Trevor Noah Discovers Sarah Palin for the First Time, Has a Field Day (Video)

I’ll give Sarah Palin this much, she certainly knows how to come out of exile with a bang. Since a string of rather embarrassing speeches she gave early last year, Palin had mostly been absent from any and all political discussions. For the most part, she’s become irrelevant nationally. Sadly, she still matters politically – whether many liberals want to admit that or not. Even though she’s detested by many, she still carries a lot of weight with evangelicals, tea party conservatives and many on the far-right. At this particular juncture of election season, that made her endorsement of Donald Trump newsworthy. Especially being that it came in the hotly contested state of Iowa.

Naturally, as I’m sure most everyone expected, her endorsement speech was an absolute train wreck. I described it as a 4th grade-level dictionary throwing up all over the place with incoherent babble. It defined the phrase “word salad.”

Well, Trevor Noah had a field day with Palin’s nonsense Wednesday on The Daily Show.

“That is amazing,” Noah said laughing. “She’s all over the place. It’s like the only thing Sarah Palin hates more than Obama, is punctuation.”

“It’s like a bag of Scrabble tiles that grew a body and came to life,” he continued. “It’s so random.”

He then pointed out that he hears people were struggling to “wrap their brain around” what she was trying to say. As Noah said, that’s their problem; when it comes to Palin, you don’t think – “you just enjoy.”

While most of us cringe at the sight or sound of Palin, it was obvious Noah was having a blast with it. Then again, he should. I’m sure that as the relatively new anchor for a comedy show, Noah couldn’t be more thrilled with Palin making headlines again. A comedic writer doesn’t even have to come up with any sort of clever sketch to mock the former Alaskan governor, all you really have to do is quote her verbatim.

“You  know how Americans loved all those African characters in movies,” Noah quipped. “Like The Gods Must be Crazy and Coming to America, and everyone was like ‘Oh, those funny sounds that come out of their mouths.’ And now as Africans – we’re watching this.”

“She just talks, and it never ends,” he continued.

Noah then pointed out how his favorite part of the speech wasn’t actually Palin, but Donald Trump. He poked fun at how Trump seemed to be standing there only pretending to actually know what the heck Palin was saying, comparing him to the people who “interviewed” wrestlers during the 80’s and 90’s, awkwardly standing there as someone like the late “Macho Man Randy Savage” went off the rails on some incoherent babbling wrestling promo.

This was easily one of my favorite Daily Shows with Noah at the helm. It was clear from the start that Trevor Noah was thoroughly enjoying mocking the outrageous idiocy that is Sarah Palin.

Watch the segments below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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