Todd Starnes’ Tweets Forget About Reagan, Bush, & Decency

Todd-Starnes-photo-by-Ken-Romero1Fox News personality Todd Starnes is a plucky little duck. He likes to tweet dubious and outright false claims while frothing at the mouth. Which make his tweets actually both funny and bowel-irritating. How much barely disguised racism, chickenhawkery, lying lies, and blutherisms can one fit in under 140 characters? I would like to look at a week’s worth of Todd Starnes’ tweets to give you a taste of banana pudding-infused rightwingery. Put on your hazmat outfit, we’re going in.

Never thought I would see the day when an American president would negotiate with Muslim terrorists.

How dare he speak so lowly of Ronald Reagan!

Obama’s actions have put our nation in grave jeopardy.

Three words: George, W, and Bush.

President Obama says he probably had multiple “mild” concussions when he played sports….because it’s always about him.

Speaking of mild concussions… If anybody’s obsessed about Obama, it’s Starnes and his co-workers. I thought being president means being a leader. And sometimes relating stories about concussions when you’ve got all the facts and all the horror stories; hearing a man of such stature being able to relate; knowing that perhaps the most powerful person in the world is on the side of reducing concussions means a lot to many people. And it could be a decisive switch for many others – to get them on the side of those hurt by concussion cover-ups from the NFL and others. Anecdotes aren’t the center of making policy decisions, but they are important, particularly if they come from the president. But then we remember what a heart attack Starnes and his buddies were having when Obama related that his own son could’ve been hunted down like Trayvon Martin (some may go ballistic in the comments here).

Fair warning: Only read the tweet replies if you are prepared for the headdesk.

Still waiting for the federal government to explain why they are spying on our phones and personal computers #snowden

Many of us are, actually. But when you fully and still actively support George W Bush, you don’t get to play innocent about the government intruding in private spaces. Read your Patriot Act, please.

Obama:”How do we modify policies in schools where young men of color are being disproportionately suspended” That’s what he’s worried about?

It’s a pretty big deal that I know your racist head can’t get around, Todd. Starnes would probably never be able to understand that black and Latino male youth are unfairly targeted for behavior deemed “unruly”– particularly with the schools-to-prison pipeline. And a simple look at the replies will tell you that his even more overtly racist followers believe that people of color belong behind bars because they naturally break laws, but that’s not the case. By the way, this isn’t the first time I’ve caught Starnes stirring up his scared white audience about supposedly law breaking people of color.

Obama is talking about lip service and putting money where somebody’s mouth his. Oh my.

I think Starnes was titillated.

And then we have this series of racist accusations against Obama’s intelligence (from a man whose cookie elevator is likely operated by a furry blue monster puppet):

Reporter: Is there scapegoating going on here? Obama: Meaning?

How in the world did this man get elected president of the United States?

Could someone help out the president? He doesn’t know what the word “scapegoating” means.

No, Mr. President – scapegoating is not something the farmer does to a farm animal.

If you ever want to hire somebody to make an Evil Knievel jump over the Grand Canyon on a bike of willful illiteracy and fueled by racist assumptions, Todd Starnes is your guy. And if he doesn’t make it to the other side, say a prayer for the dearly departed, will ya? Unnamed reporter asks President Obama in a conference about scapegoating happening in the Veteran’s Affairs affairs. Obama asks for clarity. Todd Starnes jumps the shark because he always wanted to be the Fonz. I’m sure he knew exactly what Obama meant but he didn’t care because he can pretend that Obama doesn’t know this fancy word that Starnes feels proud of himself for knowing and knows that most of his tweeter followers will know too. Cuz Obama’s black, see? In the White Racist imagination, the black man needs teleprompters to speak, needs a ghostwriter, forges transcripts, and doesn’t know the meaning of a fifth grade vocabulary word.

Well, that’s about it. I reached my quota of Todd Starnes’ tweets for this week, and I only got three days in. Aren’t we all lucky?


When he’s not riding both his city’s public transit system and evil mayor, Jasdye teaches at a community college and writes about the intersection of equality and faith - with an occasional focus on Chicago - at the Left Cheek blog and on the Left Cheek: the Blog Facebook page. Check out more from Jasdye in his archives as well!


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  • Matt N. Jenn

    I really don’t understand these people. They say it’s not about his skin color, but they criticize him, relentlessly, for doing the same things any other president (with a lighter comolexion) has done. They call him a failure. But what other president has been subjected to this level of obstruction? How is he supposed to be a successful president when the majority of the GOP is unwilling to work with him and compromise?

    I’ve only been on this planet for thirty-nine years, but I’ve seen five presidencies. It doesn’t seem any of the other presidents have been so soundly vilified. Anybody behaving like this during G.W.B.’s presidency was called a traitor or worse.

    The GOP needs to stop letting ultra-conservative, über Christians dictate the direction their party is going. Any politician who cannot seperate their religious affiliation from their professional lives, should to be ousted.

    Why do they not realize the USA is for everybody, regardless of religion? How have they been bamboozled into believing our founding fathers intended this to be a Christian country? They thump their Bibles at the same time they praise the Constitution. You can’t be a “constitutionalist” and demand that America follow the bible at the same time.

    They want us to be a theocracy, it seems. They don’t seem to realize what they’re asking for. Whose Christianity will it be based upon? How many sects are there and would they all be allowed to flourish? What about the people who aren’t Christian, what will become of them?

    • I think you do understand them.

      You nailed it in your second sentence. President Obama had the gall to be elected President when there were white guys running.

      I know a guy who said that President Obama has been “the worst President in history since his first day.” When I tried to engage with this hyperbole and pointed out that on day one he hadn’t launched a single war, engaged in a single cover-up, or any number of things, I was told, “Yeah, but he worsened the dignity of the White House by being a Thug-Monkey President.”

      And he insists that that was in no way racist.

  • Thanks, Obama!

    I’d love to get a few minutes in tbe ring with this twin to the Pillsbury doughboy. What a little bitch.