Trevor Noah: Trump’s ‘Manhood’ Must be Huge, He’s ‘Using it to F*ck’ the Republican Party (Video)

While I know the seemingly endless 24/7 Donald Trump obsession gets old, we should all soak in as much of this as we can because we may never see something like this again. After pandering to the worst parts of our society for decades, the Republican party is now facing the very real possibility of being destroyed by the hate, ignorance, racism and bigotry they’ve embraced and manipulated for all these years. Because when Republicans talk about taking the nomination to a brokered convention, what they’re literally saying is they’re willing to potentially hit the “self-destruct button” on their own party to keep Trump from becoming the nominee.

Or as The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah put it, Trump is about to use his “manhood” he talked about during the last GOP debate to screw the Republican party.

“I’ve gotta say, personally? I think it’s huge,” Noah said. “After all, he’s using it to f*ck the entire Republican Party.”

That’s true, though the irony in all of this is that Trump couldn’t be where he is today (potentially about to seal the GOP presidential nomination) without the support of millions of Republican voters. Many of the same voters the GOP was more than happy to pander to when they were questioning President Obama’s faith, citizenship and calling him a traitor. But now suddenly many Republicans are pretending that they’re “shocked” that these same people would support a bigoted racist who largely made a name for himself among Republicans the last few years for openly questioning President Obama’s citizenship.

So, what’s the likely outcome of all of this? Well, unless something very unexpected happens, Trump is either going to win the nomination outright or they’re going to force the process to the convention where party leaders will then ignore the results of the primaries and select whoever they want to be the party’s nominee.

Which is something Noah openly mocked on Monday night.

“Ah, democracy, where every vote counts,” Noah quipped. “As long as that vote doesn’t go against the people who actually control the party, in which case they will disregard your vote, replace it with their vote, and then, every vote will count.”

But it goes to show you how desperate Republicans are to not have Trump represent the party that they’re even contemplating this. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like if Donald Trump went into the Republican convention with the most delegates – only to have the GOP skip over the second place candidate Ted Cruz (sorry, there’s no way party leaders are picking Cruz and he knows it) – and select someone like Marco Rubio or John Kasich?

It would be total chaos.

Those supporting Donald Trump are already angry and believe that the party has sold them out. So if this does end up going all the way to the convention, and Trump isn’t selected, we might very well see a full-scale revolt among Republican voters. Such a move would likely split the party, possibly drive Trump to run as an independent and very likely signal the end of the Republican party as we know it.

Though at the end of the day, no matter what happens, Republicans only have themselves to blame for all of this. For decades they sold their souls for votes – now they’re paying for it.

Watch the video below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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