Trolls! Or Ah! Now we see the violence inherent in the system!

Troll-connoisseurWelcome to Monty Python 101. No, not really, but I love Monty Python, and the quote used for the headline of this piece is perfect for the subject of today’s article. The system to which I refer is right wing trolling. The inherent violence and hate I will be sharing with you comes from comments left on articles, Facebook pages, the “other” section of Facebook messages, and other online sources. Get out your pencils, practice your silly walks, and here we go.

For my recent article on James Toigo, a conservative’s poutrage was so powerful, it caused him/her to create a fake Disqus profile, using my name, and post a comment that insinuated my husband was a pedophile. Isn’t that special? I mean, what better way to prove you’re not a Gun Nut than pretending to be me, and calling my husband a monster. Obviously, the comment wasn’t violent, but the hate was strong with this one. You won’t find that fake profile or comment any longer, because Forward Progressives has limits, and that charmer bounded over them like a psychotic bunny.

You want violence? Okay. Forward Progressives created a meme, based on my comment written in response to Mitch McConnell’s Facebook “poll.” That meme has been shared quite a few times, and given that I am a curious creature, I wanted to know who shared it. As I perused the names, I came upon this comment:

 i hope ERIN gets hit by a bus. then i hope the bus puts it in reverse and backs up over her. fucking scumbag progressive piece of shit.

Note the elegant word usage, the almost Hemingway-esque writing style (hat tip to my friend Carol for that one). The person who wrote this prose is a guy named Frankie Peppers. Frankie claims to some sort of “comedian/talk show host” in New York, and he has thirteen whole followers on his Facebook page. Carol found another erudite statement from Mr. Peppers:

want to solve all the problems in america? kick the fucking liberals out of america. solved. scumbag liberal fucks. i hate you. and so does the majority of america. only in your small prius filled obama bumper sticker world do you even count as an example of life. to us you are the walking dead. fucking piece of shit scumbags!

Woohoo, go Frankie!

What makes me chuckle is it’s the people like Frankie who scream from the rooftops about being “oppressed,” and “persecuted,” while at the same time calling for everyone who doesn’t think like they do to be thrown out of the country. Go ahead, Frankster, toss out all the liberals. Unfortunately, you’d lose most of the artists, actors, writers, scientists, funny comedians (as opposed to whatever you are), musicians, the list goes on and on. You’d get to keep Fox “news” pundits, Ted Nugent, right wing politicians, right wing Christian preachers, and that awful artist who thinks President Obama is Satan.

Speaking of Pants Shitter Nugent, there’s some violence. Holy crap (see what I did?). Suck on mah machine gun! I’ll be dead or in prison if Obama is reelected! Yo, Teddy, you’re not dead or in prison yet; can you give us a timetable on when you will be? Nugent also shoots hate speech out of his gaping yaw better than Dick Cheney hunts lawyers. You may recall Uncle Adoption recently compared the president to a chimp, and called him a “subhuman mongrel.” I think Frankie should open for Nugent on tour. The guy who sings “Jailbait” meets the guy who can’t use capital letters. Tickets on sale Monday?

The incredibly brave moms in Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America receive death threats, rape threats, and threats against their children every day. Women who bring attention to misogyny are called whores, and threatened with death and sexual assault. When I wrote about Todd Kincannon, his minions came after me on Twitter, calling me ugly and a “tranny.” What many of us who get this violence and hate lobbed at us on a regular basis want to know is: Do the people doing this realize they’re proving us right?

If I write an article pointing out the difference between a gun owner and a Gun Nut, and some Gun Nut creates a fake Disqus account to call my husband a pedophile, you’re proving that Gun Nuts are in fact, Nuts. If men attack women writing about misogyny with rape and violence, that’s the textbook definition of misogyny. And attacking Moms Demand Action for trying to keep kids safe by threatening to SHOOT THEM is exactly why we need better gun laws.

Knowing there are people out there who want you dead, or attacked, or raped is a little unsettling. But as many people wiser than I am recently told me, if you’re pissing off that many conservatives, you must be doing something right. They won’t stop me, any more than they will stop other people who write about guns, or sexual violence, or misogyny, or hate. We’ll keep on writing, and we’ll keep on bumping into anonymous trolls (and not so anonymous trolls) online who want us bleeding in a ditch somewhere.

So there ya go. The violence inherent in the right wing troll system, and the hate they use to try and beat us down. I wonder when they’ll realize it isn’t working; that what they are really doing is empowering us to keep showing them for who they really are, dragging their horrible souls out into the light, and bringing us closer together to fight back. And in spite of the hate, the threats, and the rage, a lot of us always manage to look on the bright side of life.

Oh come on, did you really think I wouldn’t end with Monty Python?

Erin Nanasi

Erin Nanasi is the creator of The Bachmann Diaries: Satirical Excerpts from Michele Bachmann's Fictional Diary. She hates writing about herself in the third person. Erin enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family. And wombats. Come visit Erin on on Facebook. She also can be found on Twitter at @WriterENanasi.


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  • Charles Vincent

    The same violence and hate you describe in the last paragraph is also inherent in the leftwing trolls on rightwing blogs. Just because you dont see it does not mean it isn’t happening. And remember it’s just a flesh-wound.

    • mark


      the hypocrisy of blaming the left for things the right wing is actually doing.

      this comes under the heading of the right-wing saying
      ” drinking the Kool Aid”
      without knowing exactly what the saying really means.

      this saying has nothing to do with Jim Jones, since he used grape flavor aid, and not kool aid, but actually goes back a decade earlier…and is attached to the book ” the electric kool-aid acid test”….. and the mistaken use of the saying is a simple way to identify listeners of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Glenn Beck.

      people suffering from left scorn dyslexia, or LSD for short, have ingested far too much propaganda in their Kool Aid.
      basically, these people are tripping………
      and are in need of a large shot of thorazine to bring them back to reality from the alternate universe they inhabit.

      as they slowly withdraw from their alternate universe and come back to reality, they must be made to understand that they are not on the bus, they are not even riding the bumper,
      they are on the wrong side of history,
      and that true reality is not their
      alternate universe movie….

      and when the dawn comes,
      they do not pass the acid test.

      ~ the intrepid traveler.

      • Sandy Greer

        I liken your post to a delicious little secret, long forgotten, but now, to be savored again – by a select few, at a private party.

        Kudos to you, mark.

        What a long, strange trip it’s been…

    • Sandy Greer

      While I agree there are both Left/Right trolls – with all due respect:

      You don’t decide what is ‘just a flesh-wound’ for somebody else. What hurts me might not you. And vice versa.

      We throw something out there. That’s our choice – to decide how we present ourselves.

      But NOT our choice how we are perceived. 😉 Others determine that.

      We’ve probably all been subject to trolls and unjust accusations, at times. I know I have. ‘Bright side’ is we know how it feels. Our Opportunity what we do with that Empathy of ours.

      • Charles Vincent

        “You don’t decide what is ‘just a flesh-wound’ for somebody else. What hurts me might not you. And vice versa.”

        You missed the Monte Python reference there. Remember facetious nincompoopery and it was a hat tip to the author whom mentioned Monte Python in the first place.

      • Sandy Greer

        You’re right; I missed it, LOL Completely over my head. I had to Google. I’m one of three people in this world who never watched Monte Python. Though I’d heard of them, of course.

        But I love that I learned something new today, and it was you made me look. I think I’m going to like you.

        And, it takes a real gentleman to tip his hat to a lady. 😉

      • Charles Vincent

        /tips hat

  • Phil Keast

    I’d be disappointed if you didn’t. End with Monty Python I mean 😉

    There are trolls, and then there are the despicable pieces of trash responsible for the posts to which Ms. Nanasi refers, who sometimes make me doubt my usual position that we share a common humanity that should be acknowledged and pursued.

    To feed a troll, by which I mean a somewhat irrational but not overly-abusive commentator, has a certain degree of entertainment value, so long as one remembers that like Mogwai, they should not be fed too often, too much, or after dark.

    But those who enter a discussion, or use a public platform, to hurl abuse, denigrate, attempt to humiliate, threaten, or otherwise destroy lives are beneath contempt, regardless of whether they are left/right/or whatever. Much as I admire the USA’s commitment to freedom of speech, there are times when I think that such an absolutist position is so open to abuse as to strangle dialogue, not encourage it. But then I’m from a country that has laws against racial vilification by word or deed (currently there is debate on whether there is a distinction between vilification and just being offensive, and whether such a difference should be recognized under the relevant legislation. Not sure where that one will end up when it hits the High Court, as it will whichever position “wins” the debate [satire and comedy are not subject to those restrictions, so long as there is no intent to incite hatred/violence/etc.]). And before everyone starts frothing at the mouth, it’s your country, down-under we’re (generally) happy with how we run our country, not my place to tell you how to run yours, just sharing a different perspective.

    • George Finegan

      I love the First Amendment,if not for free speech it would be a less entertaining World.

      • Phil Keast

        I agree, within limits. Never have found comedy that relies upon the abuse, vilification, or dehumanizing of others particularly funny. In an interview concerning comedy, Adam Hill (an Australian comedian gaining a respectable international reputation) stated that when he finds himself writing a joke, and finds that it is at the expense of another, then he will turn it on its head, so that he is the butt of the joke. And if he can’t then he won’t run that joke.

        Likewise with physical comedy, someone falling over, headbutting a wall, etc., can be amusing, if it is self inflicted. Physical comedy when one person assaults another; not funny.

        So, yes, there are some entertaining by products of free speech. And then there are the bottom feeding abusers. Guess I’m just willing to miss out on some of the entertainment value in the interests of civil discourse. But then I don’t come from a culture with the constitutional right to be a conversational bottom feeder.

  • Pipercat

    Bloody peasant!

    • Charles Vincent

      You should clue everyone in on the douchebag Frankie Pepper G. It is surely worth a laugh.

  • Bine646

    Yes- however Erin is free to write opinion pieces about “gun nuts” but she is upset when others respond with their freedom of speech. Is your stepson upset about that too Erin?

    • Oh, come on. What part of

      “i hope ERIN gets hit by a bus. then i hope the bus
      puts it in reverse and backs up over her”

      is acceptable to you? That’s wishing for someone’s death. Obviously,
      people do think that, but writing it down in public where the person
      you’re talking about can see it is a different story.

      Also, what part of getting death and/or rape threats just for writing about “gun nuts” is acceptable to you? This happens to women who express opinions on the Internet all the time. (It also happens to some men, but not nearly as much.)

      You might want to check out the cartoon about freedom of speech at XKCD that’s gone viral. (xkcd DOT com/1357/) Yes, there’s freedom of speech…but there’s also being an asshole.

      (Sorry if this shows up twice…I messed up the first one.)

      • Bine646

        Obviously youve never been on twitter and have seen how individuals talk to athletes…….If Erin wants to dish it, she should be able to take it. She expresses how she feels, others will do the same

      • Since the original article in question takes a man to task for whipping out a gun and shooting a squirrel in a suburban neighborhood, I don’t see what “how individuals talk to athletes” on Twitter has to do with it.

        Also, you didn’t answer the question.

        “What part of getting death and/or rape threats just for writing about ‘gun nuts’ is acceptable to you?”

        If you don’t want to be called a ‘gun nut,’ maybe you shouldn’t act like one.

      • Bine646

        Well you were acting like Erin was experiencing an unique case of cyber abuse- shes not and she set herself up by “taunting” “gunnuts.” I mean if they are so aggressive what did you think theyd say- go run in a field of daisies lady? No they responded with what they hope happens to her- their hopes not what they are going to do- freedom of speech buddy. If shes free to spew her opinion they are free aswell- see how that works.
        Also the “rape” line was an opinion on why she cut her hair to look like a young boy

      • Nerdsamwich

        You’re just continuing to prove the point. No one’s saying these people shouldn’t be allowed to express themselves–it’s just that every time they do, they show themselves to be truly terrible people.

      • Bine646

        And Erin seems alittle out of touch aswell. Her bubble must be nice tho

  • John Clark

    I rather like it here in my prius (sp: Prii) filled Obama bumper sticker world. Sock puppets and trolls, bullying their way through the interwebs, promoting violence against everything and everyone. There’s actually a point in which I feel pity for these sick souls. Its clear they don’t have or know love.

  • Jim Bean

    “dragging their horrible souls out into the light” Erin, has it ever occurred to you that your holier-than-thou, condescending, disrespect for anyone who thinks differently than you is what triggers their outrage?

    • Pipercat

      You’d know, you’re the expert on the subject.

  • Hey, you know what? Being called a “tranny” is actually a high compliment. Do you know how much strength of will and a stong streak of authenticity to stand up and confront every piece of evidence and indoctrination it TAKES to say, “No, this is who I am!”?
    I salute my trans friends, and I salute you.