Todd Starnes’ Xenophobic Opinions About Cantor & Detained Immigrant Children


Todd Starnes is a ridiculous Culture Warrior, racist and Rush Limbaugh-wannabe who likes to make stuff up. He’s also xenophobe with questionable intelligence – but most people who make it their living to indiscriminately defend the indefensible appear unintelligent even when they have high IQs. Recently, we caught Starnes making stuff up about immigrants. And now he’s using the defeat of Eric Cantor and a crisis with detained immigrant children to spread more malicious lies about migrants, starting with calling them by the slur “ill*g*ls”.

Starnes had already started on his “ill*g*ls” and “amnesty” rants in his farewell to Eric Cantor. Cantor isn’t known for being nice, and certainly not for actually offering any sort of blanket amnesty. But even the slightest hint of generosity extended to immigrants (especially if they’re not Anglo White) is unforgivable for the xenophobic wing of conservatism.

And so on the night when we sang “Bye-Bye Eric Cantor”, rightwingers were also rejoicing that a so-called RINO (yeah, sure) was heading on his way out. In his trademark dim wit, Todd Starnes just thought it hilarious:

Run for the border, RINOs.

Cantor is apparently a Republican In Name Only even though he’s a Republican in every other manner as well. But you know ideologues love their No Scotsman Fallacy. What borders, you ask? Oh, you know the one from the Taco Bell commercials.

It’s just too bad all those invaders swarming across the border couldn’t cast their votes in Virginia…

“Invaders”? “Swarming”? WTEVERLOVINF?

Establishment Republicans just soiled themselves #cantor #amnesty

And in case he wasn’t clear about his interpretation of this upset:

Here’s the message from Virginia: You either stand with Americans or you stand with the invaders.

Was that the message? Because primaries don’t usually send messages except “Less than 20% of registered party members cared to vote. Everybody else forgot to circle their calendars.”

About a day later and he’s still furious at immigrants, but not through Cantor. This time it’s about accommodations and food.

So what happens when there are 100 million illegals living in America?  …Illegals are complaining because we’re feeding them flour tortillas instead of corn tortillas.

Let’s ignore the fact that “100 million” is over a third the population of the United States and that Starnes can’t do math for a second here. It’s already obvious that he has no grasp on truth when it comes to racial and poverty issues. This thing about “complaining because we’re feeding them four tortillas” is a Fox News spin on a bit of a crisis. But don’t worry as that spin is only disingenuous lies about Latin American kids.

Thousands of kids caught by Border Patrol trying to cross the US’ southern border are being held in a makeshift detention center in Nogales, Arizona. Mattresses, toilets, and other supplies had to be immediately sent to the facility for 700 children the other day. Some of the children, who are as young as one, complained that the food they were getting – burritos and cold eggs – were making them sick. This outraged a few of the fine human beings over at Fox News, of course. HOW DARE THEY?!?! WHY BACK IN MY DAY SOME OF THE KIDS THAT WE STARVE WOULD LOVE TO BE FED BEFORE THEY WENT TO BED! Here’s some Laura Ingraham outrage, if you have the stomach for it.

But let’s not forget that this is a story about kids. Kids in a very desperate situation being locked away and absent from their parents in this land because, well, things were really bad at home.

“I remember a little boy of 9 years old and I asked if he was going to go meet someone and he told me ‘No, I’m just going hand myself over because I hear they help kids,’ ” Vazquez said.

Todd Starnes is a writer. He uses words for a living. He connects words and thoughts all the time. So he already knows that the term illegal is an adjective and not a noun. More so, he is aware that people’s entire lives cannot be summed up through activity and that whatever adjective one can be described by does not and cannot supersede that person’ humanity. But yet, here we are, and Starnes decides that not only are undocumented immigrants – whose only crime is the misdemeanor of crossing a border – functioning in illegal premises, but their entire existence is illegal.

Todd Starnes and anti-immigrant rightwingers get to declare that immigrants (and by extension, Latinos and Latin Americans in the US) are not really human. They are “swarmers”, “invaders”, “ill*g*ls.” They are not human, according to living Barfbags like Todd Starnes. They are not worthy of the finer things in life like meals that do not make them sick or corn tortillas.

It does not matter to Starnes and his ilk that many of the conditions that children, families and adults find themselves in where they consider it necessary to make the long and possibly lethal trek up north are due to US influence and actions. It was the Nixon/Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush War on Drugs that has decimated much of Central America and North Mexico and concentrated power in the cartels. It is the Clinton and Reagan-Revolution Congress that introduced NAFTA, which tore and continues to tear down the Mexican and Norteamericano economy (as well as took our own manufacturing economy down the nosedive). It was CIA-led coups throughout the Cold War and IMF and World Bank “investments” through the last decade that destabilized their localized and regional economies. Not all socio-economic problems within Latin America can be traced to the US, but there is no doubt that our Monroe Doctrine has hurt our neighbors to the point where risking it all to go to the States is seen as a necessity.

These are all actions that I’m absolutely sure that the “patriot” Todd Starnes stands by and would defend without a second thought. And they’ve all led to this predicament of over-crowded makeshift shelters for runaway kids from Central and South America getting sick while eating bad eggs.

Get bent, Starnes! Humanity should be if nothing else humane. Or have you forgotten what the Jesus you claim to follow said: How you judge will be turned back upon you. That applies to how you treat detained immigrant children.


When he’s not riding both his city’s public transit system and evil mayor, Jasdye teaches at a community college and writes about the intersection of equality and faith - with an occasional focus on Chicago - at the Left Cheek blog and on the Left Cheek: the Blog Facebook page. Check out more from Jasdye in his archives as well!


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  • strayaway

    “Todd Starnes and anti-immigrant rightwingers get to declare that immigrants (and by extension, Latinos and Latin Americans in the US) are not really human. They are “swarmers”, “invaders”, “ill*g*ls.” They are not human, according to living Barfbags like Todd Starnes. ”

    Whew, that was quite a stretch. Although I’ve never heard of Todd Starnes, I didn’t notice any quote of his suggesting that illegal aliens and even Latin Americans in the US are not really human. The inference here is that illegal aliens would be somehow less human if they stayed or returned home which is of course ridiculous. Illegal aliens, however, are economic invaders who have entered or stayed in the US illegally and presently occupy about 9M US jobs at usually lower wages. Tell unemployed US citizens that illegal aliens aren’t economic invaders swarming into this Country. Good luck with that.

    Liberals who get self-rightious about giving away US workers’ jobs must not have any idea of how they look like sock puppets for the oligarchs controlling the US Chamber of Commerce,

    • Cemetery Girl

      Actually, it is a statement that has some merit. By calling these people “swarmers” or “illegals” it helps strip them of their humanity. The use of naming a group of people by an adjective that generally has a negative connotation helps build a view that justifies treating them as less than human. This can be seen in the past with referring to Native Americans as savages. Not stating that they were savage people, but actually referring to them as savages. By use of a term that dehumanizes them it provides reason to treat them subhuman. The mentality of the time did not distinguish between tribes that wished to coexist or not, all were savages. The sentiment of inferiority contributed to things such as the Moravian massacre. Now, I’m not saying that people are going to round up Latinos, put them in a building, bash them in the head, and then set the building on fire to make sure they all die, but it does contribute to building a sentiment that makes it ethically OK to treat people in a way that normally would be unacceptable.

      • strayaway

        I prefer “illegal aliens” because it is the most succinct legal term. They are swarming (swarm def. “move somewhere in large numbers” as in “protesters were swarming into the building”) into the US. What do you call bank robbers, “undocumented borrowers”? Get off your “savage” kick. You brought that word into the conversation. I don’t think that legal terms or English words accurately describe something dehumanizes them. They chose to break US laws. They get called for it. “Moravian massacre”? What… I’m not even looking that up.

      • Cemetery Girl

        You missed the message. Dehumanizing a group of people helps make it acceptable to treat them in a way that normally would be unacceptable. The Moravian massacre is an event from history that shows if you dehumanize a group they can be treated horrifically with no guilt. A bank robber is a bank robber, the act does not warrant the robber be treated in unethical manners. Calling someone “illegal” or “swarmer” is dehumanizing. It is a label meant to inspire negative emotions that can be used to strip a group of people of their worth.

      • strayaway

        Who sent you here, the US Chamber of Commerce? Why don’t you stop dehumanizing US workers by giving their jobs to foreigners who will work for less? “Illegal alien” is the legal term that describes non-citizens who are not legally here. George Orwell’s Newspeak was designed to limit expression, thus to restrict thought. That seems to be your status. In your Orwellian PC world, heroin dealers are probably called unlicensed pharmacists because you don’t want to dehumanize them. Drug dealers, illegal aliens. and bank robbers have all broken laws and hurt people. They don’t deserve to be put on a pedestal.You can but I’m not going to.