It’s Time to Tell the Truth: The GOP Presidential Primary is an Embarrassment to the United States

republican-presidential-debateThere’s really no need to beat around the bush here; the 2016 GOP presidential primary has been an absolute embarrassment for this country. The world is laughing at us right now because not only are sixteen Republicans running for their party’s nomination, but the leading candidate just so happens to be Donald Trump. It’s as if conservative voters want to turn the movie Idiocracy into reality.

But the truth is, it’s not just Trump who’s been embarrassing. Pretty much every single one of these candidates has made a fool out of themselves at one time or another during this whole process.

Honestly, the GOP has near limitless resources and these are the best candidates they could find? It’s a sad state of affairs when you look at a group of Republican candidates and Jeb Bush is probably the most moderate of the bunch.

Let’s just take a look at these folks, shall we? Among them we have:

  • A reality TV star who just admitted publicly that he isn’t up-to-date on global threats facing this country (Trump).
  • A neurosurgeon who is woefully unqualified to be President of the United States (Carson).
  • A former HP CEO who was fired after nearly running the company into the ground (Fiorina).
  • The brother of one of the worst presidents in United States history (Bush).
  • A Florida senator who doesn’t even believe rape victims should have the right to have an abortion (Rubio).
  • A guy who once said on video that he’s willing to climb a mountain and “call down fire from Heaven” to apparently rid the country of those who support same-sex marriage (Huckabee).
  • A guy who closed a bridge down out of spite because a mayor of a small town didn’t endorse him during his last re-election (Christie).
  • A Canadian-born senator who’s anti-immigration and seems incapable of saying anything that’s true (Cruz).
  • Two governors (Jindal/Walker) who’ve turn their states into dumpster fires, who apparently want the entire nation to feel the wrath of their incompetence.
  • A senator who only got elected to public office because of who his dad is (Paul).
  • A senator who might not even qualify to be on the presidential primary ballot in his own state (Graham).
  • Someone who couldn’t even defeat Mitt Romney in 2012 (Santorum).

Then you’ve got candidates like John Kasich, George Pataki and Jim Gilmore – three candidates who are somewhat level-headed, but stand absolutely no shot at even being taken seriously with the vast majority of conservative voters.

Normally I would just sit back and laugh at all of the absurdity, but the reality of all of this is just too overwhelming to simply laugh off. Not only do we have to endure several more months of this nonsense, but one of these clowns is eventually going to win the nomination and have a chance at becoming our next president.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love covering politics, but the thought of sitting through more of these sideshows with 10-12 candidates standing on a stage acting like fools makes me want to go into hibernation until March when things actually start to matter. I won’t, but I can dream. 

It’s like I said the other day, I’ve never been more proud to not be a Republican.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    Every single one of these GOP candidates is deeply flawed and just getting embarrassed by the most embarrassing candidate we have seen in recent history. The fact that Trump is still leading should scare the living shirt out of the GOP. But, you reap what you sow. They created this monster and catered to the base of Trump’s supporters who have now left the blogosphere and Breitbart chatrooms and started showing up to town hall meetings. They are finally on full display for the world to see.

    But, now is the time that we have to stop dropping our gaze and just ignoring them when confronted. It is time to outwardly LAUGH at them for holding these ridiculous thoughts that the right wing bubble has been feeding them for the past decade. The time has come to just embarrass them for being so incredibly stupid and misinformed. No more coddling and pretending like they are the outliers. They aren’t. They are 50% of the voters of the GOP and they are straight up insane and getting worse by the minute.

    • erineclifton

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  • strayaway

    If Bush is best discredited because he is “The brother of one of the worst presidents in United States history” and Paul is best discredited because he “got elected to public office because of who his dad is” then Hillary must be where she is because she married an alpha male.

    I still stuck on how, according to this article, Rand was elected Senator when the Republican establishment supported his opponent and his “dad” only received 12.5% of the vote in the 2012 Kentucky primary. How did his dad’s 12.5% propel Rand into a Senate seat? I want to hear more.

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist

      Rand Paul = Name recognition in a state not known for having the brightest population. (I know from first hand experience and being forced to live there for five years) He won a popularity contest.

      • strayaway

        Oh, that’s right. You look down on people with southern accents. You are so superior. But you didn’t shed light on Mr. Cliftons’s revelation that Ran Paul “got elected to public office because of who his dad is” even though his dad only managed to get 12.5% of the 2012 Republican primary vote.

        Rand Paul was the candidate who said he would go along with Obama’s Iran treaty if passed, always opposed the Iraq war, is opposed to US troops going back to Iraq, blamed interventionism for creating ISIS, and came out against the war on drugs in part because blacks are punished more severely than more privileged people like Jeb. Of course, if you don’t like Paul’s positions,you can always vote for a Bush or a Clinton as he pointed out.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        Hardly. One of my better friends, a guy who I golf with twice a week has a very thick southern accent, plus I LIVED THERE. Have you? I am very comfortable with a southern drawl and do happen to appreciate it if it isn’t followed by stupid right wing thoughts. Do you have any idea what the education system is like there? Have you ever been to the small towns in Kentucky? Do you have any idea what goes on in the majority of local people’s minds there? If not, get off of your soapbox and stop your phony lecture. I get it though, you love you some Rand Paul. Good luck with that.

      • strayaway

        Nope, I haven’t lived in Kentucky but your comment about Kentuckians’ intelligence was condescending. I have lived in California though and even though California is a one party state and has lower academic scores than Kentucky, I wouldn’t go so far as to say Californians don’t have the brightest population or imagine what goes on in their minds.

      • Harbinger08

        I live in Kentucky and have for many years. Lexington is surprisingly progressive, and Louisville is similar politically to many cities in the north east, (they both go Democrat and Obama carried both and McConnell lost both) but the rest of the state is crawling with racists and undereducated rural people. There are good people everywhere, but the rural parts of Kentucky are almost entirely white fundamentalist Christians, most of whom are brainwashed by the right wing and who think Harry Potter is all a plot by Satanists. Creeayshun isn’t far off the mark. I’m careful when I go into the rural parts, and many of my non-white friends avoid those areas. As far as Rand Paul is concerned we’ll see, there was some short sighted Tea Party excitement that helped him get the nomination, but he’s not all that popular even among Republican voters, and his run for the nomination hasn’t helped his cred. He may be vulnerable next year. I’ll bet Allison Grimes runs against him, and we were hoping she would unseat McConnell, but the rural turnout was just too strong. Running against the Black Man in the White House has been the KY GOP’s ace in the hole so far. With Obama leaving that line of attack starts to wear thin. One hopes.

  • Anise Leinen

    The best comment in the entire article:

    “Honestly, the GOP has near limitless resources and these are the best candidates they could find?”

    It’s a lot like the way that Donald Trump has billions, and yet… can’t apparently do a better job of imitating normal hair than clamping a lobotomized guinea pig to his head. O.o.

  • SETI

    I feel for this writer. Democrats are just watching this reality show with horror. 15 woeful war mongers and Kasich the best of the lot who unfortunately cannot get a word in. The GOP is known for hystrionics but they have now taken it to the stratosphere.

    • Nancy B

      When he first announced he was running, I was actually worried that Kasich would get the nomination, and would give the Dems a run for their money. I’m stunned that he’s so low in the polls at this point.

      • QB59

        Please DO NOT make the mistake of thinking Kasich is some sort of reasonable GOPer. He is straight up a nasty underhanded fuck from Lehman Brothers and a founding member of ALEC, whom along with his GOPer majority have screwed my state so badly if will be decades before we ever get back to any kind of normalcy. They’re trying to turn us into Alabama for chrissakes! He is just as bad as the rest of the clown car posse.

      • Nancy B

        Sorry, stopped reading at the unnecessary and inappropriate language.

      • QB59

        And you come on RS comment threads? Someone with such sensitivities should stick to Pinterest.

      • Nancy B

        Nah, I’m fine here, thanks. I just ignore rants from people who can’t make a point without talking civilly.

      • QB59

        Such is the life of prudish people …or else you’re a Kasich supporter and don’t like seeing negative comments about him. That says a lot about you.

      • Nancy B

        Now you’re cracking me up. Yes, I wholeheartedly support Kasich. That’s why my OP said I was ~worried~ he’d get the nomination. Makes PERFECT sense!

        Thanks for resorting to ad hominem. I get withdrawal symptoms if I go too long without seeing one. I had a feeling you wouldn’t disappoint.

    • strayaway

      Rand Paul decried the Iraq war, the overthrow of Khadaffi, said he wouldn’t send American youth back to Iraq, and opposed the UN interventionism against the government in Syria all in that debate. You will have to revise your statement. Perhaps you didn’t listen to the debate. However, anyone who votes for Hillary will be voting for a war monger who can match the rest of the other 14 Republican candidates.

      • thelastmoderate

        He has changed his foreign policy stance, to get the Tea Party votes. He is no longer a Libertarian, if he ever really was.

      • strayaway

        Rand is more libertarian than any other candidate from either party. However, sometimes there are differences in opinions among libertarians, e.g. borders, and since the Constitution proscribes things government must do or is delegated to do, sometimes libertarianism conflicts with constitutionalism. I agree that Rand has made some political choices to attempt to keep himself in good standing with establishment Republicans but at the second debate he was at odds with everyone on the stage regarding foreign policy.

  • cruisersailor

    The Republican Party is an embarrassment.

  • donshoemaker

    “Except Rand Paul, and if all they can say negative about him is he
    got elected because of his Dad, first of all, how is that different from
    Donald Trump or anyone else who dismisses good candidates without
    looking into what it is they are saying and doing, and second, it’s just
    not true. Rand Paul has reached out to minority communities, he has
    worked with liberal Democrat Cory Booker on reform of the justice
    system, he is working toward decriminalization of marijuana
    and toward treatment rather than incarceration for other types of drug
    offenses, for both legal and illegal drugs. He is in favor of
    vaccinations, personally, but says parents ought to have the liberty to
    choose for themselves and has suggested spacing out of vaccinations as a
    potential compromise. Rand Paul is the one Republican candidate that is
    acting like a thoughtful, reasonable conservative adult, he does not
    deserve to be on this list at all and certainly not because the only mud
    you can sling at him is his Dad.”

    We need to go on this progressive site and make it clear that Rand, if
    no one else, is reaching across the aisle to find issues we can agree on
    and to promote general fairness and liberty.

  • Yarbles

    The Democrat party has a lying, scheming harpy who will, if there was justice in this country, spend considerable time in jail for a litany of crimes. A woman who makes Richard Nixon look like Ghandi. A woman whose husband has a lifelong history of molestation and rape… When you lose in 2016, it will be a result of your inability to put forth a candidate either not self recognised as a socialist or with flaws beyond repair. Hillary will look right at home in an orange jumpsuit. You better hope Biden gets in an bails you out. Yes, Biden. You’ll need tailgunner Joe Biden, who plays grabass with young girls whenever he gets close enough to grope them. Biden, an unrepentant plagiarist, will be a step up from your current cast of clown-shoed cretins.

    • Harbinger08

      You’re going to hate losing to Hillary, aren’t you? Who’s your favorite choice?

      • Yarbles

        None of the above.

      • Harbinger08

        Ah. The coward’s choice. Of course.

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist

      Let me guess….you have doubts that President Obama is born in the US, don’t you…… And you don’t know why, but you think Hillary Clinton should be in jail and have been saying so for the past 6 years, even though there is zero proof to substantiate any of your beliefs and you change routinely on what you believe her crimes are. You my friend, are living in an alternate universe, devoid of facts. That is the problem today. You don’t base your beliefs on facts, you base your beliefs on what right wing talking heads tell you. It’s a sad time in our history.

      • Yarbles

        Wow… we agree. It is and has been since the election of Barry, a sad time in our history.

        Other than that, you can lay off the kool aid, it’s not good for you.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        Yep, we agree, you are living in a fantasy land. Thanks for the confirmation.