It’s Time We Start Calling Cop Block What It Actually Is: A Hate Group

A few months ago I wrote an article warning liberals that they were being duped by many of these so-called “police accountability” websites and Facebook pages. I explained that by buying into their propaganda, these liberals were basically supporting radical anti-government right-wing groups. What these various organizations try to do is attempt to hide their contempt for government behind their supposed desire to “hold police officers accountable.” But their clear disdain for law enforcement is just a part of their overall intense hatred of authority and the government.

Perhaps the most well-known of all of these groups is Cop Block. On Facebook, they list themselves under the category of an “Education Website,” which is absolute nonsense. They’re not out to educate, inform or hold anyone accountable – they’re out to slander police officers.

And I think it’s time we start calling Cop Block what it really is: A hate group.

Their website and Facebook page are littered with anti-cop propaganda. I always try to warn people to be weary of any supposed “advocacy group.” Because while Cop Block claims that its goal is to “hold police officers accountable,” who exactly is holding Cop Block accountable? Who’s watching the “watchers”? Often these “advocacy groups” are just as, if not more, unethical than those they claim to be “watching and holding accountable.”

Like when I busted this supposed “police watchdog” group back in August for trying to use an edited video to slander a cop.

But let’s look at the recent evidence, shall we?

Here’s Cop Block promoting a guns rights rally here in Texas to march on Austin in support of Texans having the right to openly carry handguns (click for full size image):

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.11.41 AM

Yes, that’s the same pro-gun nonsense pushed by this buffoon who recently suggested 10,000 Americans commit treason and overthrow our government. And it just so happens he too pushes anti-cop propaganda to try to lure people to his radical anti-government ideologies.

Then here’s Cop Block blatantly promoting an anti-government Facebook page (their “friend”) called The Art of Not Being Governed:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.13.10 AM

Here’s a little insight into the world of Facebook pages. When one page says “our friends,” that’s often code for saying “another page we control.”

Then here they are more or less agreeing with rapper The Game, who sent out a tweet saying “I guess y’all ‘can’t breathe’ either” following the ambush and murder of two NYPD officers:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.17.56 AM

Then here they are posting a blatant anti-cop meme that has absolutely nothing at all to do with holding police officers accountable:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 1.18.10 AM

Again, this is a supposed “educational” group who claims they’re not out to slander or attack police officers, posting a meme that’s slandering and attacking police officers. 

Oh, and here they are doing it again:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.04.43 AM

And again:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.07.05 AM

Yes, because a hypothetical situation where a police officer pointing out to a child that a reflective light is needed on a bike to help possibly save her life is really worth making a meme about to essentially call cops “d*cks.”

And here’s another one:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.28.39 AM

That one basically perpetuates the idea that all cops are bad and the only good, “brave” ones exist in movies. Oh, and cops are nothing more than “revenue generators and oppressors.” Again, this is an organization that tries to pass itself off as a group “holding corrupt police officers accountable” for “educational” purposes.

Then there’s this blatant anti-government rhetoric:

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 2.05.31 AM

That sounds like the very same sort of anti-government propaganda pushed by the likes of  Fox News, the tea party, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz or any number of right-wing radicals.

By the way, all of these examples I included in this article were posted on their Facebook page in the span of less than three days. The truth is I could have spent all night gathering example after example of Cop Block blatantly slandering and bashing police officers. And these are just the basic posts and memes. I’m certain if I went through and researched the articles they’ve pushed on their page and website, I would find that many of them are blatantly sensationalized, highly misleading or outright lies.

Once again, this is an organization that perpetuates the idea that they’re simply wanting to “hold police officers accountable,” when the truth is that they have a clear and obvious hatred of authority, law enforcement and our government.

In my opinion, Cop Block is nothing more than a radical, anti-government hate group. Their mission isn’t to hold police officers accountable or be “advocates for ethical police behavior.” Their goal is to bash, slander and attack police officers to get as many people to “hate cops” as possible, because what they really want is so bring our entire system down. And a good way to do that is by ginning up hate, fear, anger and paranoia toward anything and anyone that resembles government or authority.

Which is exactly what they do.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • regressive white trash reli

    read ” AMERICAS CONSERVATIVE ROAD TO DESTRUCTION,,,,,,A BRIEF HISTORY” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it will take U about 12 minutes to read; it explains whats going on in this country since (circa) 1950

  • Well, cop block should stick to the videos and stories of police misbehavior.

    And keep the inciting to a minimum. Lets do keep in mind that our ‘patriotic’ colonists would have been called part of a hate group–certainly by the Tories. The Brits sent shipsfull of redcoats to put them down.

    • Rights UnderFire

      Our forefathers were terrorists that killed as many Loyalists as non Loyalists… So yea, pretty sure they would have been a “hate group” by “writers” of the quality that this site has.

      • A terrorist is an unskilled guy who can wreak havoc by stealth and surprise.

        Our colonists, our patriots, were men who risked everything in an uprising against Britain. They could just as easily have been hanged.

        Here, with an anonymous internet connection and a misspelled picket sign…not so risky. When they turn 65, they’ll have SS and Medicare, if they dont’ have em already.

    • Thomas Hart Sinclair

      Avoid too much hype, to a point, sure, but satire and jabbing can play a big part in communicating a message. The graphic images that this page author scolds about are hilarious and material of that type can and WILL reach people who won’t take time to read and digest a reasoned presentation, often because the title or intro paragraph is written in a weak, namby pamby manner or the piece is just perceive as something one is not interested in.

      • Scott Downey

        I am okay with Cop Block using click bait to get the message out.

  • Great Article! It’s comforting to know that other groups have seen the “Cop Block Deception” and are speaking out against their propaganda!

    We shared this article on our Facebook Page as well!

    Keep up the good fight! Peace out!

    • Chris Rael

      Wow, you nazi-like boot licking folks really stick together.

      • I will have you know that I’m a Jew and an American Cop! Labeling me as a “Nazi” because of your anti-government and Anti-Police hatred is proof positive of the Authors words contained in this Article!

        We are not agsinst exposing public corruption in the least bit! We however do believe that the courts are the proper place to right the wrongs you may have experienced!

        Murdering Police is not the Answer and will only serve to wake the sleeping lion!

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        AH-HAHAHAHAHAH, as if a jew couldn’t be the nazi. Just look into Palestine for worse than what the Germans ‘allegedly’ have done. For one fact, no jew should be claiming their god gave them Palestine. It was conditional on fulfilled prophecies like your “living messiah”. So why are you lying to us and cheating your own god? Neturei Karta = the Good Jews.

      • StreyDawg

        It is so rare that a cop exposes public corruption that when it actually happens, they make a movie about it.

        It’s been 41 years since the last movie.

        What else you got?

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        It would be useful to look into why more honest cops don’t oppose their admittedly few corrupt co-workers. No doubt you’d find that when they do, they are stabbed in the back, or worse. As for his being Jewish, that’s totally irrelevant, unless he’s a fan of Yakov Yurovsky and Lazar Kaganovich or that nasty Menachem Begin, who bombed the King David Hotel when it was the seat of British government in Palestine, killing more than 100 people. Now those were anti-government extremists.

      • rowdy13

        If the “lion” has been sleeping then whose been killing all these unarmed civilians? All these citizen getting snuffed out for no reason; Men, women, kids, infants… beaten, maimed, murdered for no reason, no laws broken…

        You think yourself a good cop? Why haven’t you and all those that consider themselves good honest cops stood up and demanded accountability for those that would tarnish the reputation of the badge? Why do you continue to remain silent and toe the thin blue line? Are you a coward? Or are you happy under the protection that thin blue line gives you?

        Civil asset forfeiture, no-knock warrants, stop and frisk… Civil liberties and basic rights are being flagrantly violated by police all across the country while the thin blue line protects murderers, thieves, rapists…. and you expect us to be thankful?

        Do you really, when you stop and think about it, believe the system is fair for everyone? If you do, you’re delusional. If you don’t then why aren’t you doing something about it?

    • R P

      Congratulations on your 1,695 Facebook likes vs Cop Block’s 1,386,523.

      I’m sure you really feel like you’re making a huge difference in your circlejerk of cops and their ugly wives.

    • brad

      Those cops asses must taste sweet eh?

      • I don’t know how my ass taste! How about you kiss it and tell me!

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Typical mental cop.

      • Cop Blocker Logic 101 – Typical Cop hater / Cop Block Troll! Always with their heads up their ass!

      • Dan

        In order to understand why the tide of public opinion is turning against police officers, or why there is such a thing as a “typical cop hater”, one need only examine the evidence. No one is born hating another person because of their job, religious or political affiliation, or nationality … and for what it’s worth, I don’t see a lot of the sort of blind, indiscriminate “hatred” which you seem to suggest exists … what I DO see is a whole lot of people who are angry and indignant (and rightfully so) when their rights and the rights of others like them are violated (like the right to breathe, just as an example) and the violators are not held accountable. It’s not about cops, per se … if circus clowns as a group were murdering and otherwise violating people in the streets with impunity, you could bet your ass there would be a call to action against circus clowns. If my ability to “read between the lines” is in working order, I believe one of your previous comments alluded to the fact that you yourself are a police officer? Something about how your ass tastes? Very professional, I must say … way to validate absolutely every negative comment about police in general that I have read today. You present absolutely no valid rebuttal of any of the “typical cop-hater” opinions expressed. You have presented no opposing facts, and no reasonable excuses for the unchecked violence perpetrated by police against civilians. You have also demonstrated no ability to defend yourself by means of logical or critical thinking, but rather immediately debased yourself and disgraced your uniform by resorting to verbal mud-slinging. You sir, are pathetic.

      • Dennis

        How about you get a real job? Parasite.

  • So the people who shine the flashlights on cockroaches are at fault, but the cockroaches themselves are perfectly okay? Makes sense to me.

    • Allen Clifton

      You come from an assumption that Cop Block, an openly anti-cop/anti-government page is being completely honest, fair and reporting these stories without any sort of agenda.

      And if you honestly believe that, then you’re naive.

      • Chris Rael

        You say anti-government like it’s a bad thing. Have you ever actually researched the tenants of voluntaryism?

      • Chuck Larlham

        What kind of person lives in a place called voluntaryism, and when did that become a word?

      • pyrodice

        Gosh, didn’t you know? It’s the direct neighbor of YOUR la-la land “democracy”… While we’re *not* pointing to things on maps, and pretending that makes them imaginary…
        Think of it this way: whatever they said about prohibitionists when slavery was everyday practice is what they’re saying about voluntaryists now.

        At least you let him slide on “tenets”.

      • Chuck Larlham

        No, I didn’t let him slide on “tenets.” Read that sentence again, very carefully.

      • pyrodice

        Gone through it a few times now. You don’t correct him on “tenants”, you just appear to ask when Voluntaryism became a word.

      • davidusromanus

        That would be “abolitionists”. Prohibitionists wanted alcohol made illegal. Just sayin’.

      • pyrodice

        Sure enough. Prohibition is another good example of stuff that doesn’t work just because you put in laws against it, got my arguments mashed together.

      • Scotty.Five

        What kind of person lives in a place called voluntaryism? – Voluntaryists

        When did that become a word? – The mid-1600s.

      • Chuck Larlham

        Mid-1600s, eh? New one on me, but I’m only 72 years old.

      • WampusKat

        Libertarian idiots spouting : “voluntaryism”

        Google it.

      • Jack Hammer

        Of course he didn’t. “Progressives” are statists. Voluntaryism goes against everything they believe.

      • HelloFeds

        There are “progressive” or left-leaning anarchists. Then there are closet authoritarian morons like Allen Clifton.

      • Ravan Asteris

        I doubt this site is actually progressive, but more like a right wing propaganda ploy.

      • WampusKat

        You’re yet another full of crap Libertarian spouting anti-government hysteria:

        “Libertarians Lying to Liberals Guide Book”

      • brad

        Am I supposed to care if they are anti government or not? Because I don’t. If you haven’t noticed and haven’t been living under a rock a majority of Americans dislike the government and I can’t blame them. Our government SUCKS.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        Right you are! It sucks because it is NOT our government. It is a fraudulent, organized, criminal activity, with the most obnoxious, cultural Marxist, and criminal parts being concocted and implemented by so-called and self-styled “Progressives,” who are actually simply Marxists.

      • HelloFeds

        It’s not about “Marxism.” Its about a government so corrupt that the only public institutions we can trust are ones with zero capabilities to do harm, like maybe libraries. And even they probably report our reading lists to DHS….

      • gabriel314

        That library provision was actually in the original draft of the PATRIOT ACT. It got shot down by the ALA, but who knows what they’ve slipped back in there in the meantime.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        Don’t be so hopeful! The public libraries are currently only carrying pop-culture trash, after having spent the last three decades memory holing most of the real books, including not only history, but useful technical info.

      • Kenneth Munson Sr.

        I think they do so I don’t go to libraries anymore.

      • Daniel Williams

        You clearly don’t know what a Marxist is when the man said there was no greater injustice than to disarm labor. Try again you corporate lapdog.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        Did I say anything about disarming anybody? You, on the other hand, don’t appear to know what a cultural Marxist is. Go suck two eggs, and swallow.

      • Daniel Williams

        A “cultural” Marxist? Nah boo, ain’t no such thing. A “cultural” Marxist is a wannabe fascist attempting to use economic policies as social policies. A Marxist, a real one, has just as much against the State as they do the Capitalist. You attempting to use Soviet philosophy of state run behavioral control through the threat of force from the State doesn’t make you a “cultural Marxist,” it makes you a Stalinist. Pig.

      • Spelunker4Plato

        You come from an assumption that cops and government are completely honest, fair and reporting on cop block has no agenda

        and honestly if you believe that, then you’re naive

      • pyrodice

        They don’t have to present both sides of the issue when every mainstream news organization is actively sucking abusive cop dick 24/7. They ARE the other side of the issue.

      • Steve

        OMG!!! You discovered it! Cop-block has an agenda!!! So therefore, we totally should do nothing to hold police accountable. That’s really sound logic there, isn’t it?

        But that’s what’d we’d expect from a Nazi sympathizer, I guess.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        All people and groups have agendas. Cop Block and similar groups are not anti-government; they are anti-corrupt, unconstitutional government, which basically means that they oppose the Marxist programs that progressives like YOU have been able to have enacted here in America. Even if you get enough votes (from dumbed down, semi-literate, looters and would-be thieves) your bogus progressive agenda still won’t be accepted because it is in violation of an American’s unalienable rights.

      • StreyDawg

        Cop Block is not anti-cop.

        They/we are pro-liberty.

        There is nothing wrong with having an “agenda” if the agenda is to promote a less-violent, more transparent, fully-accountable institution of law enforcement.

        Someone without an agenda is someone without purpose or goals.

      • James B. Burkhart

        I notice you fail to mention even once that Cop Block openly praises officers that do civic good deeds or lay down their lives defending their oaths. Or officers that have been ostracized and blackballed for speaking out openly against their abusive and lawbreaking coworkers. Reading this makes me doubt your credentials in Political Science and see you more as a political agitator.
        Facts, dear sir, are facts.
        Just like laws in the U.S.A are to be applied equally to all. None above the law, even those whom make or enforce them.

      • Dave C Albannach

        CopBlock most certainly has an agenda, which is better accountability and better behaviour from cops. Their method is to report the extremes – cops breaking the law, and cops going above and beyond the call of duty. If you want to call outrage at criminal cops hate, have at it.

      • Melany Parker

        WE ARE ANTI-COP, until cops realize that their positions of power shouldn’t allow them to go on an ego trip that allows criminals to go free, and the regular guys left with a bill for services, but not much else.

      • Jan Slotnick

        Allen… though I believe your original point concerning this one particular video and the selection from it that was chosen for posting may have been valid… I do not believe your conclusion is sound based on that one example. Given, it is true that many who follow copblock are seriously angered to the point that they post memes and comments which illustrate their anger beyond the point of reasonable debate… but that hardly negates the validity of the need for public awareness of a long ignored problem. Additionally, I can’t speak for everyone, but I always double and triple check a story prior to forwarding it on my social networks. But all that said, I personally look at it this way…. our legal system was designed as an adversarial system… one side vigorously prosecuting… one vigorously defending, in the hopes that truth and justice ultimately prevail. For years, the public have gotten only the one side… that of the police and government, telling us how fair and right they’ve been all this time. Personally, I am happy to have the people’s vigorous defense to that argument finally being presented as well.

      • craig klucas

        More honest than the cops.

    • martymarsh

      No, that is cockroaches shining the light thinking everyone is cockroaches.

    • WampusKat

      Libertarian Tea Party idiots behind Cop Block (all it takes to get that is to watch their idiotic “When it’s Okay to shoot a cop videos). Meanwhile, you idiots fall for Libertarian anti-government crap at every opportunity:

  • Jacob Bloedow

    So, you’re asking people to stop exposing heinous acts of violence that aren’t warranted? If cops are wearing I can breathe shirts, I have no sympathy for the officers killed. It’s not funny to mock a man that was choked to death for selling a loose cigarette. Someone has to uncover these cops out here on power trips. Your article does to Cop Block what they do to cops, hypocrite.

    • Allen Clifton

      You come from an assumption that Cop Block, an openly anti-cop/anti-government page is being completely honest, fair and reporting these stories without any sort of agenda.

      And if you honestly believe that, then you’re naive.

      • 12Matt1234

        copy and paste the same response much?

      • dagobarbz

        The persistence of spamming…
        Scientologists used to copypasta to drown out intelligent discussion. Seems Allen has about the same ability as one of those cult chuds.

      • HelloFeds

        He’s a lazy, unthinking man with a lazy, unthinking argument.

      • Arlie

        And you operate on the assumption that ALL of the posts cop block makes are false and not to be trusted.
        And where is your evidence for this position?
        It’s in your dislike of their viewpoint.. You have no objective facts to back your claims.

      • Scotty Snarfel

        Everyone has an agenda. Anyone who claims that they don’t is just trying to hide theirs by making it out to be common knowledge. While I have problems with the libertarian bent of CopBlock and their propensity to get loose with facts (and their occasional red-baiting), it seems like your agenda here is to keep protest against rampant police brutality within the limits of respectability; that is, toothless and tame. If you haven’t been calling out this daily brutality, nobody gives a fuck what you have to say when you come around criticizing the movement against it.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Very well put. Allen is ‘one of those’.

      • dagobarbz

        Sometimes we post stories about good cops doing good things, but I guess you don’t mention that because it doesn’t fit your scenario.

      • gabriel314

        You give progressives a bad image, Allen. Throw your MacBook out the window and never write again.

    • Tom Anderson

      I concur.

    • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

      We need to go back to having peace officers instead of law enforcement.
      We need to have them wear brown and tan, not black.
      Smokey the Bear hats are good.
      That will make them more popular. It has been tested.

    • freedom fighter

      Not to mention “F*ck your breath” from when they killed Eric Harris.

  • Bill Murray

    “I’m certain if I went through and researched the articles they’ve pushed on their page and website, I would find that many of them are blatantly sensationalized, highly misleading or outright lies”….. But I was too lazy to do anything but take screenshots and rant about how much I love government and police being above the law.

    • Allen Clifton

      I get the feeling that no matter what amount of research I end up doing on this (and I am working on it) it wouldn’t change your mind because it’s already made up….facts be damned.

      • Shannon S. Thibodeaux

        I don’t need anyone to fact check that shooting a 12 year old, a litter of kittens, a walmart shopper or a dog called with kissing noises is WRONG. Thanks though.

      • Cemetery Girl

        We need to remember though that acts that are wrong done by some specific police officers make all officers the enemy. True, the policy of covering for the bad officers must stop. True, some people that become officers should not be wearing a badge. The us vs them mentality (from the point of police) created the system of covering for the bad officers. An us vs them mentality (from citizen standpoint) will not help bring about department transparency that will help rid us of bad officers and build stronger communities.

      • Wayne Gilmore

        Every ones life matter, It should not mean a uniform make someones life more important. Color, religion, political stance are all unimportant. The real people to blame are those making laws that are in direct violation of the Constitution that officers swear to uphold and protect. These laws put them in direct conflict with people exercising their rights and freedoms causing these altercations. Bush, Obama, Boner, Holder and Reed are all part of these people who are making these laws to hurt the public and expand corporate control. Police have become the field bosses, the corporations are the masters and the citizens have been relegated to slaves, it does not matter what color anymore. We are a nation run by fascist rule where the corporation owns the people and the police enforce the corporations rules. If we do not act and realize Dem’s and Repub’s are working together to fuck us all our children will suffer our fates.

        No lube will be used in this so called fucking either, no kissing, snuggling, no foreplay Its been pretty painful so far and will be more painful the longer we continue to allow it to happen 😉 I see it clearly so I am probably clearly crazy. Be safe from both sides.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        The cops have the right to refuse to enforce illegal laws, but I have yet to hear of any cop doing that about any law that comes down. They must see it as job security to violate our constitution.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        You know that any employee who refuses to follow orders will be discharged. If a policeman wanted to refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws, he or she would need to have another good job prospect, or some self-employment skill with which to support himself at the current level. A large amount of money to spend on a law suit would also be helpful. If a policeman had any of the above, why would he be a cop?

      • Nubby Mcquilicutty

        that should have crossed his mind before he swore an oath..

      • Mick

        Oh, I’m soooo sympathetic to a cop who turns a blind eye to the unlawful and unconstitutional, brutal acts and corruption he sees, because….he doesn’t have other, better job prospects. [insert sarcasm] Fucking spare me the sob story. It sounds like Nuremberg…”just following orders”.

      • John T. Castle

        (Un)fortunately, now as then, we have leftists defending the thugs who are “chust following ordahss.”

      • Ravan Asteris

        That’s not a leftist, that’s a statist. This is a fake progressive site.

      • freedom fighter

        There is NO EXCUSE for injustice.

      • TheRealTruth

        “The cops have the right to refuse to enforce illegal laws” you do realize how stupid you sound right?

      • pyrodice

        That’s true, the word he should’ve used is “responsibility”.

      • Kenny Mcmaster

        They actually do. Stupid.

      • freedom fighter

        All cops take an oath to the Constitution. Any LEO that enforces an unconstitutional (and thus null and void) law, no matter what the reasoning, is violating their oath. LEOs are public servants. They work for US, for We the People.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Life matters, I agree. A uniform doesn’t make that life more or less important. Skin color doesn’t make that life more or less important. Contents of a person’s bank account does not make that life more or less important.

      • Craig

        It seems that with every power system in the US such as corporations, Top one percent, banks, politicians, police, insurance companies etc. THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. The biggest fear of all these groups is that the US citizenry will start living by the same rules that they live by. THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS for them why not everyone else??. I hope I live to see the day we have true equality in the US!

      • Robert P. Robertson

        Cemetery Girl: But good cops are within the department hearing, seeing, and knowing what is what and who is who. They are all officers of the law. If any officer hears, sees, or kows of a crime being committed, planned to be committed, or having been committed, he has a sworn duty under his responsibilities to the constitution to report, affect an arrest, or confront the criminal whether he/she is an actual criminal or a criminal cop. Being within the system, a good cop has the ability to end polie terrorism/murder. Those who have were shunned out of the department, fired, or branded as “whistle blowers”, and the ones that don’t are afraid to lose their jobs or to upset the apple cart. Silence is violence. If they are not saying anything or doing anything about it, that makes them worse than the bad cops. That’s why people say what they say. Nobody hates cops. People hate what cops do, and if cops are terrorizing people, executing people on the street, and brutalizing people unnecessarily, they have a right to speak out about it, not uphold it. tat’s how cops have begun to feel they are above the law, our glorification of them as heroes and pillars of the community With friends like the cops we see, who needs enemies?

      • TheRealTruth

        You listen to too much Copblock propaganda. Have you not seen articles they post regarding officers being arrested for breaking the law? Idiot

      • Rik

        I am not a copblock reader. But I do read and watch the news. Day after day I read of the police acting as if they are above the law. I am afraid to go into the public because now days one doesn’t have to do anything wrong to be abused by the cops. They’re not heroes they are domestic terrorists. Cops need tanks, come on! The author of this article would prefer us to give up what rights we have left and two the line. Pathetic! Unfortunately some still believe the cops or to serve and protect! They are a military force waiting to be unleashed on the public. Again tanks they sure are afraid of someone (the public?). Thanks to this article I will start reading copblock. Thank you

      • John T. Castle

        They relay news stories. If you call facts “propaganda”, guess what, pal — you’re the one who’s pushing propaganda. Goebbels would have loved you, but the rest of us aren’t impressed.

      • John T. Castle

        A criminal cop IS an actual criminal. The badge doesn’t excuse criminality — if anything, it elevates the severity of it.

      • Cat Trahan

        how do you know which cops are not the enemy

      • Cemetery Girl

        How do we know when anyone is the enemy?

      • Gary Plant

        By law, an accessory can be held as liable as the original person who carries out the criminal act. If a person is an accessory to a felony crime, they can also be charged with committing a felony offense and subject to penalties. However, there may be different penalties for being an accessory versus a principle person in a crime. Federal law states that a person who is convicted of…

      • chefjas

        Totally agree. And now it’s time for the good cops to stand up, tell us the truth, and refuse to carry out the unlawful orders their superiors dole out.

      • hromano1030

        All cops are inherently bad, as they all enforce bad laws. Because they say they didn’t make the laws, they just enforce them is no excuse. It wasn’t good enough at the Nuremberg trials and it’s not good enough now. Caveat, there are some good cops, the dead ones.

      • Lorelle Hatcher

        Not one of Copblock’s posts has said, “all officers (are) the enemy”. Learn to read.

      • Andie_Pauly

        Apparently you do, sweetheart. A 12 year old with a GUN, a Walmart shopper with a GUN and aggressive, unattended dogs. You’re welcome.

      • KindlyDevious

        A 12 year old with a toy, a Walmart shopper with a bb gun still in the package, and a nonagressve dog he shot for fun.

      • Andie_Pauly

        A male with a gun, a male in Walmart with a gun OUT OF THE PACKAGE and the rest is idiocy.

      • pyrodice

        So do YOU support the commie mommy screed about the guy who TACKLED a man because he saw that they had a gun in their holster, the other day?

        Woulda been a lot of fun if it had been an undercover cop, don’t you think? I wonder if he’d have been so lucky as to escape after simply being charged with assault…

      • Andie_Pauly

        The guy was a liberal loon.

      • Andie_Pauly

        Police said they responded to a 911 call of an armed man in the store outside of Dayton on Aug. 5, and that they shot Crawford after he didn’t listen to commands to drop the gun. It turns out it was an air rifle that can shoot BBs or fire pellets.

        The video shows Crawford, while talking on a cellphone, picking up a pellet gun, which was out of its package and sitting on a shelf.

      • edbres1

        The video also shows the cop opened fire the very moment he turned the corner and saw Crawford (with the BB gun on his shoulder while looking at other products he was going to purchase.) There were NO commands to “drop the gun”. Stop making shit up.

      • Andie_Pauly

        Incorrect. The officer made a command and it was ignored.

      • Marvin Ruffin

        You either misinformed or being disingenuous. But instead of arguing with you, here the complete video. You will see that he was less than 2 seconds after being spotted by the police officer. Something tells me you still won’t believe your “lying eyes” though.

      • Andie_Pauly

        The video is one part of the entire story.

      • Marvin Ruffin

        How so? You said he gave a command. Video shows he did not. What part of the story am I missing?

      • Andie_Pauly

        There is no audio on the video.

      • Marvin Ruffin

        That funny…I can clearly hear the gunshots and the officers and patrons yelling afterwards. Maybe your volume is down. Even if there was no audio, did you see that john didn’t even get to turn his head or take his phone from his ear before he was shot? The guy didn’t have a chance. They ran in, and shot a guy that was shopping for a bb gun while on the phone with his pregnant girlfriend. It was a trigger happy cop and a innocent victim. I’m sure you see it… why try to deflect? Believe your eyes.
        I’m still waiting on you to tell me which part of the story I’m missing by just watching the video…

      • Andie_Pauly

        When did the video begin, leftwit?

      • Marvin Ruffin

        Something tells me you not even looking at video. It began before he picked up the pellet gun. Showed him pick it up and continue shopping.

        If he pointed it at people, there should be some surveillance of that, don’t ya think? I can’t seem to find it…. can you post a link, so I can give you credit for correcting my position?

        But wait… I did find this.

        Your probably not going read it, so let me paraphrase it for you. The 911 caller admitted that john never pointed the gun at anyone. Here’s another link to the Washington post which confirms the same story.

        Still waiting on what I’m missing.

      • Marvin Ruffin

        Andie… I almost forgot about you. Did you get a chance to look at those news articles?

      • Andie_Pauly

        …and the guy “shopping for a BB gun” took it out of the packaging and pointed it at people, worthless thug.

      • pyrodice

        I will remind people of this the next time a cop gets shot. “But he had a gun!”

      • Andie_Pauly

        Get a job, Trayvon.

      • pyrodice

        I’m a veteran, shitdick.

      • Andie_Pauly

        You are a disgrace to the uniform.

      • pyrodice

        Looks like I’m not going to be allowed to respond to this comment appropriately, from the twice I’ve attempted, and the twice the comment hasn’t made it to print. Maybe I can edit a prior comment in the thread to add a screenshot address without having to re-undergo the vetting process.

      • Dave C Albannach

        But he’s a far better human than you will ever be

      • Andie_Pauly

        I never spit in the face of those who died to keep us free.

      • pyrodice

        Hey, you left out the litter of kittens. “A litter of kittens… With a gun!”

      • Andie_Pauly

        Cats don’t have thumbs and kittens lack the hand-eye coordination required.

      • pyrodice

        I’m sure that’s a great comfort to the box of kitten corpses.

      • Gary Plant

        the first fact stated Exposing cop blockers did not exist please prove me wrong and do a fb search on it

      • Andie_Pauly

        Apparently you do. In the REAL world, not everything is black and white. I will BET that your ilk has done ZRO research on any of these topics.

      • WampusKat

        Despicable racist Ron Paul is the one directing people to Cop Block:

        As is fake “progressive” Glenn Greenwald (who also happens to be Ron Paul’s BFF): “Why Is Glenn Greenwald Promoting an Extreme Right Wing Militia?”

        Mother Jones: African-American “Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was a “Sovereign Citizen.” What the Heck Is That? – Gavin Long subscribed to fringe ideas that originated with white racists”

        Guess which black guy regularly spouts white supremacist conspiracy theories:

        Does it sound familiar? It should, if you’re a Libertarian Ron Paul fanatic: >>>> >>>

      • Arlie

        Whelp… Do it the first time and don’t bring to us this emotional bullshit backed by nothing other than your dislike of the provocative.
        You Damn people for wanting objective facts before they make a decision that effects others..
        Are you a christian or something?

        I get the feeling that no matter how much research you do you’ll ignore the objective facts and rely on your emotion to back up your opinions…
        And you wonder why your not taken seriously…

      • Chuck Larlham

        Well Arlie, you’re not taken seriously because you write like a fifth grader.

      • Dan

        4:20 am, Christmas Eve .. upvote score: Arlie, 30. Chuck, 1 (from an anonymous “guest”, probably yourself, eh?) Apparently the consensus is that a few errors in spelling and grammar don’t discredit the facts. So … who exactly is not being taken seriously, Chuck?

      • Chuck Larlham

        Nah… I don’t do anonymous.

        “…a few errors in spelling and grammar (um-m-m… I don’t think the word “few” applies here) don’t discredit the facts (actually, the entirety of language incompetence in this thread pretty much discredit and negate any facts hidden therein). But not to worry… so far I haven’t found any facts, anyway.

      • Dan

        Well, I suppose you could attempt to actually pull your head out of your ass … but I doubt that will help, since it appears you’ve already decided to blindly trust in the system and dismiss all commentary from anyone who has anything negative (regardless of how true it may be) about your precious government and police state. You have clearly decided instead to point out yet another huge and glaring flaw in your wonderful system … the utter failure of your government to properly educate the students who pass through your nation’s schools. Keep digging, my friend …

      • Chris Rael

        So, do you feel you’re just doing your patriotic duty, or are you actually on the government payroll?

      • pyrodice

        pot, kettle.

      • NM Tax

        LOL, since I won’t change your mind with facts, I’ll just do without them.

      • rowdy13

        I get the feeling, no matter how much “research” you do, you will still hold the same painfully naive view of the police. While the rest of the citizens of this country have our freedoms and rights violated by some asshats with badges, they remain blissfully free of repercussion or consequence for the worst acts you can partake in; Ending a life unjustly, robbery, rape… all the things they beat and kill people for, they do themselves without fear, because of people like you who refuse to hold them accountable. Refuse to insist that the men and women tasked with upholding justice and the law be held to the very same standards as the rest of us.

        You think making people aware of a systemic and overreaching problem is hateful? Then you, sir, have your priorities helplessly fucked up.

      • Zach Dickson

        I get the feeling that even after you’ve seen the overwhelming amount of evidence in support of cop-block you won’t do jack shit.

      • Melany Parker

        Hey Allen, would love to see your stellar journalistic skills round up all of the nasty, racial, hateful shit I see posted by cops and their ilk, all day every day. Suck it.

      • Michael Wintersoldier Foster

        That’s for d*mn sure. Try looking the Thank You NYPD and PoliceOne Facebook pages. Nothing buy bigotry and hatred. How can you hate the people that you were at one time sworn to?protect?

      • JackofallTradesmasterofnone

        Except that the items on Copblock are true. It appears you are the one pushing the “facts be damned” angle. You fail saliency by attempting to portray a similar yet separate Florida website as illustrative to your point regarding Copblock. And last I checked, advocating a rally for lawful gun rights was still legal but you try and fail at drawing an analogy to this simple, lawful act by again linking to another entity having nothing to do with Copblock. Let me know how that “research” goes. I already have the information and know the answer. You won’t like what you find as it doesn’t agree with your subjective position.

      • stop damning the facts then. ISIS killed how many Americans this year versus cops?

      • Mick

        The facts are, that you are a cop-sucking police state loving lackey. Communist piece of crap. The great thing about cop block and similar organizations is that they bring in those from all sides of the spectrum who have been oppressed by the police and shocked by the lack of accountability and brutality, and that just burns your ass up, doesn’t it? So what if pro-Constitutional positions are taken, you statist? That’s kinda the point, you moron.

      • AJ_Olding

        Well, cops are violent enforcers of unjust laws. What else is there to research?

      • TheRealTruth

        Instead of bitching about unjust laws, why not do something about it? Say, i dunno, go to school, study law, proposition why laws are unjust and fight them legally? Until then you just look like a fucking whiny crybaby who hates authority.

      • AJ_Olding

        What EXACTLY would me doing that change? Change doesn’t come from lawyers alone. Law makers are the scum of the earth as well, so forgive me for not wanting to become one. I’m gonna try something that actually works. I’m just going to refuse to consent to illegitimate and woefully unethical laws. Also, I do hate illegitimate authority. I have no problem with the the authority of those who find it through legitimate means.

      • Daniel Williams

        Tell me how that worked out for Rosa Parks.

      • Central Intelligence Agency

        Good job Daniel, trivializing the struggles of minorities by making the statement of a keyboard warrior that makes absolutely little sense. Meanwhile, call everyone a white supremacist, you white rich kid and leave us minorities alone. You sicken me.

      • DavidD

        The fact you touched a libertarian nerve here in the comments.
        tends to make me find your position on Cop Bloc credible.
        Agent provacatuers are an old game and tactic in police work and politics.

      • Daniel Williams

        Touched a nerve with Socialists and Communists too. Being a Statist isn’t left wing.

      • DavidD

        I’m a socialist so for me you seek truth from facts.
        No matter how good your position is politically if you use half truths or lies you lose all credibility
        .False flag posting is a common tactic.There is a reasons a generation ago trolls were called ratfuckers, which I believe is a name they picked out for themselves.
        Also the ends don’t justify the means.The means justify the ends.

      • Gary Plant

        the fact that the first fact is a lie isn’t enough?

      • Gary Plant

        Exposing cop blockers

      • Elmar17

        Maybe you should feel less and do due diligence more.

      • Rob Meier

        “Historically, the most terrible things – war, genocide, and slavery – have resulted not from disobedience, but from obedience.”

        Howard Zinn

      • Lockmazter

        You, sir, are what our founding fathers would call a boot-licking Torry loyalist. If you were a European Jew in the 1940s, I bet you would’ve sided with the Nazis, too. I sense that karma will one day visit justice upon you in the form of some good ol’ police brutality upside your thick skull. As you spit out your shattered teeth, I’m sure you’ll be wishing with every fiber of your being that there were someone filming it. Irony is F#%KING silly like that!

      • A Fox Among Wolves

        How about the fact that 1-% of the total gun deaths in 2015 have been from a cop shooting and killing a suspect??

        I do not see where you address this issue on your site. Also, cutting and pasting a bunch of facebook posts is not a strong argument to label a group as hateful.

        It says more about you that you feel so threatened by a social activism group that the people who are consistently being caught on camera choking people to death, shooting a fleeing man and then dropping a taser by the body…. etc.

      • Paulus Magus


      • WampusKat

        Mother Jones: African-American “Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was a “Sovereign Citizen.” What the Heck Is That?” (Think Cliven Bundy)- “Gavin Long subscribed to fringe ideas that originated with white racists”

        Guess which black guy regularly spouts white supremacist conspiracy theories:

        Does it sound familiar? It should, to Libertarian Ron Paul fanatics: >>>> >>>

      • WampusKat

        Research is our friend, Despicable racist Ron Paul is the one directing people to Cop Block:

        As is fake “progressive” Glenn Greenwald (who also happens to be Ron Paul’s BFF): “Why Is Glenn Greenwald Promoting an Extreme Right Wing

        Mother Jones: African-American “Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was a “Sovereign Citizen.” What the Heck Is That? – Gavin Long subscribed to fringe ideas that originated with white racists”

        Guess which black guy regularly spouts white supremacist conspiracy theories:

        Does it sound familiar? It should, if you’re a Libertarian Ron Paul fanatic: (SPLC’s Dave Neiwert):

    • please do bill murray, please do..

    • WampusKat

      Mother Jones: African-American “Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was a “Sovereign Citizen.” What the Heck Is That? – Gavin Long subscribed to fringe ideas that originated with white racists”

      Guess which black guy regularly spouts white supremacist conspiracy theories:

      Does it sound familiar? It should, if you’re a Libertarian Ron Paul fanatic: >>>> >>>

  • John H Johnson III

    Hitler censored his media, then labeled them terrorists, finally killing them off… We either end this police state or watch us fall because we are one.

    Police have killed more American Citizens than those who died during 9/11 since 2000. Get rid of the police and do away with all laws that “infringes” upon the 2nd Amendment.

    • Keoki George

      yet as a hypocrite that you are, you will be calling the cops as soon as your home is robbed, or one of your own is injured. and yes you are hypocrite.

      • 12Matt1234

        Why would he be calling cops. I wouldnt be .I don’t want any cops around my house. I can defend myself.If neither one of us calls them we don’t have to worry about them shooting our dogs or throwing flash bang grenades at our children.

      • Chris Rael

        That is such a silly and ridiculous way to argue. Using a hypothetical scenario that will probably never happen to make a “point”. The worse imaginable thing to do is call the cops for any reason, they usually escalate the situation and won’t help, can’t help in a medical emergency.

      • Jack Nextdoor

        I actually called the police when my house was broken into. They transferred me to voicemail because it was a weekend. So my wife called back and said we thought we heard somebody still in the house *and we had a gun and would shoot any home invader*. Entirely legal in Ohio. They actually showed up then. And I learned never to trust that they’ll actually come out unless they think you’ll take action without them. Fuck cops.

      • Cemetery Girl

        The police were called when a burglary of my grandmother’s house was interrupted by my mother. I’m sure that 20 year old that was found by my mother considered calling the police a horrible idea since he already had a record for home burglary and was quickly identified and ended up in prison.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        You know that has got to be the weakest reasoning for the abuses cop perform daily. Grow a pair.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        Sadly, for an insurance claim, you’d need to call in police report. Otherwise, cops are not much help in most cases. After all, it’s much easier to trump up charges or use bogus informants against people who aren’t intentionally doing harm that it is to track down can bring in a real criminal. After suffering some severe vandalism and destruction of property once; I called the police. When they hopped out of their cruiser, the first words from their lips were, “what’s your DOB and SS Number?” Needless to say, the vandals were never caught.

      • Parker Spence

        The average response time for a Priority One 911 call in my home city is 7 minutes, 15 seconds. The average time for a Priority Two call is just under twice that. The average response time of a 55-grain 5.56×45 out of a 16″ barrel is nearly three thousand fps. So, who do you think I’m gonna call? Barney Fife, or Samuel Colt?

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      Sure the second amendment has not be lived in the past few decades. I see no exceptions to the right to carry clause and that part the gun grabbers focus on, the militia, is just a statement of facts with no right mentioned. The right on the amendment is in the second half of it. Thew real problem on the streets in not the second amendments over throw, it is all of the illegal intoxicant prohibitions. Alcohol is by far the worst chemicals a human could use to intoxicant themselves beside possibly meth. But according to our Constitution, we have the right to use what ever we want to use to intoxicate ourselves. Ending prohibitions will remove the bad cops main excuse, and bring us back to the intent of Freedoms for all.

  • Rose Bounds

    I don’t actually know the folks who runs cop block or the art of not being governed but I have “liked” both of those pages for some time now. Its true they lay on the rhetoric a little thick. I thought it interesting that this article included screenshots, but none of cop blocks members comments on those shots. If you had you would know that many of the people who support those pages are MORE than happy to call our the rhetoric out on its bullshit face. I had personally commented on several of those screenshots to point out the flaws in logic and the danger of hyperbole. And its the danger of hyperbole that brings me to write this comment as well. “The Art of Not Being Governed” is a political perspective page than argues for a state of anarchy because whether the left or right wing media want to admit it or not anarchy is a valid political perspective too, Its true its anti-government; and that’s because there are bunch of Americans still here today who believe they have the right to govern themselves; a cornerstone of the foundation of this country and a keystone of anarchist thinking. Cop Block rides the line of hyperbole much harder and have to be called on it regularly, but calling them a “hate group” is also a little extreme. The majority of the people who “like share and comment” on that page do not actually hate cops. They do hate what the cops are doing. They are angry at the system and why shouldn’t they be; the system cares not one whit for them. But if you go back to earlier in the year when those two officers were shot in Vegas, you can see members of Police the Police and Cop Block openly condemning that violence as unhelpful to the cause and serving little more than the potential to get even more innocent civilians killed. Cop Block does not condone the sorts of violent and ignorant behaviors that are the hallmark of a real hate group. Its a good thing your opinion of them is just that. You haven’t made them into a hate group just by calling them so. Cop Block has never burned a cross, they don’t call folk by various racial slurs, and they are careful NOT to incite violence. I admit their rhetoric is like a thick molasses, but then again my dear Maddow, who’s pages I have also liked for years and who’s show I love to watch, sometimes, so is yours.

  • Tom Anderson

    I’m a copblock and even have my press pass from them and I’m not anti cop, I’m pro constitution and feel that everybody needs to obey the law, not just citizens. If you knew anything about police work, you would know that police actually have less rights than citizens so where do they think they are above the law and could get away literally with murder? Shiney badges don’t grant extra rights. If you break the law, a cop who you so happen to protect will arrest you and you’ll serve a sentance but don’t worry, copblock is here so when that same cop breaks the law too, we are here to catch him and to make sure that officer is also arrested and charged like he would or did to you.

    • Tom Anderson

      Without people like us, your men and women in blue who you protect will run rampant and it will turn into Germany. Police coming into your hohomes without concent or a warrant and kidnap you. Don’t think it happens? Open your eyes, it’s already happening in America.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        The half-truth is that power corrupts. The part that is usually left out is that corrupt people are attracted to power. When someone kills a cop, it’s always presumed that it is murder. BUT, when a cop kills somebody, no matter what the circumstances, it’s always presumed that he was justified and cops know that they will almost always (99.99%) get away with it. Do we really want to give them that kind of unrestrained power, without oversight?

        Cop Block is a good and useful group because the powers that be just never seem to set up very good official oversight organizations, no matter how much people demand it. It’s really too bad that we can’t form citizen Grand Juries that the so-called authorities will acknowledge. The next best thing is an operation like Cop Block.

  • lberns

    “That sounds like the very same sort of anti-government propaganda pushed by the likes of Fox News, the tea party, Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz or any number of right-wing radicals.”

    Fucking hilarious! None of those people/groups are anti-government. In fact you have more in common with those fascist state worshiping douchebags than the folks at Cop Block. The only difference between the two of you is in degree, not kind. Both of you want your grubby authoritarian collectivist hands on the state’s guns. Both want to load those guns with your bullets.

    • 12Matt1234

      Fox News loves cops & hates Cop Block I guess the progressives agree with Fox News

      • lberns

        Or they know nothing about anarchists, which is surprising since progs always pride themselves as being smarter than everyone else.

  • Daz Nightowl

    Wow thanks for pointing this out those evil Libertarians must be stopped! (-;

  • Tom Vader

    Forward Progressives is a news outlet, and copblock is a hate group.
    Seems legit.
    Oh, and I already know I’m “naive”.

    • pyrodice

      we need quotes around “news outlet”… you know: for accuracy’s sake.

  • Munro

    Very progressive article! Stay 1984, comrades.

  • 12Matt1234

    funny we brought all this police brutality to a light they were behind it 110% because most because of the race card. Now two agents of the state gets killed in blowback and they change their story.

    • Cemetery Girl

      I disagreed with accessive force and police misconduct. I continue to see it as wrong. I also consider it wrong for someone to seek our officers to randomly kill off some police. Both actions are wrong, neither will make the other ok.

  • Stacy L Scott

    Well I guess I agree Cop Block is hate group:
    I agree…
    I hate oppression in any form
    I hate racial profiling
    I hate police officers who deceive,lie and cheat to make arrest
    I hate police officers who sexually abuse
    i hate police offices who use violence unnecessarily or revengefully
    I hate police officers who abuse the bill of rights
    I hate police officers who act above the law as if it doesn’t apply to them
    I hate police that conduct no knock raids with out confirming who the hell they are raiding
    I hate police that kill pets unnecessarily
    I hate police corruption
    I hate police who kill mentally ill people with out doing everything possible to avoid violence
    I hate police that arrest citizens for filming them
    I hate police that are ego tripping control freaks
    I hate the war on drugs that enables cartels, incarcerates thousands because of unjust and misguided laws
    I hate police that do this stuff and the legal system that hides behind itself when it has ti investigate itself

    Well I could go on but yeah “Cop Block”s a hate group, cop blockers hate the evil behavior of those who abuse power who seem to have zero accountability.

    • Spelunker4Plato

      cop supporter: “They’re just doing their job”

      yeah so was eichmann

      • pyrodice

        I like this, but I usually use Mengele.

      • meatwad_SSuppet

        Both work for the point.

      • Thomas Hart Sinclair

        You ought to use Lazar Kaganovich!

      • pyrodice

        Not commonly enough known, strangely.

  • Corey D. McLaughlin

    The author conflates anti-cop with anti-government to his readers’ detriment. I don’t often share from Cop Watch, Cop Block, etc., but I do recognize that they can be (and often are) the only ones fighting police abuse.

    The author writes, “Here’s a little insight into the world of Facebook pages. When one page says ‘our friends,’ that’s often code for saying ‘another page we control.’” Let me tell you friend, nothing could be further from the truth. When page admins mention friends and allies, we mean just that. Pages cooperate with other pages, and we try to show each other respect when we share other peoples’ work. It’s that simple.

  • Arlie

    This article makes the mistake of assuming that anyone who thinks the police should be held accountable as being politically affiliated in a certain way.
    Much flawed logic there.
    It then proceedes to become an opinion piece backed by no fact because you don’t like what they have to say.

  • R P

    Well, I suppose just a few black men gunned down or choked to death on the sidewalk over “progressive” cigarette taxes is a small price to pay. After all, you’ve gotta lick the boots of the police because who else is evil enough to carry out the orders and go around kicking in doors to confiscate guns and abduct any dissenters to throw them in prison? A site like “Forward Progressives” needs obedient foot soldiers and minions to bring about the forceful “change” they envision. Those mass graves in Mao’s China and killing fields of Pol Pot’s Cambodia didn’t litter themselves with bodies. They needed an “enforcement” class to do the dirty deeds for them.

    • Dennis

      Great post!

  • R P

    The author, Allen Clifton has a degree in Political Science and is a co-founder of a “progressive” website. That right there tells you all you need to know about him. The guy has been completely indoctrinated with his university “Political Science” courses to not even be able to fathom an existence without state control over his life. These people are too far gone and in too deep to save or reason with. They’re brainwashed obedient slaves that actually enjoy the shackles around their own ankles, and want them even tighter.

    • Dennis

      The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

    • Thomas Hart Sinclair

      Sad to say, very few escape “university” with an intact mind, operational common sense, and unconverted to cultural Marxism. That needs to change, because currently, “higher education” is a synonym of “higher Marx-Leninism!”

  • P_Arthur

    If you aren’t in discussions with your local police, then you are ignoring the issues.

  • Daniel Williams

    Anti-Government, like real Socialists and Communists? It’s funny how you attribute that sentiment with the right wing, but that’s a leftist sentiment. Let’s be clear, you are not a leftist, nor are you a progressive. Eleanor Roosevelt, remember her? Carried her own revolver. JFK? Staunchly supported the Second Amendment and saw it’s value as a deterrent against corrupt agents of the State as the Black Panthers proved in the 1960s in Oakland. Isn’t it funny how all of these pro-control groups are founded and run by Republicans and Democrats jump on board because someone screams “for the chilluns!” Labels are cute, but actions define you, and you sir are no fucking progressive liberal.

  • I actually bother to read the articles, so I know how full of shit you really are. I’m certain the choir to whichyou peach will stay in the loft with you and sing hymns to the State.

    • Dennis

      Church of the Bootlickers

  • Mike Raffone

    Either the author has severely misjudged his audience size, or the majority of the population clearly does not agree with his assessment and he is in the minority.
    Either way, Thank you for drawing more attention to the problems with Law enforcement activity.
    Enjoy the commentary.

  • christianh

    I don’t totally agree… EVERYTHING is out of control because no one will admit that NERDS have all the power and wisdom…

    We are the only group that has no protection under the law… But without us your sorry asses would have froze to death by now and you definitely wouldn’t have phones that are the smartest thing about you…

  • Cemetery Girl

    I do not “Like” Cop Block, but I know people that do “Like” the FB page and comment on their posts. Personally, I haven’t seen anything from them that leads in anyway to improving law enforcement. From what I’ve seen the whole thing is just an elaborate “F the po-po”. I’m not justifying recent police incidents that have been horrifying, far from it. There is a problem. There is a problem that clearly some officers have no business being officers and more/better training is needed. There is a problem in our society. We have part of our country immediately opposed to any police action, and another part that applauds wrong doing as “getting rid of another thug”.

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      Well then your reading has been very limited. I routinely point out the illegal laws cops enforce that has done more good for organized criminals that freedoms for all.

      • Cemetery Girl

        We cannot blame officers for the laws they are tasked to uphold. Can we hold departments accountable for abuse, absolutely. Can we blame them for legislature, no. Challenge laws that are a violation. Reevaluate laws that compound problems instead of protecting the population. Personally, I favor the legalization of marijuana. Despite having never even have tried it I recognize that the laws against marijuana have been as useful as the prohibition of alcohol. This reasonable association between circumstances doesn’t cause me to not rally against law enforcement. I support desires to change the laws but not cries for hostility towards officers.

  • Kelly Ryerson

    Oh please, the “dick goes under the horse” joke has been around for at least 20 years because I told that in high school. If you want to call us a hate group because we hate people who use their authority to murder puppies, assault pregnant or breastfeeding women (the latter’s baby was killed in the incident, by the way), kill kids playing with BB guns, etc., then yes, I guess we are a hate group, and proud of it. For the record, Cop block also recognises the officers who help their community, rather than oppress it. If officers did their job properly, those posts wouldn’t be so few and far between.

    • Dennis

      They are doing their jobs. You seem to be confused as to what their job really is though.

      • Kelly Ryerson

        Lol not really. Their job is to enforce laws, not to attack or murder people who follow the laws. I’ll use the breastfeeding woman as an example. She was covered up feeding her baby at a bus stop. Perfectly normal behavior for a mother. An officer told her it was indecent exposure (which it isn’t). As he man-handled her and yanked her backwards by her shirt, her breast popped out so he considered it more indecent exposure (which it wasn’t), then her infant fell to the ground and later died as a result of the impact. She was arrested but released since no laws were broken. So…who was wrong? The cop who didn’t know the law, or the mother whose baby was just murdered? I’m interested to read your reply to find out what you come up with to right that wrong.

      • Dennis

        Why would I want to do that? I was referring to this: “Cop block also recognises the officers who help their community, rather than oppress it. If officers did their job properly, those posts wouldn’t be so few and far between”.

        You seemed to imply that police officers are somehow supposed to help their community, while as you recognize their job is just to enforce the edicts of that’s necessary. If the people calling themselves the government would decide that from now on breastfeeding in public is illegal, then it would actually be a cop’s job to harass women who break that law. This idea that the police are supposed to help us or serve us is wrong and dangerous. The police were originally created to control the masses, and that is still their purpose.

      • Kelly Ryerson

        I don’t mean help their community by doing PR stunts to help them look good. I mean help their community by correctly enforcing laws without abusing power, and by standing up against those who do abuse it. I know they’re not here to serve and protect. That’s not in their job description. We’re the enemy to them. But there’s something wrong when they don’t even know what laws they’re upholding.

    • Thomas Hart Sinclair

      Some things should be hated. I’ve seen Cop Block do positive posts on good cops. It’s too bad there aren’t more events of that type.

  • brad

    If the Nazis had internet connection in the 30s and 40s this is what they would post. Smfh

  • Cody Aureli Ingersoll

    oh how they love their chains…

  • Spelunker4Plato

    “these liberals”

    “they’re out to slander police officers”

    “commit treason and overthrow the government”

    say what? i’m fairly certain that liberals aren’t that different from conservatives at all, police officers slander themselves by breaking the laws they’re supposed to uphold, and it isn’t like the government couldn’t use some overthrowing right about now. i mean come on. our taxes financed rape genocide in the congo, 9/11 was an inside job, and torture doesn’t work. you can’t sit there and say we’re a beacon of hope by any measure.

    these liberals
    these liberals

  • Phillip Mol

    endless lack of revolutionary fervor within ‘progressive toadie government can be good if just the right people were in charge’ sector is endless … also INb4 enjoy your bowl of rice a day …. Jello warned us of your kind … keep what your peddling, we’re not buying …

  • quest2quest

    I like Cop Block….

  • Aude Stephane

    Nice expose. Now, i know where those cool memes come from.

  • MaryTormey

    Someone had to do something. We can’t continue to let them get away with murder and slander. We pay for every single person who is wrongfully accused to cover up police crime. Health and Welfare spent over $40,000 to drug me and cover up police abuse, now I’m a disabled burden on society, just so the officer who assaulted me and many others could escape legal responsibility for his actions.

  • Brenster21

    I support the police since I am firefighter and police are known as our brothers in blue. I am personally sick of these anarchist groups who want to tear down the government, cause face it will never work. as the son of former adas i was disgusted by Mullochs performance as a prosecutor.

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      You have not heard of all the abuse cops perform on your FF brothers in the line of duty?? Oh dear.

      • Brenster21

        No i honestly not heard of or seen it happen. if you want to share some stories lets hear it.

  • Chad Weaver

    Okay, so what is your solution? How would you hold cops accountable?

  • Robin Freebeard McNair

    What’s the goal of labeling cop block as a hate group? It couldn’t be to serve as a pretext to use the exact form of systemic violence we’re trying to shine a light on against us, is it? Sounds like progressive fascism to me.

  • Dylan Li

    so in essence you condone killing innocent men. using police brutality on civilians. continued incarceration of more innocent men. and allowing the killer police officers to walk lose… what is your point? other than hating on copblock? yes they are a hate group… because most of us hate cops… for good reasons…

  • fknpecker

    Nice comments. How long til you disable them?
    Fuck this statist, boot licking page. And police unacountability.

    • Joey Redd

      He already did, at least on facebook.

  • Jared French

    If you question lack of accountability on crimes by police then you are spreading propoganda? I think here is another opportunity to educate someone who calls themselves progressive. Seems like they only want to repeat history. That doesn’t seem progressive at all.

  • pyrodice

    I don’t see what the big deal is. How do we know the cops didn’t shoot themselves? I’ve heard of all sorts of people shooting themselves inside squad cars, even when handcuffed behind their backs!

  • Rich Paul

    AFAIK, no cop blocker has ever killed anybody while cop blocking. The police killed 1,000 Americans last year, many of whom did not deserve to die. They also lost 30 officers to homicide last year, and many of those victims did not deserve to die, either. But if you had witnessed the murder of Eric Garner, would you have allowed the cops to complete their crime, or would you have stood up for what is right, and tried to save Eric’s life? That is the question.

  • Travis Judah

    No words besides the “author” (used very loosely) is a moron. Go suck uncle sams balls you state worshipping boot licker.

  • Wayne Gilmore

    Mr Clifton I believe your way off base, just like all cops are not bad, not even most of them, not everyone in Cop Block are bad. They have brought egrigous uses of law to light. Abuses by officers should not be covered up, but spotlighted and fixed so they don’t happen again. Why dont you do research on how many people have been killed by cops accidentally, include wrong address, and excessive force to how many cops were killed last year, and tell me whats wrong with that picture. Or how abput just the unarmed mentally ill people killed by officers in 2014. Autistic, under that age of 16, pregnant, wrong house raids, miss-identifications and so on, What was it, 23 officers were killed by violent acts of perpetrators last year IIRC. How many people were killed so to some instance that could have easily been resolved. One that stick in my mind is an Autistic man died to police while crying for his mother who was there for lack of a movie ticket, That is just so sad, and shows the sadistic actions of some of these people, who the Brotherhood is always there to cover up for them. The BROTHERHOOD is the gang, if you don’t follow what the BROTHERHOOD says, you left hanging, or murdered by your own coworkers, so some officers don’t have a choice, and the coercion run deep to threat to family and friends.

    • meatwad_SSuppet

      The movie (Frank) “Serpico”, was not an exposure of the crimes, it was a warning to about future cops.

  • Aaron Childers

    Does the author here really believe that people are so dumb that they just fall for any old crap they see online? You have to understand that people are so willing to believe these things that you say are lies yet you arrogantly proclaim that you don’t need proof because many of us have had experiences with police within the ranges of inconvenient to humiliating to downright terrifying. We’re seeing other people’s stories and comparing them with our own experiences. Do you not see your own bias upon writing this article? The most obvious is the denial of any proof of the statements you’ve made. What I believe is that what you perceive as hate is actually anger, that when expressed in a healthy way can be a powerful motivator. We don’t hate cops. We don’t hate authority. We don’t want a collapse of the system. What a ridiculous and unfounded fearful assertion. Perhaps it would help if you understood your own biases so that you may further your argument from propaganda, because it is equally disgusting coming from the left as it is the right. I wonder what rash assumptions you would make of me without any prior discussions? From what it looks like in your article I might be referred to as a right wing extremist for sympathizing with cop block. I am actually quite liberal and quite rational and I have read your articles for at least a year and maybe two. One thing I’ve noticed is that you propose no solution and merely provide talking points for those who agree with you without any proposition on how to defend them. Accept the criticism as I will accept yours if you choose to respond. You don’t have to understand and that is fine, but please don’t try to undermine an entire movement because you don’t agree with the tactics because from my point of view you have no room to talk.

  • OldArmyBroad

    I guess you don’t know what “decentralized” means, nor would you accept the idea that different admins have different political ideologies which are reflected in those posts?

    Must be tough blindly worshiping cops and assuming everything in your world is correct and everyone else is wrong.

  • martymarsh

    I would suggest this writer is just telling the usual lies, the fact that police, police themselves is nothing more than a joke. You would have to believe that all cops are honest and just, and that my friends is impossible. So a system with corruption is bound to be corrupt. We need a volunteer system to oversee these issues with cops with new people on the board such as picking a jury. When cops and judges are corrupt, you get things like Kids for Cash, and The Luzerne County Railroad, not to mention all of the beatings and killings nation wide. Look up Larry Holhol on facebook, he is an ex-officer that tells it like it is

  • Pewpschute

    Ya enjoy your police state, don’t make any sudden moves. Or do anything suddenly, you know what just don’t move…

  • Daniel Wood

    I’m liberal as fuck, and I agree 100% with CopBlock. There are ZERO good cops out there. Even if they aren’t actively cracking heads or violating rights, they’re marching in step with the ones who are, covering up their crimes and stopping efforts to hold them accountable.

  • Eric Mora


  • Beverly Galloway

    Really??? I have been really educated by all of this “propaganda” I have been repeatedly shown what police brutality looks like. I now know how to invoke and stand up for my rights! Their articles are true! Some of the opinions ARE conflicted but they are OPINIONS! Any numb skull has an opinion! I see that clearly in THIS ARTICLE! Hate Group?? Wow! Wake up!

  • Brian

    I don’t know if they reach “Hate Group” status, but I do believe the overwhelming majority are seriously misguided, tinfoil-hat-wearing Conspiracy Theorists who wouldn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. One of their articles I read today (Justin King I believe was the author’s name), essentially tries to justify and rationalize the murder of the two NYC cops, and said the cops themselves were to blame. For them not to acknowledge that it was a career thug, incited by the media and various race-baiters (you listening Al?), who murdered them in cold blood proves my aforementioned ass/hole-in-the-ground analogy to be highly accurate.

  • Paul Hallett

    I don’t live in the states, so have complete impartiality in what I read. Cop Block is posting some really good information on what is going on, alongside some propaganda, but it’s no different from the apparent bias here too. The Police, you must remember, wore I can breathe t shirts after the death of a man, so why is it any different when a rapper calls them out on it? Do you not think that’s a little hypocritical?

    The trouble is, it is obvious there’s no clear oversight for american police, and that makes the good ones look as bad as the bad ones, as they all appear to be in a brotherhood. If the good ones outed the bad ones with a conviction they were supported by all of the force, they’d be supported, but they aren’t.

    Not all cops are bad cops, but conversely, not all cops are good ones either; weed out the bad ones and you get a far better representation on line.

  • Brian

    Oh to be a fly on the wall when one of these “blockers” inevitably needs a Cop to save his or her ass. Better still, if they ever do, it’d be kind of funny if none show up!

    • StreyDawg

      Inevitably? You watch too much cable television.

      I need a cop about as much as I need a welfare check. I don’t count on .gov to send me money or security and I am much better off in all regards. Pity the people who actually think they “need a cop” for anything except retrieving the body of the idiot who made the mistake of breaking into my house, and even that call is optional.

  • Marcus

    So Allen’s definition of a hate group is one that attempts to expose the brutality and dysfunction endemic in our nation’s police departments? That’s absolutely Orwellian. We should not be surprised that a sentiment such as this comes from a so called “progressive”. Only in a world this shitty do people like him pass for leftists. From where I’m sitting, he’s merely another right-winger upholding the status quo.

  • noncents

    I remember a time when “progressives” actually wanted to hold police accountable; realizing they are simply enforcers of a corrupt system.

  • Jesu Krusti

    To be completely honest:
    Being against the US-Government should be normal if you have any idea what they are doing.
    Maybe they are just another bunch of stupid rednecks, but at least they see what shit place the USA has become

  • Bruce Mandeville

    Dumb article by a cop apologist. Get a real job, you’ll never make it as a writer.

  • Trey Holcomb

    I know many of these folks, and although I don’t participate in the “Cop block” activities they do, I can tell you that for you to label them a hate group is at best ignorant journalism and at worst downright dishonesty. Your credibility is non-existent.

  • Elliott Whitlow

    So pointing out and making police actually GASP, follow the law makes them a hate group? And you wonder why the left has largely marginalized itself?

    Do you know what these people want? They want cops to actually be held to the higher standard they CLAIM to be held to, but aren’t. They want police to actually be punished when they don’t follow the law. I’m curious why these are such subversive demands.. It boils down to follow the law or be punished, just like the rest of us. Badges don’t make them special and they shouldn’t get special treatment.

  • Trey Holcomb

    Allen when the cognitive dissonance hits you, and it will, I hope it isn’t as painful an experience for you as it was for me. Merry Christmas!

  • JonRed

    Rush Limbaugh needs to stop wrting articles under different monikers.

  • Patrick Abell

    So in the world according to Allen Clifton, we should all just turn a blind eye to the murders perpetrated by the militarized police forces in America. If the media would do its job, organizations like Cop Block would be unnecessary. Journalism in America is a joke, as evidenced by the pandering to the government, by the writer of this ignorant article.

  • Jonathan Ramey

    Blah Blah Blah

  • Eiríkr Karl Sørengaard

    Can you recommend aother cop-watching/rights advocacy websites/associations that one might affiliate with instead? This seems a bit dead-end insofar as productivity is concerned. Cop-block is, currently, one of the only coherently organized cop-watching/rights advocacy websites out there. Just because theres fringe hangers doesnt mean the whole situation is bunk. People need to lay the bugle down, sheesh.

  • Flob Ranagan

    What kind of progressive site is this?
    Sounds pretty moderate to me.
    And what is the author talking about with these right wing radicals?
    If i remember 9th grade social studies correctly, (which I do because I slept through every class, thereby incorporating the dream memories of that class directly to my subconscious) radicals are left wing extremists. You know, like commies or whatever.
    Right wing extremists are known as reactionaries.
    That being said, I do agree that copblock has a large amount of distasteful, propaganda on their site. So what? You have a brain right? How about using that to see the fallacy of the propaganda, while simultaneously seeing the legitimate grievances that cop block raises.
    Perhaps the author would like to do away with the people’s right to film the police?

  • Craig

    I am a Progressive Democrat and I respectfully disagree. Police happen to be the folks that enforce the laws that our shitbox politicians pass to give more money into their campaign financiers. Any push back is good at this point. Unfortunately both parties are sucking on the 1% teet so I support any person who stands up for their rights. And I support the people talking it to the streets, because they know that while we elect whoever we want we do not get to choose our candidates. The 1% and special interest groups do that. Our system is rigged and no amount of voting is going to get it back until the entire campaign finance system blown up and changed to mirror a country such as Sweden.

  • CHumble

    I subscribe to copblock I don’t hate people I just want everyone to be held accountable for their actions. and you did no real research.

  • doufus George

    wow and here i thought i would read a bunch of comments denouncing cop block. im pleasantly surprised.

  • pez

    Slander? Really? Im pretty sure this article embodies the exact thing that its condemning cop block for doing (which it dosent actually do). I didnt realize posting numerous articles pictures and videos of police abusing their power or overall doing the awful things that they DO need to be held accountable for was slander? This person didnt even read the articles, they just decided since there was a small comedy element and not every post was an accountability article, that means it was just slander and lies! just because there area f ew jokes here and a little satire there, dosent make it all bullshit

  • Snowonweb

    From reading below comments it seems this article is a fail.

  • Johnny Evil

    Why not put up the videos/posts they have praising officers who actually serve the people as intended? They exist, have a look.

  • Reality Thinker

    You are such an obedient little slave for writing this drivel. Just obey and get your rights eroded one thug badge at a time.
    Sorry, not for this person.

  • Dennis

    Typical progressive here… just another bootlicking fascist.

  • Kevin Freund

    Hate groups attack people for who they are, not what they choose as an occupaion. Its not a word you can co-opt to mean whatever you want, such as you do with the word “progressive”. Frankly attacking a site for views you disagree with as a “hate group” site is not progressive, it’s regressive.

  • Jeff Ranger

    I suppose all the videos of cops breaking laws and ignoring people’s rights were faked? Maybe the youtube footage of people in handcuffs being shot to death was done by actors dressed like cops? I don’t buy every story I hear on copblock, but they do have ones about cops doing good things as well. What really convincing me are the videos.

  • Jack Hammer

    Yes, because it’s hateful to demand that the police actually be held accountable to the same standards of conduct and responsibility for their actions that the rest of us are.

    It’s hateful to demand that police be prosecuted for actions that would land you or I in prison.
    It’s hateful to point out that law enforcement routinely abuses its authority, violates rights, and literally gets away with murder because of a tin badge and magic outfit.

  • dagobarbz

    You poor, disingenuous man. You make an awful lot of assumptions about us.
    Here, take this simple test. How many cops were slain by activists? How many citizens have been murdered by cops? Wow, you’d think if there was this huge movement, there’d be more dead cops than citizens, given that we outnumber them.

    No, you ignorant twunt, we support good cops, good policing. The problem is, that sort of behavior gets you fired these days. Militarization of cops is leading nowhere good, and that is what we must halt. We also have to quit rewarding the sociopaths with paid vacations, and force departments to take responsibility for their rogue behavior.

    But we are absolutely not in favor of murdering innocent police officers on the job, or even the abusive ones. Bringing them to justice is all we want. It is fatuous and misleading to claim this.

    Indeed, aren’t you now part of the problem by adding your little spoonful of fear and hyperbole to the very thing causing the more mentally fragile to snap and run out to murder anyone in blue? Hmmm.

  • Steve

    It’s really bizarre to see a progressive cherry pick the more “conservative” aspect of an anti-police movement in order to support the idea that we should give unlimited and unchecked power to paramilitary police thugs so they can murder more innocent black people in the streets.

    And yes, you figured it out, cop-block is anti-police. Why? Because the police are anti-American, anti-law, and anti-accountability.

    I guess this is always the nature of bi-partisan, libertarian movements that bring together people of varying political views to support the cause of liberty and human rights. Wing nuts from both sides will try and tear the movement apart.

    Whether he’s just too dumb to realize it, or doing it intentionally, Allen Clifton is nothing more than a pawn of the abusive and evil police state that has formed in this country – nothing more than a sycophant Nazi sympathizer with little internet blog. Back in the real world, people are fighting for freedom from an oppressive and evil police regime in this country, and cop-block is one of those groups that’s doing the fighting.

  • Thomas Hart Sinclair

    Sure, some of the articles and graphic posters are a bit more hyperbolic than they ought to be, IF the group wants to appeal to humorless twats such as the author of this page, but since people like that can’t be reached anyhow, what does it matter? This stuff is no more overhyped than a lot of progressive propaganda, but these messages are supporting truth and inalienable rights, while the progressive messages are supporting Stalinism, Maoism, Leninism, and Marxist tyranny in general. Progressives generally tend to love and admire violent, tough-guy cops, so long as they intimidate, oppress, beat, and murder the right people (and never harm a hair on the head of someone who deserves it, particularly minorities). Furthermore, many progressives are simply weaklings and punks; meaning that without cadres of violent, murdering thugs (operating under color of law) progressives have no chance or hope of implementing their programs. Progressives must use the coercive arm of the so-called law to enforce the unconstitutional fake laws they have already been able to foist upon Americans. Progressives will need even more uniformed thuggery for their forthcoming nonsense, because that is even worse then what they’ve put over on us so far. How many Americans understand that there are ten (10) planks to Marx’s Communist Manifesto and all ten of them have already been activated in the USA — most of them now more than 60 percent operational; some of them fully implemented? All supported by, and in many cases brought online by… ready for this… PROGRESSIVES!

    I can tell that the GUN RIGHTS part of the police accountability groups’ agenda REALLY peeves the author of this page. Well, too damn bad 🙂

    • Daniel Petersen

      LMAO you are so ignorant of socialism, also pretty damned ignorant about who is destroying America… Our Oligarchy came from the right! We have become a nation of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations and shall surely perish from the Earth! Conservatives are to blame for the rape of our nations liberties… “Maosim” You are exhibiting a curse of arrogance compounded by ignorance.

      I bet your one of those “Christian nation” types as well…

  • Hasanda

    They wish the mission wasn’t to hold police accountable for their heinous and illegal acts perpetrated against the very people they take an oath to protect, respect and serve!! Oh my if only it were not true!

  • Thomas Hart Sinclair

    And by the way, growing numbers of people understand that the federal government has already committed treason and overthrown it’s founding document that grants it legitimacy. The federal Constitution: especially the Bill of Rights.

  • Bram

    Blah…blah…blah…you’re naive. Blah…blah…blah…they’re hateful.

    Yet you say nothing about the very real issues with which Cop Block is concerned: the outrageous number of killings, the constant excessive force, the omnipresent corruption, the murders, rapes, beatings, harassment, and other indignities that citizens suffer at the hands of cops EVERY SINGLE DAY!

    No…we’re naive…no real purpose to protesting these issues and working for reform of a broken system and empowering people to stand up for their Civil Rights…no, none of that is important Cop Block is just a hate group…

    Allen Clifton, you ought to be ashamed. Your logic, and this entire jeremiad, is much more worthy of Sean Hannity than anyone claiming to be a Progressive or a Liberal.

  • Caedmon Aedan

    You should really change the name of your page to better reflect your opinions, maybe something along the lines of, “ForwardTowardSlavery”, or “ProOppression”, maybe even, “PowerToTheStateNotThePeople”. Too bad you are incapable of understanding the total lack of intelligence your opinions convey.

  • StreyDawg

    Did you go off your meds or something?

  • Howie Meier


  • HelloFeds

    There are no words to describe how stupid, inane, and wrongheaded this article and its author are without using every swear word ever created in every language ever spoken.

  • HelloFeds

    It’s time to start calling Allen Clifton what he is: a quasi-authoritarian statist idiot.

  • Morgan O’Brien-Bledsoe

    Well i’m done with this site. Cop Block does not condone violence. They spread information and stand up for OUR RIGHTS. As “progressives” we should ALL expect public servants to be held accountable when they MURDER the PUBLIC. But i am 100% done with this site for posting this shit.

  • Randall Goguen

    It’s Time We Start Calling Forward Progressives What It Actually Is: An Open Air Prison Police State Supporter.

  • Daniel Petersen

    Gotta love how some liberals will support our government enslaving them just because a few members of cop block are on the right…

    Cop Block has members of ALL walks of life…

    Support police violence while giving up your own right and ability to push the restart button on crony capitalism…

    You anti gun, pro-government liberals are bad for the party but more importantly bad for America!

    Gay rights, womens rights, legalization! But no guns?
    Liberty is not something you pick and choose you retards.

  • Danny Lamb

    Is called freedom of speech you progressive pieces of filth!

    • HelloFeds

      Don’t mistake this idiot for a real progressive. He’s a closet authoritarian, nothing more.
      ALL of my progressive friends support justice and an end to police brutality and oppression.
      Every. Single. One.

  • StrictlyVoluntary

    Hmm, might I say this article sounds rather, what’s the word, slanderous?

  • Ty Moss

    Cop block in particular is part of a wider movement to hold police accountable for their actions. You people are just plain stupid for trying oo derail that action because even though you think you’re special and will never be a victim of police violence, you are far from it and there are dozens of terrifying examples. Wave your american flag and continue to believe you live in a perfect world. You’re retarded.

  • alted1

    So you have a degree in Political Science but are clueless how the Nazi Party took over Germany. Thanks for the propaganda though.

    • Parker Spence

      Remember, everything Hitler did was completely legal.

      • Zach Dickson

        MLK was right on the money when he said that.

      • alted1

        With a well heeled propaganda run political party. Which helped pass the laws making it legal.

  • Zach Dickson

    The best part about this is how only 1 in 20 comments actually supports the author’s view.

    • Mary Wink

      I think it’s more like one in 75 that supports this guys ridiculous rant. I’m liberal and used to be a democrat. Now I’m just a liberal free thinker and I wouldn’t vote for any clown this corrupted system offers up.

      • Zach Dickson

        It’s sad that so many sensible things get co-opt’d by people who, for lack of a better word, are crazy.

  • Sasha Zvyagin

    Hey, Allen – come to NYC, I have a big can of “go fuck yourself” just for you.

  • Dan

    This is priceless … not the article, that’s complete garbage … but the comments! How do you respond, when you’ve written something so obviously intended to be a sound reprimand of Cop-Block’s lack of Patriotism, and your own target audience takes it completely apart as utter drivel? I don’t live in the United States … so I can be completely objective, to a point. I do, however, live in Canada, and sadly our politicians are pretty much tarred with the same brush as yours; what happens there happens here. So I pay attention to what’s happening there. What’s happening there (from my somewhat objective vantage point) is that since 9/11 (really not that long ago, when you think about it) the good ol’ flag-waving, freedom-loving US of A has plummeted into a dark, dismal, and frightening Police State. It’s been a mind-numbingly fast turn-around … like when the naive blushing bride finally moves into the double-wide with her jealous, controlling new husband, only to find her phone conversations, emails, text messages, and GPS being monitored … and it’s time to step out and file for divorce before things get any worse, along with filing the appropriate charges for stalking, unlawful confinement, etc. What I see and hear in the reactions from US citizens is not apathy, I’m pretty sure it’s just shock and disbelief. Like the emotionally abused wife, it’s difficult to imagine that the wonderful country you’ve all worked so hard together to build would turn against you … and when it happens you simply don’t believe it. But then it becomes more intrusive, more in your face, more blatant … you can’t help noticing. The “let’s make even more ridiculous laws to fix everything” crowd is getting really thin … simply because that tactic has been unsuccessfully employed for far too long for anyone with a measurable intelligence quotient to believe it’s going to work “this time”. I’m pretty sure that entire line of thinking is now limited to politicians, people with degrees in political science, (as if politics were a science in ANY conceivable meaning of the word) and the hopelessly fleeced.

  • Melany Parker

    Hmm, I’m sure this author would be horrified to hear all of the comments left by cops, on CB. Some of the nastiest, racist, ego driven comments I’ve seen in a while. Scum.

  • Melany Parker

    “by the way”, “in my opinion”, “once again”…..what is this guy doing, writing a sure fire 5 paragraph essay for his 3rd grade teacher? Please, keep these articles coming. It only emphasizes the GREAT need for educated, non militant police officers in our communities…..

  • Shane Hatswell

    I think what cop block is doing is wonder full and brave an American way to be that has seemingly been lost to apathy and complacency. of course you will see a bit of satire… it is everywhere in America and cops are not exempt. We have been puting up with crap from police for decades…. Thanx to modern techknowledgy like phone cams we are now able to catch them in the act and expose them; rather than have them lie and get away with it as it was in the days of old. Exposing unconstitutional statutes, policies and ordinances that are unconstitutional is a great thing for people to be aware of. Our rights are eroding at a rapid rate these days. We need the police to understand that they have been duped into being on the wrong side of the constitution, and be the ones to lead the way by refusing to enforce any unconstitutional statute, policy or ordinance that is questionable. stand against cronyism within their own departments and bring back respect to the profession.

  • What a dumb article. Written by a true thin blue line protector. YAWN

  • Spencer England

    He has a degree in Political Science lololol. Which means he really doesn’t have a “real” degree lol. Go Obama!!!! lol.


  • gabriel314

    Ahh, so the author writes off these people as a “hate group” because of a political difference. Talk about partisan close-mindedness! I’m a libertarian (EEK!) and feel the hate from the progressives AND the so-called conservatives. I don’t care what people like you have to say–cops have killed and maimed CHILDREN, they are becoming more and more militarized–and we need groups like this to sound the alarm, just as we need groups like the ACLU to protect civil liberties, and 2nd Amendment groups to protect that right.

    Fun fact–I will never, ever shoot your dog, beat you for taking a video of me, throw a flash-bang grenade at your child, give you a roadside pelvic/rectal exam, steal from you or in any way harm you.

    But the cops can and may, and they will get away with it. And you’ll pay them for the privilege.

  • Rusty Bucket

    It’s obvious that this author supports corrupt government and brutal cops.

  • Bill McGillicutty

    Not very persuasive. Occasionally they post something I disagree with or have mixed feelings about. Same with almost any group or political party or movement. You have to go with the general direction, general thrust, general ideas. Far, far too many cops do think and act as if they are above the law, and as if they are judges, juries, and executioners all wrapped up in some Dirty Harry shell. It’s different than generalizations based on skin color, religion, ethnicity, etc. This is a profession and certain professions tend to attract certain types (psychologically) of people, and the institutions which employ them can/do develop identifiable cultures. The Thin Blue Line is something similar to a street gang’s code of honor. I think being a good cop today is an exceedingly difficult thing to do. I’m sure there are some, but they need to speak up, more often and more loudly. We need police reform and lots of it. Cop Block is occasionally overzealous, but generally I think they provide a useful source for information, if consumed with a skeptical eye and a mind set with critical thinking skills to “on”. Read about Aiyana Jones in Detroit. Read about Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio (an open carry state – like it or not, and actually I do NOT like it!), and then tell me who is acting hatefully. It’s not Cop Block that caused those deaths, and I don’t believe that CopBlock is “inspiring” any wrong-headed acts of revenge. If Garner’s family went after the cops who strangled their dad/husband, or if Jones’s family went after the cops who shot/killed that 7 y.o. girl, that could make for an interesting discussion on justified revenge. What happened to the cops in Fla. and NYC can’t be justified (even if various explanations can be discussed). Did you hear about the cops singing the song celebrating Michael Brown’s death? Please explain that one.

  • Rick Hiltz

    fuck i hate society and all you fucking retards in it Isolation is the best way to live in the middle of a forest away from all of you dip shits that would prefer to suck off a cop

  • Meow Mix

    I’m waiting for the person who wrote this pathetic article to show evidence that all the stories Cop Block posts about are completely untrue…

    Sure they might not be KIND in their reporting, but they sure as heck are not making it up….

  • So you mean they are just like our Main stream media reading scripts with preset agendas spreading propaganda?

  • Robert Harris

    Allen you are correct my mind is in fact already made up. You will not change it! Constitution or Bust! If you don’t like living in a Representative Constitutional Republic, too bad! There are many Communist, Socialist, Dictatorships around the world I’m sure you would be happy living in. Follow the Constitution or get ready for a fight. Don’t let the door hit you in the tail on the way out.

  • Pw4x3r

    What exactly is the “system” you are afraid of cop block supporter’s bringing down? An end to racism? An end to unjust murders of innocent people? Extortion? Tyranny? Oh yeah, that system…… LoL…..

  • OldManMtn

    it’s time we start calling “Forward Progressives” what it really is: Backwards Regressives.

    what a load of pseudo-journalistic doodoo. in case you havent noticed, cops are out of control lately — acting not as peace officers or public servants, but more as militarized overlords. wake up you nitwit.

    we need orgs like cop watch to keep the gang in blue in check.

  • Tim L

    US law enforcement operates wholly above the law and everyone knows it, Allen Clifton is an ass.

  • Keith Hoffman

    Cops are violent tax enforcers are are mostly known for using dogs and other roadblock gimmicks to violate our civil rights and treat us all like slaves…..

    Yep…..I blame the Police State 100% for all of our problems…..

  • AuntySocial

    Hate group? For exposing the crimes the cops commit and get away with? Get real people. Keep your heads buried in the sand. It won’t protect you or someone you love from the police. Knowing your rights and holding the police accountable for their actions is what will, hopefully prevent this from happening to you.

  • Vescha Lahearse

    You know what’s funny, I have never heard of this site or this writer before this article full of pro-violent police propaganda. I am a writer as well and this is one the worst written articles I have ever seen. The argument is full of logical fallacies and fakey facts. I truly hope this is being considered an opinion piece because this is really bad. Cop Block is a “hate group”? It has a right wing agenda? I don’t think Cop Block is affiliated with any one political party. Way to bring your politicized vomit into the article. I am going to have to write an article to rebut and correct this one. Let’s just admit this fear mongering trash is ridiculous and is screwing all of us. I’m glad people don’t really read this and believe it.

  • GuyIncognito26

    There was a time when liberalism meant opposition to the state as a bulwark against infringements on the rights of individuals. It’s disappointing to think that many progressives might abandon that foundational belief simply because they don’t want to be seen in the same light as the libertarians who agree with them.

    I’d also suggest that to put Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and Fox News in the category of opposition to authoritarianism and government is so silly I don’t quite now how to respond.

  • Terice Gonzalez

    You sir, are an idiot. This article did nothing more than show everyone that you are a nitpicking whiny cry baby who apparently is just fine with the police state and the way this nation is currently going. You are part of the problem. Cop Block, Cop Watch, Watchdog, all those organizations do is expose police brutality and government corruption. The truth is that police have become abusive, they do overstep their boundaries, they do not respect the Constitutional rights of citizens, and most are sociopaths. The few good ones left do need to stand up and cross that blue line and speak out. Your article is nonsense. Cop Block has 1 million plus supporters, on Facebook alone. OBVIOUSLY it is doing something right. Holding the police accountable is important. Ranting about them and calling them dicks………well that is their Constitutionally protected right. Go whine about it someplace else. SMH.

  • timmy2651

    nice try on linking anti cop groups to right wingers.

  • darrenlobo

    If anything Cop Block doesn’t go far enough. The Founders warned us against having a standing army. They knew that such a force would be used to oppress. Today, the “standing army” that we have to worry about domestically is the huge law enforcement establishment. I’m talking about not only state and local police but also agencies like the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and ad nauseum. Rather than deploy troops on the streets they use law enforcement to control us. While these agencies exist our liberty will always be in danger.

  • Othman Zia

    Cop block isn’t right wing (or any wing for that matter). If they were a right wing page, they would be boot licking the police like Palin, Cruz and rest of the Fox crew does.
    And while I have my disagreements with them, I don’t see what the big deal is with being anti-government nor the page ‘The Art of not being governed’

  • JRT6

    The last anyone wants are cops refusing to take action or taking action based on their own personal interpretation of the law. That’s why we have courts and legislatures.

  • Pam_L

    Your opinion of the ‘Cop Block’ group is completely over the top in it’s zeal to discredit it. “A radical, anti-government hate group”? I’ve seen no such sentiment coming from it. What I do see, however, is your single-minded obsession to defend police regardless of how out-of-control their behavior has become. As a black person there is no way I am going to go out of my way to defend a group of people who like to call themselves “peace officers”, but who somehow manage to murder a black citizen every 28 hours or so. They are nothing but an extension of the old ‘slave patrols’ from the antebellum south which had authority to abuse, torture and murder helpless slaves with zero accountability. The do not and have NEVER existed to “serve and protect” black people, they only exist to serve and protect YOU.

  • Mike

    Mr. Clifton, you are anything but a progressive. You love this government, and you love the Democratic Party. Cop Block doesn’t, so you label them a hate group. “Let’s call the US government what it actually is: a hate group”. There. Fixed it for ya.

  • sorbo

    So that’s how you justify your lack of reserch??? I wrote this article, but didn’t research it because people who don’t agree with me never will. Then you wonder why no one takes you seriously. This cracks me up. You do this to yourself, bahahahahahahaahahahaha.

  • roninmd

    PROGRESSIVES aren’t really forward thinking at all.
    All they want you to do is obey the state like a slave.

  • kc

    They do not research their articles at all! I know for a fact that someone who was arrested for domestic violence made up a story about being the victim, and the other half got off because he was a cop. The “victim” has since been arrested for another domestic!

  • kc

    Cop block is just a hate group, disguised as public service. I have never seen so much anger, and resentment. The only people I know who hate police are the ones who have broken the law. Why don’t you move to another country, where they will just chop off your head??

  • Corey O’Brien

    so the author of this “article” loves living in a paramilitary police state where cops can kill with impunity, can plant evidence, arrest innocent people to meet quotas as part of a revenue-generating scam and otherwise violate peoples’ civil rights–all under the protection of the police unions

    nice. you sound like you would have been right at home under Nazi rule

  • Danielle Ni Dhighe

    Police exist to protect and serve the ruling class. Forgive me if I don’t wring my hands in horror because a Facebook page shines a light on police misdeeds.

  • Jason Hurley

    This of one of the most infantilized, overly-simplistic, emotive, name-calling tantrums I’ve ever seen pass for journalism. The author clearly cannot see past his/her antipathy for the law enforcement reform and prison abolitionist movements to see the complexities and abuses that have underwritten their creation.

  • jadinvt

    The mission of Cop Block is to hold police accountable. However, the “founders” and many of the members are anarchists (no-rulers anarchists, not mad-max anarchists). So, yeah, many of the posts are anti-empire, anti-ruler, anti-government, anti-war, anti-cop; put more simply, pro-peace, pro-human.

  • Jeremy Derifield

    I side left on virtually every social issue and believe we need widespread public funded health care for all Americans. I am from the old Rust Belt Democrat school of thought.
    And, while they certainly have their problems and rogue members (have you ever looked at the comments at Police One however? I’m sure you have not) they are doing good work. They are holding these bullies and Civil and natural Rights violators accountable. What an unfortunate article from a group that should know better.

  • JackNauti

    The writer of this is a complete idiot and a liar, as well. Cop Block, for the most part, publishes news accompanied by a small amount of opinion. The cases speak for themselves. It’s no more “propaganda” than the weather report.

  • Shawn Rollins

    Sorry throwing a grenade into a crib with a Child in it is absolutly criminal, if I had done that in Iraq id be up on charges and I say this to our local “heros” be professional and if you dont know how to use your toys just dont

  • Jeff Mowery

    I love CopBlocjk and disagree with everything you are saying. They do ridicule police actions. SO EFFING WHAT?

  • martymarsh

    Get it right, our clear disdain is because of a corrupt government and the people that serve it, which should be obvious to anyone.

  • DocLinda

    This is one of the most mind bending, brainwashing sites I have ever seen. I hope I never have the misfortune of accidentally coming upon your website again. Any true American would be supportive of groups that hold the government and its agencies accountable. Only fools or compatriots to government oppression would promote Support Your Government and Stand Against Those Who Don’t would complain. This is why I left liberals after standing with them since I was old enough to vote. You’re stupid.

  • Gary Plant

    the guy could not even take the time to check the very first fact he posted

  • chefjas

    I’m amused that the author is trying to make this a “left” or “right” issue. LMAO. Liberals are frantic to paint groups like Copblock as right wing hate groups and so called conservatives like O’Reilly, Levin, and Limbaugh tell us that anyone who questions police over reach are “pro thug”. So which is it? MAYBE, just maybe, the militarization of the police, the abuses of our basic liberties by police that are exposed by this and other groups, maybe these are FUNDAMENTAL abuses of power that transcend political paradigms. Maybe, just maybe, freedom loving progressives can come together with those they like to paint as “crazy right wingers” and call this behavior for what it is; the rise of a police state. No my friends, this is NOT a political issue. This is a PERSONAL issue. And I for one, am encouraged that liberty loving, American citizens, who represent a variety of political thought, are FINALLY coming together to fight against the oppression that was ramped up 1,000 % under Bush and the Neo-cons but has been promulgated and is constinuing under the current administration AND the GOP controlled house. This ain’t political folks. This is about us. Period.

  • edbres1

    Haha, What a fucking clown you are.. “Cops shouldn’t be questioned because MEMES!!!” Now that’s some fancy fact-checking you done right there, boy..

    You’re the typical bootlicking, lying, leftist, Nazi scumbag. Congratulations! : )

  • Adolph Schumer

    Legalize police brutality!!!!!

  • MrPuzzleBox

    …And to think: The term “Progressive” was once a generally positive word that implied forward-thinking. Like the “Noble Peace Prize”, — it’s now generally meaningless and used by despots to manipulate those impressed by words rather than deeds.

  • Ventura Neptune

    “You are saying our problem is civil disobedience. That is not our problem… Our problem is civil obedience. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. And our problem is that scene in “All Quiet on the Western Front” where the schoolboys march off dutifully in a line to war. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world, in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.” -Howard Zinn

  • Scott Pfotenhauer

    So people are very angry, and have found a public forum to share their frustration with law enforcement. What’s the problem? Some hurt feelings? I can live with that. As a Cop Blocker, I promote peace and non-violent confrontation. Police are always the first to use violence in my experience.

  • thomas griffin

    allen clifton your a liberal looser!

  • thomas griffin

    your thinking allen is screwed up.

  • Xyxox

    I won’t have anythign to do with CopBlock, but your article is so pro-cop as to turn me off to anything you have to say, too. Cops are out of control with zero accountability in this country and if there is such a thing as a good cop, they get pushed out when they remain good cops in light of the criminality of their peers. A cop is not good if they continue to allow their peers to be unaccountable for murderous actions.

  • Thomas the Train

    Most if not all of my comments I left on Cop Block posts were either deleted or followed by a crowd of angry commentators throwing every bad word and insult they could at me. Very, very unpleasant people and it’s no surprise they have problems with the police.

  • Matt Leone

    You have to be an inbred shit for brains to still be defending these pigs. Cop block posts hundreds of articles weekly on police corruption, yet the inbred conservative (usually white) statists will still try and claim incidents of police corruption are “isolated”. LMAO that’s rich.

  • Corz

    police wouldn’t get so heat if they weren’t living in the govern-men-t kitchen. there priorities should lye with the public and keeping the peace, not destroying it. fabricating or creating controversy is not part of their job description … or so we thought. think about t.

  • David M Pipkin

    this guy needs to do better research the videos say it all. cameras dont lie. any of you cop lovers out there just watch you 6 as your their
    next victim

  • Sue Stack

    Actually Cop Block is exposing the corruption within our law enforcement. When you give a cop a paid vacation every time they shoot someone or your family dog, it’s time to expose their lack of accountability.

  • ronson1977

    This guy talks about radical this, anti government that and propaganda that, as if people that are displeased with the performance of the government and it’s employees and want it to change, are criminals or dangerous. If anyone is treasonous it is the government, as many there in betray the people by not honoring their oaths or the spirit of their respective departments/jobs.

    The government is meant to serve the interest of the people and if the people are dissatisfied with that service, then is it not the right, if not duty of the people to speak for change? Anyone that represents the government at any level, that would try to paint the citizens they serve in a negative light for demanding more satisfactory service, demanding accountability of incorrect action, or demanding that the government and its employees act in their place, (which is at the service of the people instead of ruling over them) is part of the reason for the disfunction within government and the resulting decent of the people it is meant to serve.

    Such people are not fit for service and should be removed from any such position, as they are in direct opposition from the intended purpose of government. People don’t need to be told what to do or how to do it, they don’t need to ask for permission for everything they do, be charged a fee for everything they do or be harassed every time they are suspected of doing something that this overreaching nannying government may disapprove of.

    If the government stayed in its lane and did what is meant for, instead of trying to control people and profit from them, then they wouldn’t have to worry about so much resistance from those they are meant to serve. Anyone that can’t see that is either blind or indifferent and part of the problem. The actions of the government is the reason sights like cop block exists. If people were happy with the government, such sites would be disregarded as nut jobs, get little or nearly all negative attention and go away. On the contrary, the support sites like theirs receive, indicates a validation by public. Call it sensationalization or propaganda but any story they post can be easily research and you can only edit a video so much, violence is violence and harassment for purposes of control is just that.

  • John T. Castle

    Oh, look — a page by “progressives” (20 years ago, they lied by calling themselves ‘liberals’ — what will the next deceptive re-branding be?) labeling empowerment of the people as “hate”. What a shock.

  • JesseJamesButterfish

    This article could only be written by someone who is ignorant of the realities of police activities in this country. -or someone who doesn’t want to believe that the situation is as bad as it is. Politically, I am a very progressive. At this point, after about 20 years working for Democrats, I don’t believe the current system is salvageable until there is public financing of campaigns, -or some other method of restoring legitimacy to government. The author here is correct that libertarians (often not Democrats) are behind much of the organized resistance to our current police state (which is what we have, incarcerating 6-7 times more the percentage of our population than the rest of the world). At this point, I am convinced that a coalition of the left, like myself, and civil libertarians on the right is what is needed to restore some sanity to our runaway system. If that means conceding notions of gun control in order to get money out of politics, and shifting power to the people, I have no problem with that whatsoever. The Left and Libertarians should put smaller differences aside until the Bill of Rights is functionally restored, money is out politics, and the government no longer catalogs everything you do with electronic communications. This article is shallow.

  • JesseJamesButterfish

    Also, Remember the STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT. There is something fundamentally dangerous about putting human beings in the position of being a cop. Until our society matures, sure, “rally round the family, with a pocket full of shells” -the libertarians might be right, we might need those shells. Certainly the rest of the bill of rights has been gutted. You from the left? SEE THIS. 9/11 came one year later.

  • Robert James

    How lame. Cop Block is also a great source of information where people can learn their rights when a dirty or poorly trained cop comes knocking on either their window or their door. Anti-cop? Hell no. Try anti-bullying, which is actually what these articles are pointing out. Our police have gone from protecting and serving to policing the people. When was the last time you got pulled over and had a cop continuously attempt to get you to admit to breaking a law when you’ve literally done nothing wrong beyond a simple traffic violation? It’s gotten to the point where they’ve completely ignored the fact that they’re not above the law, and the courts are supporting them.

  • Carlos_Miller

    You’re such a copsucking, partisan tool.

  • Michael Wyman
  • Michael Loflin

    The cop who stopped another cop from beating a hand cuffed man was fired, he was a good cop trying to do the right thing. The female cop in Ohio who stopped two other cops from beating a special needs child was fired, she was a good cop. The cop from NYPD who came out about the quota system and was fired was a good cop. If a cop knows about, watches another cop abuse his power or abuses any one is a dirty/corrupt cop. If their are good cops where are they, When 4-5 cops pile on someone and squeez the life out of them (Eric Garner) they are corrupt cops. They knew exactlly what they were doing. When a cop shoots and kills anyone without seeing a weapon from any distance is a corrupt coward cop. When a cop jumps from his car or rounds a corner and kills anyone without giving them a chance is a corrupt coward cop. Good cops don’t stay cops for very long because they see the corruption and the gang mentality of blue line. If you are a supporter of these type of cops then you too are a corrupt piece of shit.

  • libsmakemelaugh

    Cop blockers are mostly illiterate “progressives”, convicted felons and child molesters not, law abiding citizens.

  • Troy_Davis

    It’s time to call the website what it actually is = A hate group website. I get the feeling that no matter what amount of research I end up doing
    on this it wouldn’t change this websites mind because
    it’s already made up….facts be damned. Much like the wage gap and other non-sense. AS much as i dislike the republicans, the left is the same type of retarded echo chamber of hate just the same. I find it’s best to stay independent and form your own thoughts which neither side seems to be able to do.

  • Scott Nielsen

    Yet, as a “Progressive,” you most assuredly would contextual Black anger- and rightly so.

    What you see is the rage and dysphoria that abuses and usurpations create. You’re a hypocrite for singling this movement out.

  • Jason Childress

    Allen Clifton is an idiot.

  • Mee

    “That sounds like the same sort of anti government propaganda pushed by the likes of fox news, the tea party, sarah palin ,ted cruz or any of the other right wing radicals” what the hell do you think the patriots in the revolutionary war were called jackass!!!??? And Thomas Jefferson said that there should be an overthrow of government every two decades. The Deckaration states that if the people are in discontent and the government is not meeting the expectations of the people , that the people have the right and duty to over throw

  • mee

    *Declaration of Independence

  • Myra Esoteric

    Shows that Progressives can be the real racists. OP has no idea what racial profiling is. Btw, in the late 19th century, Progressives supported eugenics. Talk to a minority guy under age 25 sometime.

    Cato Institute has also supported ending the drug war as well as other causes relevant to young POC from the inner city who, btw actually see the damage that a welfare state can cause.

  • Terence Campbell

    It becomes quite apparent that many people need to experience abusive police and other government corruption themselves before they change their opinions. Police must be held to the same degree of accountability as they hold others.Law enforcement can’t pick and choose who is subject to the laws of our country and who is not .Some people take the side of las enforcement or other authority officials no matter the circumstances and no matter what laws they break.That mentality is called “right- wing authoritarianism” the exact opposite of anti- social mentality and has nothing with ones political views. This mentality is like a disease spreading through our communities, state’s, and country .The extreme of any viewpoint, religion, or belief system of any kind I believe is most always wrong so we must find some middle ground on this issue as well.If our country is to stand the tests of time we must have a system of law that holds everyone to the same degree of accountability .I believe that no government can hold themselves accountable as has been proven time and time again.If we could have a media that could report news with only unbiased truth would help but that too has been corrupted.Until we can establish a new media source that functions without government influence and a court system that is not influenced by law enforcement we will never have equal justice for all people.How can we separate our courts from the rest of government? I think it may have to be established through private donations and operated with private funding somehow.Or maybe just one court per state to oversee the rest whenever there is any hint of corruption?One thing is certain our government has proven it can not regulate or hold itself accountable.Its time we face that fact and solve the problem before our country becomes more divided and falls.I think it would go a long ways in helping to solve many problems if everybody would remember we are all on the same team! !We are all travellers on the same road that ends in the same place and if we all could learn a bit of forgiveness and tolerance along with choosing to love rather than hate it would make that long hard road we travel just a bit more tolerable .At least it would for me!

  • David Ayers

    I was playing with a corridista band, in The Long Bar, when a drunk jarhead got a little mean with one of the ladies. We calmed him down but he wasn’t much improved. So, Flojo and got him a little drunker and took him shopping. I bought him a nice tattoo. “I Hate Cops”.

  • Difdi

    By the standard you apply in proclaiming Cop Block to be a hate group, then all police departments are as well.

    After all, if calling for those who break the law to suffer the consequences prescribed by law for doing so is hate speech, then police are indeed members of a hate group.

    That is, after all, what Cop Block is doing.

  • craig klucas

    Cop Block promotes accountability.

  • banneduser

    hey allen clifton, youre a knuckle dragging fuck knuckle. kill yourself.

    • mgblair

      Spoken like a true knuckle dragging fuck knuckle.

      • banneduser

        youre the expert

  • Justintha Woods

    He is full of lies, every facebook post I have read in years by cop block has spoken of Preserving Liberty! The hell with these statist so called progressives. I’m white, but a lot of black people and others should actually take a look at the Progressive/liberal agenda to own, disarm, divide, and control everything through making people depend on a leaching corrupt system. Just horrible and goes against all freedom. They also like to label Liberty Type people and groups as Racist. Nothing is further from the truth.
    Most of my veteran brothers had different color skin. Screw this divide and conquer crap, it’s time for all eyes on them!

  • mgblair

    So crazy that so many people here can’t actually see what you’re describing. The people at Cop Block are lunatics. Recent article there says we should offer “peaceful resistance” to the collection of income taxes. In lieu of peaceful, maybe a drawn out and bloody affair. Wtf??

    Cop Block is a dangerous site, one of the unfortunate pieces of garbage allowed by freedom of speech.

  • Joe Patriot

    Looks like the progressives are statists – how sad.

  • Eniena

    Ironic that for a “progressive” you want to maintain the elitist status quo whereas Cop Block in comparison wants to effect actual progress in wanting to get rid of it.