Trump Criticizes Puerto Rico and the Media in Appalling, Conspiracy-Filled Twitter Rant

Of all the Twitter rants Donald Trump’s gone on, without a doubt, Saturday morning’s was one of the worst. Not only did he accuse the media of essentially lying about what’s going on in Puerto Rico, accusing them of trying to disparage first responders, he actually attacked and criticized the mayor of San Juan, calling her leadership “poor” and accusing them of wanting “everything to be done for them.”

No, I’m not joking — though I really wish I were.

It all began around 6:19 am:

He then followed that up by retweeting three government accounts about the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. Apparently he thinks the Twitter accounts for the Coast Guard, Air Force, and U.S. Department of Defense are somehow credible sources when it comes to calling out his incompetent response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. As if they’re going to come out and say, “Yes, the ‘president’ totally screwed everything up and we’re now having to play catch up.”

The issue here isn’t that there aren’t people there now, it’s that days went by before Trump did much of anything. In fact, it took him over a week to send a general to the island to better coordinate relief efforts. Hell, it wasn’t until six days after the storm had hit that he ordered the Navy to send the hospital ship the USNS Comfort.

And who pleaded with him to do that two days earlier? The person who should be president right now, Hillary Clinton:

These morning tweets are disgusting.

This was a current “president” lashing out at the mayor and people of San Juan, essentially accusing them of being lazy, wanting the United States government to do everything for them, telling them it’s a “community effort.”

There is no community left in Puerto Rico.

The island is destroyed. They’re low on food and water. Most of the island doesn’t have power.

While I’m sure most Republicans and his supporters will defend these revolting remarks (because they don’t hold him accountable for anything he says or does), they’re completely inexcusable. To claim that Democrats told her to say negative things about him is absolutely insane. Even in the face of a historic tragedy, in a desperate attempt to make himself look good, Trump’s pushing crazy conspiracy theories.

Because as we all know, anything and everything that makes Trump look bad is always a conspiracy against him.

Which is why the next couple of tweets shouldn’t shock anyone:

So, now not only are Democrats apparently coordinating with the mayor of San Juan, but they’re all supposedly working on a dastardly scheme to “take the spirit away from our soldiers and first responders” just to “get Trump.”

Question: Then why didn’t the media do that during the responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma?

Oh, wait, am I using logic and common sense again? I apologize. I know Donald Trump and the people who are foolish enough to believe him don’t use those things.

In what’s become a go-to  move for Trump, when things aren’t looking good for him, he often hides behind the military, veterans, and/or first responders.

The media isn’t doing anything but reporting the truth about what’s going on down in Puerto Rico.

It wasn’t the media which fabricated the story of you going five days without tweeting a single thing about Hurricane Maria hitting the island. It wasn’t the media which made you spend most of your time ranting about the NFL instead of sending the military to help days before you did. It wasn’t the media that made up the story of you taking over a week to send a general to the island to oversee recovery efforts.

Even the retired general credited with fixing the response to Hurricane Katrina slammed Trump’s response, pointing out how it took eight days before he sent General Jeffrey Buchanan to the island.

“His (Buchanan’s) headquarters exists 365 days a year, just for this mission,” retired Lt. Gen. Russel Honore told CNN on Thursday. “It took us eight days to mobilize him to tell him to come do it.”

The media isn’t making any of this this up, nor is there any ridiculous conspiracy working against him. The truth is, Trump’s blatantly lying about what’s going on in Puerto Rico and about his administration’s response to the crisis because he completely screwed up the response to this disaster and he’s desperately trying to cover his tracks.

The storm hit the island on September 20th. The next day Trump left for a long weekend to play golf, appeared at a campaign rally in Alabama, and spent most of his time ranting about the NFL — saying next to nothing about Puerto Rico. His first tweet about the destruction of the U.S. territory wasn’t until five days after the hurricane wreaked havoc.

As always, when reality doesn’t support what Donald Trump wants people to believe, he claims there’s some sort of conspiracy and attacks anyone who’s telling the truth about how incompetent and dishonest he is.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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