Tonight’s CNN Republican Presidential Debate Was An Embarrassment To The United States

Heading into Super Tuesday on March 1st, the stakes could not have been higher going into Thursday night’s Republican presidential debate. With four states down, and Donald Trump running away with it thus far, the GOP seems to be in full panic mode to do whatever they can to try to topple the candidate who seems incapable of being defeated by pesky things like facts, truth or reality.

Though with Trump on the cusp of what could be an insurmountable lead if his wins continue on Super Tuesday, tonight was the night either Rubio or Cruz were going to have to do something to stand out otherwise they don’t stand a chance of overtaking Trump.

Right off the bat it almost seemed as if Rubio and Cruz were ordered by the RNC to go after Trump. Which, as I’ve said before, is an extremely risky move by the party because I don’t think it would take much for him to run as an independent candidate if he feels that he was treated “unfairly.”

The problem is, at this point, is there really a way to “take out” Trump? This is not someone who’s built his campaign on facts or remotely being honest. Even though he repeats his lies about China and Mexico – it doesn’t matter. The only “truth” many Trump supporters care about is whatever he says.

That being said, Trump looked rattled tonight. With Rubio clearly memorizing a few pre-planned attacks on “The Donald,” at times he did seem to fluster the current GOP presidential frontrunner. On the other hand, Rubio smiling like a buffoon anytime he felt he took a good jab at Trump made him look like an idiot. While I’m sure many might say Rubio looked “strong,” I simply thought he played his pre-rehearsed attacks at the proper times and then acted juvenile when they were a hit with the crowd.

Trump certainly looked weaker than normal tonight, but nothing he ever does seems to hurt him much so I’m done predicting the “downfall of Trump.” Until he starts losing several states, I’m still going to be skeptical of anything “bringing him down.”

As for Marco Rubio, he did well. Though it’s clear he’s completely built upon pre-planned talking points and attacks. While he typically delivers them well (aside from the childish smiling anytime he got the audience to cheer one of his attacks on Trump), it’s blatantly obvious that everything he says is something he’s practiced beforehand. If you’re someone who has hope that Rubio can become “the guy” and overtake Trump in the polls, you were probably pretty happy with his performance this evening.

Then there’s Ted Cruz. There’s really not a whole lot to say about Cruz. He’s someone who’s essentially every bit as dishonest as Trump and as scripted as Rubio. Ted Cruz says the same thing in each and every one of these debates. He has his talking points, forcibly taps on the podium whenever he’s trying to make a “forceful point” and regurgitates most of the same lies he’s said in the past. Right now it’s obvious the RNC wants Cruz to drop out hoping it helps Rubio overtake Trump. And the truth is, unless Rubio does something catastrophic, there’s no way Cruz overtakes him as “the guy” who can challenge Trump for the top spot among Republican candidates.

As for John Kasich and Ben Carson – who cares. With all due respect, neither of these men have any business still being in this race. Though I will give Ben Carson props for getting in the line of the night as Trump, Cruz and Rubio were screaming over each other, begging somebody to attack him so he could get a word in edgewise. Kasich and Carson seem like decent enough, genuine people, which is why they simply can’t hang with the clown show that Trump, Cruz and Rubio are content putting on during each and every one of these debates.

Overall, this debate was an absolute joke. How anyone can take these bloviating buffoons seriously blows my mind. The petty back and forth attacks, the constant bouts of each candidate trying to talk (and sometimes even scream) over one another and the “gotcha jabs” straight out of the mentality of a petulant spoiled 13-year-old’s playbook are embarrassments to this country.

For months I’ve been saying the same thing, we cannot allow any of these bumbling idiots to become our next president. It will undo all the work we’ve done to clean up the huge mess we were left with after eight horrific years during George W. Bush’s presidency. Only this time, if one of these Republican candidates becomes our next president, I’m not sure if this country will ever be able to recover.

Please, everyone on the left, once our nominee is picked we have to unite and #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. Because if we don’t, this nation is going to be ruined for generations of future Americans. The damage these Republican candidates would do to this country would make the nightmare we saw during Bush’s eight years seem like a wonderful dream by comparison.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Politician

    No winners in tonight’s circus. Big loser was Wolf Blitzer for his total loss of control. Apparently sanity is not a prerequisite, since John Kasich is the only one that remotely qualifies on that front.

  • Jeff Barber

    Sanity has never been associated with Republicans.

    • DJ

      Nor Democrats……..

  • Curt Groen

    Wow, the author isn’t at all a liberal hack is he.
    Doesn’t think Obamacare has cost millions their jobs, or at least a downgrade from full to part time? Actually believes the BS that the unemployment rate is 5%, which means he has absolutely no clue that the administration changed how the unemployment is figured. Is not aware of the millions that have dropped off the workforce roll, having given up on finding a job. Is incapable of correlating the rise in people on food stamps to the actual unemployed. Calls Ted Cruz a liar yet supports that lying b**CH Hillary Clinton that left 4 Americans high and dry to be murdered and then attempted to blame it on a video? Supports HC, the one the has lied time after time about the emails and her personal server? The one that has lied to the American people time and again yet claims that she has always been honest with the American people? He calls himself a Christian but is far from it. Christians don’t belong to organizations that disregard, openly boo and shuns God.
    It’s easy to see why this country is going to hell, and if the Democrats retain the White House our country is done for and we will become just like any other failed 3rd world country on this planet.

    • Dickson

      If you think electing a Christian will save your country, then you’re a fool. Clinton is a horrible candidate, Trump is a horrible candidate, Sanders is looking less and less desirable the more he attacks GMOs, and Rubio and Cruz are both disastrous choices as well. Your country is screwed regardless of who you pick to lead it, but you might have some hope of keeping the lights on if you elect Sanders for one term. Taxing wall street speculation and breaking apart banks that were betting on the average citizen screwing up on their mortgages is a step in the right direction, but the favourable choices available to you people to keep your collective heads above water are slim. Unless the poor properly revolt against the rich, you are all screwed.

      • epazote

        Am in agreement,except for “Sanders is looking less and less desirable the more he attacks GMO’s ”

        Many hundreds of millions around the globe want non GMO products, or at minimum, we want them clearly labeled so we may avoid them

      • Dickson

        If you don’t want GMOs, then I’d suggest you never buy corn/maize, bananas, apples, carrots, and a whole variety of other plants as they are all GMO foods. Bananas used to be stuffed full of seeds and virtually no edible matter, but we’ve modified them through artificial selection to be virtually seedless by comparison. All GMO tech does is allow us to do is reach those desired results faster, while mitigating potentially negative factors at the same time. It also allows us to produce food that is more efficient and nutritious.

        If you get your information from anything like Collectively Conscious, Natural News, or anything else along those lines, then congratulations – you’ve allowed fear, manipulation and misinformation to guide you. GM food is the only food that has been rigorously tested, and longitudinal studies have so far found GM food to be safe. The only studies showing them not to be safe, have been some of those done by the people with agendas against GM food or money to be made by halting the progress – and even these people have a hard time creating those results.

        Sanders has been good on a lot of points, but his stance on GMOs is one where he is going against established science. If you’re so interested in labelling, why don’t you lobby for those who aren’t using any GMOs to label their food instead?

      • A Clarke

        What Monsanto has done is make strains which are pesticide-resistant, which means that the pesticides end up inside of you. And do you seriously want to tell me that that is good???

        The “science” paid for by Monsanto is about as fair and independent as what came from the bowels of BP’s PR department during Deepwater Horizon.

      • Dickson

        Considering Glyphosate is less dangerous than alcohol, I don’t mind if there are trace amounts of it – organic farming uses more dangerous products that leave trace amounts in the produce also. If you’re against the science paid for by Monsanto that proves the safety, what about the science not paid for by Monsanto that does the same?

      • A Clarke

        D: “Considering Glyphosate is less dangerous than alcohol”

        What does it do? It is a pesticide. GMO crops are designed to be more pesticide-tolerant. Problem is, bees aren’t.

        How long do you honestly think we can survive without the bees?

        And what else does Glyphosate do? It is a chelating agent, blocking the uptake of essential minerals, essentially removing food value from food. Moreover, there is a demonstrated link between it and breast cancer. There is a lot of good science suggesting that it is a bad thing.

      • so electing a socialist that is going to give everybody free stuff with no way to pay for it is going to a great idea? dream on elect Cruz a true conserative

      • DJ

        I agree with you except for Cruz…I voted for Trump last week in Georgia….lol…

      • John Gagne

        That’s OK, you still have time to change your mind. I like Trump accept he hasn’t much substance to his plan of action. II just may have to vote for Cruz or Rubio. Building a wall isn’t the biggest problem we are facing.

      • A Clarke

        Why would you vote for either? Einstein once said that insanity was defined by doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Cruz and Rubio — at the behest of their owners — are urging the doubling-down on the trickle-down economics which got us into this mess in the first place. Do you seriously think that it will work and if so, why?

      • Dickson

        Taxing Wall Street speculation and raising taxes on the most wealthy will cover it. Besides, given the tendencies of past “conservatives” to put your nation in debt, I wouldn’t be so quick to vote for them. Hasn’t tax breaks for the rich been the biggest example of “giving free stuff” to people with no way to pay for it? And if your students can’t afford to pay their student loans and end up bankrupt, what does that do for the country?

      • A Clarke

        Imagine a 25% corporate tax, apportioned on the basis of sales, and based on GAAP income. Corporations would no longer have the incentive to have chefs like me serve up double Irishes with a Dutch sandwich, and all income would be taxed somewhere.

      • I am sure Congress would have something to say about that most likely no.besides are the rich really going to let their income be taken away by socialists? me thinks not. they will hire as many accountants and lawyers as need to figure out ways to avoid that including moving much of their money overseas

      • and just what makes you think he could get such an idea past Congress and into law? besides the wealthy are no fools if they decide they do not want to pay more in taxes they can afford a bevy of lawyers and accountants to find loopholes to avoid it move money overseas etc.

      • John Gagne

        It seems by your choice of words, your not a Citizen of this country, so shut up. We will have a GOP president in 2017. It’s this Countries last chance to recover if we make it to the next election before complete KAOS.

      • Dickson

        You have no guarantee of a GOP president in 2017, so you shut up. The rest of the world is watching your country, and shaking its head at the increasing stupidity evidenced by your right-leaning voting base.

      • DJ

        The rest of the world???…You mean the half that agrees with you??? The other half of the world thinks Obama is a joke and they are laughing at us because of HIS policies….

      • Dickson

        Actually, all of the rest of the world has been laughing at George W Bush and his inept handling of your country. Half of those people genuinely believed Obama would be a good change, the other half were still laughing at Bush. Now most of the world looks at the USA as having gone from developed to un-developing, and they’re wondering which GOP candidate can send you to the third world status the fastest.

      • DJ

        We’ve all been laughing since Reagan…Yes, I am quite conservative and I think Reagan was the last decent president we had…Since then we’ve had no choices because no matter who’s running they’ve all been weasels…I despise George Bush for getting us into Iraq and I do agree with Donald Trump that Bush should have left the dictators in place in the Middle East rather invade and kill them because it destabilized the whole area….To get back on track, America is turning into an undeveloped country because our borders are wide open and the whole third world is pouring in here…Fifty years ago you could not get in here without a sponsor and a job lined up…and we were a much safer country….I have plenty more opinions…lol…but I don’t want to get too long here….

      • A Clarke

        This is quite true. I was in a queue at a QLD bistro during the election that routed Howard, when an older Conservative lady asked, “How do you manage to elect such blithering idiots?” When it came to Bush, I had to agree.

        D: “Now most of the world looks at the USA as having gone from developed to un-developing, and they’re wondering which GOP candidate can send you to the third world status the fastest.”

        This is also quite true, and Britain led the way. When an empire falls, it falls from within and invariably, because those in power cling to that power. America is run by an oligarchy, which actually wants the country to devolve into Mexico del Norte. Any pretense that we are still a republican democracy governed by the rule of law is long gone.

      • Bec

        Aussie here. My opinion is that Teahadists have taken over the Liberal Party in Australia and the voters have all had enough of both majors. Time for something new for us too. =)

      • A Clarke

        It has been said that while we got all of Britain’s religious nuts, you got their petty thieves. And it is also said that you got first choice. 😉

        Our Teahadists are foaming-at-the-mouth snake handling religious nuts, which seemed fairly rare in Aus (with the exception of Far North QLD). It’s been a few years since I’ve been there, but has this changed, or are they gullible louts whose minds have been poisoned by Rupert Murdoch (the world will never forgive you for giving it him)?

      • A Clarke

        And where, pray tell, are you from? Do tell us about your leaders, and how they are head-and-shoulders above ours. If you tell me “Britain,” I will quite surely snicker.

      • Dickson

        I’m from New Zealand, I’m not fond of our current leader myself, but he’s kept the ship mostly steady, I have to grudgingly give him that. I live in Australia now though, and I’m hearing everyone bag the most recently ousted Prime Minister and they’re not too fond of the new one either.

      • A Clarke
      • Dickson

        Ooh wow you can quote Latin! GOD FER YOU!! (hic)

        You need to first understand the circumstances of that incident, as that is far from the first time an incident like that has happened (and not the latest incident either). We are closer to the French in that we don’t fear our government, they have to somewhat fear us. That isn’t our leader being attacked either, but one of his bumbling excuses for a Minister of Economic Development.

      • A Clarke

        My only point is that NZ’s politics can certainly be a fertile field for amusement.

        In America, we fear the government — and rightfully so. NZ is a signatory to the ICCPR, and you can enforce its dictates in your courts. We’re more like the old Soviet Union: We sign human rights treaties, but won’t enforce them in our courts. Our government has given both itself and its agents absolute immunity in tort, which means that when they violate your rights, they shrug their shoulders and say, “What’ja gonna do about it?”

        America is an oligarchy, masquerading as a republican democracy. Whereas you have one MP for every 400,000 residents, we have one member of Congress for every 800,000, and two Senators for (in CA) nearly 40,000,000 residents. It takes a lot of money to get elected, and the people who put up the cash expect a lavish return on their investment. Ergo, the courtesans in our legislature compete for the attention of our oligarchs, and service them accordingly.

        The Trump/Sanders phenomenon is, in a sense, a sort of revolution — a fairly predictable extension of the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements. Our politics are often inane and senseless, mostly due to an arcane system with frightening flaws. What is scary about this cycle is that the same kind of anger and frustration that precipitated the rise of Hitler can be seen here, as well. Trump is a con-man with an ego so HUUUUGE that if it could ever be isolated, it would qualify as a seventh continent. But he’s tapping into that anger, and the so- called “adults in the room” have only themselves to blame.

        What is odd about America is that it is so insular, in the sense that so many of us have no idea what is going on in the rest of the world. In NZ (and to a lesser extent, Aus), there isn’t enough going on, so you have to look outward. Aus gets so much of our telly that you almost qualify as our 52nd state. And let’s face it: NZ is pretty small; I’ve been just about everywhere in your country, and it didn’t take all that long. The continental US is about the size of Aus, but 95% of Aus is essentially uninhabitable. We can do anything without ever having to leave the country, and the world seems to have its eyes on us. Why care about what is going on 15,000 km away?

        These are dynamics I honestly don’t know how to change.

      • Dickson

        Oh you’re not wrong there. Trust me we have nasty parts in our culture, tall poppy syndrome is alive and well for instance. And our politics (121 MPs in parliament on top of many councillors for a country of 4.5 million means we are funding perhaps too many politicians) has had justifiable exposure on Last Week Tonight several times, much to my amusement. But for a very small population “at the arse-end of nowhere” as we put it, it does fairly well.

        I do worry about the fact that our borrowing has got us owing something to the tune of $117 billion now. Perhaps given the situation with the earthquakes (which are becoming a hot topic again as there’s been a lot of renewed seismic activity in the last few weeks) it shouldn’t be too surprising.

        I find myself agreeing rather strongly with how you’ve put your reply there, particularly the “What is scary about this cycle is that the same kind of anger and frustration that precipitated the rise of Hitler can be seen here” segment of it. It’s quite worrying, actually, as you can see these revolts occurring in multiple countries, with increasingly entrenched, opposing factions becoming hostile to anyone that dares to be in the ‘other’ group. The UK is going through it, and several countries in Europe are doing so as well.

      • A Clarke

        It was pretty amazing watching what happened to NZ. Back in the day when the NZD was at about USD $0.40, we gave serious thought to a bach, either near Russell or on Queen Charlotte Sound. But then, the bankers started manipulating your currency, and real estate prices shot through the roof, to where a lot of Kiwis were priced out of the housing market. “Nesting fever” also took hold in Aus, and economies react to those speculative shocks.

        I’m told by friends in Christchurch that I wouldn’t recognize it today. I was surprised by the damage, because you have a fault line running right under Wellington.

        I wouldn’t start worrying about your national debt quite yet. It is about 60% of GDP, which is on the high side of healthy, but not too much so. While ours is over 100% of GDP, we have plenty of room for raising taxes, so people will still buy our paper.

        I was in Scotland for the Referendum, and was quite surprised that they didn’t split up. I estimate that there is about a 30-40% chance that the U.S. will split into two countries in my lifetime. The one constant in politics is that there is no constant; I am mindful of the Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” Aus and NZ are homogenous, and won’t see this kind of upheaval.

      • John Gagne

        This right leaning voting base will get this country back on track, and, hopefully get the respect as the leader of Nations again.I am a veteran and a Patriot and fully intend to do my part to help before its to late.It is our current leader who has lost respect for its place in the world and has weakened this country and were not going to stand for it anymore.

      • Dickson

        How exactly? None of your right leaning voting base want to increase taxes on the rich, which is one of the main reasons your country is in the toilet. The failing infrastructure needs working on – from where will you raise the funds needed for this if you won’t increase taxes on those earning billions and yet writing off so much of their taxes?

        You need 2 things: 1) To increase taxes on the rich, and 2) To close a lot of loopholes in your tax code. Republicans talk about reforming the tax legislation to shut off loopholes, but when asked which ones, they stay mostly silent. Nice aspirations, no detail.

        Obama actually helped the USA become respected again, but the Republican base have, while being included in the process, completely refused to keep the engine running. How many times has the government risked shutdown these last 2 terms because of the petulant children throwing tantrums at not having their way? Obama should have been as ruthless as previous republican administrations and shut the tea party out, and then you’d have a country operating much more efficiently than it is currently.

      • A Clarke

        This is the way that all empires fall. What was once a meritocracy has become an oligarchy; progress is stagnated by those who have a vested interest in preserving the status quo.

      • A Clarke

        How so, Dick? Frankenfoods and over-vaccination are serious problems, which were actually addressed by the EU. Monsanto can’t sell their garbage in Europe.

        Sanders would probably be the pick of the litter. He at least has an idea as to what is going on. The Donald would at least have enough sense to rip up NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, and the TPP, and use targeted tariffs to punish China and their ilk. Hillary is a Wall Streetwalker, Cruz is owned by Goldman Sachs, and Rubio is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shel Adelson.

        Et tu, Dickson? Who is your Great Leader?

      • Dickson

        What do you mean by over-vaccination exactly? There are no issues with the current vaccination schedules. They’re followed by the USA, Australia, New Zealand and a lot of other countries. If you’re alluding to autism, there is no evidence that vaccines are linked to it. That subject has been picked apart and debunked many times over now.
        And as for Monsanto not being able to sell their seeds in Europe? That is for cultivation within Europe, which virtually no country there was doing anyway. The bans don’t stop the importation of GMOs into Europe, which is something that is still occurring. The reasoning behind those bans is lobbying by green groups influenced by fearmongering campaigns led by Greenpeace and the like.

      • A Clarke

        D: “What do you mean by over-vaccination exactly? There are no issues with the current vaccination schedules.”

        As you referred to vaccination schedules, I’ll assume that you are not as clueless as so many on these boards. The problem with these are that there may be too much of a good thing.

        Recall how vaccines work. Toxic metals such as mercury (50% of thimerosal by weight) and aluminum are used in compounds as an adjuvant and preservative. Problem is, they aren’t always excreted from the body (which is what provides the protection), and when you have too much of them in your system, bad things happen.

        Vaccines have been positively linked to an array of incredibly nasty auto-immune disorders, such as GBS and CIDP (its amazingly evil little brother). Two things happen: heavy metals attach to the myelin sheaths surrounding the nerves (tricking the body into thinking that your own body is a foreign substance), and the immune system is triggered. What happens? The immune system starts eating the nerves, causing a peripheral form of MS. IVIg is the only effective known treatment, the cost of which is $10,000 A MONTH. Tell me why we should be playing this game of Russian roulette for a flu shot that virtually no one needs.

        As far as the vaccine-autism link, I respectfully beg to differ. Here in the U.S., over 99% of adverse effects are not reported to VAERS (according to FDA Commissioner Kesler, in JAMA), so the data we have is a rough equivalent of a dirty test tube. Data in Aus is bound to be sparse, because you have so few people.

        Follow the money. Our Congress acknowledged the scientific fact that vaccines are inherently dangerous. What they did was pass a law holding manufacturers harmless for injuries caused by vaccines, creating a (deliberately ineffective) system of partial compensation for those injured by it. And what do you think happens? Big Pharma sees a quick way to make an easy buck with zero risk of liability, so they develop vaccines for everything under the sun.

        Look at how the vaccine schedule has expanded. You don’t have ads for drugs over there, but the drug companies are trying to sell every conceivable vaccine imaginable. Getting a vaccine onto the schedule is a gold mine, and everyone on our NIH board has some substantial conflict of interest.

        I’m not anti-vaxx. I’m just thinking that the vaccine schedule is too bloated, and the cumulative effect of pumping toxic chemicals into our bodies is problematic.

      • Charlie Weckman

        Our federal reserve paid our banks 6 billion last year. Don’t be fooled…Bernie loves the banks. If you understood this you would also understand that forcing banks to write down losses (mark to market accounting)on unrealized gains was a bigger problem than speculation.

    • Denver Compdoc

      Lies and personal attacks about Hillary and President Obama. Why would we want your kind running the country? You wont suddenly become good, decent people that tell us the truth. Your spewing nastiness and hate wont stop after we elect the GOP into the Whitehouse. What you’ll do is create more lies to justify dragging the entire country into the dark ages while taking away our freedoms. Toture and forced religion are only the beginning of the horrors you have in store for us.

      • John Gagne

        Actually, it’s sounds like you’re speaking of the teller of lies, Hillary.

  • Sanity Please

    Republicans have no one to blame but themselves, and should curse Ronald Reagan every day for getting into bed with these right wing nut jobs back in the 1980s. The monster he created has turned on its creators.

    • DJ

      The only thing that turned on us is the “left wing nut jobs”…Most progressives are members of families that moved to our country in the twentieth century and indoctrinated their descendants to think like lefties….They moved here believing THEY could teach US how to run the country AFTER the bloody wars were fought and the dirty work was done…Now we are looking just like Europe….

  • bob in buffalo

    CNN has allowed the USA to be embarrassed in front of the world. The Republican Party who has been looking for themselves are still lost and are the featured culprits. Wolf Blitzer should never be allowed to moderate anything. The world has to be laughing their ass off at such a display of ignorance. Do we really want to select the leader of the free world from these candidates. The republicans have had eight years to find a viable candidate. EIGHT YEARS!!!! I can only see eight more years of a Democrat in the White House. Not from their own merit but a gift from the Republican Party. Totally disgusted!

    • Dorthyepeeler2

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  • John Gagne

    Rubio and Cruz were just trying to prove that Trump doesn’t have a plan with substance.

  • bohemio

    The media turned the “debate” into a three ring circus for rating$ as the questions asked by the panel were personal and provocative. The two least bats&t candidates, Carson and Kasich, were mostly ignored to such an extent that Carson was asked to be attacked to get in on the debate. Really sad for democracy and for America.

  • amersham46

    The entire political system is an embarrassement for the Americian nation