Trevor Noah Just Said What Both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Supporters Need to Hear

I don’t think Trevor Noah has done a terrible job since taking over for Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show, but I do miss the passion Stewart brought to the show. I’ve said that Stewart was a news and politics guy playing a comedian doing the news, whereas Noah seems more like a comedian doing the news playing the role of a news and politics guy.

But what I do like about Noah is that he brings a non-American viewpoint to politics. Being from South Africa, he’s learning about a lot of our political process as it plays out in front of him.

Take for instance comments he made during a recent interview where he had some rather harsh (but accurate) words for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporters, as well as liberals in general:

I find that a lot of Democrats and liberals are not ready to hear the truth from their side. It’s human nature to look for people to validate your opinion, and I think people came to The Daily Show for that for a long time. But just because you have a love for a candidate doesn’t mean you shouldn’t question them. What is the point of having your candidate pushed to a certain level only to crumble under scrutiny because you didn’t give them enough scrutiny early on? Bernie Sanders didn’t have solid policy proposals, so I pointed that out. “Screw you, Trevor Noah!” Or I made the case that Hillary Clinton panders to whatever audience is listening to her. People are like, “Who the hell do you think you are?” Come on, guys.

Perfectly stated.

Noah made a point I’ve been trying to make for a while. What many have done with the Internet and social media is they’ve wrapped themselves up in bubbles of confirmation bias where the only “news sources” they follow are those that tell them what they want to hear. Throughout my 3+ years writing for Forward Progressives, practically every single time I’ve written an article calling out some sort of liberal hypocrisy, the “likes” on my Facebook pages see a dive and I lose a few followers on Twitter.

Every. Single. Time.

Who cares if I’m a constant advocate for gay rights, climate change, women’s rights, income inequality, combating Republican ignorance, fighting for racial equality or a whole host of other liberal topics that I’ve written about hundreds of times – I dared to express an opinion that wasn’t within the “acceptable parameters” of some liberals so they instantly removed every possible link to my writing from ever being able to flash across their screen again.

And when that happens, all people do is surround themselves with sources that, as Noah stated, validate their opinion – whether or not the information they’re being given is actually true.

Especially when it comes to the Clinton vs. Sanders debate. It’s absurd.

Most people are aware of the fact that I’m a Clinton supporter. That said, I’ve continually stated my ultimate goal this November is to keep the White House out of Republican hands and help Democrats gain as much power back in Congress as possible. There’s just far too much on the line to let Republicans walk all over us when it comes to this election.

In fact, I’m probably one of the only pro-Clinton people who’s been frequently banned by pro-Clinton fanatics on Twitter and Facebook for calling out some their absurd rhetoric against Bernie Sanders. Hell, I wrote an article expressing my utter disdain for Debbie Wasserman Schultz that resulted in quite a few “unlikes” and messages from Clinton people accusing me of being a “Bernie bro.”

Nothing like being called both a “shill for Hillary” and a “Bernie bro” in the exact same day.

As Democrats, liberals, progressives – whatever the heck someone wants to call themselves, we’re not supposed to act like this. Well, at least not in theory. We’re supposed to be the open-minded side that deals with facts, math, science, history and reality. We’re not supposed to get irrationally wrapped up in our own personal desire for something to be true even if it isn’t. That’s what we make fun of conservatives for doing.

Sadly, this is becoming an increasing phenomenon on the left. It’s largely been driven by social media where it’s easy for someone to simply pick and choose what “news” and “information” they want to receive.

Unfortunately, it’s a trend I think we’re going to see more of as social media has now become an everyday part of nearly all of our lives. All I can say to everyone reading this is, please, don’t just surround yourself with opinions with which you agree. Always be open-minded, don’t buy into conspiracies and believe actual facts before your own personal desire for something to be true. Fact check information as often as you can – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

As progressives, the last thing we need to do is start acting as close-minded and ignorant as conservatives.

Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and let me know what you think.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • frivolous01

    We are our own worst enemy. This election is ours to lose, if we do it will be due to all of this infighting.

    • felipe63

      I’d rather lose with a clean conscience than be bullied into voting for the lessor of 2 evils out of fear.

      • Mike Hitchcock

        Translation – “Fuck the whole world going up in flames – possibly literally – so long as I can stay on my high horse”

      • felipe63

        Yep because having principles and sticking to them is the same as being on a high horse. SMH

      • Mike Hitchcock

        What is too stupid for words is letting someone like Trump into the White House because you are too bloody selfish to settle for any thing less than ‘Everything I want. NOW’

        I live on this planet, too, thank you, and I’d rather your 4th grade petulance didn’t destroy it. Stop throwing tantrums and grow the fuck up.

      • felipe63

        The true test of one’s principles is the willingness to stick with them in the face of adversity. I’m not going to be bullied into giving up on them by fear mongering blow hard pussies such as yourself. One of the reasons the Democratic Party has pulled so far to the right is because their able to scare cowards like you into abandoning your principles (if you ever had any to begin with, which I doubt) and voting for R-lite corporate kiss asses.

        The lessor of 2 evils is still evil. You obviously don’t understand that or you find that acceptable. It’s pathetic, grow a pair junior.

      • Mike Hitchcock

        The true test of principles is knowing when to give way on a minor one to preserve the ones that really matter. If you are prepared to sacrifice all the gains made since the 60’s to stay on your high horse – and that IS what you are doing – you have no right to call yourself progressive. You are no better than the religious idiots who refuse to refuse to bake cakes for gays because of their ‘principles’.

        And yes, faced with the lesser of two evils, I’ll take the lesser if there is no other choice. Not to do so is moronic beyond description. But I don’t suppose your simplistic thinking is capable of grasping this subtlety.

      • felipe63

        “And yes, faced with the lesser of two evils, I’ll take the lesser if there is no other choice.”

        You do have a choice, either you’re too stupid to understand that or you lack the scrotal mass make to make it. I’ll go with the latter. For the record Jill Stein is fine candidate. I voted for her in 2012 and guess what Buckwheat? Mitt Romney didn’t win! Imagine that.

        Here’s something you didn’t think about when you pissed your pants in your misguided attempt in attacking me. Let me break it down for you Cleetus,

        I live in bright blue Oregon, the Dems could run a fucking turnip (also known as your mom) and it would get all the Electoral College votes for the state, that’s a fact. My vote doesn’t make a goddamn difference.

        Seeing that you don’t understand how our system works (bad education) and that you’re clearly a product of in-breeding, I”m gonna assume you’re in Mississippi. All those Electoral College votes are going to go to Trump regardless of how you vote. You didn’t think about that part did ya’ dipshit?

        It must be hard living in constant fear driven from having your emotions manipulated by corporate media because you lack the skills of discernment, logic and aren’t capable of abstract thought. When I couple that with your adorable belief that your vote actually counts in Presidential elections, I realize that you’re nothing more the left’s version of a tea bagger. A fear driven moron that can be goaded into voting against their own best interest through scare tactics.

        Go ahead vote for evil because you’re scared. Evil is still evil whether or not you have the brain power to understand that. The path of least resistance is the path cowards usually take.

      • Mike Hitchcock

        This is nothing to do with the path of least resistance or having the balls to make a stand. It has everything to do with not being a petulant little brat and realising that voting for Stein (fine person though she is) will do absolutely nothing except hand a despotic moron the presidency. Although judging by your comments, that would suit you well.

        Nor does it have anything to do with having emotions manipulated. It’s a simple realisation that Trump in the White House would be a disaster (three words here, as you seem to have trouble with any more – Supreme. Court. Judges) that would have ramifications far beyond my lifetime. But obviously the end of your nose is as far as you can, or want to, see.

        Your attitude is as idiotic and bigoted as the Trump Nazis or the Christian Right. YOU may have the luxury of a protest vote, but it’s cretins like you who put Bush in place (Ralph Nader, remember him? No?) and it’s cretins like you who will hand the same to Trump.

        I say again – and it’s my last word on the subject because arguing with the deluded is a waste of time – GROW THE FUCK UP.

      • felipe63

        Oregon is going to the Dem nominee regardless of who the candidates are or how I vote. Since you seem to unwilling or unable to grasp the realities of The Electorial College (or at least admit you do) I’ll just stop right here. My vote doesn’t mean jack shit in a Presidential election and most likely neither does your’s.

        Have a great day.

      • Alejandro Anderson

        Mike, I couldn’t agree with you more. Bernie’s supporters are like brats who say “I want everything” and they will get nothing. Hilary will become the Democratic candidate, and she should give nothing to Bernie, who has only insulted, and tried to drag her to his corner. The election will be between Hillary and Trump. If Hillary losses because Bernie never tried to support and campaign for Hillary, the Democratic party will have somebody campaigning in Vermont against Bernie for his seat, like he is doing to the head of the DNC. Bernie supporters don’t understand that in politics you are better off winning 6 out of 10 than nothing. They will blow the SCOTUS, their healthcare, the Senate, because they want Bernie. Party comes first, and Bernie was never a Democrat, he never raised any money for members of the Democratic Party, he is only interested in himself. It took years to repair the damage that a nutcase like W and Cheney left. We still have not pulled completely out of it, and these “pendejos” want Bernie or nothing. If Hillary losses Bernie will be remembered as the Nader of 2016. I am not a huge fan of Mark Cuban, but that could be something that would rally the independents over to Hillary. You get what you can even though it wasn’t 100% that you wanted.

      • Grumpus

        The Democratic Party nomination process is not over. You also know that there are numerous states left to cast their votes, so at least wait and respect their choices.

        You probably should know that the Democratic Convention will be a contested convention because neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates to automatically get the nomination prior to the convention. It will be up to the unpledged delegates to decide who will best represent the Democratic Party against Trump. At this time Bernie is polling far better than Hillary against Trump. Besides in the national polls Bernie also does far better against Trump than Hillary in the swing states.

        What you do not grasped is something very simple. Most Bernie supporters are beholden to policies that will be best for the huge majority in this society, not just the billionaires that your candidate represents. So, whether Bernie endorses Hillary or not, it is not near as important as us voting to support certain issues.

        Hillary and the GOP have a lot in common. They both support trickle down economics, corporations rights superseding the rights of the individual, Wall Street over main street, the expansion of war through more US military interventions that enrich those corporations that are involved in the military complex, and the removal of democratically elected leaders in other nations for the betterment of US businesses. So really, a vote for Hillary is a vote for the GOP.

        Even Hillary has been going to the donor’s of Rubio and Jeb Bush stating that she is more like them than Trump. Both Jeb Bush and Rubio have stated that Trump is not a true conservative. Does that mean that Hillary is saying she is more conservative than Trump?

        You will find that if the unpledged delegates, and people like you, select the worst Democratic candidate to face Trump, it is your fault she will lose in the general election.

        #DropOutHillary #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust

      • Grumpus

        “Despotic moron”? We’re you talking about Hillary’s or Trump? What make you think that the choices Hillary makes for US Supreme Court Justice will be any more progressive than Trump? Any proof or is it just assumptions on your part?

        Hillary has already stated, we’ll, I’ll let her say it with the following…(… She has been going to the donor’s of Rubio and Jeb Bush stating that she is more like them than Trump. Both Jeb Bush and Rubio have stated that Trump is not a true conservative. Does that mean that Hillary is saying she is more conservative than Trump?

        So your childish ranting and raving might just be unjustified. One thing for certain, both Trump and Hillary are consistently changing their positions on different issues to gather as much support as possible for that moment. Without a doubt they are both pathological liars…. ( the post that video, I always get a good laugh from it).

        What are indisputable are facts. Hillary has made terrible decisions involving foreign affairs such as with Iraq, Libya, Honduras and Haiti. They have been terrible for the locals and the US middle class tax payers that pay for the military complex. However, they have reaped great profits for US international businesses.

        Do not that the President is given a great deal of leeway in foreign affairs, however, where Trump may be a disaster on domestic issues he is greatly limited on what he can do by the Constitution and Congress. So your assumption that Trump may be worse is not fully justified when you take into account the facts that each candidate can not avoid.

        If the unpledged delegates to decide to take their worse candidate available to face Trump, and that candidate loses, which is Hillary, not only would they have lost the general election, they would lose all of the new blood that joined the Democratic Party for Bernie. You would then see a strong showing from the 3rd Party, especially since the largest voting block in the US right now are Independents.

        So if you don’t want Trump in office, you had better start supporting Bernie.

        #NeverHillary #DropOutHillary #BernieOrBust

      • William Carr

        “The lesser of two evils” is a phrase invented by far-left idealists who have no understanding of Politics.

        It refers to the delusion that Republicans and Democrats are “the same”.

        You obviously don’t understand that the term “evil” is an Ad Hominem attack with no basis in fact.

        If you were capable of understanding this, your whole worldview would collapse.

      • felipe63

        Your post is so simplistic and juvenile it’s hardly worth a reply, except I would like to point out that there are plenty of Repubs that are looking at this election through the same ‘lesser of two evils” lens.

        Your attempt to turn this into an ideological thing that only affects “far-left idealists” is too stupid for words.

        “The only differences between republican and democratic parties is the velocity at which their knees hit the floor when corporations knock on their door”

        Personally I don’t think that this applies to HRC, she drops just as fast as any republican male.

      • Grumpus

        You attack people because they have good morals and values and no longer want to see an increase in human suffering?

        It is a shame that in your growing up, obviously with the lack of good morals, values, and princples, that you also are no longer capable to do research on your candidate of choice, Hillary. It is people like you that are to ignorant to think out the the box that you have been placed into, that is unless you are a selfish, self-centered greedy son of $^@$* and you gain to profit off of people like Hillary, Trump, or the 1%.

        People like you that chant “blue no matter who” are a part of the problem, and most certainly not a solution.

        Do you know the old saying “for every action, there is a reaction”? How about “we reap what we sow”? This is what Hillary did…(… I realise that you don’t care about all of the suffering Hillary helped create in Honduras, about supporting a regime that uses death squads to kill human and LBGT rights activists (1200 activists alone) besides all of the other thousands, about turning Honduras into one the worst murder capitals in the world, and about Mothers trying to send their children to the US for safety and Hillary sending them back, because all you care about is yourself.

        I say thank God there are people like felipe63 and wish people like you would move to Honduras permanently.

        #NeverHillary #DropOutHillary #BernieOrBust

      • William Carr

        They actually think that their “purity tests” are more important than keeping a Sociopath like Trump out of the White House.

        You can tell someone is crazy when actual life and death is less important than “moral purity”.

      • Charles Zuckerman

        felipe63 the same logic drove the Nader campaign in 2000. It cost us the Kyoto accords and literally set us back 16 years on global climate change work. It tipped the supreme court right and cost us several gun control cases. It very likely lowered our guard enough to allow 9/11 and clearly brought us the Iraq war. But at least all those Nader supporters have a clear conscious.

      • felipe63

        Yep, democracy sucks sometimes. That’s life. We survived GWB and we’ll survive Trump too. I’d rather deal with somebody who is up front about being a douche bag than a person who tries to hide it (poorly).

      • Grumpus

        Then you better hope the unpledged delegates to decide who will best represent the Democratic Party better pick Bernie because Hillary will be a sure loss. Not only will the Democratic Party lose one of the branches of government, the Presidency, they will all the new blood that has joined the Democratic Party to vote for Bernie. You will see a large number of people leaving the Democratic Party, but a huge growth in the 3rd parties, and more than likely the Green Party.

        Whining already and the Democratic Party has not picked their nominee until the Convention.

        #DropOutHillary #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust

  • gOf

    Will we again find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory?

    • I Dominguez-Urban

      We’re so good at it.

      • Emily Nagel

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  • exit 7

    Daily show had a great segment last night on Bernie’s more “enthusiastic” supporters vs voice of reason. We’ve got to come together. And give Trevor time and keep an open mind.

    • Bjørn Tore Kieding

      Voice of reason? Is it this kind of pragmatic reasonability that makes it impossible for Hillary to release her Wall Street speeches? It is clear that she told them things that the voters must not know… it may be reasonable for tactical reasons, but voters like to know who they are voting for and she is not letting them…. is it blind trust that is demanded here?

      • exit 7

        Nowhere in the Daily Show story was Hillary recognized as a voice of reason. The story was about the overzealous support and displays of anger on behalf of the Bernie supporters.

      • Bjørn Tore Kieding

        Ok, but ridiculing voters for not wanting to legitimize Hillary with their vote is not smart. For democracy to work you also need to have the option to declare that you don’t support any candidate. I would suggest such voters don’t stay at home, but that they vote blank or uses any other alternative to protest. I am not from the US, but in my country the blank ballots are important to signify how many voters feel they can’t find any choise they can support, and work is being done to find out what is needed to engage them.

        That said I also support those who want to vote for the “lesser evil” as such tactics are also in effect quite fundamental to avoid crisis…

      • exit 7

        The thought of a party so divided that it could help bring about a Trump presidency is horrifying. I think the point of the story was do we really want to let that happen.

      • Bjørn Tore Kieding

        Yes, but Bernie supporters are tired of Hillary’s attitude on this, as it her campaign that have created the division in specifically two ways. The first is the profoundly stupid ways they have tried to attack Bernie’s character. It is dishonest and deceitful and makes the people who knows Bernie want to throw up. That sort of slander strategy is very dumb just as you would get furious if somebody try to deform your friends character when you know it is a misrepresentation. That she thinks she has the right to do that shows an arrogance that is unbelievable. Bernie have done no such attack on Hillary. Pointing out actual policy positions are not the same.

        The other thing is that Hillary demands Bernie supporters to walk in line without giving them any reason to. She makes no effort to align net policy to their wishes, and when asked about this she says she does not need to because she is winning. Again incredible arrogant and dumb considering the presidential election if she actually is the nominee.

        She want the people that finally found a candidate that they can feel inspired by, to throw away all their hopes and be satisfied with the lesser evil voting.

        She seems so insulted by the Bernie movement, like they were hair in the soup, as if the future of the country was about her career.

        Do you understand our better now? When somebody p**s you off so disrespectfully and behave like she is the queen people feel that the whole idea of an election is perverted, and you get the impression that she is really not very smart or wise.

        She can easily turn this around by apologizing and remember what public service is about, and that is to serve the wishes of the people whatever out may be. That is exactly what Bernie is doing and is why he gets so much trust and admiration. If Hillary is to proud to do what she is supposed to then she should find a different job.

        Otherwise she may win for symbolic reasons, just to show that Woman can be president, and of Bernie supporters do bite the sour apple and vote for her it would be because they are wiser than her, but then probably never again.

      • exit 7

        I like Bernie. I voted for Bernie. Keep on bashing her. We’ll see how Bernie’s supporters feel about helping Trump towards victory.

      • Bjørn Tore Kieding

        I am not sure if you found my arguments here to be Hillary bashing. If this is bashing then all reality is lost and it’s all just a big joke where voters are percieved as cattle that should be herded for the benefit of politicians careers.

        The problem is that voters are sick and tired of this kind of stage managed politics with communication experts manipulating the crowds to their liking. It makes a mockery of democracy as a principle of power and is unacceptable for any honest person to be used and played this way.

        This is the exact problem Bernie is adressing, but Hillary have obviously not understood this and tries to fight back with the same old stage managed tactics.

        With that said, I am not at all a fan of taking Hillary down with any means possible because that would also be part of making democracy into a mockery. But given the facts in the broad overview of strategies used in this election cycle the wast majority of “bashing” comes from Hillary’s side.

        On Bernies side most of the work have been to drive back all the ridiculous claims from the Hillary camp. When this goes on and on for a long time then people don’t think it is funny anymore and the blood may run hot from time to time. It would be incredibly stupid to demand that Bernie supporters should not have human emotions.

        The last attempt to disfigure Bernie that I know about is the claims that he did not take distance from any kind of violence and intimidation. He did that very quickly and even included intimidation on the Internet, even if that was not required. In addition the Hillary team holds on to the lie that violence occured in Nevada, and this prepresentative that claims she feared for her life. There is video showing her marching out of the room throwing ironic kisses to the Bernie supporters in an attempt to mock them an infuriate them. It is all documentet now, so what kind of people behave like this? Do you think it is bashing to point things like this out, or maybe that anything Hillary does should just slide because she is a woman and the crown princess?

        Please be serious when we talk about this, and I will repeat to you yet again. Hillary can fix this easily if she sets her own pride second and apoligize for all the ridiculous bashing she have stared, maintained and refuse to take responsibility for. If you don’t show the slightest respect then why should you get any? I honestly believe that the Bernie fans will be very forgiving if she tried to behave like a person.

      • Grumpus

        I love the this quote. “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” — Mohandas Gandhi

        A vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump. Hillary lost the Bernie supporters because of the issues she supports. You know, the bankers, Wall Street over main street, and the 1%. If Hillary wins the Democratic nomination she will then get to deal with every personal issues that has gone in her and Bill’s life, like scandal after scandal, emails, lying, etc and plus some of the issues (actually Hillary acted the GOP have a lot in common)…

        I have to post this video because it makes me laugh everything time… (

        #DropOutHillary #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust

      • exit 7

        Really? You think Hillary and Trump are the same?Oy!

      • Grumpus

        Actually Trump might be less of a concern. The President has a lot of leeway involving foreign affairs and Hillary has made terrible decisions involving foreign affairs. Maybe it is because of her good friendship with Henry Kissinger or all of the other war hawks. In either case, she has made terrible decisions involving Iraq, Libya, Honduras (, and Haiti ( A lot of these terrible decisions involve enriching US international business interests and herself. Businesses that have donated to her Clinton Foundation Fund. Whereas Trump is not beholden to these US international business interests. Point is that there is little oversight on the actions of the US President involving foreign affairs.

        However, the concerns about Trump usually are with domestic policy where the President is greatly limited by the US Constitution and Congress. So actually, Hillary very well could be more of a threat than Trump.

        What I suggest you do is look at the pluses and negatives of both Hillary and Trump if you think you can only vote for the “red” or “blue” team.

        #DropOutHillary #NeverrHillary #BernieOrBust

      • Grumpus

        “Overzealous support”? Overzealous in what way? They are not promoting violence? Is it because the no longer want to go along with the program that the 1% have laid out for them? Is it that they are “overzealous” to refuse to vote for policies that favor Wall Street, the bankers, the military complex, and the 1% over the huge majority in this society? Is it “overzealous” because they refuse cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, unemployment and other benefits that help the poor, the sick, the elderly, the children so that we can cut taxes to the 1%?

        Enough increasing human suffering so that a very few can benefit.

        #DropOutHillary #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust

      • exit 7

        Go ahead and vote for Trump. Or maybe since it’s going to be Hillary an Trump, read a little about them both. If you still think they’re the same then do me a favor. Don’t vote.

      • Grumpus

        In the US we are given more than two choices, even though the two main Parties prefer that you think there are only two choices. As it stands now approximately 22% of the voting public is Republican, approximately 26% is Democrat, and approximately 43% are Independent. So you see exit7, most of the voting public is not a member of your team, and there is a reason why they are not. Meaning most will not use the team blue (Democratic Party) war chant of “blue no matter who” Even most will not use the red team )Republican Party) war chant either. Maybe you will figure that out someday why not. A little hint is the fact that neither of the two Parties represents the will of the largest two Parties.

        Lets see, Both Hillary and the GOP (Republican Party) support trickle down economics, corporations rights superseding the rights of the individual, Wall Street over main street, the expansion of war through more US military interventions that will help enrich the military complex, and the removal of democratically elected leaders in foreign countries for the betterment of US international businesses.

        Hillary has even been going to the donors of Jeb Bush and Rubio stating that she is more like them than Trump is. Both Rubio and Jeb Bush have stated that Trump is not a true conservative. Does that mean that Hillary was saying that she is more of a conservative than Trump?

        Vote Hillary which is in essence a vote for the GOP? I don’t think so. I will either vote for Jill Stein or write-in Bernie Sanders. In either case, they both represent the huge majority of Americans than just the few called the very wealthy.

        Have a nice day.
        #DropOutHillary #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust

    • Grumpus

      Hillary and the GOP are the voice of reason? I’m saying that because they both support the policies that have been slowly destroying the huge majority in this nation for the last thirty to forty years to enrich the very wealthy.

      Those policies are trickle down economics, corporations rights superseding the rights of the individual, Wall Street over main street, the expansion of war through more US military interventions that enrich those corporations that are involved in the military complex, and the removal of democratically elected leaders in other nations for the betterment of US businesses. Those are simple facts.

      Maybe the voice of the 1% for the last thirty to forty years is no longer the voice of reason? Maybe to people know that the true voice of reason is coming from Bernie and the policies that he supports that have been so very successful in other major nations in the world?

      #DropOutHillary #NeverHillary #BernieOrBust

  • hanadora444

    I know that a word like “shill” or, even worse, “$hill” usually has a short life but I can’t wait for it to go the way of “sheeple.”

  • copsfriend1

    What is way too obviously missed is that establishment politics is the disease that needs to be eradicated. The establishment, if which President Obama is very much a member of, had chosen THEIR candidate for 2016 way back in 2009 when he selected Clinton to be secretary of state when clearly, Kerry was the better choice. The selection was padding for her presidential resumé.

    In the 2016 primary process, not only was Wasserman Shultz appointed as the DNC chair, but the opposition was loaded with tomato cans like Lessig, O’Malley, Webb, and Chaffee. Had anyone heard anything about any of them?

    Probably not.

    The only fly in the ointment was Sanders, and they in no way foresaw his immense popularity. So…things had to be “slanted” a tad to favor the establishment choice. Well, that has apparently blown up in their faces.

    With the shenanigans of Wasserman Shultz and the DNC as a whole, they have not only lost the very much needed independent vote, but polluted and disenfranchised their own voter base. All in an attempt to lock in “their” candidate, voters be dammned.

  • dws

    The only way to be forwardly progressive is to abandon the two legacy political parties. There will never be a better time to forge a new direction for this country. The Republicans led by a narcissist with a “Make Trump Great Again” message are following a pied piper taking them god knows where. Its scary how closely his message and style parallels that of a German house painter in the early 30’s. The likely Democrat candidate is heavily flawed and although generally well intention-ed has a lust for power that outweighs her best intentions. The dark horse Bernie Sanders, is like the crazy grand father handing out silver dollars to the kids, we wouldn’t trust him running a corner store let alone the country .

    Let’s draft a ticket that we know are not in it for ego, glory, or future gains, but for the sole purpose of serving their country. I suggest Colin Powell and Michael Bloomberg. I don’t care which one is President just that they work together to help build an America that will leave something for the next generation other than a failing infrastructure, out of control debt, and foreign conflicts in every corner of the world.

    • Grumpus

      Omg… a member of the military complex that lied about Iraqis weapons of mass destruction and a 1%er who is into, glory, and future gains. You just derailed any aspect of what is called good judgement.