Trump Administration Humiliates Itself Trying to Take Credit for Obama’s Success

I’m fully aware that we’re now basically living under a dictatorship where, for millions of people, actual reality has been replaced by “alternative facts,” but I absolutely refuse to treat any of this as normal. Just because Donald Trump and his dumpster fire of an administration seem to think this circus they’re running is acceptable doesn’t mean I have to sit by quietly while they make our country look like an absolute joke.

For instance, on Friday when they comically tried to take credit for January’s jobs report showing the country added 227,000 new jobs.

“Today’s report reflects the consumer confidence that the Trump presidency has inspired,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer said. “According to a recent Gallup poll, economic confidence is at a new high, and ADP showed strong private-sector hiring. President Trump campaigned on putting Americans to work again. Even before he took office, the markets knew he’d deliver on that promise. The president has already taken significant steps to turn our economy around, and he’s looking forward to ensuring that every American that wants a job has the opportunity to find one.”

Before moving on, I feel I must point out a simple reality; Trump didn’t get sworn in until the 20th, which means he wasn’t in office for three-fourths of last month. So, no, he doesn’t get to take credit for the jobs report during a month where he wasn’t even in office for most of it.

And I would also like to point out how, frequently, Trump called these jobs reports “fake” (shocking, I know) when Obama was in office.

January 2017 marks the 76th straight month of private sector job growth. For those who don’t want to do the math — that’s over six straight years. It’s absurd to act as if January’s numbers have anything to do with Trump, but that’s how naive he knows his supporters are.

Then I would like to point out that this idea that these numbers are a reflection of the “confidence Trump’s inspired” doesn’t make any sense considering December’s report — the first month after he was elected — was actually below estimates. Meaning that, if Trump’s election “inspired confidence,” December’s numbers should have been better than expected, yet they weren’t.

The reality is that these numbers are nothing more than a continuation of what we saw building during Obama’s administration.

In 2014, we saw the best year for jobs since 1999. We created 2 million jobs in 2016. Stocks broke multiple records during Obama’s time in office, and unemployment has reached lows not seen since before the crash.

But this is the world in which Trump and those who support him live. One where the rules literally seem to change to benefit him whenever they decide they do. Where a jobs report that’s clearly a continuation of the 75 others before it — and the same economy Trump trashed for years — is now “positive” and a result of his election.

This is embarrassing.

Not so much because Trump is pathetic enough to try take credit for something he had nothing to do with — he does that quite often — but that there are tens of millions of people gullible enough to actually believe this.

This is just another day in the “alternative facts reality” of the Trump administration. Where jobs numbers he used to call “fake” are now positive and a direct result of his election — even though they’re obviously nothing more than a continuation of the record-setting 75 months of Obama’s success.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • gilligan

    Up is down. Down is up. You say liar. I say liars. I wish we could call this whole thing off.

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      • Rosemarym3

        Troy, fuck you.

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  • noah vail

    the only way to keep trump from lying is to wire his jaws shut and tape his thumbs down…he’s showing himself to be a weak and ineffective excuse for a president…bad actor…

  • Jeffrey Malo

    I am praying that Lee Harvey Oswald has a grandson out there somewhere!

    • strayaway

      I am praying that Homeland Security profiles your vile hate nuanced post. I realize that you do not necessarily speak for all progressives…probably.

      • Jeffrey Malo

        The day that “WISHING” becomes illegal is the day I walk into the government and renounce my citizenship and move to Canada. If you wanna send the HS, go for it. I’ve always wanted to appear on Rachel Maddow…I’d love to tell her that Trump has finally gotten to where Hitler was—whereas if you even WISHED something, you were taken to a concentration camp. So until WISHING becomes illegal, shut your %$#@! mouth and leave me alone!

      • strayaway

        Others have had government visits because of their expressed presidential death wishes. By the way, that was FDR who sent Japanese Americans to camps although it was sensible on FDR’s part to suspend immigration from all Axis countries indefinitely after 2,500 Americans were murdered at Pearl Harbor. Still waiting for Democrats to repudiate that.

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    • George

      You are a very sick libtard!

      • Jeffrey Malo

        Your skin seems to be thinner than Trump’s! whats’a matter, Trumpie? Can’t accept the fact that your “boy” can’t govern his way out of a paper bag? That you support a pathological liar, tax cheat, racist, misogynist, narcissistic CROOK? Stay proud, old friend. Orange Julius is going to need all the support he can get!


    I’ve met Trump supporters who are convinced Obama inherited full employment, a great economy, and managed squander it all. I’ve had people tell me that the ‘true’ unemployment figures are around 40%….which would make things worse than the great depression. I’m convinced Trump supporters are now inhabiting a land beyond the reach of reason.

    • Skip Batz

      That’s what they get from Bannon.

    • George

      Not 40%, you are exaggerating, which is typical for a libtard.. Unemployment is much higher than what the libtard news tells you. Do some research and educate yourself.

  • Brian

    Lies. There was zero job growth under Obama. People dropping out of the work force is not job growth. Trump has been increasing investor confidence and thus encouraging hiring since November. The only thing that grew under Obama was illegal labour.

    • Scott Beckstead

      Brian, put down the cool aid cup. Please go sleep it off and come back when your reason has been restored.

    • strayaway

      Wrong! Don’t forget that under Obama the national debt was increased over $30,000 for every person in the US. His policies also increased the death toll and number of refugees from places like Libya and Syria.

    • Charles Chamberlin

      Brian — You ar3e right, all except for the facts

  • puzzled1

    Taking credit for Barry Sotero’s successes Allen?


    Let’s examine just the past eight years in an economic context of your statement in just three areas: 1) student loan debt in the US; 2) the number of people on food stamps in the US; 3) home ownership in the US.
    By the way, please feel free to check the accuracy of the points I am about to make. They are published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:
    1) Student Loan Program: For you historians, as of the third quarter
    1990, there were no outstanding student loans. Nevertheless by the beginning of the Obama administration (in the first quarter of 2009), student loans stood at $146.6 billion. By the fourth quarter 2015, the last quarter for which the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reports the data, student loans had risen to $945.6 billion.
    My goodness, that’s a 545% INCREASE in student loan debt in just eight
    years! Now THAT is an accomplishment deserving recognition. By December 2016, according to the US Debt Clock, student loans have now grown to $1.4 TRILLION dollars – the fastest growing personal debt category.
    The origin of the student loan program can be traced to progressive President Bill Clinton signing the Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1993, which set up a phase-in of a direct government lending for student loans that replaced the program of government guarantees of private student loans arranged largely through banks, beginning with the National Defense Education Act of 1958 and the Federal Family Education Loan Program in 1965.
    In signing the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, progressive President Obama engineered a government takeover of the
    student loan program, so that today all student loans are direct
    government loans.
    a) Thanks to progressive President Obama taking over all student loans, an individual cannot be absolved of government student loans by declaring bankruptcy – student loans are EXEMPTED from bankruptcy laws;
    b) obligations under student loans are subject to wage garnishment
    – WITHOUT appearing before a judge in a court room (a requirement for all other garnishment actions);
    c) the number one reason for college dropout today is not bad grades. It is excessive debt.
    Talk about the progressive influence bankrupting the future of our “civilized”
    2) the number of people on food stamps in the US: Food stamps: Under President Obama, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, commonly known as the “Food Stamps” program, has grown from $54.8 billion in 2009 to $69.4 billion in 2014 – this represents a 27% increase in Americans on food stamps.
    In January 2015, the number of beneficiaries receiving food stamps topped 46 million for 38 straight months, with 14.6 percent of the population and
    19.7 percent of all households receiving food stamps. This represents an
    increase of 1,517 percent over the 2.9 million Americans participating in the
    food stamp program in 1969.
    This is economic “progress” towards a better civilization?
    3). home ownership in the US.: Question:
    What is the largest single item of “civilized” wealth owned by the average
    (playing the Jeopardy theme while waiting for your answer)
    Answer: Your home.
    So if our homes are the largest single item of “civilized” wealth owned by Americans, just how is this doing since Barry Sotero became our “Resident in Chief”?
    On July 28, 2015, the Wall Street Journal reported that the rate of home ownership in the second quarter 2015 hit a 48-year low, reflecting the reality
    that fewer middle class Americans can afford to buy a home. Under Barry Sotero, an increasing number of Americans are living in rented homes, with the American dream of owning a home no longer an economic reality.

    • STELLA62

      @puzzled1 THIS:

      Read something besides rightwing propaganda and try a bit of fact checking once in a while so you don’t sound so utterly dumb and ill informed. Your long boring post is so partisan it screams “alternative facts” and, whadyaknow….they were. Pfffft Oh, BTW, don’t come back with name calling or ignorant adolescent insults…I’m armor-plated at this point from those of your ilk. I bid you ado – Have the evening of your choice.

      • puzzled1

        Sometimes the truth hurts. Bye bye.

      • sonnyboy1

        My dear puzzled1, Far lefties don’t like to look things up. The majority of them just believe what their told.

      • STELLA62

        Project much? Hahahahahaha! Your and puzzled1 posts are just as I anticipated….snark…’cause you got NOTHIN’. So predictable. BTW…apparently unlike you, I seek TRUTH,I don’t give a damn which side it favors, right, left, up, down…TRUTH.

      • sonnyboy1

        As I do, Sella62. Websites I visit daily? Forward progressives, Drudge, Washington Post, Washington Times, NYT, Newsbusters, The Hill, Media Matters, Reuters, NPR, The Telegraph, BBC, Daily Mail, Mother Jones, and a few more. I’d say that was a pretty broad spectrum of left, center and right. Also, when I read something, I look it up to see if it’s true? What do you read? So, before you judge, just maybe you should know who you’re judging. I think you just shoot off whatever drivel comes to mind at the time. For someone who thinks their so fair and open minded, take a good look at yourself.

      • George

        Yet you posted no truth, no facts and no cites.. “feel” better? LOL!! Useless libtard.

      • sonnyboy1

        Federal Reserve and the WSJ is right wing? Geez, STELLA62.

      • George

        You post no facts, no cites and expect anyone to accept your post as accurate?? LOL!! It many make you “feel” better to lash out, but intelligent people need facts. You posted NONE.

  • George

    OMG!! The ignorance of allen is astounding!!! Another progressive liar exposed!! LOL!!

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