Trevor Noah Skewers ‘Slimiest Person in the World’ Ted Cruz for Always ‘Being a Di*k’ (Video)

It’s taken a little while, but Trevor Noah is slowly (very slowly) winning me over as host of The Daily Show. While I still miss Jon Stewart terribly as host (this election was made for him), Noah is finally finding his “groove” and seems to be enjoying making fun of the lunacy that is American politics.

Take for instance Wednesday night when he had a lot of fun making fun of the “experts” who tried to predict the winners from the Iowa Caucus, only for nearly all of them to get the results wrong. He especially noted Fox News’ Eric Bolling who wrongly predicted that Donald Trump or Marco Rubio would win; Ted Cruz would finish third; Jeb Bush would finish in the top four; and Bernie Sanders would easily defeat Hillary Clinton.

“After all of that, if I was that guy, I would totally get out of the prediction business,” Noah said.

Though Noah did say there was one thing that was predictable in this otherwise unpredictable election year, “Ted Cruz being a di*k.”

This was in reference to Cruz’s campaign sending out emails to Iowa voters saying that Ben Carson was planning to suspend his campaign, and that they should vote for Cruz instead. That wasn’t true, and while Cruz did apologize for it, the damage had already been done. By itself this might not have been that big of a story, except this all comes on the heels of the Cruz campaign taking some heat for sending out mailers that appeared to try to “shame” voters into voting for him. The flier appeared to be a notice from an “official public record” implying that they had committed a “voting violation” for failing to caucus in previous elections. This move was actually condemned by Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate.

Of course, Cruz maintained in his apology that Carson is a friend whom he respects.

“Wow, if this is what Ted Cruz does to his friends, it’s no wonder Ted Cruz has no friends,” Noah quipped. “He’s the slimiest person in the world.”

“At the end of the day, I guess the truth is there are some things about the campaign that you can predict,” he continued. “Because now we know how the candidates will behave the rest of the campaign: Trump will try to make it about himself. Carson will just disappear. And Cruz will sell his mother if he thinks it will get him another five points.”

While Noah was clearly being facetious, it’s also kind of true. Cruz might not sell his mother for votes, but I fully believe that he’ll do damn near anything if he thinks it will benefit him politically. Whether it’s push for a government shutdown with an unobtainable goal, or blatantly lie about a health care law that’s helping millions of people, Cruz has proven time and time again that he lacks even the slightest hint of ethics when it comes to saying or doing something that might further his political career.

Watch the video below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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