It’s Time to Tell the Unsettling Truth About One Reason Why Some People Support Trump

Since he launched his campaign, I’ve written several articles pertaining to the types of people who support Donald Trump, the traits many of them share, and even why many of them back this orange clown. While “total and complete ignorance” still rants at the top of my list, there’s one rather unsettling reason why a good chunk of Trump’s supporters are proud to support a pathological-lying propagandist who wants turn the presidency into a dictatorship: Because they’re fine with supporting a dictator.

This notion that many Republicans respect this country and its Constitution is just as big of a joke now as it was the first time I heard it when I was young. Republicans have proven, repeatedly, that they have no problem trying to violate the Constitutional rights of tens of millions of Americans if they don’t feel like they should have them. They’re perfectly fine telling homosexuals they can’t marry; women they can’t have control over their own bodies; pushing for voter ID laws that seek to deter people from voting; and blocking an elected president from replacing a Supreme Court Justice like the Constitution gives him the power to do.

Even when you go back into the history of conservatives (not Republicans as I’ve pointed out before, the ideologies of the parties switched decades ago), especially in the South and rural areas, these are the same types people who, generation after generation, believed human beings should be owned as property, women shouldn’t be allowed to vote, segregation was Constitutional, different races shouldn’t marry, and homosexuals shouldn’t be given equal rights.

As I’ve said plenty of times, conservatives are always on the wrong side of history.

Looking back on Nazi Germany, many of us still can’t fathom how that was allowed to happen. How could so many people support such a horrific regime based on monstrous ideas and beliefs?

Well, while many were ignorant and/or brainwashed, the nauseating truth is that there were a lot of people who wanted to be ruled by a dictator. They believed and supported what Adolf Hitler was saying. He’s was pandering to their hate, fear, and vilifying people they didn’t like. They didn’t care that he was a an absolute monster who lied, pushed outrageous propaganda, and restricted the freedoms of millions — because they weren’t the ones he was targeting.

That’s similar to what we’re seeing now.

We can talk about how Trump’s trying to rule like a dictator (because he absolutely is), but the reality is that a good chunk of his supporters are perfectly fine with that. Just as long as he’s targeting people they don’t like, vilifying the right groups, pandering to what they want to hear, and violating the rights of people they don’t feel should have them — then they couldn’t care less about whether or not he’s trying to create the country’s first dictatorship.

As long as what Trump’s telling them is what they want to hear, no matter how unconstitutional or dishonest it is, then they’re more than willing to accept tens of millions of Americans having their rights stripped away from them at the hands of a dictator.

That’s the sad and scary truth to this. There are millions of people in this country who say they love and respect the Constitution, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While they might never admit it, they like the fact that Trump’s acting like a dictator — because that’s what they want. They don’t care if an enemy cyber attack manipulated our democracy to help elect someone who wouldn’t have won without it; that voter ID laws suppress the vote of particular voters; that Trump “won” despite his opponent getting 3 million more votes than he did; that gerrymandering distorts the true purpose of the House of Representatives by distorting an accurate representation of the voters of that state to favor one party; or that Republicans in the Senate ignored their Constitutional duty to allow Barack Obama to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court… because that all benefits what they want.

If lying, cheating, voter suppression, or defending enemies who attack us helps them “win,” they’re perfectly fine with all of that.

It’s time we face facts: Donald Trump is being allowed to act and rule like a dictator because millions of Republicans want this country to be ruled by a conservative dictatorship.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pingy

    The real danger that conservatives are ignoring in their beloved dictator is what will happen when they eventually try to impeach him. The clues are in Trump’s speech. In a recent White House interview with David Muir, Trump begins by saying “I’ve had a wonderful life…” Who says that unless they think their life is almost over??? Then the interview gets absolutely crazy. Actually, I couldn’t stand listening to Trump’s voice so I tried reading the transcript instead. I couldn’t get through half of it without almost puking. He’s an unhinged mad man! So those words… “I’ve had a wonderful life…” should tell us all something–something we fear the most. Trump has proven by his wrath against others that he is a vindictive soul. This is a narcissist who refuses to ever admit defeat in control of our nuclear arsenal… man who says he’s had a wonderful life.

    • Carolyn Webb

      That orange headed lunatic will see to it that most of the people in this country will have a terrible life, jobless and homeless. His so called wonderful life comes at the expense of 99 percent of the people in this country.

  • Carolyn Webb

    First they came after Jewish people. I was not Jewish so I said nothing.

    Then they came after socialists.

    I was not a socialist so I said nothing,

    Then they came after Gay people.

    I was not gay so I said nothing.

    Then they came after African American people.

    I was not African American so I said nothing.

    Then they came after me.

    And there was nobody left to speak up for me.

    • Brian

      That sounds good. No more Jews, no more socialists, no more gays, nor more blacks, and no more traitors like you. Yes, let’s make it happen.

      • Rich

        Brian is a SF.

      • Carolyn Webb

        Then they came after BRIAN the BIGOT, AT LAST THOSE THUGS went after the REAL enemy and finally got it right!

      • Dana

        You are the problem.

  • Brian

    Obama supported Fidel Castro, an actual dictator, and you’re upset over Trump fulfilling his campaign promises. Sad!

    • Rich

      Why do you hate America so badly that you will let Trump destroy it?
      The market went from 8228 to just under 20,000 during Obama’s tenure. Do you really think the Drumpfenfurhrer will be able to match that?

    • Glen Larson

      He didn’t support him he said that after 50 years the sanctions didn’t work. That isolating the Cuban people didn’t work. It was time to try something different. Support the people who wanted change, try to use the free flow of people and information as a weapon against the Castro regime. Yes we do not want Trump to take us back to the 1870’s. We do not want the US to be ruled by him and his robber barons. We want clean air and water. We do not want trade wars with Mexico, Canada, or the rest of the 1st world. That no we do not torture because it is 1 illegal, and 2 does not work. We do not want our POTUS to say we are going to take the Iraq’s Oil while we are trying to help the Iraq’s defeat ISIS. ( it could get soldiers killed, an it is illegal)

    • KA

      And now Castro is dead. He was an old, tired, washed out human when Obama started making overtures to make life better for the Cubans as a whole. And now it is, thank you President Obama. And the best thing for you, is the wet feet dry feet rule is gone. No Cubans accepted in the USA unless they enter legally. All good.

    • Jerome Hazelwood

      Stop gaslighting Brian.

    • Jerome Hazelwood

      You make absolutely no sense Brian.

  • Sanity Please

    Like Hitler and the Nazis blaming the Jews for all of Germany’s ills in
    the 1920s, Trump and his Deplorables are targeting “foreigners” as the
    source of all their problems. Like Hitler, Trump is great at playing on
    the fears of people.

  • Steve Amith

    They seem to support the Tea Party agenda & just don’t care about Trump’s agenda.He caters to them because , in my opinion, they in collusion with Russia & an aggressive hostile FBI, are responsible for his election and their real objective is Pence… not trump / while Trump’s agenda includes eliminating sanctions on Russia & getting the biggest piece of pie from Putin & Exxon possible when they tap that Arctic oil… regular trump greed at any cost.

  • Dizzyofmay

    Yep. And they’re c*nt- haters. Even the women. Especially them.