Trump & the Conservative Media Are Desperately Trying to Rig the Election

Since the now infamous FBI letter Director James Comey sent to Congress last week, you would have thought a whole new “bombshell” investigation had been launched. Of course, that’s not remotely true. The only thing that happened is during the investigation into Anthony Weiner’s contact with a 15-year-old, the FBI found emails related to Clinton’s time as Secretary of State that might need to be reviewed to determine whether or not they’re classified.

That’s it.

However, if you’re listening to the conservative media, this is a “reopening of the investigation” (it’s not) after “internal conflict arose over the lack of an indictment from Comey this past summer.”

None of that’s actually true.

Regardless, that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump and most of the conservative media from literally claiming that she’s on the verge of an indictment.

By making these bogus claims, they’re essentially trying to rig the election by implying that all of these lies they’re saying about Clinton are official FBI statements — when the truth is they’re from a “source” who doesn’t want to be identified.

If I had a dollar for every time a conservative or someone on Fox News cited an “unnamed source from the FBI” who said Clinton was going to be indicted, I’d be a rich man right now.

Here’s an actual headline from a Fox News Article: An ‘Avalanche of Evidence’ May Now Bury Hillary

That article is nothing but an opinion piece written by Gregg Jarrett, someone who’s written almost nothing but anti-Clinton pieces for the last several weeks, based on the same “sources” that don’t want to be identified — aka “unnamed sources.”


In fact, Bret Baier, the anchor who broke the “story” about an “imminent indictment” has already walked back his original statement.

Then there was another article titled: HACKING HILLARY: 99 Percent Chance Foreign Agencies Breached Clinton Server

Yeah, no, that’s not accurate, either.

MSNBC’s Pete Williams told Chuck Todd that numerous sources he spoke with at the FBI said there’s absolutely “no such view” concerning foreign governments accessing Clinton’s server, citing Comey’s testimony in July when he told Congress that, while it was possible, there was no evidence that foreign governments gained access to Clinton’s emails.

So this sudden “story” about a “99 percent certainty” that Clinton’s emails were breached by foreign agencies is absurd. Plus the timing of this “story” is clearly suspect considering if it were true, why would it be coming out now? Comey’s letter to Congress last week had nothing to do with any sort of breach, so it makes absolutely no sense that a massive “story” (and this would be huge if it was true) concerning her emails being hacked by several foreign agencies just happened to come out a few days before the election.

Amazing, isn’t it? Two massive anti-Clinton stories, pushed by Fox News, both completely based on “unnamed sources” that have nothing to do with the letter Comey sent to Congress last week. Though it’s clear they’re trying to insinuate that Comey’s letter was all about this “avalanche of evidence” that’s going to lead to an “imminent indictment,” hoping it’ll hurt her chances of winning on Tuesday.

Hell, just take a look at these screen shots I took from’s homepage:



Nearly every featured story on was something negative about Clinton, yet not a single negative story about Trump. The most controversial candidate in modern political history, yet Fox News’ website didn’t have a single featured about him that was remotely negative.

Then there was a report by The Wall Street Journal that alleged the FBI is pushing for an investigation into the Clinton Foundation based on “secret recordings” — that come down to more “unnamed sources” saying prosecutors are protecting Clinton from calls by the FBI wanting to pursue an investigation.

Naturally, practically every right-wing website on the Internet picked up on these stories, then proceeded to sensationalize the hell out of them. Such as the people at Breitbart who went with the headline: WSJ: FBI Criminal Investigation of Clinton Foundation Includes Secret Recordings

That isn’t true because the WSJ story is actually concerning how — allegedly — “some within the FBI” (based on unnamed sources, of course) want to investigate the foundation, but prosecutors oppose the idea. Meanwhile, Breitbart’s headline is clearly trying to insinuate that the FBI is now investigating the Clinton Foundation.

For the record, while nobody knows for certain what’s on it, according to that same WSJ report, the “secret recording” was discovered during another unrelated investigation and is supposedly of someone who wasn’t even officially tied to the foundation. That would make anything that they might have said hearsay — which isn’t credible legal evidence.

And those are just a few of the lies and conspiracies being spun by the conservative media about the FBI and Clinton over the last few days.

On top of everything else, Trump’s been giving speeches where he’s implying that these “stories” based on “unnamed sources” being pushed by the conservative media are all official stances by the FBI, which is completely untrue.

The obvious intent behind all of this fabricated propaganda being pushed by Donald Trump and the conservative media (even some people on the far-left who oppose Clinton) is to completely twist the situation to which Comey was referring in the letter he sent to Congress. They want it to appear as if it was actually referencing this “avalanche” of scandals that’s going to lead to an “imminent indictment” of Clinton so that they can muddy the waters to such an extent that nobody really knows what the hell is going on just before Election Day. The ultimate goal, obviously, is for all of this to cost Clinton the election. They know that by the time the dust settles, and all of this propaganda is exposed as total b.s., it’ll be too late.

After all the months of Donald Trump whining about the “dishonest media trying to rig the election for Hillary Clinton,” it’s actually Trump and the conservative media who are blatantly spreading lies in a clear attempt to misinform voters because they know that without these fabrications, he doesn’t stand a chance.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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