privacy! There has NEVER been a PERFECT President! We’ve elected MANY a flawed man, and he did a pretty good job, DESPITE his flaws! We’ve also elected a LOT of stinkers–it goes with the territory! When it comes to stinkers, by the way, the republikkkans are WAY OUT FRONT! They pushed an unbroken string of unmitigated a**holes on the public, from 1868 until the advent of Cleveland, then got one more in, after his 1st term! Together, they presided over the destruction of the remnants of the Indian (Native American) population, in a series of obscene “wars” that pitted starving, poorly armed natives against a Cavalry made up of former Southerners, many of whom had nothing to live for. Then, accident of accidents, they selected Teddy R, as a vice-President for McKinley, who had the bad luck to get killed. Teddy went on to disappoint his fat-cat backers, with his trust-busting, but he did build the Panama Canal and whip Yellow Fever in the process. When his hand-picked successor, Taft, sucked up to those same fat-cats, instead of followiing Teddy’s example, Teddy came back as a 3rd-Party candidate! He split the election, delivering it to Wilson, who went on to preside over America’s initial steps on the world stage, by saving the Allies butts in WWI. Sadly, there was no one to follow Wilson, and the republikkkans were able to RETAKE the White House, installing the ESSENTIAL “smoke-filled back-room” candidate, Warren G Harding, who was too interested in keeping his mistress happy to bother keeping an eye on his administration. He presided over the most CORRUPT administration, since Grant’s (one example: the Tea Pot Dome scandal, where the Secretary of the Interior was implicated in a scheme to STEAL the Navy’s store of petroleum reserves!). Harding had the good grace to die before his term was up, although his body was mysteriously cremated by his wife, before an autopsy could be conducted, to determine the cause of death. Silent Cal and Herbie Hoover presided over the rest of the decade, IGNORING warning signs coming out of Wall Street (at 1st, stock was being sold in companies BUILDING factories, BEFORE they could SELL a single product–then, stock was sold in companies that had NO INTENTION of even building a factory, MUCH LESS selling anything except BLUE SKY!). When REALITY caught up with the lunatics who styled themselves “financial advisors”, HOOVER sat on HIS hands, for almost FOUR YEARS, firmly convinced “market forces” would cause a turn-around! What an bozo! It took FDR EIGHT YEARS to repair the damage, STARTING with the 1933 Banking Act, the centerpiece of which became the Glass-Stiegall Act, which KEPT the banking and stock market industries on an EVEN KEEL for more than 60 years, before Newt and the Gang of Thieves that couldn’t shoot straight, got it repealed! That repeal IS what led to the 2008 COLLAPSE, ENGINEERED in toto by republikkkans! So, IF you “quack like a republikkkan, and walk like a republikkkan” don’t be surprised when others TAKE you for a republikkkan! You’ve been exposed to a LOT of bad information, and obviously NEVER bothered to CHECK on facts–oh yeah, republikkkans “don’t need” FACT checkers!

      • strayaway

        Fox News? Yawn, that’s lame.

        “WHY are you blathering on about how Obama doesn’t suit you?” Because I am a citizen devoted to improving this Country rather than driving it into the ground as Obama, and Bush, have. My favorite presidents include and somewhat in order, Jefferson, Coolidge, Harding, Washington, Cleveland with honorable mention to JQ Adams. Kennedy, Eisenhower, and Ford. So I’m not in a quandary like you having to pick between Bush and Obama who, in so many ways, overlap and imagine, as you seem to, that we have to accept the low quality choices offered to us by their puppet masters.

        I would rank Bush and Obama somewhere down with Wilson (Federal Reserve, WWI, federal income tax). Hoover’s prescriptions were very different from Coolidge’s and more like Roosevelt’s. They obviously didn’t work. Hoover tried many of the things but Roosevelt seated a court that would allow them. Declared unconstitutional under Hoover, such schemes were allowed to perpetuate the Hoover/Roosevelt depression although the Hoover dam and other hydro-electic plants paid off in the long run; much better than the (un)ACA computer system that is Obama’s legacy infrastructure project.

        “President Bill Clinton publicly declared “the Glass–Steagall law is no longer appropriate.” -wikipedia
        I didn’t know Clinton was a “republikkkan.

      • anarchitek

        Once again, you dissemble and dance around the topic, casting aspersions as if they were flower petals to fragrance the debate, They’re not. They are typical of WHAT is wrong with the system, when everyone is a critic and a Monday morning quarterback, insisting they know better. You don’t. All you know is how to complain, deride and belittle, It’s not much of a solution, particularly IF you live in the real world. I despised Junior, as I’ve said many times before, and I only give Obama the credit due him for making a terrible situation better. If you don’t acknowledge that, then you are simply a racist, unhappy because a black man occupies the White House! Too bad. Get over it. As to Hoover, he was an AVOWED “trickle-down” believer, and DID ALMOST NOTHING for 4 years–not a list of FDR-like actions he COULD NOT get “passed”, due to a recalcitrant Supreme Court! You live in an active FANTASY WORLD! Snap out of it, dim bulb! Enough of this nonsense! As for Coolidge, he was a nice man, over his head, who, much like Franklin Pierce, had NO BUSINESS in the the White House! John Quincy was another non-starter, who owed his father’s influence for his term. He couldn’t perform and was turned out by Andrew Jackson in his 2nd, finally successful, bid. You need to DISCONTINUE your subscription to Newt Gingrich’s re-construction of American History, because it’s embarrassing what you DON’T know about Presidential politics. As to accepting Obama, he IS the President, and WILL be, for two more years, so STOP whining about it already! As I have REPEATEDLY said, there have been NO perfect occupants in the WH, only men who rise to the occasion, occasionally. Some only act as place-holders, like Junior and his daddy, and Coolidge, JQ Adams and others, and some are truly venal, like Ronnie RayGun, and Tricky Dick Nixon, and, yes, Herbie Hoover, the man who EXEMPLIFIED the Peter Principle, by RISING to his own personal level of INCOMPETENCE! Sadly, it cost MILLIONS of Americans their farms, and the nation an additional decade in the “depression” CAUSED by Wall Street’s MALFEASANCE! THAT is where the BLAME belongs, and THAT is who YOU should be angry at! Not at the OFTEN hamstrung supreme leaders! So, STOP telling me the same old same old, and START thinking, and paying attention. Pretend you have a functioning BRAIN!

      • strayaway

        “Racist”? Is that twice as bad an insult as “Fox News”? I get it. In your mind, being incompetent has something to do with being black because how else could one explain Obama’s incompetency?

        Harding and Coolidge presided over lower taxes, reduced federal spending, higher employment, shorter working weeks, let Wilson’s political prisoners out of jail, reduced the size of the military, and kept us out of wars. Actual peace and prosperity instead of evaporating hopes and chains. They were the antithesis of Roosevelt and Obama. Harding, like Obama, took over when the unemployment was rising and went over 11%. So Harding reduced government spending and taxation and unemployment was 3.6% two years later. Obama, Coolidge, and Roosevelt did the opposite and produced debts and extended unemployment instead.

        Oh, I do accept that Obama is my President; a very poor one at that. That is why it is necessary to limit his damages as long as I am stuck with him…sort of like getting through the flu.

        Are capital letter to make you seem intelligent, just loud, or do they announce being out of control?

      • anarchitek

        Pull your head out of your rectum, amigo! You dismiss your racist attitudes, as if by doing so, it excuses you from any connection to it, but that just is NOT so! And, it seems you DO get your info STRAIGHT from Fox (it’s NOT the) News-there AND from Rush LimpDick–because you KEEP repeating the PARTY LINE word for word! So, this is an exercise in pointlessness, a perfect exposition of the old saying about the futility of teaching a pig to sing–it’s a waste of time, and it pisses the pig off. You smugly luxuriate in your racism, accusing Obama of “failures” that you NEVER even thought of charging Junior with, or BushI, RayGun, or, if you’re old enough, EITHER Jerry Ford OR Tricky Dick! You look back at the past with a pair of doctored rose-colored glasses, insisting things were perfect under your lily-white Presidents Coolidge and Hoover. Try studying History, a little more. For instance, we sent Marines (and occasionally the Army, and once or twice, Naval forces) into:
        1920 – Guatemala: – April 9 to 27: U.S. forces protected the American
        Legation and other American interests, such as the cable station, during
        a period of fighting between Unionists and the Government of Guatemala,
        1922 – Turkey: – September and October, A landing force was sent ashore
        with consent of both Greek and Turkish authorities, to protect American
        lives and property,
        1922–23 – China: – April 1922 to November 1923, Marines were landed five times to protect Americans during periods of unrest,
        1924 – Honduras: – February 28 to March 31, September 10 to 15, U.S.
        forces protected American lives and interests during election
        1924 – China: – September, Marines were landed to protect Americans and
        other foreigners in Shanghai during Chinese factional hostilities,
        1925 – China: – January 15 to August 29, Fighting of Chinese factions
        accompanied by riots and demonstrations in Shanghai brought the landing
        of American forces to protect lives and property in the International
        1925 – Honduras: – April 19 to 21, U.S. forces protected foreigners at La Ceiba during a political upheaval,
        1925 – Panama: – October 12 to 23, Strikes and rent riots led to the
        landing of about 600 American troops to keep order and protect American
        1926–33 – Nicaragua: – May 7 to June 5, 1926 and August 27, 1926 to
        January 3, 1933, The coup d’état of General Chamorro aroused
        revolutionary activities leading to the landing of American marines to
        protect the interests of the United States. United States forces came
        and went intermittently until January 3, 1933,
        1926 – China: – August and September, The Nationalist attack on Hankow
        brought the landing of American naval forces to protect American
        citizens. A small guard was maintained at the consulate general even
        after September 16, when the rest of the forces were withdrawn.
        Likewise, when Nationalist forces captured Kiukiang, naval forces were
        landed for the protection of foreigners November 4 to 6, and,
        1927 – China: – February, Fighting at Shanghai caused American naval
        forces and Marines to be increased. In March, a naval guard was
        stationed at American consulate at Nanking after Nationalist forces
        captured the city. American and British destroyers later used shell fire
        to protect Americans and other foreigners. Subsequently additional
        forces of Marines and naval forces were stationed in the vicinity of
        Shanghai and Tientsin.

        IF you would pull your head out, and actually do a little reading, you would soon discover there have hardly been ANY times in which the US military has NOT been “deployed”, SOMEWHERE! Oh, by the way, we sent the Marines into Nicaragua and Honduras to PROTECT United Fruit, who had a LONG history of NOT PAYING local workers, UNDERPAYING them, beating them, cheating them, and acting like the WORST of ancient warlords, who could call upon mercenaries to enforce their will. Except, the “mercs” were OUR Marines, and SHOULD NEVER have been used, to FORCE workers to subsist on SLAVE WAGES, for a CORPORATION! Even then, your party thought MORE of corporations, than it did of PEOPLE! No wonder you trumpet the party line the way you do–you are NOT a real person, you’re just a TROLL! You’re one of those perverts who live in some basement, cranking out those bizarre emails and tweets, that the REST of us LAUGH AT, about “the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina was due to the failure of the residents along the Mississippi River to MAINTAIN their levees”!!! AS IF any “resident” is even ALLOWED to touch a levee on a NAVIGABLE river in the US! You’ve shown your true colors, pal. Your cum-stained underwear is showing! Drop it, because we can do this until the cows come home. You’re never going to be able to convince ANYONE that your BS doesn’t stink!

      • strayaway

        anarchitek, Getting past your obsession with rectums, I respect that you looked that up. (no pun intended) Let’s see, 5 Americans were killed in China protecting the lives of Americans and other civilians, something like 31 Americans were killed in Nicaragua through Roosevelt in 1933. Do you have any other actual numbers of US deaths? Over 73% of our Afghan deaths have been under Obama. How does the total number of Americans KIA under Coolidge (20?, 30?) compare just with the number of US soldiers killed under Obama just in Afghanistan? Were all the drone attacks on Libyans and Arab weddings included, the number of locals killed by Obama would probably be even more disproportionate to the deaths of foreigners under Coolidge. Back to your list. 8 of those incursions were to protect American citizens, 3 were to protect “foreigners” probably including americans as in the Seige of Beijing, and two were listed only as to protect US interests such as in Panama where we had a canal. Not mentioned is that Coolidge withdrew US troops from the Domincan Republic sent there by Wilson.

        You do make a good point though that Harding and Coolidge were not perfect with regards to keeping all troops out of the banana republics. You make another point, though, that even with their imperfections of mostly protecting US citizens, unlike Hillary, the number of US and foreign deaths attributed to the foreign policies of Harding and Coolidge pale compared to those under Bush and Obama. Perfect no – I concede that but a hell of a lot better than Bush or Obama.

        While you rightly complain about United Fruit, I have not known you to be as concerned about similar sweatshops and even prison labor in Nicaragua or China today. Nor have you been out front about Obama’s TPP promotions.

        If you can prove that I wrote “the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina was due to the failure of the residents along the Mississippi River to MAINTAIN their levees” as you claim, I will stop posting here. Until then, you can continue posting as as the rectal fetish liar you are.

      • soxfan4evah

        You’re ignorance shows when you say Congress is dominated by Republicans. House is under GOP the other half the Senate under Democrat. Senate refuses to vote on bills thus not allowing them to go to conference and make agreements. Why would the House want to work with the my way or the highway Senate?

      • anarchitek

        Sir, YOU have a MASTER’S degree in IGNORANCE! Your remarks display a WEALTH of ignorance about how things work, what the government does, and HOW a SMALL NUMBER of a******s have SCREWED you, tattooed you, and TAP DANCED all over your rights! Yet, you LAP IT UP, smile and PLAY the pet monkey, singing, “More, please!” Get your HEAD out of your backside, and PAY ATTENTION to what is happening! ALL that tea party PROPAGANDA you so happily swilled up, was PAID FOR by the Koch brothers, who would NOT piss you if your a** was on fire!

      • soxfan4evah

        Again without all the shit spewing out of your mouth, Congress is made up of 2 houses. One under GOP and one under Democrats currently. If one refuses to work with the other, why should they buckle under? The House is the peoples direct voice, that’s why they are up for election every 2 years. The Senate is for moderation and temperment thus the 6 year term. Each House 1 half of one equal branch of government. As for the rest of your diarreah, the Founders never intended for government to be the panacea you seem to desire.

      • strayaway

        It’s amazing the number of posters here who use anal terminology. Is that normal for Progressives?

        panacea: a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases.

        Either your reading comprehension is sub-standard or you haven’t read anything I wrote if you are accusing me of expecting government to be a ‘panacea’.

      • anarchitek

        Sir, I suggest you return to school, and take some basic Civics classes. It’s plain to see you SLEPT through those in school!

      • Cathryn Sykes

        The Dems in the Senate have been trying to pass bills. The GOP in the Senate keeps filibustering them.

      • soxfan4evah

        With Reid not allowing them any input, the filibuster is the only power the minority has, something Democrats weren’t opposed to prior to 2008. Both President Obama and Vice President Biden asked the GOP Senate Majority leader not to do away with it when they were in the minority in the Senate.

      • anarchitek

        You have such a limited comprehension of the problems of governmyoent, it’s difficult to carry on an intelligent conversation! since the House is controlled by TEA BAGGERS, absolutely NOTHING gets done! The tea baggers are the ones who will NOT COOPERATE! Not the Senate, as SHOWN by the MANY bills sent down to the House, that have either NOT been brought up for a vote, OR have been DEFEATED! since YOU sound like one of them, you must be VERY PROUD of the LACKLUSTER performance of the 113th Congress, now OFFICIALLY the WORST-EVER Congress! Way to go, tea buds!

      • Cathryn Sykes

        The Constitution states that bills before the Senate can be passed by a “simple majority”…51 of the 100 senators. Do you know what a filibuster is? It was originally intended to be a long speech, by one senator, on the merits, or lack of merits, of such a bill. The speaker could state his position on the Senate floor, but he had to remain standing and once he stopped, the vote on that bill could go forward. It was designed to make the Senate pause and think….not stop it from voting altogether. Well, the GOP got the rules changed….so that now, instead of involving a physically challenging marathon of speaking, Senators can just file “intent” to filibuster and then go home to a nice dinner and a long night’s sleep….while desperately needed legislation that would garner 51 votes get killed, because the sponsors don’t have the 60 votes to override the filibuster. This is what you call “Senate refuses to vote on bills.” And by far, the most users of this “new” filibuster are Republicans.

      • soxfan4evah

        Reid refuses to give the GOP anything as far as amendments to bills from the Senate, then accuses House GOP of not cooperating. If he refuses to as Senate Majority Leader why should he expect House Speaker to cooperate? After all it is a 2 way street, and given the President’s use of signing statements to negate deals he agreed to with House after sequestration,why should they work with him either? Would you if the other side didn’t play fair? But being a small government fan I rather prefer gridlock.

      • soxfan4evah

        Why didn’t the Democrats deal with this when they had all the power from 2008 to 2010? Too busy working on their power grab known as the PPACA? Or because both sides of the aisle in DC need to be ousted? Distract America with shiny objects while they work in unison to pick our pockets.

      • anarchitek

        Gee, stray, WHY is it the democrats SHOULD have done MORE, in TWO years, THAN you and your type have EXPECTED of the republikkkans, over the LAST 33? Hunh? Please explain that, and I’ll come up with a reason why the democrats DIDN’T rise to YOUR expectations, for those TWO years! YOU are an IGNORANT FOOL! A tool of SOBs who COULD NOT CARE LESS about you! Too STUPID to realize how badly you’ve been SCREWED OVER!

      • soxfan4evah

        It’s because none of them inside the beltway give a shit about you. Too bad you are fool enough not to realize that.

      • anarchitek

        Actually, I NEVER thought they cared the least little bit about me, and it never bothered me! I am NOT the most important being in the UNIVERSE, so it stands to reason, a LOT of other topics would come up FIRST! Get over yourself!

      • surfjac

        Not to mention a right wing super minority obstructing everything. Obama came out for breathing yesterday; boehner turns blue holding breath.

      • Bonner’s a Loser

        Boehner is a total loser and a waste-product of Congress. He is a despicable human being.

      • Alierias

        Actually, with the contested vote of Al Frankin, and the death of Ted Kennedy, the Democrats really only had 60 votes for about 6 months. Not very much of a window to fix 30 years of sh*t…

    • Bingo

      We’ve made plenty of progress from what we inherited. We still continue to succeed even if there are some fumbles, mistakes and delays. 2014 and 2016 are coming and the Republicans are in for a thrashing. Your/Republican overblown criticism/demonization of all things imperfect that are getting done while in effect doing Zippo yourselves in the grand hopes of re-writing history so that the country forgets the horrible performance by your three past Presidents is not fooling anybody. All you are achieving with your antics is in effect displaying on ‘big screen tv’ that you have learned nothing from your mistakes, taken no responsibility for the wanton killing of hundreds of thousands of lives and having brought our economy and personal savings to a crushed and greatly destroyed state. If that’s what you call morality and governance ability… oh well… keep on keeping on dude cause you’re only ruining yourselves further and, without doing some serious integrity revamping, that’s exactly where you deserve to be.

    • David Ewers

      What awful mess, lay it out? Its easy to throw out some empty words, but putting out some facts is alien to you

  • No

    While the points here are good, I struggle with listening to people in my own camp turn this is into a gotcha match, filled with angry rhetoric and such. The writer is clearly new to writing as this sounds like a college paper at best (and likely a state college at that). I would prefer less “don’t give a craps” with a little more thoughtful tone. Remember that when you whine or yell about something, you may be right, but no one will hear what you are saying until you do so like an adult.

  • anarchitek

    I’ve been trying to get friends, neighbors, acquaintances and random members of the general public to take notice of many of the points raised by the author of this piece! I pointed out the dichotomy between what RayGun had campaigned on, and WHAT he was doing, i.e., raising fees, sending the budget deficits THROUGH the ceiling, wasting MORE MONEY than ANY previous President, and giving away public properties and set-asides, to corporate interests, just as he had, when Governor of California. No one listened, certain of their rightness in voting for the “winner”. That explains much of what has benefited republikkkans over the last 33 years, that “coattail” effect, where more joined the flock, as they won elections. It also helped that the party swung fully behind such racist attitudes allowing the worst to come out of those with a bone to pick with those of different colors than themselves. Thus, the republikkkan party became the party of bigots, of haters, of small-minded people who waved a flag that represented the best of humankind, and tried to make it into a campaign banner without acknowledging the history of INCLUSION over exclusion. The party of exclusion, the republikkkans, wanted people to think they “cared” for their liberties, when ALL the party, and those who controlled it, really cared about was power, and the exercise of that power. That’s why we live in as close to a police state, today, as has EVER existed on these shores!

    • strayaway

      You make Democrats sound like the Party of cliches.

      • anarchitek

        You just seem to be a TOOL of the republikkkan tea baggers! Too bad. Someday, you WILL regret, ala Rev Niemoller’s “First They Came” poem about the dangers of standing SILENT while OTHERS are hauled off, for their “differences”: “(w)hen they came for me, and by that time no one was left to speak up (for me).” Watch out, lest you find yourself LAST among those to be taken away in the dead of night, by the “secret” police, whom you’ve tacitly supported, by NOT speaking out, in defense of the FREEDOMS OF OTHERS! There WON’T be anyone left, to speak out for you! ‘Course, that probably doesn’t concern tough cookies like you. So, enjoy. Forget about whining, complaining or appealing to others–they’ll KNOW it’s only a matter of time BEFORE they are next!

      • strayaway

        Name calling side, I disagree with your main point. I see the Bush/Obama era as a slide toward totalitarianism. Privacy, misuses of the IRA, wars without the consent of Congress, more executive order legislation with every president, invasions of our privacy, torture, militarized police. Then there are the outliers like Snowden, Greenwald , and Hastings who have to flee the Country or have strange deaths. I don’t know where all of this is going. After all, we got past Wilson, Roosevelt, and Johnson, Nixon. The Country wobbled but restored itself. Maybe it will again. But like the ‘good Germans’ of eighty years ago, I think you should consider what is going on around you and the role you play in perpetuating it thinking that your status quo politicians have nothing to do with it. That is if you even recognize what is going on around you anyways.

      • David Ewers

        Do you think anyone here takes any of your comments as intelligent? First you call him a socialist and now your call him a fascist, you can’t be both.

      • strayaway

        Do you think that anyone here takes as of your comments as accurate?

        Where did I ever call Obama a “socialist”? Please cite your claim. Nor did I call him a “fascist” although some of his policies are corporatist which is the polite term for economic fascism; the collusion of big business with big government e.g. the (un)ACA. Obama is not a fascist like Mussolini or Hitler although they have some similar economic solutions. therefore it is more accurate to just use the word corporatist which doesn’t have the myriad unintended connotations of fascist.

      • David Ewers

        Yeah he is a corporate person that is why he trying to make them pay their taxes, and who did the largest companies in the 2012 support, Romney

        And yes you did bring up the NAZI connection,

        But like the ‘good Germans’ of eighty years ago,

        do not try to run away from your own words. And again you talk drivel

      • strayaway

        “First you call him a socialist ” -David Ewers

        You are ducking my question. You claim I called Obama a “socialist”. Prove it.

        Goldman Sachs was Obama’s second largest contributor in 2008. Goldman Sachs was Romney’s largest contributor in the 2012 primary. Once Romney won the primary, GS had done its part to pre-select two candidates for us. GS would have won with either.

        The key word is “socialist”. Find where I called Obama a “socialist” as you claimed. Calling me a “good German” doesn’t get you off the hook.

      • David Ewers

        You completely ignored that he is trying raise taxes on corporations, stiffen the penaties on said corpoarations. Your show your tea party talk in every statement you mske. Don’t try that libertarian sith a small l.

        And it was you noy me that used that german comment. You are duch a denier it is funny.

        The reason goldman sachs backed obams instead of the mccain/palin ticket was he was too much of a war monger and she was dumbrr than a rotting sack of meat.

        To show your hypocrisy, you never go after the gop or libertarisns funded by koch. Your rand paul is bought by thrm

      • strayaway

        “First you call him a socialist ” -David Ewers

        You are ducking my question. You claim I called Obama a “socialist”. Prove it instead of making stuff up. The key word is “socialist”. Find where I called Obama a “socialist” as you claimed.

        Now you are predictably defending Goldman-Sachs. Meanwhile, corporatist sock puppet Obama is trying to fast track the TPP and did nothing to straighten out NAFTA as he ‘promised’ to do in 2007. On Christmas Eve of 2009, when everyone was distracted, he handed bad paper over from the banksters to taxpayers at full face value. Or how about GE’s CEO and Obama’s ‘jobs czar’ from hell, Jeff Immelt, who was sending GE jobs abroad while serving as ‘jobs czar’. Meanwhile, highly profitable GE paid no taxes. So, at least, you are very consistent in being an apologist for Goldman Sachs.

        Suggestion: Use your spell checker.

      • David Ewers

        You still ha e not addresses anything I stated and continue to rant.

      • Moderator


        You are the one who sounds ignorant. Strayaway addressed everything you stated and then some. You have no intelligent retort and continue to ramble like a child. If you are incapable of an intelligent argument, perhaps you should not have started one in the first place. Please start using spell check, which is a basic function of modern internet browsers, you ignoramus.

    • soxfan4evah

      So the party with the history of the KKK, Bull Conner, George Wallace and 15 out of 16 Dixiecrats is the party of inclusion? Rock on with your bad self.

      • anarchitek

        You mean the party that’s HELD POWER for MOST of the last 33 years, PROMISED the moon, but DELIVERED nothing? The party CONTROLLED by the DREGS of the John Birch Society, which ONCE decorated the FBI’s MOST Dangerous to Internal Security List? Your ARE talking about the republikkkan party, since THAT is where the dixiecrats WENT,. when they figured out they were NOT going to be able to “buffalo” the REST of the party into CONTINUING their EVIL, and DISGUSTING, abuse of citizens NOT of white extraction! Oh, and HOW MANY blacks are republikkkans, today? LESS than the percentage of the population, which SHOULD tell you JUST HOW racist the party REALLY is! About HALF the democratic party, back in the early ’60s, were RACIST a******s, yes, but when they could NOT prevent the Civil Rights Bill from being passed, they walked away, to BECOME republikkkans! That’s one of the things about the United States that you HAVE to accept–we allow people to THINK anyway they want! We DON’T allow them to ACT on those thoughts, when they interfere with OTHER citizens RIGHTS to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, as the racist a******s LEARNED, when they were BOMBING churches, shooting Black leaders in the BACK (like “true” patriots, right? HAH!), and siccing police dogs on those who MARCHED with Dr King! In fact, MANY of those young people who FLOODED into the South, in the early ’60s WERE registered democrats. This is a readily proven fact, just by the VOTER ROLLS they HELPED Blacks sign up on! In my mind, there is LITTLE difference between the racist a******s of the South (and OTHER places) and the NAZIS who thought Jews were somehow :LESS human! You’re entitled to THINK anyway you choose, BUT you will be CHALLENGED on it, so be prepared to SUPPORT your allegations. JUST SAYING something does NOT make it so!

      • soxfan4evah

        Only Thurmond switched. Byrd became President of the Senate until his death. Think what you will, but facts are facts. And the fact that you are willing to forgive one side while crucifying the other for whatever you’re misinformed head hears from talking points makes you a partisan hack and just as big a part of the problem.

      • bluetune

        Let’s clear this up once and for all……..

        The political parties used to have Liberal and Conservative wings. The modern parties have polarized into Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats.
        Conservatives were behind the KKK, the anti-civil rights movement, McCarty-ism, WWII isolationism, Pro Slavery(Civil War) and even against the Revolutionary War.

        Why would anyone support Republicans?

      • Toby


      • soxfan4evah

        You really ought to learn to keep quiet when only a little bit behind. KKK was the Democrats baby designed to keep blacks and Republicans from voting and to stop Reconstruction, the civil rights legislation of the 60’s was brought across the finish line by Republicans over opposition from Al Gore Sr, Robert Byrd, and other life long Democrats. FDR was for isolationism and was only dragged into WW2 after Pearl Harbor, and history has shown McCarthy was right, the government was and still is infested with communists, only we call them Progressives today. But keep following them blindly and you will become familiar with what happens to “useful idiots”.

  • Betty

    “Tens of billions” I know it’s an exaggeration but there are only 7 billion people in the world..

    • Fred

      Tens of Billions of dollars… He really should have clarified that. Did a little double-take there myself.

  • HoldenLitgo

    The real tragedy is that supply siders actually believe that deregulation brings costs of doing business down. It’s like how you believe that going to the emergency room for health care and not paying the bill is a viable form of health care reform. You’re going to teach me about math? Please, You think Mitt Romney’s 13% tax on his billions of income is fair alongside the school teacher who pays 20% on her 40k a year. The cost to repair the damage done by deregulation – paid for by the taxpayer – is more expensive than the cost of regulations. But you wouldn’t know or care about that because you’re the I-Got-Mine-Screw-You school of business. Destroy the environment, poison the water and food supply as long as I’ve got my tax cut. Cut taxes for the rich and gee, maybe I’ll get rich too. Don’t hold your breath, White Noise. You think the Koch Brothers care about you? You’re more naive than you are delusional. You’ve proven that you can’t run the country or find your ass with both hands, get out of the way so we can fix what you’ve ruined.

    • JoPa Mi

      Excellent post. Made me lol too.

  • Jill Suzanne Faucher-Ross

    You could definitely find more than 3, but this is true.

  • Dan

    Um, Reagan didn’t sign EVERY piece of legislation that crossed his desk. Familiar with the concept of a veto?

  • Gabriel Gentile

    If you want to know the hypocrisy behind the “pro-life” movement, just consider the following; What’s their main goal? To get rid of abortion. Okay, I can sympathize with that. I don’t like abortion either. I consider it a very, very ugly business.

    Now, what’s their proposed METHOD of getting rid of abortion? They wish to outlaw it. You know, since that worked so well for getting rid of booze and pot. Still, I’ll give the idea credit, while it wouldn’t get rid of abortion entirely, outlawing it WOULD cause a considerable decrease.

    But before we pursue a plan of action that consists of criminalizing our fellow citizens, let’s consider an option. What’s the leading cause of abortion? Actually, let’s get real, what’s the ONLY cause of abortion? Unwanted pregnancy. Well, there’s the answer…

    Get rid of unwanted pregnancy, get rid of abortion.

    So, how do we get rid of unwanted pregnancy? Well, again we probably can’t COMPLETELY, there’ll always be a few who fall between the cracks, but one way to, again, cause a considerable decrease is… Contraception.

    If we make contraceptive measures easily available and adopt a curriculum which teaches people their proper use and function, you’d see a MAJOR drop in unwanted pregnancy and, therefore, abortion.

    So there we have it, an answer that produces the same outcome as outlawing abortion, and nobody has to be criminalized. Now, here’s the challenge…

    Find a SINGLE self-ascribed “pro-lifer” who’s OKAY with this solution!

    And that’s when the truth of the matter comes out. The reason they want to outlaw abortion is because they want to punish people for having sex for any reason other than pro-creation.

    They’re not “pro-life”… They’re “anti-sex”!

  • david nance

    I checked fetuses don’t vote. Statistically, aborted babies tend to be
    low income minorities that would otherwise grow up to be a Democrat.
    Kind of an oxymoron, don’t you think?

  • Batya

    I love your article. Unfortunately, you are preaching to the choir because the people who really need to read it, most likely won’t!

  • D Toe

    I consider myself conservative and I really couldn’t agree more with the first two. I would disagree (at least speaking for myself) that conservatives couldn’t care less about life once it is out of the womb.

  • D Toe

    I consider myself conservative and I really couldn’t agree more with the first two. I would disagree (at least speaking for myself) that conservatives couldn’t care less about life once it is out of the womb.

  • david h

    The only thing a conservative likes about government or supports about government is they are the best customers for their money masters on wall street, that’s how the view government nothing more than a cash machine to transfer money to their masters that is their allegiance, above our people and nations interests,

  • Clay Clifton

    so true dude

  • Toby

    R’s and D’s are both a joke. They are all responsible. We need term limits to oust the career politicians and new people that actually live under these laws to represent the people. The states should also have the right to appoint their senators again as it was originally.

    • miketothad

      Spoken like a true right wing civic illiterate.

      • Toby

        Such wit. Such intelligence. I’m impressed.

  • Brian4000

    I agree with most of the writer’s points but I also think we have issues of our own in the democratic party as well.

  • HoustonReal

    Reading through the comments, the main conservative rebuttal seems to be the the Democratic Party harbored Southern racists, 50-60 years ago. This harkens back to another lie Republicans Tell Themselves, that The GOP is “The Party of Lincoln”. This implies the the current Republican party is inclusive and progressive towards minorities.

    The real GOP stopped being populist and progressive once Teddy Roosevelt stepped down and Taft secured Republicans as the party of the rich. Nixon and Reagan’s “Southern Strategy”, brought all the remaining Southern racists over to the GOP.

    Of course this is why, in addition to science, conservatives now hate AP History. Reality and fact based learning are at odds with Republican mythology.

  • somehistorian

    “Liberalism is a mental disorder” Take a look at the liberal controlled states.
    People who are retiring, both Democrat & Republican are moving to states with no or low income taxes. NY & CA (Democrat run) spend more on Welfare/Medicaid than the rest of the country combined, for people who choose not to work. Most colleges & universities are financially controlled by Libs with very expensive tuition costs. CSEA, state & federal workers vote for unrealistic salaries, benefits & non state taxable retirement pensions at the expense of the average taxpayer. The author of this story needed to look back at JFK….who was conservative financially, politically and believed in working hard with respect to the US Constitution (just like Reagan)…..definitely not today’s average Democrat.

  • something287

    The vast majority of middle-class people who receive government aid ALSO WORK. Checkmate Republicans, you take benefits from hard working people who are struggling to live, and then you say they’re lazy? Guess what, they aren’t going to vote for you and when other people hear about what you do, those people are also not going to vote for you. Republicans are so done.