Trump Campaign Chair: Women Support Him Because They Need Men Taking Care of Them (Video)

One of the biggest concerns I’ve had with the Donald Trump campaign is that there’s been so much vile, hateful ignorance emanating from it that it’s almost desensitized some folks to being offended by much of anything because offensive comments have become the “norm.” When you’ve called Mexican immigrants rapists; belittled a war hero; mocked a man with disabilities; vilified an entire religion of over 1 billion people; made blatantly sexist remarks; retweeted racist memes created by white supremacists; and suggested that an American-born judge would be unable to do his job because he comes from Mexican heritage — being deplorable and disgusting is just your day-to-day routine that everyone has come to expect.

Take for instance comments made on Thursday night by Trump campaign Chairman Paul Manafort who essentially said that his candidate appeals to women because they’re worried that their husbands won’t be able to take care of them.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Manafort was asked about Trump’s struggles with women voters.

“There are many women in this country who feel they can’t afford their lives, their husbands can’t afford paying for the family bills. Hillary Clinton is guilty for being a part of the establishment who created that problem,” Manafort said.

“You know what you just said now?” Matthews responded, visibly stunned. “You said women are concerned about their husband’s income. Do you think that’s the 21st-century talking? That that’s their big concern? How their husbands are doing?”

“I can speak personally to that,” he replied, grinning.

Let me repeat, that is Donald Trump’s campaign chairman saying that his candidate appeals to women voters because they’re worried that their husbands won’t be able to provide for them — because they’re apparently not capable of taking care of themselves or being the “breadwinners” of the household.

I don’t find his comments shocking because sexism is still alive and well within this country (and especially within the Republican party and the Trump campaign). However, it’s still rather stunning to think that, in 2016, Trump’s campaign chairman literally said — on national television — that his candidate will do well with women voters because they need men to take care of them.

Sadly, this comment won’t negatively impact Trump one bit.

I won’t say Trump is right about a lot of things (because he’s not), but he’s spot-on when he called his supporters mindless sheep who would support him no matter what he said or did — because it’s true. It doesn’t matter if he degrades Mexicans; shares racist memes, belittles war veterans; mocks people with disabilities; or even if someone from his campaign says that women support him because they can’t take care of themselves — Trump supporters will continue to follow him no matter how deplorable his campaign gets.

Watch the comments below via MSNBC:

Paul Manafort on MSNBC 21 July by lookatmyshirt

Allen Clifton

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