Trevor Noah: Donald Trump is an ‘A*shole’ Who Acts Like an ‘African Dictator’ (Video)

We all knew when Donald Trump said he was running for president that we were going to be in for one heck of a circus. Though to call what Trump’s campaign has been thus far a “circus” doesn’t really do it justice. I go back and forth between laughing at how ridiculous this has made the Republican party look, and being embarrassed that this is actually happening in my country.

All of this foolishness led to a rather public back and forth spat between the Republican presidential frontrunner and Fox News, resulting in Trump refusing to participate in tonight’s debate because of the inclusion of Megyn Kelly as a moderator. Apparently, “The Donald” feels she’s just too “unfair” to him.

Well, on Wednesday night’s Daily Show, Trevor Noah had more than a little fun with the fact that Trump has thrown his hissy fit and won’t be participating in the GOP debate.

Noah showed a tweet Trump sent out saying that he would like to call Kelly a “bimbo” but that would be too “politically incorrect” so he wouldn’t do that.

“It’s the same way we won’t call you an a*shole because we, too, are constrained by political correctness – a*shole,” Noah quipped.

Though The Daily Show host eventually went on to praise the “genius” of Trump.

“From one perspective, Trump dropping out seems like the act of a petulant child,” he stated. “But I think, honestly, he’s a complete genius. Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump has won the only fight that matters to him… the fight for attention.”

Perhaps the best part was when Noah said that Trump had basically become an African dictator, comparing him to billionaire Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni who also decided not to show up for a presidential debate last week. Being that many on the left already view Trump as a dictator-like candidate, I found this absolutely hilarious that the billionaire Museveni also skipped out on a debate. That’s the sort of stuff you just can’t make up.

This whole situation is one giant mess. While throughout our history politics has usually been a bit of a sideshow, Trump has single-handedly managed to turn the 2016 presidential race into our own version of political reality TV where you never know what the babbling idiot will say next. While he often brags about all the “ratings” he pulls in (which is why the media has given him so much attention), the ratings aren’t high because of the vast amounts of quality information he’s bringing to the political debate. The reason why they’re high – especially during these debates – is because, like reality TV, people love watching a train wreck. People aren’t tuning in to see Trump speak intellectually about the issues facing this country. They’re tuning in because the GOP presidential primary has been a circus and he’s the clown leading the show.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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