It’s Time We Start Calling the Republican Party What It Is: A Domestic Terrorist Organization

Over the last few years, I think the Republican party has proven that it qualifies as some sort of domestic terrorist organization. These aren’t people who are serving the best interests of the United States and all Americans — they’re serving themselves and their party, national security be damned.

Years ago during President Obama’s first term, current Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the GOP’s top priority was to make sure he wasn’t re-elected in 2012. Well, the only way they could accomplish that goal would have been to blatantly obstruct and/or sabotage anything possible with the hopes that doing so would cost him his job when he ran for re-election.

As we all know, they weren’t successful in accomplishing McConnell’s “goal.” Though it certainly wasn’t for a lack of trying.

Since 2012 we’ve seen Republicans shut down our government when they knew it was never going to accomplish anything; several have praised a Russian dictator who hates this country (because this pro-Putin stance by conservatives has been going on since well before this election); they pushed our country to the brink of default for the first time in history by lying about what the debt ceiling is; and did everything they could to prevent this president from having the power to keep improving on an economy a Republican president spent eight years destroying.

And that doesn’t even get into what happened in 2015 when the GOP blatantly attempted to sabotage President Obama’s negotiations with Iran. They took the unprecedented move to sidestep him by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to Congress and sent a letter directly to the Iranian government basically saying the deal they were working on with the president was pointless because they were going to undo it as soon as they could.

But nothing they’ve done over the last few years comes close to what we’re witnessing right now. The vast majority of the GOP is sheepishly lining up to defend and support Donald Trump, a man who the heads of our major intelligence agencies (NSA/CIA/FBI) have said was the beneficiary of a cyber attack against the United States. An attack they say was ordered by a tyrant and murderer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a blatant attempt to undermine our democracy hoping to help the person he wanted to be our next president.

This is a party that wasted millions of dollars on bogus investigations into Benghazi, and swore to spend years investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails had she won, that doesn’t seem all that concerned with the fact that our intelligence officials are literally saying that a foreign leader (who hates this country, by the way) did just about everything he could to help the most pro-Russian presidential candidate in our nation’s history get elected. A presidential candidate who not only repeatedly praised the Russian president, but has oddly been surrounding himself with quite a few folks with close ties to the Kremlin such as:

  • His second campaign manager Paul Manafort, someone who abruptly resigned after the AP exposed he had ties to pro-Russian groups that seek to weaken U.S. influence in Europe.
  • A former foreign policy adviser who was investigated by U.S. officials for links to the Kremlin in regards to the hacking of the DNC and Clinton’s campaign.
  • Picked as his secretary of state a man who was given a “friendship award” by Putin.

Then there’s his close friend Roger Stone who, weeks before anyone knew Clinton’s campaign Chairman John Podesta had been hacked, sent out a tweet where he said that Podesta was going to be next. He’s also publicly admitted that he has “backchannel” ways to communicate with Wikileaks.

We’re now looking at a situation where it’s very possible that Donald Trump and/or his campaign coordinated with individuals linked to a foreign government that launched a cyber attack against the United States to undermine the purity of our democracy and help get him elected.

But that’s not all.

Donald Trump’s also the same person who’s refused to show anyone his tax returns, which means we have no idea if he owes money to the Russian government or Russian interests.

What if he does owe millions (or have millions invested) in business dealings in Russia? Are there people out there who don’t think that would pose a massive conflict of interest as it relates to Trump’s ability to be president? Are his supporters so brainwashed and ignorant that they won’t even entertain the idea that Putin could have quite a bit of information with which to blackmail Trump, which is why the Russian dictator wanted him elected and why Trump refuses to denounce Russia in any way?

I think it’s important to point out that Trump’s someone who’s publicly criticized NATO, Mexico and Saudi Arabia and has gone out of his way to provoke China — but flat-out refuses to say anything negative about Russia or its leader.

Now, in the face of firm evidence that Russia was behind the hacking of the DNC and Clinton’s campaign, Trump’s decided to take Putin’s word that he had nothing to do with it, while bashing our own president, our spies, our intelligence agents and our national security agencies who’ve all said this happened and the Russian president is the one who specifically ordered it.

If that doesn’t instantly raise a lot of red flags with you, you’re either insane or an idiot.

However, as this has been going on, the vast majority of the Republican party has done nothing — because most don’t care. This is a party that’s supporting and defending a man siding with a foreign enemy who launched a cyber attack against the U.S., not because he wanted to “make America great again,” but because he clearly felt Trump would be the president that would serve his best interests — not ours.

Even though there’s more than enough information out there to warrant an in-depth investigation into whether or not their presidential candidate colluded with a foreign government that had attacked us, most Republicans don’t really seem to feel that looking into all of that is much of a priority.

Facing the actual, legitimate possibility that our president-elect could have colluded with the leader of a foreign government that attacked the United States — in a clear affront to our democracy during a crucial presidential election — the majority of the GOP has decided to either defend Trump, or downplay the significance of the fact that a Russian tyrant might have tipped the scales in favor of the most pro-Russian presidential candidate this country has ever had.

So, in my opinion, when you’re a group of people who seem to have no problem backing and supporting someone who was not only helped by foreign enemy who attacks us, but defends and praises the person who ordered that attack, that makes you some form of a domestic terrorist. Vladimir Putin didn’t do this to help the United States, he did it to either destroy us from within or help him rebuild Russia into a stronger nation to oppose us.

You’re damn right that makes him our enemy. And when you back and support someone like Donald Trump, a man who praises and defends that enemy, that tells me that you’re siding with a foreign adversary over the United States, our president, our national security agencies and the values for which this nation stands — values Vladimir Putin flat-out wants to see destroyed.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Brian

    It’s time we start calling the democrat party what they are. Liars.

    • Bethjhodge

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    • vera

      So Allen upped the shrill denunciations. This is getting bizarre. How long before progs will try to drag people off in chains while calling THEM “fascists”? Haha.

      In Europe, they are already succeeding in getting people fired for “wrong opinions.”

  • shmooney

    I see the trumpsters are here. Calling Democrats liars all the while believing t-rump tells the truth? It is to laugh.

    • Jacquelinelwhitt

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    That’s not going to happen. Republicans control the narrative now. Obama built that. Enjoy the next 4-8 years.

  • Carolyn Webb

    The Republican Party is much worse than a domestic terrorist group, it is a FASCIST party just as horrible as the party who ruled GERMANY in 1933-1945! It CAN happen here just like it happened in GERMANY in 1933 and the Republican Party has exactly the same ideology of hating non-Christian and Non white people as Hitler did. And they destroy women’s rights just like the original Nazis did because they want most children born to become foot soldiers in their armies used for the invasion of as many other countries as possible to add to their evil empire just like Hitler did. Make no mistake about it.

    • vera

      You seem badly confused. The “fascists” are the people who spew propaganda, try to crush free speech, and march in lockstep hating whitey, men, and Christians while praising supremacist Islam. Now who would that be nowadays? By their fruits ye shall know them.

      Did you know that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world now? The pogroms are almost a daily occurrence these days. Wake up, wake up! Things are not what they seem.

      Disclaimer: the GOP is a bunch of repugnant globalist toadies, just like the Dems.

      • Carolyn Webb

        You so called “Christians” are NOT persecuted at all! So don’t give me that crap about being victimized when YOU are the ones who are viciously persecuting all other
        People who do not want to live by the medieval laws of your Fundamentalist Congregations!

        Progressive people do NOTHING to prevent you and your kind from attending your fundamentalist houses
        Of worship and we never FORCE any of you to either have abortions or even use birth control or believe in evolution. We are content to leave you and your kind alone! We just ask that you honor the constitutional provision of Separation of church and state!

        Because we progressive people do not want YOUR anti-Science and anti birth control and anti abortion laws SLAMMED ON US AGAINST our will!

        Stop persecuting US by slamming your vicious CRUEL FUNDAMENTALIST CHURCH LAWS on us progressive Americans who do not wish to be members of your fundamentalist churches!

        Keep YOUR religion to yourselves!

        Stop persecuting US you Christo-FASCIST BASTARDS!

        We want no part of your STINKING CHRISTO-TALIBAN RELIGION

        Freedom of religion means among other things, the freedom to REJECT the Horrible Religious DOCTATORSHIP you are trying to slam on us


      • vera

        And thank you for dumping yet another dose of mouth-foaming hate onto someone you know nothing about. You have a nice day too.

        But if you do someday wish to look into the vicious persecution of Christians around the world, a simple google search will suffice. Or, start by reading the Koran.

      • Carolyn Webb

        YOU are the one whose
        Mouth is foaming you FANATIC! And as I told you, all we progressives ask is that you
        Keep your fundamentalist Anti science and anti women’s reproductive rights to yourselves and STOP CRUCIFYING and PERSECUTING progressive women who wish to have access to all forms of birth control including the right to have a safe, medical termination of a pregnancy she cannot afford to bring to term for reasons of either not choosing to bring into the world a child who will be severely handicapped, unable to continue the pregnancy because it’s endangering her life or because she cannot afford to bring an additional child into the world or because the child was fathered by a man who raped her!

        Nobody in this country ever FORCES “Christians” like YOU or your fundamentalist kind to have an abortion or use birth control if you don’t want to and nobody in this country ever PREVENTS you or your kind from attending fundamentalist churches
        So don’t you DARE accuse us of persecuting you and your kind!

        It is YOU and your
        Kind that refuses to
        Leave the rest of us alone!

        STOP trying to get
        Laws passed that interferes with women’s reproductive rights!

        STOP persecuting us
        Progressive people who believe in REAL SCIENCE instead of the
        creationst CRAP preached to you in those fundamentalist churches!

        Stop Crucifying and DEMONIZING people who do not wish to be
        Members of your fundamentalist churches!

        We are NOT persecuting or crucifying YOU and YOUR KIND,

        YOU are the ones who are victimizing the rest of us and we won’t stand for it anymore!

      • vera

        Another fail. Keep on digging.

      • Carolyn Webb

        Maybe your buddy DONNIE BOY will dig YOU an early grave.

        Back in Nazi Germany a man named ERNEST ROEHM loved his buddy Adolf Hitler and did everything he could to ensure Hitler’s rise to power. As soon as old Adolf got what he wanted Ernest was counting on his buddy Adolf to share at least some of the prize of victory with him!

        Adolf, just like your buddy DONALD did NOT like to share. So he BUMPED OFF his friend Ernest on the Night of the Long Knives!

        He even personally dug the early grave for Ernest!

        Maybe your buddy DONALD will DIG YOU in the same way!

      • vera

        Oh you poor soul, so addicted to argumentum ad Hitlerum! Have you considered a detox clinic? I shall now tiptoe away and leave you to your painful unraveling. Be sure to get help!

      • Carolyn Webb

        You don’t even have a soul you pathetic little “Christian” COCKROACH! The kind of psychiatric help that YOU and YOUR Kind need is to either get sprayed with RAID or STEPPED ON and SQUASHED!

        So why don’t you do us all a big favor and crawl back into your hole in the wall before somebody sees you and squashes you under his or her boot!