Trevor Noah Unloads on Sleazy ‘Motherf*cker’ Donald Trump in His Best Takedown Yet (Video)

Over the last few days there have been countless opinions expressed concerning the leaked audio and video footage that exposed some disgusting comments Donald Trump made about women on a “hot mic” back in 2005. While there have been plenty of folks who’ve said some fantastic (and true) things in their condemnation of Trump, Trevor Noah delivered one of his best segments since he took over for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show over a year ago.

“Wow, how do you fit that much sleaze into one video?” Noah asked, disgusted.

He then showed several clips detailing Republicans condemning his remarks, highlighting how some who had stuck by him through what seems like a never-ending list of controversies had finally decided that Trump discussing his penchant for sexual assault was even more than they could defend. Even though the truth is that most of them probably only bailed on him because they were worried about their own political careers as opposed to having a legitimate disgust with what he said.

“I love how they feel the need to use the women in their families to justify their outrage,” Noah quipped.

“The Trump tape shouldn’t offend you on behalf of females,” he added. “It should offend you as a human being.”

Noah then mentioned how Tic Tac (the mints Trump said he uses before confronting women) even felt the need to send out a tweet condemning his remarks.

“You know your words are bad when even the candies whose only purpose is to cover up what comes out of your mouth say they can’t help you,” Noah mocked.

That’s when Noah took a bit more serious of a tone when he discussed Trump and his campaign’s continued insistence that his words weren’t that big of a deal because it was just “locker room talk.”

Noah pointed out that Trump’s defenders are “conflating sex talk and sexual assault talk.”

“There’s a big difference between saying dirty words and glorifying non-consensual sexual contact,” Noah stated.

He also expressed his frustration with people who seem more concerned with the words Trump used instead of the fact that he admitted that he forces himself on women.

“If you conduct locker room talk everywhere, it’s not the locker room, it’s you motherf*cker!,” Noah exclaimed.

Though he closed the segment out by pointing out the sad nature of our country right now where Billy Bush is likely getting fired over his role in this whole ordeal, yet someone like Donald Trump could still very well become our next president despite being the person who actually glorified sexual assault.

I don’t like to compare Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart, but this was one of the closest “Stewart-esque” segments I’ve seen from him. It was funny, well-written and Noah displayed his absolute disgust with a similar level of intensity that helped make Stewart a household name with millions of Americans.

If you have a few minutes, I would strongly suggest everyone to check out the video as it’s definitely worth your time.

Watch the segment below via Comedy Central:

Allen Clifton

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