Trevor Noah Wishes for Two Donald Trumps, Gives Perfect Reason (Video)

Since Trevor Noah took over for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, the show hasn’t been quite as good. I like Noah overall, but too often since he’s taken over the show has been more fluff and less impactful news coverage than what many of us were accustomed to seeing from Stewart. That wasn’t the case last night. For nearly ten minutes, Noah went off concerning the inflammatory rhetoric and violence that’s become a staple at many Donald Trump events.

He described seeing the recent clashes at Trump’s failed Chicago rally like disaster movies where an asteroid is coming to destroy the planet and everyone is gathered around televisions watching everything unfold.

Though he didn’t just focus on Trump. Noah actually had some rather harsh words for the Bernie Sanders supporters who shut down Trump’s rally in Chicago. While he praised younger Americans for being active in the political process, he pointed out that their behavior only adds creditability to Trump’s rhetoric.

“You’ve got to be careful,” Noah said. “The narrative Trump tells his sympathizers is that they’re under attack – the nefarious, politically correct, left, liberal force wants to silence them. So if you come in, and you actually try to silence them, it’s like trying to put a fire out by putting wood on to it. You’ve given Trump the villain that, up until now, he was making up.”

That’s exactly what I’ve been saying as well. While many applauded shutting his event down, I didn’t really view this as a positive thing. Not only were these anti-Trump protesters seen on camera fighting, shouting and cussing at people, but they essentially became exactly what Trump wanted. Now that these protests are spreading, we’re most likely going to start seeing Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders rallies interrupted by Trump supporters, which could very well lead to more hostility and violence. And if that happens, with these clashes becoming an everyday occurrence, it’s only a matter of time before something really terrible happens.

Though Noah took offense to the fact that, despite the numerous videos that exist from these rallies where Donald Trump’s rhetoric was clearly in support of physical violence, the GOP frontrunner has the gall to go around calling himself a “peace-loving person.”

“How does anyone believe this crap?,” Noah asked.

That’s when the Daily Show host played Ben Carson’s remarks from last Friday when he endorsed Trump, where the former candidate defended his endorsement by saying that there are two versions of Donald Trump.

“It’s still more likely there’s only one Donald Trump, who is just a cynical, manipulating man, manipulating his followers and his enemies and the media without any concern for what he’s doing to the country,” Noah said. “That’s possible. That’s probably the truth. But I do hope that there are two Donald Trumps. Because that way he could go f*ck himself.”

When history looks back on this election, we’re going to be ashamed that someone like Donald Trump managed to reach the level at which he currently sits. Even though I’m not a Republican (thank God), as an American this is an embarrassment. The whole world is watching this happen, realizing that there are millions of Americans who are stupid enough to support someone as vile, bigoted and ignorant as Donald J. Trump.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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